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cats on shopify

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

- Justin Cener introduces himself and the topic of the video

- He will show real live products that sold over six figures in the animal lovers niche

- He will explain how to do the same thing with your Shopify store using print on demand

Successful Animal Lover Products:

- Examples of successful animal lover products sold over six figures

- Print on demand hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and t-shirts for cat and dog lovers

- Each product sold thousands of copies and brought in six-figure sales

- Print on demand allows you to never touch the product, pay for it up front, or deal with shipping or fulfillment

Getting Great Designs:

- To have a successful Shopify store, you need great designs for your products

- You can get designs from freelance graphic designers on Upwork or 99designs

- Ecomlibrary.com offers pre-made design packs for over 80 niches, including animal lovers

- You can download and upload the design files into your store with any print on demand app or company

Setting Up Your Shopify Store:

- You can set up your Shopify store with print on demand using apps like Printful

- You can add products by uploading your design files and selecting mockups for visual representation

- You can choose sizes, pricing, and other details before submitting your product into the store

- Your products will be purchasable without you ever touching them, making it a no-inventory business model

- Print on demand allows you to build a successful Shopify store without ever touching the product

- Ecomlibrary.com offers pre-made design packs for over 80 niches, making it easy to get great designs

- Setting up your Shopify store with print on demand is simple and straightforward, allowing you to focus on marketing and sales.

How To Find Winning Cat Products Doing Dropshipping From China - Shopify Tutorial For Beginners

Hey, what's up everyone? This is your friend Nick Aurora from Econ Tornado, and today we have another video for the product already.


Today we're going to find out what kind of product it is. It's a cat play tunnel foldable, some kind of a tunnel game for activity, some kind of activity product for your cat, and it looks good to me. It has a 4.9 rating, which means people are liking the product. It has been sold over 1,248 orders.


We got the shipping update, which is found to be very good. It is fully compliant with the subscription, which is again good. We have three different colors and sizing as well, and we are getting it for $9.


As it is a cat related product, the first targeting will be cat lovers. Just put the cat lover and inside the Facebook did a targeting, and you will see a couple of interests coming up. The second targeting will be the cat magazines. The third targeting will be the cat food/website/blog.


We already saw that we have a video for this product, which shares a cat playing with it. We have a full-on video, which you can just go ahead and download. You can put up your own beat of like the audio on it, but the video is already solved. If you want to work on the video, you can use apps like Quick Splice, Camtasia, etc.


We are getting it for $9, and we are going to apply the 3X 5X formula. That means we are going to sell it for $29.99 straight away, and I'm going to keep testing it until $34.99.

Just go ahead and launch these products because Q4 is here, people are in the buying mode, and you just have to show them the right products, and they're going to buy. Don't forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe to this channel because that's important.

3 Cat Products That Will Sell Like Crazy On Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Hey everybody, Justin Cener here! In this video, I'm going to show you how to find winning products for Shopify dropshipping using Fulfill Empire. If you're looking for a dropshipping agent that can provide you with access to a wide range of products, faster shipping, and better rates than Aliexpress, then Fulfill Empire is the best option for you. I'll be demonstrating how easy it is to find profitable products in any niche, and I'll be focusing on the cat niche today.

Product Examples:

- Cat Sofa Bed: This product did five figures in sales and is a popular cat product. With Fulfill Empire, you can source this product directly from the manufacturer, which means faster shipping and better pricing.

- Suspended Cat Bed: Another five-figure product that can be used for both cats and dogs. Fulfill Empire can source this product directly from the manufacturer for better pricing and faster shipping.

- Avocado Cat Bed: This is a higher-priced product that can generate a lot of engagement on social media due to its unique design.

How Fulfill Empire Works:

Fulfill Empire can source products from sites like Aliexpress and 1688.com, but they can get products directly from manufacturers for better pricing and faster shipping. Fulfill Empire makes it easy to add products to your Shopify store, and you can set prices, select imagery, and more all from one page.

Finding winning products for Shopify dropshipping doesn't have to be difficult, especially when you use Fulfill Empire. In any niche, you can find profitable products that can generate five figures in sales or more. With Fulfill Empire, you can source products directly from manufacturers for better pricing and faster shipping. So, pick a niche, find some great products, and start making money with Shopify today!

Pet Store Dropshipping (Step By Step)

How to Find Winning Pet Products for Dropshipping

In this video, the speaker shares their strategy for finding winning pet products for dropshipping. They highlight the importance of finding products with high demand, good pictures, and potential for virality. By following their method, they claim you can launch products in just a minute and scale them up quickly.


