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cbd dropshipping suppliers usa

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

10 Minute CBD Dropshipping Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

Hey, I’m Myron with Smoke Drop. We’re the leading  wholesale and dropship marketplace for smoke,  ,vape, and CBD products.,Now if you clicked on this video,  ,you might be asking yourself “is  CBD dropshipping dead in 2022?”,No.,In fact, the US CBD market is  expected to exceed $3 billion in 2023.,Now, I know what you’re thinking. CBD is  heavily regulated, there’s a lot of competition,  ,and it can be difficult to find a  payment gateway for an online CBD store.,Despite these hurdles, there is still plenty  of room for a new brand to enter the industry  ,and find success. It all starts with  how you set up your online store.,So, how do you set up a CBD dropshipping  store on Shopify the right way?  ,Well, by the end of this video  you’ll know exactly how to do it.,Let’s jump right in.,Laws in the US surrounding hemp and  hemp-derived products are changing,  ,so you should consult with legal counsel  before you sell these products on Shopify.,Shopify can't provide legal advice on what  and where you can sell and neither can I.,Before selling hemp or hemp-derived products  on Shopify, review and monitor federal,  ,state, and local laws. You should also monitor  updates from the Food and Drug Administration.,I’ve included links to FDA resources  in the description of this video.,With that out of the way, let’s  start setting up our store!,Before we get started, I want to  note that this tutorial is for US  ,merchants interested in selling hemp and  hemp-derived CBD products on Shopify.,First, we’ll create our Shopify store  using their free trial link for CBD stores.  ,You’ll find a link to this page  in the description of the video.,For this tutorial, I’m going  to name my store Wellness Leaf.,Once you’ve completed your  Shopify free trial sign up,  ,you’ll need to review and submit the Attestation  for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products.,Before you sell any CBD products, make sure that  you understand and submit the attestation form.,You need to complete the attestation  to confirm that you understand  ,and will comply with the requirements  for selling these products on Shopify.,With our Shopify store created,  let’s discuss payment gateways.,Unfortunately, Shopify Payments is not  available for hemp or CBD products.,But Shopify has partnered with  third party payment gateways  ,that support hemp and hemp-derived CBD businesses.,Check the description for links to three payment  gateways you should consider applying to:,The first being DigiPay, then  Pinwheel, and finally, Authorize.net.,Because CBD is a regulated market,  ,the approval process for any payment  gateway will require more work than usual.,In my experience, it takes 2-4 weeks for  the approval process to be completed.,We’ll go more in depth on CBD  payment gateways in another video.,While waiting on your payment gateway, let’s  start finding CBD products to dropship.,In other industries, setting up a dropshipping  store usually involves finding low cost  ,(sometimes low quality) products  from AliExpress using Oberlo.,CBD dropshipping is very different.,You need quality products from reliable  suppliers to find success in this industry.,There are plenty of ways to  find CBD suppliers who dropship.,A simple Google search will reveal  many options available to you.,But for this tutorial, I’m  shamelessly recommending you  ,use Smoke Drop to source CBD products to dropship.,I’m part of the team that runs Smoke Drop  ,and I’ve managed multiple 7-figure  dropshipping stores in the industry using it.,Smoke Drop brings together the  top CBD suppliers in one place  ,for easy, automated dropshipping through our app.,Let’s see just how easy it is to  set up the app, find CBD products,  ,and add them to our Shopify store.,To get started, open the Shopify App  Store and search for ‘Smoke Drop’,Check out our reviews to see real feedback  from other entrepreneurs using the app.,Add the app to your Shopify  store, and start your free trial.,If you’re paying close attention you’ll  see a promo code on screen that unlocks  ,an extended free trial and  discounted subscription.,Now that we’re in the app,  let’s find some CBD products.,Smoke Drop has thousands of products available, so  knowing how to search for products is essential.,I recommend using the following filters: Categories ,Inventory minimum Margin minimum,For this demo, I'm going to focus on CBD gummies.  Let’s start with a minimum of 100 inventory  ,and a margin minimum of 40%.,Finally, I'm just going to enter  gummy here as a keyword to search for.,Once you find products you’d like to  sell, click dropship on each product card  ,and you’re one step away from adding  the products to your Shopify store.,When you’re done adding products,  head over to the Products page.,On this page, you can edit  product details like title,  ,description and pricing before importing  the products to your Shopify store.,After you finish making any  changes, save your changes  ,and activate the products using the  toggle shown here that says 'Is Active?'  ,or by selecting checkboxes and  activating multiple products at once.,In just a minute or two after activating  your products, they'll be added automatikally  ,to your Shopify store with photos,  descriptions, pricing, inventory, and tags.,Now that you have products in your store,  ,let’s discuss one of the most important aspects  of running a successful CBD dropshipping store  ,on Shopify - lab reports or also  known as certificates of analysis.,Consumers want to know what’s in the  CBD products you’re offering them,  ,so being transparent with  your lab reports is essential.,Almost every payment gateway will require  lab reports for any CBD products you sell.,Lab reports also help build trust on your site.,Smoke Drop offers a spreadsheet of up-to-date lab  reports for the CBD products offered in the app.,Reach out to our customer service  team after signing up to get access.,I recommend having a link  to the lab report for each  ,product in your product descriptions at minimum.,Adding a photo of the lab reports or creating  a dedicated lab report page on your site  ,are other ways to make them  easily accessible to customers.,Most payment gateways will require a disclaimer  to be placed on every page of your site.  ,This disclaimer is typically located in  the footer and informs customers that  ,the CBD products you sell have  not been evaluated by the FDA.,A sample of this disclaimer can  be found in the description.,You can only send notifications related  to CBD products and shops by email.,SMS messages aren't supported.,Here’s how you can disable SMS  notifications on your store:,From your Shopify admin, go  to Settings then Checkout.,In Customer Contact section, select  Customers can only check out using email.,To disable shipping updates by SMS,  uncheck the Customers can choose to add  ,a phone number or email to receive shipping  updates after they complete their order.,When you're done making these changes, click Save.,Here are some general recommendations to  consider when designing your Shopify store:,First, a soft green color palette. This is  smooth on the eyes, and subconsciously keeps  ,visitors’ minds at ease. Obviously makes  sense with the hemp and plant theme too.,Next, a clean site design. This gives a  friendly welcome as navigation is made simple.  ,Notike how few buttons there are to press on the  page of this Shopify CBD stores like Cannuka.,Blog and information at hand. Your blog posts  should offer interesting news and information  ,related to wellbeing, from CBD benefits to  healthy sleep patterns and even yoga poses.,You'll also want to have a CBD guide. This  is gives visitors all the knowledge they  ,want about CBD on tap, without having  to leave your store to go find it.,And finally, easy contact info at hand.  Email address to contact is great,  ,but offering a phone number too will inspire  confidence in even the biggest skeptiks.,Now I want to spend some time  to

CBD Dropshipping vs Wholesale

hello this is anastasia from digital,octane and today we are going to discuss,cbd drop shipping and wholesale,if you plan on studying a cbd online,store one of the first questions you,should ask yourself is cbd wholesale or,dropshipping,providing the right answer to these will,determine the eventual fate of your,business,and to provide the right answer one,needs to understand the concept of cbd,wholesale and dropshipping,i guess that is what brought you here,and you will not be disappointed,this video will walk you through both,cbd wholesale and drop shipping,considering what they are the,differences legality pros and cons and,of course which is best for you,it is impossible to define and,understand cbd dropshipping without,first understanding dropshipping itself,dropshipping is essentially selling,products you don't actually own,yes we know that doesn't sound right but,that's exactly what it is the way this,works is you get an order from the buyer,and process it on behalf of the supplier,so in a way you are serving as some sort,of middleman or mediator that helps to,process orders for suppliers coded,through potty selling if you will,now that we have that out of the way,what is cbd drop shipping simple,sympathy dropshipping is the act of,dropshipping cbd products customers,place an order for the cbd product and,you process this order for the supplier,this supplier of the cbd products then,ships them directly to the customer as,you can see you don't actually own the,product you have sold the selling of the,product is usually done on your website,or any kind of marketplace,you can ask for permission from your,supplier to help sell their products