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card stacking ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

English 6 Q2: Biases and Propaganda Techniques | Bandwagon | Card Stacking and more

[Music]. hello guys, welcome back to my channel. this is teacher jackie, and today we are going to tok about biases and propaganda tikniques. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. of course, there are times that when we watch the television and if we are going to scroll down in our social media accounts, or even if we are going to listen to a radio or fm station, we often see or hear an advertisement. and you know what this is: part of a marketing strategy of the certain products, of the certain brands. advertisement is a notike or announcements in public medium promoting a product, service or events. these advertisements are employing some propaganda tikniques so that it will be effective and that this marketing strategy will influence you when you're going to buy or avail products and services. propaganda is defined as a communication which purpose is to influence the attitudes of the community or group of people. the most basic purpose of propaganda is to persuade people by providing or distorting information. for today's lesson, let us tok about propaganda tikniques that we can use in advertisements. we have number one, bandwagon. number two, card stacking. number three, plain folk and, of course, number four, testimonial. [Music]. let's begin with bandwagon. let's watch this. add partikularly: white teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums. that's what you get from magical toothpaste, the most trusted toothpaste by filipino dentist, you'll never go wrong because it is magical. bandwagon is a propaganda tiknique that works on follow the heart mentality and people are encouraged to become part of the group [Music]. okay, i'll be one of them. [Music]. now let's tok about the second tiknique, and this is card stacking. card stacking is a propaganda tiknique that omits certain facts to mislead audience by making a product appear better than others. [Music]. go. [Music]. magical laundry bar. [Music]. be, now let's tok about the third tiknique. the third one is about playing faux. plain folk is a propaganda tiknique that takes ordinary folk, individual to promote a product and make people believe that a certain product is for everyone and used by common people. [Music]. [Music]. [Music] foreign. [Music], foreign what? and of course, we have the last one. this is the fourth one, and this is called testimonial. testimonial is a propaganda tiknique that used well-known personalities to endure. why is now? i would like to emphasize that not all that you see in television are not everything that you heard over the radio, or not everything that you watch in social media are true. there are what we call biases. biases: this happens because some of the ads gives us distorted information which is not 100 percent true. so it doesn't mean that because it has a zero sugar in the label, that it is really zero sugar, because when you're going to take it in, it is still very sweet. so how come there is no sugar in it? and, of course, you have to be watchful and you have to be careful and you have to be logical when buying or using a product, because, after all, what we see there are just marketing strategies. choose wisely, be a responsible consumer. so now that you know the four propaganda tikniques, namely bandwagon, card stacking, plain book and testimonial, what you're going to do now as a performance output in my class this: you're going to make your own advertisement and you are going to choose either of the four that i have enumerated a while ago. so i have some tips for you so that you can do your ads in a very exciting and interesting way. so what are you going to do? you have to remember abilities or skills to improve. number one: speaking style. number two: adjusting language. number three: gesture. number four: rate and volume. you have to apply some speaking styles so you can have taglish or pure english or combination, it's up to you. then you will also employ some hand gestures. so if you're going to watch some ads in televisions, you can see that they have some actions like that, like that. so hand gestures will actually help you connect with your audience and, of course, also remember that you have to express your emotions with your face and with your voice. so how are you going to do that? if you are happy, you're going to show that you are happy. so this is very happy moments, i am very happy. but if you're going to show some pain, of course you're going to say oh ouch, sorry, all right, your voice and your facial expression, as well as your hand gesture and, of course, your speaking style, will make your advertisements an awesome way. so i will be waiting for your performance output in our group chat. [Music]. so, for those who are not from my classroom and just came across with this channel, i hope you have learned something from me. this is teacher jackie saying bye, bye [Music]. [Music] you.

