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california man stealing shopify customer

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Import Existing Customers | Shopify How To

one of the vital steps when transferring,over to a new platform is importing and,exporting your existing data so today,I'm going to go over how you import your,existing customers into Shopify so one,of the things you're going to need to do,when you transfer it over to Shopify is,you're going to need to import all of,your customers so the way the Shopify,handles this is you can either do it,through the API or you can do it through,a CSV a comma separated value excel,sheet I'm gonna go over the comma,separated excel sheet right now just,because this is the easiest way to do it,and it's the most likely the way that,you're going to be importing your,customers so if we go over to our,dashboard and we're on our dashboard the,best thing to first do is go to,customers and then at the top you'll see,it come up and it'll say import and,export we want to export the customers,the reason we want to do this is because,we want to go and grab an Excel,spreadsheet that gives us a sample of,the columns that we're gonna need to,fill out for when we transfer it over,from another system so we're gonna,select export the current page because,there's only one customer in there,and they're running it CSV for Excel,numbers or other spreadsheet programs,we're gonna hit export it's gonna ask us,to download it and then we can go and,open it up in our editor so I'm gonna,open this up in Excel now once we've,opened it up in Excel we can now go and,look at the columns that are in there,I'm gonna add in some sample data so,that when we import it we can see how it,works,so the first thing I'm going to do is,bring under first name we're gonna go,John Smith we're gonna put an email of,John at smith.com the company is Smith,incorporated we're gonna go 1 2 3 4,Smith Street in Smithers British,Columbia provinces BC Canada country,code,CA so if you're doing stuff for the US,would be us all you can look up to digit,country codes so you know which ones,need to go in there the correct zip code,I'm just gonna use a sample zip code,here and if we're gonna use a phone,numbers,then eight hey dude does this person,accept marketing I say yes the total,spend the total orders if they have any,tags any notes and if they're tax exempt,then we can hit save I'm gonna ask us if,we would like to save it as of the,current CSV some features may be lost,because Excel contains information like,formatting and column widths and stuff,like that where CS keys don't contain,those information it's important to,understand the difference between safety,and an excel file and saving in a CSV,for the point of this upload it needs to,be in a CSV XLS file won't work,so when hit save it's now saved it we,know its customer export in parentheses,one and now we can go back over to our,customers and we can go import customers,we can choose our file,we could hit over at existing customers,if they have the same email or phone,number which we're going to do and then,we're gonna hit import it'll go through,its thing and import and then when we,refresh the page we should have John,Smith in there John Smith there we go,the reason it's overwritten the other,item is because I selected the same,phone number so let's go and change that,so that we have two phone numbers in,here so that they have different phone,numbers so we're gonna make this on,triple eight three hundred two seven,okay now we're gonna save that one there,yeah save we're gonna go import the,customers again,there we go import okay customer,imported now what we should do is we,should have two customers in there one,John Smith everyone Jodi Edgar and,that's how you go ahead and import a,customer's now it's important to,understand that all of your orders when,you get to importing orders are going to,look up the customer name by their email,address so when you import your,customers make sure that you import,their email address it's a required,field so you all need to have it while,you can port your customers into the,shopper dashboard thanks for stopping by,I hope this video was helpful don't,forget to Like subscribe hit the bell,button if that's something you're into,and we'll see you guys in the next one

STOP THIEVES! Stop People Copying Your Shopify Store (10 Second Fix)