on,your website and once you get this you,start taking orders and forwarding them,cbd wholesale involves selling products,you own and bought in bulk yeah that,sounds too generic but it's the basic,idea of wholesale for cbd wholesale you,will have to place a bulk order for some,cbd products from a supplier store them,advertise them on your website take,orders package them and ship them to,buyers the products you buy and blog are,actually yours so it's basically you,selling your goods to customers on any,online platform,if you've been following you will,already know the primary difference,between cbd dropshipping and cbd,wholesale which is product inventory or,ownership for cbd dropshipping you do,not need to own the products you are,selling while for cbd wholesale you need,product inventory the difference between,cbd wholesale and drop shipping is not,so much how you make a profit because,they involve the same idea of placing,orders for products from suppliers and,selling them at retail prices to,customers,instead it's about how you buy the,products you sell and whether you,actually own them one thing we will,always emphasize is the legality of any,cbd supply in marketing business there,is no point starting with dropshipping,and wholesale if they will end up being,useless to you so is to be wholesale and,dropship illegal that depends on where,you live cbd dropshipping is legal in,the united states and european union but,not in some other countries even in the,united states where it is legal there,are still requirements that must,strictly be followed,in any case your safest bet is to,confirm with local authorities on what,is illegal and not this isn't just on,the country level now because some,states within the same country may have,different regulations on the sale of cbd,products while advertising products on,your social media platform doesn't,qualify as illegal these companies,usually thrown at sponsored post,advertising cbd products partikularly,wholesale cbd products you can link the,product in your natural post on apps,like twitter but you still need to take,care when dealing with advertising cbd,products if you break the law you will,get punished the same applies to social,media regulations although the,consequences aren't nearly as grave you,may get your account restricted,suspended or even outright deleted all,of these aren't good for your brand now,let's discuss some pros and cons of cbd,drop shipping low startup cost perhaps,the most significant advantage of cbd,drop shipping is the low startup cost,this makes sense as you don't need to,buy products upfront and store in an,inventory the only time the cbd seller,has to cover monies when an order is,placed for the product by the buyer,generally whoever is dropshipping has,very little influence on the packaging,transporting and storing of products,which correlates to reduced costs,minimum business risk well this just,makes sense doesn't it the fact that you,don't have to pay for all overhead costs,means you need low capital for the,business low capital equals low risk,then since you also don't own the,products you don't need to worry if they,get sold or not and given the nature of,the cbd industry where a state can just,make any radical decision to bend the,sale of some cbd products having the,lowest possible risk on products is,definitely a plus,sell wide range of products another pro,of cbd drop shipping is the ability to,sell a wide variety of products and,brands there isn't any inventory or,anything of the sold so you don't have,to limit your advertising only to the,products you have you can sell several,different types of cbd products and,these opens you to relationships with,many suppliers and customers again if,you notike one product isn't exactly,raking in too much money you can easily,switch to another without any cost,implication,what about the cons,reduced profits you guessed it didn't,you because you don't owe it in bulk and,the supply covers virtually all of the,overhead costs of the cbd products your,profit is significantly reduced to make,reasonable profits you have to sell huge,volumes of the product and when you,consider the competition in the industry,that's not exactly the most viable,option this is the cheap disadvantage of,not owning the cbd products you sell,no chance for branding when a customer,places an order on your online platform,you relate to the suppliers the,suppliers then take on the bulk of the,job from there up to the delivery of the,goods to the customer these essentially,removes you from the equation making it,very difficult to develop and popularize,your brand and since you don't own the,products it's impossible to be sure in,the product's quality,now let's discuss some pros and cons of,cbd wholesale firstly pros,increase chances for profit if the major,downfall of cbt dropshipping is reduced,profits it is the major upside for cbd,wholesale because you buy invoke you,will get a better price