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carousel ads examples

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

How to Create Facebook Carousel Ads (NEW Layout Full Tutorial)

in this video, i'm going to show you how you can create a facebook carousel ad in 2021, the easiest way. so if you want to create an ad like this- so this is a carousel ad- then you need to keep watching this video. so what you can do with these ads is simply use multiple images to multiple pages and multiple offers if you want to, or you can just add more images for branding to one specific product. so in this video, i'm going to show you how you can do that, and let's get started right now. alright, you want to start off by opening your facebook app manager. next up, you want to click on create, like you would always do when setting up a brand new campaign. next up, you need to choose a campaign objective. so what i'm going to do right now is send traffic to my store, to these products. so i'm gonna go with traffic. but you can also go with any other objective, but for the sake of the video, i'm gonna go with traffic and i'm gonna click on continue. so what they're gonna do right now is send you over here and all of that is fine. so what i'm going to do first is simply set up a normal campaign. so you simply want to go through all of these, so the different levels of ad sets, and then, finally, at this one, i'm going to show you how you can set up the carousel ad. so what i'm going to do right now is simply skip all of this stuff and just skip to the part where you can set up the facebook carousel ad. now that doesn't mean that you want to ignore all of this. you simply want to set this up like you would normally do. so you would send traffic to your website, maybe, or you want to go to an app or messenger, or even whatsapp. so set this up like you would normally do. i'm gonna change the budget to five euros, just like that. but yeah, like i said, just set this up like you would normally do, then click next and then you'll end up at the new ad section, and this is where you can set up the facebook carousel ad. so what i'm going to do right now is use test one more time. then, if you scroll down, you'll see the ad setup. right there, you can choose the format, choose how you would like to structure your ad, so you can choose single image or video, and then, right there, we've got the carousel ad. you all, i mean, of course. you of course want to go with carousel right here so that you can add two or more scrollable images or videos. so select that option right there and you'll then see what it looks like. now, if you simply scroll down and you skip to this part right there, we can start adding add creatives. so this is where you would add the images, headlines and descriptions. so if you simply click select image, what you can do is use images that you've already been using or you can upload brand new images. so i'm going to click upload, i'm going to go to my downloads and then let's see. i'm going to select a phone case from the store, so i'm going to go with this one, and then i'm going to send people over to the bestseller pages or even a specific product, and that's what i like about the carousel ads. you can send them to your home page, but you can also send them to a specific product page in the second picture, if that makes sense. so i'm going to click continue for now. so that's it for picture number one. next up, you can add a headline to that specific image, which will then show up beneath that specific image. so i'm just gonna go with: don't stop phone case. so you wanna basically make sure that you use a good converting hat line right there, whatever that may be in your case- and then right there, another description. so i'm gonna say: shop your now, just like that. now that's the headline and the description. i'll show you how that will show up right here. so if i simply scroll down, it will show up like that: don't stop phone case. and then right there the description. next up, you can add a link to that specific page or to your home page. so this is just for this, for the first image only. so what i can do is go to my actual store and then i'm going to click on that product. if i then copy that link and then use that on here, what i can do is send people over to that specific page so that they can shop this specific product, and that's why these carousel ads are so cool. you can send them to specific pages within one ad, if that makes sense. what you can do next for the second picture is simply click on the plus icon right there and then click select image. you simply need to do the exact same thing like you just did to set up the first one. so you would select another picture, then click continue in the bottom right corner and then, once again, you can set up the headlines, descriptions and a specific website url to that specific product or to whatever page you want to send them to. so maybe with the second picture, i want to send them over to my home page. so what i would do is simply copy the link then paste that in there, so that for the second image, it's not going to send them to the specific product page but to my home page. all right, and that's how we do that. so test number two, and then, right there, i'm going to put description to, or just like that. so please make sure to use actual headlines and descriptions. i'm just trying to show you guys what it will look like and then, as you guys can see right there, test number two will then show up. now you can add up to 10 different images, so up to 10 different of these, and then your print what's done. so what you can do right now is simply set up the call to action like you would normally do, the see more url, which could be my home page, and then you can pretty much do whatever you do normally when setting up an ad campaign and then you're done. so that's pretty much where you can set up the facebook carousel ads. it's as easy as that. now you can click review to see what it will look like and you'll then see a preview of your facebook carousel ad. so, as of right now, we can see the phone case. the image isn't great for this, but it's just about showing you guys how it works. so don't shop phone case, shop your, don't stop phone case now. and then the second one is gonna be this one: test number two, description two, and you can build up to 10 of these, and that's pretty much how you can do this. then, finally, we've got to see more and then learn more. and then also this one: if people click right there, they'll be brought over to my page, so please don't pay attention to all of the images and the names and all of that. i'm just trying to show you the tiknical side of setting this up. so if this video helps you out, make sure you go ahead and leave a like on the video. let me know if you have any questions down below and then i'll see you next time. have a good day.