protecting your Shopify store is,something that is overlooked by a lot of,people but is actually ridiculously,important and in this video I'm gonna,tell you two ways that you can secure,your Shopify store and prevent yourself,from having a bunch of unnecessary,competition hi guys welcome back I'm,Zack your favorite father and if you're,new to the channel learn all the secrets,of the e-commerce world simply by,subscribing to my channel and hitting,that little Bell icon so you don't miss,anything in this video I'm gonna tok,about how I secure my Shopify store and,prevent myself from having a bunch of,unnecessary competition I'm gonna tell,you what I mean as I go through this so,basically I'm sure you've seen it before,and I'm sure you've done this you go to,competitors websites on Shopify you look,at their best-selling products you look,at how they're laying everything out and,you just directly copy them and while,these tactiks will not stop people from,copying most of what you do they are,some good preventative measures that are,pretty easy to do and can really only,help you and there's really no drawbacks,to it so what I'm gonna be doing first,is I'm gonna tell you how to disable,people from finding your best-selling,products so basically what you can do is,you can put in this small little snippet,of code right here into the URL and what,this is gonna do is actually gonna bring,up your best-selling products and show,people you know what the highest selling,products are so you put this in here you,put on a website and you hit enter and,they're not secured you could see every,item of theirs that sells really really,well and then what people do is they,just copy that and then they start,selling it and boom you have some direct,competition and this is terrible,especially if you're the first person,selling an item and people start,catching on to it you could just,immediately start having a bunch of,competition because people are just,stealing it from you right but there is,a way to prevent people from seeing your,best selling products okay on this,website trendy Shack com actually does,this really really well so or they don't,do it really really well they just kind,of do it so we're gonna go ahead and,paste this in here and this should take,us to their best selling items but when,we hit enter it takes us to this page,nice try QT and it plays this little,thing,and it says nice try and I don't know,it's just a cute little thing to prevent,people from trying to copy their,best-selling products right and this is,actually super super easy to do all it,requires is a bit of code that you have,to copy into your code and I'll show you,that right now so once again this is,just preventing people from seeing your,best-selling products and the way to do,this I'm just gonna go to my 108 101,ecomcon website so there's no actual,products here but it's still going to,work when I try and go to the page so,you just want to go here and go to edit,code okay now what we're going to go,ahead and do is click on collection dot,liquid okay and basically you're gonna,have this snippet of code right here and,hope I'm gonna try and remember to put,it into the description just so you,could copy this but it's very very,simple it's just if the collection dot,sort so if you're sorting the collection,by best-selling it's gonna say this and,you can say whatever you want right here,I just say no copying me you bastard and,then else if anything else is happening,then we're gonna have the original code,that's already in here pasted right here,and then we're just ending right there,so very very simple so what we're gonna,do is just copy this entirely come over,here,we're gonna paste it at the top boom,we're gonna take all of this the script,and all we're gonna cut that go over,here go to the original code comment,right here and just paste it right over,top of that so that's it that's entirely,done now you are entirely protected,against people seeing your best-selling,items so we're gonna go ahead and hit,save and we're gonna actually go to our,one-on-one ecomes store so I'm just,going to go ahead and click on this bad,boy I'm gonna come back over here go,back to collections best-selling,boom bam bop and we'll go ahead and,search and then look at that instead of,showing my best selling products what it,does is it says says no copying me you,bastard,you could do a gif length there you,could do any you could do a picture you,could do whatever you want right there,but really this is just ridiculously,helpful and it takes all of about ten,seconds to do and it just entirely stops,people from looking at your best-selling,products my website actually gets,several people and consistently looking,at my best-selling products they get to,it through like a Shopify spy I think,it's Shopify comm any of those websites,they go to my website from and then they,try and look at my best selling products,and this is ridiculously helpful in,deterring those people from copying me,now they can't still look at all the,products I have my website they can copy,all that stuff but you know this does,not give them a definitive answer for,what I'm selling best so this is great,now I could stop here but there's one,other tool that you can use the trendy,Shack also uses and I think is really,nice and it's not going to directly,prevent people from copying you but it,is going to deter some people and make,it just a lot harder for them to do,right basically what this is