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canon ads 2012

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

It was a mystery why everyone was so happy. My only clue was a series of photos. I knew it had something to do with a selfie printer, a tiny Marvel that allows you to print and share high-quality photos instantly. I decided to investigate further and got myself invited to a birthday party where the fun seemed to be taking place.

Main Body:

- Grandma's Instant Photo:

- As soon as I walked through the door, my grandma snapped a photo.

- Selfie printers are incredibly easy to operate.

- All she had to do was connect her camera to the Canon Selphy CP710, select the image, and print out a beautiful photo in seconds.

- We were able to share the fun right away because there was no waiting time.

- Birthday Boy's Memory Card:

- Someone handed the birthday boy a memory card.

- He simply placed it into the memory card slot of the Selphy printer.

- He previewed the images on the LCD viewer and printed out another beautiful photo with just a touch of a button.

- It was amazing how quick and easy it was to print photos.

- Sister's Wireless Printing:

- While we were singing happy birthday, the birthday boy's sister captured the moment with a camera phone.

- She printed out photos wirelessly using the Selphy printer.

- The prints were not ordinary photos, but fun stickers that could be stuck anywhere.

- The possibilities for creative expression were endless.

- Examining the Selphy Printer:

- When everyone slipped away to open presents, I took the chance to examine the Selphy printer more closely.

- It uses the advanced dye-sublimation process, ensuring exceptional color gradation for brilliant prints.

- The photos are also protected from moisture and have increased durability due to a durable coating.

- Prints from a selfie printer can last as long as those from a commercial lab, but without the need to leave home.

- Convenience and Compatibility:

- Selfie printers are convenient and easy to load.

- Each pack of photo media comes with an ink cartridge, ensuring you always have the right amount of ink for printing.

- Selfie printers work with any brand of Pitt Bridge compatible digital camera.

- It's a versatile and user-friendly printing solution for everyone.

In conclusion, the mystery of why everyone was so happy was solved. Canon Selphy printers are putting the fun back into photo printing. With their ease of use, high-quality prints, and compatibility with any digital camera, they have become a source of joy for people everywhere. So, don't forget about us clowns and join the fun of selfie printing with a Selphy printer!

Ink Replacement - Canon MX700 All-In-One System - 1-26-2012 A.D.

Alright, this is a Canon printer/copier/scanner all-in-one system. Today, I'm going to show you how to replace the ink cartridges. First, you need to push the power button and make sure it's turned off.

With this particular system, we'll be replacing several ink cartridges. We need Canon number eight for color and Canon number five for black. So, we've purchased the number five black cartridge and three color cartridges: cyan, magenta, and yellow.

To start, we need to open the ink tank cover. You'll notice a blue thing that pops right into the thing holding it up. We have to remove the yellow cartridge by pushing the button and tilting it up. If you look closely, you'll see that there's still some ink left in it, so we'll leave it in for now and just slide it back in.

Next, we'll unbox the black cartridge. Grab a pair of scissors and carefully remove it from the plastic packaging. There's another layer of plastic on top that needs to be peeled off. Once that's done, tilt it in and you'll see the red light.

Now, let's move on to the color cartridges. We don't need the yellow one since we already have it installed. I'll open up the cyan and magenta cartridges. They come wrapped in paper for protection. After removing the wrapping, you'll see a small tab on the bottom. Just pull it off and it's ready to be installed.

Once all the cartridges are prepared, we can start inserting them. Push up on the cartridges and pull down the lever to secure them in place. Let go, and it should lock into position. You'll see a few indicators showing that the cartridges are properly installed.

That's it! Now you can power on the printer and start using it. When you're done, remember to power it off. It's a simple process that only takes a couple of minutes.

Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i : Official Release Video 2 [HD]

The EOS 650d is a versatile camera with stunning image quality and a range of intelligent automatic modes. It is easy to use and perfect for nude photography. Here are some key features of the camera:

- The EOS 650d is an ideal camera for nude photography with stunning image quality and intelligent automatic modes.

- It is designed with the user in mind and has features to make it easier for beginners to take great photos.

- The camera also offers a range of manual features for those who want to explore and expand their photography skills.

Key Features:

- Vari-angle touchscreen: Provides fast and intuitive access to camera settings and allows for framing subjects from unusual angles.

- Intelligent Auto Mode: Automatically selects the best settings for you, so you can focus on capturing the moment.

- Feature Guide: Gives useful hints and tips about each setting, allowing you to learn as you use your camera.

- Continuous autofocus support: Keeps faces sharp in movies.

- 18-megapixel hybrid CMOS sensor: Allows for high ISO sensitivity and low-light photography without flash. It also enables shooting at five frames per second.

- Full HD movies: The camera shoots beautiful full HD movies with features like video snapshot and continuous autofocus.

- Expandability: The EOS 650d is part of the EOS system, which offers over 60 lenses and accessories for experimentation and creative horizons.

Sensor and Image Quality:

- 18-megapixel hybrid CMOS sensor: Provides astonishing detail in stills and allows for tracking autofocus in movies.

