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car wrap ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Scamming a Car Wrap Scammer!

well, the economy's in the toilet thanks to the pandemic and a lot of people are looking for some extra ways to make money. so when i got a text message from john valde telling me that i could make 650 a week just for advertising frito lay on my car, i thought: well, this is my lucky day [Music]. so i don't know how i got this text, but john said to apply for this job by visiting his link, and it's just a custom form that he set up together my name, phone number, address, car make and model and availability date. so i filled out the form and i said that my name was ben dover. sure enough, he fell for it and he sent me a text a day later. he said: hello, ben, this is john from frito-lay snacks. are you still interested in the car advertisement program? let me know. and i said yes, i am. he said you'll be getting a payment from fedex next week. i will let you know the tracking number. have a good weekend. well, a couple of days later, john informs me that a package has been delivered and i go to pick it up from fedex and to my surprise, there was actually a check inside for two thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars. address to ben dover. i thought this is going to be the easiest job i've ever had. i just drive around with a frio stiker on my car and i let the checks roll in. but the email explained to me that the payment you will be receiving will include advanced payments- 650 and the specialist fee. please note that the check payment will be sent to you to cover advanced payment of 650. also, the check will be in the amount of 2870. you will have it deposited and when the check clears, which will be in a day or two, you are to deduct your 650 and the rest will be going to the specialist that will be responsible for the ad placement on your vehicle. we will also send you the information to send it as soon as the check has been delivered to you. okay, so i have to go cash this check and then i'll get to keep 650 for myself but send the remaining 2 240 bucks to the car wrap guy. but i'm not able to cash this check because i put a fake name on it, oops. and if i were able to cash this check it would likely show the money in my account, but it usually takes a couple days for the check to clear. so if it's a fake check it'll bounce and the money will disappear from my account, which is why you shouldn't spend the money before the check clears or else you're going to end up owing the bank. but john is in a hurry for me to cash this thing, which has me suspicious. so i take a closer look at the check and i see that it's from cec development borrower llc. in louisville, colorado. but when i look at where the check came from, it says kaiser permanente, which is a health care company in california- kaiser permanente thrive- and the tracking says that the check was shipped from richmond, virginia. what in the crap is going on? so i decide to see what john has up his sleeve and i tell him that i've cashed the check. he says: are the funds available now? i said i think so. do you have zell app on your phone or through your bank? and i know what zell is. it's a popular money transfer service that a lot of banks use. but i play dumb and i say: what is zell? it's an app you can use to send funds. what about cash app? do you have cash app? i said no, do i need it? kindly, download zell and have it set up and let me know when completed so i can send you the zell information you are to send the money to and get back to me with a confirmation screenshot when completed. are you getting my messages, please? as you can see, he's in a hurry because the clock is tiking before his check bounces or until this cec development company realizes that someone is sending out fake checks in their name. so i decide to increase his blood pressure by wasting his time. i said: why am i sending you the money? i thought this was for the car wrap. yes, the money is for the car wrap installer. you are to deduct your first week payment and have the rest money sent to the rap specialist so they can schedule the rap appointments. and i'm like: okay, is it a local person in my area who will wrap the car? not at all. appointment will be fixed as soon as you get paid. have you set up the zell? are you done with the zell setup? this guy apparently doesn't like my questions. i say i am doing cash app. you said he's not in my area. where do i take my car to get rat? i even tried to call john but he doesn't pick up. he says: will you be available on monday for the decal to be done. do you have the cash app ready? eminem meeting can't tok on phone now. the artist needs to get paid. do you have the cash app set up? i said yes, i'm available monday. okay, are you ready for the cash app? and i said how about i go take them the cash? if it's nearby, i can just drop it off. i mean, wouldn't that make the most sense? apparently not. he asked: how close is walmart to you? and i'm like the cars getting wrapped at walmart. no, just asking. i said just down the street you should go to walmart and purchase walmart gift card worth of 2 300. you will be buying 500 times 4 and 100 times 3.. you should scratch the back off the cards and send pictures one by one. you can use your debit card to make the purchase. let me know if you understood. do you understand? you will be buying walmart gift cards five hundred dollars each, in four pieces and one hundred and three places, making