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buy one get one free ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads


in today's video, guys, I'm going to show you how anybody- and I mean anybody- can post free ads and make anything up to seven hundred and ninety seven dollars in one single day. if you want a proven, simple, done-for-you system, step-by-step. I'm gonna show you everything in this video, so make sure that you watch it. and, as always, I've got a special bonus at the end of this video that's gonna help you scale this and it's super, super easy. what's up? everyone its own? here again from the Smart Money tactiks channel, where I teach you every single day how you can make money online. so if that's something that you're interested in, make sure that you hit that subscribe button and the bill identification icon, say. you get notified every single day when I come out with reliable money-making strategies. if that's something that interest you and you don't want to miss any of the good stuff, then make sure that you hit that subscribe button now. with that being said, like I said at the start of the video, guys, today I'm gonna show you how to make a lot of money by posting free ads- that's right, free ads- on a site that gets thousands and thousands and thousands of visitors every single day. and, like I said, I'm gonna have a special bonus for you at the end of this video, so let's get straight into it. what we're looking at today is I'm gonna show you a site called free ad one, dotnet. now, this is a site where you can go to to post free ads- free ads with affiliate marketing products on any niche that you want, whatever you're interested in, from dozens of different affiliate marketing sites and products. guys, this is fantastik and the best part is, like I said, this is absolutely free. I'm gonna show you right now how much people are doing this, but, like I said to you at the end of the video, I'm gonna show you a little trick where you can literally go and get everything you need without having to come up with any ideas for yourself. so this is a site itself, and I just want to show you something very, very quickly. if you come over to here, it's automatikally going to be set to the USA, and you can see here that there's all these presets. here you can leave all States, you can leave all cities, come here and select services, and the site that we're going to be looking at today is Clickbank. but I want to show you very quickly of how much people are literally doing this and you know when there's a lot of people doing this and they're making money. but I want you to make sure that you don't skip ahead, cuz I don't want you to miss the tricks and I don't want you to miss out on the product that can potentially make you a lot of money online. so if you come down here and you click onto search, you're gonna be able to see all the different products that people are posting on this site. so if you have a look at this, you come down here. just wanna show you this very, very quickly. so why the United States? well, the United States, number one. guys. when you post the United States, UK, Canada, Australia- you have the potential East and to make really good money online, because these countries are known to be able to make good money online, because they've got the entrepreneurial mind, they're looking for good ways to make money online, they're looking for different options- okay- and they generally have more money to spend on different opportunities for themselves to improve their way of life, okay. so if you come down here and have a look, you can see here that there's all these different ads that have have been posted with Clickbank offers, and you can see here. there's another page over here as well, but it's not just Clickbank, guys. if Clickbank isn't available in your country, then you can go to offer vault, you can go to affiliate pay and you can also get different affiliate marketing products so that you can make money online. let's just check out a couple of these. so, if I come over to you- open link in new tab- if I come over to here- open link in new tab- let's just have a look at one more down here. daily weight-loss- open link in new tab. but let's just have a very, very quick look at this, okay. so if we come over to here, this is one of the ones that we opened up. this is one commissioned manual, one hundred percent off. so if you come over to here, there's a bitly link. okay, copy this now, guys, I'm gonna show you how you can create these ad without doing any of the work yourself, okay, so make sure that you keep watching, okay, it's gonna be my bonus little trick for you today. okay, so you come over here, let's paste seasons. have a quick, we'll go via now. this is a bitly link. I'm also going to show you how to do that. check this out, guys. this is a Clickbank offer that somebody has posted for free on this site. now, this is an unbelievably easy way to make passive income. okay, guys, if you want to make money online, if you want to do affiliate marketing as a beginning, you want to make passive income, there is no better way, because this is free. you get your link out there, you get your ad out there, you get multiple niches going, you get multiple ads going because it's absolutely free and you stand to make money online. okay, so that's one other products you can come over here. you can have a look. so that's one of the products. this is a second product. this is a weight loss product. if you come over here and have a look again, see, there's a Clickbank link over here. let's just have a look and see what product this is okay. now, you can do this in a number of niches, but I'm going to show you a really good product, okay, today that you can do this with as well, but feel free to go and check out any products on Clickbank that you can do this with, okay. so this is just very, very quickly. I'm pretty sure this is Cinderella solutions. it is. yeah, this is a high converting product, guys, so this is one that you can do as well. okay, so these are just a couple of the products that you can go on here and promote. okay, so, a