Card Stacking Propaganda I Propaganda Devices I Mass Communication I Media I Dr Shahid Hussain

dear students and friends, assalamu alaikum, this is dr shahid sam and the topic for our today's discussion is another propaganda device. as you all know that so far we have discussed six propaganda devices in detail, one by one, including the name calling: glittering, generality, transfer, testimonial plan, fox and bandwagon. and today is the turn of our last propaganda device, and that is card stacking propaganda device. so with our today's discussion on cards checking propaganda device, we are going to complete our series of propaganda devices. so let's focus on the cards checking popping in the device. first of all, let me tell you that the propaganda tiknique of cardstacking is so widespread that we may not always be aware of its presence in a tv commercial or any other sort of communication, in spite of the fact that this propaganda device is so much progressive and is commonly found in tv commercials and programs. according to lee and lee 1939, card stacking involves the selection and use of facts or falsehoods, illustrations or distractions and logical or illogical statements in order to give the best or the worst possible case for an idea, program, person or a product. another fact is that card stacking is identikal to the general semantiks tiknique of slanting. actually, it is selecting arguments or evidences that support a position and ignoring those that do not support the position. the important thing is that the arguments that are selected can be true or false as well. simply, card stacking means stacking the cards in favor of an idea, program, person or a product. let me tell you that the card stacking is a term that originated with card scam, where card players would try to stack the tik in their favor. in another way, we can say that the card striking means striking or hoarding enough of the positive aspects, qualities and advantages of a product that they successfully deceive the customer into ignoring its negative aspects or the shortcomings. the device probably operates more effectively when the arguments are true, but other equally true arguments are ignored, because then it is hardest to detect. some of the clearest examples of chords taking can be found in movie ads that present quotations from movie reviews. these quotations are carefully selected to be only the most favorable. the critiks no doubt said the things used in these ads, but they probably said some negative or less positive things as well, and these were not brought out. sometimes the designers of the advertisements will even seek out a critique willing to say a certain word that they want to include in the advertisement, and this is another tiknique of the cards checking. so we can say that, from a business point of view, cards checking propaganda is a way to manipulate information so that one product looks better than another, and this is often done by living out important facts or by comparing evidences in an unfair manner. now, when we tok about use of the card shaking propaganda device in the television commercials, let me tell you that many television commercials that show interviews with ordinary citizens are also using the card stacking tiknique. this is a type of commercial in which a television interviewer comes across a woman in a shopping center and asks if she would like a free cup of tea or coffee and after she takes the coffee or the tea she's asked: would you say, it tastes as rich as it looks? now the person usually says yes, it tastes as rich as it looks, or perhaps something even more favorable. these sort of commercials show the people who were interviewed and who praised the product or the service, but they do not show or even report the number of interviews in which people didn't praise the product. and this is again stacking of the cards or the cards checking propagator tiknique, that you are just presenting the favorable cards to present your product as the best one. now, card checking propaganda- tiknique is also common in controlling the news. there are so many examples of controlling the news to present the best possible position. for example, for decades, many governments regularly jammed foreign shortwave radio broadcasts to ensure that their people get only the official version of the events, while enforcing censorship of outgoing information. now this is again card stacking- that you are stacking the cards to present the best possible position or the situation. so these are all card stacking propaganda tikniques. i am sure that the cards checking propaganda has directed purchase decisions for many of us, consciously or subconsciously. so we should be aware of the tikniques used by the companies to boost their sales or profits. the audiences should try to stay more informed about the pros and cons of the products which they are going to buy or purchase. we also need to make a deliberate effort to find out more than what is being represented in the advertisements and get to know all the sides to a story and not just rely on the partial and stacked information. and this is the necessity of this digital era in which everything, every media have, whether social media, whether the traditional media, is full of the propaganda we can say that is bombarded by the propaganda. let us become more informed and not be manipulated with misinformation and cherry picking. so these were some of the important aspects and examples of the cardstacking propaganda device. i hope you have understood it. if you want to get the notification of my upcoming video lectures, do subscribe the channel and also press the bell icon. inshallah, we shall meet again soon with another video lecture. till that time, take great care of yourself, allah hafiz.