twenty three hundred dollars. this is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. i said so. we are paying the wrap specialist with walmart gift cards. that is correct. since the cash app is not working, please go get them now. scratch the back off the cards for pin and send the pictures. what a waste of time. i said. can i just take the walmart gift cards to the car wrap place? no, they have to get paid first. trust this process? i said. why don't you just send me less and pay the guy yourself? all the funds for the startup of the program was issued to you once, but you will only be getting 650 a weekly after this. are you leaving for walmart now? no, i'm not going to walmart to buy 2 300 worth of gift cards to give to a rap specialist that i don't even know. so i said i can pay a different way, so i don't have to get gas. do you accept bitcoin? bitcoin can work too. all right, two can play at this game. i say i just need you to input your wallet id and the amount in my form. this is where i keep track of payments and this is my own custom form that i created in hopes that he'll click on it, because if he does click on my link, then i can grab his ip address, and i created this redirect url at grabifylink and hopefully it'll tell me what i need to know. but he must be suspicious because he refuses to click. he says: i will just send the wallet id you will send to, and i'm like, okay, but i need you to enter the amount in my form. then he just tells me what i'm asking for, without actually visiting my link. but i say: okay, i'm waiting for you to fill out the form. but he's still not gonna fall for it. i say: why don't you go to my link? you can do everything from your end. maybe i should stop revealing my secrets on youtube if i don't want scammers to catch on. what an idiot. i said: i don't want to pay a scammer who's trying to rip me off. i'll pay you if you do something for me. i am beginning to get agitated because it's an insult to me by suggesting this is a scam. i said: okay, then tell me the location where my car is going to be wrapped. this is not a scam. 100 you doing this or not? i have other things to do. uh, you have other people to scam, you mean. and then he stops responding. so i still don't know who this scammer is, or where he is, or who sent me this stupid fake check, and if i let him go, then he's just gonna keep scamming more people. you can't keep getting away with it. though i did successfully cost him three dollars in priority shipping, so yay for me, but i'm not done. so i go back to square one and i fill out this form again. this time i say: my name is mike roch, my crotch, my crotch. hey, has anybody seen my crotch lately? you're probably wondering if he actually responded to that one, but you're probably also wondering h.

The Easiest Side Hustle to Make Extra Money! | Make Money With Your Car

what's up you guys? my name is aubrey and this is my channel, and today i want to tok about passive side gigs that you can do with your car, and if you're somebody who's already driving for services like uber, lyft, doordash, instacart or any of these other types of services, then this is a perfect side gig for you. so let's get started now. before we begin, i would like to thank the sponsor of this video, covert. now, covert is a financial safety net for gig workers, and what covert does is it provides some of the financial stability that we've grown used to with the typical nine to five job. with cover, you can sign up for just seven dollars a month, and with that seven dollars a month, you could have access to legal teams, healthcare professionals, as well as accountants to help you with bookkeeping services. not only do you have access to a handful of different experts in different industries, you also have access to financial services as well, including pay time off, sick leave and cash advanced payouts when needed. the gig economy is not a very stable form of income, and what covers wanting to do is to change that entire environment by providing some stability to the gig economy and to gig workers that are taking part in the gay economy. the best part is is that cover is super affordable. there is no long-term contracts or commitments, and if you follow the link down in my description below, as well as the append comment down in the comment section, you can find my referral link which will give you one free month of cover to give it a try, without any strings attached. so if you guys are interested in checking out clover, if you're interested in supporting me, supporting this channel, i would greatly appreciate it. so go check out that link in the description below and go sign up for cover and give it a try. thank you, cover, for sponsoring this video. i love passive income and i love the gig economy, but the problem is the opportunities for passive income in the gig economy are kind of few and far between, and there really isn't a whole lot of opportunities out there to make passive income through gig work. that is with the exception of the gig that i want to tok about today and that is getting paid to advertise on your car. now, we've all seen this before, but i don't know if everybody has known that this exists in the world of gig work, and what i mean by this is that whenever you're driving around and you see vehicles that are wrapped in car advertisements promoting businesses, or you see those billboard vehicles, there is a form of this type of advertisement specifically designated for gig workers. now, how this business model works