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cdc covid ads

Published on: June 28 2023 by pipiads

Dr. Rochelle Wolensky, the director of the CDC, recently spoke with ABC News Live about the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of getting vaccinated. Here are the key takeaways from the interview:

- Dr. Wolensky received her booster COVID-19 shot and feels great.

- She emphasizes the importance of getting vaccinated to stay protected against the virus.

Where We Are:

- Despite being more than two years into the pandemic, COVID-19 is still a threat.

- Many people have received their primary series of vaccinations, but booster shots are necessary to maintain protection.

- Dr. Wolensky is confident that the updated bivalent vaccine will be effective against the current Omicron strains.

The Pandemic is Not Over:

- While there has been progress in the fight against COVID-19, the pandemic is not over.

- Dr. Wolensky encourages people to continue taking precautions to protect themselves against the virus.

The Future:

- COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses tend to thrive during the winter months when people are indoors and in close proximity to each other.

- It is important to take precautions to protect yourself against these viruses.

CDC Response:

- Dr. Wolensky commissioned a review of the CDC's initial response to the pandemic to identify areas for improvement.

- The CDC is now focused on providing accessible and understandable data to the American people in real-time to help inform their decisions.

- Dr. Wolensky emphasizes the importance of continuing to educate and encourage people to protect themselves against COVID-19.


- There have been individual cases of monkeypox on college campuses, but transmission has not occurred in casual settings.

- The virus is transmitted through close skin-to-skin contact, usually sexual.

Vaccinations for Children:

- Dr. Wolensky encourages parents to get their children vaccinated against COVID-19.

- Children may not be as susceptible to severe illness as older adults, but COVID-19 has been one of the leading causes of hospitalization for children under 18.

- The fight against COVID-19 is ongoing, and it is important to continue taking precautions to protect yourself and others.

- Getting vaccinated and staying up-to-date on booster shots is crucial in maintaining protection against the virus.

CDC director orders reorganization of agency after COVID pandemic missteps

- The CDC is undergoing reorganization following criticism over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and other public health threats.

- A new report uncovered deep concerns over the agency's culture and day-to-day practices.


- Rigid compartmentalized bureaucracy restricted the agency's overall response to the pandemic.

- Sluggish release of information to the public.

- Confusing and overwhelming COVID guidance.

CDC Director's Response:

- The public health infrastructure in the country was not up to the task of handling this pandemic.

- The agency's responsibility is to learn from those lessons and do better.

- Plans to create a new office to promote equity in healthcare and develop a more nimble workforce.

Monkey Pox:

- The CDC has to up its game when it comes to making the agency's workforce more nimble.

- Improving capabilities in the lab and becoming better at gathering and reporting data.

Special Forces:

- The CDC needs a more nimble workforce that can quickly respond to public health crises.

- About 20 out of the 13,000 people who work for the CDC have been deployed to the pandemic.

- The culture has to change to deploy like special forces.

Challenges Ahead:

- Better handling of data is crucial.

- The CDC has been criticized for not having the data, but they usually don't have the power to demand it.

- The agency faces huge challenges, but Dr. Wolenski is serious about approaching them.

- The CDC is facing challenges, but it is taking steps to improve its response to public health crises.

- The culture of the agency has to change to deploy like special forces.

- Better handling of data is crucial for the agency to be more nimble in its response.

CDC Director Walensky: "You Need To Get Your Fall Booster Vaccine"

President Biden announces rollout of updated booster shots targeting Omicron sub-variants, likening it to the annual flu shot.

Over 200 million people are eligible to receive the booster shots from Pfizer and Moderna, but questions remain over how many will actually get it.

CDC Director, Rachelle Wolenski, explains that the updated booster shot targets the current variants circulating, providing better protection against severe disease, hospitalization, and death.

Dr. Paul Offit, an infectious disease and vaccine expert, has been critical of the updated booster, stating that healthy young people are unlikely to benefit from it.

CDC simplifies messaging, stating that anyone over the age of 12 who received their primary series and is more than two months out from their last shot should get the booster.

The new booster shot is being branded as an annual shot, but there is no evidence that it will provide protection lasting a full year.

CDC encourages policies for masking in counties with high COVID-19 community levels and encourages individuals to wear masks in the absence of such policies.

CDC continues to work on increasing vaccination rates by providing access to vaccines and working with trusted messengers to send the message.

Flu season is projected to be severe, and CDC encourages everyone to get their flu vaccine and their COVID-19 booster shot, as they can be received at the same time.

CDC Director, Rachelle Wolenski, urges everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19, as the data has shown that receiving the vaccines significantly reduces the likelihood of severe disease, hospitalization, and death.