hi guys, it's been Heath from Leaguer, and in this video, I'm going to give you six examples of very successful Facebook ads that have all been run in 2019 and have all performed very, very well. now the way I'm going to do this is I'm going to go through my five-part Facebook ad template, which are document you can download right now for free. just click on the link in the video description and go through the six ads that we've included in here. as I said, their ads that have been run and they've all done very, very well. they're all successful Facebook ads and I'm gonna sort of break down each one, explain how it worked, why it worked in the various elements that are important. so you can obviously model from that and look to use some of these tikniques in your own ads and help improve their performance. as I said, you want to go through this in your own time and go through stuff and reading it. then, of course, you can go ahead and download the template, but I'm going to go through it just here and show you the various elements and and why they work so well. okay, so, with that said, let's, let's get into it. so there's a lot of information about that's the beginning. don't need to worry about that, just gonna scroll down now. the first thing we come to is one for an interior designer. so let's have a look. obviously we've blurred out the specifics about the company and to protect our client information- our clients information- what sort of stuff- when I go through some of the elements. okay, so this is what the ad looks like. now, the first thing whenever you're creating a Facebook ad, you're like: how can I create this successful Facebook ad is: what are you actually offering in your ad? it's something that almost no one asks me about through my Facebook Ads mastermind group or through my youtube channel- anything. no one says: what should I be offering with my Facebook Ads? that's a big mistake. they want to focus on the settings and you know, targeting options, copy, tikniques, things like that, which are important, but the single most important thing with a Facebook ad is that you offer something that people actually want. now, this is an interior design company. they want interior design clients and they are simply offering- you can see here- free interior design consultations. so one of the designers will meet with their prospects. they will go to their property, they will take a look around, see what it is they want doing to their property and that is the free consultation. from there they will then look to progress them on to becoming a full client. now for those people that are worried about I can't give away something like a free consultation I can dedicate at that amount of time. my first impede advice would be: raise your price. if you, our service provider, you want to be able to offer something like a free quote, a free consultation, a free stretch session, something on those lines, so that people can test it out in a very low-risk way. signing up for a free consultation if someone's thinking about hiring the tier designer, it's very, very low risk and that's why this offer works very, very well. it's. you know, it's not rocket science, it's nothing that complicated, but you need. the difference between something like this and just saying we offer interior design services is absolutely enormous. if you're a service provider, partikularly if you offer a high-end service, obviously, like an interior design company does, go ahead and use something like a free consultation, okay. otherwise, this ad is very, very straightforward. so the first thing you'll notike is that is the image. that's the first thing most people notike it in a, in a Facebook ad. now, the image shows off a very nicely designed kitchen that the interior design company did. and if you were portfolio based company, it's very straightforward: you want to include some of your best images in your Facebook ads to demonstrate the work that you've done. that's what people are going to want to. that's why people are going to want to work with you, that I wanna see what you've done previously and that's why they're gonna hire you. so if your portfolio based- you know interior designers, anything to do with graphic design, if you create anything visual or provide a visual service for your clients, go ahead and stik your images in there. keep it simple. moving on to the copy, so we started with what's called the call-out method. so we've got here: moving house redecorating, both in question marks, and what that does is, as someone, when they're scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed, it pops up with moving house redecorating, that's gonna catch their eye. if, in fact, they are moving house to redecorate it- yes, that's me and they're gonna read on- then they'll see: will design a beautiful interior for your home and manage the project for you. so we've got the call that method and then we've immediately followed that up with some simple benefits. so we'll design a beautiful interior of your home. that's a massive benefit of the services company provides and will manage the project for use. there's no house, no stressful and no stress. look, no house, no hassle, no stress. OMA said that and and we'll manage project for you. that's another great benefit that people go into one very, very straightforward, very, very simple. this is a low risk introductory