is a,disable highlighting and right click app,I'm not sure which one they're using but,I did find one but basically as you can,see right here I'm trying to highlight,this text it's not letting me now you,can copy images so I don't think their,app does everything we're gonna go right,here I could right there before the app,loaded but when the app loads you can't,copy anything none of this is highlight,able you can't copy it you can copy the,pictures so this isn't the best app that,they're using but I did find this app on,the Shopify App Store and it's called,disable right-click now it is $4.99 a,month free to $4.99 a month but it's,free for only three days but what it,does is it just allows you to block,people from right clicking and copying,anything on your website now they can,the screenshot the page and then get,your product images that way they can,just type in your description but it's,going to make it a lot harder for people,to copy so they can just go,okay copy done um so this is their,sample website so you could see right,here I'm just going to go to this page,right here I'm trying to right-click on,the picture it's not letting me I'm,trying to highlight this it's not,letting me I cannot copy anything and,this is great in deterring people it's,nuts like I said before it's not going,to directly stop people from copying you,because once again they can just type,stuff in but it makes it a lot harder,and it may actually deter some people,from copying you so these are just two,very very simple ways that you can,protect your website and prevent people,from copying you because competition is,very very fierce out there and you want,to make sure that and you have as little,competition as possible because it's,absolutely great to not have competition,right you're the only one selling this,item especially if you have like a new,hot item to your customers and this is a,great way to prevent people from just,copying that so if you want to learn how,to make a profitable Shopify business I,have a link to my course down in the,description below I also have a link to,a free 14-day Shopify trial down there,hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed,what I said in how I said it check out,those videos over there if you want more,ideas for what to watch and I will see,you guys in my next video peace out

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Live PD: Layering Is Key (Season 4) | A&E

we're gonna call one of our local sports,store that a male and two females,possibly are involved in the theft that,they're concealing merchandise actually,trying to put it on and then walk out,the front door so we'll get there see we,can't locate him either still inside the,store or possibly even the vehicle and,get them stopped all right the other,three should be in the fitting room from,what we understand,one day step over here for me yep,suburban here take her over there,hey how are you today you can step over,here for me I'm gonna walk with her well,right over there yeah,we got three of the four detained the,fourth melts on the changing room I just,saw him put on another pair of jeans and,another pair with that so just observe,the another theft police farm and turn,around put your hands on your back we,drop it now you're not supp not good for,you got it good all right doesn't,require to to all the matters that,you're concealing it that's all statute,requires stand over take step here's his,phone,all right we're detained on the fourth,guys we're about to walk out this looks,like a old pair of Nikes to me looks,like you're wearing the new ones,looks like you wearing the new ones,pretty flawless we ended up having three,of the shoplifters we're actually in,changing rooms thankfully they came out,one at a time we got the first female,she came out we're able to pulled around,the corner so nobody else could hear was,going on what are you wearing,okay well that'd have to be restitution,which we're not taking pants off and,such that can be recovered at the jail,and impounded later but you're gonna,have to wear it for the time being did,you say are you going to jail yes if you,steal stuff you go to jail that's,generally how it works,got an orange shirt,another black shirt another black shirt,must be cold a white shirt,another white shirt another black shirt,and another where's your car Simba,all right weekend have you got a,sport-tuned stuff ready he started that,I'll grab my to pull it up,you got ten layers on there eighty,degrees out here so you know why you're,in custody obviously it's not and crime,a century but you are stealing okay I'm,not sure where you're gonna fall but had,to guess between the jeans and shirt you,maybe depend what kind of shirts there,you may be in the grand theft grand tip,for Florida's moved up a little bit it's,not 500 750 now but you know pfg stuff,if you got I don't this looked like a,church this little bit dirty but if you,got other pfg stuff you know those are,like 60 70 bucks a shirt anyway so what,it is are you a probation or supervised,release no where are you from why are,you here because I got all my stuff,stolen so you decided to come to steal,they don't got stores in Marianna pretty,sure they do everybody will be going to,jail tonight and hopefully it's a lesson,for everybody that they can't come to,Lincoln County and decide to steal stuff,just just because they don't like the,name brand clothes I have in Jackson,County,you

