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chicago personal classified ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Top 25 Sites to Advertise Rental Property | American Landlord

[Music]. both professional property managers and individual landlords often ask us: where is the best place to list my house for rent? our initial response has always been: just put a sign in the yard and it's free, and as long as there's a reasonable amount of traffic, you'll fill your vacancy. but for some properties, a sign cannot be placed in the ground or a window to spark interest. so in this episode of american landlord, we discuss the top 25 online marketplaces for property managers and landlords to advertise the rental property. this video is brought to you by ushomevaluecom, where real estate investors and homeowners can find out the value of almost any property throughout the united states. [Music]. while most online sites charge a listing fee, they're generally much less than, let's say, a tenant placement fee that you would pay an agent, which is usually equivalent to one month's rent. so we went ahead and compiled a list of the top 25 websites where rentals can be advertised, and here we go, beginning with the top five most popular ones. at number one, apartmentscom has millions of monthly unique visitors and is preferred by larger communities and property managers. so unless you have dozens and dozens of units, you'll probably skip this one. number two is zillow. zillow has a large network where small landlords are welcome. it also happens to own and operate trulia, where it shares its listing data. hotpads is number three and is ideal for higher end rentals. so if you're charging a premium because you have a higher end unit, that's a place to consider. now, coming in at number four is craigslist, which has billions of page views each and every month. the only issue with craigslist is that it has somewhat of a reputation for attracting some fraudulent activity. so you just have to be mindful of that and be very careful that you properly vet each and every applicant and don't transact exclusively through email. [Music]. and number five is the facebook marketplace. facebook has grown quite a bit with its marketplace. it's a great site as long as you have a facebook account and you can advertise not only your vacancies but many other products and services. and now here are the remaining 20 most commonly used websites for advertising rental property vacancies. apartment list- this is actually who powers the rental section of realtorcom. it's a very useful site. apartment finder, apartment home, living oodle, rentalscom, rentdiggscom, rentcom- this used to be one of our favorites. nextdoorcom by ownercom- yes, that's correct- by owner- also has rental listings and it's ideal for individual landlords because you can include dozens of photos. realrentalscom, rentaladescom, subletcom, airbnb- yes, that's for short-term rentals. walk score apartment guide- my new place, people with pets, that's convenient. rent cafe, rent hop and zumper. to learn more about managing your rental property, as well as screening tenants and investing in real estate, visit americanlandlordcom. [Music].

Personals Free Classified Ads Feature Free Classifiedads Free Image Classifiedads

hello again. this is Michael Kinsler here from cute a web design and we're moving on to changing your colors. now the SEO is all done, so I haven't actually loaded up any products or done anything with the website yet, but we can start here with changing the colors. so basically, as you can see, the colors are fairly medium, nothing really strange. just we've got this horrible barter goes all the way across and we can go through it here, changing all these colors, even the size of the text, and this can be all done from the admin side. so log back into your account and we go into appearance settings. this will change anything on the website- how it appears on the world wide web. now there's two ways we can do this, and these are the two little lads here. so we're going to change side colors. click on that and this is basically what you have out on the internet: top bars, menus, text, all that kind of