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california man accused shopify data

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

Make $1000/Day With Shopify WITHOUT SALES (2022)

What’s going on guys, Matthew Sabia here.,In this video I’m going to show you exactly how I used to make $300 to $1000 a day with,Shopify without driving any traffic or sales.,Now.,I know that sounds pretty crazy, but if you stik with me for the next couple of minutes,I’m going to show you exactly how it’s done and give you the exact blueprint and,the exact templates that I used and you guys are going to be set to go.,But before we do that, please click the like button down below this video.,As always let me know if you have any questions at all in the comments down below.,I try to reply to every single one.,And click the little notification bell next to the subscribe button.,I’m running these polls every week to find out what videos you guys want to see on this,channel.,So.,If you want to partikipate and give me an idea of what you guys want to see, make sure,you turn that on.,So, without further ado let’s hop right into the video.,So the business model is essentially this…,You’re going to be building and selling what are called starter sites.,Start sites are pre-built Shopify websites.,So you know, you find a niche, you put a logo on there, design a nice looking website, add,50 to 100 products through something like Oberlo.,But here’s where the real value comes in.,You’re also going to be setting up Instagram profiles for every one of your clients.,So instead of just getting a website, you’re basicity giving them a pre-packaged business,that they can start growing, driving traffic and making money form right away.,So I have videos on my YouTube channel on how to grow Instagram profiles if you guys,want to check that out.,Or you can just have it all set up, post some niche related photos and you also want to,build a Facebook page for them.,It’s very simple, you know, Facebook.com/CreatePage or whatever it is.,Set up a Facebook page, connect it to the store so they can start running ads if they,want on Facebook right away.,So you’re building these pre-packaged plug-and-play businesses that want-to-be entrepreneurs can,take and run right form the get go.,Now I taught this one girl how to do this, she used to be a personal trainer and she,does this full time now so you guys can use this as a great side hustle just to make some,extra income to sublimest what you’re already doing or make a full time business out of,it.,She actually made $3000 her first week with only a handful of websites.,Now, no it’s not exactly typical, but if you guys want you can actually get upwards,of $1000 for these websites if you add thousands of products, design really beautiful websites,,really grow their social media profiles, do some social media marketing you can really,push how much you can sell these for.,If you guys look, in my email I still have all the receipts form the Shopify Exchange,showing that I would get these $1000 sales over and over again.,So without further ado, let’s hop onto my computer, I’m going to show you how to find,a niche, how to set up the quick websites, some examples of other websites that I would,sell and after that we’re also going to go over how and where to list these websites,to get some sales.,So let’s hop onto my computer, and let’s get started.,Okay, so here we are on my computer let’s go ahead and get started.,So I’m just going to open up my browser right here and I want you guys to head over,to ExchangeMarketplace.com.,This will take you to the main Shopify Exchange website where you can view other listings,,buy and sell websites and this is the main platform you’re going to be using.,I recommend you guys start here because just like selling something on eBay, the best way,to see what’s already working and what people are wanting to buy is looking at other sold,listings.,Now before we do that you can actually head up here to browse, go to industry and you,can just browse through the starter stores section.,There are the type of websites that you guys are going to be selling so you can get an,idea of what other people are actively listing, but if you go back up here to browse you can,also look at the sold stores.,This is the best place in my opinion to see the type of niches that other people are interested,in, what they’re buying and then you can try to reverse engineer this for yourself.,So you can go into these listings here and like I said in the first part of the video,,the thing I like about the Shopify Exchange vs something like Flippa or classified listings,is these numbers are pretty damn accurate.,Now yes, there are some ways to game the system, but it’s very, very hard on the Exchange,because it’s directly integrated with your Shopify store.,The website is run by Shopify themselves.,So, EveryThingAGirlWants.com let’s go ahead an check that out.,You can see it’s like a fashion, jewelry type store and there’s some beauty stuff,on here it looks like.,So that’s pretty interesting let’s go back here and you usually just want to browse,through a couple of these and get a good idea of what people are looking for.,So if you guys look here, a common thing we’re starting to see is this fashion, beauty, women’s,niche kind of stuff like that.,That’s usually a pretty popular and succesful niche.,It’s pretty easy to sell because they’re usual impulse