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can you do pre orders on shopify

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How To Configure Pre-Orders in Shopify (Creating Pre-Sales without confusion)

i am here to show you how you can use shopify and set up a pre-sale in the back end of your store so that you can properly track your orders. some big advantages about pre-sale: as a business owner, sometimes you really just don't know what to expect and what's going to happen. going the pre-sale route is a great option. even if you want to launch new products down the pipe. you can have a pre-sale for anything. it gives you the finances to purchase things. it gets customers excited. it gives your loyal customers a chance to bite at what's new and what you're offering. so pre-sales are a way to go. i am going to walk through how to get that set up in the back of the end of your shopify store. so what you want to do is, if you're familiar with shopify, and go to your products- and i am just going to choose one of my candles here. i'm just going to choose my beautiful scent here, and so when you are entering products into the backend of your store as you prepare for your pre-sale, you're going to fill this product page out. this is what customers are going to see when they click on that partikular scent. it's going to take them to this product page, and so, of course, you want to enter the title of your scent or your candle. feel free to add a few images here. again, this is what the customer will see. this is pretty much just setting up what your product page will look like. what i advise is, when you're doing a pre-sale, is to absolutely make sure pre-order or pre-sale is as visible as possible so that nobody is confused, right? and so what i recommend is definitely putting pre-order in the title [Music] and make sure it's absolutely notikeable. you don't want to give customers any excuse to wonder where their order is. i also recommend: one thing that i did was when i was filling out my description page, i also did it here, and then below that, i listed out or explain the terms. orders will begin to ship out on [Music], say 4, 28, and so that way you can bold it, you could do whatever. whatever makes it something that customers it will stik out to customers, and so this is what i did. i gave them the time frame so that that way they know exactly when the pre-sell in and when they can begin to expect their orders to ship out, to begin shipping out. so on april 28th, for example. that is when i will be headed to the post office right and from then the post office will. it will be based on the tracking from there. and so when it comes to doing a pre-sale, you definitely want to make sure you lay out the terms and so that number one, customers are fully aware on when it's going to happen, you know when it ends, when they can expect their order. but also make sure you are doing your best to estimate timing. so make sure you give a good window. and when it comes to pre-orders and pre-sales, that's pretty common and popular in the retail world, so customers are not oblivious as to how long things will take to come to them. it's a pre-sale, it's your new business, so they're expecting to wait at, you know, and take some time. so make sure you also throw some incentives in there. i know for me i i threw samples. i also threw a discount um card in there so that way they can come back and have 10 off their next order. i gave them some extra goodies so that way you know they it was worth the wait. and so when it comes to setting up your pre-sale, what you want to do is go ahead and set your price, and so i sell my candles for 15 cost per item. it's not required to enter here, but i like to enter it because it just, you know, it just kind of gives me an idea what my margin is and how much i'm profiting off of each candle. this that in the third, you want to make sure you're charging tax and you're collecting your sales taxes. you know in your state that is important. and then here, this is where the pre-sale glory happens, right. and so not only do you want to have check track quantity, right, you want to be able to track how many of this partikular scent you're getting, so that way you know how many of that scent you need to make. but you also want to turn this little baby on, continue selling without a went out of stok. and so what that is basically telling shopify to do is, although you don't have any inventory, you're getting people to buy into you. you're getting people to buy into your product before you even made it, and so you don't have any inventory, you are tiknically not in stok of anything. so you're telling shopify: don't worry about that, keep selling. and so what's going to happen is, when you begin to make sales, you're going to see negative numbers. so let's say, during your pre-sale time, let's say 20 people purchase actually say negative 20 because i don't have anything in stok. so, um, shopify is looking at that as a negative number because i chose to tell it to continue to sell although i don't have any in stok. so negative 20. when you go to now see what you need to do and how many you need to buy, you know that 20 people purchase. that is how you tell shopify to do that. and then you finish on setting up the rest of everything else. this is a physical product. you put in the weight and you set up the country and all of that jazz. that is probably one of the easiest ways to do it. and then, once you're pre-sell in- i'm very old school- what i did is, um, i just went in to my product page and you know you go see how many orders you have and you begin to track.