stuff. so we have templates set up in here and you can change that to there, or you can have it down to mix brown or whatever you want- tan, blue, okay. so there we go. there's one there. so what we'd do is: we'll save that everything you do. when you change something, remember to get into your head- you have to change, save the changes, and what we do is then we refresh this and then, if you want to see your site updated, just go in and refresh your page- the little boy there- and this will actually show you what's shown on the internet now, as you can see. wow, it's kind of jumping out, or we a wee bit. so we don't want that. so we go back into this again and we change it back to where it was- gray orange angle was. yet save it. wait for the little icon to come up with. it has to upgrade the server and then refresh and you'll see this change back to the way it was. now there we go. that's where we started. so now I don't like this bar, so I'm going to chop that elf, ok, so this is very straight, easy, done. we go back into appearance now. you probably know it was down here. there's shortcuts. I don't use them to regularly, but on this occasion I will so edit site colors. so now this whole section here before me again is actual the colors of your website as it, as it stands right now, and each time you go and change your one of your templates. it will change all these colors and, as you can see, the body is the background color, that's actual numbered and that's the actual color, and all you have to do is then, if you want to pick a custom color, let's go in here and change your custom colors or more colors, and it will come up with in a bigger display of colors and you can actually go in and pick out the colors that you want: named colors and the web safe, all that kind of stuff. so that's basically: you can pick your own custom. so every website d that's actually on trial, you can actually build it your own colors, which is quite amazing, mark. normally they just give you a few colors, but this here has the whole range of colors. so, anyway, let's get back to what I was doing: the site itself. you can have all those changes: the bars, the box, the page, the catalog and the forms. these are all the lists which come out on them, and the best thing to do is is actually take, before you actually start, is actually take a photokopy of this page and have it beside you so you don't have to keep chasing around looking for the numbers. you just go back to if you make a mistake, you can actually go in and change your back again. so change one thing at a time. so I'm going to chop off that bar now. if we notike it's 444 is the background. so now i'm looking for the bar side. so there it is there. so we take that out. and this is how simple it is. in this copy and paste, most of my stuff will be copy and paste and paste, save the changes and now we refresh the page and there you have it. and there you go, there's the Saigon. so when it's seen on the internet, it's actually not. you see, you don't see those bars because you kept your background the same. now you notike that this bottom bar has not got the same. so we go back into that files at the bottom, take that out, put this in copy and paste and save the changes and then refresh. once this is done and you refresh and notike the way it's taken out all the bottom here, that's because the color was the same as the text. so there's some things you can look out for. so we'll put that back in again. so we just pick a color, the bars paste and then we save the changes and then we come back to it. this is where you have to be very careful that you check every time. you check every time that you make a change that doesn't change somewhere else. is it there you go, that's a, that's it all back again and that's how it's done, and basically you can actually mess around in here for a long time to get your colors right, but I wouldn't waste too much time in here. basically, that color there, it's fairly good, it's fairly well set up. you can change the background and change your bar, but these colors here and the text sizes are quite good. okay, so that would be the images and I'll show you the next one then. okay, thank you.