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Videos I Could Not Upload...

[مستر بيست] اليوم، سأتفاعل مع مقاطع الفيديو,التي لم أستطع تحميلها على هذه القناة.,مثل إحدى المرات، صدمنا سيارة تسير بسرعة 100 ميل في الساعة,في حائط.,فيديو آخر لم يتم تحميله,حيث بنينا مدينة من القلاع النطاطة.,كان هذا جنونيًا.,حاولنا أيضًا وضع أطول سلسلة "دومينو" في العالم،,زرنا عجائب الدنيا السبع،,وأكثر بكثير.,- أنا والأولاد سنتفاعل معها,وأخبركم فقط بالخطأ الذي حدث.,ما الفيديو الذي تريد التفاعل معه أولًا، "تشاندلر"؟,- سيارة بسرعه 100 ميل في الساعة مقابل الحائط.,- هذا جيد.,- ليست هناك قصة في هذا على الإطلاق.,قمنا فقط بربط كرة بولينج بسيارة,ثم اصطدمت ب...,- هجمة.,- انتظر، "كريس"، هل تريد أن ترى هجمتك في الحركة البطيئة؟,- أنا أريد. - لماذا؟,أنت سعيد جدًا.,- [مستر بيست] وفي حال كنت تتساءل،,نعم تم تصوير هذا في دورة مغلقة,بإشراف مهني،,بالتأكيد، لا تجرّب هذا في المنزل.,- كان هذا ممتع.,ماذا؟,انظروا إلى أي مدى يذهب.,- لا أتذكر حتى تصوير ذلك.,- إنه فقط مثل، "أنا أحب ورق التواليت.",- نعم، لأننا نستطيع تعديل الشاشة الخضراء.,اعتقدنا أنه سيكون من المضحك أن تصطدم بشاشة خضراء.,لا، لقد صدمنا سمكة قرش!,- لا، لقد أكلتنا سمكة قرش.,لا، لقد صدمنا "مورجز"!,- لا، انتظر.,أعلم أن "كريس" سوف يفزع.,"كريس" يحب هذه.,إذًا "كريس"، ماذا حدث هنا؟,- لديك خبز على هذه السيارة.,ولديك خبز على هذه السيارة.,اصطدما، يسببا انفجار، شطيرة.,انظر لهذا.,- لقد نجحت بالفعل.,- نوعًا ما، ذلك يُحسب. - هذا نجح نوعًا ما.,- بدلًا من جعل والديك يصنعان لك شطائر,فقط خذ سيارتين واصدمهما معًا.,وهذه هي الطريقة التي يمكنك بها القيام بذلك.,- استخدم سيارات والديك.,- وكذلك خذ بطاقتهم الائتمانية.,الآن، بعد كل تلك الفوضى، وصلنا أخيرًا للوقت,حيث صدمنا السيارة بسرعة 100 ميل في الساعة في الحائط.,رميت قالب على دواسة البنزين وانطلقت.,لا أحد في السيارة.,إنها منطلقة، إنها تتسلق.,المزيد والفيديو بأكمله حتى لقطة الكاميرا الضبابية.,وحين رأيت لقطة الكاميرا، عندها قلت،,"سنقوم بحذف ذلك فقط".,وهذا بالنسبة للسيارة بسرعة 100 ميل مقابل الحائط.,ولكن لا يتم إلغاء جميع مقاطع الفيديو بسبب أحداثها،,بعض مقاطع الفيديو، تتفكك حرفيًا.,ها هي لقطات كاميرا الأمن لمستودعنا.,ها هو ذا,هذه حفرة عملاقة من الغراء.,وما كنا سنفعله في النهاية هو,اخر من يخرج من الغراء يربح المال،,لكن حفرة الغراء لم تتماسك,وحرفيًا تحطمت.,وهذا مثير للسخرية,لأنك ستفكر في آلاف الأرطال من الصمغ,ستلتصق ببعضها البعض.,استغرق هذا حرفيًا أسابيع للتنظيف.,لم يكن الأمر ممتعًا.,الفيديو التالي الذي لم يتم تحميله,هو زيارةالعجائب السبع,في العالم.,ما فعلته هو أنني فاجأت جميع أصدقائي,بإجازات عشوائية إلى عجائب الدنيا.,ذهبت إلى أهرامات "مصر".,- نعم.,- وذهبت إلى...,- "ستونهنج".,- رأيت الكثير من الصخور. - لا، هذا سيئ.,نعم، كان الأمر فظيعًا.,- ذهب "غاريت" إلى "ماتشو بيتشو".,- ونحن هنا.,لماذا؟ لا أعرف، يا "جيمي".,- ذهب "ماركوس" إلى "جراند كانيون".,هيا بنا!,- وهكذا.,- لا. قف! - هذا كثير.,- "تشاندلر"، هيا.,- علينا الحصول على مقارنة. - نعم.,- هذا هو الشاب الذي تخبرك صديقتك أنه,لا داعي للقلق بشأنه.,- [رجل] أجل!,- هذا أنت. - نعم.,- لنبدأ معك "تشاندلر".,- هذا أنت. - نعم.,- في الأهرامات العظيمة.,- كنا في الأهرامات العظيمة.,كان هذا مرشدنا السياحي ذات قبعة المظلة.,كيف كانت الاهرامات؟,- لقد كانت...,- كبيرة؟ - نعم.,- ها أنت على عربة بأربع عجلات,- أخذني هذا الرجل إلى تلة هنا.,- يا إلهي! - نعم.,كنا نقوم بحركات بهلوانية، كان هذا ممتعًا جدًا.,- هنا "تاي" في شلالات "نياجرا".,أعتقد أنه كان يحاول التصرف كمراسل أخبار.,لقد مر وقت طويل منذ أن رأيت هذه اللقطات.,حسنًا، أين "كريس"؟,- إذا كنت تتساءل عن مكان وجود "كريس"...,- إنه على صخرة. - لأنه ذهب,إلى "ستونهنج" وليس هناك ما تفعله.,- انظروا، هناك صخور خلفنا.,- حرفيًا؟ - صخور فقط.,- وهل هي إحدى عجائب الدنيا؟,- أجل.,أتعجب لماذا هي عجيبة.,ربما لهذا السبب هو عجب.,- عجب العالم الذي ذهبت إليه,كان المدرج الروماني.,لكن عندما كنت أحلق هناك،,تركت الكاميرا عن طريق الخطأ على متن الطائرة,ولم أتمكن من العثور على متجر للكاميرات في "إيطاليا".,سأصدمكم بالتنهد يا رفاق.,تكلفة هذا الفيديو حوالي 90 ألف دولار،,ما بين تذاكر الطيران,الفنادق، الطعام،,كل هذه الأشياء، 90 ألف دولار.,ولأنني تركت كاميرتي على متن طائرة،,واتصلت بشركة الطيران، ولم يتمكنوا من العثور عليها.,لم تكن لديّ لقطاتي ولم نتمكن من تحميلها.,- والفيديو التالي الذي ألغيناه هو الدومينو.,حاولنا تصوير فيديو الدومينو هذا أربع مرات,وكل المرات الأربع لم تنجح.,دعوني أعرضها لكم.,أول مرة صورنا فيها هذا الفيديو،,جمعت كل الشباب في غرفة,وقلت لهم إن من يصنع,أروع لعبة دومينو غريبة الشكل يفوز بالمال.,لكن المشكلة أنهم جميعًا سيئون في وضع الـ"دومينو"،,ولم يكن ذلك رائعًا.,- لذلك منحتهم ثلاثة أيام لبناء الأشياء,وكل ما استطاعوا بناؤه هو عيون زاحف.,- ليس كل شيء! - على أي حال,- كان ذلك 7000 قطعة دومينو.,استغرق ذلك وقتًا طويلًا.,- نعم، كانت لديكم ثلاثة أيام.,ما هذا؟