offer. we don't need reams and reams of copy, we just need to let them know. sign up for free consultation, no obligation, really simple for you to do. that'll start conversation and we can progress it from there. we've got the very simple call to action button of sign up and then we've got one, two, three with our award-winning designers as the news feed link description: very straightforward, again, emphasizing another benefit: their award-winning designers. this company's done some great work and in convincing people to take action. and that's it. super, super simple ad. if you are so provider, partikularly for a high-end service model from this ad, it's likely to do very well for you. okay, so scrolling down, so when, if you do, go ahead and download this five-part Facebook ad template, by the way, guys, then you can go through some more information on covering here and but I've got that all written out for you. so the second business we're going to look at is also a, you know, a local slash service business. in this case it is a gym studio. in fact, we worked with a gym franchise here, a number of locations, and they really wanted to push their free personal training server- free personal trainer, not their free personal training, they really wanted to push their personal training services. so, coming back to what I mentioned previously about the offer being massively important. the first thing we we decided was that we're going to offer a free personal training session so you can come book a free personal training session with someone. you can have that initial session and, if it works well, you can then go on to book a block of ten or sign an ongoing monthly commitment or something like along those lines and become a client. a lot of business owners I speak to are reluctant to give these sorts of offers, but you know we work with dozens of companies. we run so many Facebook ad campaigns. giving a strong offer is the most important thing to a campaign- I cannot emphasize that any more- partikularly of a service based business- and there's a lot of me to businesses out there. I mean, how many different personal trainers are there in different gym companies that offer personal training a huge amount. how are you gonna differentiate yourself? very, very difficult to do. but if you can offer something for free, demonstrate how good your service is, how good your personal trainers are, then they can go on to become a customer. okay, so let's go through this again. so in the headline, very, very simple, we've just told them what the offer is for service business. that's what you want to do, free in capitalist. grab their attention. personal training sessions- straightforward. then, moving on to the image here, all we've used this is not

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How to create a Facebook Carousel Ad that gets more clicks

hello guys. in this video we're going to tok about how to create a Facebook Carousel ad, but before we begin, please hit that like button to show us your support and help our videos reach more people. now let's get started. are you looking for ways to increase engagement on your Facebook page or are you looking to increase traffic to your website or your landing page? Carousel ads can include up to 10 cards that users can scroll through. it can be shown as multiple photos or videos. it appears as a single post and more viewers can browse multiple content that you can promote using Carousel ads. a carousel ad can help you showcase various products or services in just one ad. each card can have a separate URL link so that viewers can click on the specific product page or even a landing page. it helps drive more traffic to your website as well. now let's create a carousel ad. go to the a page where you want to create a carousel ad. access your meta business Suite from the left menus. click all tools. then, under advertise, choose ads manager. a new window or tab will show up. it shows the existing campaigns that you have created. now click create on this pop-up window. choose a campaign objective. now choose conversions. then click continue. in this field you need to write your campaign name. click next. now type in your ad set name. under conversion event. choose view content from this drop down list. next, set a budget. you can choose from a daily budget or a lifetime budget. then type in the amount that you can unlock for this campaign. next, set a schedule for when this ad will run. set the date on the calendar and the time to start. next, you can set an end date, but this is optional. under audience, you can create a new audience or use any saved audience. now click next. write your ad name in this text field. under identity, select a Facebook page where you want to apply this ad. if you have an Instagram account connected to your Facebook page, it will automatikally show up here. under add setup, you can find a Creative Source. by default, catalog is selected. if you want to add media from your computer, then choose manual upload. under format, choose how you would like to structure your ad. you can choose from these options: single image or video, Carousel or collection. now let's choose Carousel. scroll down to the ad creative. take note that you should select photos with this resolution, but don't upload photos below this resolution. now choose an image type in the headline. then you may add