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cardenas ads this week

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Cardenas Markets: Virtual Tamale Class

Are you a fan of tamales but intimidated by the idea of making them at home? Well, fear no more! Cardenas Markets is here to help you make delicious tamales at home with their virtual tamale class.


- Soak the corn husks in warm water for 30-40 minutes before use

- Use prepared masa for convenience

- Cardenas Markets sells prepared meat for the tamale filling

- Use California or Guajillo chiles for the meat filling

- Follow the proper folding technique for tamales


1. Lay a soaked corn husk on a flat surface and spread prepared masa in the middle

2. Add the prepared meat filling on top of the masa

3. Fold the husk over the filling and fold in the sides to create a neat package

4. Steam the tamales in a steamer for about an hour

Fruit Tamales:

- Use prepared masa and fruit filling for convenience

- Use a stencil to create even-sized tamales

- Steam the tamales for about 30 minutes

Cardenas Markets has everything you need to make delicious tamales at home, from prepared masa and meat fillings to corn husks and steamers. With their virtual tamale class, you can learn how to make tamales like a pro. Don't be intimidated, give it a try and impress your family and friends with your delicious homemade tamales!


Exploring Gardenias: A Trip to My Local Mexican Grocery Store

Join me as I take you on a journey through Gardenias, my local Mexican grocery store. As we walk through the aisles, we will explore the unique products and deals this store has to offer.

Items to Purchase:

- Corn for making elote

- Ceviche

- Fruit salad

- Lettuce

- Bananas

- Rice

- Chicken fajita mix

- Guacamole

- Tortilla chips

- Hot sauce

- Pico de gallo


- Amazon lockers available

- Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables

- Unique items such as chamoy wraps and textured soy protein

- Expensive prices for meat and wings

- Pickled pig's feet and pork tongue for the adventurous eater

- Large selection of ceviche and salsa

Gardenias offers a diverse selection of Mexican groceries and products that can't be found at a regular grocery store. From unique snacks to fresh produce and meat, this store has it all. Though some prices may be steep, the quality and authenticity of the products make it worth a visit.

Cardenas Markets | Oakland Grand Opening

Música, música aquí, música nadie. Estamos muy entusiasmados porque hoy es el primer día que abrimos la tienda de jardines, la primera Cárdenas Markets en el norte de California. Estamos aquí en Oakland y no podemos estar más contentos de estar hoy aquí. No lo habían recomendado mucho, pero esta tienda Cárdenas tiene muy buenos precios. Ahorita estamos viendo la tienda, que bonita desde la entrada, desde que entré todo es diferente y está muy bonita. A mi parecer, es una de las mejores tiendas del área de la bahía, especialmente por su historia, tiene buenos precios y me gusta más que nada el ambiente que se siente porque la gente es muy amable, los trabajadores.


- Esta tienda Cárdenas es la primera en el norte de California y estamos muy emocionados por su apertura.

- La tienda tiene muy buenos precios y la gente está contenta de poder hacer sus compras aquí.

- La tienda es muy bonita desde la entrada y tiene un ambiente muy amigable.

- A mi parecer, es una de las mejores tiendas del área de la bahía y me gusta mucho su historia.

- Los trabajadores son muy amables y hacen que la experiencia de comprar sea muy agradable.

- Agradecemos a todos los latinos y hispanos que estuvieron presentes en la apertura de la tienda y que siempre muestran su cariño y apoyo.

- Louis Coronel también estuvo presente y agradecemos su presencia en el evento.

- Este mercado Cárdenas es totalmente increíble y esperamos que más personas lo visiten.

En resumen, la tienda Cárdenas Markets es una gran adición al norte de California. Tiene buenos precios, una tienda bonita y un ambiente amigable. Agradecemos a todos los que estuvieron presentes en la apertura y esperamos que más personas visiten este increíble mercado.

Grupo_Villavicencio Cardenas ADS

In this article, we will be discussing the accounts that we have chosen and presented to the members of our group. My name is Jose Antonio Villavicencio Cardenas, and I am the coordinator of the group. We have Alvaro Rivero Salas, Luis Rojas Camacho, Cesar de Aragua, and Mireia Bailar, who is not very active in the project but participated a little in the beginning. We will be discussing the use cases we have chosen for public information request management and worker request management.

Use Cases:

1. Public Information Request Management:

- A person requests information of public interest from the company.

- The company is legally obligated to provide this information, but confidential information will not be disclosed.

- The process begins with the requester and involves an external institution.

- Diagrams: General Use Case, Business Actors, and Class Diagram.

