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can you change store name on shopify

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads


hey guys, happiness here. welcome back to my channel, and this channel is all about different shopify's tutorial, small businesses tips, as well as entrepreneurship in general. so if this is your very first time in my channel, hey there, welcome. so in today's video, i am going to be showing you guys how you can go ahead on your shopify store and change your store name as well as your store url domain name. so there are so many reasons of why people are going and change their store name, and i can say one of the reasons is because they want to rebrand their store. uh, another reason is because they have been running their store for a while and they are not happy with the results they are getting from their stuff. that is why they want to change it, for whatever it was, to another different thing. i really don't know what is your reason of why you want to change your star name or your store url domain name, but what i know is just, i am going to show you how you can go ahead and do it step by step, and this process is very easy and very simple. so before i go ahead and start showing you how to do it, please don't forget to smash the like button, subscribe on my channel, if you haven't done so, for more tutorials like this and leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think about today's video. and yeah, let's go ahead and jump in today's tutorial. so the first thing you're going to do is log into your shopify store and this is how our shopify dashboard is going to look like and, as you can see, our current store name is called for raju, so you can go up here on the left hand side you will find your store name. so, in order for us to go ahead and start changing our shopify name, we are going to go to the setting down right over here. so go ahead and click settings and, as you can see, once you get on this page, there are so many things you can go ahead and click and do some changes or add more information, but for now, we are going to change our stone name. so, pretty much, go ahead and click here on the store details and this page will come up. so in here there is a start name, is the contact email and the store industry specifically, as well as the phone number. you're gonna have to put a phone number as well. so now go ahead and edit your start name and put the name you want. so i'm just going to go ahead and check this out. uh, so i am going to name my store as cheek chic styles, okay, so once you're done changing your style name, you can go ahead here and click save. make sure to click save almost every time when you do some changes on your style, because you never know if something happened to your computer, like your computer restarted itself, then you're gonna lose a lot of work that you have been doing and you'll be wasting your time. so just have a habit of saving every little detail. so, yeah, this is how you change your stone name. now let's go ahead and change our url. so, basically, when you set up a shopify store with shopify, they normally give you an admin url which you can see right over here, which is this one for raha to go to dot myshopifycom. you can also see here on the searching place on google right over here. it's called rahatsugotumyshopifycom. that is basically a permanent domain name of your stuff, so this cannot be changed based on how the domain name really works. so if you want to change yours and be accurate to the new name of your store, you'll need to buy a new domain name or transfer your existing domain name. so, basically, let's go ahead and click here on the domains and this is your domain name here and it shows- this is our status- that this domain name is connected with your shopify store and the provider is shopify. so if you want to change your domain name to be accurate with the name of your store that you have edited, like few minutes ago, you will need to buy a new domain name or transfer your existing domain name if you already have. so, basically, this is because the current url- the one we are using here, um, represents the old stone name. as you can see here, the old stone name was called for raha to go to, and i have changed those thought name to cheek styles, okay, so you're gonna need to go ahead and buy a new domain and, uh, in order to match your stok name and the url, so you're gonna have to click here to buy a new domain. or, if you have a new domain from a different platform, you can actually transfer your domain here. oh, you have a domain and you want to connect it, you can click here, but for now we are going to buy a new domain. so, pretty much, go ahead and click here by new domain and this is the page where we can go and buy a new domain. so, basically, go ahead and type the domain name you want. uh, most of the domain they are taken. so make sure to pick a domain that is still available or the one that is taken, but you can buy it. so, pretty much, i'm going to type cheap styles. okay, let's see if this name is available. okay, so looks like, um, kickstartcom is unavailable. so when you, when you search for your domain name, there are a big chance that they won't be available as people have bought them already so you can't use them. but you can go ahead and pick another domain names like this one, like cheekstylesorg dot store, ordered shop. so these are the only available for now. so, just in case, if you want to buy a domain name with dot com or dot net, um, you're gonna have to change, you have to twist your domain name. so let's say, let me put three there and see if that will be available. wow, okay, so with number three, looks like this domain name with this name is available. so pretty much, you can go ahead and buy this if this money is on your budget. so pretty much, click buy to buy this domain name. okay, and yeah, so pretty much. on my shopify store i didn't add any payment method, so it this page will take me straight to my card that are saved on my shopify store and it'll take payment there. of course, you're gonna have to authorize it before going ahead and charge the card. what i'm gonna tell you: if you don't have a card, just go ahead and click add payment method and once you add your bank card information, you can just follow all the instruction for you to buy the new domain name. okay, so, since i'm not going to buy a new domain for now, um, but i just want to show you really quick: once you bought your domain name, you'll have two domain names right over here. so so when you have your two domain, they will all appear on this domain page. so pretty much the thread to go to that, myshopifycom, will be the connected domain name and the other one will be down over here- cheek style 3 will be down over here and the starter is not connected. so what you can do is so, once you bought your domain name, shopify will want to verify your email address that you have been registered for a new domain and once you have been verified, you can go ahead and start this new domain name as your primal domain name. as you can see here, the front to go to that is the primal domain name. so if you want to change this domain name and you can go ahead and replace it with the domain name that you bought from the internet, okay, so, to go ahead and connect your domain name as a primal domain name, you can go right over here, uh, on this link here that says change primal domain, um, so you can go ahead and select that and this box will come up here. so, since, because we bought another domain that says cheekstyles3.myshopifycom, you will have these two different domain name right over here and you can have an ability to go ahead and unselect this one and select the other domain name that you bought it. okay, so, yeah, that is how you can go ahead and change your start name as well, as you are still url domain name and once you, once you make some selections here, you're gonna have to click save. once you click save, then this will be down here and the floor and the cheek style 3 will be up here and connected. so yeah, guys, i hope you liked today's video. if you do, please don't forget to give me a big, big, big thumbs up. subscribe on my channel, if you haven't done so for mor.