is that you- the gig worker, or the driver in this scenario- you would sign up for a handful of different advertising websites that allow for you to connect with companies that are wanting to advertise on your car. you'd create a profile, you get approved to the service and then you'd be connected with a company that wanted to advertise with you. by getting connected with them, you would then get your vehicle wrapped with their logo, their messaging, and then you get paid as you drive. you don't have to drive any specific routes, you don't have to set a specific schedule. you simply drive around your car like you normally would do, but instead you're getting paid in order to do it. so today i want to go through a handful of the different apps that you can look into if you're somebody who's interested in taking part in this type of gig work. the first one i want to tok about is rapify. now, rapify is a gig working website that connects you, the gig worker, with companies that want to advertise with you, and with rapify, you have a handful of different options to go down if you're somebody who may or may not want to do a full-fledged drop on your car. number one is a full wrap. now, this is a wrap that takes over your entire vehicle, so you'll wrap the entire thing and, according to rapify, you can get paid anywhere between 284 dollars and 452 dollars for a full wrap on your vehicle. if wrapping your full car isn't really for you, then you could do a partial wrap. this is where just a portion of your car is wrapped and, according to their website, you can make between 196 dollars and 280 dollars doing the style of wrap. there's also a light option, which is an even smaller portion of your vehicle, like your doors, for example, and with the light option you can get paid anywhere between 181 and 280 dollars with your vehicle. and lastly, there is the statik option, which is just putting like a window stiker on the back of your car and then having a kind of billboard style billboard on the roof of your car, and with this type of advertisement you could get paid 174 to two hundred and eighty dollars. now, how rapify works is they work on a campaign by campaign basis, meaning that once you sign up for the app, once you're approved with your profile, you will then be connected with a company that wants to advertise with you, and you'll be able to figure out how long a campaign will be. campaigns are typically between one and three months, meaning that you will be contractually obligated to leave that wrap on your car for anywhere between one and three months, but you will get paid for that entire one to three month period. the company will pay to have that rep put on your car. they'll also pay to have it taken off your car as well. the cons of rapify, though, is that if you aren't able to oblige by that one to three month commitment, then you will have to pay termination fees. they do require a background check and you do have to have a newer model vehicle, being a 2010 year model or newer, but the overall earning expectations with rapify is anywhere between 196 and 452 dollars per month, depending on what type of campaign you have, what type of advertisement you have, as well as how many miles you drive during that campaign period. an alternative to rapify is carver ties. now, carver ties has self-proclaimed themselves be the largest company that offers this type of service. i don't know if that's true or not, but that's what their website says, and carver ties offers a very similar deal to rapify: they will pay to have your vehicle wrapped in either a full wrap or a partial wrap. they do not offer the roof or the back window one like rapify did, but they will pay to have your vehicle wrapped. they'll pay to have it unwrapped and then they'll connect you with the company that wants to advertise with you. similarly to rapify, with carver ties you get paid on a campaign-by-campaign basis and, depending on how long the campaign is, you could get paid anywhere from three hundred dollars to twelve hundred dollars for advertising with your vehicle, but that will depend on how many miles you drive and how long your campaign is, as well as what type of wrap you choose for your vehicle. with carver ties, you are required to drive at least 30 miles per day throughout the duration of the campaign, and so for people who don't drive a whole lot, this option may not be good for you. you also have to have a vehicle that is a 2008 or newer, but the big upside with carver ties that i think makes it better than rapify is the fact that you can also get paid to park your car in a high traffic area. so if you have a area that is high traffic- maybe you're near a sports arena or you're near a concert or you're near a restaurant on a friday night- you could park your car in that area and you could get paid to simply have it parked there. so you don't have to drive, you don't have to do anything and you get paid to have your vehicle parked. now, this is like the true definition of passive income, and if you're somebody that lives in a hot area and you're able to find those high traffic parking spots quite easily, this could be a no-brainer income source for you. now, if doing a full-fledged vehicle wrap isn't for you, then an alternative could be a program called referral cars. now, what referral cars is is: it's the same type of concept as carver ties and rapify, but instead of doing a f

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Car Wrap Advertising Income Is Way More Than You’d Expect...