an optional description. then type in the website URL where you want people to be redirected as they click on this image. now select or upload another image, then write a headline, then type in the website's URL. now we have added three photos as our Carousel ad using this Facebook page. now you can see the preview of the carousel that we have created in this section. under edit placement, you can choose where you want to show this ad. you can choose Instagram feed stories, explore or Facebook feed stories or more. you may choose to enable or disable these options. this option shows a card with your Facebook pages profile photo at the end of the carousel. now add a primary text. here you can type in the text that shows the features of the products or services that you are promoting on your Carousel. if you check out the preview, the text will be shown in the section. tap on Advanced preview. you may notike that. you can view previews of all the available placements where you can promote your Carousel ad. you can see the preview for the Facebook and Instagram feeds, Marketplace video feeds and more. you can check each placement to see how your viewers will see your Carousel ad below. you can select a call to action for your Carousel. by default, it shows learn more. if these are products from your eCommerce site, then you can choose the call to action shop now. next you need to place a destination where you want your viewers to be redirected as they click on this call to action button. once you're done, click, publish and that is how easy you can create a Facebook Carousel ad. we have a marketing app that allows you to track ads from your competitors. amplify gives you seven popular SAS tools for total Facebook ads domination. with page ad Watcher, you can track ads from your competitors. with hidden insights and audiences finder, you can find high profit audiences that Facebook ad manager hides from you. boost your conversions with behavioral retargeting. with page targeter, you can get the audiences and the strategies of top businesses in your Niche. with email lists to audience, you can turn every lead into a buyer. with instant list to Facebook retargeting. with ad decorator, you can make people stop scrolling every time they see your ad. with Roi calculator, scalier adds profitability without paying first. try amplify now. go to get amplifyin. don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our Channel. I hope you find this video helpful. thank you for watching and I'll see you on the next video.

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Facebook Carousel Ads - How To Create Facebook Carousel Ads Tutorial (2022 New Ads Manager!)🔥

by the end of this video, you're going to learn how to set up a facebook carousel ad with the 2022 facebook ads manager. if you're new here, my name is armando and i work with small business owners, helping them with their online marketing so they can generate more jobs, and if that's something that you're interested in, click the subscribe button so that you don't miss out on any of the strategy videos that i put out weekly. before we get started, i want to cover some basics here about facebook carousel posts. these are going to be ads that are not available on every single objective, so pretty much the ones that support carousel ads are going to be branded, awareness, reach, uh traffic, lead generation, message conversions and catalog, and they're definitely available for the instagram feed and the explorer page. aside from that, you know the other placements you're not going to be able to use these, these carousel ads on. our starting point is going to be the facebook ads manager. if you don't know how to get here, it's facebookcom ads manager. the very first thing that you're going to do is make sure that you are under the campaign tab and you're going to click this green create button here. now what you're going to notike is that the objective window has completely changed. facebook has consolidated all the conversions and put them into essentially six objectives. now they're still there. if you look at awareness, that includes now reach, branded awareness and video views. uh, traffic includes link clicks and landing page views and a few other objectives that are in here now. a few seconds ago, i told you that not every objective is supported with a carousel ad, and so you have to remember that whatever objective you're choosing has to be- uh, has to support the carousel ad, otherwise it's just simply not gonna work. so, for the sake of this training, i'm just gonna pick a traffic and i'm gonna click traffic and click continue. what this is gonna do is set up the facebook ad structure. you have campaign ad set and the ad level. the very first thing that you're going to do from the campaign section is actually give this a name. make sure that the name makes sense to you, uh. the second thing is that if you're running a special ad category, such as credit repair, employment, housing or politikal ads, you're going to want to declare that, because you're going to be limited in some targeting and some features on these special categories. but if you're just a standard local business, like most of my audiences, then you don't really have to worry about that. the next thing you're going to want to do is turn off campaign budget optimization and ap split testing. if you're just getting started