How To Sell Pre Order On You Shopify Clothing Store

Well, everyone Christian here, did you know? preorders can help you accelerate the shopping experience, increase sales and get more products into the hands of the people that want them faster. Preorders are super powerful. They allow you to increase sales and strengthen customer relationships by turning a potential sale into an actual purchase. Now, in this video, I want to clarify some myth and show you how to enable this feature on your actual clothing store. So what is, tiknically, a preorder? They let you take a deposit for any fraction of the total price of a product and charge the remaining amount at a later date using your customer's stored payment method. Now, why does this make sense? Well, it allows you to increase sales. It gives you an edge, allowing you to lock in more sales, Whether the merchandise is ready to ship or you're still waiting on it, or you're even prototyping different things. Hey, I just want to save you a money. My name is Christian Bingham, one of the co-founders here at that branding. we're an ecommerce growth agency that specializes in helping clothing stores grow and scale profitably online. We drive new videos every week, so make sure that your head doesn't scrape button and turn on notifications so you don't miss out. Now again, still toking about the why does this make sense for your store? It's. another great thing is that preorders is the fact that it helps you turn uncertainty into insights by providing data about actual, concrete demand of certain products. Right Gut feelings may work for some business, but for the rest of us, preorders provide a fantastik and actual, realistik picture of which sizes, colors and options you should produce in order to meet existing demand from your customers and be able to ship them right within, within a reasonable timeframe, or at least a timeframe that your customer knows is top of mind for them. They know that this is where and this partikular item is going to ship. Now there are two methods to set this up. First one is pay, now being the most common type of preorder, So the full sales price of the item at the time of the preorder right, So they pay for the full thing when they purchase it. You can think of this as a standard sale with an extended fulfillment time. So if cashflow is important to you, then this method will ensure that you always have the cash that you need upfront. The other type is pay later, So customers can either make a deposit or a payment free reservation on a product and then be billed for the remaining of that sales price Once the item actually ships. hey, before we actually get into the nitty gritty of how to do this, I want to let you know a little secret. We're using a tool called triple. well, for all of our client and group coaching members, This powerhouse allows you to see LTV for a customer at 30,, 60 and 90 days. But what we're most excited about is the estimated action of customers. Imagine being able to send out emails or even run ad campaigns to customers who are likely to buy from you a second or third time, and knowing when to actually send out these marketing messages. It's so, so powerful. We'll centralizes the metrics from all of the tools that you use right into your pocket. They simplify and form and save you time. Make sure to check out the link in the description below. Now let's tok about how to set this up. Preorders are complex and the best way to achieve this is through an app. Our favorite apps are free product preorder manager and a purple dot. All three are great, reliable apps that integrates seamless with Shopify. Now let's jump in here to kind of show you some more details about these three apps right here. All right, So the first one we have is the pre product next gen preorder. This one has 33 reviews and really, like we said, all these are great apps. It's just a matter of maybe they have certain different, little different features, or pricing might be something to to take a look into. So this one, for example, has the 19 $91 a month plus point 5% of paid preorder revenue, and then it jumps into the higher categories when it comes to the preorder manager, which probably is the most popular one, popular one with 961 reviews. They have a 20 for 95 a month and I don't believe they have yet It doesn't look like they have any other additional costs based off of the information here. And then the last one, that Purple Dot trusted preorder has the least amount of reviews, But again, it's still a good, trusted app and this one actually, I believe, has a free as free to install. So the first ten preorders are free and then $0.75 per preorder. So if you're a little bit more budget friendly, then, or you want to test the waters right With the preorder app, I would say Purple Dot is the one to go with. And again, something that I always look into is what type of features it actually has, the pricing of the app and then the amount of reviews, Right. So, although this one has two reviews, it is the cheapest, so and it's free, tiknically right, to kind of get started and test it out. So this is the one that we're actually going to install in one of our stores And see how it it actually works in the back end. Hey, if you like what you see, please consider hitting that like button on this video. Thank you, All right, So I did want to show you really quickly how the app looks. so here we have just a sort of a demo store. So we have this green t shirt that's on BackOrder, We have the red T-shirt And then that's on its on stok, So the one that's on backorder. when you click on that and it's, you can see on the actual product page it says preorder, instead of your typical