if you own a vehicle, live in a qualifying area and regularly make a commute, then you might be eligible to get paid to wrap your car in advertisements. it might sound too good to be true, but there are several reputable companies out there that will literally pay you just to drive around, and they're paying you more than you might expect. here's what you need to know: how it works. car wrapping has been around since the 1920s, when taxi agencies started putting vinyl advertisements on their cars. decades later, pepsi became the first company to pay folks for wrapping their cars with their branding. since then, dozens of companies have adopted this advertising tactik. major brands employ the services of specialty car wrapping companies to find willing drivers to rock their logos and color schemes. these companies earn a cut of the advertising fee while paying drivers to ride around town promoting their clients. the first step to get started is signing up with one of the advertising agencies we'll soon be discussing. you'll need to provide the company with information about the make and model of your vehicle, your driving habits and your insurance status. if you don't drive much, then you're probably not going to be selected for the opportunity. you'll also probably sit on a waiting list for a bit, even if you are eligible, and once you've been finally approved to get your car wrapped, you'll then need to drive to a detailing shop to get your vehicle wrapped in vinyl or apply the decals yourself, and at this point, either part or all of your vehicle will get wrapped in the branding. generally, the criteria required to be eligible for car rack advertising start with being at least 18 years old. you'll also need to have a clean driving record, along with insurance and a well-maintained vehicle. you'll also have to agree to keep the wrap on your vehicle at all times, which shouldn't be a surprise. finally, you'll need to drive a minimum number of miles per week, and some companies even require a gps so they can track your driving activity. car wrap advertising income. there are many factors that can affect what you'll earn for getting your car wrapped. some of these include your car's make and model, your driving habits, the routes you drive and the percentage of your car covered in ads. generally speaking, most people make somewhere between 200 and 1000 a month. people on the higher end of the spectrum will typically have nicer cars, more miles driven through, denser populations and advertisements covering their entire vehicle. a quick note for anyone without a vehicle: some companies will give you a rental car or a pre-wrapped car for free, as long as you meet their mileage requirements, which could be a great hack for a free vehicle. best car wrapping companies. one of the biggest players in the car wrapping game is the delaware-based advertising firm carver ties. they hire thousands of drivers across the united states in cities like boston, chicago, new york, dallas, la, wilmington and philadelphia. free car media is another company that will pay you up to 400 a month to drive around a car covered in ads. they place ads on the rear windows of vehicles as well as doing full wrap jobs. the downside to this company is that you'll have to apply some of the decals yourself, which may be easier said than done. referral cars offers their drivers commission based reimbursements on top of a base pay. this means that you can increase how much you earn depending on whether or not the campaign you sign up for is commission based. when consumers scan the qr code on your car's ad and make a purchase, you'll receive a cut of that sale. if you don't make sales, you'll still be guaranteed at least a 100 gift card after 90 days. but for the savvy entrepreneur, this could be a great way to earn even more while driving. stiker ride is a european-based company that has since expanded its operations to the united states. they employ over 40 000 drivers and offer some of the highest rates in the industry. the downside when going with this company, however, is you'll have to sign in, using their app, every time you go out so that they can track and calculate your mileage. last but not least, we have rapify. established in 2015. this car wrapping company hires drivers to drive around as rolling billboards. you can earn between 200 to 450 a month with them, depending on your mileage, but, unlike some other car wrapping companies, you'll have to do a background check as part of your application process, and you must be at least 21 years old. drop us a comment below if you have any experience with car wrap advertising. and for another lucrative car side hustle, check out our video on turo arbitrage to learn how you can get paid to own a fleet of luxury vehicles and rent them out to other drivers. we'll see in the next one. [Music].