with this, or you're maybe an intermediate that don't doesn't really understand how to how campaign budget optimization works, or anything like that, just go ahead and shut these off, because it's the easiest thing to to do. once you've done that, you're going to want to click on the ad set level from the left hand pane. now, if you notike, this window has changed quite a bit. if you are, if you've been on facebook for a while, you notike that some things are different. this big budget section, uh, has changed and um, there's, there's been some changes. even though the options are there, the the ux looks a little bit different. so the very first thing that you're going to want to do here is just name this. okay, name this something that makes sense. um. if you've seen some of my other videos, i typically recommend that you name this um with the options that you're gonna select on this screen here, because this is where you set your budget, your targeting and your demographic, along with your um placement in here. so name this something that, when you can view it at a glance, uh, you can see what you've chosen from here. so, because i selected traffic, i've got, uh, just these options as my conversions objectives. that means website traffic, app, messenger, or what's happened in this case. i'm just going to leave a website alone because i want to send traffic to a website for this, for this training. okay, dynamic, creative. i'm going to turn off in budget. this is where you'll select whether you want a lifetime or a daily budget. you can use this little slider here that wasn't available before. i think it goes in increments of five bucks all the way through. you know whatever your max is there. so once you do that, uh, you're gonna come down here to audiences. okay, never select the entire united states. if you're running a local business, just choose. you know your location. i'm in houston, so i'm just gonna pick whatever location i want in here. i'm gonna choose houston. you're going to come in here and also set your your demographic info. make sure that you have a date, age range for your customers, genders, and make sure that you have any targeting options that you want for your ad to run in here as well. okay, the next thing that you're going to do is choose placements. this again depends on where you want your ad to run. remember that not all placements support a carousel ad, so i typically like to set everything to mobile, because that, to me, is the best type type of traffic. so what i typically do is i click devices and i uncheck desktop, and typically i am simply just running my ads to the news feeds of either facebook or instagram. once you've selected your proper placement, the next item that you're going to set up is the actual ad itself. this is where the carousel is going to be created and where you get to pick your destination among um call to action, primary text, etc. so, again, the very first thing that you want to do is name this, something that actually makes sense to you. once you do this, we're going to come here to the identities section. you want to make sure- and pay attention to this- that you have the right page selected. if you've got more than one business page, sometimes it'll default to the wrong one. just go ahead and highlight this and pick the one that belongs to you that you want to run the carousel ads on. uh, next thing that you want to do is come to add setup, it's going to give you a few choices in here: to use an existing post or to create an ad. in our case, we're going to be creating an ad from scratch here. now you'll see that you have different things and different options in here. as far as formats go. you have single image or video, one single image, one video or slideshow of multiple images and videos, and then you have carousel. this can be images and video, or just images or just videos, or a combination of both. the cool thing about carousel ads is that you have the ability to set up each carousel card with an individual image and a specific link and url that it can go to, so it can actually go to multiple places from the exact same ad. this is the option that you're going to want to set up if you want to create a carousel ad. so click on carousel and now what will happen is that it's going to open up a few cards in here- actually a couple cards in here- and you can add more cards. if you want to add more cards- and i believe you can have up to 10 carousel cards within the standard carousel setup. if you require more than that- like, maybe you've seen amazon or you've seen wishcom, where they have an infinite number of carousel um that scroll through their product catalog. you're gonna have to actually create a product catalog first inside of facebook and then import that product catalog into a carousel so that you can have unlimited uh carousels that pull from your ecommerce store. so the very first thing that you're going to want to do is set up your uh image. this is, you know, carousel number one is right here and carousel number two is on this side here. so i'm going to go ahead and choose, let's say, an image that i want to run. i'm going to select my image and click continue and what that's going to do is pop it into the actual carousel window here so you can see what that looks like. once you've selected your image, you can just scroll down the the individual card and you're going to be.