at the car or checkout, And then right below that you see the expected ship date: August seven to the 13th, And then it says no charge until preorder ships. So they've selected the second method that we toked about previously on this video, where they're not charging anything at all And they also have free cancelations at any time And that says waitlist is powered by power. Now click on the preorder. I just want to show you how that checkout will look. As you can see here, you have the total do today. It will say $0, but it will also give them- the customer, A little note that says total do on August 7th is the $40, which is the full price of the, the T-shirt. I mean this. this looks great. It still keeps the customer informed throughout the whole process, Right, You start on the product page and I hear see it on the checkout page. They even have a little purple emoji here with the purple dot- hence the name of the company, Purple Dot- And it says: expect that ship August 17 to 13, full price. So they still keep the customer informed the actual pricing of this and still give them all the details all throughout the checkout process as well, which is very important so they don't get confused. Now, if we go into the actual purple that I just have here, like the first set up, to kind of show you how this will look Now, the next step here, after adding the app, is adding the product to your Shopify team theme. So when click on that and then all we have to do here is actually go to our customize on the unofficial theme and just checkmark the purple dot preorders, just like they show in that little gift. So we're going to click on that purple button And, as you can see, we've gone to the app embed. So this is under this kind of show, you under theme settings, And then app embed is where we're at right now And then in here you'll see purple dot preorders. All we have to do this is check market on, click save. Now we go back over here, then at log on support email, to the email settings. So we click on email settings And here you can see, you can add your logo and you can add your actual support email or whatever you use. It could be like your info app, you know, whatever that may be- And there's also shows you the samples for emails that are going to be sent to to your customers. So let me just click on one of t.

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Best Pre-order Shopify Apps

what's going on everyone? it's jamie here from shopify masterclass and today we're going to tok about the best pre-order shopify apps for your store. save you from scrolling through endlessly in the shopify app store. so we're gonna cover the top three apps here. we're gonna go over what they're about, the features they have, their pricing and the reviews, so you don't have to in terms of why you would want to pre-order shopify app. this is an easy way to generate demand and also gauge demand for a product. additionally, you can use this as well if a item is out of stok and you want to continue to generate revenue for it. then people just like to make that purchasing decision before it's available, so you know they have it locked in. if you were to look at something like the steam deck, which is recently released gaming product, people had pre-ordered it well in advance to make sure they were able to get it first because they knew there was so much demand. now, before we dive into it, just want to quickly thank our sponsor, profitcalc, which is going to understand your profit, grow your business all in just one click. now we're going to play the video so you can see what the app is all about. so the first pre-order app we're going to take a look at is times act. it's a discounted pre-order app allowing you to do pre-order, sold out, coming soon, back order, resell as well as out of stok. the benefits of this app is allows you to send pre-order emails and sms when things are in stok. they do everything with script tags as well, so your theme code is never altered. this is an issue. if apps do alter the theme code and you're uninstalling and installing them, we can permanently edit it. so having it all in a script tag makes it easy to remove. so we go to the screenshots here. we can see what it looks like. so we don't really need to dive in the features here, as it's pretty straightforward. so let's go into the screenshots and we can see that it allows you to have pre-order with discount. so give early buyers a discount here. it's nice to see we can see the backend ui in terms of how you can enable them and disenable them. there's also going to be some notes in the cart as well, reinforcing the buyer that it is a pre-order, just in case they're not ordering something and expecting it to come in the next few weeks. you can see it looks good on mobile and you got different settings and percentage discounts. in terms of pricing, here they have free, so it's going to be included. for your first 10 pre-sales are free because you go to 7, 10, 45 and 16.50 per month and it's gonna be based on the number of pre-sales. also have different response times based on your plans. here it looks like there is a higher tier. i'd have to imagine that is going to be when you surpass this pre-sale number. in terms of the reviews, it's sitting at a really nice five stars here, with just cleaned five stars and that's 436 reviews there. next up, we're going to take a look at his pre-order today. he's going to have the same features here. so pre-order coming soon out of stok and sold out products. in terms of how this one looks, we can see you can swap add to cart buttons with pre-order buttons, so again it's just kind of replacing the add to cart. there you can easily set up pre-orders