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california man stealing shopify

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

STOP THIEVES! Stop People Copying Your Shopify Store (10 Second Fix)

protecting your Shopify store is something that is overlooked by a lot of people but is actually ridiculously important, and in this video, I'm gonna tell you two ways that you can secure your Shopify store and prevent yourself from having a bunch of unnecessary competition. hi guys, welcome back. I'm Zack, your favorite father, and if you're new to the channel, learn all the secrets of the e-commerce world simply by subscribing to my channel and hitting that little Bell icon, so you don't miss anything. in this video, I'm gonna tok about how I secure my Shopify store and prevent myself from having a bunch of unnecessary competition. I'm gonna tell you what I mean as I go through this. so, basically, I'm sure you've seen it before and I'm sure you've done this- you go to competitors websites on Shopify. you look at their best-selling products, you look at how they're laying everything out and you just directly copy them, and while these tactiks will not stop people from copying most of what you do, they are some good preventative measures that are pretty easy to do and can really only help you, and there's really no drawbacks to it. so what I'm gonna be doing first is I'm gonna tell you how to disable people from finding your best-selling products. so, basically, what you can do is you can put in this small little snippet of code right here into the URL, and what this is gonna do is actually gonna bring up your best-selling products and show people. you know what the highest selling products are. so you put this in here, you put on a website and you hit enter and they're not secured. you could see every item of theirs that sells really really well. and then what people do is they just copy that and then they start selling it and boom, you have some direct competition. and this is terrible, especially if you're the first person selling an item and people start catching on to it. you could just immediately start having a bunch of competition because people are just stealing it from you, right, but there is a way to prevent people from seeing your best selling products. okay, on this website, trendy Shack com actually does this really really well. so, or they don't do it really really well, they just kind of do it. so we're gonna go ahead and paste this in here and this should take us to their best selling items. but when we hit enter, it takes us to this page: nice try, QT. and it plays this little thing and it says nice try and I don't know. it's just a cute little thing to prevent people from trying to copy their best-selling products. right, and this is actually super, super easy to do. all it requires is a bit of code that you have to copy into your code and I'll show you that right now. so, once again, this is just preventing people from seeing your best-selling products and the way to do this. I'm just gonna go to my 108 101 ecomcon website. so there's no actual products here, but it's still going to work when I try and go to the page. so you just want to go here and go to edit code. okay, now what we're going to go ahead and do is click on collection dot- liquid- okay, and basically you're gonna have this snippet of code right here and hope I'm gonna try and remember to put it into the description, just so you could copy this. but it's very, very simple. it's just if the collection dot sort. so if you're sorting the collection by best-selling, it's gonna say this and you can say whatever you want right here. I just say: no copying me, you bastard. and then else, if anything else is happening, then we're gonna have the original code that's already in here pasted right here and then we're just ending right there. so very, very simple. so what we're gonna do is just copy this entirely. come over here, we're gonna paste it at the top. boom, we're gonna take all of this, the script and all we're gonna cut that. go over here, go to the original code, comment right here and just paste it right over top of that. so that's it. that's entirely done. now you are entirely protected against people seeing your best-selling items. so we're gonna go ahead and hit save and we're gonna actually go to our one-on-one ecomes store. so I'm just going to go ahead and click on this bad boy. I'm gonna come back over here, go back to collections- best-selling- boom, bam, bop, and we'll go ahead and search and then look at that. instead of showing my best selling products, what it does is it says: says no copying me, you bastard. you could do a gif length there. you could do any, you could do a picture. you could do whatever you want right there. but really this is just ridiculously helpful and it takes all of about ten seconds to do and it just entirely stops people from looking at your best-selling products. my website actually gets several people and consistently looking at my best-selling products. they get to it through like a Shopify spy- I think it's Shopify comm, any of those websites they go to my website from- and then they try and look at my best selling products and this is ridiculously helpful in deterring those people from copying me. now they can't still look at all the products I have. my website. they can copy all that stuff, but you know this does not give them a definitive answer for what I'm selling best. so this is great. now I could stop here, but