Best Instagram Carousel Examples NEW | Phil Pallen

instagram carousels. now this is a topic that i can get excited about. today, i'm sharing the very best examples to inspire your content creation. i have literally consumed hundreds, if not thousands, by now, and i'm a big believer in this post type for instagram. let's get right to it with some amazing examples. [Music]. i'm phil palin, a brand strategist. welcome to my channel, where i share practikal advice to build your brand. today, i'm in medellin, colombia, and i'm excited for this video. instagram carousels excite me. i make them often, a lot of times. they're my best performing content to date. i also consume a lot of them and i learn a lot from carousels. by the way, if you're new here, welcome. i create a lot of videos like this one on content creation, personal branding and more. hit subscribe better yet, hit that bell to be notified when i post next. i think it's gonna be easier for me to show you this and walk through them- the best carousels- from my phone and from my computer. so i'm going to hop over there and we will get started. so this feels like the right place to start my best performing carousel post of all time. now this example will serve as an example of what a carousel is. in this case, i'm sharing my 12 best apps for instagram here. now i'll move forward where you can see, very simply, i'm sharing a few of my favorite apps that i use for instagram. now i figured, and then at the end i'm promoting my course. i figured that this one would do well, but i did not expect it to do this well, partikularly when it comes to shares and saves: over 500 shares, over 11 000 saves, and there's some other impressive stats here which i'm proud of. so, really, this is what carousel content is all about. while it can take a little bit of time to create your first few carousel posts, it is totally worth it. how do you use carousels on instagram? you can use them to grow. you can use them to educate your audience in detail on a partikular topic, as you can see here on instagram, you can describe brands, stories or experiences within your business as a way to resonate with your potential audience or customer. this is a great way to share a before and and after. people love that kind of content. or if you're a brand that has user generated content, this is a great place to round that kind of content up. last mention here is customer reviews. let's say you've got people leaving you reviews. this is an awesome place to use multiple photo or video uploads to tell a story, and here you can see that that story is really being told in a seamless design, so it looks like it's all one image, when it's actually 10 separate images. now, before we go into some examples, let me show you very quickly. i'm scrolling back up here on my instagram feed to show you a template that i made recently for you. i'm gonna link to the video that explains my free carousel template. that's linked on screen for you. it's also hyperlinked in the description below. this is a canva template that i have made for you, which will help you make your very first carousel post. it's meant to be a seamless design, so it allows you to start with what i've created here for you. plug in your own brand, colors and content and lessons and social media handles and profile photos, etc. and you'll be off to the races. so that's linked for you there. now let's go on to some examples. i would be remiss if i didn't first mention one of my bffs, at least in the work in internet marketing space. this is lucas. lucas is incredible. he's been a friend of mine for a long time and i would say that his carousels are some of the very best out there. when you land on someone's feed and you see so many compelling headlines, designs here, almost like you can't help but click on this and learn. he is the master at this and so he teaches in a really clear, concise, easy to understand way, and it's been really cool to watch him grow over the last few months into really a social media powerhouse. if you're wanting to learn how to grow on instagram, even begin to build your brand on a platform like instagram, lucas is a great person that you can be learning from. along the same lines, i want to mention another friend of mine in the marketing space, and that is none other than marketing: harry. harry has impressive content, not just marketing, but also marketing instagram growth with a perspective of psychology. you can tell this guy reads a lot. he is so, so smart. he knows how to create really compelling visuals- same idea as lucas. you can look through here and go, wow, there's so many things here that i can learn from. literally it's like a course just spending a few minutes on his feed. those are my two favorites when it comes to learning content on instagram. that's marketing hairy. go check him out. now i'm going to change pace a little bit here and i'm going to show you a different kind of example. this is an app called go milkshake. the app is called milkshake. it's a product by envato, a site that i use often in designs, but this is awesome. so the app itself is actually intended to help you do