buys which I always recommend,you guys look for.,Here’s another one.,It looks like it’s in the same niche.,MotherOfClothes.com.,It looks like a maternity clothing type website, that’s also a big niche.,So going through the sold listings is one of the best ways to find different niche ideas,because these are websites that people have already paid money for.,Now another great place you can look is a website called ,Thieve.,Now if you guys so a lot of drop shipping stuff you’ve probably seen this before.,I wouldn't necessarily recommend using a simple tool like this to find products yourself,,but it is a great way to find different trending products which is what you want to aim for.,So if we just look down here we can look through these different categories on the left hand,side, see if anything stiks out to us.,One thing I kind of like in partikular is this cool kind of vintage coin necklace.,Maybe the seller has other similar ones like this and you can build like a whole website,around these and try and go off of like that partikular trend.,They have gold and silver ones.,What I would look for is if they have different type of coin necklaces.,If they have some stuff like that maybe you really have a winner on your hands or if not,,even if they just have something that’s very similar.,So if we go into necklaces here.,Yeah they do.,These are all very similar products do you guys can really build a little brand for a,website around this one partikular seller on AliExpress.,Another great niche I think a lot of people are really underutilizing, I’m going to,use my partner Adam Young’s website here as an example, this is a website he runs,,MyCosplayHero.com.,We really just started to ramp this up and helping him put this together and this website,right here sells different cosplay items.,This is a very big niche that people spend a decent amount of money on.,It’s a pretty simple website, we have a really nice logo here, but it is very effective,we’re already starting to make a decent amount of sales every month with free traffic,and this would be a prime example of a starter site that you guys could throw together within,a couple of hours.,You can go on Oberlo which we’ll get into in a moment, add a bunch of these products,in here, design a quick logo, also something we’re going to go over and you guys can,flip this website for an easy $300 to $500 on the Exchange.,Another reason you guys are going to get such a great profit for these website is what I,recommend doing is packaging social media accounts with the websites.,For an example.,For this website here we put together this little Instagram account and got it up to,around a thousand followers, we post different niche related images, product i

FOX 11 investigates: L.A. retailer accused of selling counterfeit brand name merchandise

about confrontational employees time,angry customers,I spent $500 on this jacket and it,turned out to be fake all leading to a,fox 11 investigation that gets heated,located in the Fairfax District of Los,Angeles old school is known for its high,price high fashion designer Street wear,like adidas Chanel Gucci Yeezy and a,myriad thanks brother but some customers,we toked to say there's a catch,countless people have been ripped off,it's it's not just like myself,everything there is fake that's right,fake old school has an F rating with the,Better Business Bureau and it's Yelp,page is full of complaints from angry,customers angry because they say they,didn't know they were paying big bucks,for cheap knockoffs with fake labels we,went undercover,so box 11 could investigate for,ourselves is it cruel our investigative,team found old school selling these,Micah mirik jeans for five hundred and,ninety-five dollars that's about half,off of retail price but still a big,chunk of cash they are extremely popular,and worn by celebrities like Justin,Bieber but the company that makes the,gene says this pair is counterfeit and,not allowed to be sold here Klein was,very upset,attorney sasha fred represents at lea,fashion company they own the Amiri,trademark last year they sued old school,in federal court for trademark,infringement and counterfeiting they,were selling knock-off fake merchandise,a legal document Fox 11 obtained shows,old school paid a cash settlement and,signed this Agreement in June 2017,saying they would never sell the,counterfeit Amiri jeans again but our,undercover video shows old school is,back at it again Wow,I've got him dead to rights just a,blatant forgery I'm gonna have to do,something about it and take him down,old school has also attracted the,attention of law enforcement video,posted online purports to show the LA,County Sheriff's Department raiding the,business last May according to search,warrants obtained by Fox 11 during that,raid deputies recovered more than 1500,name items with the retail value of more,than 1 million dollars in that store we,recovered a lot of a significant amount,of counterfeit property deputy James,Crawford served that search warrant he's,with the LA County Sheriff's,Department's counterfeit enforcement,unit and he says his resources are,stretched thin there is so much,counterfeiting out there we have two,ports here that are very very large,there's over 30,000 containers coming in,a day and you don't have a lot of,resources to search every container more,search warrants reveal LAPD raided old,school on November 17th recovering,hundreds of