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cadbury site bollywood star aigenerated ads

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Story behind Cadbury Dairy Milk Iconic Ad | "Kuch Khas hai" | Marketing Case Study

“Kuchch khaas hai hum sabhi mein,  Kuchch baat hai hum sabhi mein  ,...Kya swaad hai zindagi mein.” These few lines immortalized the Cadbury ad  ,and also hugely impacted the  Indian advertising industry.  ,In the early 1990s, India was changing rapidly, multinational companies were coming to India,  ,while Cable TV channels were  also gaining popularity.  ,However, at that time, sales of Cadbury  Chocolate were slowing down. Hence to  ,increase their sales it was decided to  target adults, rather than only kids.  ,A while ago, Amul had also  tried targeting adults,  ,with its “I am too old, I am too young" campaign,  ,but the ad failed to achieve its motive. Advertisements are meant to sell a product  ,or a concept, however, the most  ,difficult & successful form of advertising is when an advertiser changes the perception  ,of the audience, changes how the  audience actually sees your product.  ,To achieve Cadbury's brief, the ad agency  Ogilvy, which was then called O & M,  ,came up with a simple concept, that  ‘There is a child in each one of us’.  ,And based on this concept, in 1994  their first ad was released,  ,The ad showed an elderly man blowing  bubbles, another one playing with his dog,  ,a woman in a saree playing hopscotch, and many  others doing little things which made them happy.  ,The ad ended with the tagline, “Asli Swaad  Zindagi Ka” or the Real taste of Life.  ,This advertisement successfully  broke many ad rules.  ,For example, till that time almost all  Indian chocolate ads were made in English,  ,while this ad was specifically made in Hindi.  ,Also, most of the earlier ad jingles had the brand name in them,  ,let it be Maggie or Hamara Bajaj.  ,But this ad even broke that formula, as  the jingle was just about life itself..  ,Moreover, this campaign is a great  lesson for indirect marketing,  ,the ad did not make the product the hero, it, however, focused on people from different  ,backgrounds, and age groups and  connected their feeling of Joy.  ,And in a subtle way linked Cadbury chocolate  with that emotion of Joy and Happiness.  ,This ad was loved by the viewers. And soon another ad was released,  ,which was partly inspired by some  real life events on a cricket field.  ,The new ad featured a young girl wearing  a vibrant dress, eating Cadbury chocolate  ,and watching a cricket match. While most of  the crowd is formally dressed and appears  ,quite dull. As the jingle starts playing the  batsman, scores the winning run, and the dull  ,crowd cheers in a subdued way, but the young  girl is elated and she runs past security to  ,perform a celebratory dance, as Kya Swad hai  Zindagi main is played in the background.  ,The Cadbury girl’s euphoric dance,  was shown in a stark contrast to those  ,formally dressed people sitting in the stands. The carefree girl breaking the tradition of  ,a cricket match and expressing Joy and  Happiness, resonated with the audience  ,as it also symbolized '90s India, which was also changing from its past.  ,These ads worked, because they were  a success in connecting core emotions  ,like joy and happiness with the brand, and were also able to achieve the most  ,difficult task of changing the perception of the  audience that Chocolates are not just for kids,  ,but also for adults, as there  is a child in each one of us.  ,Connecting these simple human emotions with the  brand made the Cadbury ad campaign truly iconic.  ,So this is the end, Do share  your views about the ad campaign,  ,I am Navin and thanks for watching TheFilmyCut.

