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buying solo ads

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

What Are Solo Ads? - Watch Before You Buy

hey, sam, if you're watching this video, then you're probably wondering what solo ads are. well, stik around, because that's exactly what i'm toking about: [Music]. on my channel, i always release videos on digital marketing and passive income strategies, so consider subscribing. also, if you want. you can click on the link below to get access to my recession-proof business model that will teach you how to build an online business from the ground up. so don't worry if you have zero experience, because you'll get the best training that will make you the top model great. let's get to the content. so what are solo ads? solo ads are email advertisements that are created by other people who already compiled their own audience's email list, and this is entiking to people that are just starting their own marketing business because they don't have any email list of their own. so, for those people that don't know what an email list is, an email list is a list, a list of emails that are gathered together from an audience, usually within one specific niche, and these lists are are entiking to beginner marketers because they don't have a list of their own, they haven't built a list of their own and and what's? an easier way of acquiring a list of emails? by? by buying them from from sellers, right? so solo ad sellers usually just advertise a link that the buyers want them to advertise to and a lot of courses, a lot of affiliate marketing courses. it's it's easy to learn and easy to do for affiliate marketing, but the results are not good at all because the traffic that the solo ad sellers have on their email list are usually bots or just emails that people don't really use. so stay, stay aware of that when you're, when you're looking into generating your own traffic- usually quality uh emails email uh solo ad sellers. they sell for maybe a dollar per click and and up, depending on how they well they sell it. it could get really expensive, especially if you want to mass email a bunch of people and because the usual quality of solo ads are terrible. there are, there are some sites that try to fix that and there and there's platforms that brown upon bot uses or or just plain scammers, and these platforms include udemy, solo ads x, seven days, buyer and and and fiverr, and on these platforms all you have to do is create an account, look for a seller that actually has all the boxes, check mark, work for what you want to advertise, and they'll just do their job of emailing those people towards the niche that you selected right now. imagine that that seller probably has a lot of clients that are like you and they're pretty much spamming their email lists, right, because their emails are always being advertised to- and in my previous sessions i say that normally- generally, people don't want to be sold to. now what do you think happens when your link is emailed to them? people click on it, but will they ever convert? will they ever buy your offer or product? highly unlikable. so it also depends on the quality of these emails and the quality of the seller, depending on if they're legit enough. so if you plan on doing solo ads, just know that it's really hard to find a really good seller that that provides good emails. and not only that. if you're a beginner, don't do solo ads. it's not worth it. you're just pretty much pouring your money down into the drain if you're doing solo ads and you don't know what to look for. so i hope you found this valuable. if you enjoyed this session, please leave a comment down below. if you're interested in building your own affiliate marketing business online, make sure you click on the link down below in the description and you'll get to opt into a free 4-day video training series where where we'll dive deeper in depth on affiliate marketing and how it can benefit you in the future. so be sure to click on that in the description below- down below- and i'll see you on the other side. thank you for joining me in this session. i hope you learned some valuable tips and tricks to begin your affiliate marketing career. if you want to find out more about doing affiliate marketing the right way, consider subscribing to the channel, like the video if you liked it, and hit the bell icon to be notified when i upload a new video. for more tips, be sure to subscribe into my email list and get the 8 step affiliate marketing mastery guide for free, and i'll see you on the other side.