counterfeit items from,brands like Gucci Chanel st. Laurent and,Versace big price tags authentik-looking,labels all fake,honestly old school is an absolute joke,popular street wear vlogger Paul Fuente,Bella has tens of thousands of followers,on his YouTube channel and one of his,most viewed videos is actually from,inside of old school that's when he,bought a fear of God bomber jacket for,500 bucks was a deal he thought sounded,too good to be true and now he's,convinced that jacket is a phony the,first thing that pops out to me,personally is the fact it says third,collection this specific jacket is a,fourth collection piece,deputy Crawford says counterfeiters are,getting bolder and smarter but there are,things you can look for when spotting a,fake stitching spelling of words labels,not placed correctly,sometimes they're crooked or sometimes,are not even the right spot so we wanted,to give old school a chance to respond,to all of these allegations we went to,speak to the owner a man named Alex,Ashanti and his Alex here the guard said,he didn't want to be on camera and told,us to leave but just moments later the,guard and another employee approached us,yo journalism degree come on bro you at,the bottom of the totem pole right now,you planning on gig for this,it means nothing moments later I,reiterate that we are there to tok to,the owner of old school we're here to,tok to Alex not you but right after he,says that Alex walks into view of our,cameras before he notikes us right there,he puts his hood up and walks out of the,back of the store the employees then,shut off the lights and closed the store,down for the evening several weeks later,our investigative team went back with,security,we showed old schools neighbors to,search warrants detailing allegations of,the fake merchandise that's crazy,you know I'm gonna give them the benefit,of the doubt and say that you know maybe,was just a mishap but I'm sure they'll,get to the bottom of it you know but our,haircuts are not fake the same security,guard from old school saw our cameras,and approached our team again but this,time someone else got involved got a,cookie pipe in your hand bro a man who,seems to know the guard targeted our,producer which brings us back to the,confrontation you saw at the top of our,story when security had to get involved,you better watch your mouth,nobody was hurt and the situation,settled down but it was a bizarre ending,to our month-long investigation into a,store accused of blatantly ripping,people off I will never shop there again,and if you ever walk by don't go there,we will go out for them until they're,they're stopped or they're in jail or,they completely just stop selling,counterfeit goods and we've learned that,the owners of old school Alex and Farhad,Achadjian are both wanted men tonight,these are felony arrest warrants that,LASD has just filed a little over one,week ago charging both of these men with,felony counterfeiting the DA's office,has already signed off on these charges,and once the acog gains are taken into,custody they're gonna be facing up to,three years in prison if they're,convicted guys Wow yeah now that store,looks exclusive a popular area popular,for tourists very Paul is it still open,unfortunately it is still open so we,actually swung by last week just to kind,of see what's going on still up and,running these guys though it appears,they might be on the run they weren't,there the owners Alex the guy I saw,pulling his hood up but what we did,notike was those Amiri jeans,that we showed you guys in the story,they're still out there they're still,selling on $100 raisin and they're,they're so good the counterfeit is I,mean you really have to have an eye to,notike that sort of thing good thing you,had security with you when you went back,to you and you know what you got to feel,for LASD because they're so out man when,it comes to this stuff they're a,five-man unit they're counterfeit and,piracy team a five-man unit serving all,of LA County millions of people you,heard him tok about the port's 30,000,containers coming in between both of,them every single day they can't,possibly search all those and they're,telling us a lot of these counterfeit,clothes are coming in from warehouses in,China India Pakistan and they're just,really out gunned at the moment but they,have filed this case and they're looking,to arrest both of these guys so people,know they're buying a knockoff but in,this case you say people have no idea,they have no idea they're going in there,thinking they're buying the hot stuff,it's not that Justin Bieber's worrying,that's why they're dropping you know up,to 600 bucks on it if they thought they,were buying something they know is a,knockoff they're gonna pay a little bit,cheaper but they think this stuff is,legit and some of it looks legit but,like Paul was mentioning you got to,notike those little details it says,third collection fourth clay to give you,gave me an opportunity yeah,hopefully we're shining a light on it,and people can make their own decisions,I'm gluten I was a great story thank you,appreciate it other

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How To Find Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores And Copy Them To Make Millions (With Examples)