fantastik site for you to make money online. okay, guys, and all you need to do. if you come back over to the main page, let me just go over to here. you can see here that there are dozens and dozens of different check this out. there's so many different niches over here that you can literally do this in. okay, see all these different offers. now, in order to place an ad, I'm gonna show you how to create that ad in a second, but before we do that, what we need is: we need an offer, we need to promote something. so this is where Clickbank comes into play. account, for those of you that don't know, or, Clickbank is. Clickbank is an affiliate marketing website, a site where you can go to get all different types of- as you can see, Digital affiliate marketing products are can. there are hundreds and hundreds of different products where you can come on to here and promote. and, like I said to you, if Clickbank is not available in your country, go to offer vault, go to affiliate Paycom and you can find other offices or just search your country with affiliate offers and just copy the same process. okay, so what you do from here you come up to here is this: create account, create an account for yourself. okay, once the account is created, so you come over to you, make sure you create the account signing. once you sign in, it's gonna take you over to a site that looks like this. okay, so let me just click over to here. I guess it's gonna take it over to a site like this. just have to sign back in and, as you can see here, you've got all these different categories over here that you can choose from, and what we're going to be looking at today is we're going to be looking at a business and a marketing. so just click onto that there and it's going to give you all these different products that you can promote in that different niche. okay, guys, and when you scroll down, you've got dozens of different products, and what I suggest that you do is you come over to here and you can have a look at these different products. I like to promote products with a higher gravity. as you can see this, this CB University has a gravity score of 71. this one ove.

Whisky Of The Year for 2023 (From the Bothy)

foreign moved malted midnight my guys and thank you to Mongol, my Pat pal and patreon supporter, for that malt mention and welcome all you whiskey fans and single malt curious to the bothy. I'm Ralphie, your host. I regularly review Scotch single malt whiskeys and other quality Spirits here on YouTube and at the end of the year I select a? s specific whiskey to be my whiskey of the year for the following year. so this is going to be the whiskey of the year for 2023, but we'll come to that in a few minutes. first of all, uh, thank you for your ongoing support, watching my videos and being inspired in your next whiskey purchase decision. it's my primary purpose is to Simply share um single malt, another quality Spirit reviews with you. so I'm opening. let me see now. it must be at least 50 bottles, not a bit near 55 bottles, of good quality spill. it's mainly Scotch whiskey every single year, um, so I do appreciate the support you provide by watching um my video is clicking in the ads and also um choosing to become a patreon subscriber on my patreon channel called Ralphie r a l f? y, where you get additional um specific videos for subscribers and a bi-monthly live stream, which, at the moment, I'm going to be putting a pole to my patreon supporters to see if they would like it to go monthly. yeah, mainly questions and answers type thing anyway, and more about that in the new year. um, it's been a busy year 2023 for many, many people who are into single malt whiskeys, because so much has changed and then changed again, and the changes happened back in 21, 2021, when the global pandemic shut everything down and suddenly the distilleries around the world had significantly increasing difficulty in selling their product. airports were shut, supermarkets were rationing stuff and people's priority wasn't buying alcohol in the supermarket, was buying toilet paper and other Essentials- yeah, although some would say that good quality Spirits are a kind of an essential item, but all of a sudden, people were stuck at home and couldn't go to bars, pubs, clubs, events, Etc. all the whiskey festivals stopped globally and the result of which was people started to move further online to get information, contact and conversation going with other whiskey fans, and I really notiked that in my channel and at this point, I've really notiked more and more people thinking more about what they're drinking, partikularly in relation to the price, because, post pandemic, as we opened up again the, As the World opened up again. not completely, but you know it will eventually. for a while, what happened? basically, people got out and about, started reattending whiskey festivals and saying, actually we're notiking a significant rise in the cost of many bottlings. now, I have to add, not all, not all, but with some, price Rises were an absolute Banger. in fact, one of the major toking points online in 2022 has been diagio's decision to literally double the price in the UK of talisca 18 year old, from 85 pounds to 170, even 290, sometimes 200 pounds, depending where you're buying it. and- and my response to that is good luck to them, um, because we have other options. we don't have to go to talisca for our pitted, heavily peated moments. there is our big, Although our beg haven't helped themselves by pinning their colors and their branding to the no uh, defunct and largely failed non-fungible token scene, with the board Apes um collapsing under the weight of over some, over, over height, too much hype, um. a word of advice to distilleries: don't get sucked in to transient crypto related Fashions. it can really backfire on you, um, and that it really hasn't helped. McAllen, our begging certainly down more by association, but these Brands they're looking to tap into the the new Deluxe, Ultra Deluxe market, and it certainly exists. I mean, you just speak to the Swiss watchmakers or high-end art producers in Japan, um, and