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Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Stop Wasting Money This Is How Google Ads Works

if you are wasting money on Google ads,and not seeing those results that you,need the problem is not Google ads but,the problem is the way that your Google,ads accounts are structured and the way,that you're optimizing those Google ads,campaigns and the reason for why I know,this is the truth is because year on,year more and more businesses are,increasing the amount of money that they,are spending on Google ads so much so,that by the year 2024 it is estimated,that Google ads will receive over 81,billion dollars in ad spend Revenue,alone and that's the reason why I know,the issue is not Google ads but it's the,way that you've structured your,campaigns or the way that you're,optimizing your campaigns because Google,ads would not continue to grow year on,year if more and more businesses weren't,seeing success with their Google ads,campaigns so because we know that Google,ADS works and that the reason that you,may not be seeing success in your Google,ads campaigns has everything to do with,the way that your campaigns structured,all the way they're optimized in this,video I want to take you through one of,the Core Concepts of how the Google ads,algorithm works and the reason for why I,want to share this is because when I go,through and review different Google ads,accounts time and time again I see a,common error and that is that the Google,ads account and the campaigns are not,being structured correctly so that they,can see success in Google ads because,once you understand this core concept of,how the Google ads algorithm works it,then allows you to be able to step back,and put a strategic pattern into how,you're going to create your Google ads,campaigns but just in case we haven't,met yet my name is Aaron Young from,Define Digital Academy and I'm your 15,000 hour Google ads master and apart,from breaking down a core aspect of how,the Google ads algorithm works I want to,help you a step further just by watching,this video and that is I want to give,you my Google ads optimization checklist,now this is a checklist that I've just,recently updated and it lets you know,exactly how you need to optimize your,Google ads campaigns every 72 hours,every week every month and every 90 days,and if you want to get your free copy,right now all you need to do is to,follow that link in the description,below what you need to understand with,Google ads is that its ultimate goal is,to match the best landing page to the,user search inquiry and what I wanted to,really clarify there is that I said,landing page not website and the reason,for that is because when Google looks at,your website it doesn't look at it as,one big website it looks at it as a,collection of different web pages in,order to match different Search terms to,those different individual web pages and,the reason for why this is so important,because it comes back to that ultimate,goal for Google is that they want the,person to go straight from their search,term right to the exact page which is,going to answer their problem because,Google knows if they can do that more,and more often people will happily use,the Google ad service because they know,when they click on bad it's taken them,to the direct service or product page,that they need which then means that,businesses will continue to invest more,and more in Google ads because,businesses are continuing to grow their,Google ads campaigns because of the,success that it generates for their,business and when you understand this it,makes perfect sense for why Google has,built their Google ads platform with a,core metric called ad Rank and AD rank,has everything to do with user,satisfaction because with Google ads yes,it is an auction but it doesn't function,like other auctions function in that,whoever is willing to pay the highest,price wins that auction because with,Google it's not only the budget or the,amount that you're prepared to pay per,click Google also adds that budget in,with its metric called ad rank to,determine which is going to be the,winning ad for each individual auction,so rather than Google just letting the,business with the biggest budget win,each and every auction Google uses this,formula to determine the winning ad and,that is CPC rank Plus ad rank equals ad,position and let me show you how Google,explains this so Google gives the,example of imagining that you had a,group of advertisers and they had an ad,rank of 80 50 30 10 and 5. and then,Google deems that for that individual,auction in order to show above the,search results so in those paid ad,sections you need an ad rank of 40. so,what this would then mean is that out of,these five advertisers only two of them,meet the minimum standard of 40 or,higher so when you look on this table,that Google gives is it Advertiser a,would win this auction because it's got,an ad rank of 80. Advertiser B would,come second with an ad rank of 50 and,advertisers C and D would have no chance,to appear at the top of those search,results and the reason for that is,because regardless of how much they are,willing to spend their ad rank is too,low to qualify AI for that individual,auction and finally I want you to look,at the bottom of this page where it says,to improve the share of the top or,absolute top of the search results it,first tells you that you need to improve,the quality of your ads and your landing,page experience but notike this is,positioned above the recommendation to,increase your bid,so