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Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Being a woman is not easy, but being an unusual woman is an adventure. This article showcases the most unique women in the world who are not afraid to be themselves.

1. Amazon Ashley

- One of the tallest women in the world, measuring 1.97m

- Chest size of 114cm and hip size of 119cm

- Tallest exotic dancer in the world

- Participated in music videos and popular science projects

2. Michelle Ruffinelli

- Widest hips in the world, measuring 2.44m in circumference

- Short stature of 1.62m

- Popular plus-sized model, earning at least $1000 per shoot

- Eats 3,000 to 5,000 calories a day

3. Laura Sue

- Natural youthful appearance at 44 years old

- Believes diet is key to her appearance

- Vegetarian who avoids fatty foods and sugar

- Uses moisturizers and sunscreen

4. Rain Dove

- Considers themselves to be both a man and woman

- Physiologically a woman, but very muscular and tall

- Became a model after taking a chance at a Calvin Klein casting call

- Rejects stereotypes about how a girl should look

5. Natalya Kuznetsova

- Weighs 110kg and is the most muscular woman in the world

- Can bench press 175kg and deadlift 240kg

- Height of 1.65m

- Has the physique of a bodybuilder

6. Ekaterina Lucina

- Longest legs in the world, measuring 132cm

- Tallest model on the planet, standing at 2.06m

- Won a bronze medal at the Olympic games for basketball

- Professional model after her sports career ended

7. Duangjae Somkhang

- Heaviest arms in the world, each weighing 9.5kg

- Due to a congenital disease called lipomatosis macrodystrophia

- Works in the family shop and cares for elderly parents

- Unable to do simple tasks like brushing her hair

8. Abigail and Brittany Hensel

- Conjoined twins with completely fused bodies

- Two spines, two hearts, and two stomachs

- Each controls an arm and leg on her side

- Coordinate perfectly for every action

9. Lauren Wasser

- Supermodel who lost both legs to a bacterial infection

- Conquered the fashion world with gold prosthetics

- Successful model and invited to shoot for luxurious fashion publications

- Believes she is just like everyone else, but with golden legs

10. Tiffany Geigel

- Spine is curved, ribs are deformed, and internal organs are displaced

- Predicted to spend her life in a wheelchair

- Talented dancer with excellent endurance, strong muscles, and flexible ligaments

- Soloist of the Heidi Locky dance troupe and appears in TV series

11. Jyoti Kassanjamji

- Smallest woman in the world, measuring just 63cm

- Weighs only 5.2kg

- Custom-made clothes, shoes, jewelry, dishes, and furniture

- Appeared in Indian films and American Horror Story

These women prove that being unique is beautiful and admirable. They have overcome challenges and stereotypes to become successful and confident individuals. They are an inspiration to us all.

20 Gross Vintage Hygiene Trends

The Gross Vintage Hygiene Trends of the Past

Hygiene is crucial for our health and well-being, but the past generations were not as knowledgeable as we are today when it comes to hygiene. In fact, they made many mistakes in the name of hygiene, which were as dangerous as they were disgusting. In this article, we will explore some of the grossest hygiene trends throughout the history of humankind.

Gross Hygiene Trends:

1. No toilet paper - different civilizations used different techniques to clean up.

2. Public bath houses - people were forced to bathe in one of their local bathhouses.

3. Bathing in the same water - family members would have to bathe in the same water since heating water took a very long time.

4. Teeth worms - physicians filled the patient's mouth with candle smoke to remedy the pain.

5. Baldness elixir - rubbing chicken poop mixed with potassium salts on your scalp to regrow hair.

6. Leeches - having leeches extract blood from patients.

7. Groom of the stool - a person responsible for wiping the ruler's behind for them.

8. Cauterizing wounds - placing heated metal directly on open wounds to stop the bleeding of wounds and amputations.

9. Contraception - Egyptian women used a small pessary made from crocodile dung.

10. Lead-based makeup - women used lead-based lighteners to whiten their skin.

11. Chalk was on the menu - many women consumed chalk to feel ill and look paler.

12. Urine was an antiseptic - urine was widely used as an antiseptic during the middle ages.

13. No utensils - people used to eat only with their hands.

14. Teeth selling - aristocrats and rich folk would often purchase real teeth.

15. Doctors never washed their hands - dealing with open sores and operations with unwashed hands led to many infections and untimely deaths.