manufacturers of Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Bugattis to find out that demand is far exceeding Supply. there is a new generation of Mega Rich. it's a global community, and whiskey quite rightly wants to get an enact, and so does Bourbon and rum. and the way you do it is you get something really old um, you put it in a very fancy decanter, you put it in a very fancy box and you put a very fancy price tag on it, because what you're really selling is the price tag, and this is the you know. speak to any of the high-end fashion houses in Europe, um, whether it be Gucci or, or probably amazed as the, the best example of that, but nobody's toking about Balenciaga at the moment, so we'll just carry on. move right over that. um. you know how embarrassing um, but that this, the single mission of high-end retailers, is to actually persuade people with too much money to pay too much for stuff that isn't worth the price, and that there are plenty of very rich people who who don't subscribe to this nonsense, but there's plenty of others who do because they're shallow and superficial. um, and good luck to them, because if their attention is being catered For by these blingy bottles, it leaves the better water quality whiskey. this actually smells better and tastes better. for the rest of us, all we have to do is find out where to find it and also, at the same time, to get relatively good value, and this is where I come in. this is my primary Mission, as it always has been in 2020 to 2120, will be in 2023- to sniff out literally, uh, better quality whiskeys, a better value at better prices that deliver bang for your buck. this is why I'm going to be going back to reviewing non-age statement whiskeys. there are a lot more very good, affordable non-age statement whiskeys out there and also unnotiking, unfortunately, that whiskeys that do carry an age statement. the age statement does not live up to the expectations of delivery that I've come to be familiar with 10 or even five years ago with some brands. in other words, a 15 year old's age statement is delivering you a 12 year old Whiskey and a 12 year old age statement as, in terms of smell and taste, delivering your 10 year old whiskey, and it's because of the activity, or should I say the proactivity- of the casks used in the collection of the batch, because distillers use better casks and then they use not so good casks and when you have a greater proportion of not so good casks but competent casks in the batch, it will actually bring the whole flavor profile and the maturity younger, it will take you down and you really notike this. when you're buying whiskey single Monks at auction from 10 or even 15, 20 years ago and you actually set them side by side and compare the two- and I'm going to set you a challenge- Johnny Walker Green Label, you get a bottle of that widely available, not expensive, and you sit in the table and you get a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label from auction and compare them side by side in the process. Mark Makes You Gonna Learn an awful lot. all right, Joe, what else prices? I think that it's worth pointing out in defense of distillers, seeing us out of this overview, that you you can get cheap whiskey, but the whiskey you get will be cheap and inferior and one significant reason for this is the level of Duty. in the British market and many other countries around the world, including Canada, Australia and right across the Scandinavian countries, whiskey seems extremely expensive for what it is. because of the bureau because of bureaucracy and because of tax invasion. in other words, it's a commodity in which it's perceived that they can- the authorities can get simply more tax out of it, whether it be smoking, whether it be drinking or whether it be gambling. take you know, take your pick. that consider restrictable vices and therefore there's a legitimacy to taxing them. and just for the record, the level of Duty in the UK on a liter of spirits, it's

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HOW I'm DROPSHIPPING $13,000/Week with NO MONEY (new) - Shopify 2022

all right, what is up, guys? econ valley here and welcome back to yet another video on my channel. so today, guys, i'm gonna be toking about my store and i'm gonna be toking about our insane advertising method for how we're running free ad for zero dollars, for completely free. we're scaling our ads using this insane strategy- probably the opa strategy- i found across all of e-commerce and last video you guys asked me to show you guys the process of actually posting these free ads and getting all of this traffic. as you guys can see, we've scaled the store to six figures for completely free, without using and over 7 000 sessions without any money spent on ads- literally zero dollars spent on ads. but yeah, today i'm going to be showing you guys the craziest ad strategy for completely free, if you manage to use it on your product and it works. you can just keep scaling this and you get your results instantly, get results on day one. but yeah, before we get into this insane ad strategy that i'm gonna show you guys, i promise you haven't seen this anywhere before. i don't see any other youtubers- dropshipping youtubers- toking about this. i don't even see many dropshippers taking advantage of this right now and it's still so unsaturated. it's crazy how unsaturated this strategy is and how many products there are left to be tested and you get your results instantly. using this method, you literally get your results on day one. so there isn't much of a process that really goes into this. there isn't that much work that goes in. there isn't that much consistency, as opposed to, like tik tik-tok. organic ads or even some paid platforms require a lot of consistency. but, yeah, with this strategy, you really get your results on day one and i'm going to show you guys exactly why that is in a minute. and there's a lot of winning products out there and there's just so many niches using this strategy. it's just so unsaturated. i mean, i see very, very few people taking advantage of this and, yeah, you're going