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Business Process for McDonald's, IKEA, Southwest & Google (+ Swiss Army Knife Ad Story)

there's a formula here and it is: X plus y minus Z equals symbiosis. all right, and the minus is the important part and the minus is the hard part. any idiot can add: right, any idiot can just stik stuff on. any idiot can add 9,000 more steps to the process. okay, it takes a genius to subtract. okay. so, for example, restaurant plus automation plus drive-through window - spaghetti, burritos, donuts, baked potatoes, steak and carrots- equals McDonald's. okay, it's. McDonald's is much more about what it's not than it actually is what it is. and the original ducked McDonald's had nine items on the menu, including sodas. okay, all right. classified ads plus search engine plus bid auction. let's stop right there. classified ads plus search engine plus bid auction, that's a symbiogenesis of three things. right now it's. we take it for granted now, but it was a real stroke of genius for somebody to go. we need a very partikular kind of auction so that the advertisers will be fairly competing with each other. right and - pictures and banner ads, which was what everybody else was doing back in. you know, year 2000 equals google adwords. in this symbiogenesis, X plus y, or W plus X plus y minus Z, created the 800-pound gorilla of the internet. it basically organized Google, organized the wild west of the internet. okay, airline - fancy meals, first-class in all planes except 737. is Southwest Airlines right? Southwest Airlines is very subtractive. yeah, how many people got here on Southwest? alright, furniture plus Swedish design, plus giant blue warehouse plus cafeteria - pre-assembly and - lots of space taken up by assemble furniture equals IKEA. so we're gonna do a little exercise here now. I did this at Notre Dame in November, Notre Dame Business School, and I gave him a kind of a condensed evolution 2.0 presentation and then we went into what I've been showing you here and if we did an exercise and by the end I, as far as I can tell one of the groups, had figured out how to solve a major problem in a big company. ok, and I can't tok about any further than that, because you know, lay off. Greg said: you know, no, you can't put that on video and you know all of that stuff. ok, you know, this is, this is a private business school here, but it's but the whole presentations on YouTube now and it's on my website and it, like I am. I am really serious when I say that you, you know, you can. you can sit on your deck and look carefully at the flowers growing in the flower pie and you can get ideas about business that might not have otherwise occurred to. you would get to this a little later today, but my idea for the Swiss Army knife for for advertising came right out of nature in genetiks. I just stole it from a tree in Costa Rica and I haven't had to pay any royalties or anything. I do. I send positive, happy thoughts. hi, this is Perry Marshall. if you enjoyed this video, please like and share it with your friends.

