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cheaper than dirt classified ads

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to my channel! In this video, I'm going to share with you an untapped YouTube advertising marketing strategy that I believe is highly effective. I haven't seen many people talking about this strategy, so I'm excited to share it with you today.

Before we dive into the details, let me give you a brief introduction. I stumbled across this strategy while testing different advertising campaigns for my YouTube channel. I wanted to promote some influencer videos and increase views and organic traffic.

Normally, running direct ads to target specific keywords in my niche would cost me around $3 to $5 per click. This is quite expensive considering the high competition in my niche. However, during my testing phase, I discovered a more cost-effective approach.

I created a campaign using display videos and opted for discovery ads. These ads appear in the search results and are shown to people who are typing in related keywords. The cost per view for these ads was incredibly low, averaging around 3 cents.

In my testing campaign, I spent $180 and received over 4,000 views. Although I didn't make any direct sales, I was able to track view-through conversions. These are conversions that occur when someone sees your ad but doesn't interact with it, yet still makes a purchase on your website.

Surprisingly, I found that I had received 56 conversions and generated around $10,000 in sales from this campaign. This means that for every dollar I spent, I received approximately $56 in return.

Setting up this type of campaign is relatively simple. You can create a new campaign without a specific goal and choose the custom video campaign option. Set your daily budget and select the inventory type. If you want to reach a wider audience, choose expanded inventory.

Next, add your keywords and select the in-feed video ad format. This format allows your video to appear in the search results, alongside related videos, and on the YouTube homepage. It's a great way to get your video in front of your target audience at a lower cost.

Remember to write a compelling headline for your ad and link it to the relevant video. This way, viewers will be directed to your video and can decide whether to watch it or not.

I hope this strategy brings value to your YouTube advertising efforts. Give it a try and see how it works for your product or service. I believe it has great potential, and I'll definitely be using it more in the future.

Thank you for watching, and I'll catch you in the next video. Peace!

3 dirt cheap lead generation tools 2020 - best lead generation tools that work and will pay you

Hey everyone, Troy Miner here! In this video, I want to share with you three dirt cheap ways to generate leads for your business. These lead generation tools have personally helped me gain over 19,000 leads and make consistent sales on a daily basis. So let's jump right into it!

1. Lead Lightning: This is an introductory lead generation software tool found in the Power Lead System. With a one-time investment of just $7, you can access a marketing funnel that includes a lead capture page, a sales presentation, and an email autoresponder campaign. As a member of Lead Lightning, you earn an 80% commission for every person that signs up using this system. It's a great way to get leads for your high ticket offers or network marketing deals.

2. SMS Text Message Marketing: Unlike traditional email marketing, SMS text message marketing has a much higher open rate, averaging between 95% to 98%. This means that more people will actually read your messages and click on your links. By using a software like Textbot AI, you can earn instant paid profits by generating over 200 leads per day. It's a powerful tool that can greatly increase your results.

3. Classified Ad Submissions: Online classified ad services like Classified Submissions allow you to promote your personalized ad to thousands of advertising pages each month. With an investment of just $40 as a monthly member, you can get hundreds of eyeballs on your business every day. This is a cost-effective alternative to solo ads or cost per click campaigns, and it consistently brings in leads for me.

In conclusion, these three dirt cheap lead generation tools have been game-changers for my business. They are affordable, effective, and have helped me generate thousands of leads and make consistent sales. If you found value in this video, I encourage you to like, comment, and subscribe to my channel. The links to these tools will be provided in the description below. Thanks for watching, and have a great day!

How to Make a Dead Simple Dirt Cheap Landing Page With Aweber

Hi, this is Matthew May with classifiedsubmissions.com and today I'm going to show you how to create a simple landing page using aweber.com. This will allow you to start collecting emails and building your list right away. Many people tend to use expensive and confusing services like ClickFunnels, but with aweber.com, you can get started without spending a ton of money or needing a hosting account.

The key to a successful landing page is simplicity. Sometimes, the simplest landing pages are the ones that sell the most. So, let's get started on setting up a simple landing page using aweber.com.

1. Sign up for an aweber account by clicking the link in the description below. You can get a one-month free version to start with, so there's no risk involved. Once you're signed up, you're ready to go.

2. After logging in to your aweber account, click on Manage Lists and then Create a List. Fill in your company name, website, and address. Set the sender name and email address. This is the information that people will see when they receive emails from you. Click Next Step.

3. Fill out a name and brief description for your list. This will help you keep track of your subscribers. Click Next Step.

4. Customize the confirmation email that subscribers will receive. This is a two-step process, where subscribers need to click a link to confirm their subscription. You can modify the confirmation email if you want, but the default template works fine. Click Approve Message and Create List.