2. Worker Request Management:

- A worker requests a specific process that cannot be digitalized.

- The process involves specialists from various departments.

- Diagrams: General Use Case, Business Actors, and Activity Diagram.

Specific Use Case:

- Register Request: Allows for digital registration of public information requests.

- The system stores the information in a database and generates a request number.

- The request is sent to the superior for approval.

- Diagrams: General Use Case, Basic Flow, and Alternative Flows.

In conclusion, we have presented our chosen accounts and use cases for public information and worker request management. We have also provided specific use cases and diagrams to illustrate the processes involved. Our group has worked hard to ensure that these accounts are efficient and effective in achieving their intended purposes.

One to One - Barin Cárdenas

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of our digital dialogue series! This afternoon, I'm joined by Aaron Cardenas, founder and active CEO of Yacht Creators in the US. We'll be discussing how the recent US election results might affect the spending and buying power of the primary market in the industry.

- The US election has taken yet another turn, with news from Georgia bringing us closer to a level of certainty.

- The world is watching the US at the moment, as it is the primary source of clients for our industry.

- Aaron Cardenas is a new build expert, brokerage expert, and industry oracle.


- Our clients are very sophisticated and are thinking about what the election results will mean for taxes, job growth, and how the government handles COVID-19.

- This year is more polarizing because of COVID-19, and the overall thinking from our clients is whether they will still be able to have cash flow and grow their businesses.

- Uncertainty in the market can present opportunities for growth, but it is not good for new builds, which are more time-consuming than brokerage boats.

- The brokerage market has been extremely hot in the US, with boats being imported from Europe for American buyers.

- Boating has been fantastic as an escape for our clients during the pandemic, and the brokerage market has seen a massive opportunity.

- We'll find out in the next couple of months whether the pandemic has translated to new builds, as typically, people start dreaming about new builds at the end of the year and during the holidays.

- The recent US election results have caused uncertainty in the market, but our clients are thinking about how to continue growing their businesses.

- The brokerage market has seen a massive opportunity during the pandemic, and new builds may see a trend in the next couple of months.

- Boating has been fantastic as an escape for our clients, and we're hopeful for the future of the industry.

Cardenas: 'Big Gap' Between Trump Rhetoric And What Candidates Want From Him | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Former Chairman of Republican Party of Florida Talks Florida Election

In a recent interview with NBC News, the former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida discussed the results of the Florida election and the impact of immigration rhetoric on Latino voters.

Key Points:

- In the Florida election, Charlie Crist beat Rick Scott by 20 points among Hispanics, but it wasn't enough to put Crist over the top.

- Andrew Gillum currently leads by 11 points over DeSantis, and Bill Nelson leads by 15 points over Rick Scott.

- Florida's Hispanic vote has changed, with Puerto Ricans now slightly outnumbering Cubans.

- Immigration rhetoric is likely not coalescing for Democrats, and it may be counterproductive in the Midwest.

- Latinos have been poked in the eye for two years and may feel anger and fear.

- There is a mood of foot in the Latino community of suppression that is real or perceived.

- In a perfect world, there could be an immigration compromise with the president, but it depends on whether he is running for re-election.

- Democrats have an 80% chance to win the House, and Republicans have an 80% chance to keep the Senate.

- The governor's race and the Senate race in Florida are both close and could potentially split the ticket.

The former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida highlights the importance of immigration rhetoric and its impact on Latino voters in the Florida election. He also suggests that a split Congress may be ideal for the president to work out a compromise on immigration.


In this article, we will be discussing the recent news surrounding Antonio David Flores and his alleged downfall. We will be examining the role of his supposed friend, Cristina Cárdenas, in the situation and how it has led to a string of accusations and media attention.

Main points:

- Cristina Cárdenas was a friend of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores

- She allegedly leaked information about Rocío's pregnancy to a magazine for money, causing a rift in their friendship

- Cristina now claims to have inside knowledge of Antonio's current state, including his emotional breakdown and lack of eating

- She believes that Antonio is using his public image as a victim to gain sympathy and justify media attention

- Antonio has been accused of posting defamatory posters about himself in an attempt to manipulate public opinion

- The media has played a significant role in creating a false narrative around Antonio, which was contradicted by his recent press conference

In conclusion, the situation surrounding Antonio David Flores is complicated and has many layers. It involves accusations of betrayal, emotional manipulation, and media interference. While the truth may be difficult to discern, it is clear that Antonio is facing a significant public backlash and that his reputation has been damaged. The media's role in perpetuating false narratives and exploiting personal issues is a concerning trend that deserves further scrutiny.

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