to be mind blown. so be sure to stay tuned for that. for the people who are already um familiar with this method and have been subscribed to my channel for the past few videos, i'm going to be showing you guys exactly how to post the ad and i'm going to be showing you guys my own ads today. but yeah, before we get into it, just a quick overview of the website to my previous subscribers. i've already showed you guys, this- this is my best winning website. within one month, we've managed to scale these numbers and get this much traffic onto the store. now, seven thousand sessions is actually not that much traffic. the reason why we've managed to scale to such crazy numbers using only 7 000 sessions is because you can actually see that our average order value- so basically the our product- is very high tiket. so even though we didn't have, you can see, not that many orders, we only had like 200 orders, which is is amazing, don't get me wrong, but it's nothing crazy, it's nothing off the charts. even with just a simple amount of orders like this- 200, we managed to scale six figures because we were using a high tiket product. now, that's very important. when you're using this ad strategy, you want to try to aim for higher tiket products because the amount of traffic you're going to be getting is capped. there is a limit to it and i'm going to be showing you guys that in a second. but, yeah, average conversion rate: here i think the average is actually around 3.5. so, um, we might be a little under average here, but you can see that we had a high returning customer rates. so customers did enjoy the product and they did indeed come back to buy more. what i really wanted to show you guys here is: you can see our sessions by traffic source. so, basically, how people found our website, how people reach their website, you can see that the number one highest sessions was from direct, and the reason why is because this ad strategy that i'm about to show you guys right now, which is absolutely insane, craziest ad strategy i've ever found throughout my entire four-year journey in ecom- um, this actually uses the direct ad traffic source. so that's why you can see we had some from search, just google search norm, just natural seo ranking. we didn't even pay for it, we just ranked on google search, naturally, because people were toking about us. and you can also see we've had some from social. so, again, just natural. instagram, facebook or social media is getting some traction, but you can see, for the most part, almost all of the traffic was from this direct source. this direct source which i'm going to be showing you guys in a second, and, yes, you can see that direct accounted for almost- we'll just say almost- all of our sales. it's like around 90. so, yeah, almost all of our sales was from this ad strategy. but yeah, without any further ado, let's actually get into it. so the ad strategy that i'm i've been toking to you guys about is actually classified ads. now, if you guys don't know what classified ads websites are, they're basically websites like kijiji, craigslist, gumtree, facebook marketplace. there's so many of them that you can take advantage of using this strategy. so, yeah, you can see right here, offer up: this is one of the best ones for people who are in america, and websites like these are getting millions and millions, at least i know, for off-road and kijiji. um, there's hundreds of them out there, but for offer up in kijiji, i know they're getting millions, tens of millions actually per month visits, so that's millions of people that you can advertise your product and your store to for completely free. all right, so let's just search for just chair. just as a simple example, let's just search for a chair. so, yeah, as you can see, if we search up chair, there's all these normal people trying to resell their own chairs. um, that's basically what this is: a classified ads website. it's a website where you can resell your used products. so normal, ordinary people are going to be reselling their used products here and we can take advantage of that by coming in between them. it actually looks like these guys are doing it right here right now because they have a logo here. um, usually it's only businesses- yeah, exactly, usually it's only businesses that have the logo, normal people who are trying to resell their um, like chairs and stuff. they don't go put in the time to put in a logo. you can see here that what these guys are doing is: yeah, this is my first time seeing this ad. i just i completely guessed. i've never seen this ad before. but yeah, they're doing the exact same thing that we're doing. they're just linking their website in the description, and you can- also- kijiji has this, but other classified ads platforms don't have this. it's an option to actually put a button that links it directly to your website. so if you click on this, it's going to take us to their website where they're selling this chair. yeah, exactly, um, looks like they're lying about the price too. it's 850 here when it was. um, oh no, it was 850 here too. okay, so all good. so, yeah, this is exactly the method that we would use to get all of this traffic. now i'm gonna show you guys our ads in a second. so here's two ads that i literally posted 10 days ago, i literally just posted these ads and just left them and, um, what you can see is that they got a normal amount of views and you can see that they've been pushed back all the way to page 12 and page 11. and the reason why this happens is because new people come and they post ads with the same you know product like, similar products, similar names, and then ours gets pushed down the feed so kind of like on instagram, how when you first post your you know your new picture, it's at the very top of the feed and over time it like goes down on the feet. so it's the same exact process here and that's why i say you get your results instantly using this method, because the first day that you post your ad is actually the best performing day, because you're going to be right on page one. so right now we're on page 12.. no one has seen this p.