there's one other tool that you can use. the trendy Shack also uses and I think is really nice and it's not going to directly prevent people from copying you, but it is going to deter some people and make it just a lot harder for them to do right. basically, what this is is a disable highlighting and right click app. I'm not sure which one they're using, but I did find one. but basically, as you can see right here, I'm trying to highlight this text. it's not letting me. now you can copy images, so I don't think their app does everything. we're gonna go right here. I could right there before the app loaded, but when the app loads, you can't copy anything. none of this is highlight able. you can't copy it. you can copy the pictures. so this isn't the best app that they're using. but I did find this app on the Shopify App Store and it's called disable right-click. now it is $4.99 a month- free to $4.99 a month, but it's free for only three days. but what it does is it just allows you to block people from right clicking and copying anything on your website. now they can the screenshot the page and then get your product images. that way, they can just type in your description, but it's going to make it a lot harder for people to copy, so they can just go: okay, copy done. um, so this is their sample website. so you could see, right here, I'm just going to go to this page. right here, I'm trying to right-click on the picture. it's not letting me. I'm trying to highlight this. it's not letting me. I cannot copy anything, and this is great in deterring people. it's nuts. like I said before, it's not going to directly stop people from copying you because, once again, they can just type stuff in, but it makes it a lot harder and it may actually deter some people from copying you. so these are just two very, very simple ways that you can protect your website and prevent people from copying you, because competition is very, very fierce out there and you want to make sure that and you have as little competition as possible- because it's absolutely great to not have competition- right, you're the only one selling this item, especially if you have like a new hot item to your customers, and this is a great way to prevent people from just copying that. so if you want to learn how to make a profitable Shopify business, I have a link to my course down in the description below. I also have a link to a free 14-day Shopify trial down there. hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed what I said in how I said it. check out those videos over there if you want more ideas for what to watch, and I will see you guys in my next video. peace out.

How To Find Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores And Copy Them To Make Millions (With Examples)

hey, what's up, guys? its online mine 24/7, and today we're gonna be toking about how to find successful Shopify stores and copy them. so today we're gonna be going through a website you can utilize to look and find the top-selling stores on Shopify. so in a second here I'm gonna hop over that website and we will get started. are you guys? we're on the website. the website is called my IP dot m/s. everything will be linked down in the description as well, so you can go ahead and easily find these sites for yourself. and so my IP dot ms. this is the website. you go ahead, click that link, type that in, and then what you're gonna also need is this code right here. so this is the IP address of Shopify Inc, the actual Shopify location in Canada, in Ottawa, that is, whether or not Ottawa Ontario. well, it's Ottawa Ontario. that's the place that they're located in. so you're gonna need their IP address. their IP address is 23.2, 27.3, 8.0. so once you have that copied, you're gonna just paste that in here at the top for the search bar. this is going to essentially take you straight to their IP address, and so, as you can see, this is their location. Shopify is the IP own or Shopify Inc. and now what we're gonna do then is click on other site, other sites, on IP, right here, this button and that is going to take us to the list of all of the top stores on the Shopify IP address. so, as you can see here they're listed from number one all the way to 51,000 is on here on their website. so they have tons and tons of stores, obviously. so, first off, just looking at the top 15, the first ones, colour-pop, then fashion Nova, all birds, Jim shark- I'm sure a lot of these you guys are probably recognizing. then it's the, the P Hut, the PI Hut, jeffree star cosmetiks, then you have movement watches, shop logan paul, fifty, fifty bottles, MN, l ml, King, ice city, social maverick by Logan Paul. shop KC nice tat, red dress, boutique bow. but just going through these you can see that, like, three or four of them are just youtuber shops. you know, like a lot of these are people, influencers, that are selling their own products and they're like the top Shopify stores. but even above that, you know, you have color pop and Jenova. then you have Jim shark. so fitness and beauty are definitely some of the top things, as well as influencer brands, as you could see with, like Logan Paul won, or them or the Maverick- so the Maverick merch, or the shop logan paul comm, or even the kc nice, that one down here at the bottom. so, as you can see, these are the top Shopify stores and on here you can then see what they're doing and what might be successful. so, if we look at the number one site on Shopify, colour-pop- so we could just click this go