the biggest take-home message is that,ad rank is more important than,increasing your budget and this is,something that you hear me say time and,time again right here on my YouTube,channel is that the budget that you've,got in your Google ads campaign only,magnifies the current results so if you,want to improve the performance of your,Google ads account you don't do this by,increasing your budget you do this by,increasing the quality of your ads and,the quality of your optimizations and,Google itself also clearly states this,where it says better ads means better ad,rank so now that you know that the core,aspect of seeing better success with,your Google ads campaigns is by focusing,on the quality of your ads and also the,quality of the landing page experience,that you're sending people to when they,click on your ads what I want to do,right now is to break down the Three,core things that you can do to increase,their ad rank in your campaign and the,first thing to focus on is your,click-through ratio and this is because,Google clearly states that it takes into,account your ads expected click-through,ratio now obviously they get that,expected click-through ratio looking at,the past performance of your account so,what you always need to be focusing on,is ways that you can increase your,click-through ratio and the reason for,why your click-through ratio is so,important is because remember Google,gets paid not when someone sees your ad,but when someone clicks on your ad and,if the ads in your account have a very,low click-through ratio why would Google,worry about showing your ads when they,know that it's a very low chance of,getting clicked on Google will always,focus on showing ads that have a high,click-through ratio because this,increases the chances of them getting,paid so in order to increase your,click-through ratio so that you can get,a higher click-through ratio than your,competitors you need to create ad copy,that focuses on the user's search term,so you want to make sure that your ad,copy clearly stays dates and mentions,the keyword that the user has used and,then throughout your ad copy you do want,to give a little bit of extra,information and this is the extra,information that you've got in your,headlines and your descriptions and it's,giving the user that extra confidence,that if they click on your ad they're,going to be taken to a web page which is,exactly what they're looking for whether,that be a specific product or a specific,service and then finally to increase,your click-through ratio you want to,make sure

How To Make Money Online With Google Ads in 2022 (For Beginners)

hey guys mick facil here and in this,video we're toking about how to make,money online with google ads and have,beginners learning a hundred to seven,hundred dollars a day with no experience,more that after than show,hey guys how's it going mike fasil here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where it's the fastest and easiest way,to make money online sign up for in the,link below we literally have a 62 year,old woman go from zero to 160 grand,profit in 90 days check it out now okay,so i'm here in my google ads account as,you can see multiple ads and multiple,audiences and whatnot that we have right,here with all the data and with this we,were starting to start you know,consistently bringing in sales with,google ads as you can see right here you,know we're averaging about like 400 on,the low end to 2500 on the higher end,and in the past seven days we've netted,11 grand from the sales and in the past,30 days we've netted after refunds about,like 34 grand per sale so you're,probably wondering okay what were the,steps behind this how can i actually get,started if i have a product or if i,don't have a product so the first step,is focusing on what product that you're,selling you know for me i was i went to,affiliate marketing route so my product,is literally with clickbank right it,links up with google ads and you can go,ahead and promote products that you,don't have to create yourself if you,already have your existing business then,you just connect that with google as,well but the number one thing is it all,stems on how good your product is if,your product isn't good it cannot scale,so what i like doing is finding proven,offers and products now before i,actually started spending money with,google ads i then needed to go to step,number two and i needed to find a,product in market fit now for most,people that are doing google ads are,like okay well you know that's great but,i don't have any money for google ads,the problem with google ads is it's more,for like intermediate and advanced,marketers but if you're a beginner just,getting started how can you leverage and,finally make money with google ads if,you don't have any money whatsoever,because for example clickbank and google,ads you have to be unprofitable for like,two to three months before you start,getting profitable okay that's the,downside with google ads like okay you,actually have to pay to play and most,people get weeded out of the competition,because they just don't have the deep,pockets so what i did to be a little bit,more safer and not spend all the money,that i got and start google ads right,away is i was like you know what what if,i just start making videos about the,products that i was already saying so,that i can find out which topics are the,ones that are actually creating the,sales so for example for this specific,product what i did,for example say it's like an affiliate,marketing product right i started making,videos about