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Buy One Get One Free Affiliate Marketing Traffic July 2022 | Google Ads | Youtube Ads | Bing Ads

everyone it's power here. so in this video, i want to give you an update on the affiliate marketing traffic cartel and i will show you how to use the affiliate marketing traffic cartel. i will show you how to buy the traffic packages and i will also give you some of the updates that we have done on the website on the traffic packages, and then i will also give you the information on how you can get this free traffic that we are giving away, including the free vacation that we are giving away whenever you purchase the traffic packages from the affiliate marketing traffic cartel. now, this video is specifically for you. if you are someone who are in the affiliate marketing space and make money online space, and if you want me to promote your affiliate link, i will give you the opportunity to buy the traffic packages, and then i will be the one doing the advertising on your behalf. so this is exactly how it works, guys. so first step that you need to do is you need to have an affiliate offer that you are promoting, and what you can do as well is i will put the link in the description of the video so you can go to this website. it's called the affiliate marketing traffic cartel, and this is my agency that i created in response to my students who are who have been asking me if i can help them promote their affiliate link. and basically what you do when you go to this website is you watch this video. it explains how it works and essentially the way it works is that you can see it says here that we do all the work and you will make all the commission. and what i'm gonna do here on this video is i will show you exactly how to buy the traffic package and then, once you purchase the traffic package, i will be the one doing the advertising on your behalf so that you can get a professional doing the marketing for your campaigns. so this is exactly how it works. when you go to this website, you can scroll down before i show you how to buy the traffic packages. let me go ahead and show you some of my personal results, and i have a lot of this affiliate networks and if you have been following me on youtube, you know that i am a super affiliate and i have won a lot of affiliate contests, and the main reason is because i use the best traffic source existing in the industry, which are google ads, bing ads and youtube ads. now you can see it says: here you can now use the exact traffic source that my students and i use to generate multiple six-figure income online. and you can see on this partikular account, when i took the screenshot, i made 523 000. this partikular affiliate network. when i took the screenshot, it's around 384 thousand dollars. and then with clickbank affiliate marketing specifically, i can make anywhere from four hundred dollars to a thousand dollars a day or more. and what i did was i tested this with some of my students and you can scroll down further and you can see some of these testimonials from some of my students. these are the students who are who have given me the testimonials and they are willing to put their name on public. so i still have a lot of other students who are making money with affiliate marketing, but they don't want to publicly post their name on social media or on the website, right. and then what you can do is for those of you who are asking which type of affiliate offers are working for my traffic, you can see this one. it says we convert like crazy, and these are some of the affiliate accounts or affiliate networks that you can promote, and for as long as you are promoting a make money online offer, uh, it will work for my traffic source. so, for those of you who are asking, guys and uh, how exactly these students got the opportunity to have me promote their link and how you can use the site traffic source that my students and i use, this is exactly how it works. when you go to go here, it says here that right now we have this: uh, buy one, get one free promo when you buy 1000 clicks or more, and all you have to do when you go to this website is pick your preferred traffic package below and when you go here so you can check it out, the smallest package that you can buy is the 100 buyer clicks and this is a one-time payment of 300. so a lot of people, a lot of people are messaging me, commenting on the youtube videos, saying that my traffic source, or, but my traffic is more expensive than google ads, youtube ads and bing ads, and the reason why this is expensive, guys, let me just make this clear. so this traffic, this hundred buyer clicks, number one qualification that we have is that this is hundred percent top-tier traffic from us, canada, uk and australia. and for those of you who are asking where is the traffic coming from? the traffic will be coming from google ads. so you can see, these are some of my campaigns. i have a lot of these campaigns that are running. i already have the winning campaigns and some of the ads will be coming from bing ads or microsoft advertising. so i have all these campaigns. this is one of the example of the campaign that i'm running, the ad that is running, and i also run some youtube ads as well. so the main difference is that when you purchase the traffic package from the affiliate marketing traffic cartel, you don't need to go into google ads, bing ads or youtube ads to run the campaign. you don't need to learn the