to website button and it brings up this pop up here with the actual web site so you can utilize the types of things that they are doing. that makes them a good store. so, as you can see, they have an email pop-up with a $5 off thing for putting in your email address and you can see the certain types of tactiks that the top stores are utilizing. so, as you can see, color pop definitely you can see why there's such a great stories, because they're utilizing that beauty niche and they're selling products that people really want for a very cheap price in comparison to other brands might sell them for higher prices. so you can see how they're doing their store. you can look at their layouts and just their overall, what they're doing on their store. another thing you can also do- which I'll have that down in the description box as well- is you can. if some sites it's not easy to actually access their bestseller list, like it is on colour-pop, and you're gonna have to copy and paste in the collection slash- best sellers, so you can see. all you have to do is copy in that and it'll take you to their bestseller list. so if we go ahead and copy this over here to another tab so you can go ahead and paste this in it's a collection slash- all question marks, sort by best selling- that will be down in the description box as well. if you do want to utilize this, where you can sort it by best selling, and then it will sort the website because, like I said, not every website is as easy to find the bestseller list like colour-pop. some sites have it more or less hidden so you can't see their bestsellers. but, as you can see, their bestsellers are this shadow palette, this I set and this other powder shadow, so you can just look through and see what are some of the best sellers on their site. now, obviously, color is like the number one sight. it's very hard to try and replicate what they're doing so you can actually look up stores within a specific niche as well. so not only can you just look up the top 15 stores and see what they're doing and what, what, why they're succeeding, what are some of the tactiks they're using, and if you come down here to the right on the view all records, you can actually see all the stores you know, not just the top 15, it will list them all out. now, if you're looking for a specific niche- say, for example, you're in the dog niche- you could just type in dog into the title to find all the different types of dog websites. this would work also for the beauty niche, for any niche you know, even even the soccer. you know you type soccer into the there you're gonna find a bunch of different soccer stores that have that in their name. so, as you can see, East Coast soccer shop, you have TNT soccer shop, Pele soccer soccer store online. so you can see all the different stores that have that in their URL and it's- and you know, most stores that are selling a certain type of product are gonna have the name in their URL and so you be able to find those sores within your niche. so so say, for example, we were doing dog niche, okay, you could just go ahead and search that on here. like I said, all you had to do to find this page was just click on the view all button at the bottom right on the first page and so you can find. like bird dogs you have spotted dog company baked for your dogs. so let's go ahead and click on one of these. let's go on dog paw Polycom. as you can see, they have two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors per day. now, if they were even just to convert five percent of those people, you know, you can see how some of these stores are making quite a bit of money okay on this list, because they're the top, the top visited stores through this tracker here. so if they had two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors, okay, let's pull up the calculator- they had two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors and they converted, let's just say, five percent of those people and this is per day, right? so one hundred and forty nine, let's say they made twenty dollars per hour per cart. that's two thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars per per day, right, I know it's the exact is the. but you know you $20, 5% of that times 20, and then you multiply that by seven, for seven days a week. you know that's $20,000 a week, right there. but if they make $20 a perv, it per five percent of the visitors, or maybe even if they did, if they did more than that, maybe they made $30 per visitor. okay, say, for example, they're a higher-end brand, right, 2,980. and then we multiply that by point zero, five, so five percent, and then we multiply that number: 149 converted people. so five percent of that times $30. four thousand four hundred and seventy dollars a day. okay, times seven, it's a lot of money. all right, that's just per per week. and if we multiply that by four per month, it's one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars a month. if they're converting that many people, okay, now, obviously they may not be converting that many people, they might be getting a lot of non conversion, but still that's crazy for them. on it, you know the amount of visitors they have. so let's actually go to their website. so we're gonna go to the website. dog Polycom- here, as you can see, it pulls up dog lovers, apparel and jewelry- says you'd see they sell a bunch of different products here and a lot of these products you could easily find these on Aliexpress. these are straight up dr.

