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can dropshipping make you a millionaire

Published on: January 11 2023 by pipiads

1. The video discusses the possibility of becoming a millionaire through dropshipping and the strategies to achieve it.

2. Financial literacy is crucial in managing money effectively for financial well-being.

3. Financial literacy may not be taught to those who are not born into a wealthy family.

4. The misconception that showing off wealth means success is a sign of financial illiteracy.

5. Super-rich individuals prioritize investing in assets that generate income rather than liabilities that drain it.

6. Dropshipping can be a vehicle for creating wealth if used wisely.

7. Understanding the difference between assets and liabilities is essential in building wealth.

8. Investing in real estate, stocks, and other profitable ventures can help make money work for you.

9. The Rich Dad Poor Dad book is recommended for understanding the concept of assets and liabilities.

10. Financial literacy, patience, and a long-term perspective are necessary for building generational wealth.

How I Got Rich in 27 days (Shopify Dropshipping)

1. The speaker is Nathan Nazareth, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada.

2. He became successful in less than one month of starting e-commerce.

3. He had no money, experience, degree, or Einstein-level IQ.

4. He found Shopify dropshipping as the most viable way to make money online.

5. At first, he was extremely skeptical and thought the entire business model was a scam.

6. He reached out to every single YouTube creator asking them about their experience with dropshipping and found out it's legit.

7. He had to develop thick skin and a complete mindset shift to succeed.

8. He was passionate about sports and fitness, which led him to create his first product, a resistance band dropshipping set.

9. He modeled his website after TRX and launched his very first dropshipping store ever.

10. The first attempt was a complete flop, but he didn't give up and continued to work hard to succeed.

Can Dropshipping Make You A Millionaire?

1. Drop shipping can make you a millionaire.

2. The speaker has exited multiple drop shipping businesses and achieved a personal seven-figure victory.

3. The speaker is not a guru running Facebook ads or looking for the next hot product.

4. The speaker operates and teaches high ticket drop shipping businesses.

5. E-commerce changed the speaker's life and they want to share it with others.

6. The speaker wants to help others who have unrecognized potential.

7. The world is abundant and there is enough for everyone to win.

8. The speaker has a free podcast and a paid podcast for those interested in drop shipping.

9. There are no excuses not to become a drop shipping millionaire.

10. Just get started today.

Watch THIS before Dropshipping | 27 Year Old Millionaire | Davie Fogarty

1. Dropshipping has warnings and challenges that need to be considered before starting a business.

2. The main challenges with dropshipping include payment bans and ad account bans that can affect a business's success.

3. Avoiding account bans is crucial to maintaining momentum and focusing on the main elements of the business.

4. Dropshipping is a simple business model with a low barrier to entry and little capital required to get started.

5. However, the simplicity also means that it is super competitive and margins can drop quickly.

6. Customer connection and retention are often neglected in dropshipping, with a focus on acquisition and profit on the first purchase.

7. Product quality can continuously drop as suppliers reduce quality to increase margin, leading to a decrease in customer satisfaction.

8. Online gurus selling dropshipping courses often do not address these challenges and risks.

9. It is important to differentiate products and focus on customer connection and retention to succeed in dropshipping.

10. Dropshipping can be successful, but it requires careful consideration and a strategic approach.

Asking Shopify Millionaire's For Business Advice

1. The speaker was invited to a Shopify yacht event in Miami because their store does at least seven figures in revenue.

2. They interviewed business owners at the event about their businesses, revenue, and tips for success.

3. Kimmy B sells luxury handbags and makes over seven figures in revenue.

4. Her advice for starting an e-commerce business is to start today and be authentic on social media.

5. She sells her bags through a live show on TikTok and has made up to $60,000 in one night.

6. Cole Chad sells Apple watch bands and his holding company does around $2 million in revenue per day.

7. His advice is to start with dropshipping to learn, but then pivot to a brand you are passionate about.

8. Ivy Tiger Lee runs Pirate Fashions, the world's largest pirate store, and makes just under a million in revenue per year.

9. His advice is to find a unique niche and become the king of that niche.

10. Overall, the speaker learned that you just have to try something and be willing to fail in order to potentially create a successful business.

$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step)

1. The author made $16,000 in their first month of online business through Shopify drop shipping.

2. They found out about TikTok drop shipping through seeing others make money on the platform.

3. They found a product to sell called soul lifts that make you look taller.

4. They used drop shipping suppliers like Zen Dropper and Alibaba to get the product for cheaper.

5. They created a website using Shopify and customized it to be simple and easy to navigate.

6. They took inspiration from successful competitors when creating their website and social media pages.

7. They marketed the product on TikTok and Instagram.

8. They suggest buying Instagram followers for credibility, but not buying TikTok followers.

9. They recommend ordering the product from Amazon for ease.

10. They provide a tutorial for creating a drop shipping store from scratch.

Millionaire Tries The Dropshipping Side Hustle! (for the first time)

1. The video showcases the process of creating a drop shipping business on Fiverr.

2. The business includes everything from a Shopify store to social media ads.

3. Drop shipping is advantageous as it allows someone to handle the running costs of a warehouse.

4. The product being sold is oversized blanket hoodies, priced at $45 with a $27 profit margin.

5. The business name is Cozy Comfort and a logo is needed.

6. The video ads were created by a Fiverr seller for $20.

7. The Shopify store was created by a Fiverr seller for $175.

8. The logo was created by a Fiverr seller for $25.

9. The final logo design wasn't ideal, but it was only $15 so it can be kept as a backup option.

10. The final Shopify store design looked professional and trustworthy.

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