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christmas facebook ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

- The article discusses how to manage Facebook Ads after Black Friday and optimize them for the Christmas period.

- The author emphasizes the importance of scaling down budgets and planning offers and ads carefully.

- The article also mentions Facebook's Q5 talks and how to survive the 6-day period after Christmas.

Steps to Manage Facebook Ads after Black Friday:

1. Scale down budgets: Analyze the last 7 days' results and adjust the budgets accordingly.

2. Plan offers and ads for the Christmas period: Make sure to advertise products that can be delivered before Christmas and be clear about shipping dates on landing pages.

3. Adjust budgets for the Christmas period: The budget will be different from that of Black Friday, but existing campaigns optimized from Black Friday data and additional campaigns can ensure success.

4. Manage ads during the 6-day period after Christmas: Keep ads running and slow down spending to survive the period and enter strong in January.

- Proper management of Facebook Ads after Black Friday is crucial for success during the Christmas period.

- By scaling down budgets, planning offers and ads carefully, and managing ads during the 6-day period after Christmas, businesses can ensure a strong start to the new year.

I tried selling Christmas products in OCTOBER... (surprising results)

The Plan:

- We need Christmas products to sell and a store to sell them on.

- We will use Pinterest to advertise our products and drive traffic to our store.

- We will test five different Christmas products and analyze their performance.

Creating the Store:

- We already had a store, but it was previously a Halloween store.

- We changed the branding and products to fit the Christmas theme.

- Our store is now ready to sell Christmas products.

Choosing Products:

- We researched different social media platforms to find popular Christmas products.

- We picked five products that we personally haven't seen before.

- Our products include Christmas sweaters, lights, and a t-shirt.

Setting Up Advertising on Pinterest:

- We created a Pinterest ad account and set up a conversion campaign for our Christmas sweater.

- We targeted users in the US who are interested in Christmas and Christmas sweaters.

- We created pins with product images and titles to advertise our products.


- Our first account had a high cost per mille (CPM) and didn't generate any sales.

- We started a new account and saw better results within three days.

- We made a profit of $21 on our third day of testing with three products that have potential.

- Click-through rates were good, and some products even had Chinese language on the product images, indicating a large potential market.

- People are buying Christmas products in October, and the trend is only going up.

- Selling Christmas products through dropshipping and social media advertising is a profitable opportunity.

- Testing products quickly and analyzing their performance can save time and money in the long run.

- It's important to optimize products and advertising campaigns to maximize profit.

CHRISTMAS Facebook ADS and the Q5 CONCEPT!

Hello Facebook ads people, I'm Konstantinos, and in this article, we will discuss Christmas ads and the Q5 concept from Facebook. After Black Friday is over, it's time to prepare for the Christmas season. But before we dive into the details, I have something to say to Santa.

Bullet Points:

- After Black Friday, campaigns should have a general copy that can continue to be used for Christmas.

- Wait a week after Black Friday to stabilize accounts before starting new campaigns.

- Christmas campaigns should be specific to the holiday season with new copy.

- Promotions should end on the last day possible to ensure delivery before Christmas.

- January is an excellent month for advertising because of the Chinese New Year.

- Facebook's Q5 concept is a marketing strategy to increase revenue during a slow period.

- Q5 doesn't work, and advertisers should avoid falling for it.

To summarize, Christmas ads should be specific to the holiday season with new copy, and promotions should end on the last day possible for delivery before Christmas. January is an excellent month for advertising because of the Chinese New Year, and advertisers should avoid falling for Facebook's Q5 concept. If you want to learn more about Facebook ads, check out my book or free course. Be creative and consistent in your advertising efforts.

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Facebook advertising strategies that worked a few months ago may not work now due to changes in tactics and strategies. For example, Facebook lead ads were once a poor choice for businesses but now are amazing due to recent changes and secrets.

Key Points:

- Generating leads traditionally is one of the least effective marketing strategies.

- Quality leads are relevant, motivated, and capable of buying or paying.

- High level software is a powerful tool that uses automation to initiate conversation with new leads.

- Advantage campaign budget (ACB) is the new version of CBO, allowing Facebook to allocate campaign budgets.

- Advantage placements are the default option but testing different placements can produce a higher quality lead.

- Optimized text person swaps the pieces of your ad, which may look funny, and Facebook's algorithm may not create the best ad.

