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Chicken Hats for Humanity!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Chicken Hats for Humanity!!!

Chicken Hats for Humanity!!!

hey King humanoids its King human here
and I wanted to make a quick video no
big deal but you know I'm just feeling
goofy so I wanted to make a goofy video
and I wanted to give away a bunch of
stuff because I got a bunch of stuff
clogging up my office here and you know
also on the last video i made the sony
vegas video getting a feel for that get
ready to give that away and I wore this
chicken hat and I got so many emails
from people that wanted the chicken hat
that I'm gonna make this the chicken hat
giveaway if you run a chicken hat you
can get a chicken hat chicken feed you
can pale Wow and you can be an idiot
like me using your videos whatever you
want to do give it to some kid but it's
a chicken hat for humanity you know the
drill by now hopefully you got to
subscribe to Cait human and you got a
pledge to do something good for Humanity
so new probably over figure it out do
something good for Humanity I know I
harp on this a lot but you know that's
what it's about people it's not all
about fun and games so hey we can have
fun and games too but you know I'm gonna
harp on your ass about doing something
good for Humanity so just do that i'll
send you a chicken hat do something good
for Humanity do something good for the
planet whatever you tell me put a
comment in the comment box say King
human I want a chicken hat and here's
what I'm going to do for Humanity send
it out and then PM me with a shipping
address I ain't gonna chase after you
you know some people said hey come after
me come find me and get my address mom
listen you come to me I'm not going in
all I don't have time to chase after you
if I'm giving you something free you do
most of the work by giving me your
address tell me what you want do all the
and I'm an idiot I don't want to have to
do work okay what else chicken hat for
humanity also also I got other prizes to
give away while I'm off on a tangent I
got these cool tops they light up these
tops like when you were a kid you know
spinning top kind of thing check it out
look at this it spins and it lights up
with all these bright cool colors and
you know I got a bunch of those on you
those waves on my dad instead that's
really wicked cool like I give those to
the kids in the hospital and you know I
got plenty of them sitting around what
else I got around here I got other hats
if you want other hats let me get rid of
the chicken hat I got a fool hat you
know one of them fool gesture kind of
hats I got those yeah I know before you
even make a wise comment okay yeah I'm a
fool okay oh let's see I got a pirate
pirate hat so I got these uh pirate hats
let me figure out what this one here
I can you know yo pirate hat you want to
be a pirate I you get a supply your own
parrot though what else a pirate hats
here's another skull and crossbone hats
oh I got sunglasses that light up with
LEDs I got a wizard's hat that lights up
you know it's got a little ring bars on
and they light up what else oh boy just
all kinds of stuff I got pocket plasma
what have I got Kona coffee I got movies
here movie collections to give away 16
movies horror movies not horror movies
horror movie scary not the kind you're
thinking of okay got that collection to
give away what else mysteries of space
DVDs to give away what else I got a cool
oh man I can't reach it a cool shaving
kit thing what is this the spa for men
Spine Institute I don't know it's got a
rope another thing and it's got electric
nose hair trimmer for you guys it just
mad you know guys nose here man those
people my eyes water just looking at
some of you people with that nose hair
come out do something about it there's a
nose hair trimmer ok so anyway there you
go there's some cool stuff make a
comment tell me what you want and I'll
send it out to you can grab the hat I'll
send it out to you and you know the
drill do something good for Humanity
subscribe King human and do me a favor
I'm getting close to my thousand
subscribers show
you know if you're already subscribed me
do me a favor and tell your friends get
them to subscribe to because the more
subscribers I get the more cool stuff I
can give away the more I can get my
message out there and hopefully the
better this planet will be because you
know more people get the king human
thing so anyway that's enough of me i am
i'm not really organized on this i don't
really know what else to say I'm just
babbling off the cuff which I don't I
always papal off the cuff anyway I don't
know I'm just in a weird mood today so
there you go you got it do it and I'll
be seeing you down the road sign our

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