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china adjustable dumbbell dropshipping

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Branded Dropshipping: How It Works And How To Make Money With It In 2022 (Step By Step)

so you want to start a successful branded drop shipping business on Shopify? that's amazing. you're in the right place. in this video, I'm gonna tok about exactly what branded drop shipping is, how it works, why it's the best strategy if you want to start a successful Shopify store and e-commerce online business today, and how you can actually go and start making sales, start making profit within literally like weeks of watching this video, and have a fully functional, fully profitable store within a few months. now in this video, I'm gonna give you the exact steps. so all the way from step one, all the way to having a fully functional and profitable store that is making about a hundred thousand dollars in sales per year, and I'm also going to give you the steps to scale that to a million per year in sales. now I know you might be thinking, whoa, like 100k per year in sales, that's a lot of money. you know why do you think that I can do that? or even a million? like don't even tok about a million. you know, probably, if you're watching this, you've been looking at starting a successful online business for a little while now. you've been on YouTube, you've been looking at videos. you're probably overwhelmed the amount of content on there, just like I was when I was first starting out. but the truth is is that in e-commerce- and I've been at this for three years in the e-commerce game- in e-commerce, 100k in sales is an industry standard throughout. a hundred K per year in sales. that's like you know. that's like normal. you know if it's below that there's something wrong. so that's why it's fully possible and realistik for you. if you actually started today with your journey, it's actually hit 100k in sales. now, in this video, I'm gonna also go past that and I'm going to show you how to hit a hundred can sales and also scale to a million per year in sales and beyond that with every single step along the way. now there's a lot of confusion about why bring the drop shipping. like you know, what are the differences between regular drop shipping, brand and drop shipping, and what is this strategy? now, this is the strategy that all of the most successful brands- not only e-commerce prints, but all the most successful brands that have ever existed- have used. if you go down the streets of Walmart and you go, let's say, to the sports, an outdoor section, you're gonna see a brand called Coleman right, and you'll see that Coleman only specializes in selling outdoor equipment, so they sell camping stuff, stoves, tents, things like that. now, if you go to you know, let's say, the clothing section, you'll also see that there are clothes, but they're all under one brand. now Coleman won't go and start selling. you know fashion clothing. you're not gonna go and start selling. you know beauty products. they're strictly focused on camping and so that is exactly what branded dropshipping is. so regular billing in e-commerce store. but now you're actually building a brand. that is the future. that is exactly you know what the future Commerce is gonna look like. if you're right here on the waves of this- and you're you know watching this video- you're thinking of starting successful online business. right now is the best time to do that and this is the best strategy for you. it's actually position yourself to succeed now and in the future. now, before I personally got into Shopify and e-commerce, I always wanted to start a Shopify business. I already had a successful Amazon FBA business, which is something totally different. we're not going to tok about that. I tok about that on my channel a lot, but it's just another online business that you can start. but I wanted to start Shopify but I saw many problems with it, especially the way that people online weren't teaching it. and the main problems that I saw were: number one: the shipping time was extremely long. so if you were to go and dropship something- which means you would go- you would set up a store online. you should get a shop by subscription. you would find a product and you would use an app called uber Lowe which simply takes a product from Aliexpress and copy and pastes it on your store on Shopify, and Aliexpress is basically like the number one Chinese website of manufacturers where you can go and buy individual units of products from China, and so you would go you news over: lo, you've copy paste the product. you wouldn't order any inventory, and when a customer actually goes and buys your product, that's when you go and purchase the product from your supplier- automatikally does it through overload and then your supplier would directly ship it out to your customer. however, using a service called a packet, it would take like two to three weeks to get to get the product to your customer, and that's just way too long in today's world when you can just Amazon Prime something in two days. people are used to that and if you're gonna go and follow that outdated dropshipping model, you're just gonna get a ton of complaints. that's exactly what I experienced when I first started out like that. another big problem that I saw was coming from Amazon, where we have two private label our products, which basically means create a brand. right, so you'd like actually create your own logo and you'd put the logo on your products and you would actually create like a name for your product line. on Shopify, people were just copying and pasting cheap Chinese products and putting it on their store, and so I quickly saw that that was a problem, and so I had to fix that as well, and so that's why I told my stuff: you know what I'm gonna get into Shopify? I better come up with a brand new strategy. that's exactly what branded drop shipping is and has become. so here's a short explanation of brain the drop shipping. you create a Shopify store that sells a valuable product to people in a specific niche and you build a worldwide brand out of that, slowly expanding your product line. essentially, instead of just