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Chromakey In Sony Vegas (V2)

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Chromakey In Sony Vegas (V2)

Chromakey In Sony Vegas (V2)

it's me kkkkk human King humans making
human and I'm getting emails from people
about chromakey how do i do it what's
going on i can't figure it out i don't
know okay in partikular i was getting
emailed by her and she can't figure out
the chroma key thing for sony vegas so
first of all and I because I got tired
of emailing you back and forth let's
take a look first of all you need your
chroma key set up and look how far back
i have a really far back from me and
I've got two lights here one here one
here studio lights and then a main light
right there huge big thousand want like
right my eyes that's why I have to wear
these glasses not because I'm trying to
be cool although I am freaking cool but
because i can't see you know that thing
is blinding me so anyway hopefully
you've got your chroma key well lit
that's the most important thing you got
to really like the hell out of that
green screen otherwise your bone from
the start okay now once you have that
setup and your chroma key green is lit
really well then you take it into vegas
now i'll show you that right now so
let's go i got to do a screen recording
so let's go take a look and hopefully
you'll pick this up it's pretty simple
okay how do i turn this thing okay
here we go i have opened up my sony
vegas pro 8.0 i know you wish you were
being you head vegas pro 80 no but
they're all about the same when it comes
to chroma key and i've dropped in right
here the video track of me pontificating
and I've chosen this track I've kind of
pulled a tract of furniture here that I
want to use and impose on this green
screen so here's how I'm going to do it
first of all let me pick a portion of my
video that gives me my hand is in it I
can see sharp outlines it this is a good
place to start a chroma key let me move
the layer here that I want to fill in in
the background and you can see my grand
scheme really isn't even that well lit
it's right over here it's dark here and
it's dark here but we can work with it
now first thing you want to do is make
sure that your primary video the one
with the green screen is on top layer
and the superimposing video the green
screen the one you want to impose on the
green screen is beneath that now all you
have to do really is come and drag and
drop the green screen from the chroma
keyer on there and you'll see it appears
now what you want to do is you're going
to want to come to your parameters here
and I'm just going to show you this real
quick and down a dirty I'm not going to
get really into it but this will give
you enough to do it and what I do is you
just slide the the high threshold until
you get a really good solid image of
yourself and you know don't overdo it
and don't under do it just get it to
where you're not see if I have it like
that you can actually see through my
head so slide it and the minute you get
solid is where you stop same with a low
threshold now as I slide this you're
going to see the background coming in
and I'm going to disappear so you want
to slide it until you just start to
break apart like that and then start
backtracking until things
things are solid but you don't have this
ghosting around these edges see this
ghosting here now you can fudge with
this to the enth degree and it's a
delicate balance depending on how you've
lit your chroma key and what's doing so
right about there i think is the best i
can do and you can see there's still
some breakup going on here this is where
this blur comes in if you just take the
edge off with that blur and again you
can see this isn't perfect but it's
YouTube quality and that's it that's all
now you've got your video if you play it
you'll see that you've got one layer on
top of another you've got the chroma key
going there's furniture in the
background and me in the foreground and
that's it now another another cool trick
is if you look here you'll see black
band on each side and what that is is
that's because this footage of furniture
let me take me out of here this footage
of furniture is not quite matched to the
output aspect and you can have these
black bands on the sides you can have on
the top it depends on how you do it so
what you want to do is come in here and
click event pan/crop and this window
will pop up and then all you have to do
is right-click and select match output
aspect and this will instantly crop it
to the output now look the black bands
are gone instantly made it it's so cool
and easy and that's it you're ready to
go now when you render this movie make
sure that in your options you have your
field order set in other words it's
going to ask you do you want this to
render from the bottom up or from the
top down and you want to render from the
top down meaning it's gonna
go in field order as its laid out
meaning this top layer first then this
back later then this layer and so on all
the way down so if you have your
rendering order backwards and it's
rendering the bottom layers first then
you're going to get this weird thing
where this bottom layer is going to
overpower well basically I can simulate
that by doing this that's what you're
going to get this layer is going to be
overpowering this one so you have to
have your field order proper and then
you're good to go it's that simple so
there you go give it a shot I hope that
explained it fer napur and anybody else
that needs another tip on chroma key
alright sign our

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