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Craigslist Dating [Does it work? & Alternatives]

is craigslist actually effective for dating? hey, welcome to online for love, your number one resource for dating by the numbers. today, we're going to be diving all into the world of craigslist dating and some possible alternatives as well. so before we dive into it, you should definitely make sure to check out our free online dating opener formula. so this is going to triple your response rate on any dating site or dating app. it's going to definitely help you out on getting started by toking to people and getting to that first date finally. so do not forget to check that out. that's going to be linked above me and found in the description down below. while you are at it, do not forget to check out our free online dating app quiz, which is going to pair you with your perfect online dating site or dating app. it's quick, fun, easy, totally free, and that's going to pair you with your perfect site. so do not forget to go check that out. it's going to be linked above me and in the description down below. actually go take the quiz, then come on back here and comment below what your results are, because we would love to know. all right, so let's dive into this. craigslist dating: does it work? is it a thing. so a lot of people on the online dating sphere actually turn to craigslist to try to find connections, because, you know, craigslist is sort of an online newspaper. it's like a personals ad- a big online personal ad- so people are looking to find connections using that, because you know they might see it as the next best thing to actually posting a real personal ad in in the actual newspaper, like they used to do back in the day. the thing is, there are some- well, mostly- cons about this, about using craigslist. so you know, historically, as this site has become really big over time, you know some people have found success by posting literally personal ads, missed connections etc. on craigslist to be able to find people. however, especially as time goes on and there are more and more effective options popping up, there's really not so much reason to be using craigslist as a dating site. people still do, though, so people will actually go to the miss connection section of craigslist and write about people who they have seen or people who are there looking for. there's not really a dedicated dating section to craigslist, so people are posting these ads for other people in sort of strange places on the site. if you are looking to do this. maybe you you've heard a story from someone saying it worked for them, or you just feel like, hey, it's a newspaper online, i should be able to post my personals and find somebody. go ahead and do that. i would highly suggest taking caution, though, because a lot of people are on craigslist- not everyone with the best intention. so if you don't really know who is responding to your ad and really if you are looking for that whole personal ad thing, you know you want someone who likes pina coladas getting lost in the rain. there are other sites that suit your needs way better, that are much safer, and they are catered specifically to that end. so if you are looking to use craigslist, you know, try it if you want, you know, do you? however, just know that there might be some better options out there, and it is interesting that there is a whole dating world that is on craigslist. i think a lot of people use craigslist to find used cars or to sell some things or something like that, maybe find a job. however, um, there is this fascinating dating world where people will just post: i'm looking for this type of person, or i am this type of person. message me if interested, or i'm looking for this type of thing to happen. so people are using it. there are, there is a dedicated community to dating on craigslist, but there isn't, you know, an official craigslist dating tab or anything like that. so once again, um, you know, use craigslist at your own discretion for love. hopefully that will work for you if that is what you're going for. it is sort of a fascinating love community over there. however, if you're looking for the personal ad thing to find your love online, we have some better suggestions. before we dive into these suggestions, though, if you're enjoying this video so far, please make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe. so it really helps us out when you give our videos a thumbs up, because that shows youtube that people are enjoying our content. so then youtube pushes our videos out for more people to see. so we would really appreciate your thumbs up and your subscriptions. now let's dive into our suggestion. so first off is this website called locanto. so locanto is a craigslist esque classified site where people can post what it is that they're looking for, who it is that they're looking for, who they are in order to find love, hopefully. so this really does work like the whole pina coladas dancing in the rain type of thing. you can post what it is that you're looking for. you can get replies from people who are interested. now, this site is very similar to craigslist: you can sell cars, you can find a babysitter post and look for gigs, etc. etc. however, there is a dedicated dating section, hashtag dating. so this is why it's already a step above craigslist, because it does have that dedicated section that is specifically for dating, and this section actually comes with complete profiles and tinder, like swiping, and it might just be worlds more effective to finding somebody. locanto also asked people to register for the site before using it, having to input some basic information. so the fact that people do have to register could be a good step in the direction of safety. however, it's not 100 safe, so we still want you to exercise caution. it's very easy to post and use this site and you can actually, you know, fill out your profile in a long way. if you'd like to, you can write about yourself, what you're looking for, etc. have some photos. so that's going to be our first suggestion of craigslist-esque type of dating that you could get into. before we move on to our next suggestion, however, you should definitely make sure to check out our free online dating opener formula. so this is going to triple your response rate on a host of different dating sites and dating apps. so that's going to be linked above me and found in the description down below. don't forget to check it out so you can really increase your response rate on any dating site that we tok about. the next craigslist ask dating site that you could possibly use is called double list, so this is another one where you can post a personal ad and it is a lot more regulated and specific to this than craigslist, like world's different, so it's pretty easy and simple, straightforward to use. you can post whatever ad that you'd like. it might not have the most amount of users, you know, as far as dating sites go, but there are enough that you should be able to hopefully find someone. this site is actually specifically for personals ads, so you will not find a section that's, you know, selling old things or free yard sales, gigs, etc. this is really just about finding love. they also include some specifics to make your ads more targeted, where you can actually post personal ads that are based on your location. they include tags and keywords which help in searching for something specific. they have a messaging system between users and there's all kinds of dating opportunities for anyone and lgbtq plus community, et cetera. this site does offer some extra features as well, like quizzes to be taken, and just seems like a way better option. if you're looking for something that's craigslist, ask, but not craigslist. the next one up is bed page. so, unlike the last one we just toked about, this site does offer, you know, listings for different, different types of things where people are selling things or looking for jobs, et cetera, et cetera. so this one isn't exclusively about dating. however, there is a dating section. you will need some kind of google account in order to set up your profile on this site, but once you have done that, it's very s.

