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cj dropshipping listing failed

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

UPDATED! How to List on eBay with CJ Dropshipping without EAN CODE, UPS CODE

in this video i will tok about how to list products from cj to ebay, since i have a lot of requests and questions asking for help how to list. but since cj is uh updating, a lot has been written a lot lately and it's becoming more difficult to list an item from cj to ebay since it asks for en code. so let's try um and the list one here after we go to the product we have two options about: inventory, factory inventory and uh cg inventory. ecg inventory: it shows us how items that cj has in its warehouse and here we see that it has nothing. it's only available on china, on the main warehouse. so we go on list. we have to choose china warehouse and the store that where we want to list. in our case it will be ebay. i will list on ebay, at least inside to be us. so now i'm going to ask for a category. now it's not possible to list an item in another category. that maybe it will. it is not going to ask us for a en code, but we have to choose the correct one and now i'll show you how to do it and how to pass the step of en code. so here we put the, the price for the items. we have to put also the listing quantity, and then i have to go further on selecting the categories and so on. so here we have the price, the listings. i will put only five, but it depends on you: how much do you want to have to put in it? now we will go and ask for a another category, otherwise it won't allow us to do list. so here we have to put the shipping method on ebay- and later on i will show you how to change it on free shipping- and here we just put it does not apply, and that's it. there is nothing much to do since we do not have the en code. we just put does not apply, and we have to pass this step. after we fill all the requested fields, we go on the list now and let's see what happens. let's wait a little bit until cj will tell us and as we see you already have, uh, have it listed. so now we go view it in store and, as we see we already have it going revise your item. here we can change the item specifics, the title, uh, the, the picture, everything that we want to, um, to, to add more as we can. we can do it here too. so, uh, we can add variance, we can delete variance, we can change the description, um, everything. so here we go on the delivery and i i show you how to. to change free shipping that will be worldwide, since this is what we want here. we, if we have the package details, if we do not have, we can put a regular package or i don't know package details and that's it, we go undone. then shipping policy: here we have a lot of options, but we will go for free shipping, since this is what is very important for us to be shown on our ebay store, so the people know that we do offer free shipping. we can promote it, we can add preferences, we can update payment policy, item location, return policy, everything we have to we want to change. we have the option to change it here we can create a policy or use the ones that we already have. and you, the most important thing is that you have to verify your ebay account or store or whatever you have, because now it will not allow you to list anymore from cj to ebay. also, ebay won't let you to sell if your account is not verified from from ebay first. so this is the video for today. thank you very much, and we i will be making other videos and i will come back to you.

How To Dropship On EBAY With CJ Dropshipping (Copy and Paste Method)