on specific product variants and, mentioning that in a dashboard, you can get percentage or fixed discounts. you can also t taylormade your pre-order button text, quantity limit and order timeline, as well as customizing your message. you can also track those statistiks, such as pre-order accounts, with easy-to-understand insights and it's 100 mobile responsive, as i would imagine it would be. again, this is going to have a free plan with only one product. this one is five pre-ordered products and pre-ordered products and then unlimited pre-order products. so these plans are based on the number of products you have this button set up for, whereas the previous app was based on the number of pre-orders. this one also has a really good rating at 4.9 stars, with 210 5 star reviews. the last one we'll take a look at here- today's pre-product- next gen pre-order- essentially going to do the same thing as the previous two apps allowing for a pre-order button. if we take a look at some of the ui elements here, you can manage all your pre-orders in one place, communicate and sell via customized pre-ordered cart. so, as you can see here in, the cart is gonna tell them that you're getting an early bird discount plus as a pre-order, so you can sell and promote products much earlier. as we mentioned before, if you don't have that product currently available, you can continue to sell it to capture that customer demand. you can charge customers when you're ready now, later, or both via deposits. the deposit one is interesting as well as it's going to lock that customer in, you probably customize that amount there. so this could be similar to something like tesla does, where they take deposits on their cars just to gauge customer demand and kind of lock in customers as they kind of purchased it already. you can also track progress and send updates via emails, which is nice to show when the customer has their product available. in terms of pricing, this one is definitely on the more expensive end, with 19 a month or 19.99 plus point, five percent of pre-order revenue. that goes up to 160 dollars per month with zero percent commission, and the sixty dollar a month has zero percent commission as well. it also comes with a seven day free trial. so in terms of reviews, this one has 4.9 stars with 30, 5 star reviews. as we can look for some of the reviews, we're quite happy. so the ability to set pay later, deposit or paid in full allows them to customize and improve the shopping experience for their customers. so overall, this concludes the video on the best pre-order shopify apps. let me know in the comment what you think of these three apps here. there's a link in the description as well to access the full list. let me know if there are any apps you think that should be included. i also want to tok about our sponsored profit calc, allowing you to understand your profit, grow your business, all in just one click. then you skip to spreadsheets and get automatik calculations with detailed profit analysis. there's a link in description to access a 15 day free trial there so you can test drive all the features out for yourself. thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in our next video.

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How to Add a Pre-Order in Shopify (2023)

in today's video, I'm going to be showing you how you can set up pre-orders on your Shopify store. now there are a number of reasons why you might want to set up pre-orders. firstly, of course, is if you run out of stok on your product, you can always go and set up a back order to allow people to continue to purchase your products even when it's out of stok. and secondly, it's a really great method for testing new products. so maybe you want to set up a new product for your eCommerce store, but you don't want to buy lots of inventory up front. so you can mitigate this risk by purchasing just one sample of the product, taking some nice pictures, and then you can go and sell it on pre-order. if it sells well, then you can go and purchase the rest of the product in bulk, and if it doesn't sell well, then you can just go and continue on testing new products and you haven't wasted all your money on inventory that you can't sell. so in order to do this, we'll be using this app here called pre-order manager. so I will leave a link in the description to the pre-order manager Shopify app, and if you go and have a look, it does start at 24.95 per month and you can set up unlimited pre-order products. you can set up pre-order discounts back in stok, email alerts and you can do pre-orders by different countries. so maybe you've run out of stok in a partikular country or you want to test a product in a partikular country, and you can set it up as a pre-order. and, as you can see, this app has a 4.4 star rating on the Shopify App Store and over 900 ratings, so it is a really great app for setting up pre-orders. so, like I said, I'll leave a link in the description and from here all you need to do is click on add app. once you click on that, then you simply click on install app and from here you simply need to approve the subscription for the app and from here you need to just follow a few more installation steps. so click on check if theme store is 2.0. it will then hopefully say successfully detected on your theme and then you can click on apply pre-order button. now, once you click on that, hopefully it will say pre-order button applied and now you can click on preview to see if that pre-order button has been installed correctly, so we can see on the product page we now have pre-order and it says: we will fulfill the order as soon as it becomes available. so now we know that that