Solo Ad Traffic | How To Get Consistent Buyers FAST With Solo Ads

hey, hey, hey, what's up guys? john from john mcneilcom here and i'm back with another quick video and i'm actually about to set up a traffic order for a client and i wanted to just shoot this little video, guys, and not to toot my own horn, but just really to show you some of the quality of traffic that i'm sending to some of my clients. so i just logged into my, my forms here i have some different type things that i do. so i have 50 off traffic, which is my starter packages. i have my regular solo ads and i have paper lead traffic as well. so this partikular person actually bought a. the starter package is their first time buying with me and, as you can see here, uh, this guy- his name is karem, he actually, uh, basically made a payment like a day ago and he got the 50 off, you know, to get a hundred clicks, and he says, you know, hey, you know, send me. this is his link here and i want to kind of show you guys the results. so if i actually go back, first of all, you can see that you know, this was a day ago and then he just ordered another package 13 hours ago. you can see he ordered another one here. and then when i click in here, he actually left me some comments down here and he says: brother john, i got 72 subscribers in two cells on my previous solo ad run. here are the two sales that came in. and then, right there, he actually kind of shows the cell: you receive an affiliate commission for 96.48 for this news pro fix, pro sale- i don't know what that is. and then you received an affiliate commission for 22.98 from a sale of the this unlimited profits edition, something he says: thank you, karim. so again, guys, he spent thirty four dollars, right. so this is kind of crazy and this doesn't happen for everybody, but i mean he spent thirty four dollars, you know, getting my little starter package fifty percent off. i'm running these specials for you guys because i'm a new solo ad vendor and i want you guys to test it out, i want you guys to trust me and i want you guys to see that i deliver good quality traffic. but i mean, if you total that, that's about 120 here, and he spent 34 dollars. i mean the guy like three and a half times his return on investment, almost four times his return on investment on a hundred clicks, right, so if, if that doesn't end, he got 72 subscribers that he can. actually he's building his list and he can mail these folks. so again, you know the proof is in the pudding. like the guy placed the order. you can see it here. you know, yesterday i ran it, it was all good and then 13 hours ago he was like: give me some more of that traffic, john. he was like: i like that traffic by john um because it's creating some sales and it's creating some subscribers. so this is john from johnmcnielcom. if you guys want to try out uh my traffic, i might have a link in the description. you guys can get started with the starter package as well, test it out and then if you um like the traffic, obviously you can always get more. but if you have any questions about uh the traffic, you can definitely shoot me an email. it'll be on the page and i love to uh service you guys and do the best i can to bring you more leads and sales for your business. this is john from john mcnielcom. seeing the next one, peace.


Udimi Solo Ads Tutorial 2023: How To Make BIG MONEY With Solo Ads!

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Stop Buying Solo Ads | Why Solo Ads Don't Work