if you're looking to start ebay dropshipping from today. in this video, i'm going to show you a simple, step-by-step copy and paste method that you can use to find a winning product. let's go. [Music]. what's going on, people? welcome back to my channel if you're new. my name is sam and what i do here is break down various different tips and tricks to help you guys make money online. but in today's video, what i'm going to be doing is walking you through step by step, showing you how to find a winning product that you're going to be able to start selling from today, and i'm also going to be showing you how to find the winning drop shipping product that you're going to be able to get to your customers within one to three days, because, as you guys know, when it comes to drop shipping on ebay, you wanna be able to offer your customers the quickest shipping possible, and that's what i'm gonna be showing you in today's video. as always, i don't waste any more time. i want to jump straight into it. so if you find any value in the video, don't forget to press the like button. don't forget to subscribe as well. hit the bell notification. let's jump straight into the video. all right? so the first thing that you need to do to find a winning drop shipping product is start off on the ebay home page and at the top here you're going to see all of these different categories. now, once you get to this stage and you need to pick a category, it doesn't really matter which one you pick. you just need to pick one that you have some sort of interest in, just in case you get any questions about the product you want to be able to answer in the best way possible. so i'm going to click on home and garden and then i'm going to click on pet supplies, because we're going to be doing research down the line to see if the product is selling. at that stage you can pick any product you want and then, if the product doesn't meet the criteria that we're going to go through later on in the video, then obviously don't sell it, but if it does, then you can continue selling it. at this stage it doesn't matter what category you pick, because we're going to be doing more research later on. so now that i've clicked on pet supplies, what we're going to do is come to this section here and you can click on any one of these categories that you want cat supplies, dog supplies, whatever. i'm just going to click on dog supplies, and this is mainly due to the fact that i know a lot of people spend money when it comes to their dogs. so now that i'm on this page, what i'm going to do is scroll down and come to this section right here, so from this point, you can filter it from best match to lowest price, highest price, whatever you want. i'm just going to leave it at best match and, as we can see, the first product that comes up is this dog bed or pet bed. so now that i know that this bed for pets are selling well, what i'm gonna do is go over to cj drop shipping, which is the website that i like to use when it comes to drop shipping products on ebay. so let's go all right. so now that i'm on the main cj homepage, what i'm gonna do is come to this section here and type in dog bed, so we can see that cj drop shipping is currently able to offer us all of these different dog beds that they're able to drop ship to our customers. but because i'm based in the uk and i want to be able to offer my customers within the uk the fastest shipping possible. if you guys are in the same situation as me and you want to drop ship within the uk, what you're going to do is come to this section right here where it says all warehouses, and straight away we can see that cj is able to ship out orders from all of these different warehouses. there's a us warehouse, thailand, china, germany, indonesia, but if we just scroll a little bit more down, we can see the britain warehouse. now, the main thing that you guys need to know when it comes to all of these different warehouses that they have, is that the product availability is going to be limited depending on what warehouse you choose. so, for example, if you choose the china warehouse, there's going to be so many products available for you to drop ship to your customers, but with the china warehouse, you're obviously going to get longer delivery times. however, if you want to drop ship to customers within the united states, then you might want to select the us warehouse, because by doing that, you're going to be able to offer your customers quicker shipping. all right, so now that i've selected the britain warehouse, we can see that these are all of the pet products that they have available currently located within the british warehouse, but the number one product right here is this dog bed, so let me just click into it. there's a few key things that you guys need to look out for once you're on this page. first thing is obviously the price. the next thing that you need to look out for is the processing time, so we can see that it's going to take cj between one to three days from the moment that you buy it from them for them to process it and ship it out to the customer. you also need to make sure that you've selected the right information on the right hand side over here so we can see it shipping from. so we need to change that from the us warehouse to the britain warehouse right there platform doesn't necessarily matter, but you can change it to ebay if you want. and the next thing that you need to check is the shipping method and have a look at the available shipping options so we can see that cj is able to offer us her maze delivery as well as royal mail delivery. both of them are one to three days. normally, i like to select the royal mail delivery, and we can see that there's also tracking available for that as well. the last key thing that you need to look out for on the right hand side over here is the inventory. so we can see these stok levels in the britain warehouse is a lot. there's almost 2 000 units. it's very important to make sure that you have a look at this so that you know whether or not you're going to be able to scale your ebay store, maybe run ebay ads so you're able to get more sales, because you won't necessarily be able to do that if there isn't enough inventory in the warehouse that you've selected. but 2 000 units is definitely a lot and we can definitely work with that. so now that we know that dog bits is available for us to drop ship to our customers, the next thing that i like to do is jump back over to ebay and make sure that the top seller that's selling dog beds at the moment is able to sell minimum at least one every single day. the way that you check that is that you search for the product that you're researching. so in this case we're looking for dog beds. all right, so we can see that this seller sponsored, this one sponsored, and this one's the first one in the list that's not sponsored, so i'm going to click on it. all right, so we can see that this seller's been able to sell over 2 373 different units and they've been able to sell 10 in the last 24 hours. so if i just click on this link right here to double check if they've been able to sell one every single day, so today is the seventh. i'm recording this video early in the morning and they've already sold one today. yesterday on the six, they sold this many. i'm not even gonna count that. they sold a few on the fifth. they sold a lot on the fourth. so i think it's fair to say that this seller's been able to sell multiple, not even just one, every single day. so that's a great indicator for us to know that this product is doing well. so if you want to take it a step further and you want to do a little bit more research before you start listing a product from cj drop shipping onto your ebay store and you want to make sure that it's definitely worth your time, what i like to use is a product research software, and the one i'm going to use today is zeke analytiks. so i'm on my zeek dashboard right now. what i'm going to do is type in dog bed right here. i'm going to leave all the filters the same, because i'm shipping withi.

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How to import products from CJ Dropshipping to Shopify