,- لذا في الأسبوع التالي حاولنا وضع,أطول سلسلة دومينو في العالم.,هذا هو وضعنا الدومينو.,وكنا أمواتًا,في محاولة لوضع أطول سلسلة دومينو على الإطلاق.,استمرت الريح في إسقاطها،,لذلك انتهى بنا الأمر بوضعهم على جوانبهم.,يبدو جيدًا على الورق،,كسر أطول سلسلة دومينو في العالم.,لكن ما أدركناه بسرعة أنه ممل كالهراء,مشاهدة الناس يضعون الدومينو لمدة 15 دقيقة.,كل هذه مقاطع الفيديو هذه منذ أشهر.,من الواضح أن أيًا من هذه ليست حديثة.,- ما هذا الفيديو؟ - لا أعرف.,هذه لقطة للخط.,بعد يوم طويل جدًا، هذه هى كل قطع الدومينو.,- انظر إلى ذلك. - هذا فتى كبير.,كنا متفانين، واستمر "تشاندلر" في إسقاطه.,لكننا واصلنا المحاولة في كل مرة.,وكما قال "تشاندلر"، أعني أنا.,- أتساءل لماذا لم يتم تحميل هذا الفيديو.,نشعر بالملل من مشاهدته.,- نعم، أعرف.,لسبب ما اعتقدنا أننا سنكون قادرين,على وضع سلسلة "دومينو" على جانب الطريق,وكسر الرقم القياسي العالمي بهذه الطريقة، لكن لا.,بمجرد أن أدركنا ذلك،,قررنا فقط أن نسقطهم جميعًا،,لم لا؟,نعم، هذه هي السلسلة التي...,- لم تنجح. - نجحت الآن.,- هذه هي السلسة.,- [كريس] هذا ليس صاخبًا كما ظننت.,- إنه بطيء نوعًا ما.,- إنه ممل جدًا.,أقصد، يمكنك أن ترى بوضوح سبب إلغاء هذا الفيديو.,بدت سلسلة الدومينو ضعيفة قليلًا،,لكن كانت لدينا مفاجأة رائعة في النهاية.,حرفيًا وضعنا كل هذه الدومينو بشكل فني النهاية,كما في نهاية الفيديو.,انظروا إلى زر "يوتيوب"، استغرق وقتًا طويلًا.,- هذا زر "يوتيوب" جيد.,- نعم، هذا مُرضٍ للغاية.,هذا حقًا مرض.,- [كلاهما] نعم.,- لا شيء مما وضعناه ينجح.,كان علينا أن نصدم المزيد من الدومينو.,لقد كانت كارثة، اتفقنا؟,نحن لا نجيد وضع الدومينو.,هل تريد أن تعرف كم تكلفة الدومينو؟,- كم التكلفة؟ - أعتقد حوالي 70000 دولار.,- الشيء الجيد، أنني لم أدفع ثمنها.,البعد الإجتماعي.,- الفيديو التالي الذي اخترته.,هو مقطع فيديو أردت أن أعطي فيه كلبين,أفضل شهر في حياتهم.,ما فعلته هو أنني حصلت على حظيرة وقمت بتجديدها,لتبدو وكأنها أرض عجائب الكلاب.,حتى أنني بنيت سياجًا عملاقًا في الخلف.,أحضرت طعامًا غير محدود للكلاب، ولعب غير محدودة,حرفيًا، أي شيء يمكن أن يريدوه.,لكن المشكلة، في "أمريكا"، عندما تآوى,حفنة من الكلاب، هناك الكثير من القوانين,ويبدو أنك لا تستطيع فعل ذلك.,حسنًا، لقد أنفقت ما بين 60 إلى 70 ألف دولار على هذه الحظيرة,وباقي الأغراض الأخرى،,ثم عندما بدأناالتصوير، أدركت،,"يا للهول! لا يُسمح لي بذلك.,لا يُسمح لي أن أحصل على حفنة من الكلاب,ومعاملتهم مثل الملوك".,على ما يبدو يجب أن تكون لديك تراخيص وما شابه,لتأوي مجموعة من الكلاب.,لذلك كان علينا أن نتعامل مع الأمر.,التالي هو فيديو,حيث حاولنا أن نحطم بعض الارقام القياسية العالمية.,كان جوهر ذلك أنا والشباب,حيث كنا سنحاول تحطيم حوالي 100 رقم قياسي عالمي,والصدمة، إنه أصعب بكثير مما كنا نظن.,لذا فهذه بعض الأشياء التي فعلناها.,تواصلنا مع "كام نيوتن"، لاعب وسط دوري كرة القدم الأمريكية،,لمساعدتنا في تحطيم بعض الأرقام القياسية في عالم كرة القدم.,- [رجل] رائع!,- انتظر هل هذا هو؟ - هناك!,- لنذهب!,- بـ31 ياردة، أنت مدهش رسميًا.,- شكرًا،,- كانت تلك أطول رمية في إطار، 31 ياردة.,- نعم، ليس مثل...,- رمية من خلال إطار، هذا مذهل.,- علي الذهاب... - علي الذهاب عند...,- ثلاثة، اثنان... - عليك...,- ثلاثة، اثنان، واحد... - عليك...,- حطم "تشاندلر" الرقم القياسي العالمي,لأطول فترة التقاط معصوب العينين.,صدق أو لا تصدق،,هذا في الواقع رقم قياسي عالمي.,مثل، "جينيس",وهذه أطول رمية تم التقاطها معصوب العينين على الإطلاق.,عبقري آخر,لقب الرقم القياسي العالمي.,أنتم ما زلتم رائعين رسميًا.,- حطمت أنت و"كام نيوتن" رقمًا قياسيًا عالميًا.,- نعم فعلنا.,وأريد أن أقول شكرًا لـ"كام" لإعطائي هذا التسجيل.,- ألم تحطم واحدًا آخر معه؟,نعم، هذا هنا,تم إجراءه من قبل الكثير من لاعبي اتحاد كرة القدم الأميركي.,- أكبر عدد تم التقاطه بيد واحدة في دقيقة كان 30.,ثم فعلت أنت و"كام" 32؟,51.,- رائع، نعم.,- مع 51 التقاطة...,- لم أكن لأتمكن من القيام بذلك,للظهير الخلفي، يا رجل.,- وآخر رقم قياسي عالمي حاولنا التغلب عليه,هو أعلى التقاط كرة قدم على الإطلاق.,ركبت مروحية على إرتفاع 600 قدم في الجو,وكنت أسقط كرات قدم.,كما ترون هنا

How To Find Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores And Copy Them To Make Millions (With Examples)

hey what's up guys its online mine 24/7,and today we're gonna be toking about,how to find successful Shopify stores,and copy them so today we're gonna be,going through a website you can utilize,to look and find the top-selling stores,on Shopify so in a second here I'm gonna,hop over that website and we will get,started are you guys we're on the,website the website is called,my IP dot m/s everything will be linked,down in the description as well so you,can go ahead and easily find these sites,for yourself and so my IP dot ms this is,the website you go ahead click that link,type that in and then what you're gonna,also need is this code right here so,this is the IP address of Shopify Inc,the actual Shopify location in Canada in,Ottawa that is whether or not Ottawa,Ontario,well it's Ottawa Ontario that's the,place that they're located in so you're,gonna need their IP address their IP,address is 23.2 27.3 8.0 so once you,have that copied you're gonna just paste,that in here at the top for the search,bar this is going to essentially take,you straight to their IP address and so,as you can see this is their location,Shopify is the IP own or Shopify Inc and,now what we're gonna do then is click on,other