Can You Change Your Shopify Store Name?

can you change the name of your shopify store, like, what if you screw up? or what if you just want to change the name, or what if you want to start over? you messed up? can you do that? let's tok about it in this video. hey, what's up everybody and happy new year. welcome to 2022. we're glad to see you. if you're new here and you don't know me yet, my name is carrie. i'm the founder of shirt school and i created this channel to bring you the best strategy, secrets and hacks to grow your online t-shirt apparel or print on demand business. today, i want to dive into how to change your shopify store name, or if you can do it. this is a kind of a hot thing that's searched out there and i want to tok about, really quickly, before we dive into my computer screen, the really three different terms that you need to understand before we tok about this subject. number one is the name of your shopify store. actually in your your shopify account. now, that's literally just the name of your shopify account. it is your store name, but your customer doesn't really see it and that's just something you change in the settings. we're going to show you that. number two is your shopify url. now, if you have a shopify account, everybody has a shopify url. it's going to be something like carriestmyshopifycom- every single one of you watching this. if you have a shopify store, you have one of those urls, but again, whether your customer sees that or not depends on if you have. the third thing we need to tok about today, and that is a custom domain and that is like a dot-com. so instead of carriestmyshopifycom, it might be carriestcom, right? or you know, mytshopcom, so that's a custom domain. so we've got your shopify store name, we've got your shopify url, that's dot myshopifycom, and we've got your custom domain, which would be blahblahblahcom. okay, so some of these can be changed. some of them can't. can't. let's first tok about your shopify store name. all right, we're looking inside of one of my test shopify accounts. this is the enneagram live shopify account. if you look at my cursor up here in the top left, you see it says enneagram life. now, that is the shopify store name and really it doesn't really matter what that says. this could just be kerry regular, it could be whatever, could just be your name. your customer will never see this. now, if you want to change that, it's pretty simple. you're just going to hit the settings button and right here, the first thing you see is enneagram life and we can just change our store name right there. that again, that's all there is to that first thing- our shopify store name. that can be whatever, it doesn't really matter. the second thing that i want you to take note of is this shopify url right here, which is enneagram life or enneagram dash lifemyshopifycom. now when you create your shopify account, you're going to create that my shopify domain. that can never be changed unless you just can't just turn off the account. that is what it is now. your customer does not see that unless you do not have a custom domain. now what i want to show you is we can type in enneagram dash life dot my shopify and it should pull up this enneagram life test store. if we give it just one second here there, it is okay. but see what happened here is it changed to enneagramthreadscom? that's my custom domain and i i bought that from shopify. i bought a custom domain. so what happens is customers, since i have a custom domain, customers never see this my shopify. you know, enneagram dash life dot my shopify domain. they never see that because i have this custom domain: enneagramthreadscom. so although you can't ever change the my shopify domain, it is what it is forever. as long as you have a custom domain, your customer will never see that my shopify domain. so, even though it can't be changed, i've personally had stores where i've where i've completely wanted to change the name and really the only thing that i needed to do to ensure that that that that happened is just change the custom domain. that's really kind of all there is to that. so you cannot change that my shopify domain. if you're enjoying this video, would you do me just one quick favor? it just takes one second of your time and it costs euro, dollars and zero cents. just hit that like button for me. it really helps me out. also, consider subscribing to the channel and hitting the bell icon. subscribing and hitting the bell will make sure you get notified when we put out new videos, which is every single tuesday. all right, back to the video. so, number three, let's tok about your custom domain. and again, the custom domain is dot com, you see, enneagramthreadscom, or it could be co or dot store or whatever it is, but it's a custom domain that you either purchase from shopify or you purchase from a third party, maybe like godaddy or namecheap or something along those lines- that can be changed. that can be changed if you wanted to change that custom domain. now i'm not going to go through all of the steps today, but let's say, you know you, you wanted to change your brand, you bought a new domain, you want to get rid of the old brand. the basic basic steps are: you need to go to settings in your shopify account and you're going to hit this domains button right here and you'll see that i have enneagram life or enneagram threads there and i can delete a do this domain and i can connect an existing domain or i can buy a new domain. there's a couple different options here in order to connect up a new domain. so, just to kind of recap, if you were wanting to change the name of your store, i think the most common situation is going to be that you know you, you just want to start a new store or change the brand all together. really, the only thing that you need to make sure that you do is change your custom domain, buy a new one from shopify or buy a new one from godaddy name cheap. wherever you want to buy, buy one from. that's the most important thing, because that is the only name that your customers will see. now you also might want to consider. you might want to make sure that the correct name is showing on the payment receipt so when it hits their credit card. and again, you can do that in the settings in your shopify account. just making sure that that's all updated. um, but that's really all there is to it to change the name of your shopify store. if you're just getting started with shopify and you're needing some additional help, we have a free 13-step cheat sheet that you can download for free. it will walk you through the 13 steps that you need to make sure that you do on your shopify account before opening up your store. again, it's completely free. just head over to shirtschoolcom cheat sheet. we'll also put that link down in the description. you can grab that completely free. we'll see you next week. you.