return per unit,you sell as you will sell it at a higher,price in addition the more units you buy,the better the discount you get on the,stok therefore the chances to make more,profit are increased,proper branding of products one of the,reasons cbd wholesale is preferred among,many merchants is the ability to,customize the unboxing experience,clients get also recall that you,actually own the products you sell in,cbd wholesale and by implication it is,your responsibility to deliver them,these enables you a high level of,control over order fulfillment and will,contribute to brand development,sale of established products,another contributor factor to the,increased chances for profits is that,cbt wholesale exposes you to well-known,and established products with a proven,track record making you more credible as,a vendor,if you also do business with an,established supplier you will have a,faster sales turnaround corresponding to,making more money now let's look at some,cones greater risk the main disadvantage,of wholesale is its increased risk there,is no assurance that the products you,purchase in bulk will actually sell and,it will be said they are set to buy tons,of products and then have them waste,away in the inventory and you need to,buy lots of products to realize a,significant profit of course you,shouldn't shy away from risks

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CBD Dropshipping OVER Private/White Label Wholesale Live

Hey,hope you're all doing great out there,thanks for joining my life in this life,I really wanted to tok about why CVD,dropshipping is a better option than,private label or white label wholesale,so if you're not familiar private label,and white label are generally when you,hold inventory they put your label on it,so if you go to a manufacturer or even,another whole seller,they could put your label on a CVD,product and you can sell that private,label generally they will actually,custom formulate for you white label is,basically whatever the standard product,is they quit your label on it and you,can sell it,some use private label the same as white,label so you just have to ask if you're,curious but yeah so why is dropship,being better okay let's tok about why,private label and white label are just,not the best option first right so I,personally was interested in private,label in the showi on the hunt doing a,lot of research and I was actually gonna,go that route and then I found out I,could you drop shipping and I was like,ready to go that route so private label,white label they seemed like really,amazing options and they are but they,come with two downsides so one it takes,a really long time so getting your,website up getting the product images,those are costly and take a long time,and working with the manufacturer,working with the supplier it sometimes,can be an immense headache especially to,be able to get the proper photos that,you need to put on your website the,other thing is it costs a lot of money,so you're looking at actually holding,onto inventory so it could be anywhere,from 5,000 to 10,000 and,that is a lot of money for very little,guarantee especially when there is now,an alternative now a few years ago there,wasn't an alternative but I personally,don't want to have to live with the,panic of having inventory before I even,put my website up or having a ton of,inventory before I even have one email,subscriber,either way it's like you have nobody to,sell to and you spent very little time,on actually selling because you spent a,lot of time trying to create the product,so I don't know if any of you have ever,felt the panic of you know having a,bunch of inventory and having no sales,for months or even works you're not even,getting sales at all so I've actually,seen a lot of entrepreneurs in the CVD,industry start their private label,business end up never getting sells and,just giving up and selling it for at,cost they're not even trying to sell it,for our money they're just like I'm just,going to sell it at cost because I just,want my money back and even in some,cases they're selling it for less than,what they spent because they're just,trying to get rid of it and recruit some,money actually think drop shipping is a,much better option and you don't,actually have to go through that is,you're interested in getting into the,CVD industry which does have barriers,but you can get through those those are,all things that are easy with help to,get through so drop shipping no you're,not gonna have your private label your,own personal label but you can still,create an awesome brand that people,trust I've seen it throughout the,industry I've helped other entrepreneurs,don't do this when I started creating,drop shipping websites to help people,get into the industry and they've had,immense success so it's out there with,drop shipping where you don't have to,hold inventory you can work with a,really great supplier or multiple,suppliers if you choose to that