site other sites on IP right here,this button and that is going to take us,to the list of all of the top stores on,the Shopify IP address so as you can see,here they're listed from number one all,the way to 51,000 is on here on their,website so they have tons and tons of,stores obviously so first off just,looking at the top 15 the first ones,colour-pop then fashion Nova all birds,Jim shark I'm sure a lot of these you,guys are probably recognizing then it's,the the P Hut the PI Hut jeffree star,cosmetiks then you have movement watches,shop logan paul fifty fifty bottles MN l,ml King ice city social maverick by,Logan Paul shop KC nice tat,red dress boutique bow but just going,through these you can see that like,three or four of them are just youtuber,shops you know like a lot of these are,people influencers that are selling,their own products and they're like the,top Shopify stores but even above that,you know you have color pop and,Jenova then you have Jim shark so,fitness and beauty are definitely some,of the top things as well as influencer,brands as you could see with like Logan,Paul won or them or the Maverick so the,Maverick merch or the shop logan paul,comm or even the kc nice that one down,here at the bottom so as you can see,these are the top Shopify stores and on,here you can then see what they're doing,and what might be successful so if we,look at the number one site on Shopify,colour-pop so we could just click this,go to website button and it brings up,this pop up here with the actual web,site so you can utilize the types of,things that they are doing that makes,them a good store so as you can see they,have an email pop-up with a $5 off thing,for putting in your email address and,you can see the certain types of tactiks,that the top stores are utilizing so as,you can see color pop definitely you can,see why there's such a great stories,because they're utilizing that beauty,niche and they're selling products that,people really want for a very cheap,price in comparison to other brands,might sell them for higher prices so you,can see how they're doing their store,you can look at their layouts and just,their overall what they're doing on,their store another thing you can also,do which I'll have that down in the,description box as well is you can if,some sites it's not easy to actually,access their bestseller list like it is,on colour-pop and you're gonna have to,copy and paste in the collection slash,best sellers so you can see all you have,to do is copy in that and it'll take you,to their bestseller list so if we go,ahead and copy this over here to another,tab so you can go ahead and paste this,in it's a collection slash all question,marks sort by best selling that will be,down in the description box as well if,you do want to utilize this where you,can sort it by best selling and then it,will sort the website because like I,said not every website is as easy to,find the bestseller list like colour-pop,some sites have it more or less hidden,so you can't see their bestsellers but,as you can see their bestsellers are,this shadow palette this I set and this,other powder shadow so you can just look,through and see what are some of the,best sellers on their site now obviously,color,is like the number one sight it's very,hard to try and replicate what they're,doing so you can actually look up stores,within a specific niche as well so not,only can you just look up the top 15,stores and see what they're doing and,what what why they're succeeding what,are some of the tactiks they're using,and if you come down here to the right,on the view all records you can actually,see all the stores you know not just the,top 15 it will list them all out now if,you're looking for a specific niche say,for example you're in the dog niche you,could just type in dog into the title to,find all the different types of dog,websites this would work also for the,beauty niche for any niche you know even,even the soccer you know you type soccer,into the there you're gonna find a bunch,of different soccer stores that have,that in their name so as you can see,East Coast soccer shop you have TNT,soccer shop Pele soccer soccer store,online so you can see all the different,stores that have that in their URL and,it's and you know most stores that are,selling a certain type of product are,gonna have the name in their URL and so,you be able to find those sores within,your niche so so say for example we were,doing dog niche okay you could just go,ahead and search that on here like I,said all you had to do to find this page,was just click on the view all button at,the bottom right on the first page and,so you can find like bird dogs you have,spotted dog company baked for your dogs,so let's go ahead and click on one of,these let's go on dog paw Polycom as you,can see they have two thousand nine,hundred and eighty visitors per day now,if they were even just to convert five,percent of those people you know you