hi. so, guys, in this video i will explain how to import the product from siri to shopify. for this you must need to create account on cj drop shipping website and then install the app in your shopify store. if you don't have installation and created the account, then i already given a link in my video description. go and check there. first you install your cj drop shipping and create account. then come here and click on apps: open cj drop shipping. let's take a few seconds and then open. you search here your product category or any keyword which you want. i want to add beauty products so i can search beauty. here are all product where you want to add. just click here on below. add to queue, like this: here is our queue option. when we click on queue, then product added. here you see number three. so after selecting the product we click here on queue. here is our list of products we already added. so here i click or select all product here. option for start listing here after bulk editing: uh, i'm click. clicking on here is pricing rule. if you want to multiply your price with two or three or four, put here any value, like i putting here two. so when i confirm, all prices will be double, like multiply with two. or if you want to change, if you want any fixed price for all price products, then you click here s, then confirm. here you see all products: rx10. but i don't want this fixed price, i want, i want a multiply rule. so i will click here from multiply with to confirm. after this i will select all product and start listing. here is store name, product type: like here: you put any product type- a new one, girl, beauty- and confirm. or just like this: there is option for collection which you created in your shopify store, all collections in here you select any one collection where you want to import the product. so i want this. here is shipping method. first of all, you check all shipping method details in google search. on google see there's shipping method. there is all tell about shipping. then after you select here which is suitable for you. so i am selecting here: cj packet, here confirm. when i click on confirm its start importing the product into shopify view product has error. that's why it's not been installed. just take a few seconds for installation, sorry, importing. you see here is progress [Music]. so our product importing is done. then we go to shop by store for check our product importing. so you see here three products are imported in our shopify store from cj, so here you also can edit the product easily. click here, edit that title, description or anything which you want to add it. i hope you like the video. please subscribe my channel and click on bell icon. thanks for supporting me.

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How to List Products from CJ Dropshipping to Etsy: Anam's Guide @Daily Beans with anam


How To Fulfill Orders On CJDropshipping | How to place dropshipping orders on cjdropshipping

Assalamualaikum, how are you all? So today in this video, we will discuss how to fulfill dropshipping orders through CJ dropshipping, Because if we've added products through CJ drop shipping & got an order, then we have to place an order with the supplier through CJ & then they'll deliver the product to our customer. So how this whole process works we will discuss in this video, Because a student has asked me. he has an order on Shopify but doesn't know how to fulfill that order through CJ. So I thought to make a video on this topic so that he & all of you get a clear idea of the process. So here, look, this order is unfulfilled and we're gonna fulfill it & check how the products get delivered to the client. So what do you have to do? First, go to the apps and open your CJ drop shipping account. Click on CJ dropshipping account. It's already open in my tab, but let me open it again. Simply, the CJ dropshipping website is open. Here I'll click on "my CJ". After clicking on that here, your dashboard is opened. First of all, make sure that your products are connected with CJ dropshipping. As you have added products from CJ drop shipping, you must generate its connection with your products & then this system will automatikally work. So here go to the connections. after opening products. Here our products are connected, As you can see, the disconnect option is also available. you can disconnect if you want to. If your product is not connected, then I'll simply explain here how you can connect it. First, copy the name or URL, link/ SKU code of any of these products and simply paste it on CJ. Now search for the product whose name we have copied. So here is the product which we copied. When you place the cursor on this product, 3 options will appear here: List, connect and add to cart. Here you have to click on connect. When you click on connect, it will redirect to our product. Now choose the store whose product you've selected. If you have multiple stores, here you have to sync once the product. This product is not being shown because it's already connected. The products which are not connected have been shown here in the list. Here you can see it's telling that this product is connected already. please check the connection list. So you can check the connection list from here. But my objective was to tell you how you can do this: Simply to connect the product. what you need to do: If a product is on this side, you will find the same product on the other side too. It's a bracelet, and here you have to find the same bracelet, and if you found, now you have to pin it and press the connect button and both products will be connected. In this way, CJ drop shipping and your listed products will be connected And it will be easy for you to fulfill orders After connecting. go to orders and click on imported orders. Now simply sync to store orders and choose a store. Now choose the time and date. This process will take some time, ie.2,4 seconds. Now you can see. we have one order and our order has appeared here. Initially, you won't be able to see the order. it will appear only after syncing in. Here is the complete detail of order. Like: which product is it From? where it'll be delivered? Which warehouse is it from? of course must be the china warehouse. What Will be the address? Here is the address to which it'll be shipped. After that, you have to select a shipping method. You can select any of the shipping methods which you think are economical. After that, click on add to cart button. go to order fulfillment. Okay, so our product is moved to the cart. Now go to cart and click on dropship orders. The product which we have already selected will appear here Now select it and click on submit. After submitting, it'll show order confirmation. It's saying: please confirm the order, shipping info, shipping method, Shipping cost, etc. You need to check all the details of your customer. Though the shipping address is auto-picked, whatever the customer has given will appear here Here you can check the shipping address. After checking all details, click on submit. It says congratulations, well done. Now next step is payment. So this is the order number and price of the order. There are some payment methods through which you can pay and get the product delivered to your customer: Payoneer, PayPal, pay with card and pay with CJ wallet. options are available here. Select any one of them and link your account detail with that. Press agree and click on the pay button After placing the order. it'll be delivered to your customer within the days mentioned in the shipping method. I hope you have understood the whole process. Besides that, if you don't have your own store and you want to manually deliver a product to the customer Or you sell on Facebook from Pakistan or anywhere else, any other country- You're selling products through Facebook to the United States or the UK or somewhere else- You can place the order manually, through which they'll deliver the product to your customer. You just have to upload pics on Facebook & if you get an order, you can place your order here manually. Here I'll show you how Well you can see it here: Search products and create orders manually, Or import orders via Excel. In Excel you have to give all the details on a sheet, eg SKU number, product name, product code, etc. When you upload excel file, all details will appear here automatikally. Then you can connect with the product and place the order. This method is very easy, but those who have linked through Shopify or eBay can easily place an order with the previous method that I've explained. Almost all the stores work in this way If your CJ is linked with them and You have linked the product with CJ & you get an order. simply, this method is the same for everyone. Go to imported order and syncing. Your orders will appear here. now you can fulfill them easily. I hope you liked this video. I'll see you in the next video. till then, Allah hafiz.