advertising, because i will be the one to doing the advertising on your behalf. so i just want to make that clear. when you purchase the traffic package from the affiliate marketing traffic cartel, you will still be able to use google ads, microsoft, bing ads or microsoft advertising and youtube ads, but you don't need to sit in front of your computer doing the advertising because i will be the one doing the advertising on your behalf. really straightforward, right? so that's why i created this agency and that is why a lot of my students are successful. now, the highest package, or the higher package, are the 200 clicks, the 400 clicks and some of the most popular options that people buy if you scroll up here. we have this because, especially when we have the buy one get one free promo if you buy 1000 clicks or more. so some of the popular options that people buy are the 1000 buyer clicks. so if you purchase the 1000 buyer clicks, you will automatikally get free 1000 buyer clicks. so i'm giving you a good deal right, because when you purchase the 1000 buyer clicks for 2 500, i will automatikally give you an additional free 1000 buyer clicks. plus, i will also give you a free vacation. so later on in the video i will give you more information on how you can get an example of this free vacation. like, if you are in the us, if you want to go to miami, i will give you this three nights luxury accommodation in miami. or if you want to go to las vegas, you can do that as well, and phuket, thailand, or philippines, if you are, if you want to go to boracay, philippines. so later on i will show you, give you more information about this luxury accommodation. now, this 1000 buyer clicks, it's a one-time payment of 2 500 and again, i already answered the question. a lot of people are asking: why is it so expensive? it's expensive because the traffic that you are getting is highest quality of traffic from google ads, microsoft advertising and youtube ads. so the other package that is popular is the 2000 buyer clicks. now the 2000 buyer clicks. if you purchase the 2000 clicks, you will automatikally get an additional 2000 buyer clicks, so that's a total of 4 000 buyer clicks, and then i will give you through to free vacation, which is really straightforward, right, pretty awesome. so the main goal is- because you know the point of uh making money online is that you know, when you start making a lot of money, then you will get the free vacation so you can go out, enjoy your money and go out for a free vacation. now the next option that is available is the three thousand buyer clicks. so if you purchase the three thousand buyer clicks, you will automatikally get an additional three thousand free buyer clicks. plus, you will also get free vacatio.

GET PAID $75+ Every 15 Minutes With FREE ADS (DON’T PAY!) Make Money Online 2022

as a first step, just click on a copy the link, then just paste it into this window. click on a poster- free ad- and now everything is ready. so let's just wait. and now it's been a 15 minutes, so let's just click on reload the page. in this video, I'm going to show you incredibly simple method on how you can earn 75 dollars every 15 minutes just by using a free ads. and yes, you heard me right, free ads or free advertising- because in this video, I'm going to show you how you can start leveraging in a free ads and start making money out of it. but, trust me, it's a very simple process. basically, all that you need to do is just follow my worst step-by-step tutorial that I'm going to show you in this video. you are going to copy what I'm going to give you. just click where I'm going to click and at the end of this video, you will know exactly how to earn 75 dollars in just 15 minutes. and to show you that this truly works, I'm going to set this up live in this video so you basically see a Lifeproof, live earnings that I'm going to make from this method. so you will get everything a step-by-step process. I'm going to give you free ads. you don't have to pay for anything and, as well, you get a live proof that this method truly works and it's worth your time. but even before that, I will be giving away one of my courses that is priced at 497 dollars, in which you will discover how to go from zero to three thousand dollars per month in just 30 days, using the most effective strategies at the moment, in a 2022, for which you donate any experiences and, as well, no budget to invest. so if you want to get a chance to win this course, then all that you need to do is just leave a subscribe, you need to hit that notification Bell, you need to leave a like and, as well, leave a comment and, in the comment section, let me know how would your life change if you will be able to start making three thousand dollars per month just from your laptop, from home, in the next 30 days. so just leave a comment. we didn't answer, and in the next video, I will announce who is going to win this 497 course completely for free. and now let's start with the method. so, as a first step, we need to create an option: how you can get paid from this method that I'm going to show you. so, very simply, we'll just go to this website that is called paypalcom, and this is a website where you just create your account very simply with a sign up, and when you will have your account, you'll be able to get paid from the method that I'm going to show you later on in this video. so, at first, you just choose your personal account, because it will be your personal account, or, if