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Business en ligne : Je DÉNONCE les gourous du web

Published on: December 20 2022 by Rémy Jupille

In today's world, online business has become a popular way of making money. However, with the rise of online business, many self-proclaimed web gurus have emerged, claiming to have the secret formula to success. But are these web gurus trustworthy? In this article, we will explore the dangers of following web gurus blindly and why it's important to approach online business with a critical mind.

Main Body:

1. The Problem with Web Gurus:

- Many web gurus use false promises and exaggerated claims to lure people into buying their courses or products.

- Most web gurus do not provide any real value or insight into online business, instead relying on generic advice and outdated strategies.

- Web gurus often have no real business experience, and are simply looking to make a quick profit by exploiting the hopes and dreams of others.

2. The Dangers of Blindly Following Web Gurus:

- Blindly following web gurus can lead to financial loss and wasted time.

- Following the advice of web gurus can also harm your reputation, as some of their strategies are considered unethical or even illegal.

- By relying on web gurus, you may miss out on valuable opportunities and strategies that could actually help your business succeed.

3. Approaching Online Business with a Critical Mind:

- It's important to do your own research and avoid blindly following any one person or strategy.

- Look for sources of information that are trustworthy and provide real value, such as reputable blogs, podcasts, or industry experts.

- Don't be afraid to experiment and try new strategies, but always be prepared to adapt and change course if something isn't working.

In conclusion, while the rise of online business has created many opportunities, it's important to approach it with a critical mind and avoid falling for the false promises of web gurus. By doing your own research and being open to new ideas, you can find success in the online business world without relying on the advice of self-proclaimed experts. So don't let the web gurus deceive you - take control of your own online business journey and pave your own path to success.

Business en ligne : Je DÉNONCE les gourous du web

In this video, Remy talks about how web gurus manipulate their earnings to attract people with the lure of making easy money. He shares different methods used by these gurus to inflate their earnings and deceive people.

Methods used by web gurus to deceive people:

1. Lying about contract values and valuation of contracts of companies

- Gurus often quote the value of a contract without mentioning the cash collected

- They may sign a contract worth $200,000, but the payment may be spread over two years, so they haven't actually earned $100,000 in a month

2. Lifetime value of a customer compared to cash collected

- Lifetime value is the amount a customer brings in over their lifetime

- Gurus may quote the lifetime value of a customer instead of the cash collected, which can be misleading

3. Overvaluing the business

- Gurus may claim their business is worth millions, but it's important to note that a business is worth what someone is willing to pay for it

- Look at the profits and the multiple of the profits that businesses in the same industry are sold for

4. Quoting monthly revenues instead of profits

- Gurus may claim to make $10,000 a month, but they may only have a profit margin of 10-15%, which is a lot less impressive

- Look at the profits and not just the revenues

5. Not disclosing taxes and other expenses

- Gurus may not disclose the impact of taxes and other expenses on their earnings, which can make their earnings seem higher than they are

It's important to be aware of these tactics used by web gurus to inflate their earnings and deceive people. Don't be swayed by big numbers, and always look at the profits and not just the revenues. Keep in mind the impact of

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