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changing shopify order from pending to authorized

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

- Facebook orders getting stuck in pending


- Small issue with Facebook for a while

- Getting worse

- Hoping it doesn't become a bigger problem


- Book a Zoom qualification call for Facebook automation


- Orders going into pending

- Facebook Shops more prevalent

- Marketplace not as common

- Some orders get cancelled

- Some sit in pending for hours

Recent issue:

- Shop had a ton of orders go into pending

- None of them came through

- Shop was a drop down shop

- Orders were cancelled by Facebook

- Reached out to support, no response

Hope for the future:

- Hoping it was just a bug with that one shop

- Don't want it to become a bigger issue

- Let us know your experiences with pending orders

- Will keep updated on any future issues with Facebook orders


1. Go to the Orders tab: On the left-hand side of the Shopify dashboard, click on the Orders tab. Here, you will see the number of orders you need to fulfill or have in queue.

2. Check for unfulfilled orders: Look for orders that are marked as unfulfilled, indicated by a yellow label. Click on the order to see the customer's name, purchase details, and shipping information.

3. Create shipping label: Click on the Create shipping label button to generate a shipping label for the order. Enter the weight of the package and the shipping address details. Choose the shipping carrier and the appropriate shipping rate.

4. Purchase shipping label: After selecting the shipping carrier and rate, click on Buy shipping label to purchase and print the shipping label. The customer will receive a tracking number via email.

5. Print shipping label: Print the shipping label on the appropriate size paper or sticker and attach it to the package. Reprint the label if necessary.

Shopify fix for Google Merchant Center: Missing Value Gender Size Color Age Group

In this video, Clarice Lin, the ROI doctor, will discuss the Shopify fix for Google Merchant Center error disapproved product value for missing color, size, age group, and gender.

Key Points:

- There are two types of listings on Google: standard and enhanced.

- Enhanced listings require attributes such as gender, size, color, and age group for apparel and accessories.

- Failing to provide this information will result in disapproval of products and exclusion from the Google Shopping tab.

- To fix this issue on Shopify, go to the Google fields section under product actions, update the missing values, and save the changes.

- It may take some time for the changes to take effect, so be patient and wait for Google to review the products.

- If you need further assistance, Clarice Lin offers services to help Shopify stores get on Google quickly.

By following the steps outlined in this video, Shopify store owners can ensure their products meet the criteria for enhanced listings on Google and increase their chances of sales.

How to Avoid Payment Holds from Shopify & PayPal (2021 Method)

In this article, Naricchill discusses how to avoid payment holds on Shopify and PayPal. He starts with an introduction on the importance of cash flow in e-commerce and how payment holds can harm your business. He then explains the main cause of payment holds, which is the lack of tracking information provided to payment providers. To avoid this issue, he recommends using CJ Drop Shipping to get tracking information immediately and sync it with your Shopify account. For PayPal, Naricchill recommends using an app called Trackypal, which automatically syncs your tracking information per order onto the PayPal order submitted by that customer. He also advises keeping chargebacks under 1% of total orders and fighting back against fraudulent chargebacks with proof. Naricchill ends the article with a call to action to like and subscribe to his channel and to give him suggestions for future videos.

How To Fulfill Orders On CJDropshipping | How to place dropshipping orders on cjdropshipping

Assalamualaikum! In this video, we will discuss how to fulfill dropshipping orders through CJ dropshipping. This process can be confusing for some, so we will break it down step by step.


1. Make sure your products are connected with CJ dropshipping.

- Go to the connections after opening products.

- If your product is not connected, copy the name or URL link SKU code of any of these products and paste it on CJ.

- Find the product and click on connect.

- Choose the store whose product you've selected and sync it.

2. Go to orders and click on imported orders.

- Sync to store orders and choose a store.

- Choose the time and date.

- After syncing, you will see your orders.

3. Select the order you want to fulfill and choose a shipping method.

- Click on add to cart and go to order fulfillment.

- Click on dropship orders, select the product, and click on submit.

4. Confirm the order shipping information and select a payment method.

- Check the details of your customer's shipping address.

- Select a payment method and link your account details.

- Agree and click on the pay button.