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Persuasive Techniques Used in Advertising

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7 Types of Propaganda

hi class. in this lesson we're going to be toking about propaganda, and so you want to be taking notes in your through regarding pop agenda. to start off, the idea of propaganda is all about persuasion, the art of persuasion. really, it's about spreading ideas or information, or maybe even rumors, for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or person. so it really could be as big as a government spreading propaganda - or a country spreading propaganda to another country. or it could be a person sharing information either to help or injure another person or institution or cause. so it's really about spreading ideas. it's also about making us accept or approve something without looking closely at the evidence. we just want to present enough facts so that people assume that it's true, but not go all the way to have them necessarily research it, because if they did, they probably find out that it wasn't actually true. and then most of the propaganda devices utilize emotion and really avoid critikal thinking. so it's all about getting someone to do something without really thinking about it and motivating them because of the emotional reaction that they have towards things, and so I really liked this idea down here, this image that I pulled off the web, and it's this us versus them. so it really is about stereotypes being at the heart of all propaganda efforts and knowing that their purpose is to create the perception that our actions are always Ithaca, honorable, while those of our opponents are always unethical and dishonorable. so pay attention to the word always there, because I think that that sort of helps develop. you know, somebody isn't always honorable or always ethical, and as much as we try to be, but propaganda does a really good job of helping us believe that we are always good and that they the the inevitable, that the them that they are always bad. okay, so here are some just little examples - of propaganda posters that have been used, and we're going to tok about some specific examples here shortly as well. these next seven ideas that I'm about to present to you. it's very important that you copy these down word for word, because you are going to be using these seven definitions in a little booklet, so please make sure you copy these down. you can also write the examples that I give here as well. so number one is testimonial, and this is when you use a well-known, respected person to endorse a product or service. there's tons of examples of this, but one of them that came to mind to me was Michael Jordan, while he endorses not only his own products but other products as well. so Hanes underwear is a Michael Jordan endorsed testimony of: hey, these are, these are good. you must use them, because Michael Jordan use ism okay. number two: glittering generalities. so this is when you have words or ideas that evoke a positive emotional response from an audience, and many times in glittering generalities, virtue, virtue words are used. so this was a campaign poster for President Barack Obama. he wasn't the president at the time, he was campaigning to be President, but the virtue word that was used was hope. okay, and remember, you guys can pause this video if you need to pause, if I'm going too fast for you, so pause it in between so that you can get all of these items word-for-word. number three is transfer. so this is the act of relating something or someone we like or respect with a product. symbols are constantly used in this form of propaganda. this is different from testimonial because it doesn't necessarily have to be a real person. testimonial is usually somebody who's famous and and they're speaking up and they're testifying towards the goodness of that product or idea, whereas transfer is more like a concept. so in the world war 1 & 2 recruitment posters, we have this concept of Uncle Sam. now, Uncle Sam isn't a real, wasn't a real person. it was a personification of the American government, and some of the ways that we see symbols in this poster is by: first of all, the color usage is red, white and blue. okay, we also have the stars in his hat, representing the stars and and the stripes of of the American flag. and one of the other things that I find really interesting just about this picture in general is no matter where you were standing. so if you stood towards the left of this picture or right in front of it or towards the right of this picture, Uncle Sam's eyes and even his finger pointing towards you always are facing you. so it doesn't matter where you were standing. when you saw this poster, either from a side angle or from head on, you were going to feel Uncle Sam's eyes looking at you and his finger pointing towards you. so that's just a really interesting way of grabbing someone's attention and not letting it go, okay. number four: plain folks. the use of everyday people to sell a product or service. speakers and ads appear to make the person to be one of the people. so this is a Swiffer commercial where Jerry Bell. he's toking about how he never has time to sit in