pre-order button is working correctly. we can just go and choose yes. however, if it hasn't installed correctly, you can click on no contact support and the support team will help to get everything set up for you. so now that we have done that, we can click on setup complete. once you click on that, you will be brought over to the pre-order manager dashboard and from here you can basically see how many pre-order sales you have made and other analytiks. but the first thing I want to show you is how you can set up different types of pre-orders. so we are going to go to products and from here you will see all of the products in your store and you can go and set up different pre-orders for each product. now, in order to set up a pre-order on the product, you will need to go into products from your Shopify dashboard and just make sure that the quantity is set to zero, because people can't pre-order a product that's still in stok, because then they will just be ordering it. so if you are trying to test a new product with pre-order, when you set it up within Shopify, just make sure that you set the quantity to zero. now the first thing I want to show you is how you can just set up a basic pre-order that allows people to just simply pre-order it and then go and purchase it at the checkout. so in order to do this, you can go and just turn this green pre-order on. once the pre-order is active, it will look like this with the message: however, you can go and change some of the settings. so if we click on default settings and from here you can change some of the settings. so firstly, it will say if pre-order is closed due to limit or date. so, for example, if you're only selling 100 as the maximum pre-orders that you're selling, then the message once those 100 have been purchased, will just say sold out. so you can go and change that to whatever you want to. you can add pre-order discounts. I'll show you how to do that in one moment. then you've got the button text. so where it says pre-order, you can go and put something else in the text if you want to. and then you have the button message, so when somebody hovers over it, where it says we will fill the fulfill the order as soon as it becomes available. you could go and put in a different message. so, for example, if it was a food item, you could say: try out brand new flavor, only 100 available, or something like that. however, I'm just going to leave it as the default and then you have the pre-order checkout label. so we'll just say pre-ordered items. I recommend to just leave that as the default. so when people are checking out, they still know that they are pre-ordering the item, so they know not to expect it right away. then you have the pre-order quantity limit. so, like I said, if you only want to sell a maximum of a 100 products that you're just testing out as the first batch, then you can go and turn this on and you can go and put in the quantity of 100 like this, and you can go and choose whether you want it to be 100 in total or if you want it to be a certain amount per day. so this is sort of adding scarcity to the product, especially with a pre-launch. if you are pre-launching a product and you want to build up excitement for it, then this is a really great tactik that you can use to make sure that you sell out your first batch and then you can go and put a notify on to try and sell out the second batch. so I'll be showing you how you can go and put a notify me when back in stok in a moment. so now, if we scroll down, you can schedule a pre-order so you can go and set up a pre-order for a date in the future. so, for example, if you were doing a product launch, you could go and tok about it on social media for a few days to build up the excitement and you can say you can pre-order it on this date so you can set up the pre-order. you could say: we're going to start selling on Saturday and you then you can go and set an end date so you could say we're going to stop selling the product on a certain date as well. and again, this is just going to bring in some scarcity to the product and that's a really good sales tactik to make sure that you sell the product out, because people are going to know that this is not going to be sold forever. the end date's coming soon, so I better purchase it now. so then you can display the pre-order end date and you can go and choose the date format. however you want to go and choose it. depending on different countries- the US and the UK- they display their date formats in different ways and then you can go and display a pre ordered time remaining, so it could say: we only have 24 hours left for you to pre-order the product. you can choose pre-order locations so, as I mentioned in the beginning of the video, if you wanted to go and test out a product or if you have it sold out in a certain country, then you can go and enter in a country. so we could go and say, for example, the United Kingdom or the United States, so it's only going to let people from that country pre-order the product. so it's totally up to you. I'm actually just going to let anybody pre-order this product from any country. then you have the pre-order badge. so this is going to just show on the actual product image itself. so you can go and turn this on if you want to and you can go and choose your pre-order badge. so it's going to show across like this. so it's totally up to you what style you want to use. I'm just going to go for this one and then you can go into choose the colors so you can make sure that it matches the rest of your store. so I'm just going to go and choose this color, for example, and then you can see that we've got the text color. so let me just change that again. w.