DeepFake and AI will together fool EVERYONE

this is Young Simon cole performing in,America's Got Talent in front of Simon,cole because this is deep fake and this,is a deep fake of Ukraine's president,falada mazelinski asking his soldiers to,surrender,one is entertaining while the other is,alarming about the dangers of deep fake,these are the two faces of deep fake,due to the term fake the phrase deep,fake evokes a negative feeling,companies like metaphysic are doing,everything they can to dispel the,misconceptions about deep fakes in the,public eye,this is what they did on America's Got,turns,there are many practikal applications,for deep fakes across a wide range of,sectors for instance news outlets May,publish news 24 hours a day seven days a,week without the actual reporter present,by using a deep fake of their own,reporter,they may reduce studio and labor costs,saving the business a great deal of time,and money,the news anchor Kim Juha from the Korean,television network mbn was deep faked,for viewers,the news reader would be a fake as the,channel had previously informed viewers,and Kim Joo has still employed,however mbn stated that it intended to,keep using the deet fake for some,breaking news reports,and deep frame a the South Korean,company that created the Deep fake has,stated that it is looking for media,buyers in China and the US which has,some people worried that news readers,may become obsolete,a tiktok account solely dedicated to,Tom Cruise deep fakes has been created,as a result of how far deep fakes have,advanced in recent years,videos of Crews doing everything,including washing his hands and playing,golf as well as doing magic tricks are,available online,the same firm that produced a convincing,imitation of Simon Cowell metaphysic,make this,there are many potential uses of deep,fakes in the film industry,you may bring a deceased actor or,actress back,it is debatable for an ethical,standpoint,however if we then consider ethics it's,quite doable and simple,also it is probably far less expensive,than alternative choices,deep fakes enabled translated films that,feature the original actors since they,can modify footage and duplicate voices,the voices resemble the original cast,members,and critikally the lip motions even,match the words at it with the help of,positive deep fakes we can thus better,exchange ideas movies and other creative,works on a global scale even those with,tighter finances,this should increase the variety of,entertainment and content we consume,in other words deep fakes can overcome,language barriers and increase the,accessibility of content,deep fakes aren't just found in videos,a rapidly expanding field with a vast,array of uses is deep fake audio,deep learning algorithms can now create,realistik audio deep fakes with just a,few hours of audio of the person whose,voice has been replicated,once a model of a voice is created that,person can be made to say anything,thanks to deep fake audio programmers,may now allow gamer characters to say,anything in game rather than depending,on a small number of lines that were,produced before the game was released,some people use this tiknology to,commit financial fraud data breaches,phishing scams automated misinformation,attacks and the spread of misleading,information from sources that are,normally trustworthy,critiks also point out the risks of,utilizing deed fakes to further a,politikal agenda such as by creating,credible fake news,politikians have also employed deep fake,videos,in 2018 a Belgian politikal party made,public a video showing Donald Trump,pressing Belgium to leave the Paris,climate Accord in a speech,Trump never gave that speech however it,was a deep fake,it can be used to scam people by using,the identities of popular people,and there is enough data on social media,to identify a certain influencer or,celebrity,there are thousands of photos and videos,online which can be used as training,data to create frauds in the name of,authentik people this is some of the,reasons why the Ali Community is afraid,of making deep faking available to,everyone regardless of their background,just like AI image generators,just like deep fakes AI image generators,can be used for illegal activities as,platforms like Dali become hyper,realistik and look genuine,on GitHub a lot of deep fake software,may be discovered,deed fake production is legal because,some of these apps are only used for,pure entertainment but other apps are,much more likely to be used maliciously,many experts predict that as tiknology,advances deep fakes will become much,more sophistikated and pose more,substantial hazards to the public in the,form of electoral meddling politikal,unrest and increased criminal activity,while deep fakes will only get more,realistik with time as tikniques,improve we're not wholly defenseless,when it comes to countering them,deep fake detection tikniques are being,developed by several businesses some of,which are startups for instance sensity,has created a platform for deep fake,identification that works like an,antivirus and notifies users through,email when they are watching something,that contains the telltale signs of AI,generated fake media,the Deep learning tikniques employed by,sensity to detect fake videos are the,same tikniques used to create deep,fakes,deep fake is being used by certain,well-known Brands to produce advertising,that is distinctive and may appeal to a,variety of consumers,Cadbury collaborated with Bollywood star,Shahrukh Khan on a marketing Initiative,for covid-19 affected small businesses,in India,owners of businesses provided,information about their establishments,and Cadbury employed the Deep fake,tiknology to simulate Mr Khan endorsing,them in targeted advertisements,a similar initiative by Lays earlier in,2021 saw the creation of a website,called messy messages,where fans could input their names to,receive personalized messages from the,legendary footballer,deep fake is being used by Brands to,reduce the cost of their video,advertisements,deep fake campaigns make it easier for,companies to enter foreign markets,stretch their marketing budgets and,provide audiences with Hyper,personalized content at the touch of a,button,and in five to seven years any,individual such as a YouTuber or tik,toker will be able to produce the same,quality of visual effects that are,currently only available to the most,well-resourced Hollywood Studios,if you watch this far then a like And,subscribe will be heartwarming thank you