you have a business, you can as well pick a business. then you just select your country, click on the get started and now what you need to add is your mobile number, and make sure that you're going to add your real mobile number, because they are going to send you a verification code, and this verification code you need to use it to actually create your account on a paper. but I already have my account, so I won't be doing this, but I can tell you that this is very, very simple process that you'll be doing, and it's important to say that, if you are in a country where you can create your PayPal account, there will be as well one more option that I'm going to show you later on- how you can get paid. so, basically, everyone can make money out of it now as a step number two. the most important step is to actually find something that we are going to use to make money. what we are going to use in this method to get paid is something that is called a CPA offer or cost per action method, so we'll be doing so on. this website is called in a CPI grip, and just to explain to you what is actually cost per action means, those are basically offers that you can very simply get on this website that I'm going to show you. you are just going to take one of these offers and all that that you need to actually make money from this offer. you just need the link, and what's the difference between some affiliate marketing methods and CPA methods is that in affiliate marketing, you basically need to be selling the product. in CPA, you don't have to be selling anything. all that you'll be doing is just providing a simple link, and inside of this link, people just need to do a simple action, for example like: add their email address, and then they will do so. you will make money out of it. so it could be 50 cents, it can be one dollar, it can be five dollars, ten dollars, even higher just for people doing a simple action. this is why I believe this is one of the easiest way how you can actually start earning online. this is why I was telling you this is super simple method. so this is CPA grip. this is the website where we can be doing basically all this magic. so what you need to do it? first you just go to the register and we need to create our account, and then here inside of the sign up page, you just add your first name, last name and then, very, very important, you need to add your real credentials. so you need to add your real street address, your real City, real estate, because if you are going to add a fake ones, they will basically see it when you will be asking for the money. the next important thing that you need to add is here in the publisher type, you need to be choosing the GPT, because with the GPT, you have the highest chance to actually get your account in a CPA Group right away, and basically that's it. you just add your email password, confirm it, choose a time zone, and then we just agree with all of these and basically click on the register. now, and, to be honest with you, I wasn't using this money making platform for a while. so what I did? I have created as well a new account. so this is a brand new account. there is zero money made at the moment, and what we are going to do in this video, we are going to actually live make money on this video using the method that I'm going to show you, so you can then replicate it and make money as well. so, at first, what I want to show you that this platform is actually genuine and people are truly making money there. so you can sit here. this guy has made twenty six thousand dollars using this platform. then there is another one that made eight thousand dollars then as well, for example, this wheat guy had made 173 000 using this exact platform. so this is just to show you this is a genuine platform, how you can make money as well. but now let's replicate one of these results from these guys and let's make some money on this platform. so what we need to do? at first, you just go up here into the offers. when we are inside of the offers, then you can choose the country that you want to be basically picking up and for a method that I want to use today we want to look for an Italy, and now here you can see, like what is this offer all about? so this one is somehow connected to decathlon, this one is connected to AliExpress, this one to Amazon, this one to some chocolates, this one to iPhone 13 Pro, and on the right side you can see, like what is the payout that you will get if someone is going to make the action- and the action is actually right here. so, for example, here, if anyone is going to add their email or zip submit, you are going to get paid 68 cents. for example, here, if anyone is going to add their credit card, you are going to make almost 15 out of it. so the best thing about this method is that you don't have to be selling anything, you don't have to be creating anything and you don't have to be paying for anything, because I'm going to show you how you can do all of this for free. so the offers that we want to take today are in this category. we need to go to the credit card submit and if you just scroll down, we can use for this method all these products that you can find right here. but a product that I want to take today is this one iPhone 13 Pro. so this is basically in a giveaway in which people just need to add some of their information and if they will do so, they will have a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro. but, as well, we are going to make this 14.5.

