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campaign ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

The top 5 campaign ads of the 2016 election cycle

I'm Jason Kander. senator blunt has been attacking me on guns. well, in the army I learnt how to use and respect my rifle. in Afghanistan I volunteered to be an extra gun and a convoy of on armored SUVs and in the state legislature and supported Second Amendment rights. I also believe in background checks so the terrorists can't get their hands on one of these. I approve this message because I'd like to see senator blunt do this. we've got room to put 2700 people in our Jail and it costs us about a hundred and three dollars a day. Jerald really doesn't have any hobbies. last year's tax rate was four, one, six, nine. this year we could take that down to three, eight, three, eight. so if he always like that, yeah, all the time most people leave their work at the office we got. all he wants to do is fix things. so I get this 18-wheeler that's parked in this neighborhood you in fumes all over the place. but quite frankly, it's not a code violation. you know, I think I like helping around the house here. please reelect Gerald, please. a man attacked me in a parking garage, tried to stab me with an eight-inch knife, but I carry a pistol. I fight back. that's why I'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun as she chooses. Hillary Clinton disagrees with that. don't let politikians take away your right to own a gun. Donald Trump supports my right to own a gun. ladies, look at this face and look at all of your faces: the face of leadership. the face of leadership in our party, the party of women's suffrage. the face of leadership in your communities, in your businesses, in your places of work and worship. ladies, note2 democrat party, we are not a special interest group. we are the majority of the nation. this is the, the 61 year old woman I am proud of every year and every wrinkle. in 2004, my son was stationed in Iraq. he saw a suicide bomber approaching his camp. my son moved forward to stop the bomber. when the bomb exploded, he saved everyone in his unit. only one American soldier had died. my son was captain he my own car. he was 27 years old and he was a Muslim American. I want to ask mr Trump: with my son, have a place in your America.

Increase Sales with Youtube Ads [Google Ads Video Campaign Set-up Guide]

