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casper subway ads

Published on: January 25 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to Casper's Sunday Funday! In today's video, we'll be looking at some of the most cringey TV commercials ever made. As someone who pays for premium YouTube and doesn't watch normal TV, I miss the old commercials that used to make me laugh, cringe, and even consider buying the product. But today, we'll be taking a trip down memory lane and laughing at some of the worst commercials ever made.


1. Dixon City Honey: Are You Sure You Want to Buy a Car Here?

- This commercial features a man who is trying too hard to be cool and ends up making viewers cringe.

- The repeated phrase save me, save my soul is overused and not effective in convincing viewers to buy a car from Dixon City Honey.

2. Hoot Wireless: A Commercial That Falls Flat

- This commercial fails to get viewers excited about the brand and instead leaves them uninterested.

- The repetitive use of the phrase wireless and the lack of a strong message makes this commercial forgettable.

3. FarmersOnly.com: A Dating Site for Farmers and Ranchers

- This commercial feels like it's promoting a cult rather than a dating site for farmers and ranchers.

- The use of animals and the cornfield setting make the commercial seem like a parody rather than a legitimate advertisement.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pizza and Drugs?

- This commercial features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles promoting pizza and discouraging drug use.

- The turtles' high-pitched voices make the commercial sound like it's aimed at children rather than adults.

5. Mike's Golf Shop: We Buy Golf Clubs!

- This commercial features a man who is hard to hear and a message that is unclear.

- The repeated phrase we buy golf clubs does not effectively communicate what the business does or why viewers should choose it over other golf shops.

These commercials are some of the worst ever made and they make viewers cringe rather than want to buy the product. They fail to effectively communicate a message or get viewers excited about the brand. While they may be entertaining to watch, they are not effective marketing tools.

Hot Stuff

In the beginning, chaos and fire were all there was. The gods were angry and created the stars and planets. Man was left in the cold existence until the gods took pity and gave him fire. But with fire came danger, and man had to learn how to control it.


- The gods created the stars and planets in the beginning

- Man was left in a cold existence until the gods gave him fire

- With fire came danger and man had to learn how to control it

As man progressed, he discovered easier ways to contain his fire. Fire could now be hidden and brought to life in seconds, but it still can't be trusted and is constantly waiting for a chance to escape. In the end, all was chaos and fire, and man had to learn how to control it wisely and with respect.

How Casper Became A $1 Billion Mattress Start-Up

Unboxing Casper: The Millennial's Mattress

- Casper is a direct-to-consumer mattress company disrupting the $14 billion mattress industry

- Despite pushback from investors, Casper founders created an affordable foam mattress in a box for online purchase and shipment

- Casper's success has led to a crowded market, but the company continues to innovate and expand beyond just mattresses

History of Casper:

- Founded in 2014, Casper sold out of inventory on the first day of launch

- First year sales projections were hit in just two months, with revenue reaching $400 million in 2018

- Casper has raised $340 million from investors including Target, Canada Goose, and celebrity investors like Nas and Ashton Kutcher


- Casper's subway ads, brain teasers, and quirky illustrations gained attention, but the company's referral program and unboxing videos went viral

- Customers were rewarded for referring friends to Casper, and unboxing videos showcased the mattress's easy delivery and setup process

- Casper's success was perfectly timed with a growing focus on self-care, sleep, and wellness in society


- Casper faces competition from other direct-to-consumer mattress companies like Leesa and Purple, as well as online-only mattress brands from retail giants like Walmart and Amazon

- Casper aims to become the Nike of sleep and change the way everyone thinks about the category, not just win the mattress game

- Casper's success is due to the company's innovation, customer-focused marketing, and perfect timing with society's growing focus on self-care and sleep

- The company's expansion beyond just mattresses shows its dedication to helping people sleep better and live better lives.

Casper Case Presentation

Casper is a company that sells mattresses digitally, promising high quality and a good customer experience. However, their communication strategy has not been conducive to long term growth, leading to them only making 0.7% of the annual return mattress sales in the US market. In this article, we will discuss Casper's current situation, their marketing mix, their target customer portfolio, and their initial communication strategy.

Marketing Mix:

Casper's product is a single 10-inch, four-layer mattress that can be shipped anywhere in the US within five days at no extra cost. They also offer pop-up shops and have focused on digital ads, podcasts, celebrity radio sponsorships, and local outdoor advertising. They position themselves as an affordable alternative to high-end mattresses and offer a 0% financing for six months, along with a free 100-night trial.

Target Customer Portfolio:

Casper's current customer portfolio consists of people who are active on social media, internet, and podcast and radio listeners. They tend to be decision-free and want to avoid complex decisions when it comes to mattress purchases. Casper hopes to establish themselves as a globally recognized company, targeting influencers and expanding their media promotions into different cities.