stop running solo ads, just quit now. [Music]. all right, guys. so it's going to jump right into this video and we're going to be toking about why solo ads don't work, while a lot of affiliate marketers are not getting results with solo ads. and, basically, if you aren't getting results and you're not doing the things that i'm going to be showing you here in this video, you should quit doing solo ads. you should never do solo ads again. um, and that's really because you're not doing this stuff that i'm going to be explaining in this video and you're going to fail because you have to do this stuff. so, for people that don't know what a solo ad really, briefly, i'm going to explain it. so, basically, that's when you have your funnel, your product or service, you want to try to sell it. you can go over to uh traffic networks like udemy or traffic for me, and you can find people that already have a mass, huge list that are in your niche and affiliate marketing niche, make money online, nice health niche, uh, whatever niche you're in, you can find solo ad vendors that will actually send your offer to their list and the idea is that they send your offer, you build your list and you make money. now, for the majority people that are doing solo ads, they do not make money, um, because they're doing it all wrong and they're not doing what i'm going to be explaining to you here in this video. but if solo ass did not work, if solo ads was a scam, you wouldn't even have networks like udemy and traffic for me, and i can attest that there are some affiliate marketers that base their entire business around solo ads. right, i can actually show you resources and some training below from people that are doing multiple six figures a year and all they use is solo ads. their whole business is so last. so there is a method to the madness and, um, there is a way to actually make solas profitable, and that's we're going to be toking about now. so in this affiliate illustration, i'm going to be toking about selling blueberries as an affiliate. so if i wanted to sell blueberries as an affiliate, how would i go about doing that? if i'm going to use solo ads as a method, now, what you first have to do is you have to create some interest for the product. so, i mean, i may know, people may know about blueberries, and you have to really get into the, the mind of the people that are receiving your offer, right. so, um, they they don't know who you are. um, they're just getting some sort of offer, some sort of free information about, like, they should be buying blueberries, right, and so they may know what blueberries are, they may have some sort of idea that blueberries can be good for them, but they don't know all the information. so what you have to do, as the person selling the product or creating the funnel, is you have to create the interest for the product, and the way you do that is you communicate the benefits right. so this is where email marketing comes into play and this is where it separates, basically, the people that make money and the people that don't make money is because most people just put their squeeze page up. they try to sell a product. sometimes they make a couple sales here and there, sometimes they don't, but they fail to communicate the benefits. so if you're able to effectively communicate why you're selling that product, why you're selling that service- because i may know about the product, i may know about the service, but i may not know everything about it to really make me make an informed decision on why i want to actually purchase that product. so you have to really become a master at communicating the benefits, and you don't have to know everything about the product to communicate the benefits, because usually that information is given to you by the product owner, right, all you have to do is basically copy and paste and set everything up in a structured manner. so how do you actually communicate those benefits? you do that through email marketing. so essentially, i'm promoting my squeeze page to somebody that has a nutritional list. i'm trying to sell these blueberries and what i'm doing is i'm creating interest via my email. so maybe i made a couple sales on that front end where they initially sent the offer, but maybe i didn't. so now what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna start email marketing these people, the leads that i've got on my list, and i'm gonna try to generate more interest for that product. and this is how i communicate the benefits. so in email one, i may tok about like blueberries can fight signs of aging. so these are things that people may not have known about blueberries. so you made like, oh, blueberries are good, you put it in pie, but did you know that blueberries can help you fight the aging process? so that could be like email one. then i can hit them with email. two: the next day and i can say: hey, did you know that blueberries may help prevent heart disease? now the people are like, wow, man, i just thought blueberries were just good in pie in my ice cream, but it helps me with aging. it also helped me me fight heart disease. blueberries is starting to sound really good. then i hit him with email. three: blueberries may help you improve your brain function and memory. now you're like man, i could really use that. you know i'm forgetting things. it helped me with brain function. everyone needs that day. four: email goes out: blueberries may help lower your risk of cancer. this is something that no one wants to have in terms of a disease. email five: i can be sending out information on how blueberries can help aid in digestion. you know a lot of people have uh issues with digesting their food, so this is also a great benefit. so i can have a whole email or artikle around this, and these could be emails, these could be artikles. i could put these in the form of blog posts, however you wanted to do it. email six goes out: blueberries, can you know, help improve your vision. and as i'm giving out all of these information about the benefits of blueberries, guys. so we're on like email six, so this is day six of the email campaign. i'm always sending them back to that initial sales page where they can actually purchase the blueberries. so as i'm telling about, like, how it helps improve- uh, you know- aging and how i can help reduce cancer, help aid with digestion and improve your vision, i'm also saying, hey, if you want to get access to these blueberries, click the link, you know, go to this website and you can go ahead and make your purchase. and then, on my final email, so say: i've done a seven day email campaign, we've toked about blueberries this whole week- and you hear all the benefits, kind of give a summation of all the benefits. and then i can say, hey, today only blueberries are on sale at this website. so i can say, hey, now, today, um, you know, we've toked about all these great benefits. now, you know, today, only for the next 24 hours, i actually have access to give you a discount of 20 discount or 30 discount if you purchase the blueberries today from this website, right? so i hope this kind of made sense, guys. so this is how you can actually start generating money with solo ads and the way we did, that is, we actually communicated the benefits. so we started off with just the product and you know we had to create that interest and we did that through email marketing and we did email one, email two, email three, email four. now, mind you, throughout all of these days you may start having people purchase because you may just hit a trigger button for somebody that says, okay, i just need blueberries to help me aid my digestion, so i'm gonna just buy. so throughout this whole seven day series you can have buyers. but the the more you send your emails out, the more that you're following up and giving these benefits, the more buyers you're gonna have. and then, definitely on day seven, you should have the most buyers because now you're running a sale, right, so you're running a sale, you're giving a discount and it could be the same price as it's always been, but you're just bringing more attention to it to say, hey, buy these bluebe.