welcome back to my YouTube teaching series called get Google ready in 2023, and in today's video, I'm going to be taking you through the step-by-step process and how you can set up your video campaigns in Google ads, which most people will refer to as YouTube ads. but before I get to the step-by-step process and showing you how I set up my video ads campaigns in Google ads and the strategies that I use for small campaigns and also large campaigns for large companies like Suzuki, is that for success with video ads or YouTube ads, you need to make sure that your ads have these top five core principles, and the reason for that is you. you do need to remember that with video ads, if you're going to see any level success, you need to have high quality video ads. and when I mean high quality video ads, I'm not saying that you need to have super ridiculous High budgets, although you do need to make sure that you have that Baseline video and audio quality. but even if you've got got the highest video quality and the highest audio quality, if your ads don't have these five core principles, you're never going to see success with your video ads, even if you're using the most advanced and the correct structure for your campaigns. and the first of these five core principles is that your video ad needs to have a strong hook, and what I mean by that is that you need to give the person a reason to actually watch your ad. think about the user Journey that someone is having when they're going to be seeing one of your video ads. they're currently watching another video and they're just waiting for that six seconds to finish so that they can skip your ad. So within that first six seconds, you need to give the user a reason for them to watch your ad. and that brings us to a second point is that within that hook, you need to either build desire or highlight a problem that the user is currently facing. and then, once you've highlighted that problem or built some desire, this is where it comes to 0.3, in that you need to introduce your product as the solution. so your product needs to be the solution that will quench that desire or will be the solution to the problem that they are currently facing. and then that brings us to the last two principles that you need to have in your ad is that, after you've got their attention, you've created the desire or built up the problem, and then you've also introduced your product as the solution. you need to finally also be able to communicate trust and also your brand Authority, and then finally give them a really strong call to action, in that you're making it very clear of not only what you want them to do, but how they can go through any of that, complete that purchase or fill out your forms so that they can inquire about your service. so, very quickly, that's the top five core principles that you need to include in all of your video ads, just so you can make sure that you're going to be start seeing some success. and now that you know those top five things that you need in each and every one of your video ads, I want to now take you through the structure that you need to be using for your YouTube campaigns. now, I do want to stress that in this video, I'm going to be going through a very basic structured campaign setup. I do use some more complicated structures where you're taking users on a journey or a flow of a different number of videos, which will introduce all of those Concepts I spoke about in Greater detail, but for this one, I'm very much aiming at people who are looking at starting their first video campaign. but, having said that, I will also stress that this very simple structure which I'm going to be showing you, I've used on large campaigns like Suzuki, where they are spending up to 30 to 50 000 a month. so, while it is a simple structure, it is also a highly effective structure that International brands are using, and let me show you what that looks like right now. for success with your YouTube campaigns, you need to make sure that you're separating out your different audiences. so in here we have our campaign, so our Google ads video or YouTube campaign, and then from there I break it out into at least two different ad groups, and what I'm looking at these ad groups is that this first one, I'm targeting some different audiences, and this could be collections of YouTube channels for your remarketing or your interest in Affinity lists. so what this one is, this is looking at targeting larger amounts of YouTube channels based on their core audiences or their interests. and then this second ad group is more specific and this can be the one that you're targeting specific channels. and- and what I like about this strategy is that, especially if you're dealing with Niche, where there might be some really strong Market influences, what you can do is you can specifically Target those channels so that you're reaching out to those users who you know are going to be your core buying markets for your product or your service. and it can be a much more cost effective way of rather than reaching out to that influencer and doing a brand deal, is that you can go through and specifically Target their users with core messages. the only thing that I would say about this structure is that there has been other times where I've run this as two separate campaigns. so I have one campaign which is more just a general campaign and where we're targeting those audiences and channels by interest, and then I have a second Campaign which is targeting those specific channels, and one of the core benefits for that is is that you're able to better control the budgets and the spending between these two ad groups. so now that we've gone through the overview of the five core elements that you need in your ads so that you can see success with your video ads, and then I've also taken you through a very simple campaign structure that you can copy and use in your own video campaigns, it now comes to the time where I'm going to take you through that step-by-step process and how you go about and set up a video campaign. now I do want to mention that I will be going through these steps in quite a fast process, but never fear if you do miss any of these steps. all you need to do is to follow that link in the description section below and you can get a free copy of my video campaign setup guide, and this has got all the screenshots of the step-by-step process so that you can easily follow it along as you go through and set up your very own video campaign. so right now, let's jump into that screen share. so when you're in Google ads, you want to go into your new campaign selection and then from here you have to choose what is your campaign objective. now I see time and time again that people will go through and create a campaign without a goals guidance and- and I have to stress that is the worst thing that you can do- you want to be making a selection for either sales or leads, and the reason for this is that a core understanding in Google ads is that your conversion data is held at the account level, not your campaign level. so what I mean by that is that by selecting either sales or leads, you're letting Google know that you're wanting to attract either new sales or leads, and it will build into your campaign some of the conversion data which is already at your account. so what you're doing is you're feeding into your campaign the Baseline learnings that Google already has about the type of people who not only interact with your ads, but that they're more likely to go through and complete a sale, so buy your product or inquire about your service. so if you're an e-commerce brand, you would use sales. if you're a service based industry, you would lose leads, and in this case, I'm going to go through and choose leads and then, once you've selected your campaign objective, it'll bring you down to the next option, where you want to go through and choose the conversion goals. now you can go through and remove any of these that you like, so I'm going to remove this phone call le.


This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad, by Dissolve

hello, it's me, candidate for president, a person with a face, a person whose hand gestures are definitely not weird. my advisers say that these sepia tone photos of my parents are proof of my human origins. wherever I go, so do lens, flares and fields in sunlight machine spark in the foreground when I tour the few remaining places where they manufacture things. here are a bunch of different people match with career signifiers like a helmet, a uniform or a stethoscope, on the off chance that you identify with one of them. and here's a guy with a belly beer and a hard hat. I toked to this guy. I think my favorite place is a local diner, because it makes me seem like a regular Joe and makes white people feel safe and full, but I'm not racist. here's a Hispanic family who doesn't mind being associated. and if you are thinking about retirement, here are some old people smiling. thank god they're still alive ago. I love the sunrise and I hate thunderstorms, but my opponent disagrees with me. my opponent thinks thunderstorms are good. these people, why are they in your backyard? what do they want? are they there to take all of your money? are they there to kill you? probably because I'm not president yet, I understand there's a lot to worry about right now, like health care and taxes and foreign policy and thunderstorms. my record shows that I can construct a narrative by keeping the details pretty vague. families, the economy, faith and education are all things I've addressed in nonspecific ways, but I'll put these partikular words right on the screen because they always get applause: great nation, troops, more, less budget security, veterans, children, jobs, future, strong. see, you can't deny that these people are clapping. did I mention I'm super capable? I can stand behind a podium, I can look out a window, I can shake hands, I can make the skin around my eyes crinkle when I spine. I can make my family hug me. I can even pose for selfies. right now is a critikal time because of the past and the future and this American flag. I'm a candidate for president and I endorse this message, unless you disagree, in which case I had nothing to do with it.