hey what's up guys its online mine 24/7,and today we're gonna be toking about,how to find successful Shopify stores,and copy them so today we're gonna be,going through a website you can utilize,to look and find the top-selling stores,on Shopify so in a second here I'm gonna,hop over that website and we will get,started are you guys we're on the,website the website is called,my IP dot m/s everything will be linked,down in the description as well so you,can go ahead and easily find these sites,for yourself and so my IP dot ms this is,the website you go ahead click that link,type that in and then what you're gonna,also need is this code right here so,this is the IP address of Shopify Inc,the actual Shopify location in Canada in,Ottawa that is whether or not Ottawa,Ontario,well it's Ottawa Ontario that's the,place that they're located in so you're,gonna need their IP address their IP,address is 23.2 27.3 8.0 so once you,have that copied you're gonna just paste,that in here at the top for the search,bar this is going to essentially take,you straight to their IP address and so,as you can see this is their location,Shopify is the IP own or Shopify Inc and,now what we're gonna do then is click on,other site other sites on IP right here,this button and that is going to take us,to the list of all of the top stores on,the Shopify IP address so as you can see,here they're listed from number one all,the way to 51,000 is on here on their,website so they have tons and tons of,stores obviously so first off just,looking at the top 15 the first ones,colour-pop then fashion Nova all birds,Jim shark I'm sure a lot of these you,guys are probably recognizing then it's,the the P Hut the PI Hut jeffree star,cosmetiks then you have movement watches,shop logan paul fifty fifty bottles MN l,ml King ice city social maverick by,Logan Paul shop KC nice tat,red dress boutique bow but just going,through these you can see that like,three or four of them are just youtuber,shops you know like a lot of these are,people influencers that are selling,their own products and they're like the,top Shopify stores but even above that,you know you have color pop and,Jenova then you have Jim shark so,fitness and beauty are definitely some,of the top things as well as influencer,brands as you could see with like Logan,Paul won or them or the Maverick so the,Maverick merch or the shop logan paul,comm or even the kc nice that one down,here at the bottom so as you can see,these are the top Shopify stores and on,here you can then see what they're doing,and what might be successful so if we,look at the number one site on Shopify,colour-pop so we could just click this,go to website button and it brings up,this pop up here with the actual web,site so you can utilize the types of,things that they are doing that makes,them a good store so as you can see they,have an email pop-up with a $5 off thing,for putting in your email address and,you can see the certain types of tactiks,that the top stores are utilizing so as,you can see color pop definitely you can,see why there's such a great stories,because they're utilizing that beauty,niche and they're selling products that,people really want for a very cheap,price in comparison to other brands,might sell them for higher prices so you,can see how they're doing their store,you can look at their layouts and just,their overall what they're doing on,their store another thing you can also,do which I'll have that down in the,description box as well is you can if,some sites it's not easy to actually,access their bestseller list like it is,on colour-pop and you're gonna have to,copy and paste in the collection slash,best sellers so you can see all you have,to do is copy in that and it'll take you,to their bestseller list so if we go,ahead and copy this over here to another,tab so you can go ahead and paste this,in it's a collection slash all question,marks sort by best selling that will be,down in the description box as well if,you do want to utilize this where you,can sort it by best selling and then it,will sort the website because like I,said not every website is as easy to,find the bestseller list like colour-pop,some sites have it more or less hidden,so you can't see their bestsellers but,as you can see their bestsellers are,this shadow palette this I set and this,other powder shadow so you can just look,through and see what are some of the,best sellers on their site now obviously,color,is like the number one sight it's very,hard to try and replicate what they're,doing so you can actually look up stores,within a specific niche as well so not,only can you just look up the top 15,stores and see what they're doing and,what what why they're succeeding what,are some of the tactiks they're using,and if you come down here to the right,on the view all records you can actually,see all the stores you know not just the,top 15 it will list them all out now if,you're looking for a specific niche say,for example you're in the dog niche you,could just type in dog into the title to,find all the different types of dog,websites this would work also for the,beauty niche for any niche you know even,even the soccer you know you type soccer,into the there you're gonna find a bunch,of different soccer stores that have,that in their name so as you can see,East Coast soccer shop you have TNT,soccer shop Pele soccer soccer store,online so you can see all the different,stores that have that in their URL and,it's and you know most stores that are,selling a certain type of product are,gonna have the name in their URL and so,you be able to find those sores