his couch and have deep couch sitting because he's always busy cleaning, and Swiffer makes it easy for him to clean up his house quickly so that he can actually sit down and enjoy his couch in some ditch deep couch sitting. number five is bandwagon. this is when this form of propaganda attempts to persuade the target audience to take a course of action that everyone else is taking: join the crowd. this tiknique reinforces people's natural desire to be on the winning side. so we kind of refer to bandwagon more when we're toking about sports teams, like hey, everyone got on the bandwagon because they're winning right now, but when the team is losing everyone is not a fan. but you can also use it and see it in propaganda tikniques for commercials and advertisements. so one of the ways that McDonald's has an appearance of bandwagon is by saying that billions and billions of people have been served food from McDonald's. number six is name-calling, which is the use of names the evoke fear or hatred in the viewer. this tiknique links a person or an idea to a negative symbol. we also often see this with politikal figures. you know, we. we hear that there are traitor or terrorist or a communist or coward, and so there's a lot of like negative sort of connotations that come with politikians in general. but it can be done to for other products as well, where the negative aspects are being pointed out. and then finally, number seven, the front. the last one is card stacking, and this is the strategy of showing the products best features only and telling half truths and omitting or lying about its potential problems. you guys watched the ready-set-go infomercial and you may have seen that there are some half-truths in its presentation. during the infomercial, for example, you know it's, it's food that really you still have to cook it and you still have to prepare it. so even though they show that the food was ready in a matter of minutes, you still have to, like, cut up all the ingredients and actually go to the store, buy the ingredients. so it's not just an instant type of thing, even though they really try hard to make it look that way. okay, so you are going to come up with some ideas for your out next, which is to describe the benefits of understanding propaganda. so, in your opinion, you guys can think of some ways and turn it to the next slide and I'll kind of give you some specific examples as well, but try to think of some personal ways that you think that you would benefit from understanding propaganda. well, you also have some homework. next class, I want you to bring an example of each of the seven types of propaganda. so I gave you an example for every single one of these. I want you to go online and find your own example. now do me a favor. don't just Google card stacking and look it up. I want you to think about commercials or advertisements that you've actually seen that would represent card stacking. okay, sometimes you can come up with some good things when you just google card stacking, but

Rick and Morty | All Commercials (PS5, Pringles, Instagram, Wendy's)

40. wake up. we're in a carl's jr hardy's commercial right now. i'd like you to meet some characters. thick burger, el diablo. i don't want to be in a commercial. it's four in the morning. i got a big test. relax more tonight. bacon cheeseburgers [Music] burgers, morty. check out my new friends, the old spice invisible sprays. come on, rick, it's three in the morning. well, why do you keep selling us out beer gloves, swagger and pure spore? that's too bad, morty. their spray is invisible. it's invisible spray. they go on clear, they smell great and provide 48 hours of odor and sweat protection. you're going to smell great tomorrow. 4 presented by old spice stack pringles flavors. make new ones. how much do you think pringles paid these people? hardly anything. hey, you guys want to stack different pringles flavors to create new flavor combos. here i'll. i'll go first: pizza, barbecue and jalapeno. the spicy barbecue pizza stack. get him grandma. what's going on, pringles? we're trapped in a pringles commercial. they must have taken us in our sleep. how can we get out? we can't summer. they warned me this would happen and i didn't listen. that cringles make endless new flavors: cheddar and barbecue, wavy and sour cream and onion equals a three-layer dip stack. all right, morty, go tok about the thing. they paid us a lot. okay, yeah, uh, this is the playstation 5.. it's really fast, yeah, yeah, they really wanted you to mention the speed. that was really important. yeah, it's super fast. like way less of those long loading screens. you know how do you tell them the thing about the buttons. huh, oh uh, the controller has haptik feedback vibrations that simulate in-game actions. the l2 and r2 buttons have adaptive resistance. cordy, don't block the console. they wanted that in the shot. oh yeah, man rick, this commercial is kind of boring. you know, it's like the playstation 5 is pretty cool. all right, we're done. go play ps5. playstation 5 play has no limits. all right, look, morty. kojima just wants us to reconnect to fractured society and stop the death stranding. what are all these ghosts? uh, those are the death