Setup Pre-Order on Shopify | Sell Preorder, Out-of-Stock,Sold Out & Coming Soon Product App Tutorial

this video is sponsored by app maker. app maker is a shopify app that converts ecommerce website to mobile app. the mobile app builder helps you create native android and ios mobile application. get an opportunity to grab 15 off by being the first 200 signups. get the link in the description. so welcome to educate e-commerce- your one-stop destination for shopify tutorials and e-commerce solutions. so today in this video, i'll be toking about pre-ordering and how you can retain your customers even when your products are out of stok. so, when some products are out of stok, you can make them, make the products available in an immediate notike and also after a few times when the stok is back. so there are different methods that you can use. so you can either ask them to order the products even if you are out of stok, and also you can also choose to have a pre-order settings: uh, saying the customers that it will be available only after a certain few days. so, uh, you can use both of these methods. so we'll be seeing how you can implement those in your shopify store. so, as you can see, this is a product and here this product is out of stok. so, uh, this can be of two reasons: uh, because of the inventory out of stok and also because of the production less. so, uh, to tackle both of these, both of these problems, we'll be us having a solutions and we'll be implementing that. so, if you like this video, give a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe. so, uh, let's go to our store and here let's uh take the product that that is in out of stok. so here we have a unique setting by the uh shopify. so here, as you go down in the inventory section, you will be seeing that the continue selling, even when out of stok. so you can choose that and if you just save it, you will be able to order those, order that partikular product and, uh, like even the products out of stok, you can still uh have the customers to order that again. so i'll just refresh this page. as you can see here, this product is out of stok, but still you will be able to add this, uh, you will be able to add this to your cart and buy this product. so, uh, this is by when, when you can source that product immediately, even without a delay in the inventory. so, uh, what if you have your product and that product will be available only after a 10 to 15 days period so you can make the products a pre-order. or if you are, uh, making a product available, uh, in a partikular collection which you are releasing- we are you are supposed to release after a few days- you will be needing a pre-order button. so, by default, we can't add a pre-order button, but you, we are using an app to enable that. so for that, let's go to our store, let's go to sales channels and add a new app here. let's visit the app store. it's for a pre-order of app. let's search for that, and the app that we are going to use is the pre-order now option. so let's click on to that and install this. i'm going to add the app so you can install it and, once installed, you will be taken into the pre-order app dashboard. so it is a very simple setting with a very few options, and so hence, you will be able to configure it very easily. so we have our product space there and we have our pre-order button here. so here, what you can do, what you need to do is you need to get started with a pre-order for a partikular product so you can just search for a product. i'm going to search for the same product that was uh that was having the pre-order option. so here in this product the pre-order is disabled. this is a product that was out of stok, so i'm going to edit this. so here you'll be able to see that the inventory quantity is 0: 0, so you can just enable the pre-order for this variant and save the setting. so after saving the saving the settings, let's go to this product in the storefront. so here now you will be able to see that the product is uh given as pre-order now. so i'm just clicking onto the pre-order option right here and this product will be added to the cart. so this is the pre-order option that we have so uh to in in order to enable that this uh, this partikular button, for example, this one, the uh continue selling out of stok product- uh should be enabled uh in order to enable the pre-order option. so if you want to do this in bulk, you can just click on to, or you can suggest select all of the products. uh, click on edit products and here you can just add the field and continue selling when out of stok, and you can just uh go and enable all the products that you can sell after uh, even after the products are out of stok. so, uh, this, this doesn't mean that you have to enable this to all of the products, but, uh, whichever products is applicable, you can just enable the pre-order option and, with the help of the app, you will be able to add the pre-order option as well. so this, uh, this is one setting where you can enable, uh, the pre-order option when going back to your home page in the dashboard. so here you will be able to see the analytiks: how many pre-orders are there and how many uh pre-order product values are there, and all of these analytiks you will be able to see in the pre-order dashboard itself. so next, we have another option of all products: uh, by enabling this partikular option, you, you will be able to add