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change shopify collection in page title to product category

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to my YouTube channel! In this tutorial, I'll show you how to edit the collection page title on your Shopify online store. If you want an easy and fast video guideline, then keep watching.

Steps to Edit Collection Page Title:

1. Open your Shopify admin panel and click on the Online Store option.

2. Select the Actions button and choose Edit Code.

3. Open the Sections folder and then select the List Collection Template dot liquid file.

4. Remove the current code for the title.

5. Add your custom text, such as Box or Hot Products, as desired.

6. Save the changes.

7. Refresh your browser to see the updated title.

Additional Tips:

- You can change the collection page title to anything you want, depending on your preferences.

- If you need any service or support for your Shopify online store, feel free to contact me.

Now you know how to edit the collection page title on your Shopify online store. I hope this tutorial was helpful for you. Don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel for more helpful tutorials. And if you need any assistance with your Shopify store, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Thanks for watching, and have a nice day!


Hi everyone, my name is Nate Galadev, and I am the owner of Bacon Blend. I worked with Voiceol on building my Shopify store, and I must say he did an excellent job. I highly recommend working with Voiceol for all your Shopify and WordPress needs. He is efficient, speedy, and always ensures everything is done correctly. Thanks again, Voiceol!

How To Customize The Default Collection Page in Shopify

In this article, we will learn about a Shopify secret on how to organize and remove/add collections from the built-in collection page within your Shopify store. Some themes may not be compatible with this change, so we might need to make a code edit.

- Shopify has a built-in collection page that displays every collection in alphabetical order.

- Sometimes, you might want to change the order or add/remove collections from this page.


1. Go to the Shopify administration and navigate to Online Store > Navigation.

2. Create a new menu called All Collections and add the collections you want to see.

3. Save the new menu, and the built-in collection page will be customizable according to your preferences.

If the above steps don't work, you might need to make a code edit:

1. Go to the HTML/CSS editor of your Shopify theme.

2. Look for list collections and replace the line with new code that assigns collection equals to linked object.

3. Save the changes.

By following these steps, you can customize the built-in collection page in Shopify according to your preferences. This is a useful Shopify secret for those who want to organize and edit their collections.

How to Change Manual Collections to Smart Collections Shopify

How to Create a Smart Collection for Cat Collars and Leashes

Creating smart collections can help organize your products and make it easier for customers to find what they need. In this article, we'll go over how to create a smart collection specifically for cat collars and leashes.


1. Start with a manual collection: Begin by creating a manual collection for cat collars and leashes. This will serve as a reference point for your smart collection.

2. Create a new smart collection: Click on Collections and then Create Collection. Copy the name of your manual collection and paste it into the smart collection's name field.

3. Choose collection conditions: Decide whether you want to organize your products by product type or tag. For cat collars and leashes, it's best to use product type.

4. Add product types: Use the product type Pet collars and harnesses and choose the specific cat collar and leash product type.

5. Add tags: If you want to further narrow down your smart collection, you can add specific tags. For example, add the tag cat collars or cat leashes.

6. Save your smart collection: Once you've added all the necessary conditions, click Save to create your smart collection.

7. Manage your smart collection: You can edit or deactivate your smart collection by going to Manage under the collection's settings.

8. Add your smart collection to navigation: Go to Navigation and add your smart collection to the menu.

9. Delete the manual collection: Once your smart collection is set up, you can delete the manual collection.

Creating a smart collection for cat collars and leashes can help organize your products and make it easier for customers to find what they need. By following these steps, you can create a smart collection that will automatically add products based on your chosen conditions. Don't forget to add your smart collection to the navigation menu and delete the manual collection once it's no longer needed.

How to Customize Shopify SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions for Homepage, Product Pages, and More!