within,your niche so so say for example we were,doing dog niche okay you could just go,ahead and search that on here like I,said all you had to do to find this page,was just click on the view all button at,the bottom right on the first page and,so you can find like bird dogs you have,spotted dog company baked for your dogs,so let's go ahead and click on one of,these let's go on dog paw Polycom as you,can see they have two thousand nine,hundred and eighty visitors per day now,if they were even just to convert five,percent of those people you know you can,see how some of these stores are making,quite a bit of money okay,on this list because they're the top the,top visited stores through this tracker,here so if they had two thousand nine,hundred and eighty visitors okay let's,pull up the calculator they had two,thousand nine hundred and eighty,visitors and they converted let's just,say five percent of those people and,this is per day right so one hundred and,forty nine let's say they made twenty,dollars per hour per cart that's two,thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars,per per day right I know it's the exact,is the,but you know you $20 5% of that times 20,and then you multiply that by seven for,seven days a week you know that's,$20,000 a week right there,but if they make $20 a perv it per five,percent of the visitors or maybe even if,they did if they did more than that,maybe they made $30 per visitor okay,say for example they're a higher-end,brand right 2,980,and then we multiply that by point zero,five so five percent and then we,multiply that number 149 converted,people so five percent of that times $30,four thousand four hundred and seventy,dollars a day okay times seven it's a,lot of money all right that's just per,per week and if we multiply that by four,per month it's one hundred twenty-five,thousand dollars a month if they're,converting that many people okay now,obviously they may not be converting,that many people they might be getting a,lot of non conversion but still that's,crazy for them on it you know the amount,of visitors they have so let's actually,go to their website so we're gonna go to,the website dog Polycom here as you can,see it pulls up dog lovers apparel and,jewelry says you'd see they sell a bunch,of different products here and a lot of,these products you could easily find,these on Aliexpress these are straight,up dr

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How To Charge Taxes On Your Shopify Store | Easy Method

how do you charge sales tax on your,shopify store how do you pay your sales,tax,and all that stiky stuff coming up in,today's video,hello hello and welcome back to the,channel if you're new here,and we don't know each other you've,never met me my name is carrie i'm the,founder of shirt school,and i created this channel to bring you,the best strategy secrets and hacks,to grow your online t-shirt apparel or,print-on-demand business,and in today's video we're once again,toking about my favorite thing in the,world,taxes if you're anything like me taxes,just give you a headache,and they're just constantly frustrating,and it just feels like i'm always paying,taxes so,taxes really stink but luckily today,we're going to specifically be toking,about sales tax on your shopify store,and i'm going to show you the easiest,way that i've found to collect it and,actually pay it to your state and how,that all works,this is a question i get all the time,like gotta be one of the most asked,questions,is about sales tax and how to collect it,when to collect it and how to pay it,all that kind of stuff so hopefully,today i can bring some clarity to this,question,and help you out the first thing i want,you to know about sales tax,is that you only pay sales tax on sales,that you make inside,your state okay that's one of the,beauties that we have,being an online business is that we,don't just sell in our state locally we,sell,all over our country and maybe all over,the world,and we don't have to pay sales tax on,any sales outside of our state of,residence they call this sales tax,nucleus and so you have to pay taxes,in any state in the united states where,you have nucleus,now that basically means you just have,to have like an office or some kind of,residence there right so for most,online businesses especially small,businesses you're only going to have,that nucleus,in one state wherever your business is,located even if you're running from your,home,you're going to have to have a physical,address and so most likely for most of,you that's going to be,inside your state only to use amazon as,an example,amazon has fulfillment centers and,offices,all around the united states so amazon,has to charge taxes,in most states in the united states,that's why even though amazon might be,based in a certain place,they have since they have facilities all,over the u.s they have to pay sales,taxes on all the sales in those states,but luckily since we have a small online,business you most likely only have that,one location,and so you're only going to pay sales,tax on the sales that you make,inside your state of residence okay the,last thing i want to say and then we'll,get into the tutorial on actually how to,set this all up in shopify,is that i've said it a lot and it's,another question i get that's very,related,and i recommend that you don't get your,llc or your business licenses,before you actually have some sales,under your belt