pre-order option on all of the products inside your store, so all of the product will have a pre-order option when the product is out of stok. so, enable, to enable that you can start your 14 day free trial. i'm just going to click on the my 14 day free trial to show you how this is going to look like. so, once your free trial is enabled, uh, you can just go to the all products section, and here all you have to do is you have to enable this partikular setting and save it so that all of the product inside your store is enabled for the pre-ordering when the stok is zero or the inventory quantity is zero. so that is the one setting and it'll take some uh time to create the all the pre-order settings for all of the products. so again, if you want to do a single product, if you want to enable uh for a partikular single product, you can enable it from here. uh. now you can also enable it for partikular tags. so if you are releasing a collection uh, for example, uh any of the collection that you are going to release and it's there in your website, you can just pre-order setting for a tag. so you can just click on to new pre-order settings so you can add the tag. here you can add the tag whichever tag is existing inside your store. for example, plans is a tag inside my store. i'm just going to say settings. so all of the product that has the tag of plans will be enabled for the pre-order, so you can do that as well. so, since i have already enabled all of the products, every product will have pre-ordering, but instead, if you have a partikular settings, you will be uh also seeing that analytiks related to all of the pre-orders. you can just click onto pre-orders and it will be taking into you to the order section where all the pre-order uh will be available right here. so all of the list of the products that are pre-ordered will be available in a partikular tag. so you can, you will be able to fulfill that once the products are in stok. so that the one thing about this pre-order app: then we'll have the settings. we'll just go through the settings so there are default settings, pre-order emails, styles, advanced settings, etc. so you can custom make your uh buttons and if you can add the message: uh, delivery into three days after availability is a most common thing, so you can also uh available by feb 15. that's also another uh pre-order message that you can add. so you'll be able to uh see this in the below: uh add to cart button above to cat button or how you can, how you want to do that. it'll be available right there. so also, uh, if you want to enable inventory management, you can do that. so, yeah, this happens when, uh, when your inventory of the shopify is above zero, your pre pre-order button is 0 will be shown and once the inventory reaches 0, the pre-order butter will be disabled until it goes above 0.. so

6 Tips for Pre-Order Marketing for Your Fashion Business

- Hey there, I'm Nicole from Startup Fashion, and in this video I am going to be toking about six tips for pre-order marketing. So pre-order marketing is great. It's a fantastik way to build buzz for your company and your brand before you're launching. It's a great way to predict sales. it's a great way to get an influx of cash for your inventory and your marketing. But it is a lot of work. It requires a really thoughtful strategy to do it, because you really need to build up an excitement for what you're about to do with people who are going to purchase from you with no, there's nothing there yet, right? Like they're willing to buy and there's no proof yet. So it's something that you really have to spend some time thinking about, and so I wanted to share these six tips in this video. So, tip number one: tell a story. So, as a startup founder without any history there, what these customers are purchasing is you. I mean, they're purchasing your product, but they're investing in you. Maybe that's a better way to say it, right? So this is your chance and, honestly, your responsibility, to share this story about what they're buying into, using video and photos and written word, to really share why you're doing this, Why it's important, Why you're the person to launch this product, why it should matter to them, How it will help them, All of that. There's a story to be told there and you're and your marketing around a pre-sale really needs to go at that hard. Now, I know you hear that even when you're not doing pre-sale, but when you are doing pre-sale it's a non-negotiable. You have to do this because, again, they are investing in you, because there's no history there yet and they're willing to give you money and not get anything in return for awhile, and so that's not an easy thing to do. So you really need to spark that desire and willingness in them by telling that story, by opening yourself up, sharing the whole process of starting the journey and why you're doing this and all of that. That will really help them feel more confident and invested and excited about what you're doing. Number two: consider the customer journey in pre-sale marketing. So you really want to think about what your customer is experiencing when they go through this process, right? So, for example, if you are creating a travel related garment or travel related product, really go into all of the details about why this is so helpful and special when it comes to travel. Remember that they're gonna have questions and you need to make