16. Pupil enlargement - using the belladonna plant for dilated pupils and flushed cheeks.

17. Cancerous hair removal - women were getting exposed to x-rays to remove facial hair, but it was soon found that x-rays are cancerous.

18. Teeth blackening - in Japan and Vietnam, black teeth were achieved with a practice called ohaguro.

19. Radium - people highly believed in the healing powers of radium, which was in the ingredient list of many mass-produced products.

20. Body odor was attractive - in ancient Rome, body odor was considered attractive.

While many of these hygiene trends may seem ridiculous and disgusting, it's important to remember that the past generations did not have the knowledge or resources that we do today. We should be grateful for the advances in science and education that have led to the practice of good hygiene that we know and follow today.


Blue Texas Tornado Scratcher shares his recent scratch-off lottery ticket haul with viewers, including Ho Ho Ho Ley 50 or 100, Super Password, Slade Ride, Cash Yet Tackler, and Let It Snow tickets from Pennsylvania and a zero value ticket from New Jersey.

He proceeds to scratch off the crossword puzzle ticket, but struggles to find matching letters.

Moving on to the next tickets, he scratches off 45 and 46, hoping to match symbols to win prizes. Unfortunately, he does not win anything.

Next, he scratches off Cash Rare Tree, hoping to match his number to win a prize. He ends up winning $10.

Finally, he scratches off the Big Boy ticket, hoping to match his number to win either $50 or $100. Unfortunately, he does not win.

Blue Texas Tornado Scratcher concludes by encouraging viewers to hit the like and subscribe buttons and stay warm during the upcoming freeze. He also announces his plans to play more scratch-off tickets on Sunday.

Saving your cellar? Last words. BRTV Ramble...

Hey folks, it's Friday and I hope you all are doing well. Today, I want to talk about three things that have been on my mind lately. First, I want to talk about TV shows, secondly, I want to give my opinion on smoking versus saving rare tobacco, and thirdly, I want to discuss an intriguing question about the last thing you say on your deathbed.

TV Shows:

- The BR TV Guide came out and it's a throwback to the old TV ads. The layout and design are great.

- The guide includes what's happening on BR TV and little tidbits from old TV shows.

- I suggested to Phil, the creator of BR TV, to add a crossword puzzle, and he liked the idea.

- I appreciate Phil's shoutout on Twitter.

Smoking Versus Saving Rare Tobacco:

- My opinion is to smoke what you like, when you want to smoke it, and enjoy it while you smoke it.

- Overthinking it and adding stress to your tobacco enjoyment is not good.

- If you have rare or out-of-print tobacco, try it, and if you like it, keep smoking it.

- Waiting to smoke it or saving it for later may add an element of stress to your enjoyment.

The Last Thing You Say On Your Deathbed:

- If there's something important that you need to tell someone, tell them right now. Don't wait for an opportunity that you may not get.

- Don't wait until you're dying to tell someone you love them or to express your appreciation for them.

- We don't go by a script when we die, so don't wait.

In conclusion, enjoy your life and don't dwell on the past. Smoke what you like and don't stress about saving rare tobacco. Don't wait to express your love or appreciation for someone, tell them right now. And finally, check out the BR TV Guide and enjoy your TV shows. Thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you on my next live stream.

English vs Arabic Curse Words | Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas

- In this article, we will be discussing the power of language and how different languages can convey different levels of intensity.