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▶ Best Creative Tata Sky Daily Recharge Full Ad Collection

le spese non ce lo venga troppo pane,fresco vita da spiegati gli dice di no,no,utilizzato su youtube launcher e g8,forma di cemento pari a barre e domenica,fu un giovane fondi,mio nome viene scelto un amico,ai tool in a day oggi i commi per quindi,di solito solo lo sapete cosa è la morte,ma se si a tallinn hupac carron a 27,anni almeno in un bel sì perché gli,stranamore ei future della moda carona,g6 concreta ok papac in un museo,www la stranezza,siro sex appeal a vigata,elogi ai canoni loro top come la rampa,the sun è padrona giro di accordi per i,giochi,oggi mirano mano ai no ai loro tesi,vedi quelli sì così dino per domani,ai,out e amica era miluna eni ha curato,nelle che non so se mi accorsi che,appena ip il rito,who are the park cultury band aid santa,iscritti vince le variabili di window,tenga in germany caldi e valido,su twitter ok,si vede che oggi ap chiesa ma anche list,come samuel aquilana non delle carte,sposato lombardi bundle olic lo oggi ma,lui la cina valeriana dico che giorni,nei suk e ma palmia to bagagli ma lui e,shampoo ai miei,c'è la canta soggetti ai milu amato cane,arcieri quel popolo music inn a treviso,8 mar,tu e di mileto cucine e tenere ben sei,binari giusti nyathi qualche nome di,cedimento poté tokca il bis chi sono i,politiki che ne,vai dove mi sono giustamente a torino,ho dette,agilità e ciò che anche se è matematiko,viaggio 2000 chi bar bar vuol dire,bagnati se ne stanno in chiaro che,marangon,audit,a roma,vai,7,quito,tutti,io,i bulbi,diritto,vado via,stanca nostre ieri,chiedo,cosa faccia,ciao don feliciani batman,melo,ho dette al riparo che parava,tutti,peccato,merito mio,ma dov'era,chiede,ho dette paghe gode certo tanto,spiegabili di cestino,e canora soli,immensi il piccolo video,il primo esistere planning,ciao tu,medica esempi sauditi destiniamo,dell'inizio all,agi call call fini e ai 3,faccio cose batteria,lo champagne ciao scusa,ho dette velivolo skipper,tutti illesi,dieta vegana,mi ritorni a,vado,tu a game è sì ma tenendo sedicesimi,vedo camper a dominio nato qui madri,maiolo che ho visto ma tom welling che,si beh sì ci sia smiling,dimmi l'ing,marco belli da gas dai verdi grigia che,sentivi deco così ho incaricato dal,thank you for watching the sky news

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Cadbury Gorilla Ad | Why it worked | Classic Creatives