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Shopify Dropship Launch Checklist

what's up guys? you have your boy rubies coming on to you from downtown Los Angeles. today we're going to tok about the launch checklist for your ecommerce store when you're using drop shipping. so the reason the launch checklist is important is because when you are blasting your Shopify store for the first time and you're getting customers come into your site- hopefully they're checking out, they're buying stuff- you don't want your customers to find any issues that might be there. be there issues be there. instead, it's better if you can ferret out a couple of those issues up front, and this checklist is gonna help you do just that. all right, so the first thing you want to do before setting your Shopify store completely public is to do a test transaction, and the reason is is because, since your drop shipping things, you just want to make sure that all the connection points are in place and everything's going to go smoothly. so when I say do a test, or what I mean is take a product at random or a couple products at random from your Shopify store, pretend like you are a customer. go through the entire checkout process on Shopify. any issues that you see. it doesn't just mean like a bug, like an error, just anything that isn't like super smooth or that doesn't feel good to you, just drop those things down his notes. so that's a really good test: just going through and making your sure your Shopify theme is on point and everything set up and configured. you don't want any of that like generic text in there, it's just stiking out like a big old store sore thumb. or you don't like get caught around. the next thing that you're going to want to do is go over to your applique account and make sure that that order showed up in the orders page on your applique within your applique account and that is basically a good indicator that the app is running, everything's set up right. it ensures that you've sent your products. you you probably want to double check like: hey, it's not the right product, the one that I actually bought on my store. hey, is that the right? everything looks good. that's like two thumbs up. that's a huge sign of confidence that your store set up and everything is configured properly and it should make you feel pretty good about launching your site. so once you have that test order in your Bleek account, there's a couple things you can do. you can either a let that order go through and let applique process and fulfill that order. it gives you a great opportunity to get a sample product as well as just see how the packaging is gonna come, get it feel for the time frame and all that type of stuff. the other thing is, if you're economically challenged for a budget challenge, contact applique, shoot us that order number and just say: hey, this is a test transaction. can you please cancel it? for me, we're always happy to cancel and refund you. so placing a test order can be totally free and there's not that many things where you get a huge peace of mind for free. highly recommend doing the test order. if, on the other hand, you have done a test order and it doesn't show up in your applique account, well, that's great too. it's good to know that up front, and there can be just only a couple causes for that to happen. one is that if you're using the private app version and applique drop shipping app, you should probably just delete that private app from your applique store set up and just reinstall it. it won't erase any of your saved designs or anything like that. as soon as you reinstall the app, everything will continue to work, and just make sure when you're copying and pasting your store name and you are the three pieces of information you need. make sure to copy and paste it accurately. most of the times the the IDs just weren't copied accurately and so the integration won't work and we can't process orders for you. the other thing is you may notike your a. your test order went into the unprocessed order section of your applique account. that's super easy to fix. just head on over to the payment method section of applique and make sure to add a credit card. all four major credit cards work. once you have your credit card added, you can head back over to the unprocessed orders section and just try to fulfill that order. as soon as it fulfills, you'll know that you have a working payment method and the next test order you put through it should go directly to your orders tab and be automatikally processed by applique. so again, that test order is so critikal. highly, highly recommend you doing that. the next thing is not from a test order on the checklist- is just review your save designs. make sure that the save designs you have in your applique account, or actually the products that you want to sell. a lot of times we see people order a couple sample products from a pleat. they get them, they're psyched about it, they want to go live with their store, which is awesome, but they and then they also upgrade their account and get their woven labels. but they forget to add their woven labels to their save design. so just a quick check of your save designs. make sure you're well. valuables are connected. they're tied on there, so when we're getting them full in those orders we know - so your woven labels