going and dropship random stuff that you find online, you know, instead of just going and creating stores or you're constantly testing product and you're constantly just trying to find new gimmicky things to sell, you're creating a brand around one specific product that you find to actually give people enough value where they're able and willing to pay great money for it. you know, say $30, $40, $50 at least for the product, and then it's also something that you can go and expand with a product line. so why brand the drop shipping? this is a very good question. you can start making profit within a week to a few weeks after watching this video. that's not an exaggeration. you know, with drop shipping you don't have to wait for any products actually get to your house or to get into a fulfillment warehouse. you know you don't have to wait for any of that. you also don't have to place any bulk orders. you take zero risk upfront because you don't have to order a bunch of product. so it's not like you have to go and spend thousands of dollars to order something and then you don't know if that thing is going to sell and if you're gonna just be left with a thousand units in your garage just lying there, and you know all that money is invested and gone. so that's another reason why you should do branded drop shipping now. all you need also is just a computer and an internet connection, so no matter where you're from the United States, from Canada, from Russia, from Germany, from Africa. as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can start this business and it's fully possible that you can go and make great passive income with it now. another reason is you don't do any of the shipping. you never even see the products. so once you have your store up and running and you're making sales, then the customer pays you first. so when you make a sale on your store, the customers you know they pay you the money, and so you get the money in your bank account or on your PayPal or whichever payment provider you're using, and then you pay your supplier. you send a list of your orders to your suppl.

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

you know what, despite the several successful dropshipping case studies on this channel, i still occasionally get people leaving comments like drop shipping is dead, if it was ever properly alive to begin with. increasing e packet rate- it literally kills drop shipping. it's too late for this business. most businesses fail. i will never waste my time and money trying to start a business ever again, and if you're smart, you'll do the same thing. hmm, yeah, well, okay, obviously, i strongly disagree with those comments, because here's the thing: a lot of people will say things like drop shipping is dead or it's too late, or businesses don't work, and the reason why they're saying these things is because they are making several assumptions that are all wrong, and so, if you are looking to start a store, it's crucial, then, that you understand what these assumptions are before you start drop shipping so that, unlike these people, your store can be successful, because, no, it is not too late. one people won't buy from you. they'll just buy from amazon instead. but wait, sarah, you ask: why would anyone buy products from me if they can buy products directly from amazon themselves? now, it is absolutely true that if you head on over to amazon, that you will find lots of products that can be purchased directly from aliexpress, sitting on amazon's digital shelf as well. and, of course, if customers were to purchase your products on amazon, they would then get to take advantage of their prime two-day shipping. so how on earth could drop shippers successfully dropship these guitar coffee spoons with two to three week shipping via china's cheapest, fastest shipping option- a packet, when a customer could come and buy them on amazon with two-day shipping? i mean, come on, sarah, just think about it. amazon is only growing. in q3 2019, their product sales were up over 17 from the same time in 2018.. won't amazon steal away all of our sales? no, no, they will not. you see, here's the thing. there is some truth to these comments. amazon is arguably the better deal for usa citizens. it is better for the consumer to purchase the products on amazon. so if they figure out that the product that you are selling them is indeed on amazon for purchase, you can bet that amazon will take that sale away from you. but you know what? we literally don't care. and you know what? drop shippers never have the sorts of people who see a product and decide that they're going to research the absolute best deal, for it were never our customers in the first place. nope, it's the 44 of people that impulsively purchase products online that we are targeting and, of course, as shown by how millennials are even more prone to impulsive purchases, with 80 of them impulsively buying products, the overall percentage of impulse e-commerce purchases for us to target as drop shippers is only growing and growing. you see, successful drop shipping stores are built around that target customer, the type of customer that enjoys impulsively purchasing products. it also means that the successful drop shipping stores are usually built around selling products that spike an emotion in a customer that makes them think: i need to buy this right now. it's why this aliexpress dog caller has made hundreds of thousands of dollars. the advertising dropshippers used spike fear and dog owners pointing out how many dogs dying in car accidents each year from not being seen. that is why, when recently, i saw this comment from this viewer asking why their online store wasn't successful, i pretty much instantly knew that the store would be selling extremely boring products. and lo and behold, i was right. now, of course, this is actually a print on demand store, not a drop shipping store, but the exact same principle applies. why would somebody want to buy this hoodie when they can go to amazon and find cheaper hoodies and shirts with inspirational messages on there, because here is the reality. typing vision in a plain white circle is not exciting. so let's compare this hoodie to this hoodie. what