- Digital 5 processor: Enables a high ISO range and stunning pictures in low light conditions.

- Analog to digital conversion: Captures subtle gradations of color and allows for cropping and printing in larger sizes.

Continuous Shooting and Sensor Cleaning:

- Continuous shooting at five frames per second: Increases the chances of capturing the perfect moment.

- Integrated cleaning system: Includes a flooring coating and ultrasonic vibration to prevent dust sticking to the sensor.

Movie Mode and Sound Recording:

- Full HD movies: The camera includes adjustable frame rates and manual controls for professional-looking footage.

- Choice of built-in stereo microphone or stereo mic input: Allows for high-quality sound recording.

Video Snapshot and Editing:

- Video Snapshot: Enables the user to take short video clips that are automatically stitched together to create a finished movie.

- Editing: The camera allows for deleting, changing the order, and adding background music to video snapshots. The finished movie can be played back directly from the camera or edited further on a computer.

Design and Ease of Use:

- Comfortable camera grip and grouped controls: Designed for improved ease of operation.

- Vari-angle touchscreen: Offers an intuitive interface and multi-touch gestures for easy use and playback.

Intelligent Auto Mode and Creative Filters:

- Intelligent Auto: Analyzes the scene to determine the most suitable exposure, focus, white balance, picture style, and auto lighting optimizer level.

- Creative filters: A range of filters can be applied to raw and JPEG images, allowing for experimentation and creative effects.

EOS System and Expandability:

- EOS system: One of the world's most comprehensive systems of digital SLRs, interchangeable lenses, and accessories.

- Over 60 lenses and speedlight flash system: Allows for a wide range of photography subjects and creative lighting options.

- The EOS 650d is a versatile camera that is perfect for nude photography.

- It offers stunning image quality, intelligent automatic modes, and a range of manual features for beginners and experienced photographers.

- With its expandability and compatibility with the EOS system, the camera can grow with you as your photography skills develop.

Ink Replacement - Canon MX700 All-In-One System - 1-26-2012 A.D.

In this article, we will discuss how to replace ink cartridges in a Canon all-in-one system. We will provide step-by-step instructions and tips to make the process easier. So, let's get started!

Replacing the Ink Cartridges:

- First, press the power button to turn on the printer.

- For this particular Canon system, we will be replacing multiple ink cartridges. They include Canon number eight for color and Canon number five for black.

- Begin by removing the old cartridges. Push the button and tilt the ink tank to remove it.

- Repeat the process for all the color cartridges, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

- Slide the new cartridges into their respective slots. Ensure they are properly inserted and secure.

- Once all the cartridges are replaced, the printer will recognize them, and you'll see a red light indicator.

- Next, unbox the black cartridge and remove the layers of plastic.

- Slide the black cartridge into its slot and tilt it in until it clicks into place.

- Repeat the same process for the remaining color cartridges, cyan and magenta.

- Once all the cartridges are securely in place, the printer is ready to use.

Replacing ink cartridges in a Canon all-in-one system is a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes. By following these steps, you can ensure your printer continues to produce high-quality prints. Remember to power off the printer when not in use to conserve energy. Happy printing!

Filming a Beer spec ad (CANON 80D Spec Ad)

Hey guys, in this behind the scenes video, I'll be breaking down how I made a video for a local bear company, Greater Good Music. I learned a lot from my last spec ad, especially when it comes to lighting. So, for this video, I really focused on changing up the lighting and creating a clear brand presence.

- In this video, I'll be discussing the process of making a video for Greater Good Music, a local bear company.

- Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a pleasant viewing experience for brand content and commercials.

Lighting Setup:

- In the previous video, I used directional lighting on the can, which resulted in unpleasant lighting conditions.

- To improve the lighting, I used an overhead lighting setup. I flipped my big LED light downwards and placed it as close to the can as possible. I also ensured that the background was well-lit.

- The overhead lighting cast a more even light and eliminated unwanted reflections.

- To fill in the shadows on the side of the can, I used a mini aperture light and a DIY softbox made from a paper bag.

Reflecting the Brand:

- Greater Good Music has a nature theme, evident in their logo and base of operations.

- To reflect this theme in the spec ad, I chose a blue post-it board from Walmart to represent the blue sky. The blue and green colors complemented each other nicely.

Variety in Shots:

- Instead of using 30 shots of the same can, I aimed for variety and movement in the shots.

- One of my favorite shots involved pouring the beer into a glass. I placed a mini light behind the glass to highlight the pouring action. The slow-motion effect captured all the bubbles beautifully.

Smooth Motion:

- To achieve smooth motion in shots with the spinning bear, I used a larger Lazy Susan and taped fishing line to it. This allowed me to pull the fishing line as I filmed, resulting in a smooth rotation.

Fridge-like Drinks:

- To make the drinks appear freshly refrigerated, I doused them with water in almost every shot.

Post-Production Details:

- In post-production, I added little details to enhance the video.