all these other videos um,similar to keywords about like network,marketing,about affiliate marketing about shopify,about you know amazon it was about,amazon fba about kindle and i was like,okay i'm gonna do,the ad style but like in content i'm,just gonna post it up on youtube and see,which one will actually bring me a sale,i then you know looked and was careful,at the sales that were coming in every,single day and i asked myself okay which,angle in which audience was able to,bring the sale in because that does one,of two things number one it helps me,build up cash flow to then invest in ads,and number two it saves me money because,ads and youtube videos are essentially,the same thing okay your ads play on,youtube videos but if you could find a,way to make your youtube videos and your,ads rank on youtube it's free money guys,so that's really what i did i started,making a bunch of videos and all these,things that are popping up about robert,kiyosaki about network marketing about,everything and anything imaginable and i,literally just started recommending,people to you know this product and as,you can see you know like i started,podcasting with people i started doing,all these things toking about law of,attraction anything imaginable i was,like okay if i for example make a law of,attraction,video and let's say i post this up right,this video,you know this one i'm like okay let me,go say this and then in the beginning,i'll say okay guys if you want this,check the link out below say the piece,of content and then i think i'm like,okay guys if you want more check the,link below right,if i did not get a sale from that video,i'd be like okay law of attraction isn't,really good i did the exact same thing,for example with jump rope i'm like okay,maybe people that are into fitness want,this product right and look at this 700,000 views you would think that this made,me sales it did not right the problem,with you know when you just get started,with google ads if you spend money on,something and it's giving you leads and,metrics and whatnot if they're not,buying it does not matter how much,people see it here nearly a million,people saw this video yet no one bought,my product right so i was like okay,maybe i shouldn't focus on the health,and fitness niche for this specific,product i saved myself a lot of money,because for this you know i'd have to,spend like a couple like tens of,thousands of dollars to get this much,views right so getting a proof of,concept of what angles and audiences are,already working is really really crucial,because then you could take the money,that you're making and invest it,actually into the ads which is what i,did right and not only that but you,could see that when you start making,videos about it you can see in the past,90 days,people also put ads on your videos and,you're able to diversify your risk by,getting paid by from other people that,are also you know publishing or like,like doing ads you can see just from,that you know in the past 90 days it,started growing from literally nothing,to the point where it now is able to,allow me to forward to actually be a,little bit more aggressive on ads,because now i'm getting an extra stream,of income the thing about ads and ads in,general you know like i remember back in,the day i was uh you know running,advertising for the first time it's very,scary because it's very weird spending 5,or 10 or 20 or 30 a day and not,understanding how the advertising,platform works you know you're,essentially just like burning a lot of,money in that time and especially if,you're not used to it it's it's very,weird on your brain what really helps is,if you find a way to cash flow from your,product and service organically so that,the money from that you could take a,percentage of that and be like okay this,is what is i'm able to spend on ads so,if i lose it it's fine because i'm,making money elsewhere for free right so,that's really what i did i made money,for free,you know with the actual product itself,you know you can see that it's like a,lot lower here because i wasn't running,as much ads and then when i started,treating it seriously you know it,started averaging now consistently about,like two thousand five hundred three,thousand dollars a day right and then of,course the low end it's like 1400 then,there's a 400 one there and then it's,like up and down right but the thing is,because i do not have the stress of like,oh my god what if i run out of money i'm,able to go ahead and reinvest it the,second step that you need to do is,invest in email marketing because yeah,you can get the leads,from you know ads themselves but if you,don't have a follow-up sequence you know,you're literally leaving money on the,table now as you can see from here we're,getting about like 100 to 200 emails a,day and a lot of cancellations because,if no one clicks on the link with me on,my emails i just immediately remove them,because i don't have time for people,that don'

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INVEST $15 = GET $320/PER DAY CPA GRIP Google Ads Tutorial (CPA Marketing Traffic Beginners 2022)