into your products. so again, a quick and easy check. the other thing that you want to check is within your Shopify account. just double check your products variance. you want to have your applique SKUs there. if we don't have the SKUs on your products, we will not know to fulfill those. so just double check that. also, make sure that you spent the time to name your products really well. right, good product descriptions. if you haven't really try to take good photos of your products, both lifestyle or flat photos, those things all just make your brand feel real. it gives it that human element and if you want your store and end up with no transactions, it may be because you didn't spend enough time up front just preparing and putting that time and care into your store and making it feel really human, making it feel really personal, giving a sense of humor. if you're going for the humor thing, be super serious. if you need to, and that's your thing, just make it be your thing. don't go with the default stuff. it'll never work, as you putting your own creativity into it. next couple things there, just quick things that you want to bust through in check shipping fees just quickly. Google app leak drop shipping shipping rates. check out all of our shipping rates. make sure you set up your corresponding shipping rates in Shopify. everything's done by weights. it's super easy to take the exact fees you're going to be charged in applique and just set up your shop shelf- if I ship in rates in Shopify as well- and get those things balanced out. it's really easy to pass all that- some of the shipping fees or all of the shipping fees here and customers, so you'll want to do that. if not, make sure you've built those shipping fees into the cost to your product and make sure that when, after you go and get a bunch of sales, you're getting the margins that you want to get. the next thing is: just think about how you want to handle taxes. there's two ways. applique can collect all the tax revenue and will automatikally charge you for it. that's what's gonna happen by default, out of the box. you can also provide us with a California's resellers permit and we'll waive all the taxes for you. you can pay your taxes directly to the state of California. so either what you want to do that, it's just good to kind of make that decision up front and don't do it half one way and half the other way. it can just make filing your taxes at the end of the year a little bit more complicated than they need to be, and it's super easy to get that setup up front. it only takes what ten or fifteen minutes to send us your reseller certificate and get all that set up. there's one more is just double check under your applique account, your shitty label and your packaging slip. make sure it has got your company name on it, your address info.

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Live PD: Layering Is Key (Season 4) | A&E

we're gonna call one of our local sports store that a male and two females possibly are involved in the theft that they're concealing merchandise, actually trying to put it on, and then walk out the front door. so we'll get there. see, we can't locate him, either still inside the store or possibly even the vehicle. and get them stopped. all right, the other three should be in the fitting room, from what we understand, one day, step over here for me. yep, suburban here, take her over there. hey, how are you today? you can step over here for me. I'm gonna walk with her. well, right over there. yeah, we got three of the four detained. the fourth melts on the changing room. I just saw him put on another pair of jeans and another pair with that. so just observe the another theft police farm and turn around, put your hands on your back. we drop it now. you're not supp, not good for you. got it good, all right. doesn't require to to all the matters that you're concealing it. that's all. statute requires: stand over, take step. here's his phone. all right, we're detained. on the fourth guys, we're about to walk out. this looks like a old pair of Nikes to me. looks like you're wearing the new ones looks like you wearing the new ones pretty flawless. we ended up having three of the shoplifters- we're actually in changing rooms. thankfully they came out one at a time. we got the first female. she came out. we're able to pulled around the corner so nobody else could hear was going on. what are you wearing? okay, well, that'd have to be restitution, which we're not taking pants off and such- that can be recovered at the jail and impounded later, but you're gonna have to wear it for the time being. did you say, are you going to jail? yes, if you steal stuff, you go to jail. that's generally how it works. got an orange shirt, another black shirt, another black shirt- must be cold. a white shirt, another white shirt, another black shirt and another. where's your car? Simba? all right weekend. have you got a sport-tuned stuff ready? he started that. I'll grab my to pull it up. you got ten layers on there, eighty degrees out here. so you know why you're in custody. obviously it's not and crime a century, but you are stealing. okay, I'm not sure where you're gonna fall, but had to guess between the jeans and shirt. you maybe depend what kind of shirts there you may be in the grand theft. grand tip for Florida's moved up a little bit. it's not 500, 750 now. but you know pfg stuff if you got- I don't- this looked like a church, this little bit dirty. but if you got other pfg stuff, you know those are like 60- 70 bucks a shirt anyway. so what it is, are you a probation or supervised release? no, where are you from? why are you here? because I got all my stuff stolen so you decided to come to steal. they don't got stores in Marianna, pretty sure they do. everybody will be going to jail tonight and hopefully it's a lesson for everybody that they can't come to Lincoln County and decide to steal stuff just just because they don't like the name brand clothes I have in Jackson County. you