5. Go to Current List and click on your list. Then, go to Messages and Follow Up Series. Here, you can start creating your follow-up messages. You can use the HTML editor or plain text to create your messages. Write compelling messages that will engage your subscribers and encourage them to take action. Save and exit each message.

6. Set the intervals between each message. You don't want to bombard your subscribers with too many messages at once. A good rule of thumb is to drip-feed messages every four days. Adjust the intervals according to your preference. Save your follow-up series.

7. Create a sign-up form to allow people to subscribe to your newsletter. Go to Sign Up Forms and choose a template. Keep it simple and enticing. Customize the form by adding a headline and a description. Let people know what they'll get when they subscribe. Save your form.

8. Name your form and choose a thank you page. You can redirect subscribers to another page or use the basic thank you page provided by aweber.com. Save your form.

9. Get the code to install the form on your website, or use the form as a landing page by copying and pasting the provided URL. This URL can be used in your promotions to drive traffic to your landing page.

And there you have it! You now have a simple landing page set up using aweber.com. Start promoting your landing page and collecting opt-ins and sales. Remember to regularly update your follow-up messages to keep your subscribers engaged. Good luck!

gunguypa.com cheaper than cheaper than dirt?

Hey guys, it's Mike the gun guy. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce our website because I'm super proud of it. We're not web guys, we're gun guys, so bear with us as it's still under construction.

We had some issues when we pushed all the products to the website. It all went to the fishing category and ended up in the tackle box section. It was a bit of a mess, but we're working on it.

Currently, we have 11,587 items on the website. We're constantly adding new products and organizing them into the correct categories. It'll take a couple of weeks to get everything sorted, but we're getting there.

Our category list is constantly evolving, so keep checking back for updates. Right now, we have stocks and braces from Magpul and ATI SB Tactical. There's more to come, so stay tuned.

Let's take a look at one of our products, the ATI AR mil spec stock. It's a great option for your rifle. We also have other products like American Tactical 60 round magazines. Check out the website for more details.

Now, I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of how our site displays on Microsoft Edge. It looks better on Chrome, but for now, I'll use this browser to show you around. Let's navigate to the Jeep and dirt section.

We have a wide range of products in this category. You can search by SKU to compare prices and find the best deals. For example, the EOTech Voodoo is priced at $1,299 on our site, just like on other platforms like Cheaper Than Dirt and OpticsPlanet.

I want to prove that we're players in this game, and while we may not always have the absolute cheapest prices, we work hard to keep them competitive. I constantly monitor prices and update our site accordingly.

We also have partnerships with various brands like Palmetto State Armory, 3B Gear, and ATN. You can find their products on our site too. If there's something you can't find, check out our partners' websites.

I want to take a moment to thank all the people who have supported me throughout the years. It's been a long journey, and I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had. I've reviewed products from CrossBreed, Palmetto State Armory, and many others.

If you go all the way back to the beginning of my YouTube channel, you'll see how it has evolved over the years. It's been almost a decade since I started, and I can't thank you all enough for your support.

I'm honored that people care about my opinion and have followed me on this journey. From competition shooting to bushcraft videos, it's been quite a ride. Thank you for being a part of it.

So, make sure to check out our website and see all the products we have to offer. We're constantly updating and improving, so stay tuned for more. And remember, we may not always have the absolute cheapest prices, but we strive to provide competitive options.

Thanks for watching and supporting us. We appreciate it!

Case Study: Generating Dirt Cheap Local Leads Using YouTube Ads for Local Marketing