today we are looking at cadbury,not only just cadbury we're looking at,the cadbury gorilla gorilla,roll it,[Music],hi,[Music],oh,[Music],hello,[Music],oh,[Music],oh,[Music],[Music],two big reasons why well three big,reasons why one,you have to go back to the time so,looking at this commercial today,you're like oh it's just a funny little,quip you gotta remember when this was,done,funny little quip commercials weren't,popular they weren't the norm,now everyone and their mother just has,funny dude dancing,bird on the shoulder we're having a good,old time hey,that's so normal that now if we saw,gorilla play the drums we go,cool that would it wouldn't even garner,a like back in the day,when advertising was at when this came,out it was very much more specific,especially in the uk and here it was,more like bunnings ads here's what we,got here's what we're gonna do,so when this comes out boom i've already,got your attention it's a prediction,break it's really cool two they,they use their branding at the front end,and the back end so you immediately know,where we were coming in,we knew where we were going out and the,purple behind it only exists to one,brand,it's cadbury so you you never forgot,what it was you were watching,three they did the classic memory hijack,we all love the phil collins song i,don't know that there's a human being,alive who doesn't air drum,that solo so they know you've got a deep,memory for this thing,all they've got to do is weasel their,way in and build an association,close enough to that drum solo that,every time you hear it from now on,you're going to think of that damn,gorilla and anytime you think of that,damn gorilla you're going to think of,that damn cadbury,you already they don't need to build a,deep memory for you they picked a memory,they know you got,and they weaseled their way in and they,just plump themselves next to it,and now just like a spider web whenever,you access phil collins,and it starts to spread out and activate,all the associations,in this comes so it was just it was a,timely,spot-on smart move that i think actually,changed a lot of advertising after this,i think that's the kind of thing that,leads to a lot of the silliness we see,now is oh it works so well here,it must work now when we do it over here,but the fundamental thing a lot of,brands are missing now is they,they don't have that memory hijack,they're literally just doing silliness,to get attention,rather than associating to either,anything that you can leverage so,you know phil collins consistently comes,out in the top 100 of all time,songs you know yeah the the association,with it is phenomenal and,you literally go through it and for me,the real gold was actually in the,execution,because this could have gone horribly,wrong as well but,the gorilla itself looks like a drummer,the gorilla you musicianist,that's like a racist for musicians looks,like a drummer how dare you,it not only looked like but it had the,emotion you could feel the emotion and,the,and it matched the emotion of the song,do you know,so you didn't know they did a very good,reveal you didn't know what the hell,they were doing for the first 10 minutes,or 10 seconds like okay and that was,kind of the ultimate wasn't just the,gorilla,there we just like what is it doing,what's happening it built the suspense,do you know what i mean you're just like,what is it i know the song that's very,familiar but what i'm seeing now is very,unfamiliar,what's going so got attention it's,holding attention it held attention for,quite a period of time yeah yeah and,then all of a sudden it breaks out into,that drum solo that,everyone knows but at the execution of,the drum solo and it was interesting i,had to dig into,to find out about the character which,was actually a primate,um that's actually his job is as a,primate imitator,but he's also a musician and he spent,three days,just practiking how to it was a,guitarist by,trade yeah so we actually had to learn,how to play the drums and spent three,days learning how to,play the drums precisely to to imitate,what a drummer would actually do,but then also bring the primate,characteristiks to the whole,so for me it was it was that's that was,kind of the beauty of the idea was there,but the execution was so seamless that,you actually,formed this real bond and you you just,fell in love,with the gorilla as well because you're,like he's a boss and i like,you