The TRUTH Behind Chapa's Missing Phone 🕵 | 10 Minute Episode 'Chapa's Phone Home' | Danger Force

[Music]. you guys look so good on my new phone and your voice is so clear on my new phone- sorry we're late- took a little field trip to the pair store and i bought everyone the brand-new. guess i must have missed my invite. that's weird. i texted everyone. she doesn't have a phone. remember? a boy stole it. it's kind of rewarding story. well, he missed out, because this new pair phone is awesome. yeah, it has eight cameras on the back. how many did the old phone have? seven? it's so dumb. why'd they get rid of the old one? it's called planned obsolescence. big tik designs an inferior product on purpose so that it's useless within a year and you have to buy a new one. oh so you didn't get one? no, i got two, gold in rose gold. want one of mine? no, no, i don't want yours. i want my old phone that was stolen from me by a boy, and when i find that boy i am going to destroy him for stealing my phone. my joy, my innocence, okay. so what should we do with our old phones? give them to me. i'll toss them in those endangered wetlands near lake swelveu. i do it all the time. works great for car batteries, old laptops, bodies. i've been thinking about that. you really need to stop poisoning those wetlands with e-waste. i eat turtles from that swamp all the time. they don't taste like poison to me at all. this is exactly why schwalz and i created wasti. i'm sorry, wastey. yeah, yeah, hey, bastie, mercy, come here. boy, is winston a doll? no, wasting is a robot. that schwab- i made it- collects e-waste, like old phones and tik products, and recycles them. did somebody call or whiskey? [Applause], put your e-waste in my mouth. okay, that's actually kind of funny. here you go, wastey. thank you, human. oh, good, boy wasting. now go out there and collect more waste. come on, boy, you got it waste there. it is bye-bye. you guys seriously have to worship your new phones in front of me. oh, we do when you're not here too. then you could be a part of this. a new phone is only like 1200 bucks. no, i told you, i don't want a new phone. i want my old phone that was stolen from me by a boy. it's not like your phone's just gonna waltz on in here and fall right into your hands. oh, [Music]. what's your deal? yeah, i am no longer chuckling. this is my cell phone. you sure? if that's your phone? yeah, it still's the cover of will and gray, season two. that's a good season. that's a great season. the boy who stole your phone must have tossed it into wasting. i knew i'd find you. i never lost hope. what did i say about putting your hand too close to wastey's mouth? he ate the tv remote. all of it didn't even save me a fight. who's this 555 number that turned our group text thread green choppa? wastey found her stolen cell phone. oh, go catch ray, he's about to faint. i got you big fella. i just want to say that i'm really glad that you let go of your anger toward the boy who stole your phone. thanks, buddy. what did you just say? oh, i was just saying i'm gonna, because i am still angry at the boy who stole my phone. i am still going to find him and i'm still going to destroy him. why you have your phone again? yeah, you seem really happy. i am happy, which makes me think of all the happy times i never got to have because that boy stole my phone. what in the [ __ ] that is so happy? it makes me so angry. you'll be happy that you're back with your phone. i can show you where i found it. you shot your robot. now, tell me now. no, you're just gonna hurt the person who stole it. no, i'm just going to flame, broil the person who stole it, wasting. i forbid you to show chopper where you found her phone. okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, cool, great, i got it. okay, cool, cool. what are you doing down here? schwarz gave me the tinch anyway. have you seen my new phone? i know where it is. where is she phone? where are you, girl? [Music]. one more step and tiny ray drops your precious new pair phone into that bowl of chocolate milk. oh, my waist, until you work, you found it. just, please, please, don't hurt my new phone. that's better. get to my phone. i'm swiping, i'm, that's my phone. looks like he found it in ray's bedroom. i think i can explain. i'm the boy that stole your cell phone. i don't understand. how could it be bose who stole your phone, wouldn't you remember it was stolen eight years ago. that was before i even knew who bose was. when i first met, you said your phone was stolen a month ago. you didn't say anything about years. i lied why? because if i told you had been missing for years, you and henry never would have even looked for it. you barely