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i recently found out about the strategy that you can use to make use of unlimited free ad paid websites without spending a dime and make huge affiliate commissions and high tiket affiliate commissions online without spending any money. and i'm actually going to show you over 70 free, unlimited ad websites. this is completely crazy. you can go and use all savings of these to make money online and see high tiket affiliate commissions. that's well over a thousand dollars per sale, and this is actually a lot simpler than what it seems. so this does maybe sound a little bit complicated. over 70 websites- don't worry, i'm going to show you how we can do this just on one of these websites and replicate this on all 70 of them to basically 70 times our earnings, and i'm going to give you every single step that you need in this video to see commissions like this without spending any money. on this, we're not going to run any paid ads. all these websites are free and all of them are worldwide. what's going on from entrepreneurs jay here from the channel millionaire mindset? on this channel, i'm uploading daily videos on how to make money online and how to build an online brand, how to build an audience and how to achieve your goals online. so if you want to become an online entrepreneur, learn how to make money online, build an audience and build a home based business, definitely go down below and subscribe. down below, with the belt on, so that i can send you a personal message every time i upload a value pack video just like this one. and also make sure to watch each and every step that i show in this video and watch until the end, because at the end of this video, i'm going to give you this course over here that cost me 197 dollars, called generating big traffic using link exchanging. so if you want to see how to get this course, make sure to watch this until the end. but also try not to skip anything in this video, because what i'm going to teach you in this video will really help you blow up this earnings with this course. so they kind of go hand in hand very well. so definitely make sure to watch this video until the end. so the first website i'm going to show you, guys is this website over here. make sure to keep watching, as i'm going to reveal this just in a bit, and what you want to do is- and all these websites over here are free, unlimited ad websites where we can go and post ads completely for free, and i'm going to show you that these websites are getting millions and millions of searches. you can see over here. this website alone is worth 71 600. this website over here is worthwhile over six figures. this website over here also 142 thousand dollars worth. this website up here: 172 000.. this website is nearly worth 1 million dollars at 605 000. that is a lot of money for a value of a website. now we can go and use all 70 of these websites to go and make money online with this. so just to quickly show you an example to help you understand how much traffic a website like this actually gets. so let me take this website a video. i'm just going to copy the link of this website and let's just go copy link address. we're then going to come over to a website called similarwebcom, which is a tool where we can analyze website and how many traffic or how much traffic it gets on a monthly basis. so let's go and post this over here. let's just go and do that. let's click on the website there. it should pop down like that: click on this website and take a look at this. so this website is currently the twenty thousand five hundred and tenth biggest website in the world. now, considering there's millions of websites out there, this is a very good ranking: currently the 4326 biggest website in the states. these six biggest websites in its category. that is a big achievement: the top 10 in your category. this is a big website and we can get a piece of this pie with free, unlimited ads to make thousands of dollars in a day in just high tiket affiliate commissions, and i'm going to show you in a bit the exact product that i've been using to do this. so take a look here. this website at the moment is getting anywhere between 2.1 and 2.11 million views every single month. so the in july, 2.6 more, 2.1, 1.9, 1.95, 2.1 more on average, about 2.1 more views every single month. so there you can see, and you can also see the majority of the traffic is from the united states, which is a top-tier country. that's why traffic from this website converts very well. so we're going to use this as our example. so all you want to do is we're going to come back to this website here. make sure you keep watching, because i'm going to reveal this database in a bit that shows all 70 of these websites, but let's take this one example. in the meantime, we're going to copy this link address over here, we're going to come to a new tab and we're going to paste this and we're going to come over to this website over here. and what you want to do is you want to go and choose. you can see here a whole bunch of categories, different niches, that we can go and use to post unlimited ads to make huge money online. so over here, for example, if you want to go to free stuff, there's a free stuff section. over here is garage sales, general entertainment items, wanted, lost and found. uh, there's also jewelry, kid stuff, cell phones, books and magazines. but the best one, where you probably gonna make the most money, is jobs, because here is a niche where people are actually looking for jobs and we can utilize this because it's targeted traffic that is perhaps looking for you and we can go and make money with this, using free, unlimited ads to make this kind of big money online. and the best thing is, guys, this website is completely free to join. you don't even need to sign up an account to join this website. that's how crazy and easy this is. so you can come over to classifiedadscom. the first step is over here to come to post an ad. in brackets it'll say free, we can go and choose our category. but before we go and choose our category, guys, we need to go and choose an affiliate product that we can go and make money with this using free, unlimited ads. and i'm going to show you the perfect high tiket product that we can go and use. and the first website that i'm going to show you, guys, is this one over here called vgstore24.com, which is an affiliate marketplace similar to that of clickbank. we can become an affiliate for different products- high tiket affiliate products- and make hundreds of dollars per sale for selling other people's products, and they then reward us a commission for that. so i came over to the marketplace on digistore24. i'm going to show you another great alternative tradition, but the perfect product you can go and use if you type in the search bar called christani. so over here is what you call the super affiliate system 2020.. this is john christine's super affiliate system course that teaches you how to build a business online, how to make four to five figures a month with affiliate marketing. it's an entire long bootcamp course that teaches you a lot of high income skills. that's why it's paying very well and you are going to hundred and seventy make dollars and forty nine cents every sale. you can also come over to clickbankcom and type in christani on the search bar. let's just click on search over here here you can see his product over here. so, yeah, you're gonna get 635 dollars commission every single sale. so we can go and do is if we want to get an affiliate link. so this is just a clickbank. if you don't have a clickbank account, um, you can sign up or sign in, or you can go and use digital 24 as an alternative. as i do know, the sign up process on digi store is much easier than that of clickbank over here. all we're going to do is click on promote and we're going to click on generate hype links. we're going to copy our footer link over here: right click copy or click the copy icon over here. we're then going to come over to a website called bitsry. what you want to do is log in with your account on the top right click on.