Digital Ads Make a Quantum Leap with AI

に愛とは何かまぁ,難しい先生これ自制的な処理を機会に行わせるのが ai みたいなそうです,cani,狙いバーボンの中では意思決定の自動化閉じこもっん,すごいに実感期間で大量短くとしない的な場合になっていたそれができないのでそれを,まあ,移動がすることで初めてできるんです,大きな事業機会だと考えないです,これらを自分たちの中でやれる,体制をとることでその偉いという巨大な産業に向き合って取り組んでに,[拍手],[音楽],パス広告は利益部をまあ,セットをしてそれがずっと配信されるということが基本的なものになると思います,けれどもデジタルを置くに関しては広告を個別に配信していけるため大量の広告を作る,ということが必要になってきます,またそれらの効果を見てさらに運用してくれるを書いていくということが可能になる,ためより大量に作る技術が必要なてぃ大きい恐竜ユーザーの興味や属性に合わせて配信,することはターゲティングと呼ばれるレジたる広告が高い方法を上げる,10,ようなポイントになりますデジタル報告はソーシャルメディアの普及により一つの,クリエイティブ論,寿命が短くなってきています,最近ではブランド報告が増えてきており論はや cg などよりリッチな表現が求め,られるようになっています,デジタル広告の課題はクオリティの高い広告を大量に作る必要があることです,例えば20部のユーザーが存在すれば1億の広告表現があり得るわけですよ,これをすべてデザイナーやプランナーが手作業で作ることは現実的ではありません,サイバーエージェントでは広告リールを制作配信する過程で ai を活用してこの,課題の解決を目指しています,[音楽],広告クリエイティブの生成に関する井口開発では動画,いやーあの画像それからテキストっていうような報告の表現物の製作ですね,ゴリ化するような急開発型のております,大量の広告表現のデータをですね,分析しましてその後から特に広告効果が高そうな表現要素というものを好きに自動的に,抽出します,でその抽出した登録広告効果の高そうな洋食系の温度を再現するような形で自動的に,表現を生成する,ai の研究からふふふ,例えばバーヌーそく多いかあるいはウードゥーサティ様々なバリエーション1ん,というような作業を手助けする技術を開発しております,テキスト広告の制作においての ai を用いた政策の支援というのを行っております,膨大な検索キーワードに対し例えばなんですが,関連性の高いアーティスト広告文というものを複数 ai を使って提示するという,ような自動先生の子ステムを社内で運用しています,すでにこのシステムに入って車内の広告分8チームでは例えば,クリックれっ子だったりコンバージョン率というような数字を押し上げるというような,実績が売られております,東京工業大学岡崎教諭と報告キャッチコピーの分析と自動生成に関する研究をもって,取り組み始めております,過去に制作した面白い言い分というもの配慮にデータとして集めまして,ってこのデータを分析して面白い要素というのを抽出したうえで新たに ai を使っ,て面白いコピー部分の自動的に作る取り組みも始めている,voodoo,グーざーに対して広告が出るということが詰まった時に,度も広告クリエイティブお礼だろうかという意思決定の問題があります,このようなんですねクリエイティブ選択の問題を自動化しようということで記念では,いえ技術が頻繁に導入されています,ユーザー1人1人の情報君取りながら何が良いのかというのが考えずと洗濯をすると,いったことが理想的な皮脂けって言ったんでいるんです,まあそういった理想的な意思決定を行うような ai 技術っていうのがいわゆるパン,で鬼太郎色々というものが,はい,従来ではですね実験を行ってでそれによって良いものを見つけて配信するということが,行われていました,しかしですね ai 技術を利用することによって実験をしながら,べく良いものを配信するということが可能になってきています,それによって無駄実験をあずき結果的には広告のクリック数を増やすことができてい,ます,これまで個別に存在していたサイバーエージェントテクノロジーと古いティ部が現在,絶妙なバランスで相乗効果を発揮するようになりました,規模と耐性を持つ航空会社なかなか他にはありません,本部さらに加速しているデジタル化お店,テクノロジーやクリエイティブを積極的に取り入れる,世界に通用するインターネット僕の未来をつけていきます,[音楽]

How are digital avatars useful for your organization?