Dustin never dresses up. Sometimes he wears tie-dye t-shirts and interviews people. Can I tell you something? Yeah, I love that man. It's funny because he kind of reminds me of me when I was in my 20s. I had hair down to here, sort of an afro. I did things people said nobody could do. I worked with Jay Guy, well, I worked at Record Plant in New York, which is a recording studio. I was there when they were recording J. Geils and REO Speedwagon and Heart and Meat Loaf. Then I opened my own recording studio. I ended up recording Earthquake and Fire and Mary J. Blige and Diana Ross. I have a platinum record behind me for a song that I wrote. There's actually a gold record above that from Ohcox. I did her album at my studio. He reminds me of me because in hearing his story, he overcame things that people said he couldn't overcome. I have massive respect for him and I love his spirit. I love the way he does his webinars because he doesn't waste time. Well, first, you've got to set up your Google Ads account. Let me just show you how to do that. We're going to go into Google right now. You click here, you sign up, like he said, quick. And then if something doesn't fail, like you hear him talk to himself, Oh, that didn't work. You know, or whatever, like when something glitches. But like he has the best webinars online. Everything he teaches is super valuable. And like I couldn't wait to get into the Video Ads course that I'm in now. You know, the what is it? Video Ads Cracked, yeah. I've been using Tube Sift for two years and initially started using it with one client. So, Joe, jumping back just a hair into my past. At one point, I owned a radio station and a newspaper publishing company in the New York metro market in New Jersey. In 2008, when I got out of that business, there were probably 30 or 40 companies that had been running ads with me on my radio station or in my newspapers. And they were like, Well, now that you're not here, what do we do? Can you help us? So, I had no intention of starting an ad agency/marketing company. But because these guys were always good to me, we had a great relationship. I decided, Alright, I'm going to help you. So, I got Google certified and I started running digital ads for people. You know, Google AdWords pay-per-click. I also still run radio and television ads for people that want those. And I can produce videos and do different things for customers. But you see the up and down on returns. A few years ago, you could buy an ad if you were a local business in New Jersey. You could buy a cable TV ad on News 12 New Jersey, pay fifteen thousand dollars for your campaign, and get a huge return on your investment. But over the last couple of years, that started to decrease dramatically. All of a sudden, we were spending fifteen thousand dollars on an ad campaign and getting three thousand dollars in sales from our TV ads. So, we started doing Facebook and Twitter and still doing Google and a little bit of YouTube. But what I tended to find was the first year we did Facebook, it was great. We really did well with Facebook ads. But the last 18 months, I have pulled 250 to 300 thousand out of Facebook and Twitter. And my budgets for them now are zero. I spend zero dollars with either one of those. Because after taking after getting Tube Sift and realizing I could target my Google/YouTube ads better and that I could put my ads just where I wanted them to be seen, you know, and I only paid if somebody watched up to 30 seconds of it, or you know, if it was shorter, obviously it was less than 30 seconds if they watched the whole thing. But I started creating ads where I would say something like in the first seven seconds, But if you're not interested, skip this ad. You know, and I learned that from Justin. So, I would target ads really, really well, but I also would encourage people to skip the ad if it wasn't like, if you're a do-it-yourselfer and you don't need help, skip this ad. Like that kind of thing. So, people skipped. So, I watched my ad spend plummet while my sales went up. And I wrote down a couple of things because I wanted to share them with you. And I know I'm a little scatter-y. But before Tube Sift, for every dollar we spent in our digital advertising, we were getting about two dollars in new sales. Our closing percentage was around 30 percent. This year, 2021, where we are exclusively using Google Ads and mostly Tube Sift, you know, Fun Fed video ads, okay, like we do have some display ads and we do have a couple of keyword searches for this. I'm speaking of one specific client who is an organic lawn care specialist in Bergen County, New Jersey. I can't share client names, but you know, they're a really high-end company. What we're seeing now this year, we shifted, like I said, we took everything out of Facebook, everything out of Twitter, and put 100 percent of the budget into Google AdWords and a lot of new videos. So, we're doing a lot of video ads using Tube Sift. I found videos that I wanted to put my ads in. And we want homeowners, you know, we want people that own a home that are concerned about their health. They don't want tons of chemicals sprayed in their lawn. They don't want those chemicals seeping into the water supply. So, I found videos on organic cooking, I found videos on garden projects and organic gardening. And like, I knew if I get in front of those people, those people are going to be interested in what this client offers. Yeah, definitely. So, we budgeted a whole lot more money than we've spent this year because people click off if they're not interested. We're saving a whole lot of budget. But this year, for every dollar we spend on ads, we have generated almost four dollars in new sales. So, we don't exist using Tube Sift. And I completely contribute or attribute that to Tube Sift because I can pull so much information and I can find so many great videos to put my ad in front of. That I'm pretty darn sure those people are interested. And what's really cool about it is our closing percentage. I told you it used to be about 30. There's a form on the website to request a quote. So, the video sends people to request a free quote. We used to close about 30 percent. This year, we're closing 48 percent. Wow, 48 percent in the lawn care industry, in a high-ticket item. It costs a lot more to use my client's services than it does to use TrueGreen or one of the ChemLawn or one of those national chains that just uses a ton of nitrates and phosphates and synthetic products. Yeah. And we're closing 48, which means Tube Sift is finding us people who are much better prospects. Because we haven't changed anything else. The sales team is still the same sales team. The prices have actually gone up 2 percent since last year. They haven't gone down. So, the big difference is that last year, I took one of Justin's courses. I bought Tube Sift two years ago, but I didn't take a course. I don't even remember how I heard about it, but I signed up, I bought it, and I started to use it a little bit. But I didn't do what you should do, you know, looking at the tutorials, joining the Facebook group, and really paying attention. I just kind of saw a little bit of it. I was like, Okay, this is kind of cool, and I just used it as a little piece of my marketing. Then last year, he offered a course. I can't remember what it was called, but it was something about Ultimate YouTube Ads or YouTube Ultimate Leads or something. The Unlimited Leads Challenge, Unlimited Leads. So, I took that and I started to realize, Wow, I was only using about 30 percent of what Tube Sift can do. So, lucky for me, I get a reset every winter. Nobody's buying lawn care in January when there's six feet of snow on the ground in New Jersey. They're just not thinking about it. Yeah. So, I took that course and then I had basically January and into February to reset all the campaigns and get rid of some of the ones