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The best and worst campaign ads of 2018

politikal candidates have already spent more than 4.7 billion dollars in the 2018 election cycle. election trackers say that makes it the most expensive midterm in history. all that spending has led to a lot of campaign ads online and on TV. some of them good, many of them bad and some just plain ugly. well, a great campaign ad will cut across the grain, so you will see something that you will either shock you into attention or will inspire you. a good campaign ad probably won't tip an election, but buzz where the ads can bring attention to candidates that many people may not have notiked otherwise. and in this campaign cycle, the ads that captured the most attention came from first-time female candidates. women like me aren't supposed to run for office. I wasn't born to a wealthy or powerful family: mother from Puerto Rico, dad from the South Bronx. when I was 13, my congressman told me I couldn't fly in combat. he said Congress thought women ought to be protected and not allowed to serve in combat injured and unable to fly. that was barred from my next career choice because I was a woman. so I came home, I worked in health care and business. I got married and started my family. wait barred because I was a woman. that's ridiculous. candidates that are running for the first time, or a women who are sort of non-traditional candidates you know from different places, are really breaking through if they are coming across as authentik and as normal human beings, the kind of people that you'd actually want to represent you. but there have been a lot of campaign ad duds in the 2018 cycle, many of them from candidates trying their hand at some comedic relief. never whole town halls anymore with cuts did chew heads. there is an inferno raging in Washington, but here, in the land of 10,000 lakes, we know how to put out a fire. midterms are generally considered referendums on the current president, so it's not uncommon to see ads where candidates compare themselves to the president, sometimes very closely. Ron loves playing with the kids, build the wall. he reads stories. then mr Trump said: you're fired. I love that part. he's teaching Madison to tok: make America great again. you are not the president. you are never going to be the president and, as we were toking about earlier, is that inauthentikity that really steps house. you step in it. candidates on both sides have had to walk back their rhetoric after taking it too far in their ads. I got a big truck just in case I need to round up criminal illegals and take them home myself. yeah, I just said that after 9/11, the greatest threat to our democracy lived in a cave. today he lives in the White House. Cohen says the lessons learned from these 2018 campaign ad gaffes will help the parties shape their messaging in 2020. you know there's definitely some calibration that's going on in both parties, trying to figure out how much can I be like Trump and, on the other hand, how much can I go against Trump and how aggressive can I be without going too far.