How To Make $500 Per Week With Clickbank Using Classified Ads - Copy And Paste Ads (Full Training)

in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can use classified ads to make $500 a week promoting Clickbank products. while I don't recommend it, you can do this strategy completely for free. the only thing that will cost you is your time. do you have an hour each day to spend building an online business that will generate you income? stik with me to the end of this video, because you guys already know I'm gonna be hooking you guys up with some tools to help streamline this process. all it's gonna take is consistent action and the right mindset. [Music]. hey guys, my name is Jamar Jones and on this channel, I teach you guys how to create an online business, make money online, digital marketing and, more specifically, affiliate marketing. I will be uploading videos each and every week, so if you want to learn how to create time, location and financial freedom for yourself, make sure you guys tap that subscribe button and remember to hit the notification bells. you can catch my latest content when it's released. be sure you guys stay to the end of this video, because I'm gonna give you a huge bonus that will ensure that this strategy works for you and helps you make some money online. alright, let's jump into this video, okay, so we're going to be using classified ads to promote Clickbank products. I made a short list of things that we're going to need to do to get everything set up. it's not going to take very long once you get it set up to where you can start posting ads every single day on different classified ad sites and getting your clickbank affiliate link out there. so the first thing we're gonna need to do is choose a product. I'm in the e-business, emarketing niche and here's a little tip for you guys: it takes the same amount of work to make a 40 dollar Commission as it does a 500 dollar Commission. right, and in the past I, when I was learning about affiliate marketing, I just gravitated towards either programs that Arctik purchase or programs that were really doing really well, even if they were lower tiket, and that's obviously fine if you guys want to do that. but I highly recommend doing high tiket offers and you can do that by sorting by the average per sale and highest to lowest. so there are some really great programs that are out there that have done really, really well, and if you go here to gravity, it shows which ones are selling which one. ah, affiliate marketers are doing the best on. and if you cruise through here you'll see any worse. between $75 an average sale, here's 212, 4 click baking universities program, and then here you see John crust on a super affiliate system and it's four hundred and seventy dollars per. that's the average sale, right? so if you guys want to promote lower tiket products, that's. there's nothing wrong with that. but just understand that with classified ads, you're going to need to post a lot of ads- I'm saying like five to ten per day on different classified ad sites- and you're gonna have to do it consistently for 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, until you have hundreds of classified ads all across major cities. I'm in Houston, Texas, but you're gonna have to post these links absolutely everywhere, and the reason for that is it's just to get the traffic you need to make sales. you're gonna have to really, really post a lot of different classified ads. if you guys are enjoying the content on this video so far, I would love it if you guys gave me a huge thumbs up, and also I'd love to hear what country you guys are from, so I can continue to create videos on how to make money online that will work in your part of the world. alright, let's jump right back into this video. so if you were guys were to get one person out of a thousand to click your classified ad to make a sale, wouldn't it be better to make a four hundred and seventy dollar sale than a forty dollar sale, right, if you guys catch my drift? so for this videos purpose, we're gonna choose a higher tiket affiliate program. so we'll just choose John crostinis super affiliate system. you guys probably already know, to promote this, all you have to do is generate your hop link by hitting this button right here and it will give you your own affiliate ID to which, once you guys people click on that partikular link, you will get the Commission if they make a purchase. okay, so for this example, we're gonna choose this product to promote. so we've chosen our product. so now we're gonna need to choose a classified ad site I use. I have been using global classified ads and I have received a sale from this partikular site. now the great part was was this was like an early late January, early February, that I was starting to post classified ads. I stopped in the last couple weeks because I have directed my focus towards some other projects, but I actually received a sale and if you go. so if I go into my dashboard, I received a sale, so I've gotten my affiliate. so one hundred and three dollars and forty cents for two sales, and this was from ads that I had posted weeks and weeks and weeks before, and I did a blast for like a week and a half, two weeks. I just sent out lots and lots of different ads out on like three or four different, especially global classified ads. so so here I use classified ads. that's where I got my commission from. but if you guys, let's see, if you guys want to see. so, if you guys want to take affiliate links for different classified sites to know where your sales are coming from, all you guys will have to do is just when you guys are, so we'll put in here. Chris Donnie, here when you guys hit promote, just hit your tracking ID and you can see- I have Pinterest as I run YouTube email- and then all you have to do is just say: say, if you're doing Craigslist, you just type in Craigslist here and it would generate a partikular affiliate link for Craigslist or for global classified ads or whatever it may be. okay, all right. so global classified ads, we're gonna do, I'll show you. it's free to create an account. it's like Craigslist: you can actually choose the different cities that you want to promote in, just like most classified ad sites. and this is a partikular ad that I ran for a viral funnel that I was promoting, and the ad copy I put in here is: want to make a full-time income from home easily. and I posted it in Los Angeles and I just wrote in here: free training reveals powerful viral system that has a potential to earn five hundred dollars per day. success is waiting for you. all you have to do is follow our simple, proven viral funnel. all you need is a computer and Wi-Fi. you can do this from home to your success. and then I stuck my bitly link in here, which has my landing page to the viral funnel that I created in click funnels- right? so this, this partikular setup, obviously could be exactly the same. only your hyperlinks here could be to your. it could be you. the thing with classified ads is you can send it directly to. you could set up a bitly link and send it directly to the sales page, but I I'm telling you guys you're not gonna want to do that, and if you can't afford an autoresponder or a landing page builder like click funnels or you know, builder all or car truck or whatever it may be. you guys are gonna have to capture your leads and the reason for that is so that you guys can follow up with them. in case they land on the landing page and they don't- they're not really sure if they want to make a purchase or not. you can follow up with emails over the course of a week or two weeks and try and bring them back in to see if they, if they, if you can convert that lead right. so I use free global classified ads. global classified ads has traffic. they've got decent amount of traffic. so if I go to similar web you can see monthly visits. they get 73,000 people right. so 73,000 people are landing on this partikular site each and every month and they come through and they browse through all different types of stuff and you can see here business opportunities is one of the biggest for traffic. it gets some of the most traffic. real estate: only 341 for sale, 11,000, but business opportun.