fit into,your niche and your target market which,is something that should be,creating when you're doing drop shipping,but yeah I just wanted to give you that,tidbit of information and some why drop,shipping is a better option I think you,want you already heard all the cons of,drop shipping of us even wholesaling,well there's there's very few cons to,drop shipping he's spending a lot less,money thank you for holding inventory,you are actually able to focus a lot,more of your time on organic marketing,instead of product line and how it's,looking and images and branding you're,actually able to go out there and,establish yourself as a as a as a key,person in the industry and yeah so if,you need any more tips if you have any,questions you know DME or drop a comment,and I'll respond to you

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CBD Dropshipping Guide – The Only Piece You Need to Know

foreign,[Music],hello and welcome to another video from,conversionskitchen.com and today we are,going to be toking about CBD this is,the CBD Drop Shipping guide,so first thing to ask is what is CBD,well CBD in case you're not familiar is,the sister or brother chemical in the,plant cannabis or marijuana the two,chemicals are CBD and THC CBD is not,psychoactive and is used for medicinal,purposes uh for for for rest for mood,disorders for mood enhancing for sleep,for pain for lots of different things,THC on the other hand which is derived,from the same or similar plant is,psychoactive and gets people who ingest,it high as they say so um,let's let's take a look here just as a,quick a quick look at the website here,this is an example of fusion CBD,products if you want to check them out,see what they're doing and we see CBD,oil here,um,they have lots of different things,capsules we'll get to this uh relief rub,so it's used it's it's it's claimed uses,our pain and lots of different things,mood mood altering and mood enhancing,so let's see in this artikle next we,have the Drop Shipping process but we're,not going to tok about that right now,because if you go to,conversionskitchen.com we have a really,great artikle called how to start a Drop,Shipping business in 2021 0-22k in six,months so if you're just getting started,with Drop Shipping or you're thinking,about it head over to,conversionskitchen.com and have a look,at this artikle and we should have a,video on this artikle very soon coming,your way so let's get back to CBD so,for the next question you might be,asking is CBD legal or is it legal to,drop ship CBD,well that depends on where you are in,the world unfortunately because of its,similarity to the drug the prohibited,drug uh cannabis or marijuana in a lot,of places,it's some some places prohibit the use,and the selling of this product so in,the US it's okay in all 50 states all 50,states,and you can sell it legally as long as,the the THC level,um is under a certain amount so if,they're basically in in any of hemp,products or marijuana products there,will be some THC and some CBD so as long,as the the THC level is under a certain,amount in the US's case 0.3 then it is,legal there in the U.S in Canada it is,not legal because it's still a,prohibitive prohibited uh product by the,government uh substance it's a,prohibited substance so they prohibit,the selling of that uh so not possible,in Canada in Europe it is,okay if it's under 0.2 THC so they have,more astringent laws on the level of THC,and again it changes from country to,Country there although they have,overarching laws it's definitely this is,a situation where you need to do your,own research,Australia unfortunately it is not legal,so um if you're doing Drop Shipping in,Australia forget about it for the moment,unfortunately so these laws are,developing all the time so you never,know what will happen in the near future,Asia is a similar uh situation where,different countries have different laws,so if you are in Asia please do your own,research about the region you are,working in,okay so let's go on there let's take a,look at some CBD products,so what what what did they sell CBD in,what kind of products are there out,there so they are Edibles as they call,them,um so these come in gummies there's,brownies the different baked goods,anything that you can kind of eat is,called an edible,we have CBD topicals which are creams,they can be used for massage or bruising,or blemish skin all sorts of different,uses for that,and we'll see we'll see uh this is,Diamond CBD here you see some examples,of CBD oil cream uh being sold here on,this site we also have CBD Sublime,sublingual topical which is basically a,droplet a dropper a liquid with a,dropper that you can put on your tongue,or under your tongue which has the same,effects all these products have a,similar uh effect,and uses uh apart from maybe the cream,which is more directed towards uh pain,on the skin or in the muscles and we see,some oils here,this is diamondcbd.com,capsules we have which you