Initial Communication Strategy:

Casper's initial communications budget was $30,000 and focused on paid media, including press coverage, celebrity endorsements, search engine optimization, and marketing podcasts and radio endorsements. They maximized press coverage and the hype surrounding their innovative strategies, leading to the first few customers being young, tech-savvy, and from a high-income background. However, their paid activities were not as effective, resulting in little conversion rate. They then started sponsoring podcasts and radio show hosts, which brought in a new set of customers.

Casper's marketing mix and target customer portfolio show potential for growth, but their initial communication strategy has limited their target audience. To address this, they will focus on three implementation Tao guidance or communicate, promote, and comfort. By targeting influencers, expanding media promotions, and improving their communication strategy, Casper can establish themselves as a leading mattress company.

My First Touch and Feel of Casper Pillow || Unboxing and Impressions

Hey Jen, did you know that one of the original videos I wanted to make for my channel was comparing my Castro mattress to other mattresses? Two years later, I still haven't made that video, but today I want to talk about the Casper pillows. In every video, I ask you to subscribe and give a thumbs up if you believe in the importance of a good night's sleep. If you're interested in Casper products, use my link below for a 15% discount on a mattress purchase.

Product Overview:

- I have a Tempur-Pedic gel cooling pillow and a BioSense memory foam pillow, but I'm always looking to upgrade.

- I ordered a Casper pillow for myself and my wife, who already has a Casper mattress.

- The Casper pillows are advertised as supportive, cool, and comfortable. There are two pillows in the box, and it's lighter than one of our other pillows.

- The pillows don't feel like they have foam, but they have a unique feeling like a Casper mattress.

- The pillows cost $75, but there's a 100-night free trial with no risk if you don't like them.

Sleep Test:

- I'll be testing the pillows over the next few weeks with my sleep tracker to see if there's a quantitative difference in my sleep.

- I'll also take notes from my wife, who sleeps with a Casper pillow as well.

- If the pillows improve our sleep, we'll get an ROI on the investment.

If you have any questions about the Casper products or want to share your own sleep experiences, comment below or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram. I'll check back in soon to let you know how the sleep test is going. Until next time, sleep well!

Can The $1,950 Casper Wave Mattress Solve Sleep Problems?

Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is essential for a good night's rest. In this article, we will be reviewing the Casper Wave mattress and testing it for comfort, support, temperature, and price.


The Casper Wave mattress was incredibly comfortable, and I would give it a 10 out of 10 for comfort. It was so comfortable that it became increasingly hard to get out of bed in the morning.


As someone who has had lower back problems, I was worried about the support of the Casper Wave mattress. However, it felt like there was a lot underneath me, and I didn't sink in it. After a while, it molded to my body, and I would give it an 8 out of 10 for support.


The Casper Wave mattress is temperature controlled and helps keep you cool. During the week of testing, I never woke up feeling hot, and it seems to have done its job. I would give it a 9 out of 10 for temperature.


The Casper Wave mattress is well over $1000, which is out of my budget. While I loved the mattress, I cannot see myself spending that much money for a bed right now.

Overall, the Casper Wave mattress performed well in terms of comfort, support, and temperature. However, the high price point may not be feasible for everyone. It's important to consider your budget and personal needs when choosing a mattress.

The Rise and Fall of Casper

The Rise of Online Mattress Retailers

- Not too long ago, people had to go to physical stores to buy mattresses

- Now, they have the luxury of buying it online

- The concept of a bed in a box has become popular

- Casper is one of the most successful companies in this space


- Bed in a box concept introduced in 2007 by Bill Bradley

- Bradley's company, Bed in a Box, did not gain traction due to financial crisis

- Casper reintroduced the concept in 2014 and became successful

- Casper offers 100-night guarantee to de-risk online buying experience

- Casper raked in over $300 million in first three years, valued at $1.1 billion in 2019


- Foam layers, size, color, and design may differ, but buying experience is online

- Firms differentiate themselves with ads and digital marketing

- Most bed in a box companies are essentially digital marketing companies specializing in mattresses

- Mattress review sites are important players in marketing space


- Most companies exist online and outsource manufacturing and shipping

- Barriers to entry are low, leading to hundreds of companies competing for the same customers

- This drives up customer acquisition costs

- Walmart and Amazon have launched their own mattress brands priced below average

- Casper diversified marketing efforts to podcasts, Subway, and TV

- Partnerships with retailers go against premise, but Casper partnered with Target in 2017

- Competitors followed suit


- Casper made losses in every quarter leading up to IPO in February 2020

- Investors wonder where Casper will find growth and pave its way to profitability

- Casper could introduce new mattresses or expand into adjacent product categories

- Future of mattress industry might be introducing smart mattresses with built-in sleep trackers and adjustable firmness

- Online mattress retailers have disrupted the traditional mattress buying experience

- Casper is one of the most successful companies in this space, but faces competition and challenges

- The future of the industry is uncertain, but the concept of a bed in a box is here to stay.

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