more with your link in bio, but i want to point out specifically the designs and also the carousels that they've designed, so i'll click on one here as an example. so this is toking about youtube. this isn't a full up to 10 slide design. you get up to 10 slides using only five here, but it's such beautiful, amazing visuals, design wise. i get so many ideas on how they lay out their carousels and how they simplify the designs and the language used here. so i just i love how clean, beautiful, simple, absolutely love it. that is once again milkshake, or their social media handle is go dot milkshake. now for a different kind of design. this is truly one of my favorites. it is called the five minute journal. i feel like i land on this feed and i let out a giant sigh. it is so amazing, clean, beautiful. i love the pattern they have going on on their instagram feed and specifically their instagram carousels are some of the most minimalist, beautiful designs. have a look at this one. i love how they change colors from title to interior page, almost like the journals that they sell, right, and it's not just carousels here. you can get examples. they have great simplified designs. i just absolutely love this feed. i love everything they post and i use it as inspiration for my own instagram feed. i have one more example for you. this is another online business expert named ginny. ginny is in the marketing space, but look how cohesive and beautiful her designs are. tok about committing to a brand color very simply and almost fun- the designs that she incorporates here. okay, and so i'm just sliding through a quick example of an instagram carousel where she's not afraid to have fun and she's not afraid to put text and really teach you some incredibly valuable lessons. you can come on here and get all different kinds of ideas on really a unique style and a unique way of teaching. i absolutely love it. i find out something new every time i land over here. so that is ginny. definitely go check her out on instagram. there you go some of my favorite instagram carousels and why i love them. hopefully, i've introduced you to some incredible content creators that i seriously admire and learn from. if you want more where that came from, you should check out my course, content mastery- over 20 bite size videos that will teach you a content workflow that you can actually stik with. i've included promo code to get that course deeply discounted- my way of saying thanks for hanging out with me today. if you've got any other lingering questions, comment below. let's keep the conversation going on down there. i respond to those personally and if you enjoyed this video, give it a like. helps other people discover these videos that we work very hard to create, and subscribe for more of my videos on branding, positioning, building and promoting your brand. next, i'm sharing through a few videos i think you'll be interested in, instagram related. of course, i'm phil palin. thanks for watching, and those videos are coming up next.

How to create Linkedin Carousel Ads Explained - Linkedin Carousel Ad Examples.

hey guys, we're going to be toking about linkedin carousel ads, so i'm going to actually jump into the feed and show you one. actually probably not, because i spent 20 minutes looking for one and i couldn't because they're so rarely used. so instead i'm going to show you the examples that linkedin has. i'm going to show you how to create that inside of your campaign and give you some best tips and tricks. so let's dive into it. the first thing i'm going to show you is: uh, it's really funny that i honestly spent maybe about 20 minutes- that's an exaggeration, but i spent 15 minutes looking through the feed and all of the ads that i see are either single image, video or lead gen form, and i saw maybe one event, so what it would look like, and i'll go over here. we had to go to the official linkedin page to see what it looks like, but it's one of those where it swipes, so it initially shows one image and it kind of shows the cutoff of the next one so that you know there's more to it and then they can swipe through it. each of these pages has the ability to have an image, a little headline, and each one could click the destination url could be a different destination than the previous one. so it would be perfect for you know, kind of like a catalog, um, of services or products. i imagine it's better suited for the b2c world, um, definitely like better in the and for like a cold ad, and i would say this too: uh. so here's, we'll just go over like the basic boring stuff and then i'll dive into what it looks like to create one and my opinion of how to use it. so you can find the recommendations here. you can just google linkedin carousel ad examples and you'll probably find the marketing solution from them. it tells you the ratio, the resolution, how many characters you have for the ad name card, introductory text, tiknical requirements, things like that. uh, landing page, uh, things and everything that you need for that. and this is a good resource, um, and that's kind of the basics of what it would look like here where you can