Solo Ads For Dummies

welcome back to the list building lifestyle. I'm your host, Igor K Fitz. now I'd like to apologize in advance about this episode because the audio quality is pretty terrible, but the quality of the content is really, really high and that's why I couldn't pass on it. I I really had to share it with you because, even though this episode was recorded a couple of years ago, it's still super highly relevant today because in it, I discuss solo ads. I'm being interviewed by a good friend of mine, Anthony Morrison. um, him and his brother Adrian are pretty big out there online. they have lots of different membership sites and products and offers. they're both super Affiliates, um and and they're like pretty big. in fact, Anthony Morrison was, I you know, a guru way before I was. so in this interview, um Anthony is actually grilling me about the ins and outs of what are Solo ads and how to use solo ads to build an email list very quickly. so if you're not using solo ads right now in your online business, you will find this episode extremely valuable. so again, I do apologize about the audio quality. it's pretty, pretty terrible. we did everything we could um. um, I got a. a great guy name is um Irfan. he's on my team. he's doing all the podcast production for us and you know this is the best he could do. that means you. you can't really do much more than that. so, again, audio is pretty terrible, but please make an effort, because the content is really high quality. so go ahead and enjoy. [Music]- foreign Lifestyle: the podcast for anyone who wants to build a wildly profitable email list, working from home. if you'd like to make six figures, travel the world and help people improve their lives in the process, this podcast is for you. I also invite you to claim a free copy of my best sling book, The List building lifestyle: confessions of an email millionaire, at igor'sbookcom. get the free book plus three thousand dollar bonus package that includes my best capture page templates, email swipe files and traffic blueprints. visit wwwigorsbookcom for details. and now it's time to claim your list building lifestyle. [Applause]- foreign [Music]. [Applause] here. and excited to share an awesome training, which is: how can I get consistent traffic? how can I get traffic that's going to convert? I'm going to get traffic that, uh, that's that's going to convert into sales for me, whatever costs that make sense for me, right where I'm spending less than I'm making and we've- we've gone through all types of of marketing channels. right, there's social media, uh, which we'll tok a little bit about. there's Google and Yahoo and the whole search engine type of traffic, and then there's this other traffic Source, uh, called solo ads. and if you've taken some of my other trainings or if you've joined me on my weekly success connections and you know that we've toked about civil ads, what they are, how they work and really why they are so effective, especially for people with interesting to start or people that want a specific, consistent amount of traffic on a weekly basis. and so what I wanted to do is bring an expert on solo ads uh into our course here and asking some tough questions and and really try to help you to better understand why so ads worked so well, some some mistakes that you can make and how to avoid them when you're getting started, and then how you can really scale your business using uh, using solo ads. so if you're one of my good friends here, that has been uh giving solo ads for quite some time. so, uh, obviously, man, I appreciate you, uh, you taking some time out to do this training with me. you know I'm good at Silhouettes, right, I don't by any means think I'm the expert at solo ads, uh, but I I started seeing a lot of your- your name, pop it up- people toking about: I got these for me or I got this. this happened where I got this. so, after me going to did well and I did well, development finally, just like, hey, I'd like to tok to him. and so we uh, we hooked up, we started toking and uh, and, and I'm so excited that you're able to uh to share some of your insights in the solo app, because I think you would agree, uh, with me and with telling our students that they work really well for a lot of people. yes, absolutely, and you know, I really appreciate the opportunity as well, because, as much as I love solos and the simple as they are, we're going to be chatting about this. uh, you mentioned it's one of the easiest ways for a beginner to get started online, especially if they have a good offer right that they can funnel that traffic too. uh, so there is, there are some things you need to know before you start with Silhouettes to increase your chances of success. and, um, you know I'm I'm happy to share these, uh with everyone listening. uh, now and into the future. uh, because once you again. like you said, once you solve that, I wouldn't call it a, I'm gonna call it a challenge. it's more like an ongoing demand needs, like you know, you need, yes, for your car, you need food for your stomach and you need traffic for your business, like you always need that. but once you solve this, this one thing, everything gets so much easier, because there's really two types of people in mind: the ones who know how to get traffic when they got an offer to promote and they always seem to make money. there's nothing seems to stifle them, and if one offer doesn't work for them, all they have to do just switch the offer, kind of move on to the next thing. um. and there's people who can't get traffic, and so it doesn't matter what tools you give them- the offers they want to promote or the business they want to run- they're always stumble into the same wall that keeps them away from success, and that is how do I get more weeks? so this is exactly what this call is all about. one thing that I mentioned earlier- and this is for everybody that's brand new to buying, you know, buying solo ads. what are some of the mistakes that first time buyers make? that, that that you can help my students to avoid? okay, uh, that's a good question, because most people just kind of ask a big General questioning: or how do I become a millionaire? right, they are not concerned about the detail. but when you approach solo ads and when you have to play with your own money, uh, things are real, like you have your own skin in the game. so some of the common mistakes I'm seeing again just off the top of my head would be: first off, people aren't even aware of the fact that when they drive traffic, they get lots of fake leads. so that's a big issue and for that partikular reason, you know, I've been somebody who spends as much as 120- 150 000 per month on solos as a traffic Source. um, you know, I I found out eventually- is that there was a big portion of my of my Leach flow that wasn't even real. so I was paying for leads that were getting on my email list and opted into my capture pages that simply did not exist, for whatever reason. sometimes it'd be a real email that uh, just gets disabled. sometimes it's a fake email because the person doesn't want to give me their email. other times it's a specifically designed spam trap that hurts your deliverability. so what I've had done, because I haven't found a solution to it- eventually I developed my own solution, um, and I coded the software- we called it verify shark, and I'm now giving to all of my clients for free when they want traffic with us, um, and, of course, Ambassador members and your clients will not be an exception to this. so, uh, it protects you from fake leads. so, in other words, uh, anywhere between 10 and 30 percent of traffic that you would otherwise get unprotected would be fake, and you're just basically paying for that stuff and you're not able to make a profit with these leads. or these are not even real people, um, now, simply, those cannot get on your list because the software blocks them. so that's one thing. lots of fake leads out there, and most people who get into solo ads are simply not equipped with the knowledge and the tools to block them. the second thing I'm seeing is a lot of people are driving traffic without building their list. i