In today's video, we will learn how to customize Shopify website's SEO title and meta description. This is important because it is the only information that visitors from Google can see in order to make a decision on whether or not to click on your search result. To customize these things, go to the back end of Shopify and click on online store. From there, click on preferences to edit the SEO title and meta description for the home page. For product pages, click on the product and scroll down to search engine listing. The same process applies to collection pages and blog post pages. The SEO title and meta description should include your target SEO keyword and be under 160 characters for the meta description. Make sure to create a URL redirect if you change the URL of a published page. Keep in mind that changes to SEO titles and meta descriptions on Shopify may take a few days or weeks to reflect on Google. To speed up the process, resubmit your sitemap or URL to Google Search console. Don't forget to customize the SEO title and meta description for other pages on the website such as the about page and contact us page. If you need help crafting a successful SEO title and meta description, check out the ebook guide in the video description for a discount.

Shopify Tutorial: Removing /collections/ name from product URLs

How to Get Rid of Duplicate URLs in Shopify Product Pages

In this article, we will discuss how to remove the duplicate URLs that appear in Shopify product pages, which can negatively impact SEO. We will look at the issue, the intended behavior, and how to fix it.


When visiting a product page from a collection page, the URL will display a slash collection URL slug, creating duplicate content.


Remove the slash collection URL slug to create a non-canonical path, which will prevent duplicate content and improve SEO.


1. Access the theme editor in Shopify and search for within collection in the product loop.

2. Remove the slash collection URL slug from the link and save changes.

3. Verify that the changes have been applied by refreshing the page and checking the URL.


- Use a theme extension or search tool to quickly find the code that needs to be edited.

- Use the theme editor's versioning feature to undo changes if necessary.

- Always test changes to ensure they do not break any other functionality.

By removing the duplicate URLs in Shopify product pages, we can improve SEO and provide a better user experience. With these simple steps, anyone can fix this issue and optimize their Shopify store for search engines.

✅ How To Add Product Categories In Shopify 2023 (Complete Tutorial)

In this video tutorial, we will be learning how to add product categories to your Shopify store. Let's get started!

Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to create an online store and sell your products. One of the key features of Shopify is the ability to create catalogs and product categories to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Steps to Add Product Categories:

1. Create a Shopify store using the link provided in the video description.

2. Add the Easy Catalog app from the Shopify App Store.

3. Create a new product or use an existing one.

4. Open the Catalog Maker app and create a new catalog.

5. Choose the products you want to include in the catalog.

6. Customize the layout and description of the catalog.

7. Save and publish the catalog.

Alternatively, you can create product categories manually by:

1. Creating a new collection in your Shopify store.

2. Adding products to the collection.

3. Customizing the layout and description of the collection.

4. Adding the collection to your store's homepage.

5. Editing the products and inventory details outside of the store editor.

Adding product categories to your Shopify store is an essential step in organizing your products and making it easy for customers to find what they need. With the help of the Easy Catalog app or manual collection creation, you can create professional-looking catalogs and collections in no time. Start selling more today with Shopify!

Shopify OS 2.0 - How To Create a Page of Collections

Shopify has recently released its OS 2.0, which includes new themes and customization options for creating pages of collections. In this article, we will go through the new way of creating pages for collections and show you how to set it up on your new store.

Creating a Page for All Collections:

- Go to Navigation

- Click on main menu

- Add a new item

- Click on Collections

- Select All Collections

- Click on Add

- Save menu

Creating a Page for Selected Collections:

- Go to Customize

- Click on Pages

- Create a new template

- Name the template

- Select the default page

- Click on Create Template

- Click on Add Section

- Choose Collection List

- Select the collections you want to display

- Click on Save

- Create a new page

- Name the page

- Choose the template you just created

- Add the page to the navigation menu

- Save menu

Creating a Page for Sub-Collections:

- Create a new template

- Choose the multi-column section

- Add images and links to the sub-collections

- Create a new page

- Choose the template you just created

- Add the page to the navigation menu

The new Shopify OS 2.0 has made it much easier to create pages of collections and sub-collections. With the new customization options, anyone can create a great-looking page on their Shopify store. So, go ahead and try it out for yourself!

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