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Vehicle Graphics. Watch full process from design to installation

hi guys, so this is just a quick video just to show you the process of uh doing a vehicle graphic. this is not going to be a full wrap, it's just going to be like a partial panel wrap. the brief is: the customer is a plumber, he does heating and plumbing, but he doesn't want to have a logo like other heating and plumbing logos, in that he doesn't want a spanner or a pipe or a water droplet or anything like that on it. so i started by just designing up this logo for him. the company is called flowtik and it's like, uh, like a bluey, tealy color. i don't actually want it to be blue and i don't want it to be teal, um, so this is what i came up with for him, with the f and the t. the f and the t are supposed to mimic pipes, i suppose, and also then the lines here are, you know, to indicate heating and to hot and cold. so, um, plumbing and heating. i think it's fairly self-explanatory. but, uh, the fact that he didn't want to have your typical um, your water droplet or anything like that, uh, this is what i came up with for him. so this i have to make this now suit that vehicle, which is a renault master van supplied by joe mallen motors in nice. so it is a short wheelbase and i think it the height of it is maybe two, or height tree, so medium or a high roof. i think it's a high roof, not a super high, and so i'm going to make those graphics suit this panel and, yeah, i'll be back with a few other clips shortly. thanks, guys. and i'm using adobe illustrator, but you can see here the graphics without the dark panel behind it are a little bit lost. so when you put the, the dark panel in there, you see it just really helps it pop. so the word flow and the tagline plumbing and heating, that's going to be in metallic silver, so you can see it here. that's going to be metallic silver. and then the orange tik, that's going to be a really bright, vibrant, glossy orange as well, and then the f and the t that's going to be digitally printed. i'm going to use a metamark vinyl for that- polymeric vinyl, md5 with air release: [Music]. the background, gun barrel, gray color. that's going to be 3m 1080 film. i'm not actually sure what the code is, so this is just a quick glimpse at my printing output file. i've tiled everything. so this greeny blue panel is for the bonnet, and then on top of that i'm going to have the metallic color and then these are stripes for the sides. there'll be a natural break in the middle, so i've divided them in two and just have a small overlap. and then here i have the f and the t and they're all rotated as well, just so i can save material and just so that it's more economical. [Music]. so i'm just going to cut the silver text now. so i select all the silver in this box and i know it's going to fit within my sine vinyl, because that's the width of the box, the rectangle that i have there. i'm in sign lab here, so cut, plot, and then my text is in here. i just always who should back a little bit from the front of the page. and then i press cut. and then if i come over here to my plotter, you'll see it's going to start cutting the text there from the metallic silver. so if you look up close you'll see the metallic flex in the vinyl, really, really nice. and then, running alongside the plotter, i'm printing, uh, the material, the, the blue material that's going to be going on the van here. so this is a print and cut roland as well, so i can use this as a large plotter. if i have to plot or cut any four, four foot letters or anything that that's a little bit larger than my two foot plotter, i'll use four foot um. but i really like having having it operating this way because i can be using the sign lab for cutting my letters and then use adobe illustrator for um printing and outputting my full color work as or. i'll well to cut them again. so, uh, squeeze it away what you don't want. [Music]. [Music]. [Applause], [Applause], [Applause], [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. right, so i always like to just make sure you rub your hand across the bonnet, because under your hand, the palm of your hand and your fingers you can feel a whole lot more. there's a few small little nicks in the front. nothing i can do, but all the dirt and dust has been removed. so we're good to go. okay, so i need to line this up with knife's tape. let's have a look at the drawing. that's a really quick, really simple drawing, done just to give me guidance on the van. so, passenger side, i always print this on the same material that i'm using. on the first 12 inches of material i'm printing with, because, uh, what that does is it just uses that contaminated part of the roll that you've been handling with your fingers that you're not going to use anyway. um, so that's what i do. and then here on the front, this is the, the drawing. so around the edges is blue and in the middle we've got metallic. i'll stik that up there. so on the front, as you can