swipe. obviously, this is kind of showing you that it has all those. so how to actually create one: if you create a new campaign, we'll start all the way from the beginning. you can set your objectives. for this one, we'll just go with website visit. i would say so right off the bat for a linkedin carousel ad, the cost per clicks are going to be a lot higher than a single image ad. i think they do better for kind of creating brand awareness and you and for, i guess, engagement. so i would say i would not use these as a cold ad in front of a target that has never been to your website, never heard of you, never interacted with you, but those that go to your website and you want to retarget- and this is just one of the different layers, uh, that you re-target them with, and maybe it's like i would say, if you're a b2b sas company or sir b2b service company, i would say maybe it's like the, the pain points that you solve or the benefits of you know your solution or the different ways that you're different. you could make those cards, but i would probably say website visit would be, would be what i would uh choose. i would pick like your retargeting audience. so i'm just going to pick like a dumb one here. i'm just going to do 180 day- uh, no, 180 day website visitors, so that's six months, and then this is the section where you can actually choose the ad format. so carousel image ad is the ad format. does it give us any extra information. create cards with two or more images that will show in the news feed. so it does show inside the linkedin feed, if anyone ever to run it. it's really really rare that anyone runs these as ads, which is why i couldn't actually find an example for you. so you'll select that and then you'll make your bidding, targeting all that good stuff. you'll hit next and then the actual setup looks like this: you'll create a new ad and then this is the, the setup option. so again, it gives you some of those same guidelines over here. you can't have more than 10 cards. maximum 255 characters. on the intro you have these options for images, non-animated gifs, so you can't make it too exciting. you can't embed videos or anything like that statik image and a little headline, and then basically here all you would do is you would add as many slots as you needed and then each one you would get the headline, the destination url, and then you would upload an image and it would and it would show. let me just- i'll just load whatever screenshots i have here, probably some bad stuff, that's not even. let me have that dun dun, dun, just so you can see what this looks like. this is. this is really playing a linkedin roulette here by just uploading my last three screen shots. you never know. all right, so we're just gonna do three cards here. let's see if it shows me an example. uh, let's do one more. let's do one more and four, and these are not all like optimized okay, and let's create okay. hey there, friends, i'm testing this out. i would say this is probably one of the few ads that i don't actually have in my retargeting layer. i've tested and i'm using almost every linkedin ad type known to man, but this is not one that i have really used personally myself very much and i'm not currently a new source. i would just show you mine, i guess. all right, so i made it and i should be able to show in the feed. so we're gonna come in here and this is how it would look. so you'd have intro text. obviously you'd probably want to use a little more space like that. i think you'd still have that- the standard 150 that would show, and then you'd have to see more um, and then they would have the option to have this little arrow here and you can see it's different cards and each one of those you saw had a different url so it can slide through here. so it's not necessarily for like clicks and conversions. if, if you've been following any of my stuff, i would say the way, i would think about this as use this as a point to get something across. you can have these as case study images or reviews, client reviews that they cycle through, or a mix of client reviews and case studies, or you know how you guys are different- or examples of the work you've done. you know, depending on your product or service, you can use the space however you want. um, you know, for us we're a linkedin ads agency, but maybe i retarget our website visitors and i let them know. we do some other stuff too. so this one's like um website visit identification, and it links to that page. this one's content creation and it links to that page. this one over here is google ads and this one over here is multi-channel lead generation and it links to a different page over there. so you could use that as like a product catalog. so that is my basic: what it is and how you use it. i would use it in the retargeting. it's going to have a higher cost per click, but it's more of what you could do what it looks like in their feed and if they actually did interact with it, you know i i would just look at it as a way to build trust and credibility in a different format. um, then maybe they're used to seeing and you could do anything you want with that space.