is the difference between the two? well, the difference is that one hoodie is very boring and the other is extremely interesting, unique and unlike anything people are likely to have seen before, which is why this hoodie's facebook advertising campaign made so much money for the successful aliexpress dropshipping store. freaky pet. and, of course, if you're ever wondering, this exact same answer applies to the people that ask the question: why would customers not go directly to aliexpress themselves? well, again, it's because good aliexpress drop shippers sell products that trigger emotions on people and get them to impulsively buy their products, so that they never even think to go check if a product is on aliexpress, because they see and go. that's so amazing. i must buy one now. and, by the way, if you've learned something from this video and you would like to learn even more about starting a successful drop shipping store, then be sure to subscribe and click that little notification bell next to it so that you don't miss out on any of our videos. two, dropshipping is a scam. i just want to quickly address this because these comments are really dumb. you know, you might have notiked that earlier in this video i freely admitted that it would be a fast, superior financial choice for a customer to buy this hoodie on amazon with two day shipping for a fraction of the price compared to what they would pay for it on freaky pet. and so what do people say to that? oh, the customer can get it cheaper, elsewhere, quicker. that makes your store a scam. nope, it does not. number one: if it weren't for your facebook ad, the customer would never have known about that product that they really enjoyed getting in the first place. people really love this hoodie and we're really grateful that it was advertised to them and they bought it. you had to pay for that advertising to do that, which you pass on to the customer. amazon doesn't advertise products. customers have to find them themselves. and number two, as an entrepreneur, you are in no way obligated to offer your product for the lowest price. here are two coffee shops around the corner from my apartment. they are across the road from each other. i walked into coffee shop a and bought my favorite coffee, a long black, for three dollars- and yes, i know that overseas the phrase long black might conjure up some different thoughts, but here in new zealand, and over in australia too, a long black simply refers to pouring an espresso shot over 100 to 120 mls of boiling water to create a stronger version of an americano with creamer. next i went into coffee shop b and again order long black, but this time it cost four dollars- completely different prices for an extremely similar product. and you know what? coffee shop a's three dollar coffee was the best. would you say that coffee shop b is a scam for charging a higher price for a worse version of this coffee? no, you would not. pricing is entirely subjective and is actually determined by the customer, not you. you present the customer with the price and it is up to them to decide if that price is worth it or not. and at the end of the day, if freaky pet are able to create a marketing campaign that gets people to purchase their hoodie for a higher price while being entirely upfront about the shipping times, then they 100 deserve that sale. 3. drop shipping is saturated. perhaps the most bizarre of all the claims is that drop shipping is dead and it's over since. well, it's saturated. and the truth is when i see comments like this, it blows my mind, because this comment literally makes no sense. here is what market saturation literally is. it's when a product has been maximized in a market, in other words, when all of the people who would want that product have bought it already. and here is what drop shipping is. drop shipping is when a customer buys a product that you've listed in your store for a markup price. when they do, you go to the manufacturer and you purchase that one product for the wholesale price and then have the

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Can You STILL Dropship In 2021? | FAST Shipping From China and U.S.A Fulfillment Centers

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Cheap Freight Forwarder for Dropshipping in China

i was able to consolidate and ship all my goods to the us from china for under 50 for my family. shipping can be the most frustrating process when sourcing from china, especially during these pandemic times. what if i were to tell you there is a company that can store, inspect, consolidate and ship any goods you order from china to nearly every country, no matter where you source from? stay tuned, because in this video, i will teach you exactly how to leverage this resource for your business. now i use a company known as quads of 56 that is a warehousing company. they can store, inspect and consolidate goods before they are shipped outside of china, because everybody knows, once it leaves the country, it's really hard to get refunds or to deal with any problems when it comes to the quality of the goods. for this video, i will break it down as follows: what you need to make an account, the process to expect using the service package, estimates and tracking. some lessons learned from running my business for a while, and i'll surprise you with something at the end that can help your business. so let's start off with making an account. so what do you need? you will need a cell phone. you will also need a paypal account so you can make shipping payments to the company. you will need a wechat account, since all their services are done via wechat. if you need a wechat account and don't know how to make a wechat account, you can refer to this video up here and i go to in great detail. and lastly, you will need a quadsa account, which you can automatikally create once you have a wechat account. and i would greatly appreciate it if you signed up for a quiet account for a first time purchase discount using my link in the description down below or simply scanning this qr code using your wechat. realize that when i said you have a phone number, it doesn't have to be a chinese phone number. it can be your local phone number