cpa group paid strategy let's go hello,everyone my name is alex and in today's,video i am going to showcase you my,personal strategy with cpa grip on how,you can make money with paid ads i know,some of you don't have too much money to,invest at the beginning don't worry you,only need like something to five to ten,dollars,maximum but this strategy is very good,because every time you go increase your,budget you are going to get more payout,this is very scalable strategy which can,be long-term strategy for cpa group,money making so if you're interested in,cpa marketing make sure to smash that,subscribe button and i'm going to,provide you with daily tips and let's go,to the video alright so we are on the,cpa grip and i'm going to showcase you,now how exactly can you use google ads,to your advantage to get leads for cpa,grip and actually profit after the,google ads go away because google ads,are going to be expense we need to take,that in calculation but i'm going to,showcase you how you can set up,profitable google ads for your cpa grip,strategy we are on to the website and we,are going to go for a ps5 or samsung,galaxy s 22 because those giveaways are,the best and those uh cpa offers are,probably the best because uh i mean,paypal gift card sounds a little bit,fishy nowadays i don't know who believes,in it anymore but let's go for ps5 for,example so get a ps5 now uh only thing,they need to do is actually get an email,submitted so this is how it looks like,uh so they only need to submit email and,that's it you are getting two dollars,per submitted email so how are we going,to bring traffic to uh this great offer,we are going for a google ads first off,this is the mobile strategy so keep that,in mind we are only going to target,mobile users so let's set up a new,campaign it's really easy,it takes like five to ten minutes at,most and it takes like five to ten,dollars maybe something like that but it,will profit at the end so you won't even,mind okay we want sales leads website,traffic or anything like that we want,website traffic yes the leads are good,but they are too expensive we only need,traffic so let's go for website traffic,campaign type we are going for a search,let's go uh down so uh select the ways,you'd like to reach your business so uh,for the business website we are going to,paste our cpa offer link so let's go and,paste it up right here,so campaign name we are going to name it,cpa grip,and it's for us if i'm not mistaken yes,us mobile so cpa grip us mobile cam,pain okay let's go further so continue,so now is the most important part and,make sure to keep watching this very,carefully so you don't lose your money,and actually make profit from this so,yeah watch this till the end so for the,budget we are going to set a daily,budget of five dollars that's it only,five dollars a day for the beginning so,we can test out we will not lose much,money five dollars per day is perfect,and later on,when we see the results of the campaign,we can increase it easily to 15 50 100,per day that's not a problem what do you,want to focus on so we are going to,focus on clicks set the maximum cost per,click bit limit so for the maximum cost,per click we need to set it as low as,possible so uh let us start with 0 10,yeah 0.1 is perfect for click maybe we,will need to increase it but we will,check out a little bit later when we see,actual numbers okay let's go to next so,search network display network this is,all good,uh all countries and territories no we,are going to target very specific,audience because our cpa offer is for,the united states we are going to target,united states,as the times comes and as we see the,results we are going to probably find,the countries inside the u.s that have,even lower cost per click so we can make,even more profit but that will come,later let's target the united states,first presence or interest people in,regular inn okay presence people this is,all okay already set up languages we,need english language it's already,selected so they can understand our ad,of course right now is the most,important part of the video and that's,audience targeting so go to the audience,manager and create a new audience we are,going to create a new audience so that,would be,us,people since we are doing a cpa offer,for a ps5 we are going to target uh,teenagers and uh i would say a younger,audience that is interested in ps5,probably doesn't have money to buy it,but would like a giveaway so uh let's go,for okay custom segments uh we are going,to go for a new segment we are going for,the second one so search terms are going,to be playstation 5 by play station 5,give,away play station 5 get for free ps5,away a little bit i think that's pretty,good as you can see 85 percent is the,male age between 25 34 but i would go,for a younger audience at the beginning,now demographics we are going for well,let's say female and male are both good,uh we are going to untik the unknown,and age between 18 and let's say,um probably 18 to 24 are perfect so uh,we are going to go for a save and now we,have our audience that we can import uh,right here now moving to the headlines,uh we are going to write something like,get,ps5 or,three and for description we are going,to go for,let's say,enter,this,free,ps5,giveaway that would be perfect then that,would be it we had to up our cpc to 0.33,uh we are going to get around 150,dollars per day and uh with the costs,that are actually bigger than five,dollars per day we could be actually,getting some profit we are going to test,that in around one to two days maximum,and see the results after one of two,days and then after that we can actually,go on and scale our ads to some bigger,and broader audience if you enjoyed this,video please make sure to leave a like,and subscribe let me know if you have,any questions down in the comments i'll,be there to answer it that would be it,have a nice day and good

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I used Google Ads to promote my Youtube channel. Here is what happened!