How to Change Your Shopify Store's Name and Website URL

hi friends, my name is Raj and you are watching tik white, so in this video I will show you how to change store name on Shopify and how to change your domain name, or you can say side URL on your Shopify account. so let's start. this is my Shopify dashboard, and first we will change the Shopify store name. go to the settings option and you can see the option store details. click on it. then in the basic information, click on edit and here you can see the option Stone name and you can easily change the store name. let's suppose I will change it. okay, and you can also change the store industry as well. okay, then click on Save. that's it. you can see store name has been changed now. now move on to our next problem: how to change the domain name, or you can say site URL on Shopify. so right now I'm using this domain name or you can say site URL. so if you want to change this site URL, go to Shopify dashboard, then go to settings option and scroll down and you can see the option domains. click on it now, scroll down and you can see this option change to a new shopifycom domain. one important thing: you will get only one chance to change your Shopify domain name, or you can say side URL. now enter the domain name which you required and you can see dog Health and Care dot. shopifycom is available, so I will select this domain add domain. my domain name has been changed. now my site URL has been changed. if you are getting, uh, this type of page, cut this. go to online store option. now use this option, view your store and you can see. now it's working. you can see it's looking fine. or, if I check it again with the previous option and it's done, now my new domain name is live and working fine. so thank you. thanks for watching tik white. have a nice day.

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Can Shopify Store Name Be Changed? [SOLVED]