that you registered with wechat. so now let's go into the process. i'm going to show you guys, the big picture, then go into great detail on how this application and platform works. now this process works best on mobile versions, not on desktops, because it's not optimized yet, because they're still upgrading their system. but overall, you buy an item and you ship it to the warehouse, either in shenzhen or wuhan. it doesn't matter where you buy from pindodo 168- how about jing dong, tian mao? just make sure you include the code that is assigned to your account. you will get an alert on wechat when your goods arrive at the warehouse. just like this: you can either take pictures or go immediately to pack the goods. after packing, you will get the exact weight dimensions and then a quotation with options based on your final destination. pay the desired option on the website and you are good to go. this is quite easy to use once you use it the first time, and if you cannot read or write chinese, do not worry. in this tutorial i'll be breaking down each step in english right now. so let's start off with creating an account. so after you scan my qr code to sign up, of course, make sure you do this using wechat. on a wechat account you already created, you can simply click in the sign in option, or you can look for the wechat button and your account is created. yes, it is that easy. once you have a wechat account, you can also follow their wechat accounts, and i'll put their information in the description below. but when you follow their accounts, they'll be. they can be pinned to the top if you decide to do so, and you can always receive updates for your packages. so once you're in their wechat account, you will click on huey yuan junction, which looks like this, and then you'll log in with wechat. now, looking at the home page, there are four options, all the way down to the bottom, the quadzo home page, which gives you news and updates of what's going on with the platform. then you have the freight estimate button, which i'll explain later. you can check package tracking and see where your package is at in the process. and lastly, you have the me tab. when you click on the me tab, this is actually the most important page, because it includes your personal code for services right up here. this is what they will use to track your packages when it arrives at the warehouse. now that you actually have a quiet 56 account, you have to go start buying your goods. well, let's say you buy on taobao. you will need to know the address right. well, luckily, there are two warehouses and it doesn't matter which one you pick. you can click here for the warehouse addresses. one is in shenzhen and the other one is in wuhan. make sure to copy and paste exactly as it's specified to include your member code in the receiver address on 168, taobao or any other platform you're using. sourcing from china. there is a convenient blue button to copy and paste the address for those that can't type in chinese. you will also need to copy and paste the receiver name of the warehouse in china, their phone number, the zip code and the street address. remember that you have to include your personal code on the receiver name so as soon as they receive your package, they know how to link it to your account. you have customers. you need to put their address right of where you're sending the goods. well, you can click right here for the receiver address. click on the blue button to add any overseas addresses supported on. quadzo suggest you check the country supported first before sending packages to the warehouse, because you can see, as that may be an issue if you try and send it to a country they currently do not support. these addresses can be in english or in the home country language that is accepted for local mail. so once you've verified the warehouse address and your customer's address, or if it's you, then you will go onto the step where the warehouse actually receives the goods you order online. you will get an alert on wechat when the package has been processed. on this alert you can click here to check the package yourself or on the main wechat page, click on with the bag wall, you can select one of the two warehouses and you should see your package. so if you ship the package to shenzhen, you will need to click on this in general house to see the packages inside. you can then select to take pictures or continue on the packing process without any pictures and possibly insure the package with its value. so if it's worth like 300 rmb, you just write the value and they will include insurance with that purchase. note that there is a note section where you can add your notes in chinese. if you want them to consolidate packages together, you can say to combine your packages, let's see, with tracking numbers a, b and c into one package, or more details about the pictures. you want the product inspection because they usually just take one picture, but if you want pictures of a 360 side of your product, you can also request that as well. also, make sure to select your package's destination in the address section. so once you've done this, you will then click on next and then wait for the platform to respond. they will then pack your package or take pictures, depending on your choice. now going on to actually sending your packages from the warehouse to your found destination. after they have taken pictures or packed your package, you will get another notification on your wechat. you then click on the bottom part of the notification or click on the baujon, which is like packing or packed, to see the pictures or the final product. and once you are good to go with the pictures and the measurements with the weights and dimensions are finalized, then you get ready to send the package. at this point i suggest you consult with their customer service, which you can add on their wechat by using their wechat id on the screen, for the best options for shipping. for example, you can choose speed or economic options. i also recommend to double check the address that you put with them as well. after you've selected a service with the customer service, you will

The Best 10 Fitness Dropshipping Products To Sell!