Should You Buy Solo Ads? I Wouldn't Touch Them And Here's Why...

hey, what's going on, Aaron Chen here, I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to tok a little bit about traffic today and why you shouldn't buy solo ads, right? if you online and you're generating, you know, any type of seeds to your business, you know that this might be an interesting video for you, right? so over the last I guess you know nine years that I've been online- a big part of that time with me on, you know, buying solo traffic, basically, right, and and I found- and it took me a really, really long time to figure out- you know what I was doing wrong in my business and you know if you bought any sort of solo traffic before, then you probably know what I'm alluding to, right? but basically, you know, solo traffic is probably one of the worst types of traffic that you can get out there. I've spent over- I would say yeah, over- twenty thousand dollars- easy 1 solo ads. right, twenty thousand dollars. I mean, very few people can spend that much money on on solo traffic, right? but yeah, I've done that. ok, then I can say, you know, hand on heart, that for me it didn't work at all. you know I generated lots of traffic. you know I've had, you know five hundred three days, but those 500 leads don't really convert the sales, right? I mean, what's the point of having 20,000 leads in your Aweber account or get response account if you can convert them or create a positive ROI, right as the most important thing, return on investment, okay. and if you have 20 pounds of jeans but those keys are opening your emails and they're not listening to you, then what is the point of having them in your autoresponder? absolutely none, right. and the problem is solo ad, that everybody toks about it. you know, whenever you get a training course, or you know you, you, you know you're toking to some, you know guru on a webinar, whatever, all they tok about is little hands, right, they say: it'll go to this solo ad, then I'll go to that. so we're sort of by the solo ad and you know that that's what people do. and people do it because it's so easy, right? you don't actually have to generate any scenes yourself. all your producers go to a solo ad seller. you tell them how many cooks you want, maybe you want to firmly clicks and maybe they charge you $800 or $1000 for those clicks, right, and then you buy it. sometimes all of these guys even set it up for you. you don't even have to do it yourself. they'll set up your capture page and give them your code. they'll generate, you know, the traffic for you. and then you get amazing opt-ins where your opt-ins might be like 50% or 40% and you're like, oh my god, I just generated, you know, 800 leads, or I just generated 500 leads. I'm going to be rich, right, that's what you're thinking, because that's basically what happens. that's exactly what happens when you buy solo ads. right, it's really, really misleading. and then people, you know they'll give feedback to the Solarize seller. they'll be like: all this solo- I thought it was amazing- I got 50% opt-ins. I've never seen those sort of updates before. and then what happens? nothing, nothing happens. that's the thing, nothing happens. and then you don't generate a. still, maybe you get lucky, generate one too. but the problem is is that in your sales funnel, the sale might be 50 bucks, 400 bucks. so you make, let's just say, a hundred bucks. right, you make a hundred bucks, but that's all add costed you 800 bucks. so how much money did you make? well then, actually, you're down $700, right, but here's what happened. so after that you say, okay, well, you know, maybe there's something wrong with you know that solo ad right and they're very well, they're very well. could be something wrong with that solo and maybe it's not the the right solo ad vendor for your offer, right? or maybe you're thinking, okay, maybe there was something wrong with my capture page, you know, maybe I could have generated a high conversion rate. maybe 50% wasn't enough. maybe if I got more leads- 60 or 70%- then I would have made more sales, right? or you might be thinking: maybe