5. Wait for the product to be delivered to your customer within the days mentioned in the shipping method.

Fulfilling dropshipping orders through CJ dropshipping can be confusing, but with this step-by-step guide, you can easily fulfill your orders and get your products delivered to your customers. Whether you have your own store or sell on Facebook, the process is the same. We hope this video has been helpful. Allah hafiz!

Understanding your Shopify Payments Payouts || Shopify Help Center

Shopify Payments is a convenient and straightforward way to receive payments from customers. But how do you get paid? In this article, we will guide you through the process of receiving payouts from Shopify Payments and answer some common questions about the process.

Getting Paid with Shopify Payments:

Payouts are how Shopify Payments sends the money made from your sales to your bank account. Here are some essential things to know about receiving payouts:

- You will only receive payment through Shopify for orders paid for using Shopify Payments.

- If your customer uses an alternative payment provider like PayPal, the money for those orders will be available through those third-party gateways.

- If you have Shopify Balance enabled on your store, it is automatically set up to receive your Shopify Payments Payouts.

Accessing Your Payouts:

To access your payouts, follow these steps:

- Head to Settings and click Payments.

- You will see the option to View Payouts.

Your Payouts screen will show:

- The date of the payout

- The status of the payout

- The total changes, refunds, adjustments, and fees subtracted

- The final payout amount

Payout Schedule:

The pay period is the amount of time between the customer placing the order and the day you receive the money in your bank account or Shopify Balance account. Payouts are paid every business day as soon as those funds are available. If you choose to, you can schedule your payouts to be paid on a specific day every month or week.

Pay Period:

The length of your pay period is determined by the country your store is located in. When using Shopify Balance, you can receive your Shopify Payment earnings in as little as one business day. If you've created a payment schedule, your pay period will be adjusted to take all of these into account.

Credit Card Fees:

With Shopify Payments, you are only charged a credit card rate, which is a fee you're charged every time a credit card is used. These fees are subtracted from your charges to give you the final amount you receive. Also subtracted from the total for charges are any refunds you've processed in this particular pay period.


Occasionally you might see an amount in the adjustment column of your payouts. Adjustments are additions or subtractions from payouts that occur when changes are needed for your payout total. Adjustments might happen after winning a chargeback or from sales and returns from Facebook orders.

Final Payout Amount:

After all fees and adjustments are considered, your final payout amount is calculated. Adjustments are added or subtracted from your charges. From this, any other fees or refunds are then subtracted. This gives us our final payout amount.

Payout Status:

The status of a payout will either be displayed as In transit, meaning funds are in the process of being sent to your bank account, Paid, which means the payout was sent to your bank but may still need to be processed before it can be deposited into your account, or Failed. Payouts can fail because of an issue with your bank account.

Knowing where your money is and how you get paid is an essential part of any business. With Shopify Payments, it's one step closer to your bank account. If you have questions about your payouts, make sure to contact our support team. For more information on everything shown in this article, visit help.shopify.com.

How I Fix Google Merchant Center Disapproved Products

- In this video, Sam from KeyCommerce.com shares his process for fixing disapproved products in Google Merchant Center.

- Disapproved products can cause lost sales, as Google Shopping ads for those products will stop running.

- Google disapproves products when there is an issue with the data in the product feed.

Steps for fixing disapproved products:

1. Open the Google Merchant Center account and go to Products Diagnostics.

2. Identify the error name and search for it on Google to find out how to fix it.

3. Use the View examples feature to see which products are affected by the error.

4. Follow the documentation and troubleshoot each individual error to fix the disapprovals.

Tips for fixing disapprovals:

- Google has helpful documentation for fixing disapprovals.

- Setting up account level shipping settings in Google Merchant Center can prevent missing value shipping errors.

- Some disapprovals can be fixed by re-crawling the feed or waiting for it to be crawled again.

- If you're struggling, you can get in touch with KeyCommerce.com to have their team fix disapprovals for you.

- Fixing disapproved products is a troubleshooting process that requires identifying errors and following documentation.

- By fixing disapprovals, you can prevent lost sales and keep your Google Shopping ads running smoothly.

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