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China Dropshipping Sales Tax Charge

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Today's question comes from Yvonne, who is concerned about importing high-priced items to Europe and how to deal with import duties and taxes without making customers nervous.

Tips for Dropshipping High-Priced Items:

1. Be transparent about the fact that your product comes from another country.

2. Do not present your store as a fully local business.

3. Declare that customers may have to pay additional taxes or import duties for the product.

4. Include this information on your shipping page and product page.

5. Remind customers that it is their responsibility to pay any additional costs related to customs.

6. Don't overanalyze or worry too much, as this is normal for international shipments.

By being transparent and upfront about the fact that your products are coming from abroad and customers may have to pay additional costs, you can avoid making your customers nervous and ensure a smoother dropshipping experience. Remember to include this information on your shipping and product pages, and remind customers that it is their responsibility to pay any additional costs related to customs.

What Tax Do I Need to Pay when Dropshipping with Aliexpress?! [UPDATED VIDEO]

- As an Ali Express drop shipper, it's important to understand your tax obligations

- While taxes may not be the most exciting topic, they are necessary to avoid legal trouble

- Fortunately, meeting your tax obligations is easy when using Ali Express suppliers

What tax do I need to pay?

- Everyone needs to pay income tax on their profits

- Income tax is paid to the local government of your country of residence

- Not everyone is required to collect and pay sales tax

- Sales tax is only required if you have nexus in a state, which means a physical presence

- If you live outside the USA, you likely don't have nexus in any state and don't need to collect sales tax

How do I collect and pay sales tax?

- If you do have nexus in a state, you can easily set up tax collection on Shopify

- Shopify takes care of complicated destination-based sales tax calculations

- Use an app like TaxJar to automate the sales tax payment process

- Research can help simplify complex topics like taxes

- Subscribe to Wholesale Ted for more helpful videos on selling online

- Download our free e-book on how to make $10,000 a month with drop shipping in the video description.

How to pay tax when dropshipping with Aliexpress? Do you need to pay tax if you live outside of Us?

- Addressing the most requested question from viewers: What kind of tax do dropshippers need to pay if they live outside the United States and sell to American customers?

Income Tax:

- Definition of income tax and how it applies to dropshippers

- Do not need to pay income tax if there is no profit

- Can claim loss as a tax credit

- Need to pay income tax to the government where you live and work

Sales Tax:

- Definition of sales tax and how it applies to dropshippers

- Nexus and why it matters

- Example of collecting sales tax for a customer in New York

- If you live outside of the United States and do not have nexus in any state, you do not need to pay sales tax for American customers

- Supreme Court ruling in June 2018 and what it means for dropshippers

- Dropshippers who live outside of the United States and sell to American customers only need to pay income tax to their own government

- If they have nexus in any state, they need to collect and pay sales tax for orders made in that state

- Supreme Court ruling has changed the landscape of sales tax for online sellers, but small sellers and startups are still protected

How To Pay $0 In Sales Tax On Alibaba | ASTEP Sales Tax Exemption

How to Become Tax Exempt on Alibaba

If you have recently made a purchase on Alibaba, you may have noticed a tax added to your final quote. This tax is the US sales tax or your country's sales tax that Alibaba is charging you to withhold on your behalf. However, if you are a reseller, you do not have to pay the sales tax. In this article, we will discuss how to become tax exempt on Alibaba.

Steps to Becoming Tax Exempt on Alibaba:

1. Go to your My Alibaba account and select the plus Add or Modify Tax Exemption.

2. Accept the terms and conditions, select your state, and click continue.

3. Choose your exemption type - resale or industrial production manufacturing.

4. Fill out a questionnaire about your business and review the information.

5. Sign and download the form that Alibaba has created for your state's exemption or resale certificate.

6. Activate your certificate and wait for your exemption status to go from pending to received to active.

Benefits of Becoming Tax Exempt:

- You will not be charged sales tax on Alibaba.

- You can save money as a reseller.

- You can use your tax exemption on other marketplaces, like Amazon and Shopify.

Becoming tax exempt on Alibaba is a simple process that can save you money as a reseller. By following these steps, you can easily apply for an exemption certificate and start using it on your Alibaba purchases. Don't hesitate to contact Alibaba support if you have any questions or concerns.

MAJOR UPDATE: How to Pay Tax When Dropshipping (How to Pay Sales Tax with Shopify)

Income Tax:

- Income tax is a tax that you pay on the profit that your store makes for the year.

- You pay income tax on the profit of your store, so if you don't make a profit, you don't pay any income tax.

- If you live outside the United States but have customers based in the USA, you pay your income tax to your own government.

- Some countries, like the USA, require you to pay income tax to both the federal government and your local state.

Sales Tax:

- Sales tax is a tax placed on goods or services sold within a governing body's jurisdiction.

- In the USA, each state sets its own sales tax rate and laws.

- The South Dakota versus Wayfair ruling allows states to pass their own bill requiring out-of-state vendors to collect and pay sales tax, but most states have yet to do so.

- If you have nexus (a physical presence) in a state, you are obligated to collect and pay sales tax within it.

- Shopify makes it easy to collect the right amount of sales tax for each order and to enable taxes on your products.

Do You Charge GST/VAT/TAX When Shopify Dropshipping?

Taxation is an important aspect of any business, but it can be confusing for many entrepreneurs. In this article, we will discuss how to handle taxes for your e-commerce business, particularly when it comes to dropshipping.

Charging Taxes:

- To keep the conversion high, some entrepreneurs choose not to charge any tax at all.

- If you have your own e-commerce store and products, it may be necessary to charge taxes to cover your slim profit margins.

- When dropshipping, it may not be necessary to worry about taxes unless you're making a significant amount of money.

- Shopify offers an option to charge taxes to every single location, which can be very dynamic.

Handling GST Refunds:

- If you're doing dropshipping in Australia, you can get a GST refund on your marketing and expenses.

- You should spend more on Australian expenses than Australian revenue to qualify for a GST refund.

- You may even get paid money back from the government through GST refunds.

Taxation can be complicated, but it's important to handle it correctly to avoid any legal issues down the line. Whether you're doing dropshipping or have your own e-commerce store, it's important to understand the tax laws and regulations that apply to your business. Don't be afraid to seek out help or coaching if you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure about how to handle taxes for your business.

How To - US Sales Tax Charged By Alibaba

Alibaba has started charging sales tax for shipments to the US, causing a surprise to many people. This tax is a part of the Trump tariffs, and it has become a shock to the system for those who are being charged an extra eight percent upfront. Is there a way to avoid paying it? Let's explore some options.

Ways to Avoid Paying Sales Tax on Alibaba Shipments:

1. Change the address where the product is shipped from. If you change the address to somewhere outside of the US, the sales tax disappears. Talk to your supplier and ask if you can use their factory address or trading company address instead. This way, the tax responsibility is shifted away from Alibaba.

2. Do not use Alibaba's payment protection program. If you pay the factory directly through OFX, PayPal, or any other payment method, Alibaba is not obligated to collect the sales tax.

3. Have an LLC in the United States and apply for a resale certificate (form DR13). This way, you don't have to pay the upfront sales tax. Just make sure to get the form in the jurisdiction where your LLC is registered.

Additional Tips:

- Paying directly into the supplier's bank account is a zero-risk option and can even get you an extra 10% off your bill.

- If the supplier can show that they are exporting their goods, they can save 10% tax, which can be split with you.

Avoiding sales tax on Alibaba shipments to the US is possible through various methods. Talking to your supplier, using a different payment method, or having an LLC and a resale certificate are all valid options. Just remember to do your research and make sure to follow the regulations in your jurisdiction.

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