and now it's been about four days since,i started running the campaign so let's,look at what we got here hey guys,welcome welcome back to my channel and,in today's video i'm gonna be sharing,with you guys my experience promoting my,youtube videos using google ads if,you're a small youtuber i'm sure you can,relate to the struggle of getting more,views driving traffic to your videos or,literally simply just getting notiked on,youtube and while everyone's ultimate,goal is to get organic traffic and have,youtube suggest your videos please don't,tell me you've never thought of you know,trying to hire promotional service or,kind of get some paid traffic to your,videos so after researching a bunch of,different services i just decided to go,with google themselves since you know,youtube is owned by google so i assume,google kind of knows what it's doing and,it's going to suggest my video to the,right people so if you want to know if,this method worked please continue,watching this video all right let's tok,about exactly what i did i first started,with picking a video that i wanted to,promote and i decided to choose one of,my evergreen videos if you don't know,what evergreen video means it's one of,those videos that you know it's not a,trendy video it's something that people,will be interested in and searching for,over and over and over again so i,decided to go with my how to create an,online course video which i published a,couple of months back and since my,channel is all about teaching people how,to make money online in one of the ways,that i always teach people is to sell,digital courses i felt like this would,be a perfect video to attract the type,of audience that i wanted on my channel,i'm going to include that video up here,in the description down below if you,want to check it out but anyway so here,is kind of how you get started so i got,started with just googling google ads,and the onboarding process i would say,is pretty straightforward you want to,make sure that you're specifying the,type of campaign that you want to run,and in my case i picked you know the,video campaign and the goal was to get,more views on my videos because as you,probably know google ads kind of run all,over the place you can advertise on the,main google page you can have it on your,blog you can have all different places,so just make sure that you are picking,the right type of campaign that you want,to run so based on all the videos that i,watched most people recommended doing,like a daily budget because you know you,can set like the overall budget and then,you can have you know how much you want,to spend daily which i think is great,especially when you're just trying to,test it out and you're trying to see if,you're getting results so yeah i ended,up doing a daily budget so i ended up,setting a budget about three dollars per,day for this one specific video as you,can probably tell i ended up promoting,one of my other videos as well but we're,gonna tok about this one another time,but let's focus on this one video anyway,so a budget of three dollars and nice,thing is that you know you can also,target a specific audience so you can,maybe set you know the types of interest,they have some of the target keywords,you know maybe some of the interest and,you can also pick multiple locations,where you want to advertise this video,so i ended up picking you know most of,the english-speaking countries since i,do speak english in my videos so i,picked the united states canada and then,the uk and australia i believe and then,i also notiked in a lot of my videos,about you know udemy courses or just,creating courses in general i i was,attracting a lot of people from india um,so i ended up setting india for this one,as well which you know i normally,wouldn't but i feel like for these types,of videos,that just made sense so i finished,answering all the questions doing all,the settings and i pretty much just,submitted for approval it got approved,pretty quickly and yeah so i pretty much,just decided to set it and forget it and,now it's been about four days since i,started running the campaign so let's,look at what we got here and just a,quick reminder when it comes to numbers,i started right under 300 views on this,video now you probably know why i wanted,to promote this video because i was kind,of struggling with views on this one but,yeah we did start with about 300 views,on this one oh and by the way if you are,enjoying this video so far please make,sure to hit that like button because as,you know it really helps small youtubers,like myself um so yeah hit that like,button and if you enjoy content about,side hustles passive income and,productivity please make sure to hit,that subscribe button because i post,videos every wednesday and yes sorry,let's go back to the video so right,after about 24 hours maybe a little bit,more than that i decided to check in and,i was actually pleasantly surprised so,my view count was about,752 at this point so it's more than,doubled in 24 hours which i got pretty,excited because you know it was working,then on day three i once again checked,back in and my view count was at about,931 views so you know i got another,200-ish views which was awesome so we,were nearing that 1000 view mark and,then on day three we did hit the 1000,view mark so that was awesome and then,finally on day four we were at about 1.2,000 views so it was definitely working,so youtube is definitely driving traffic,to my videos which was awesome so i know,a lot of you are probably like okay,awesome this is working thanks for,sharing this tip christina i'm gonna do,this right now well wait a second before,you take some of your money and start,investing in google ads let me show you,something else that is going to be very,important before you make this decision,because as you probably know views are,great but it's definitely not the only,metric that is going to tell youtube,whether your video is good or not and,whether or not it's going to want to,start organically suggesting