1. Start by typing pets into AliExpress and sort by orders to find products with high demand.

2. Look for products with good pictures and potential for virality.

3. Use a tool to create a video and launch the product with just a few clicks.

4. Compete with yourself by launching multiple products and analyzing their performance to find winners.

5. Upsell and email customers to maximize profits and build a customer base.

Winning Products:

- Toddler socks

- Parabolic car

By following this strategy, the speaker claims you can quickly find winning pet products for dropshipping and scale them up into a successful business. They encourage viewers to hit the like button, subscribe, and follow them on TikTok for more winning products and strategies.

I Tried Starting A Custom Pet Store And This Happened...

- Personalization is key to selling online in 2022

- Competition in e-commerce is insane, but selling personalized products can help differentiate from the market

- Targeting untapped markets can increase chances of success


- Custom pet portrait that can be digitally drawn and framed

- Emotionally-driven product that can trigger consumer decision-making


- Found product in December and quickly set up store on Shopify

- Added triggers such as holiday gift promotions and order timers to increase urgency

- Obtained 50-100 reviews before launch by using competitors' reviews

- Found designer on Fiverr to draw pet portraits

- Priced product at $60, with $8 cost from designer and $25 profit after fulfillment and shipping

- Targeted Estonia as an untapped market and used Facebook ads with no detailed targeting

- Generated $1,200 in sales and $350 in profit in seven days

- Personalization and targeting untapped markets can increase chances of success in e-commerce

- Facebook ads can be a cost-effective way to drive traffic and sales

- Testing and experimentation can lead to potential long-term success in selling online.

I Started A CAT T-Shirt Store With NO MONEY - Shopify

Hey everybody, Justin Cener here! Watch me build a Shopify print-on-demand store selling cat products in less than 30 minutes. The best part is, I'll be able to sell physical products in under 30 minutes without ever having to touch them. I won't need to order them upfront, store them anywhere, or deal with production, fulfillment, shipping, or tracking numbers. This is the power of print on demand, and that's what I do - I build Shopify print-on-demand stores.

In this article, we will learn how to build a Shopify print-on-demand store selling cat products in under 30 minutes without ever touching the products. We will use the power of print-on-demand to sell physical products online without the hassle of inventory, production, fulfillment, shipping, or tracking numbers.

Step 1: Building the Cat Lover Store

The first step in building this asset is to build the cat lover store. We will go to Shopify (justincener.com) and get a 14-day free trial. We will customize the theme, add sections, and create pages such as FAQs, monthly VIP club, return policy, privacy policy, and terms of service. We will also set up payments, domains, and policies.

Step 2: Getting Print-On-Demand Designs

The next step is to get print-on-demand designs. We can get pre-made ready-to-go designs from ecomlibrary.com or get designs created from Upwork.com, 99designs.com, or Placeit. We will then add the designs into our store via our print-on-demand app (Printful).

Step 3: Adding Products

Now, we can add products to our store. We will start with a unisex t-shirt under men's clothing and make about $15 every time we sell it. We will use the print-on-demand design file we got from ecomlibrary.com to create the product. We can also add other cat-related products to our store to create a cat lover catalog.

In conclusion, we can build a profitable Shopify print-on-demand store selling cat products in under 30 minutes without ever touching the products. We can use the power of print-on-demand to sell physical products online without the hassle of inventory, production, fulfillment, shipping, or tracking numbers. With the right tools and strategies, anyone can build a successful online store and make money online.

How To Sell Cat Products On Shopify (Store Review)

- In this video, Jake from Casual E-Commerce reviews a Shopify store called Pearlox.com.

- Jake invites viewers to share their thoughts on the video and suggest their own stores for future reviews.

- The review will focus on the store's design, features, and potential areas for improvement.

First Impressions:

- The store looks clean and professional, with a matching color scheme and a clear focus on cat-related products.

- The favicon appears squished and could be improved for a more polished look.

- The store offers a 10% discount for subscribing to the email list, but could benefit from an exit intent popup to capture more leads.

Collections and Products:

- The collection photos and descriptions are clear and well-presented, with simple names that avoid default Aliexpress titles.

- The store could benefit from an app like Instafeed or Fiat to add an Instagram feed to the homepage for a more complete appearance.

- The footer menu could be expanded to include FAQ, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Track Your Order pages.

- The lack of recommended products or upselling options on product pages is a missed opportunity for increasing sales.

- Custom product descriptions are essential for making the store look professional and established, and adding reviews can further improve conversions.

- A blog could be a valuable addition to the store's marketing strategy, with content related to cat care and other niche topics.

- Pearlox.com has a strong foundation with a professional appearance and clear focus on cat-related products.

- However, there are several areas for improvement, such as optimizing the favicon, adding an Instagram feed and more pages to the footer menu, and implementing upselling and review options.

- With these changes, the store has the potential to attract more customers and increase sales.

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