right i recommend that,you get started on shopify,without doing all of the the llc's and,business licenses and sales tax permits,go ahead and get a few sales under your,belt before you actually,get your business license and you start,paying your sales taxes,you want to make sure this is something,that you want to continue with so a lot,of people really stress out,when they're first starting and luckily,you don't need to stress because you can,actually,claim you know put your under your,social security number on your taxes you,can put your sales under there,you don't have to worry too much about,sales tax when you're just starting out,but once you have some sales and you,know that this is going to be,something long-term for you and that,you're going to stik with you want to,make sure you do,get your llc get your business license,get your sales tax permit,and you start paying that sales tax each,month if you are just starting out,you're brand new and you're watching,this video and you're like i don't have,my business license okay,i recommend that you go ahead and set up,sales tax in your shopify account so,that you are collecting it,but go ahead and just set it aside hold,on to it just in case you need to pay,those sales taxes later,that's what i recommend you don't,necessarily have to do that but even if,you don't have your business license i,would just turn it on,collect it put it aside maybe in a,separate account so that you're not,tempted to spend it,and just so you have it there in case,you need to come back and pay those,sales taxes,hey if you're getting value out of this,video smash that like button and also,make sure you subscribe,to the channel and hit that bell icon,when you subscribe,and hit the bell you're gonna get,notified each week when we put out,videos,now as much as i hate toking about,taxes,i know you love hearing about it so i,plan to put,out more videos related to this kind of,content so if you want to see that,make sure you subscribe back to the,video okay jumping into shopify inside,of uh,test account that i have here i want to,let you know setting up sales tax in,shopify,is actually a very simple process,a lot of people get really scared of how,to do this and it's it's actually pretty,simple so,all that you want to do is go to your,settings here and you're going to want,to go to,taxes right there right and so we have,uh some different options here you're,welcome to look through these and see if,you you want to use any of those options,what we're going to want to do here in,the united states we're going to want to,go right here and hit,setup okay now the great thing about,shopify is once you set this up,it's going to automatikally calculate,all the sales tax,for all the counties in your state and,it's just going to do all the hard work,for you,so you're going to hit this collect,sales tax button and you're going to,select your state of residence,and i will select oklahoma right here,and then we're going to simply hit,collect sales tax okay you don't have to,put in,your uh your actual sales tax id you can,go ahead and start collecting it without,that,and put that in later as you saw me do,there so,after you've done that that's it that's,all you have to do in,shopify so after this first step,your customer is going to have to pay,the additional sales tax,on any purchases that they make if they,are inside of your state,this is not a big deal if somebody if,you go down to the convenience store you,buy something you're going to expect to,pay sales tax,so here in oklahoma for instance if i,have somebody joe down the street that,buys something,from my store and he's in oklahoma and,i'm in oklahoma he's going to expect to,say pay sales tax,so once you've set this up your store is,already collecting sales tax you don't,have to do anything else on your shopify,store,to actually collect the money i do want,to make sure you understand,that shopify will not pay your sales,taxes for you,they are simply going to collect it from,the customer and give it to you,and it's just going to get lumped in,with the revenue that you're making and,you're collecting from your sales,so you're going to have to actually put,it aside and not,spend it so that you have the money,there to pay your sales tax,step number two you're going to want to,find where you pay,sales taxes inside of your state now,keep in mind,you only want to do this if you already,have your llc your business license and,your sales tax,permit okay you have to have that before,you can do this,so make sure you get your business,license get your sales tax permit,then you're going to want to find where,you pay taxes okay,here in oklahoma it's okay tap this is,the website i know most of you guys,aren't watching from oklahoma but just,to give you an idea of what this looks,like,now here in oklahoma we have to remit,our sales tax every single month,by the 20th of the month for the,previous month,so all you're going to want to do here,is simply get your uh your account set,up with,whatever whatever website for your st

ONE-DAY SHIPPING for SHOPIFY IN 2020: How to Use Shipbob for Shopify Store | Aliexpress Alternative

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Shopify sales tax setup for stress-free compliance | Walk-through guide