your videos,to other viewers which just a reminder,is our ultimate goal one of the really,important metrics that you need to pay,attention to especially if you want the,algorithm to start treating you better,is engagement and the view duration so,this is one of the other things that i,started tracking i did forget to take,the screenshot but if you believe me i'm,just gonna tell you that right before i,started the google ads campaign my,audience retention rate was about 54,which according to youtube is typical,and if you have no idea what i'm toking,about we're toking about the percentage,of people that are still watching your,video after the first 30 seconds which,are the most crucial 30 seconds because,that's when the viewer decides whether,they want to you know continue watching,your video or not and that is one of the,metrics that youtube is really paying,attention to to see if the viewer is,actually interested in what you have to,say and if the right people are watching,your videos or not and this is one of,the things that completely killed the,clickbait because people used to put,like cat videos in the title thinking,that more people gonna click on them but,again if a viewer clicks on your video,and they don't like the content they,will click out automatikally and if your,audience retention rate is really low,youtube is gonna know that you know,people don't actually care about your,videos and it's probably gonna get,buried in the algorithm anyway that's a,very long explanation to what the,audience retention rate is but let's,just take a look at what happened on day,two so i mentioned to you is about 54,and on day two it dropped to 44,which is not good because now youtube,was telling me that this is below,typical which again means that people,that are watching the video didn't,really care didn't really like my video,and you know they just decided to skip,and then on day three i checked back,again and it dropped once again

I Spent $2/day on YouTube Ads to Promote My Channel (Google Ads To Promote YouTube Channel 2022)

i'm gonna show you how to promote,youtube videos using google ads with as,little as two dollars a day,as you can see in the screenshot here,one video got over 2100 subscribers,using google ads by promoting my youtube,videos and the other one got 1100 views,i'm gonna show you exactly step by step,how you can replicate this process as,well now guys as you know youtube is a,hard platform to start growing,especially in the beginning so i'm going,to show you a method that is going to,show you how to promote your organic,youtube videos using ads but in a,strategic way and not that expensive,that's going to help you grow your,channel but by paying a little bit to,give your videos a boost,now guys if you are brand new to my,channel my name is jonathan montoya with,passive income lifestyles and the,purpose of this channel is to teach you,how to build a full-time passive income,business so you can achieve financial,and time freedom guys i used to work a,nine to five job back in 2019,and i started my business as an,affiliate marketer and in 2020 i went,all in i quit my job and now i do this,full time that's the purpose of this,channel is to help you guys build a,full-time passive income business now if,you want to learn exactly how i can help,you do that there's a link down below on,how i can help you quit your,nine-to-five job and achieve financial,and time freedom besides that guys,please subscribe to the channel and,let's get into the video,alrighty guys let me just show you some,quick proof right here as you can see,there's a few of these videos here that,have done really really well as you can,see this one right here has gained over,2100 subscribers this one here 1100,900 760. so these are,basically videos that i'm boosting using,google ads okay now i'm gonna show you,exactly how i do this in this video,because i've done google ads multiple,times and i've lost a lot of money as,you can see i'm only spending two,dollars a day to get a lot of these,results okay and you really don't need,to spend a lot of money to get these,results as long as the content you're,making is good content we're just using,google ads to kind of boost our content,out to more people and what i'm going to,show you in this video is how i'm,basically replicating the youtube,algorithm but using google ads alrighty,guys so step number one is to make sure,that your youtube profile is set up,correctly meaning you have a youtube,banner you have at least five videos on,your channel you have a profile picture,this is really important because if,you're running ads and you literally,just have one video no banner then,people are not going to follow you let,me show you an example of what i mean so,this is my channel here make sure you,have some sort of banner at the top here,guys and you guys can create this,yourself in canva or have someone do it,in fiverr just pay five to ten dollars,but make sure you have all this stuff,again guys this is very basic stuff but,i just want to mention that to people,that you know that want to grow their,channel but they don't have any content,yet okay work at least getting five to,ten videos on your channel a banner and,then we can start boosting videos now,step number two is you wanna do your,research now i'm to show you why you,want to do this because what i'm going,to show you is how we're going to pretty,much replicate the youtube algorithm but,in google ads now let me show you an,example i've done this multiple times,where i've tried to promote videos on,google using google ads but i just seem,to always waste money okay so,what i started to do is like okay how,can i replicate what youtube is really,good at right so for example if you go,to any of these videos right let's just,say we go to this video here by anthony,morrison okay now what youtube is gonna,do is,in their organic algorithm right we can,go down and they're gonna be,recommending videos here on the right,side that's typically what youtube does,okay so i looked