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chatbot for shopify

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

How to Add Live Chat and Chatbot on Shopify to Automate Your Customer Support

In this video, Jake will show you how to set up live chat and chatbots on your Shopify store using an app called Heyday. This will help automate the customer support process and save time during high traffic periods.

Step 1: Branding the Chat Widget

- Match the background color with your store's primary color

- Customize the company name and subheading

- Upload your logo

- Turn on the chat display

Step 2: Setting Chatting Hours

- Choose the time you want your live chat to be available

- Edit the business hours and time zone

- Click on publish changes

Step 3: Setting Chatbot Messages

- Customize the greeting message, welcome message, and absence message

- Click on save time and automate

Step 4: Setting up FAQ Automation

- Click on add FAQ

- Select a topic related to customer inquiries

- Choose a preview and title for the answer

- Personalize the answer for your store's refund policies, return policies, and other questions

- Repeat for other topics

Using Heyday's live chat and chatbot features on your Shopify store can help automate the customer support process, save time during high traffic periods, and provide personalized answers to customer inquiries. Follow these simple steps to set it up and improve your customer service.

How to add a Chatbot to your Shopify Store | Tidio Full Tutorial (2023)

In today's video, I will show you how to set up a chatbot for your Shopify store using Tidio. By setting up a chatbot, you can save time on dealing with customer emails and focus on marketing your store and building trust with your customers. Tidio is the number one rated chatbot app for Shopify, and it has loads of pre-made templates that you can use to set up your chatbot. Here's how you can set up a chatbot for your Shopify store:

1. Start by creating a free Tidio account using the link in the description. Tidio has a completely free plan that allows you to connect with up to 100 users on your site each month.

2. Configure your live chat by choosing your name, color scheme, language, and avatar picture. You can also select the main goals that you want to focus on, the number of agents, and your industry.

3. Set up your first chatbot by choosing to send your customers a discount code or greeting them warmly. By sending customers a discount code, you can prompt them to make a purchase on your store.

4. Connect your Tidio chatbot to your Shopify store by installing the Tidio Live Chats and Chat Bots app from your Shopify dashboard.

5. Edit the appearance of your chatbot by changing the color, online status, widget position, button text, and widget sound.

6. Connect your Facebook Messenger and Instagram to your Tidio chatbot by creating a mailbox and integrating it with your existing email.

By following these steps, you can set up a chatbot for your Shopify store and increase sales and revenue while saving time on dealing with customer emails. Don't forget to use my link in the description to get 20% off of all Tidio plans and access premium features like unlimited chats and powerful analytics.

How To Setup Shopify Chat On Your Store

Hey guys, Music Christian here! Today I'm going to show you how to set up Shopify chat in your store and quickly share messages and discounts via chat. Let's get started!


1. Go to Shopify store and click on Apps.

2. Add the Shopify Chat app, which is free.

3. Add the app as a sales channel, which will show up underneath your other sales channels.

4. Go to Shopify Ping and log in with Shopify.

5. Change the appearance of your chat, including button style, position, button color, and welcome message.

6. Test your experience by clicking on the text experience button.

7. Disable or enable your chat by clicking the button.

8. Install Shopify Ping on your phone to continue the conversation on the go.

9. Use quick replies to respond to frequently asked questions.

10. Share discounts with customers via the chat by clicking on the discount button.

11. Bonus: Use the tag button to share a particular product with the customer.

Shopify chat is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time and provide excellent customer service. With these easy steps, you can set up your chat and start engaging with your customers today. Don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications to support our channel!

Tidio: The best chatbot for your needs

In this video, David from Tik Smart Boss takes a look at a product called Tidio from tadiochat.com. He is impressed with the product and believes viewers will be too.

- David introduces the product Tidio from tadiochat.com and explains his interest in it.

- He highlights the combination of live chat and chat bots, and how it has been a recent topic on his podcast.


- The pricing for Tidio starts with a free forever plan that includes three operators.

- There are value-added features that come at an additional cost, such as live typing and visitor list view pages.

- Tidio offers automation and proactive chat with the ability to automate some things.

- The integrations include CRM, help desk, and social media platforms.


- David walks through the onboarding process and is impressed with the ease of use and maturity of the product.

- He sets up his name, avatar, and color scheme, and tests out the pre-set bots.

- David installs Tidio onto his website using Google Tag Manager.

- David is impressed with Tidio and believes it is a great option for those looking for a live chat and chat bot combination.

- He likes the interface and the ability to personalize the chat experience.

- David recommends Tidio to viewers looking for a chat solution for their website.

How to turn your Shopify Store into an Ai-Powered Chatbot in 10 Minutes

Introducing Go Beyond: The AI Powered Messenger for Shopify

Hi guys, welcome to Go Beyond - the brand new AI powered messenger out for Shopify. In the next couple of minutes, I will show you exactly how to set your bot up, how it works, and how to take advantage of our features. Now, this is by far the most advanced messenger chat bot on Shopify and it does three things extremely well:

1. Increases your sales

2. Automates your marketing

3. Provides customer service

Let me show you how it works. Let's jump right in!