- We will be exploring how English, although widely spoken, lacks depth and potency compared to other languages, particularly Arabic.

- Through examples of curse words and hand gestures, we will see how language can be used to convey strong emotions and thoughts.

English vs Arabic:

- English is like a newborn language, lacking depth and potency.

- Arabic is an ancient language with a rich history and strong vocabulary.

- Even greetings in Arabic convey respect and well wishes, whereas in English they are often short and lack depth.

Curse words:

- Curse words in English are often weak and lack intensity.

- Arabic curse words, on the other hand, are graphic and convey strong emotions.

- Examples of Arabic curse words include Kes Emak (Fuck your mother's pussy) and Yelaen Tarekhek (Damn your entire history).

Hand gestures:

- Western hand gestures, such as the reverse peace sign, lack intensity.

- Arabic hand gestures, such as BeTizik, convey strong emotions and thoughts.

- BeTizik is a hand gesture that means in your ass and is often used to insult someone.

- Language is a powerful tool that can convey strong emotions and thoughts.

- English, although widely spoken, lacks the depth and potency of other languages.

- Arabic, with its rich history and strong vocabulary, is an example of a language that can convey strong emotions through curse words and hand gestures.

THE CROWD WORK SPECIAL | Andrew Schulz | Stand Up Comedy

Hey everyone, it's Schulte here coming to you from Washington DC. Today, we're going to be talking about some current events and trying to find the humor in some dark situations. Buckle up and let's get started!

Current Events:

- Chappelle dropping a new special next week

- Tour dates still happening

- Crowd work vs. crafted bits

- Making fun of the diverse front row

- Women snorting when they laugh

- Six wearing a protective bracelet on their steering wheels

- Jeffrey Epstein and sexual slavery

- The Cleveland kidnapping case

- The strange connection between Jesus and snacks

Finding Humor in Dark Situations:

It's no secret that we're dealing with some heavy topics today, but sometimes humor can be a way to cope with difficult situations. It's important to acknowledge the seriousness of these issues, but finding a way to laugh can also be therapeutic. So, let's keep the jokes coming and try to find the silver lining in the darkness.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of finding humor in some heavy topics. Remember, it's okay to laugh and find joy in life, even when things are tough. Keep spreading positivity and love, and I'll see you in the next one. Stay safe out there, folks!

Family Adopts a New Dog Then Vet Sees It and Calls the Cops

A heartwarming story about a family who adopted a new dog, only to find out it was not a dog at all but an Asiatik black bear.


- Sue Wee Wee is a hardworking mother of four who fell in love with a cute black dog while on vacation.

- She bought the dog and named it Little Black, and it lived inside the family's main house.

- The family noticed that Little Black had a healthy appetite and was growing extremely fast, standing three feet tall and weighing 300 pounds at just 2 years old.

- They also noticed that Little Black had some unusual dog-like qualities, including growling when angry and roaring when happy, and standing on its hind legs.

- Concerned, Sue called a veterinarian to look at the dog, who revealed that Little Black was actually an Asiatik black bear.

- Despite the shock, the family had given the bear nothing but love and care, and it loved them back in return.

- The bear was eventually returned to the wild, but the family was sad to see it go.

Bullet points:

- Sue Wee Wee bought a cute black dog while on vacation.

- The dog, named Little Black, lived inside the family's main house.

- Little Black had a healthy appetite and grew extremely fast.

- Little Black had unusual dog-like qualities, including growling when angry and standing on its hind legs.

- A veterinarian revealed that Little Black was actually an Asiatik black bear.

- The family had given the bear nothing but love and care, and it loved them back in return.

- The bear was eventually returned to the wild.

This heartwarming story shows the bond between animals and humans, and how even an unexpected visitor can become a beloved member of the family. The love and care that Sue Wee Wee and her family gave to Little Black, the Asiatik black bear, shows that sometimes the most unexpected things can bring us the greatest joy.

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