June 18, 2022 ACIP Meeting - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccines & Vote

This article summarizes the second day of the Emergency HCIT Meeting to discuss coronavirus vaccines, with a focus on the implementation of pediatric vaccines for children under five years old. Dr. Kevin Chatham Stevens presents the goal of ensuring all children have access to the vaccine, with primary care physicians, health departments, and pharmacies playing a critical role. A mapping analysis found that 85% of children under five reside within five miles of a likely vaccine provider. The CDC has disseminated operational planning guides, engaged in vaccine competence boot camps, and shared jurisdiction-specific maps of likely vaccine providers. Vaccines.gov will also add a new function to display the minimum age that can be vaccinated at a location. The vaccination program is expected to ramp up in the days and weeks that follow. During the Q&A session, concerns are raised about vaccine administration errors and the availability of vaccines in certain areas. The CDC emphasizes the importance of education efforts and federal programs to ensure equitable access to vaccines.

DeSantis calls for grand jury to investigate Covid vaccines. Hear Fauci's response

All across the country, hospitalizations are rising due to COVID, the flu, and RSV. And those numbers are expected to continue to increase even more as people are gathering together for the holidays. So what is driving it all? Well, just before air, I talked to Anthony Fauci about this, as well as his imminent retirement as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Main Points:

- We have three respiratory viruses overwhelming hospitals: COVID, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

- An immunity gap is driving this, but it doesn't have to be the new norm because we have good countermeasures for at least two out of those three viruses.

- We have a vaccine for flu, and we're having a pretty bad and early flu season. We have a flu vaccine that is matched well to the circulating strain, so there's no reason at all not to get a flu vaccine. The same holds true for the COVID booster.

- Unfortunately, only about 13% of eligible people in this country have received the COVID booster that is the updated bivalent.

- RSV is a different story. We don't yet have a vaccine for RSV, but with regard to respiratory hand wearing a mask appropriately in an indoor setting can help.

- Long COVID is a bit mysterious, and we don't know the precise pathogenic mechanism. It can be mild in the sense of having people have a lingering fatigue for a period of weeks to months, but it can also, in some individuals, be rather incapacitating.

- Science has become a divisive topic politicized and weaponized by some people, causing lives to be lost because if people don't get vaccinated, which unequivocally is life-saving, because of political ideology or because of misinformation and disinformation that causes.

- We've got to get the American public, regardless of whether you lean left or right, to appreciate that we're all in this together. We're all human beings, and we're all susceptible to diseases that can kill us.

- Although there's divisiveness, I believe we're going to pull out because if you look at what science has done, and with science applied to public health, it has saved millions of lives in our country and throughout the world. So I do hope we pull together and realize that the necessary collaborative work between science and public health can save lives.

In conclusion, we are currently facing a challenging situation with the rising number of hospitalizations due to COVID, the flu, and RSV. However, we have good countermeasures for at least two out of those three viruses, and we can take precautions like wearing masks and getting vaccinated to protect ourselves and our communities. It is crucial to understand that we are all in this together, and we need to work collaboratively to overcome this crisis. Science has played a vital role in public health, and we must continue to trust and support it to save lives.

Coronavirus Commercials Are Everywhere, Here's What Advertisers Want Us to Think | NYT News

The following article is a collection of seemingly unrelated phrases and words. However, upon closer inspection, one can find connections between these words and phrases that demonstrate the complex nature of language and how it can be used to express a wide range of thoughts and ideas.

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While the phrases and words presented in this article may seem random and disconnected, they demonstrate the varied and complex nature of language and how it can be used to express a wide range of thoughts and ideas. From references to popular culture to discussions of grammar and technology, these phrases demonstrate the diverse ways in which language can be used to communicate.

White House Unveils Covid Test Site as Americans Make Sense of CDC Guidelines | The Daily Show

CDC's Pandemic Guidelines: Confusing and Ineffective

- The CDC has been trying to give clear guidelines on how to behave during the pandemic, but has mostly failed.

- Recently, the CDC updated its guidance on masks, stating that cloth masks do not protect against the virus as effectively as other masks.

Confusing Guidelines:

- The CDC has been criticized for not urging all Americans to upgrade their masks to N95s.

- The guidelines on how long to isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 have also faced backlash.

- The CDC's expectations for what to do after coming out of isolation are also confusing, as they suggest staying away from nearly 90% of people.

Ineffective Measures:

- The CDC's approach to masking adds to the confusion and doesn't effectively protect people.

- At-home COVID-19 tests from the government take 7 to 12 days to arrive, which is too long in a pandemic.

- The CDC's guidelines on isolating and testing people could be sending infectious people back to work and schools.

- The CDC's guidelines and measures have been confusing and ineffective in protecting people from the virus.

- It's time for the administration to change strategies and take a more proactive approach to the pandemic.

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