can,see how some of these stores are making,quite a bit of money okay,on this list because they're the top the,top visited stores through this tracker,here so if they had two thousand nine,hundred and eighty visitors okay let's,pull up the calculator they had two,thousand nine hundred and eighty,visitors and they converted let's just,say five percent of those people and,this is per day right so one hundred and,forty nine let's say they made twenty,dollars per hour per cart that's two,thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars,per per day right I know it's the exact,is the,but you know you $20 5% of that times 20,and then you multiply that by seven for,seven days a week you know that's,$20,000 a week right there,but if they make $20 a perv it per five,percent of the visitors or maybe even if,they did if they did more than that,maybe they made $30 per visitor okay,say for example they're a higher-end,brand right 2,980,and then we multiply that by point zero,five so five percent and then we,multiply that number 149 converted,people so five percent of that times $30,four thousand four hundred and seventy,dollars a day okay times seven it's a,lot of money all right that's just per,per week and if we multiply that by four,per month it's one hundred twenty-five,thousand dollars a month if they're,converting that many people okay now,obviously they may not be converting,that many people they might be getting a,lot of non conversion but still that's,crazy for them on it you know the amount,of visitors they have so let's actually,go to their website so we're gonna go to,the website dog Polycom here as you can,see it pulls up dog lovers apparel and,jewelry says you'd see they sell a bunch,of different products here and a lot of,these products you could easily find,these on Aliexpress these are straight,up dr

Rick Gets In HEATED CONFRONTATION With Shady Customer (Pawn Stars)

they always say the customer is always,right but I know this diamond is real,and the fact that this guy brought in,his own cheap little tester I'm gonna be,nice hey drop a like on this video if,you're a fan of Pawn Stars join the,notification squad by subscribing and,hitting that bethel notification on but,also don't forget to comment down below,saying i subscribed to enter our monthly,shoutouts and we'll make sure to reply,and thank as many of you as we possibly,can hope you enjoyed the video,considering how long History Channel,said reality television series Pawn,Stars has been on air it only makes,sense that there were some stiky,situations over the years,naturally the guys from the Gold &,Silver Pawn Shop do their best to be,friendly and welcoming but there have,been some customers who were not happy,about the offers they've been given this,usually happens when people don't do,their research before coming to the pawn,shop and believe that their items are,worth much more than they actually are,or they simply have no idea of the price,range a certain item sells for now even,though Rick generally seems like a,friendly and laid-back kind of guy,always ready to give a lesson in history,there have been times when the customers,acted so rude that there was no way to,avoid the conflict so stay tuned as we,look into five times we got in to,confrontation with customers in an,episode titled another Christmas story,from December 2013 a man walked into the,Gold & Silver Pawn Shop not to pawn or,sell an item but to buy it which is not,something we frequently see on the show,the man heard that Rick had an NBA,championship ring in his possession and,as he was freshly engaged he thought,that the ring would be perfect for his,fiancee apparently his friend was in,town and they saw the ring in the pawn,shop and thought that it's actually one,of Rick's more reasonably priced rings,while thus greatly surprised Rick he did,reveal that he indeed had a 1975 Golden,State Warriors ring and instructed his,assistant to go and get it speaking for,the cameras Rick revealed how funny the,situation is as the man must be really,brave to give his fiancee a championship,ring jokingly adding that she must have,really big hands,Rick presented it to the customer in all,its glory and the Matt really found it,impressive after some small tok the,light-hearted atmosphere suddenly became,somewhat awkward as the Matt said that,he had brought pictures of another 1975,Golden State Warriors,which took Rick by surprise the man,inspected the ringing compared it to the,one in the photos saying that they do,indeed match up he started asking Rick,if he attested the diamond but Rick,quickly cut him off before he could,finish the question saying that the,diamond is real as if that wasn't enough,the math said that he wanted to test the,diamond himself even though Rick tried,to stay cool and said yeah sure the,matter revealed that even though he's a,collector he's also a broker of some of,the world's finest and most expensive,sports