the top 10 fitness products that you need to sell on your drop shipping stores to start making a killing. this year, 2020, we've notiked a huge increase in the sales of fitness and home fitness products. we can all pretty much guess why, but 2021 is going to be even crazier. the numbers are going to be even higher, and that is why we made this video: so that you guys can learn about the best product ideas to sell for the fitness products and start succeeding in this niche. quick intro, let's begin. [Music]. hello everyone, my name is lyron from autods. i'm the content producer and i've also been dropshipping for the last four years and, like i said, in this video we are going to cover the top 10 fitness product ideas that you need to add to your drop shipping stores to turn this niche into your own success story. now, if you are new to our channel, this is the part where you subscribe to get all of the latest and all of the hottest updates that are coming out today in the drop shipping world and in the whole drop shipping industry in general. you'll have videos for product finding, for strategies on drop shipping on many different selling platforms and many different supported suppliers. so, having said that let's go ahead and begin with the product list. so product number one on the list of the fitness products that you need to start selling right now are exercise mats. let me show you guys some examples. i'm going to play around with three suppliers for this video. one is amazon, the second will be walmart and the third will be aliexpress. we have over 15 suppliers that are supported in auto ds, so you have a reach to millions and millions of products. i'll just show you guys some examples with these three suppliers, but if you want to learn about all of our supported suppliers, you know what to do. just head down to our knowledge base and read our artikles on suppliers that we support on the autods system. so exercise mats is the first product and, as you can see here, they come in different shapes, different colors, different sizes, different variety packs and different price points. you should always check with more than one supplier, and the reasons are obvious: you'll have a reach to more products, different price points, different shapes and different variations, which reminds me, if you're still only working with one supplier, this would be a good time to expand and work with three suppliers. one or two suppliers is simply not enough, but four, five and six and up might get a little bit too confusing, might get a little bit too messy. three suppliers is the optimal number to be working with to stay in control of everything that's going on and to have a maximum reach to a large number of products. so exercise mats, first item to add to your list on fitness products. and when i'm giving you these product recommendations, it doesn't mean that you need to add only one. if you want to be able to test your products correctly, you need to add 20 products at least from each product line that i'm giving you guys. so, in this example, go ahead and add 20 exercise mats to your stores. one of the things that i recommend to do is to see what other sellers are selling, but don't copy and paste. check for similar items, check for good titles to use, check bestsellers and check new releases. with a combination of all of this, you are bound to find your next bestseller: exercise mats, number one. now let's move on to number two, and on number two on the list, we have aqua training bags. now you all know what training bags are, right, but aqua training bags are bags where you put water inside of them instead of sand. so up until now, people would put sand in their bags to put in weight. this new trendy invention is simply aqua water: putting it inside those bags, getting them heavy and then working out with those heavy aqua bags. so we've notiked this new trend coming up and we want you guys to add them to your stores, to start enjoying those sales too. aqua training bags is number two on the list. this means that you need to add 20 of them, and if you can't find 20 products from one supplier, simply move on to the next supplier. that's what makes it so fun to work with more than one supplier. aqua training bags is number two on the list, and this brings us to number three, and on number three, we have vibration plates. now, these are those plates that you stand on to get some balance while you're working out. so it also helps you with your balance and your leg muscles and whatever else you're doing while you're standing on those plates and working out. so, as you can see, vibration plates are selling a lot and they're very trendy, and they also have a high price tag, and we all know that high price tag means high profits, because we're working with percentages. so if you're profiting 20 or 30 on each sale. you'd much rather sell products that cost 150 to 200 instead of selling products that cost 10 or 15. they're both good. you can't have one without the other. you need the cheaper products for the run rate, but you need the expensive products to get fat profits and end the month with good numbers that will satisfy you. so add vibration plates to your list and let's move on to product number four. and now we are on exercise dice. this is a neat little product. it has a cheap price point, which means that you can add more than the quantity of one, and most likely people will