can just,obviously swallow,and we also have vaporizers which are,similar to nicotine vaporizers that are,also becoming very popular these days,uh okay so let's just go on so so that's,it but that's just a quick overview of,what's happening with CBD products and,what kind of products can be can be,marketed and can you consider to,Dropship if you were on in the right,region,so,now just to remind you if you are new to,drop shipping and because there is a,part of this artikle that is that dives,into starting a Drop Shipping business,but if you are new I would highly,suggest that you go to,conversionskitchen.com and go to the,artikle it's called how to start a Drop,Shipping business and I will provide all,of the links Down Below in the,description of this video so go over,there and have a look and there's many,other artikles to look at there as well,and just to conclude so is CBD Drop,Shipping worth looking into at this,point in time well it depending on your,region if you're living in the USA it's,probably a a better option depending on,your region that will affect affect your,chances so look into the laws in your,region,how I would sum this up is it's a new,market,a new market means that you have less,competition and the opportunities in the,future are higher there is a slightly,higher risk associated with it because,of the laws around CBD and the changing,nature of those laws but the high risk,high risk in business often goes with,high reward and if you want to read the,whole artikle you can go over to,conversionskitchen.com that's the CBD,Drop Shipping guide we are conversions,Chef on YouTube and all of the links,will be provided in the description of,this video below so thanks for listening,thanks for watching see you in the next,one,[Music]

I started my CBD Dropshipping store and this is what happened

all right the purpose of this video is,to influence I'm gonna telling you that,right up front,it's Loyce you to work with us to,partner with us so you can we can show,you how to have the things we have and,do it very very simply and easily and,make money while you sleep the house,across the street that's on new,neighbors that gets moved in you can see,that semantiks this is what we live,that's not water fountain now here's our,shoes this is our living room,you can - Lear's,all over the place can you touch the,chandeliers see that that's our dining,room lots of bling going on it's over,here is my office is my office also a,library was my family my life here in,the background,this right here is a swimming pool hot,tub,that's a lounge area we use that to sit,back and relax very very nice it's our,bar,all right area lines closed right now,able at the living room area so what we,do over again sometimes right here at,laptop running the table upstairs and,take you up the hip stairs in the sick I,want to show you some rights week all,right now I want you to look this up,this is a refrigerator about like like a,professional that's our refrigerator,always look this up microwave over here,this is our wine cooler we got two more,of these upstairs I'm about to take you,again that's that bar working area and,we'll take you outside also in a second,much is one of my kids wrongs yeah that,bad,what about bathrooms they got four baths,exact four rooms five bathrooms,I'm gonna take you upstairs just follow,me,so we work from home and by trade I'm a,personal trainer,life is beautiful I'm a personal trainer,outside area driveway I'm a personal,trainer if I only trained one person we,look light on up here only training one,person one person twice a week on the,keys my bathrooms here,[Music],bathrooms here ok now take you outside,so some of you already seeing this but,we work from home and we help people,build businesses home-based businesses,we show them how to do it very simply,quickly and effectively very little,effort now I'm a trainer I only trained,one person twice a week that's our pool,that's our hot tub you see the pool is,magnificent and we'll be out here later,on today Kendall uh that's pretty nice,and this is our Oasis this is where we,hang out at it's our view,and I'm doing this on purpose I'm gonna,show you the lifestyle we live how we,live how we enjoy that lifestyle how we,help other people put themselves in,position to exactly the same thing so,now I'm gonna turn the camera around so,what we do we help people get set up in,their own CBD dropshipping stores and,it's very simple to start there you can,start off as little as a hundred fifty,to a hundred and fifty-two dollars and,what you get you get a start us kit you,get some products that work and it gives,you a result within 24 hours or less,some products you feel you filled with,in the first 15 minutes are just taking,these products and we show you how you,earn money every single day somebody,purchased products from your website,today you get paid tomorrow we get paid,6 different ways in this business,residual income is that money you