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call to action ads

Published on: February 13 2023 by pipiads

Random YouTube ads are filled with calls to action that urge viewers to click on links and buy products. These ads use a variety of techniques to persuade viewers, including contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.

Bullet Points:

- Woodwindgrills.com urges meat lovers to become grill masters by buying a woodwind grill.

- Fiberfix.com promises to fix anything and offers special deals.

- Transparent Labs pre workout is recommended for those who want to avoid being a meathead.

- Creditrepair.com offers solutions for those with bad credit.

- Dr. Squatch natural soap is marketed as real soap for real men.

- Chatbooks app promises to save time for busy parents.

- William Painter sunglasses promise to be life-changing.

- A body type quiz promises to help viewers get in better shape.

Random YouTube ads use various techniques to urge viewers to click on links and buy products. While some of these ads may be effective, it is important to be cautious about what is put into the body and to avoid being swayed by emotional appeals.

YouTube Ads Call To Action Examples for Better Results

In this video, Kyle Sularud, founder and CEO of AdLeg, a marketing company specializing in YouTube ads, talks about the final element to use in your YouTube ads, the call to action. He emphasizes that while not all ads will have all 12 elements, these building blocks can guide what you say in your ads. Kyle provides several examples of different ways to use a call to action in your ads.

Examples of effective call to actions:

- Using the YouTube end screen video link feature to segment the audience

- Using VSL style text on the screen with a narrator to push pain points and increase curiosity

- Showing people exactly where to click on the ad, what to do next, and what to expect on the landing page

- Providing ample opportunity for viewers to take action, including a screenshot of the landing page and a countdown timer

- Using text on the screen as the call to action, inviting viewers to sign up for a master class or take a quiz

Kyle invites viewers to check out the description of the video for links to all of the other YouTube ad element videos he's released over the past couple of months. He also encourages viewers to leave a comment below and let him know what they think of this video or the series as a whole.

Don’t Use This Facebook Ads CTA!

How to Choose the Right Call-to-Action Button for Your Facebook Ads

- Importance of choosing the right call-to-action button for Facebook ads

- Explanation of different call-to-action options available

- Importance of including a call-to-action button in ads

Choosing the Right Call-to-Action Button:

- The mistake of using a call-to-action button that is too far down the sales funnel

- Importance of using a call-to-action button that describes the immediate action you want the viewer to take

- Examples of appropriate call-to-action buttons for different scenarios (e.g. learn more, watch more, download, shop now, book now)

- The mistake of using a call-to-action button that is too aggressive or scary

Testing and Results:

- Explanation of the impact of using the right call-to-action button on results (up to 15-20% difference)

- Importance of testing and optimizing call-to-action buttons for best results

Additional Resources:

- Mention of Lead Guru's Facebook advertising services

- Mention of Facebook Ads Mastermind Group

- Call to action to like and comment on the video and provide feedback

- Recap of importance of choosing the right call-to-action button for Facebook ads

- Encouragement to test and optimize call-to-action buttons for best results.

Facebook Ads Question: Which Call To Action Button Should You Use in Your Facebook Ads?

Choosing the Right Call to Action Button for Facebook Ads

- Answering the question of which call to action button to use on Facebook ads

- Demonstrating options and scenarios using a past campaign for a lead magnet

Options for Call to Action Buttons

- Use the option that best describes the action people will take (e.g. download, get quote, book now, etc.)

- For lead ads, use sign up if offering a free consultation; for e-commerce, use shop now

- If two options sound equally appropriate, test them both and choose the one that works best

- Choose the option that sounds like less of a commitment for prospects, such as learn more instead of apply now

When to Exclude Call to Action Button

- If promoting content, such as a video, and want it to act like a piece of content

- Include a call to action at the end of the content, rather than a button in the ad

- Excluding the button can make the ad look less like an ad and more like content

Example Campaign

- Used a lead magnet for a five-part Facebook ad template

- Used the download button since people would be downloading the lead magnet

- Tested and found that a video version with no call to action button performed better

- Included a call to action in the video description and treated the ad as content

- Choose the call to action button that best describes the action and sounds like less of a commitment

- Exclude the button for content promotions to make it look like content and include a call to action at the end

- Test options and scenarios to see what works best for each campaign

- Subscribe to the Lead Guru channel for more Facebook advertising content.

What is a CTA? Advertising and Marketing CTAs Explained For Beginners

Hey there, welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel! Today, we're going to discuss CTAs in marketing and advertising. So, what exactly is a CTA? Simply put, it's an instruction given to a potential customer to perform a specific action. Let's take a look at some examples:

- A travel destination is promoting summer vacation deals on Facebook ads, and every ad tells potential customers to book now for the best travel deals. The call to action here is pretty clear: book now.

- Surfside PPC is promoting a free three-hour digital marketing video and wants people to subscribe to their email list in exchange for it. The call to action in this case is to subscribe.

Common short CTAs include shop, subscribe, book, contact, discover, sign up, watch, and learn more. Longer variations could be book an appointment, start your free trial, book now and save, reserve your seat, and sign up for 20% off.

When choosing a CTA, ensure that your offer is clear and that people know the exact action you want them to take. Use the most relevant CTA for the next step you want your customers to take, and test longer and shorter variations to see which works best for your conversion rates.

It's also important to note that the CTA in your advertisements should match the CTA on your website. For example, if your CTA in the ad is to click here to watch the video, but on the website, the actual CTA is to subscribe, it can confuse potential customers and hurt your conversion rates.

Marketing companies like Hubspot, Ahrefs, and Spyfu all have their unique CTAs that incorporate their business name, offer free trials, or encourage users to enter their competitor's website for comparison. Longer variations like get started with free tools and upgrade as you grow or try risk-free for 60 days also encourage people to sign up for their services.

In conclusion, CTAs are the next steps you want potential customers to take to become your loyal customers. Make sure your offer is clear, use the most relevant CTA, and match your ad and website CTAs. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel!

[UPDATED- 2021] Facebook Ads Call-To-Action Buttons Complete Setup

Adding CTAs on Facebook Organic Listings

In this article, we will discuss how to add call to action (CTA) buttons on Facebook organic listings.


1. Create a traffic campaign and select the right page.

2. Click on Using Existing Post and select the post where you want to add the CTA button.

3. Add the CTA button and the link to your website.

4. Update the post and it will be updated on your Facebook page.

Important points to remember:

- Always select the right button and write the correct call to action.

- Make sure to select the right link.

- Facebook may not allow you to change the button again.

Adding CTAs on Facebook organic listings can help you drive traffic to your website. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily add CTA buttons on your Facebook posts. Don't forget to subscribe and like the video for more content. Take care!

Build Effective Calls to Action - 7 Marketing Tips

- Call to action is crucial for marketing success

- 7 tips to build stronger call to actions


1. Determine what users truly want

- Give them what they want

2. Make it stand out

- Above the fold on all devices

- Use a different color for call to action

- Integrate throughout the page

3. Keep it short and sweet

- Use keywords for urgency

4. Use directional cues

- Arrows or pictures to guide eyes

5. Include social proof

- Reviews, statistics, success stories

6. Match ad copy with landing page

- Clear call to action on both

7. A/B test different call to actions

- Use what works best

Bonus tip: Analyze competitors for ideas

- Appreciate viewers' time

- Implement tips to increase convertibility of call to actions

- Share, subscribe, and comment for future videos

- Happy marketing!

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