see, i'm going to do something really cool here. um, we've got blue and metallic gray and i'm going to do a knifeless tape book. join here between the gray and the blue. so that will be something for you to see. it'll be kind of interesting. so i need to just line up my line with my knifeless tape now. okay, so i just follow whatever kind of line i think looks nice, and this natural body line here looks pretty cool. so i'm gonna hug that one. okay, so i'm gonna go on the top edge of that line with the first, the first line. i'm going to have to lay two, two lines of knifeless tape here. so come around front like this. this is going to be done by eye guys. sweep along the front here, come back up until we meet the line on the other side. we're going to stand back and have a quick look at that and see how we look. i didn't measure anything here. that looks pretty good. i'm gonna go with that, okay. yep, all righty. so don't pull the knife's tape too hard because, uh, it'll cause you issues and that you're putting tension on it. if you're, if you're gonna be swinging it around the corner, your filament on the inside can slip out from underneath the top layer and cause a bit of damage on your vinyl. okay, so up on the top line. fine, put that away. this is finish line and that design line. so finish line is really strong and doesn't snap. design line is a little more flexible, can snap in the warm weather or it can bend. so i use finish line most of the time. it just cuts really well and it's good and strong. so that's my, my first line, okay, so i need one more line on the inside, okay, so i'm actually going to put it below here. so second line: this will all become clear, guys, as we go along, what i'm doing here, right? so there we go, boom. okay, a little bit of heat on that. now we'll just let that grip. so i'm going to lay the top layer down first, which is the metallic, metallic gray, which looks really nice. now let's use center hinge, probably probably the easiest, and just make sure the dust is away, make sure your, your backing paper to your little cutter is, uh, has a sharp blade in it. little tip guys, put it. put a piece of masking tape at the back of the vinyl to stop that from slipping. when you put tension on it. your magnets move most of the time, so right over it. lay that on. and the thing i love about 3m vinyl is it has control on the back and it just allows the materials to glide, um, above the surface. you can see there the wrinkles disappeared and if i want to use heat on there to get that to sit properly, um, and so long as i don't apply pressure with my squeegee, it will never grab. i can reposition it over and over again. okay, so i'm just gonna rub this on here just to get this to grip for me, and then i'll do the other side. any air bubbles, guys? you just roll those out with your fingers over 180 degrees index finger, pinch it tight. you're not going to cut your finger and pull. now this is cutting through the metallic film and the blue in exactly the same spot. so we have a butt joint, okay. and again we pull the green filament out. both pieces scoot around with that. make sure you have the two of them there. as you can see, we do one breaks, that's okay. tear away the bit of blue we don't need. which is all this rubbish? now what you

Legitimate Car Wrap Advertising Companies: Get Paid Cash To Wrap Your Car With An Advertisement

apply to advertise on your cr here. legitimate car wrap advertising is a form of advertising by which companies pay everyday people to wrap their vehicles and vinyl ads. it is a form of mobile advertising that has been around since the 1920s. the first commercial vehicle wrap was made in 1928 to advertise the upcoming release of charlie chaplin's modern times. legitimate car wrap advertising remains popular today because it provides an opportunity for mass marketing while still being environmentally friendly, as each vehicle uses very little fuel compared to other means such as television or print advertisements. get paid cash for wrapping your cr material. car wraps are a great way to advertise your business on the road. car wraps are made of high quality materials that will not damage the paint on your car. they are also reusable, so they won't need to be replaced often and can be used in many different locations or cities. you can also choose from many different colors, designs and styles for your car wrap. the material is durable and lasts long because it's made of high quality materials that will not damage the paint on your car, making it safe for cars with expensive paint jobs or new cars. when purchasing a new vehicle, you should consider getting one installed, because you don't want to scratch up any tea. there are a lot of legitimate companies that offer car lap advertising. all have a different approach to how they do it. some will just advertise their company on the vehicle, while others will give out gifts in order to get the word out about their products. these companies can be found in most