cared about it when i said: have been gone for a month. okay, that checked out. please continue. eight years ago, me and my cell phone were playing the ball pit of dookie dogs. i was taking selfies when this punky kid came up to me- move. a dog said: can i borrow your cell phone? i want a video chat a puppy. and you just gave it to him. i was so young and innocent i trusted him, and then what happened? he punched dookie dog and ran away. you stole my phone. you stole my innocence. if you ruined my life. it wasn't like that, though. no, you have two seconds to flashback. i wanted to video chat a puppy, but i left my phone at home. then i saw this girl taking selfies in the ball pit and i thought: hey, she has a phone chopper. yeah, hi, could i please borrow your phone? i want a video chat a puppy. um sure, thank you. i was about to video chat with that puppy when my mom grabbed me. she said: i just scored a date with the vice mayor. i tried to tell my mom that i needed to return the phone that i borrowed from this girl in the ball pit, but my mom didn't care. then she pulled me out of there. i tried holding onto dookie dog, but my mom was pulling really hard. i always felt terrible about not returning your phone. then one day i got a call from a girl named charlotte who told me to bring your phone and meet her in the desert. that night that me, captain mannequin danger, went to go buy my phone back from some dirt bag. that bag of dirt was you. i wasn't going to sell it to you, i was just going to give it back, get me back. but you guys were fighting document and the toddler, so i just ran away. a few weeks later we all ended up in the man cave. then all that stuff happened with drex. oh my god. pretty soon i realized you were the girl whose phone i borrowed, stole, uh, accidentally. i didn't know what to do, so i gave the phone to ray. he said he was gonna give it back to you when he felt the time was right, when the time was right. when was the time gonna be right, ray, i was waiting for you to be able to control your rage, which you obviously still can't do. ow see, and you should have told me you had my phone. i know ray's basically a child, but i expect more from you. i know why. i thought we were friends. we are well then why didn't you tell me i was scared? you should be. i am, and choppa, i am also really, really sorry. okay, i forgive you really. hey, thanks, not you. i am still mad at you. so we're good for real. yeah, we're good genuine moment. you sing that again and i will genuinely cry. [Music].

The End Of My Shopify Dropshipping Store (bad news)

well, today i got clearance for my attorney to tok about a lawsuit that involves a little over two million dollars that i've been in for over two years now that has just spent so much money financially fighting this. i got clearance to tok about it. i'm gonna name the company, give you a little bit of insight in this video- and tok about what i consider the dark side of shopify drop shipping. now, if you're not familiar with who i am, my name is hayden bulls. i've been in this industry for over six years now. i've also built one of the largest ecommerce space youtube channels. we also toked about real estate and personal finance and things of that nature. so make sure to like, subscribe and comment. by the way, doing those three things will also get you automatikally entered into our giveaway. we give away one free course, free custom built shopify store and usually some cash in every single video. the winners get announced over on my instagram, so make sure to do that: like, subscribe and comment. and before we get into this, i want to let you know we're about to jump 4 000 miles away to my home in puerto rico. these are the things that most people in the industry can't properly give you advice on simply because they haven't gone through it. a lot of people that teach in this industry- no hate against them at all. they've had a couple stores. they've done well, maybe they've seen a lot, but they really haven't built brands and haven't built. you know 50 plus shopify stores and had things up and down and you know successes and failures. they really haven't gone through a lot of these issues and i just want to paint a very clear picture so they can just help you out long term. that's my only goal here. so hope you enjoy the video. let's jump back to my home in puerto rico and we'll go through it. please help me. i'm lost. i can't find my house, whoa okay. good thing we made it. now we're gonna start off by toking about the lawsuit, because that's by far the most entertaining part of this video. a little over three years ago, i started doing business with a company called electronic commerce. they were a payment processor, unlike shopify payments or stripe, which is the same thing, or paypal, which are not real processors, those are payment aggregators. i started working directly with this payment processor to transact millions of dollars in volume from my e-commerce stores. at the time, this company was headquartered at the irvine spectrum center in orange county, california, occupying half of the 25th floor. they were paying 25 000 a month for their office space and it had a gorgeous view. now, before i get into the exact amounts involved in this lawsuit, once it is over i will do a video after consulting with my attorney, toking about