apple's recent privacy update in ios,14.5 and facebook's focus on the,metaverse has got the entire world,moving towards users owning and,controlling their data with this move,cookies are becoming a thing of the past,and user data tracking is becoming very,difficult but how do these changes,affect your brand with these changes,brands have seen a drop in roi using,targeted ads this has led to brands,discovering a new way of marketing that,is by communicating with the audience,through hyper personalized videos these,videos can be sent directly to the,recipient through any preferred,communication platform in this medium of,marketing is unlocked by digital avatars,using this strategy brands have,generated massive growth in sales and,overall revenue hi my name is shivam and,i am the co-founder of phrase ai and,this is my digital avatar in this video,let's understand digital avatars and,what they can do for your brand,a personalized video message to every,individual can be challenging and time,consuming your company's representative,will have to manually mention every,individual's name which means an,activity like this can only be executed,for a limited number of people as it is,humanly impossible to create millions of,hyper personalized videos this is where,a digital avatar can be a game changer,at rephrase ai a digital avatar is a,clone or a digital version of an,individual that we create using ai to,create a digital avatar an individual's,face and voice are cloned to create a,photorealistik digital avatar of them,click the i button to know how we create,digital avatars at rephrase ai digital,avatars enable brands to send hyper,personalized video messages of brand,ambassadors brand representatives and,cxos to millions of customers or,employees at one curve brands have,leveraged these digital avatars to drive,massive roi here's how you can,revolutionize marketing efforts for your,brand and bring stronger roi with the,digital avatars created by the phrase ai,let your ads perform better with hyper,local personalization a digital avatar,of your company's brand ambassador can,be used to create hyper personalized,video messages for marketing campaigns,for cadbury we created a digital avatar,of their brand ambassador so that he,could endorse hundreds of local stores,across the country as part of their,diwali campaign,[Music],fashion,[Music],this campaign delivered 22 higher vtr,and 18 higher ctr and a total of 105 000,users logged on to not just the cadbury,ad.com to create their own version of,the ad cadbury celebrations recorded a,29 growth in sales compared to last year,send personalized wishes to your,employees your company cxo can,communicate with employees and various,stakeholders using hyper personalized,videos and make them feel valued and,appreciated for titan beer we created a,digital avatar of their ceo ijoy chalice,so that he could personally wish his,internal and external stakeholders are,happy to volley through a personalized,video hi christy hi snehal,hi couple,it seems like only yesterday that mia,was born,this means that employees across all,titan mere outlets in india including,store managers sales representatives,retail outlet personnel and internal,sales team receive the personalized,video greeting on diwali accelerate your,customer journey using customized,interactions one of the huge challenges,in e-commerce is card abandonment many,customers abandon their cart due to,queries or they just forget to place the,order a digital avatar of your company's,brand ambassador can be used to,personally remind your potential,customers to complete their purchases,the cool leverage to phrase is,tiknology in the most innovative way,and sent personalized videos to everyone,who abandoned their card every time a,customer dropped off a personalized,video of the brand ambassador was sent,to them on whatsapp asking them if they,need any assistance in the checkout,process the video also reminded them to,come back and buy the products that they,added to their cart this encouraged,purchase completion and increased the,purchase rates and conversions in this,manner with the help of rephrase ai the,course sends video messages to its,customers instead of a standard email,reminding them to complete their,purchase hi shivam,i'm sure you love our biko products but,i notiked that you added some products,to your cart but didn't buy them i,totally get it sometimes you're about to,click buy and you remember something and,leave but let me know if you need any,assistance with the product information,or at the checkout take care engage,personally with your retailers and,distributors building a good,relationship with your company's,retailers and distributors is crucial,every other brand does this by sending,gift hampers vouchers and more the,phrase ai gives you an opportunity to,build an unforgettable relationship by,sending personal greetings to your,retailers and distributors using your,cxo's digital avatar for castrol power,one ultimate rephrase ai created a,digital avatar of their brand ambassador,which was used to send personalized,diwali wishes to all their stakeholders,this meant that all mechanics and,dealers who promote and distribute,castrol's products across india received,a personalized video message on diwali,improve your customers purchase and,after sales experience a digital avatar,of your company's brand ambassador can,be strategically placed at every touch,point of your customers journey you can,send a personalized welcome or a thank,you message a video to assist the,customer in the purchase or after sales,journey a video to communicate offers,and more for white hat junior rephrase,ai created a digital avatar of their,brand ambassador which was used to send,hyper personalized messages to the,parents and children at multiple touch,points the digital avatar could also,mention the course every kid signed up,for,hi ramesh when kids learn a new skill it,really helps build their confidence,anishkam,great that you have signed up for a free,trial class on whitehat junior,don't forget to join at 12 pm on,saturday i am sure you will have a great,time and get to learn something new,white hat junior solved 45 increase in,conversions and achieved a significant,increase in trial class attendance,across different courses white had,junior confirmed that a,hyper-personalized message from a,celebrity not only gave a push to the,child but also the parent as they saw a,difference in the platform sign ups and,a shift in attitude towards attending,trial classes in addition to this,rephrase eyes digital avatars are also,capable of generating long form content,to produce a good quality video we need,to ensure the lighting is perfect the,right camera gear is in use at least two,people are present to assist the entire,shoot and much more with rephrase ai,your company's digital avatar can be,used to create any long-form video,content by just uploading a script you,can create training videos how-to or,explainer videos your digital avatar can,do it all for example this is my digital,avatar toking to you in this youtube,video these are a few ways in which,brands leverage their marketing efforts,by using the digital avatars created by,rephrase ai thank you for watching this,video