I didn't follow up with my leads enough, I didn't build a relationship with them, so maybe that's why they didn't buy right. or maybe your sales funnel wasn't that good to begin with and maybe that's why you didn't convert people. so look, there's so many reasons why a solo ad Rock didn't work. but another reason could be that that solo ad set up was selling you fake clicks. have you ever thought of that? probably not right, because nobody ever told you that most of the solo ad sell is out there in internet land are selling junk. a lot of them, actually, I don't- I hate seeing this word because I just I just hate seeing it. but some of them could be scammers, right, some of them are. I'm actually not selling real traffic. okay, now don't get me wrong, but are so low. and sellers out there that are selling real clips, right, real people, and the sort of ads you know, the Solal traffic is quite good, right, but for the most part- I would say 80% of them or more- are just selling you junk. right, a lot of them are bought clicks, so that's why it looks like a lot of them opting in because, yeah, there is somebody helping in. it's just not a real human being. if the robot, okay, and they click on it, they opt-in. if nothing ever happens because of people that swapped in are not real people, okay, so you're not, you're not following up with anyone. you're following up with a robot that's not going to buy your stuff, unfortunately, right, and then- and that's just kind of you know the reality- with with solo ads, This is what happens when you buy solo ads, okay, and so this is basically what happened to me over the last, I would say, seven or eight years. okay, I just kept going back to solo ads, I kept spending a lot of money on it because I thought, hey, you know, if all these gurus and all these coaches are toking about solo ads, then you know it's probably just me or I'm not following up well enough with my leads, or you know, I got to get my my, my, my capture page conversion rates up. or you know there's something wrong with my sales funnel, right, I never actually thought that there was anything wrong with the traffic source, okay, and so I proceeded to spend lots and lots of money- sorry, I just gotta pay for this, this toll. I've spent, you know, over 20 grand easy on solo ads. I mean, that's a lot of money, you know, over seven years or so, right, and? and I kept falling into that trap and a lot of people fall into that trap because it's easy, right, and you can get a lot of traffic faster. you know, people tok about it all the time and, honestly, it's so easy to buy so low traffic. literally, I can throw a stone and I would hit like five solo ad sellers. okay, virtually, I'll throw my virtual stone and I'll hit five solo ad sellers and they all hang out on Facebook and you know, I can rattle off by 20 names for you if you wanted. today, even all these are, they make it very easy, right, and even subtle ad marketplaces, you know, like, like, what's it called? I kind of remember the amount, but there are a couple of big ones, right way, you think you can just sort of go on and and you can buy. so you know, if you have money today you can buy tomorrow. the other problem is that is that, because you can buy fairly big packages, what tends to happen- and this is what happened to me and maybe you can relate if you about saw that before, right- is that you can spend a thousand bucks or two thousand, three thousand, five thousand dollars on solo traffic. you can buy all the subtle ads you know, get a shitload of traffic in one go and then you don't do anything for the rest of the month. that's actually what happens to a lot of people. that's what I did. right, I would spend a thousand dollars on solo ads and in my country- because I'm from Malaysia, right, a thousand dollars is 4,500 ring it in my currency now, 4,500 ring it. most people don't even make that kind of money here. okay, that you know you need to be working for probably at least three, four, five years before you're even earning four and a half thousand ringgit. okay, most people don't have that kind of money. so you know, for me to spend a th.