make,while you sleep let me show you how to,earn and build a team we help you build,that team so so you're not in business,by yourself,your mission is for yourself which in,business with us and we actually help,build your team literally now we help,people break tremendous lifestyles you,know people go from making a couple,hundred dollars a week to making a,thousand dollars a week in their very,first week we live and practike what we,preach,now I'm a trainer I only have one client,that I train twice a week and I live,this magnificent lifestyle turn the,camera back around you see this one more,time I'm gonna make an impact in you I,want you to I want you to listen to what,I'm saying this is my lifestyle this is,our lifestyle this is what we did this,is what we did every single day so if,you want to learn how you can do exactly,the same thing in my mentor my neighbors,and millionaires all my name is,millionaire steer crossing across the,way these my neighbors all our neighbors,there's a millionaire do some mansion's,over there this is where we live this,what we let them take you back inside so,if you want to learn how to do what we,do if you want a lifestyle,I'll put it be in prison position to,work with people who know what the heck,they're doing know how to build income,know how to mentor you to success know,how to help you win so you probably lost,a long time once but you've probably,tried a lot of things before in the past,you know what I've done this stuff I've,done it and I've always got burnt or,never didn't didn't getting work I never,got the support that I want to get you,know if you've gone through that exact,in there also I've been in with,businesses with other opportunities I,was so excited about but I got some,results we're not the greatest results,and I want to quitting or leaving that,company or something else mind up,happening well this is all we do,let me show you how to do it and right,now if you weren't interested if you're,sick and tired of being sick of time you,want to work with people who know what,they're doing people want to not leave,you hanging people are really gonna help,build your business because listen we,believe in a team concept if our team,wins we win so we help build you it's,it's we do it on purpose because without,building you we can't be successful,so we got to be we got to be very,selfishly concerned with your business,because your business is our business so,we need to put money in your pocket,we're gonna put money in our pocket you,put a smile in your face this won't keep,a smile on our face so if you want to,win if you're ready to win if you're,ready to transform your life right now,today click the link in my bio I'll,click our copy and paste the link on my,page if you're able to do that I'll,click link in my bio I'll leave a,message leave a comment Kenneth I'm,ready to win Kenneth I want in,Kenneth show me how to do this thing man,I'm ready to take my life to the next,level and if you a trainer if you're a,personal trainer have you been going to,the gym every single day see probably,like me,I've been training since 2001 and I love,what I do I love training I love working,with people but at the same time I get a,little tired sometimes having to show up,every single day for an hour or 30,minutes to train somebody and know that,the only way I get paid the only way I,make money is if I show up and training,every single day see if that's the,lifestyle I love as a trainer and I know,if you're like me you love training,people but you want to train people all,of your life you want to train people,forever you're able to sit back relax,enjoy the fruits of your labor and make,money while you sleep,so this appeals to you my trainer male,friends are trying to female friends we,need to have conversation inbox me and,I'll click the link rubber usse watching,this video might be YouTube Facebook,Instagram wherever it is contact me say,Kenneth I'm ready to win show me how to,do this thing I'm gonna reach out to you,we're gonna help we're gonna connect,with you get you set up in your business,for as little as one hundred and fifty,two dollars that's it,1:52 you have an international business,that allows you to have a lifestyle,where you get to pick and choose who you,want to work with and if you're a,trainer I train one person two times a,week not charging forty dollars per,session so high on the world my,the type of lifestyle with just one,client that's something my brother my,sister you need to find out and I'm,willing to show you how to do it thanks,for watching,it's time to win let's keep winning

How to Start Your Own CBD Dropshipping Store