hey everyone, what's going on? this is eric from steely ups, and in today's video, i'm going to teach you how to change your shopify store name in 2021. if you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you know whenever we go live or release new videos. now let's just jump into my screen and i'll show you how to get it done. okay, so i'm in my shopify store and if you want to change your name, there are three ways to go about it and think about it. the first way would be to change your- my- shopify domain- and this is the name you create- to your admin dashboard whenever you create your store- and this is not something you can change- if you created the store with this available name, then that's it. it's going to stay there. there's nothing you can do. even if you contact shopify support, they're going to tell you this is impossible. so, whenever you can create your store, just make sure to use a name you like- but again, it's not that critikal, just for your internal use. it's not such a big deal, all right. so the second way to think about it would be the store name that shows up in here. now. this doesn't have a huge impact about everything you do and most of the time you can change it. but if you use different apps, different services, different marketing campaigns- for seo or for email marketing or a lot of things like that- might automatikally withdraw the name from here. so you do want this to be something that your customers can see and that reflect the true name of the store. i'll give you an example. probably, if you go to an applicarty, then the default for some campaigns might be having the store name as dynamic tag. so you see, this is site name. hey, there we notike. you forgot something in your cart. complete your order now and then cart link. so this site name is going to be automatikally withdrawn from shopify. you see, this is airbonsai. so you just want to make sure this is something your customers can't see, because there's a good chance it's going to be used every here and there without you even notiking. another good example might be the transactional email over here and yeah, if i preview this email, you see that the store name is going to be up in here. now you can change it. you can change everything, but you better just make sure that this is something that you control, just to make sure that if customers see that it's very simple for them to understand that this is your store and it is going to show up in a few different places automatikally. now how do you change that? all you have to do is head over to settings, general and then just update it here to whatever you want. so if i want to make it just, you know eric's store is the best and i'm just going to hit save and voila. from now on that's going to be the name and probably, if i'm going to refresh it, it's just going to show up. and here you go. now it's changed. now i'm just going to get it back to steal your store and i'm gonna keep it this way. now, again, you need to refresh it, just to make sure it changes. now, the last way to change your store name: this is the actual domain that shows up whenever you log into your store to see what it looks like now, because i didn't attach any domain to this store. then it shows up as stereomyshopifycom, which is your internal admin dashboard here, right, just without the slash admin. that's going to take you over here. now, if you want to add a domain to your store, all you have to do is just head over to online store domains and you can just buy a new domain, and that is available on the dot-com extension now. you can just search everything in here and, if it's available, you're going to see exactly how much it's going to cost you. now it's important to mention that shopify itself- the price for domains- is pretty expensive. you can head over to platforms like godaddy and search the domains over there, buy them from here and then it's going to be a little bit cheaper, and you can use the option to transfer domain if you're not sure about how to set it up. we have a whole video just about how to set up a store from scratch in 2021, and we tok about domains over there now. it's super simple. but again, these are the three simple ways to change your store name. one would be the internal name, which is unchangeable. the second one would be the store names that you can change from general settings and the actual domain of the store. this is something you can change from online stores domains and then either transfer an existing domain or just buy one directly from shopify, but it's going to be a little bit more expensive. okay, guys, this is it. thank you so much for watching this video. if you haven't already again, just make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to our youtube channel so you know whenever we go live. if you have any questions, make sure to post them in the comment section below and i promise we will answer each and every one of you. thank you so much and i'll see you on the next video. [Music]- bye. [Music] you.