different names and faces and showing all that stuff and going through it in depth. now i was at this office once or twice a week, going to lunch, hanging out with them, meeting the owners family. i got very, very close to both of the owners and a lot of the people inside of this office and that's why this kind of pissed me off. they were kind of like family and friends, not just some business relationship. now there was two owners, both 50- 50 partners. what i'm about to tell you has absolutely nothing to do with my friend khazra. he has been helping a lot on the legal lawsuit side of things. leave his name out of this. he has nothing to do with this. from a negative side, he got completely shut out of the company that he started with this other business partner. now when i started doing business with them, they were doing about 50 to 60 million dollars per month in gross sales volume. i helped refer them a lot of friends. about a year and a half later they were doing 70 to 80 million dollars a month. i brought them tens and tens of millions of dollars worth of business referrals because they treated me so good and they helped me process sales. now here's where things get interesting. i did over two million dollars in revenue just through a couple of my accounts that had a five percent reserve hold, which means if i do a million dollars, 50 000 that is getting held in the account just as a reserve, as a safeguard in case anything goes wrong. that's very basic, that's very standard in the industry, in the payment processing world, which, by the way, is heavily regulated. that's why a lot of these guys are coming under serious fire and are looking at jail time. so with over two million dollars that had a reserve against it, i had a little over a hundred thousand dollars sitting there, which wasn't a big deal, until the company started getting a little bit shady. phone calls weren't getting answered, emails seemed to not be getting returned. it just became a little unsettling. so i requested to close my accounts. i moved elsewhere for my payment processing. so i had about 102 000 in reserve, which is now the subject of a lawsuit, and one of the owners- not khasra- has decided to defraud all the customers. it's been going on for quite some time. they basically stole all the reserves from everybody and completely ignore everybody's emails, phone calls doesn't matter, and i truly did not see this one coming. but again, anything can happen. business is business and here's what i want a lot of people in the ecommerce space to understand, because it's usually a younger demographic getting started and people like to like throw shade on social media or like threaten someone. look, here's how business works. they think they're right, i think i'm right. so it's gonna go through the attorneys. that's how business works. there's no other like throwing hate on social media. these guys don't care. it's either through attorneys or nothing's gonna happen. and there's some things we could get into. for an example, do you know the show ozarks toking about money laundering for gangs and drugs and all that stuff? mix in some of the dirty money with the clean. well, let's just say that the other owner of this company put ozark and ozark 2 as the license plates on his vehicle, clearly obsessed with money laundering. and there's a lot more other interesting stuff i don't want to get into right now. once the last it's over, more than happy to tok about it now. i'm a solution oriented person. what could i have done better? number one: if you're using a processor, there needs to be a cap. that is a dollar amount, totally fine. this is normal, like a rolling reserve is super standard, but usually you're going to see about a 25 to 50 000 cap of a reserve. so they're gonna hold five, maybe ten percent of your revenue until you hit, let's say, fifty thousand dollars sitting in your account. this is actually something that i followed. i had requested that i had a fifty thousand dollar cap per account. the problem is these total funds that we're toking about that are in discussion here. this was multiple e-commerce stores- two, three, four of them- so that's where that issue comes into play and while i did have that, um, that wouldn't have really solved the problem here, but for most people that's a really good tip. now, something i wish i would have done: if you are closing a merchant account, honestly i would do this even for shopify payments. if they're holding some of your funds, have an attorney ready to go and have them send a demand letter for the release in a friendly way. so instead of you requesting it, go through an attorney. i think it's a better option. it's more serious and, again, in a friendly way, not aggressive. however, they can legally hold your money for six months and this is why paypal is in huge lawsuits- i think, for billions of dollars right now- because they're holding people's money, mine included- for longer than six months. they held my money for over a year. i didn't bother suing them. it's paypal gonna cost a lot of money to do it and it was over like 15 grand, but i eventually got the money over a year later. that's very illegal and, keep in mind, these companies need to be regulated very closely. it's a financial instrument. this is taken seriously. it's not some local court you're toking about the sec.