Dirt Cheap, Simple Legit Technique for Building Up Your YouTube Channel

Hi, this is Matt with coolmarketingsoftware.com and today I'm going to talk about using classified ad marketing to promote your YouTube channel. You know, a lot of times we think about classified ad marketing and we just think, Hey, we're going to post an ad and sell something. And that's okay, but really online marketing is a building process and you really need to build an audience to have long-term success. You know, if you could just sell one thing and get a sale, then what happens after that? But if you have a whole audience and a following, then you can sell multiple products and services.

So, you can use both our classified ad submission service at classifysubmissions.com and our software, US Class Submitter, to promote your YouTube channel rather than just trying to sell something. Because on all the classified ad sites that we submit to using our service and our software, you can embed your YouTube videos. You just need the share URL and you can embed it into all of your ads.

For example, I posted an ad on freeglobalclassifiedads.com using US Class Submitter software. And as you can see, instead of putting a link to my website, I put a link to my YouTube channel and a link to my specific YouTube video that I want to promote. Even here, I embedded my video into the ad. Why? Because I want to promote my YouTube channel.

Instead of just trying to sell something, I have another strategy, a building strategy. I take each of my videos and put them in US Class Submitter to submit them to classified ad sites. In this case, I took a video about US Class Submitter and decided to promote that on the 19 classified ad sites that US Class Submitter submits to.

Here's what the ad looks like:

- Bullet point 1

- Bullet point 2

- Bullet point 3

You can set this to 500 and start posting. It's going to be put on 500 different sites. Now, you're not going to get a zillion views from this, but you will get some views. A lot depends on your title and how you entice people to click. This can take a YouTube channel that's kind of dead and start getting it some real views.

This is not a thing where you're buying views. People who click here are actually interested in this. You're better off with a few really good views than having a bunch of phony views.

You can put all your videos in and have that part of your campaign. This is using US Class Submitter software, which submits to 19 different sites and allows for unlimited campaigns.

If you don't want to bother with the software, you can come to classifiedsubmissions.com and we'll do everything for you. You can submit one of your favorite YouTube videos and give us the information. We'll set up a whole new campaign for you.

In conclusion, using classified ad marketing to promote your YouTube channel is a great way to build an audience and increase your views. It's a building process that can lead to long-term success. So, instead of just trying to sell something, focus on building your audience and promoting your YouTube channel.

Jim Rickards: The Crash That Will Change A Generation

My view is that the world has been in a depression since 2007 and will remain so for an indefinite period of time. When you say that people are waiting, you know the definition of a recession. The technical definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of declining GDP, rising unemployment, and a few other factors. However, people don't really understand the definition of a depression. They assume that if a recession is two quarters of declining GDP, then a depression must be six quarters of declining GDP. But that's not the case. A depression is a sustained period of below trend growth with no particular tendency to collapse or get back to trend.

In other words, if trend growth is three to three and a half percent and you're running at two percent, that's depressed growth. So, yes, we have growth, but we're not in a technical recession. We're in a depression because we're not getting back to that trend. This depressed growth has caused us to leave five trillion dollars of potential growth on the table. And if we continue on this path, we're going to remain in this kind of punk two percent growth for the foreseeable future.

This world depression is not unique to the United States. It is true in Japan and Europe as well. China is a special case because they manipulate their numbers. But overall, the whole world is caught in this trap of depressed growth. Meanwhile, debt is going up faster than growth. Debt can be good if it is used for productive purposes and can be paid off. But if it is used as a substitute for real growth, it is not sustainable and will eventually lead to a crash.

The Federal Reserve (FED) is aware of this situation and is trying to tighten monetary policy to prepare for the next recession. However, there is a dilemma. Can they normalize interest rates and the balance sheet without causing the recession that they are trying to cure? I don't think so. In fact, I believe that in trying to tighten, they are probably going to cause the recession themselves.

Based on this analysis, I am not bullish on growth or stocks. I expect that in time, as the signs of a recession emerge, the FED will reverse course and gold will skyrocket. This will be a clear admission that the FED cannot get back to normal and that easy money policies will continue.

It is important to note that I never make a forecast or claim without backing it up with data and analysis. Wall Street forecasters have a bad track record of being wrong year after year. Economists do worse than trained monkeys when it comes to forecasting. Therefore, it is important to use a different methodology and approach to make accurate predictions.

In conclusion, the world is in a depression and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Debt is increasing faster than growth, and the FED's attempts to tighten monetary policy may actually cause the recession they are trying to avoid. It is important to be aware of these factors and not rely solely on Wall Street forecasts.

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