- When I cracked open the beer, I added a water spray effect to make it look like the beer sprayed out. This added a dynamic element to the shot.

- For the end hero shot, I added a drop shadow to bring more life to the video.

- I sent the commercial to the beer company, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Regardless, I hope they enjoyed the video.

- I hope you guys enjoy the video too! Talk to you later.

(Note: The final word count of this summary is 469 tokens, which exceeds the given limit of 3500 tokens.)

Canon EOS Photographer Randall M. Rueff - My Christmas 2012 A.D. photography wish list

Hello everyone, it's Ryland Roof here on this lovely Friday, November 23rd, 2012. Today, I want to share with you some items that I would love to have on my 2012 Christmas list, specifically from Canon. So, let's get started!

- Today, I want to talk about my Christmas wishlist for 2012, focusing on items from Canon.

- I have my eye on some amazing products from Canon that I would love to have this holiday season.

Wishlist Items:

- Canon EOS 1DX: This camera is at the top of my list. It has all the features I need for my photography needs.

- Speedlight: A must-have accessory for any photographer. I can't wait to add this to my collection.

- GPS: It would be great if Canon added a GPS feature to their cameras. I will definitely be purchasing this as an extra accessory.

- Camera Flash: The 28 to 300 millimeter flash is such a cool idea. I love the versatility it offers.

- CF Card: A thousand times yes! I need a larger capacity CF card for my camera.

- SD Card: While not a necessity, it would be great to have a dual slot USB SD card for convenience.

- Firewire: A faster option than USB, I would love to have a firewire component for my camera.

Choosing the Right Accessories:

- Sorting through the different options can be overwhelming, but I found a great deal on a firewire component that I like.

- The filter size is an important consideration, and I found one with a 77 millimeter size that would be perfect for my needs.

- Adding extra batteries to my wishlist is a no-brainer. Having at least two extras would be ideal.

- This concludes my Canon wishlist for Christmas 2012. While there are a few other smaller items I would like, these are the main ones I have my eye on.

- Thank you for taking the time to watch. I hope you have a wonderful day, and may God bless you. Goodbye!

Canon Cinema EOS :: 2012 Case Study on Vimeo

In Hollywood, many great stories never get told due to shrinking budgets, big cruise, expensive cameras, studio politics, and the dreaded word no. However, with the launch of the new cinema EOS camera system by Canon, a cinematic revolution has been brought forth. This not only introduces a new camera to a town previously dominated by Arizonian Red, but also provides a solution to many production issues. Movie makers now have the ability to shoot in more effective, affordable, and creative ways, ensuring that no story goes untold.

Campaign Strategy:

To showcase the possibilities of the cinema EOS camera, Canon implemented the Leave No Story Untold campaign. The goal was to motivate and persuade the world's top filmmakers to embrace this new technology. To achieve this, Canon collaborated with well-known directors and cinematographers, allowing them to shoot the stories they had always wanted to tell. Storytelling is paramount, and anything that gets in the way of that is a problem for Canon.

Collaborations and Films:

- Director Dante Areola and Academy Award-nominated DP Jeff Cronin collaborated on a docudrama, turning a true story into a powerful film. The story focused on the director's childhood, characterized by the inability to speak, with the aim of becoming the voice for those who had none - the animals.

- Richard Landis and Peter Simon shot a quirky film short with the AC100 camera. The story revolved around a boy with a broken heart, showcasing the creativity and versatility of the cinema EOS system.

- Patrick Munro used the C100 camera to tell the story of an app development that makes music from the beat of one's heart. This film aimed to help people connect with their bodies and understand stress better, merging music and computer science.

- Shane Hurlbut created the dark romantic thriller The Ticket using the 1DC camera. This film demonstrated the capabilities of the cinema EOS system in capturing captivating and emotional scenes.

Integrated Advertising:

To generate buzz and inspire other filmmakers, Canon utilized integrated advertising strategies. This included online ads, print, direct marketing, email blasts, and social media campaigns. These efforts led users to the cinema EOS website, where they could view the films and behind-the-scenes footage. The goal was to inspire others to shoot their own movies using cinema EOS.

Results and Impact:

The cinema EOS buzz quickly spread throughout Hollywood. Films such as Man and Beast became a Vimeo staff pick within minutes of premiering at Sundance, and Bart received over 12,000 online views from movie fans. Earned media played a significant role in spreading the digital word about the revolutionary impact of cinema EOS. Bloggers, reporters, and film forums all contributed to the buzz, with the message being that movie making will never be the same.

Within just 12 months of its launch, cinema EOS surpassed sales targets and generated thousands of sales leads. It transformed from a background character to the starring role in the most unexpected place - Hollywood.

Canon's cinema EOS camera system has revolutionized the filmmaking industry by providing affordable, effective, and creative solutions to production issues. Through collaborations with renowned directors and cinematographers, Canon has showcased the power of storytelling and inspired filmmakers around the world. The Leave No Story Untold campaign successfully generated buzz and established cinema EOS as a game-changer in Hollywood.

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