memorabilia,needless to say Rick wasn't thrilled,with the fact that the man doubted him,and didn't take his word for it the man,pulled out a tester that he had brought,and started fiddling with it and a,diamond but the tester suddenly let out,a few short beeps which apparently,wasn't a good sign the man said that,it's not testing and looked at Rick as,if it was his fault,- which Rick just shook his head until,the guy that it's because he has a,really cheap tester he took the ring,back and started blowing on it,explaining that it's not going to test,right because the ring is too hot now,the customer dropped his pompous act and,stuttering asterisk if he has one of his,own testers so Rick went to grab it it,was obvious that Rick was trying to keep,it cool even though he was annoyed by,the fact that the guy had brought his,cheap little tester but speaking for the,cameras he said that he's going to be,nice still when he came back with the,tester his facial expression said,otherwise he tested the diamond and the,result was positive so the man said that,he believes that to which Rick replied,that he stands behind everything he's,got they finally got to the price and,Rick said straight away that the man,could have the ring for eleven thousand,five hundred dollars of course the man,wasn't happy with the asking price and,asked if there's any wiggle room,probably thanks to both behavior of the,customer and the value of the ring Rick,wasn't willing to go below 11,000 but,the man offered only 5,500 dollars the,fact that the guys didn't strike a deal,after everything doesn't come as a,surprise and speaking for the cameras,later on the man revealed that he,thought that Rick would work with him a,little bit it seemed like he wanted to,punch me in the face he concluded,one time a young man named Chris came to,the pawn shop carrying a Hudson Bay,gorget a piece of armour that covers the,throats of protected from injury that he,believed was made at some point in the,1700s the old man was behind the counter,and when he heard about the item,he called brick to come and take a look,funny enough when Rick approached his,father much to his amusement it turned,out that the old man called him because,he had no clue what the item was not,because it was something extraordinary,when Rick has the young man what he knew,about the item Chris confessed that he,didn't know much as his father got the,item on an auction rig then asked him if,he knew how much is that paid for it and,Chris surprisingly replied a second,mortgage in his house after letting that,information sink in,Rick proceeded to give us a little,history lesson explaining that gorges go,way back in time and that even Romans,used them back in the day after covering,the purpose of the item Rick also,explained that Hudson Bay was one of the,oldest companies in North America that,traded with Indians in the past after,taking a jab at his dad reg began,inspecting the item saying that it may,have been a trade feast at the Indians,since the glass beads and the necklace,were made of Phoenician glass the,Indians didn't need cash or coins,so the gorget needed something that,would have made it worth something the,young man seemed chill throughout regs,presentation not saying a word and just,nodding his head when Rick asked him how,much does he want for the item Chris at,100,000 obviously this was way too much,for Rick who thought that the item was,worth a lot less Chris normally wasn't,thrilled to hear this so when he asked,how much less and Rick instantly replied,ninety-nine thousand less,he gave Rick the stink eye which should,have raised some flags to remove any,doubt Rick explained that he can say,straight away that the item doesn't date,back to 1700s the gorget had some yellow,and gray patna which sell Rick that it's,nickel silver which among many other,things contains zinc Rick proceeded to,explain that zinc wasn't isolated until,eighteen hundreds but thanks to concern,for the worst when Chris interrupted him,and asked him what is he toking about,by using the f-word,Rick was completely taken by surprise,and just stood there staring at Chris,and his belief but luckily for him the,old man jumped in and told Chris that,he's way out of line Rick tried to keep,his cool and said that he saw the,auctions for,George's that generally go around for,1,500 bucks but that he's going to offer,Chris $1,000 this obviously didn't sit,well with Chris who said that he doesn't,know what Rick was smoking and that the,deal was not going to work so he took,his stuff and left as if he hasn't acted,rudely enough Chris use the F word once,again when he commented on Rick in front,of the cameras later on saying that he,just thought that he was some punk kid,and wanted to lowball him in the episode,flight of the Chum Raphael came to Rick,and the old man with a bronze statue,that he wanted to sell for about six,thousand dollars he told Rick that he,didn't know anything about it a