buy more than one. they might want to have one at home, they might want to have one at the office, or they might want to buy a gift to other friends and relatives that they may be working out with. the best products that you'll sell on your stores is products that you never thought that you would sell, and this is one of the magical things about drop shipping. so what this is is it's simply a motivator, for when you're working out, you don't know what exercise you want to do next or you just want to have a little fun with it. so what you do is you roll the dice. the dice tells you exactly what you should do now, like 18 jump squats or 30 mountain climbers, and then you'll have to just do that exercise that i told you to do, and that's what the game is all about. people are really getting a kick out of this. so you have exercise dice. on number four, this obviously brings us to item number five on the list, and now we are on lift pulley systems. now, this is not a new trend, but the good thing about this is it comes in a whole bunch of varieties and bundles and forms, which makes it hard to get this product and look it up in your local store to see if they have it. they probably won't because, as you can see here, each one comes with different cables and different ropes and different products overall to work out with, so it's hard to pinpoint the exact price that you need to pay for such a product. for example, this one costs 35, this one costs 65.. this one costs 55.. this one costs 73.. so, as you can see, there is not a fixed price for this product. it's not a product that's only supposed to cost like 20 or 25 dollars. so when it's hard to pinpoint the exact price- 30 or 40 dollars, up to 80 and 100 and above. this means that you can pretty much make any profit that you see fit, so feel free to earn 30 and up on these products. that is what i do on my drop shipping stores and, as you can see, once again it is a really good looking product that's hard to find in stores because of the bundle packs and the variety that it comes in. put that together with the rising sales that we've notiked on this product line. that is what made it number five on the list for the products that you need to add to your stores. now let's move on to product line number six, and now we are on battle ropes once again. this is not a new item. it's not some new trend, but that is not what we are going for. what matters is that they are selling. they got new products coming out on this line all the time, and there is always a high demand for these types of products. so battle ropes are pretty self-explanatory. it's these heavy ropes that people use to work out with and they come.

I Started A Shopify Dropshipping Business In 24 Hours

in 24 hours, I am going to learn everything there is to know about the mysterious business of dropshipping that is making people millions of dollars every single year, and by the end of this video, I will have set up an e-commerce site on my own that will make me as rich and powerful as my boy, Tai Lopez here. my garage just bought this new Lamborghini here. alright, guys, adjust. as a disclaimer, I am a complete beginner when it comes to drop shipping. I have only had a one print-on-demand drop shipping business in the past and well, that lasted about a fat 30 seconds. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I ended up making a no sales with the business and it cost me a couple hundred bones. but that is not going to happen this time because I am going to educate myself properly on the drop shipping business model. there is a pretty well-known youtuber by the name of BIA HESA that I am actually a pretty big fan of. he makes a lot of videos on drop shipping- any commerce- and he actually has a drop shipping business on his own that generates over three hundred thousand dollars every single month. and guess what guys? he sells an online course. usually I am not a huge advocate of online courses. I don't personally sell any products on my youtube channel as of right now, and I have only ever bought like two online courses so far in my entrepreneur journey, but this course by BIA has a seems pretty legit. it's selling for two hundred and ninety four dollars, which is pretty steep, but hey, if I can get a profitable drop shipping business out of this, I can probably recoup some of that money pretty fast, and I will also probably be able to earn some of this money back through the YouTube ad revenue on this video series. so, guys, please be sure to drop a like on this video so that it does well. anyways, I'm going to go ahead and buy this drop shipping course bye. BIA has, for a fad, 294 dollars. now it is time to watch as many videos as possible from the course and get our drop shipping business set up. over the next two and a half hours or so, I took a deep dive into the drop shipping course and I have to say I learned a lot. everything in the course was pretty easy to understand, as I think it was targeted towards beginners like myself. all in all, the course was pretty interesting and I think it gave me a ton of value, but I won't know for sure until I actually execute on the strategies taught and try and secure the bag. all right, guys, I just watched a bunch of videos in the drop shipping course and I took a ton of notes. as you guys can see, when I first buy a product, I like to just sit down, absorb it, so much information as possible, write that