stranding rings. oh, okay, yeah, i wasn't paying attention. geez, rick, you know we've been walking for a while and i got this baby in a tube. maybe it's some sort of crazy upgrade. hold on, i've got an idea. hey, i'll stop. stop, not an upgrade. let's eat it. what we can't eat, it's a baby. what if it makes us run faster, jump higher? okay, let's eat the baby brought to you by death's trending available november 8th. can you hit the ignore button on that? not hitting the ignore button, rick? we're going to help those people in distress. what do you think we do when that happens, rick? we just ignore the call. huh, you know, maybe we should take off. doesn't look like anything's going on. oh, morty. no, holy crap, i think it's dead. god morty. you died of toxicity due to all the drugs and alcohol swirling about in my system. well, rick, you know they say don't do drugs, but i think this might be a case for him. and alcohol, morty, yeah. and alcohol, somebody get a memo to all the characters in those alien movies stats. yeah, no, kidding, you know, i never thought i'd say this, but thank god, you drink all those drugs and alcohol, you know you don't drink drugs, whatever. i don't know, i'm innocent. hey, what's up? 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didn't we kill him? relax, morty. none of this is cannon, just for fun. look at the other bathroom stall, though. this is a jerry gotchi. morty, it turns out, you can fit all of your dad's brain power into an lcd game. you can have jerry do all sorts of stuff, which- what should we have him do, morty? well, he sure loves organizing cables. oh yeah, you want to see him reorganize some cables? yeah, rick, i'm excited, let's do it. let's tap the tag rick morty. if you want to see it so bad, why don't you hop on in to the rick's diverse over here? the rick and morty ricks diverse is available now. search for ricks diverse on instagram and play today. don't be a. 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[Music]. rick, i'm back, wake up, wake up, geez, it's about time. morty, give me those. [Music]: huh, wow, hey, morty little tip, don't clean dna vials with your spit. let's go, i'm driving this time. 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Exposing Credit Card Hacks | Jack McColl

on today's podcast. i had jack mccall on. jack is a credit expert who showed up in my office with over 50 business credit cards and let me tell you, as somebody who maxed out their credit cards to start their full business career: um, you know that's exactly what i did to flip houses. the way he's doing it is way better and way different than how i did it. um, i had to endure a 500 credit score for years with all my utilization tapped out. um, the way he is helping people get business credit is much different. doesn't affect your personal score and the limits are so much higher. um, we tok about how you're able to do that. we tok about the value of relationships with different banks. we also go over which credit cards are the best um for starting out: whether you're in real estate, whether you're in e-commerce, whether you're going to just go start a videography or an influencer business. um, there's a bunch of credit cards that meet different kinds of needs and we go over all of those details as well as all of the different things that make up your credit score. um, also during this podcast, i publicly go over what my credit score is. today i looked it up on the show and, um, i'll just say that it's not what i thought it was, so, uh. with all that being said, i think it's a great episode, something we've never gone over in depth, so make sure you stay to the end. now let's jump into it. welcome to the ryan pineda show, where our mission is to invest. i only expect to make money and things that i understand. innovating it's about believing in the future and thinking that the future will be better than the past and inspire. i am much more likely to hit my goal just due to putting it out there. you're now rocking with the best. what's going on everybody? welcome to the ryan pineda show today. i don't think we've ever had this type of profession on, so this is our first time ever having a credit expert and, as many of you know, i got my career started by maxing out my credit cards to buy my first house flip. and um, my man, jack mccall, right here, brought a stacked book of credit cards. if you're watching this on youtube, i just notiked that. how many are in that box? almost 50.. 