states and provinces, as well as some international areas. affiliate marketing car wrap advertisers are those who have a car or truck wrapped with the company's advertising logo. [Music]. car wraps are large vinyl graphics that wrap around the sides and top of the vehicle. some companies may also have their name, service and phone number on the side panels as well. [Music]. the cost to have this done is approximately 2 500- 5 0 0 0, depending on how many panels they want and if they want any custom designs. car wraps can be done on any type of vehicle: cars, trucks, boats, etc. [Music]. the cost will usually be higher for vehicles with more complex contours, such as motorcycles or boats, so those might run upwards of seven thousand to eight thousand five hundred dollars. there is no limit to how many times you can get your car wrapped, [Music], so if you want to advertise for more than one company, then it will just mean getting your car re-wrapped when you start advertising for another company instead of removing the old one, which would take up time and money in terms of labor costs from someone else doing it instead of doing it yourself. w earn money for advertising on your vehicle. one of the most popular products advertised on vehicle wraps are cars. [Music]. car ads are an important part of advertising because they have a high conversion rate and car manufacturers spend millions every year to advertise their product [Music]. the act of putting a car wrap on your vehicle is a small investment for both you and the company hoping to sell that product to you. vehicle wraps can be used for any type of advertisement, not just cars. a vinyl car wrap advertisement can be removed with a combination of pressure washing and soap. first use the pressure washer to remove dirt and moss from the vehicle. thanks for watching. please subscribe.

Get Paid $1,500 to Advertise On Your Car | 2021

hey, what's up, guys? today i'm going to show you how you can make 350 up to 1500 per month simply driving your car around. you can become a driver in three easy steps and i'm gonna give you all the details inside of this video. what's up, guys? it's john here and i create a video showing you how you can make some extra money online. so if you like learning new ways to make money, make sure you hit that subscribe button so i can notify you every time i post a brand new video. now, if you want the best way to start making an extra thousand dollars per week online, make sure you click that first link in my description. this is my number one recommended income stream. i'm gonna show you exactly what i do myself to earn a full-time income online. so if you want the best way to make money, click that first link in my description and i'm gonna send you all the details. now let's jump straight into this video, guys. i'm gonna show you how you can get paid simply to drive your car around. all right, guys? so i wanted to make this updated video of this website that i showed last year, and i want to show you, guys, that it's still 100 legit. a lot of times, if a website's not legit, it's gonna be shut down between three to six months. people are gonna know it's a scam. no one's gonna make money. so you can see that this website. it's been a whole year since i made a video on this website and it's still right here working the exact same way. there's a few updates that i want to show you guys and a few details i want to go over, just so you guys know exactly how it works and so you know exactly what to do to start getting paid. so the name of this website right here is called carvertizecom- carvertisecom. the way this website works is they're going to send out a person to wrap your car around in a brand name. so check out a few examples right here. here are a few cars that have been wrapped up and some of the biggest brands and companies around the us. so you can see this one right here- it's a hawk one. this one right here is a spectrum one. this one right here coming up right now, it's a lingo retailer one. this one over here. you can see so many of these examples of people making money right now simply wrapping their car around. now you can see this middle car right here. this is a partial wrap right here. if you look over here, this one over here is a full wrap. so depending on how much you want your car wrapped up, it's gonna depend on the income that you're gonna make. so if you just want a partial wrap, that's completely fine. or if you want to fully deck out your car, completely, wrap it up. that's how you're gonna get paid the most amount of money. the way this company works is: you're gonna come on this website right here, you're gonna click on drivers right here, and so the way this basically works is: number one: you're gonna submit a driver application. number two: they're gonna match your application with companies that want to hire your driving route. depending on the city that you're in, the route that you take every day, you're gonna have certain brands and companies that are gonna