information down and then later get to the fun part and execute on the strategies I learned. at this point, it is already getting pretty late and we haven't even started. getting everything is set up when you first start a business and be prepared to work really hard, because the faster you can get everything set up, the faster you can start executing, adapting your business and eventually making a fat profit. so, guys, with that all being said, the first thing I'm going to go ahead and do is find a product to sell on my dropshipping store. the course I use goes over quite a few different strategies to find a winning product, such as scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and looking for products that are advertised heavily. another method the course goes over is purchasing a software that tells you current winning products. I think I am going to go that route, even though the software does cost money. it costs fifteen dollars per month, but I think it is well worth it, since I want to have the best chance of finding a winning product to sell from the start. now, guys, with that all being said, I don't want to bore you with the whole process of finding a winning dropshipping product, but trust me, guys, it is going to be a grind. so I'm gonna check in with you guys as soon as I find a winning product to sell. [Music]. alright, guys, it has been about 60 minutes and I think I have finally found a product and that is worth trying out. now, guys, I am going to reveal this product to you, but I don't want any of you guys to copy me. there are so many potential products you can dropship and, copying me, you won't really teach you a whole lot on how to get started drop shipping. below I will have links to five potentially profitable drop shipping products I found throughout my research process. so, guys, if you are interested in getting started with drop shipping, please be sure to check those links out. after this video ends, the product I think I'm going to start selling is a transparent raincoat for dogs. there are really two things I like about this product. number one: it solves a real problem. I remember back when I used to have a dog and I had to take it out when it was raining. I would always hate to do that because the dog smells are really bad when it got wet. the second thing I like about this product is this actually pretty unique. when people see this, they don't think, oh, I can go buy that on Walmart. sure, you can tiknically go on Amazon and buy something similar to this product. but when people see a raincoat for dogs, they're not like 100% sure they can just go to a local store and pick it up. it's a relatively unique product that people just don't see every day. another cool thing I like about this product is I found a supplier on Aliexpress who would be willing to sell it to me for an all in max cost of $5.99, and that includes a four to seven-day shipping from the United States, so customers won't have to wait 30 days to get their item from China and possibly catch the coronavirus. now that I have found my winning product, it is time to get into the real grind of this video, which, to be honest, I am NOT for two, and that is creating a Shopify store and branding it. if I were to guess, I probably have another three to five hours of work ahead of me, and, guys, I have already been grinding for like a four and a half hours over the next hour, so pretty much all I did was work and work and work. I made a huge progress on the homepage of the website and I pretty much finished the entire thing. but just as I was making outstanding progress on the website, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning at 8 am. good morning, guys. it is now 8:30 am, I have with me a nice glass of orange juice and, guys, I also have a lot of work out of me today, so let's get going, baby. the entire website building process took about of four hours to complete. I worked three hours in the morning and a one-hour the night before. I ended up focusing mainly on the product and home page, as that is what people typically look at the most on a website. I also connected some Shopify apps to the website to automate the shipping process when a customer orders a product of mine, and also to import Aliexpress reviews for the product. it is currently 11:30 am and my Shopify drop shipping site is fully done. it only took me about $52.90 worth of capital to get this site up and running. that includes the monthly Shopify cost app extensions and, thirdly, the $19 per year domain for my website. I think I did a really nice job on my Shopify dropship angle website. it is it perfect by any means, but you guys have to keep in mind I am a complete beginner when it comes to drop shipping, who has never made a single sale on Shopify now that my drop shipping website is complete. so there is a one last thing we have to do, and that is create an Instagram page for the biz. this shouldn't take long at all to do, as all that I'm going to do is convert one of my old dog niche Instagram themed pages to a drop shipping company page. the reason I am converting this Instagram theme page into a company page instead of just making a brand new account is this theme page already has a four thousand followers on it, and that acts as some social proof for the company and gives it some credibility. also, I wasn't really planning on posting any more content on that theme page as I got kin.