How to Change Shopify Store Name and Shopify URL 2021

all right, let's get started on this. hey, welcome everyone again for another video, uh, from resolutions design. my name is edwin stor, um agency owner of resolution design, and here in this video we're going to tok about how to change your store name. beginners, guys, so if you're new to this channel, please make sure you press that subscribe, that notification bell, as we give tips and tricks as to how you could improve your shopify store. so let's get right to this in this presentation, all right? so what's the problem here? why? why are we watching this video? well, chances are that you've created a shopify domain or created a store name and shopify for some, whatever reason, doesn't let you change that original shopify url and you know, depending on how this problem is populated, this might be important to your store or, based on this video, you might realize that it's not really such a big deal and you could do a very quick fix about it. so in this video, what i'm going to try to do is kind of like pinpoint out exactly why we're in this situation, how can we prevent it, right, and how do we move forward, because, based on this problem, you might have different reasons. so let's tok about the different reasons as to why you're in this problem, and so here are the main reasons as to why you might want to change your name, and i'm going to be covering all of these parts. so the first one might be because you misspelled it. you were going too fast when you went and you typed in the name of the business and you realized, oh wow, i mistyped this whole thing. i need to redo it again. another reason might be is that when you were first starting off with your store, it was a prototype name, like it was just a beta name, and now that you further went along into your business, you came up with a better name. and it's too late. you're like, oh, i need to change the name of this shopify store because now i have a new name. the third reason might be because, uh, change a business, right? so, uh, you were once selling something and then you realized that you know what? i'm not going to sell this, i'm going to sell something else. and therefore you're like, well, if i'm going to sell something else, i need to change the business name, and that's what has me in this problem. or you probably sold or purchased your business to someone else and what they're trying to do is have you change the name, or you know you purchase the business from someone else and you're trying to rename the business and the url is just kind of stuck there. so that might be the reason. if there is another reason that i haven't listed here, just put it down in the comments so that i could tell you if this video does pertain to you or if this is something that i should create another video on. so if these are one of your reasons, then hopefully you're in the right place here. okay, so let's start right away discussing about the first two, right away, which is either the misspelling or the prototype name. right, let's? let's tok about something that's that i like to call a strategy phase, and so a strategy phase basically, uh, one of the ways that you solve it out is that you know, before you start your store, you need to really plan it out on paper first, and i'm sure a lot of you guys. when you start your store, you're going very, very fast. you're just like you know i want to get my store up and running already. let me just get this going. but you know, here at an agency resolution design, when we build businesses for clients, we don't just pull the trigger and fire off the hip, right? what we do is that we have a strategy session, a discovery session, where we plan it out, and typically we do that on paper. we say, okay, so what is the name of this business? what, what should we call this store? right, let's put it down on paper first and right away. what you should do before you even build the account on shopify is that you should go and purchase the domain. you should see if it's available first. right, so go to places like godaddycom or go to cheapname, cheapdomainnamecom, whatever it is, and first see if the dot com name is available. do not build your shopify store before doing this step. like: first make sure that the domain is available- and i have another video as to how to purchase your domain and how to get your domain connected to shopify. but that's what you need to do first. first figure out that domain and then, from there, plan out how the business is going to be, so on and so forth. okay, so that's that's the first step. now i'm going to move on into the next step. like what happens if this has nothing to do with you planning it out? it's just that you've already built your business. it's already been months ahead of time and you just kind of want to change things up. you kind of want to like switch it up and you're locked with the old stuff. and that goes to my next point here. it's to create a backup constantly. now, this should be something that you should always do, not necessarily every week or anything like that, but at least every month or every other month. create a backup of everything, like create a backup of your uh products. so export all your products to a csv and keep it in a hard drive somewhere. if you purchase the theme, go ahead and create a backup by exporting it into a zip file and then from there you could also export your settings, which you could use microsoft word or pages or whatever, and then copy paste those texts into a word document. you need to create a backup, and you'll understand exactly why i'm saying that the backup is so important. if you are down the road already where you want to kind of like switch this up, okay. so right away, what i'm going to tell you is, if you're looking for a fast solution, to just say, let me just change this url right away. kind of easy, but kind of not. now let's get to the tiknicalities as towards why this is kind of difficult, but it's doable, all right. so several things right. like, depending on how you're trying to solve this problem, this could be something that is very, very easy or slightly difficult. so let me just give you an example. so, right here, if you're in the back end of the account, if you go to the actual online store, you'll see something here, especially if you just uploaded your theme and it says my t store- right, or it says your store, whatever. the default is right- and you're like: well, how do i change this? how do i change this up here? okay, and of course, you could upload your logo within the theme, right, so that's one of the solutions, and i'm sure this might pertain to you or this might not remember. i'm going to cover a lot of different scenarios as to what you're going through. okay, so if you go to customize theme into whatever theme that you purchased and you want to kind of just change that name right there, uh, don't worry, i'm gonna touch all subjects, so don't get frustrated. okay, um, you go, you're gonna go right here to where it says header, and then you're gonna go ahead and swap out your logo and then from there on the logo, you could just kind of like click on that and it'll change it, right. that's one way of doing it and that might not be what you're looking for, but that's just in case. if you came into this video to search, how do you change it from there at that point? okay, so that's one way of doing it. let me go ahead and not choose that. let me revert it back to that default method and let's go back to our original problem. the other way might be that if you just want to change that text, right, you want to go to where it says settings and you want to go here to where it says general and in general, what you're going to do is you're going to change this to another store again. this might not be what you're looking for, but this is just another scenario. if that's what you're looking for, we're going to tok about the real scenario in a second. so, right, when i change that, if you go here on the front end, you'll see that that's what it changed right there. that's how you change the name of the store on that partikular instance. now let's tok about what i think e.

How to change Shopify store name

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