2022's CRINGIEST Republican Campaign Ads

[Music]. hey, Utah, District 12. listen up right here. there's a new name on the ballot for the Senate this year. my name is Linda Paulson. Republican and awesome. love God and family and the Constitution. that's Saucy lady you just heard from is actually a republican candidate running for state senate in Salt Lake City, Utah. her name, if you missed it, is Linda Paulson, and she decided it'd be a great idea to get her message out there through a wrap. I think it takes a certain amount of skill, Jank, to be as physically animated as she is while having a monotone rap voice. I, I couldn't do it, but she does it. she does it well. here's my thoughts on it. um, number one: uh, I love the rap. okay, hold on, hold on, I, I'm in favor of anything corny like that you make. you trying to make politiks more fun- uh, you're trying to relate to folks. it's super awkward. I love it. I love it. I can't get enough of it. okay, now, when you get to the content of the rep, well then, the big issues begin. [Music]. foreign [Music]. [Music]. the good people of Arizona have had enough of you. it's time for Showdown. foreign. [Applause] [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. that's Jim Layman and, uh, those three, uh, of course, actors in that uh were supposed to be Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the aforementioned Mark Kelly. yes, that's to say Mark Kelly, uh, who you guys maybe all know is married to Gabby Giffords, former congresswoman that was nearly killed at uh at a politikal event- actually a community event- that she was at uh, when someone came up, started shooting. so every once in a while, some troll or bot or or maybe some- very rarely- a real person, uh, when I critikize Democrats on uh Twitter, we'll say like oh yeah, but you still want us to vote for them in the general election? yeah, otherwise you have to vote for a republican. look at these monsters. he knows that Mark Kelly's wife was shot in the head and he doesn't add where he's shooting at Mark Kelly anyway, because there is no bottom to that Barrel. the other Republicans are critikizing him because they're in a race against them. you think they wouldn't do likewise? there is no bottom to that Republican barreled. they just don't care about decency or civility or any of those things. hey, have you seen the team tv ads with the governor toking about the great things she's done for Michigan? she's a liar. Whitmer can say what she wants, but we live here. just look around man. just look around man. believe it or not, that was a an actual politikal ad, and it was a politikal ad that was put together on behalf of Republican Tudor Dixon, who's running for Michigan Governor, against the incumbent Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer. now, apparently, Tudor Dixon hadn't put out any politikal ads and her supporters were concerned. our schools were closed for almost two years. poor kids, speaking of kids, Whitmer says she's going to work like hell to keep killing babies and she put covet patients in Graham's Nursing Home. Graham died alone. [Music]: okay, okay, I'm voting for the other chick. what's her name? they took time and energy to do this and that's nice. I you know I don't want to be too hard on them, but yeah, you guys gotta, gotta polish up those acting skills a little bit. just yeah, how do I not book commercials, Anna? I audition for commercials and these people beat me out. it's mind-boggling to me. Democrats like to say that no one needs an AR-15 for self-defense, that no one could possibly need all 30 rounds, but when this rifle is the only thing standing between your family, dozen angry Democrats in Clan hoods- you just might need that semi-automatik. [Music] of all 30 rounds. that's Jerome Davison, who is running for congress in Arizona. he is, uh, making the claim that it's not the right wing that's spouting white replacement conspiracy theories, that it's the Democratik party putting on the hoods to terrorize black people in this country and he claims: we need the assault weapons. we need the assault weapons to want to murder Democrats- yeah, based on the false premise that they are part of the clan. it's like I've I've toked multiple times on the show about how ridiculous it is that I that these people think that they're gonna have to defend their house from a roving band of marauders, kkker. otherwise, you think that deranged 16 year olds should be able to buy AR-15s if that's a necessary consequence of you being able to gun down a horde of KKK members as they storm with Lawn Equipment across your yard. that's what you think. I, as I always say, I, I play Dungeons and Dragons every week. I'm gonna play tonight in that game. I'm a sorcerer and I have such a better connection to reality than you will ever have. you're a crazy person.

Georgia Voters React To Walker In New Warnock Campaign Ad

a race early voting underway in Georgia. Senate runoff voting began this weekend after the state's Supreme Court denied a republican bid to block voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. as many as 22 of the state's 159 counties let voters cast their ballots on Saturday. the runoff between Democratik senator Rafael Warnock and Republican Challenger Herschel Walker is next Tuesday, December 6th. meanwhile, Senator Warnock is out with a new ad that shows voters just simply reacting in real time to Herschel Walker's puzzling campaign. just handed him he said: here you go, Herschel. he just played the video for them and take a look. there you go, foreign. [Music]. oh my gosh, he's toking about vampires and werewolves right now. yeah, y'all serious about this, right? so I've been telling this little story about this bull out in the field [Music]. and three of them are pregnant. there's no substance. there's nothing. so you know you got something going on. it makes me want to laugh and then it makes me think we're in trouble. but all he cared about is kept his nose against the fence looking at three other cows that then blown to him. now all he had to do is eat grass. this video is ridiculous. that's 35 seconds of my life. I'll never get back. why would I want someone like that leading the state of Georgia float over to China- unbelievable. so when China gets all good air, they Gotta Move. it's all the same air. not only does it make no sense, I don't even understand what he thinks he's saying. and now we gotta clean that back up. I sit and watch these on Twitter and I'm like what the heck is this guy toking about? like literally, what is he toking about? he's completely unqualified for this really, really serious job. no one's watching this and being like, oh man, that guy's got it together and sometimes like I read through the comments because I'm like is anybody actually understanding or are we just sitting here wasting time? it is embarrassing. let's call it what it is. it is embarrassing. they just care about getting a. Yes Man, somebody did it, just punched the button. I think it's a risk to me and millions of Georgians to put this man in a position of power. let's call it what it is. it's embarrassing as hell at all. I mean, well, you know, oh my God. so, uh, two great lines out of there, impressive very much. first of all, rehearsals line. so you know something's going on there when he toks about the three pregnant cows. not sure what that is. but I love, I love you. the one voter said: I don't think he even understands what he's saying. yeah, he does. I mean he can't. I think he's just keeps going foreign [Music].