How to Set Up Go Beyond

1. After you get the app on Shopify and download it, come over to Apps and then come right in the Messenger Sales Marketing Customer Service Automation App.

2. This is our app and this is what your home screen looks like.

3. This screen has a number of features, first and foremost, it's going to show you the total amount of money that it's helped you generate and save.

Increasing Your Sales

1. There's a very simple way it increases your sales - first, it automatically targets people that have abandoned your cart and it reaches out to them via email and chat bots and tries to get those sales back.

2. We have a remarketing through abandoned cart and we get some of those sales back and we have three attempts.

3. The other thing it does is it does automatic upselling and downselling.

4. For example, let's say someone just bought one of your widgets or something from your store.

5. You have the opportunity to sell them another item and the bot will reach out to them, give them a discount and say Hey, would you like to buy this second item?

6. It also has two downsells - this happens when someone says no to your upsell.

7. Sometimes people might not be interested in that sort of item, so you go to your downsell items.

8. The third way it increases sales is by taking people that are just browsing online and then just happen to find your bot, and it turns them into customers through our lead capture and sell feature.

Automating Your Marketing

1. This feature incentivizes new users of your bot to buy really quickly from you once they've engaged with your bot.

2. The other cool thing that this bot does is that it provides customer service.

Providing Customer Service

1. This customer service means when people come on your Facebook page and they have questions regarding when their package will arrive, our customer service will give them or automatically respond to those requests.

2. The bot will ask them for their email or confirmation number and it'll automatically give them a pretty good idea of when they're going to receive their item.

3. As you may know, if you get a lot of sales, you're going to have a lot of people asking these sorts of questions, so this will amount to a really big savings.

4. We track the savings in two ways - one is we track it in time saved, and then we see what does that amount to in actual savings.

5. Open rates for bots are really good, with around a 75-80% open rate, compared to emails which have around a 25% open rate.

6. We also track leads - people who are just randomly coming onto the bot.

7. It'll take them down your funnel and try to sell them, and all their information will show up here on the leads.

Setting Up Go Beyond

1. Select your logo.

2. Set up the auto upsell feature.

3. Enter a coupon code.

4. Pick three items that you want to upsell.

5. As soon as someone buys something from you within a certain amount of time, our bot will automatically send them an opportunity to buy something more from you.

6. We take advantage of this and have an AI algorithm in the back that determines what the best times to send these messages are.

Go Beyond is a highly advanced messenger chat bot that can increase your sales, automate your marketing, and provide excellent customer service. With its lead capture and sell feature and its automatic upselling and downselling capabilities, Go Beyond is a must-have for anyone looking to take their Shopify store to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Try Go Beyond today!

How I Got 655 Orders Dropshipping on Shopify Using Chatbots

In this video, Kurt Buchanan shares a secret strategy for success in Shopify dropshipping. He explains how to use ManyChat, a chatbot creator for Facebook fan pages, to create a funnel that leads to increased sales on Shopify. The strategy involves creating a discount code on Shopify, making a post on Facebook, and using ManyChat to create a chatbot that responds to comments on the post with a discount code and a link to the Shopify store. The chatbot also subscribes users to the audience, allowing for retargeting in future campaigns. The steps involved in this strategy are:

1. Create a Facebook fan page and a ManyChat account.

2. Create a discount code on Shopify and sync ManyChat to the Facebook page associated with the Shopify store.

3. Make a post on the Facebook page with a product image and a message that includes the discount code and a call to action.

4. Use ManyChat to create a Facebook comments growth tool that responds to comments on the post with the discount code and a link to the Shopify store.

5. Create an opt-in message in ManyChat that gives the discount code and a link to the Shopify store and includes a call to action.

6. Publish the sequence and test it to ensure that it works.

By following these steps, dropshippers can see increased success in their Shopify businesses.

Shopify Customer Service Chatbot using Python Automation

Are you tired of a poor customer experience? Adding a virtual agent or chat bot can significantly improve your customer experience. In this article, we will guide you through adding a customer service chat bot to your Shopify store. By enabling customers to enter their order number and receive order status updates, you can greatly enhance their experience.

First, we will create API access to our Shopify store using a private app with read access to orders, transactions, and fulfillments. We will then test the API using Postman.

Next, we will create a function using IBM Cloud's function service to make a request to our Shopify API and return the order status. We will use Python, but feel free to use any other language. We will import the necessary libraries, create a parameter for the order ID, and make a request to the URL we created earlier.

To handle errors, we will check the status code of the response and return an error message if it is not 200. If the response is successful, we will return a message with the order status.

In conclusion, adding a customer service chat bot to your Shopify store can greatly enhance your customers' experience. By following these simple steps, you can easily implement this feature and improve your store's customer service.

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