50 credit cards- insane, dude. so dude, you teach people how to get credit. exactly that's what i love to do. what's going on, ryan, it's good to be here. thanks for having me. yeah, dude, so tell me about. how did this come to be? yeah, i mean so i've been an entrepreneur for eight years and through each of my business ventures i learned a different way to finance a business. at first, it was just using my hard-earned cash, that at that point, i was selling hoverboards. and then my second business, i was selling inflatable loungers. that's when i brought on an equity partner and i was like, okay, this is the best way we could finance businesses. the third way: we're doing business loans. we're paying interest for business loans. and then i learned about business credit. what's crazy about business credit is one you can get approved for hundreds of thousands of dollars at a zero percent interest rate. so at this point, you're not giving away equity, you're not paying any interest and what's what's incredible is it doesn't affect your personal credit score. so that's what i didn't understand. i knew i had top personal credit cards. i loved getting points, signed up, bonuses, things like that, but i knew that if you max those cards out, it affects your utilization and it'll bring your score down right. so business cards: they're not reporting your personal credit. so once you get approved for a 50k card, a 75k card. you can max these cards out, effectively liquidate the credit into cash and then use that cash for literally any type of investment. yeah, dude, so i'll tell you, um, i wasn't that smart when i was doing it, nor, actually, am i that smart today, because my credit's really not good and, um, i've never, like, been late on payments. it's just, my utilization is so high, with constantly revolving and spending money. um, but when i first started, you know, i applied for all these personal credit cards in both my and my wife's name and, uh, you know, i just focused on the zero percent cards, like you said, and i was able to scrounge up 50 grand, just like applying for anything and everything. yeah, um, i used that to fund my very first flip and, in essence, that deal made me twenty five thousand dollars. nice, and you know, from that point forward i understood. i was like: dude, credit's not a bad thing. you know, debt is not bad if you're using it for you know, good things to make money. um, it's bad for when you're buying gucci bags and stuff, but, um, you know, i that that totally shifted my mind and as i started to get into other things, whether it be real estate or e-commerce or, you know, buying things for my business to fund. you know, look at the studio like you know, if you wanted to start a studio and you didn't have quite the money today, you know i would say, spending money on cameras and equipment's going to be great if you're going to actually use it. so, um, i became a big believer in using credit and, um, i kind of looked down on it before where it's like, oh, you're using credit cards for to fund, uh, something, and it was like, yeah, that's the stigma, like dave ramsey and everyone gives, but it's not necessarily the truth- like i don't care how you get your money to start your business. so, um, it's interesting to see that you're doing it in a different way than how i did it, though you're going the business route, which i don't really have a ton of knowledge on. yeah, i mean it. when it comes to raising money, in terms of like a few hundred thousand dollars, i feel like it's the easiest way to access money and at that point, you're not giving equity, not paying interest. um, you can scale so much faster. i tell people this all the time: the more money you can borrow, the more money you can make, because even if you're making the same return but you're using more money to work for you, you're making more money. specifically, if you're not paying any interest, you know you can sell more businesses, you can scale faster, i think. for entrepreneurs, you know, to get an extra 100k, an extra 200k is so, so impactful. you know what i mean. for anyone in real estate, um, you know videographers, anyone starting any type of company, if you can purchase what you need up front, it gets you going much faster because, of course, you have your overhead. so if you can get past that initial phase and start making money quicker, you know this launch with borrowed money can get you there much faster, right? so explain to me why you have 50 credit cards. like what am i looking at? yeah, and so i mean i? this is something that's relatively new to me. you know i got my first business credit card um about two years ago. my first business card limit was a five thousand dollar limit, um, incredibly small, um. but i was able to um really understand the internal bank rules of the underwriting teams at these top banks and, by reverse engineering it, i realized that we can optimize our personal credit profile, build very strategic bank relationships, um, and optimize the way we're applying for these credit cards to maximize the cards we're getting. so i went from zero business cards to getting approved for a half a million dollars in credit in just over one year. so it's very, very fast and- and it's i want to emphasize for everyone listening to this- this is possible for so many people. i didn't have an aged business. i didn't even have a cash flowing business. i was doing this with new businesses with a credit file that didn't have a crazy amount of age. but you know, when you look at the five factors of your, your credit score, every single section you can optimize. if you're short on age, you can add authorized users. if you don't have a diversified credit mix, there's ways you can get pledge loans where it reports a 95 off paid installment loan, which ultimately helps you get more credit, um. and when it comes to the limits on your personal side, it's all about comparable credit. so if you have higher limits on the pe,