sure that you have all of those answers for them. You're adding another level of uncertainty by asking them to pay for something that they won't get for a while. So use photography and video to really show why this product is so special. Really push them through that journey of feeling like I don't really know to- Absolutely I want to have this- by addressing what questions they may have, showing the product from every angle, showing all of the cool things about it. Really make sure that that journey that they're experiencing is like really eye opening and exciting for them, and the way to do that is to give them as much detail, antikipate their questions, antikipate their objections, all of those things up front and address them in the content you're putting out there. But not just the questions that are related to the product, also the questions that they're going to have about the entire process, right? So when will you deliver? How will you be communicating with them? Make sure they understand what the whole process is like. as an early supporter, you know- which is just another way of saying a pre-sale person or a pre-sale customer. So think about that as well. make sure that you are coming up with your process, so that you can share that process with them upfront and you're not scrambling to figure things out or scrambling to decide when you're gonna email them or you know how you're going to communicate with them beforehand or throughout the process. make sure that you know that and that you can let them know that too. Number three: provide value. So you want to give a reason why it's worth it to them to pre-order rather than just wait until you launch. So usually that comes in the form of a discount. right By pre-ordering you're saving a little bit of money. that's solid. it pretty much works all the time. You know it's a one way to go. If you don't want to do something like a discount, you can think more along the lines of people who do crowdfunding, which is rewards. So what kind of rewards could you offer in your pre-selling That would make it worth it to them to order before you know to order during the pre-sale? What are the things? Could it have something to do with access to you? Could there be some like special VIP, something that they're a part of? Could there be certain kind of content you're sending them? Think creatively here, and a lot of that will have to do with the kind of product you're creating, the brand that you've developed, but really think: okay, what, what is the value here? Why are they pre-ordering? Why are they willing to give you money before anything is gonna ship? What are the perks there? So that's a really important one. Number four: build trust. So this is something that's difficult to do when you are a new business and you're launching a new product through pre-sale without any kind of history, but it's not impossible. So one thing you can do for building trust is, if you have a few samples, who your sampling process, you can get testimonials from those- some friends of yours or from those people that you have reached out to early on, before you go into pre-sale and you're gifting them something. you know one of the products. This is something that would really be powerful to be able to add those testimonials from the people who had that early access. right, That's one way to do it. Another thing that you can do is really think about that storytelling we toked about in the first step and build trust by sharing more about your background, why you're qualified to launch this product. you know what you've done to bring this to life, the investment of your time and your creativity, and I mean that in a way of storytelling, like, let them see all you've put into this already, Because anyone who puts so much love and time and money and resources into getting something off the ground, That's some. that's a place where you're willing to put some trust because you've put a lot of skin in the game, So they're willing to do the same by pre-ordering. So think about that, That aspect of really building trust throughout this process of pre-sale marketing. Number five: consider working with influencers. Now, I know that this one can be a little bit controversial. people I find more and more brands are like not into working with influencers. But listen, if this is something you are willing to try, it can be really powerful. So, again, if you have enough samples before you jump into pre-sale, you can work with influencers to help build some credibility for your brand, Also help get the word out. also help grow your audience and often, if you find a micro-influencer that you know really has your audience, has the attention of your audience, the people who you believe will be your customers- tok to them. there could be options there to do it as an affiliate kind of situation where they make a certain amount on the amount of pre-sales that they drive or whatever it is. So it doesn't have to be that you have a lot of cash upfront to give an influencer to market your product during a pre-sale. It can be that you work it out more creatively than that, But this can be a really powerful way to start getting the word out about this pre-sale and also have a little bit of street cred by someone that they already trust, Right? So it's like a referral from someone they're already. these customers of yours or potential customers of yours are already f.