- Setting up a brand new campaign involves three levels: campaign, ad set, and ads.

- The audience and targeting of your ad is the most crucial element of marketing.

- Testing copy length and different angles will help you determine what length and content will get someone to take action.

To make your Facebook advertising strategy successful, focus on generating quality leads that are relevant, motivated, and capable of buying or paying. Use tools like high level software to initiate conversations with new leads and test different elements of your campaign such as copy length and targeting. Always be willing to adapt and change your strategy to keep up with the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing.

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

In this article, we will explore eight powerful hacks, secret strategies, and pro tips to improve Facebook ad performance. We have reached out to experts in the field, such as Amanda Bond, Adam Erhart, and Salome Shellac, to provide their insights on what's in their 2023 Facebook ads playbook. We will cover the following points:

- Introduction to the importance of Facebook ads and the changes that have taken place.

- Pro tip #1: Lead form ads are becoming increasingly effective and affordable for service-based businesses.

- Pro tip #2: Building an email list is crucial for service-based businesses to create repeated exposure to potential customers and nurture leads.

- Pro tip #3: Using video-based ads, specifically Facebook and Instagram reels, is a cost-effective way to generate engagement.

- Pro tip #4: Surround sound retargeting is a method of using a series of ads to create repeated touchpoints with potential customers.

- Pro tip #5: Facebook groups are an excellent way to build a community of loyal customers and offer valuable content.

- Pro tip #6: Dynamic creative optimization allows for the automatic testing of different ad elements to optimize performance.

- Pro tip #7: Custom conversions allow for more specific tracking of events that lead to conversions.

- Pro tip #8: Collaborating with influencers can help reach a new audience and build trust with potential customers.

By implementing these tips, service-based businesses can improve their Facebook ad performance and generate more leads and conversions.

Pause Your Facebook Ads Over Christmas?

Is it okay to pause your Facebook ads over Christmas? This is a question many advertisers are grappling with as they try to figure out if it will harm their campaigns in the long term. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of pausing or turning off your Facebook ads over the Christmas period.

- Many advertisers are wondering whether to pause their Facebook ads over Christmas

- We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of pausing or turning off your Facebook ads during this time

Pros of pausing Facebook ads:

- If your business is closed during this period, it is okay to turn off your campaigns

- Avoid wasting money on ads when you are unable to deliver your product or service in a timely manner

- Prioritize your business considerations over Facebook ad campaign optimization

Cons of pausing Facebook ads:

- If you are open for business, pausing your ads could negatively impact your campaign in the long run

- Your ad set re-enters the learning phase once you unpause it, potentially leading to poor results

- Consider how your specific business performs during the Christmas period before making a decision

Considerations for businesses:

- Some businesses thrive during the Christmas period, while others may not see much demand for their products or services

- If you anticipate low demand, it is okay to turn off your campaigns

- Consider reducing your budget or making a significant adjustment to avoid wasting ad spend

- Whether to pause your Facebook ads over Christmas depends on your business's specific situation

- Prioritize your business considerations over Facebook ad campaign optimization

- Be flexible and monitor your campaigns closely during this time to ensure the best results possible.

How To Make $1,000,000 With Facebook Ads This Christmas (Game Plan)

The article discusses the importance of scaling Facebook ads in quarter four, the busiest time of the year for sales. The author shares their personal experience with scaling Facebook ads and provides tips on how to take advantage of the increased demand during this time. Testing is the key to success, and the author recommends testing different audiences and creatives to find what works best. Once the optimal audience and creative are identified, the author suggests scaling horizontally before attempting to scale vertically.

Tips for Scaling Facebook Ads in Quarter Four:

1. Testing is crucial to success in scaling Facebook ads. Test different audiences and creatives to find what works best for your offer.

2. Once the optimal audience and creative are identified, scale horizontally by duplicating the asset at a small budget to create an army of assets.

3. Use dynamic text to give Facebook the option to choose the best primary text and headline.

4. Optimize each creative for both feed and story to improve performance.

5. Use Facebook ads library to get inspiration for your own creatives.

6. Attempt to scale vertically one by one after creating an army of assets that are working well.

Scaling Facebook ads in quarter four can lead to increased sales and revenue for businesses. Testing different audiences and creatives is crucial to finding what works best. Scaling horizontally before attempting to scale vertically can minimize losses and improve performance. Personal mentorship is available for those who need help with scaling their Facebook ads.

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