CHICAGO APARTMENT HUNTING! | How to, Websites, Tips & Prices

i personally feel like if we would have known why the place was vacant, then we could have made a better decision. what's up everyone? welcome back to my channel. it has been so long since i've, like, sat down recorded a video. life has been so crazy so, as everyone know, i moved. so this is my new little setup. so far, so good. living alone has its pros and cons, which is a video that i'll do later, but for today's video i'm going to tok about how i found my apartment, some searching tips, things to pay attention to when searching for apartment, especially here in chicago, because that's where i live and that's where i search for apartments. but if you guys are interested in this video, keep watching, start off. it is very important for you to find your budget that works for you and stik to it. so if your apartment budget is between 900 and 1100, stik to that. if it's between 900 and 1000, stik to that. it's very important to stik to that because one you have to remember that you are the customer. like, at the end of the day, these people need you to rent out these apartments. and it was especially prominent, like during covey, like when covet was really big and no one was wanting to do tours in person, and then a lot of people were like, well, we don't know how long this pandemic is going to go for, so we're actually just going to move back home. so it's important to remember that. so you set the bright, you set the price, you set the budget. stik to your stiks of your budget because at the end of the day, um, whether you don't get that apartment that you just dreamed of- and it was the apartment of your dreams- there's one coming better. so for your budget, stik to it, you're gonna find something that's awesome. number two: i do want to share some of the websites, some of the search criterias or like filters that i use to find my apartment. i specifically, i enjoy living on the south side of chicago, just because i like to walk out of my house and see people that look like me. that's my personal opinion. i also like to be close to my family, because i do still have family here, my sister and i. we live like 15 minutes away, so i still wanted to be close to her and i wanted to be in an area that was just familiar to myself. so i'm going to show- i'm going to come back later and show some of the websites that i use. but personally i used a website called dom u, which dom u is, if i'm correct. it's a chicago specific website to find apartments there. i just i set the neighborhood that i wanted to live in, i set my price range and then i set it to between studios to one bedrooms and so from there i toured a couple- some i didn't put on my channel just because obviously one that i toured i'm living in now. websites like dom u are really great: apartmentscom. sorry, i have my notes here so i'm looking so i don't get anything mixed up, but i'm zillow. i know my sister recently told me about maroon marketplace, which maroon is a newspaper. a student ran newspaper at the university of chicago and basically they created a marketplace where you can sell items. you can place your apartment there if you're moving out of your apartment or if you're looking for an apartment if you're coming to school, coming to chicago for the university of chicago, you can search there. so i'm going to come back later and show some of those websites and how i search on those websites. [Music] um. [Music] turtles, [Music] my. [Music] turtles, [Music]. all right, so next it is very important to pay attention to every single detail. for example, if you are messaging a leasing agent, or if you're purchasing someone's property, if you're messaging a landlord, it's important to pay attention to how they respond to you, like with the time, like if they're quick and efficient, if they're professional, because, honestly, that's going to be the foundation of how your lease is going to go. for example, the last place that my sister and i and our old roommate lived in it, no, the, the man that like showed us the apartment. we we didn't see him. like we we heard of him and we got the apartment and we never heard of him since and he was also very, very unprofessional, which was like the guidebook of how our entire nearly four years was it. it's very important to pay attention to every detail. if you're going to go tour in person, it's important to pay attention to who's coming in and out of the building. you want to like be vigilant with that because, um, it's your safety, like you're paying for your safety. you don't want to. you don't want to walk into an apartment building and you see people hanging out on the front, or you know, if you walk in, you see like rodents or rats, or you know like you see things like, for example, you go in and you're touring an empty apartment, with the empty apartment that you're touring isn't clean, then it's like, okay, i'm coming to see this apartment, why isn't it clean? like, why am i touring a dirty apartment? that kind of like sets the foundation for how how your lease is gonna go, for lack of better words. also, when finding an apartment, it's really good to let people know, like i know some people are very private and don't want people in their business, but personally, when i was shopping around for an apartment, i let a couple people know they were close to me- like, hey, i'm looking for an apartment, um, this is my car here, this is my budget. if you see anything that i don't see, or if you hear anything that i don't hear, please like send it my way. now. you don't have to tell everybody, because you know some things you don't everybody doesn't have to know, but the few close people that you do trust is really good to let them know like, hey, i'm moving and i would like for you to keep me in mind. yeah, so, but that kind of ties into like finding an apartment which is uh, i know a lot of people who are realtors and i knew that i wasn't necessarily ready to purchase yet. so i was like, let me hit up my realtor friends. they're not really friends, they're like mentors, i don't know, they're like really older. but i was like, let me hit them up, um, let them know that i'm looking for an apartment and they would like send me, send me apartments, or send me, send me things that i would possibly be interested in, based on my criteria, which was neighborhood price, parking- neighborhood price and parking, because i was not about to be walking three blocks to my house, especially not at night, but also when toking to a realtor about an apartment, you could either get a management company or you can get a landlord who, for example, purchases a condo and they're renting out their condo, so it can be either or um, personally now. so i've been living in chicago for about seven years now and each apartment that i've had has been from a management company, and this is actually my first apartment renting from a landlord, from someone that owns this condo, and honestly, i love it. my landlord is the sweetest person i've ever met. um, anytime i need help with anything or i'm unsure of anything, like i think i didn't know how to get a laundry card. i was like, hey, like, can you help me get a laundry card? she's like: yep, i'll be there 15 minutes to come help you. also, when getting my apartment, it was very important for me to know why the tenants before me moved out the place that i lived in before. horrible, like, the people upstairs were so loud. the people downstairs were banging the broom, the walls were so thin. they were people, like people that didn't even live in the building, coming in and out all through the night. i had one neighbor- well, two neighbors- who were a couple. they were in a relationship and they would fight, like physically, they would fight all night. they would fight all night in the courtyard and i hated that. i personally feel like if we would have known why the place was vacant, then we could have made a better decision. but for this place i definitely asked my landlord. i was like: you know why did the person leave before me? and, um, she told me she was like, actually, the man that lived here before lived here for over 10 years and he just decided he wa.