into this i'm like okay,how can i replicate this,using,google ads now that being said i said,step number two is we have to do our,research so what i'm gonna be showing,you to do is i'm going to show you how,to show up on this recommended feed now,we're going to pay for that obviously,we're using google ads your video is,going to show up here at the top at,number one okay so you know if you have,a video on cryptokurrency then you're,going to want to do some research on,crypto right how can we get a video,shown on another cryptos channel right,that's how this algorithm works right so,if we go to youtube and type in,something like cryptokurrency there's,going to be these top videos right now,obviously if you're a brand new creator,you're not going to be able to get your,videos at the top at first okay so i,thought to myself how can we recreate,this youtube algorithm so if we click on,let's just say this video right here it,brings us to the actual video now what,we want is we want youtube to suggest,our video right so typically what i mean,is we want youtube to show our videos,here on suggested typically that's not,gonna youtube's not gonna suggest your,video if you're not a big channel like,let's just say this channel right here,that has you know 300 000 subscribers,okay they're gonna push other channels,that are bigger so what we're doing is,we're basically replicating this youtube,algorithm okay so what we're gonna do,here is we're gonna place an ad here at,the top okay this is called a suggested,or discovery video that's what we're,gonna be doing okay so these are the,type of videos that we're gonna be,promoting okay there's multiple ways to,run google ads but this way has been the,best way for me okay now just to mention,there's other ways to do it where let's,just say someone goes and they type in,affiliate marketing well you can,actually show your video at the top okay,when someone types in a keyword,affiliate marketing as you can see here,this video shows up at the top that's,not what i'm going to show you,personally i've done that it doesn't,work as great for me what i'm going to,show you,is how to,show up on other people's videos that,being said again step number two is do,your research so what you're going to,want to do is find 10 channels that you,want to model okay meaning we're going,to be placing our videos are ads on,these 10 channels okay so that is step,number two okay so step number three is,to obviously upload your youtube video,now this is very simple right obviously,you're gonna make a youtube video and,we're gonna want to boost it using,google ads now i do want to show you a,quick tip okay this is not necessary but,i usually do this every single time if,i'm going to boost a video okay,now if we go into my videos as you can,see these are some of the videos that,i've boosted you'll notike that these,are all unlisted okay so meaning they're,not public so,what i did was i re-uploaded the same,video and changed it to unlisted now i'm,going to show you why i did this okay,because when you run ads to this video,it kills your organic reach because,you're running ads to it so the audience,retention is usually a lot lower okay so,typically on this video right here i was,getting an audience retention about 40,with a youtube ad or a google ad this,goes down significantly okay like five,to ten percent that being said so you,can see i got 20 000 views here but a,lot of those people will tend to leave,because obviously they're an ad they,don't know you okay so it's just a,little bit different okay so what i like,to do instead of boosting the organic,video and kind of killing the watch time,i like to upload the same video and then,just running add to that same video okay,so just a pro tip there i learned this,kind of the hard way you don't have to,do it but i highly highly recommend it,now one thing to note when you're,re-uploading a video is you want to make,sure and trim off like the last second,or the beginning second if you re-upload

Google Shopping Ads Tutorial 2021 (Step By Step For Beginners)

hey guys my name is daryl and today in,this video i'm going to show you step by,step on how to set up the google,merchant center so you can display,google shopping ads for your ecommerce,or drop shipping website the google,merchant center allows you to list your,products from your ecommerce website on,google so people can see the picture the,price the shipping and also reviews,about your products this can lead to a,lot more sales and you can also list as,many products as you want this is much,better than the alternative google,adwords because here people can't see,the product they can't see the price,they don't know all the details and it's,just a very poor way to promote your,products but to the right you can see,the product and the price and a very,clear image of the products,google display shopping ads are one of,the most powerful ways on how to get,more sales and traffic to your ecommerce,or drop shipping website so in this,video i'm gonna show you step by step on,how to do it you ready let's go okay so,we're gonna set all this up in three,simple steps step one we're gonna create,a google merchant account it's free,anyone out there can make one step two,we're gonna configure the settings and,upload your products onto google and,step three we're gonna create the ad so,people can visually see your products,okay so this right here is the google,merchant center this is basically where,we are going to upload all of our,products and we're going to configure,everything etc now before i go on any,further i have a video on how to make an,ecommerce website with the number one,best e-commerce thing for wordpress,called flat sum where we actually make,this website step by step so if you are,interested in that video i'll leave that,in the description below,it's an amazing wordpress theme it's,super clean i think that people,will be a little bit more encouraged to,buy your products with this theme but,anyways so the first thing that