hey guys how's it going eliza here and,as always on my channel I'm gonna bring,you motivation and actionable content to,help you start making money online today,so today we're going to tok about,starting your own CBD dropshipping store,but before I get into that if you're not,familiar with drop shipping um I am,gonna go ahead and super-quick give like,a drop shipping one on one you can skip,the shape you don't want to hear this I,got my little white board here and I did,my terrible pictures so let's explain,this when it comes to drop shipping,right this is your product right let's,say you have a product that you are,selling this is your product then you,have a manufacturer who is selling your,product right so this is the,manufacturer that's selling the product,for you and this is the happy customer,so this is a drop shipping is basically,you have a product that you're not,selling right that makes no sense that,you're not shipping that you have no,inventory in your house right because,that's the point of drop shipping point,of drop shipping that somebody else is,gonna do all the work for you right,that's why everybody hypes it up so this,is the product on your website this is,the manufacturing selling it for you and,this is the happy customer they go to,your website they get the product and,then this guy ships it out to your,customer you see my little arrows,they're happy customer over here then,they're gives it to them boom that's,basically the definition of drop,shipping I hope that makes sense that,was like the super quick definition,right but here's the thing right when it,comes to regular drop shipping if you're,doing Shopify style where you getting,your products from wherever you're,getting them from right most people do,Aliexpress it can add China but you,don't have to get it from there you can,get you can find lenders whatever the,point is that you're going on the,Shopify route I know that it looks,backwards I wish I could have like,turned it around but whatever so um if,you're going this route here's what,happens you have to find product you,have to create a website right so you,have to spend time researching product,which is very time consuming you have to,spend time creating,website I know that looks crazy but it,says website that's very time-consuming,have you ever created a website bro,takes time so that's the Shopify method,then let's say you are thinking about,eBay dropshipping you're not familiar,eBay eBay is like super easy to dropship,and again you're just finding products,you have the research product again and,then as you research your product you,have to arm you don't have to create a,website so that's a good thing about,eBay but then you have to sell it so,again product research selling [ __ ] is,time consuming but that's um two,examples of dropshipping I kind of,wanted to give you a quick drop should,be one on one before we tok about CBD,drop shipping so now let me tok to you,about this CBD job shipping opportunity,that I got for you today here's what I'm,super excited about this here's why I'm,super excited about the CBD drop,shipping guys remember what I said,earlier when it comes to drop shipping,with Shopify you have to find the,product you have to create a website,when it comes to drop shipping with eBay,you have to again find products and then,sell it,CBD drop shipping as you are aware of if,you clicked on this video is because you,must be seeing it everywhere and you,know that CBD is about to explode it is,exploding and it's legal so check this,out with this CBD drop shipping company,they provide you with your own website,they give you a website they give you a,website so guess what you do not have to,research a product and you don't have to,create a website so they give you a,website they give you a product that,ends a man people want this [ __ ] right,now people are looking for it people are,trying to find me so you're going to get,a high converting website and you're,going to get a product on demand in,demand even though it's the right way to,say it but the point is that people want,this so you're getting a website you're,getting a product and here's where I,come into play to help you out,is I'm gonna teach you how to hire,influencers YouTube influencers because,that's where the money's at and Facebook,guides to drive traffic I'm writing it,down okay so I'm going to help you buy,this looks crazy I'm going to see if I,can edit this video to put it on there,put it on national video so I'm gonna,help you by guys teaching you the way to,hire influencers and promote with,Facebook Ads so that you can drive,traffic to your website the difference,here right the only difference here and,a big difference here is that you don't,have to do the product research the,research has already been done for you,and you don't have to create a website,we're driving traffic like you would,with any other drop shipping business,and I'm gonna show you exactly how to do,that with Facebook Ads,and on YouTube influences if this sounds,like something that you're interested in,then I want you to go ahead and click,that link below click that link below,it's a bitly forward slash CBD drop,shipping let's get you start a girl you,already know and if you have any,questions send me and ZM I catch you