Hi, Shopify sellers. This is Kexin from LedgerGurus.,And today I'm gonna tok to you about sales tax settings in your Shopify store.,I know this is not the most exciting topic,,and it's just another admin task to add to your list. But trust me,,if you can set this up correctly,,then you are on a really good path to be compliant with sales tax,,and you don't have to pay much out of your pocket.,So before we dive into the content,,if you haven't done so please subscribe to our channel and hit that bell,,so when we get new videos published, you will get notified.,So at LedgerGurus,,we help so many e-commerce clients with their e-commerce accounting and journal,entries and transaction coding and bank reconciliations. But at the same time,,we also have a dedicated sales tax team that manage,everything that's relating to sales tax for these customers.,So I'm in Shopify all the time,,and I do these sales tax settings for my clients day in and day out.,So this is really my arena to share my experience with you guys. Please,comment if you have any questions and we'll be sure to get back to you,on those questions. So, today I'm gonna tok about two things.,The first is how does sales tax work with Shopify?,Who's collecting it? Is Shopify like Amazon?,And then the second part is I'm gonna walk you through the things you need to,make sure you finish setting up on your Shopify store to be sales tax,compliant. So to answer the first question,,we get lots of inquiries on,what's Shopify? How does Shopify deal with sales tax?,And the answer is Shopify is not like Amazon or Etsy or Walmart or another,marketplace facilitator,,where you can just hand over the responsibility to,them for, to collect and to remit tax to the different states.,If you are selling on Shopify,,every sale that goes through Shopify is your responsibility to collect,and remit sales tax. So Shopify's not gonna do it for you.,You have to do it yourself.,Shopify's not gonna turn on those settings for you automatikally.,You have to turn them on yourself.,So then let's tok about how to turn on those settings.,There are five things that,,over the years of my struggle with Shopify, that I've figured out.,So I hope that this is really helpful to you guys.,So,,the first thing is to enter the places you want Shopify to collect sales tax in.,So you would go to settings and you go to Taxes and then you go to US,store. And then that's where you can add all the states.,If you are one of the older Shopify users, you need to add a zip code.,If you are using the new interface, which I really like,,then you don't have to enter the zip code.,You just need to enter your sales tax license and then the,state. And, then sometimes it asks you which way of sourcing you want.,So we can tok about sourcing another time.,So that's the first thing is you need to tell Shopify where to collect tax.,The second thing is after step one, if you go back out of US,,if you go to settings and then taxes, if you scroll down,,so it's below all the different countries,,you can see a box that says automatikally calculate tax on shipping.,Some states charge shipping, some states don't.,So you would need to check this box, so,Shopify will calculate tax on shipping. And then for the states that you,know, are not taxing shipping,,you need to go in and add a tax override for shipping in that,specific state.,The third thing is you want to make sure all your taxable products are,collecting sales tax. So to do this,,you need to go to your products and go to each products. You,can edit each variant and then somewhere in the middle,,there's a box that says charge tax on this product.,You want to check that for the products you that are taxable,,some products are not taxable, for example, gift cards. Those are not taxable.,So you would not check the box for those products.,Then the fourth thing is you want to add all your locations in from where the,fulfillments are going through.,So your warehouses that are fulfilling these orders that are,sold through your Shopify store. So you would go to settings and locations.,And at all of those...The reason that this is important for sales tax is because,some states are origin sourcing. Some states are destination sourcing.,So depending on where the goods are shipped from,,if it's an intra-state, transaction,,meaning if it's shipped from the state to a customer in the same state versus,shipped from one state to another state,,the rates are very different and where to look for those rates are different.,So it's important to put the location of your warehouse there.,And the last thing is exempt customers. If you sell to,exempt entities, or if you sell to,like wholesalers that are gonna use your products for resale,,then those are all legitimate reasons to exempt sales tax for certain,customers.,And thus you would go to customers and you go edit this customer's information,and you check the box to say, this is an exempt customer.,And you can also give a reason on why this is exempt.,So to just summarize - five places, first,,you need to tell Shopify where to collect sales tax.,Then you need to configure shipping options. And then third,,you need to make sure your products are all collecting tax for the,taxable products. And fourth, you need to add locations of your warehouses.,And the last thing is to add information for your exempt customers.,Let me know if you have any questions,,feel free to leave comments and for sure to get back to them.,If you like this video, please like it.,Share it with your fellow Shopify users.,Hope you all have a good day and I'll see you soon. Bye.