we'll do,is go to the google merchant center and,we'll click on get started so we're,first going to make an account with the,google merchant center,here i'll click on get started now i,already have a google merchant account,and i already have a google adswords,account so,you're gonna have to make a free one,right here so if you don't already have,gmail which i think everyone out there,does right now you'll have to make a new,gmail account all right so once you make,a gmail account and you go through the,verification process it'll take you to,this page right here so just go ahead,and follow the instructions so for,example where are you located i'm going,to put united states,and then for the display name i'll just,put something like,you know ecommerce websites,and then right here we're gonna set our,standard time we can change all this,later so don't worry about it too much,here i'll click on continue,so may google contact you about merchant,center you can decide to get their spam,emails or nots it's really up to you but,i'll just say yes,i have agreed to the merchant center,terms and conditions and here i will,click on continue okay so right here,it's asking us what program best fits,our objective now for this video i'm,just going to go through these two right,here i'm not going to go through every,single one because everyone out there on,youtube probably has a different goal,for their store so here i'll select this,one right here because this will display,our products for free and then here i,will select shopping ads,and here i will click on continue,i'll scroll to the bottom right here,and i will click on create an account,okay so this right here is your google,merchant center dashboard now here we,have two different tasks so we have set,up shopping ads and we also have set up,shopping ads across google now the,difference between both of these two is,that this one is more passive and this,one is more aggressive but setting up,both is good because this will actually,display your products passively,throughout google and this right here,will actually target people to click on,your ad so we're first going to set up,this one right here so right here click,on continue,now also if you can't find it or if they,change this on the gear icon right here,if you click on settings you can click,up uh click on this right here and this,will actually bring you to the same page,so let me click on that so we have all,these different,uh we have all these different goals,right here so the first thing that we're,going to do is we're going to provide,our website url so this is going to,connect our websites with google,merchant center so it'll find our,products a lot easier so right here,click on provide your website url,so go ahead and give your or put in your,website url so i'm going to put my,e-commerce website in right here,and here i'll click on save,okay so our website is not verified and,it's not claimed right now so i'm going,to show you how to connect it right now,with wordpress so right here we have i,have the tag manager account we have i,have access to my server and we also,have the google analytiks account now,you are welcome to do any three but i,find that this one right here is very,simple to do so right here,we can see we have this meta so what i'm,going to do is i'm going to click on,this right here,i'm going to go to my wordpress website,now most wordpress themes work the same,way so i'm using flat sum if you're,using divi or even elementor you can use,this same method for virtually every,single theme it's virtually the same way,so the first thing that you'll do is go,over here to appearance,and you'll click on theme editor whoops,theme,editor and every theme out there guys,has a theme editor so don't worry about,this too much uh your theme will have a,theme editor,so i'm gonna go ahead and close all,these annoying little pop-ups now on the,right side over here you'll see a theme,header,click on theme header,now i already have this verified on,another account but i'm just going to,follow you through this and i'm going to,delete that and paste it right there so,what you want to do here is you want to,place it in between the head,and the head right there and that's it,and then click on update profile so just,copy and paste that and that's all you,have to do you're done so your website,will be connected with google merchant,center and you can verify this by just,going back over here and clicking on,verify url,okay cool so our website was verified,and now we are going to claim the url so,right here click on claim url all right,awesome so our website was verified and,claimed so basically we verified the,website and we basically told google,merchant center that this is our website,so our website is now connected and this,is going to be a lot easier to upload,your products so the next thing that,you'll do is uh we'll go back over here,to back to google services,and we'll have to set up our shipping,and our tax but this is optional but i'm,just going to run you through it anyways,just in case you want to set all this up,so right here click on set up shipping,alright here i'll click on this plus,icon to set up shipping,so right here just go ahead and give,your shipping a name so i'm going to put,usa because i'm shipping in the united,states for the service area right here,i'll put united states,here you'll put in your currency so,whatever currency that you are dealing,with you will go ahead and put it right,here,next we have delivery time so the order,cut off time the order cutoff time is,basically the last,i want to say the last,the the last time of the day that you,are going to accept orders until they,qualify for the next day shipping so i,think amazon does 2 pm,so basically,if you order before 2 o'clock you,qualify for shipping on the next day,here we have handling time so how many,days does it take you to like process,the order so usually people take,anywhere between zero to three days or,one to two days so here i put one to two,days,and t