wanna work with you. once you find the company that wants to work with you, they're going to come out, wrap your car completely and all you have to do is drive around your daily routine to work, to school, to the gym, wherever you go to, and just for driving around you're going to start earning some money. once the campaign is over, they're going gonna come and unwrap your car. they're gonna come, take all the ads off your car, and all of this is a hundred percent free, guys. you don't have to pay for anything. but basically, once the campaign is finished, the campaign is gonna last either a month, maybe two or three months. once the campaign is finished, they're gonna come, unwrap your car for free and you can start working with a brand new company. you're gonna be working with companies like 711, draftkings, nascar, buffalo, wild wings- some of the biggest brands around the world that want to pay you just to wrap their logo around your car. so it's really easy, guys, to get started because, again, once you get hired for a campaign, all you have to do is take your car to a local shop. that shop is gonna put the stiker on there for you, so you don't even have to deal with the stiker peeling it on, taking it off, whatever guys, they're going to do everything for you for free and all you have to do is drive your car around to start getting paid. i want to go over a few important details that you're probably going to want to hear, in case you actually want to start doing this. going over the faq section, i discovered some important details that you definitely want to know, especially if you're ready to get started with this. for example, how much money will you actually make? the money you're going to get paid all depends on the campaign that you get signed up to. most campaigns will at least pay you 300 per month. on the lower end- the much lower end- you're still at least going to make an extra 100 dollars per month just for getting started with a campaign, and again, some of these campaigns are even gonna pay you up to fifteen hundred dollars per month. how will you actually get paid out? you're gonna get paid out via direct deposit, so you do need a bank account on hand ready so you can go ahead and submit your bank information, because they're gonna give you direct deposit every single month. they're not writing checks, no gift cards. straight direct deposit to your bank account. the next thing i've seen on here is that you actually get to pick what brands you work with- and yes, you do. you get to pick whatever brand you want to work with. now, depending on the area, your location, you might not have so many brands available. you might only have three or four or maybe up to five brands available, but whatever brands you have available, you can choose between those right there and actually choose a brand that you want to work with. now, this does come with a caveat. so, for example, let's say you're working with a company like mcdonald's. if you're working with mcdonald's then you can't just go to any other fast food restaurant like burger king, kfc, wendy's. whatever company you're working with, you're gonna have a few restrictions that you can't go to other competitors locations. or let's say you're working with walmart. well, if you're working with walmart, then you can't go over to target or any of the other big retailers that are competitors to walmart. also, you can't go to, like strip clubs, bars, any of those adult places, adult beverages, bars, taverns, pubs- any of those places right there. you can't take your car to those locations right there because obviously you're advertising for a company. they don't want to be associated with those type of places, so you are going to have some restrictions. aside from that, if you have any other questions, leave it in the comments or just go straight over to their website, carvertizecom guys, and you can find all the details inside of here. if you're ready to get started, just go over to their website and you can fill out some basic information to get started in three simple steps, guys: your name, your last name and email and a phone number. click on next and get started with this entire application so you can start getting paid just to drive your car around, just like this little guy right here. and all right, guys. like i mentioned earlier, if you want the best way to start making an extra 100 or even up to 500 per day, guys, online- this was a daily payment right here, a 500 payment. you can see this is my email. this isn't a scam, this isn't fake or anything. guys, i received a 500 payment doing something called affiliate marketing. if you want to learn how this works, click that first link in my description. overall, this is my number one recommended income stream. i'm going to show you exactly how to do it. click that first link in my description to get started right now. and all right guys. that's gonna be it for this video. if you enjoyed the video, make sure you hit that subscribe button. it really