How To Start Dropshipping On eBay With CJ Dropshipping (Step By Step)

yo, what's going on? people, welcome back to my channel if you're new. my name is sam and i'm a full-time seven-figure ebay and shopify seller. in today's video, what i'm going to be doing is giving you guys a quick, step-by-step guide on how you can start using cj drop shipping to start drop shipping on ebay. i'm going to walk you through some tips that you need to know when it comes to setting up your ebay account and, most importantly, i'm going to be showing you how you can link a product from your cga drop shipping account to your ebay store so that you can start making sales and drop shipping as soon as possible. as always, i don't want to waste any more time and i want to jump straight into the video, so if you find any value in it at any point, don't forget to press the like button. it really helps out the channel in a big way. i really appreciate that. and whilst it down there, don't forget to subscribe. hit the bell notification so that youtube can let you know whenever i've released a new video just like this. that's going to help you guys make money on ebay. let's not waste any more time. let's get right into the video. [Music]. so the first thing that you guys need to do is obviously set up your ebay account. so for anyone out there that's already got an ebay account, it's going to be slightly better, because you would have built up some feedback if you've been buying stuff from that ebay account and you would have, you know, built up your selling limits if you've been selling a couple things as well. so it's always good that, if you're gonna start drop shipping, to make sure that you've got the highest selling limit possible so that you can list as many products so that you have the highest chance of making sales, because when you set up a new ebay account, you're not going to have a higher selling limit because ebay is not going to trust you to list a whole bunch of different products. they want to slowly see how you've been able to build up your account over time. so what you need to do now, if you are new to ebay, is sign up to ebay as soon as possible. very simple process: you just gotta sign up. make sure that you verify everything in terms of your name, your address. another quick tip that i want to give you guys is to start selling stuff around the house, because once you start selling stuff around the house. not only are you gonna be able to build up capital for you to invest into your actual ebay business, but you're also going to be able to build up your feedback score and also build up your selling limits in the process. so i always advise people to sell things from around the house. you might think that you don't have anything, but even the junk that you have lying around is worth something, and the more you're able to sell, the more likely ebay is going to increase your selling limits, and i always advise to try and get your feedback to at least 50, you know, maybe 100, you know. the higher that you can get it, the better. but you know, i like to get my ebay stores to around 200, maybe 300, before i start selling. so once you've got your ebay account set up, the next thing that i would advise you to do is sign up to cj drop shipping. so if you want to sign up, make sure that you use the link down below. it is an affiliate link and i'm going to get a small commission, but it does help out the channel in a big way, allows me to continue making content like this, allows me to continue reinvesting back into the channel. so if you use that link down below, you're gonna see this page right here. you just need to input your email address and your password, click on next, all right. so once you've done that, this is the page you're gonna see. this is your dashboard, and then from here, you're gonna be able to do various different things, but the first thing that you need to do is connect your ebay account to your cj drop shipping account, so you need to sync both of them together. so to do that, what you're going to click on is authorization and, as you can see, you're going to be able to link your shopify account, ebay account, woocommerce, etc. to your cj drop shipping account. but for now, we're going to do ebay, okay. so once you've clicked on authorization, you're going to see this page and you're going to click on add store and then what you're going to do is type in your store name and then it's going to take you to this page and you need to click on agree, alright. so, as you can see, that was a very simple process. the authorization was a success. so now my ebay account is connected to cj. once you've done that and everything is connected, you now need to go and find the product that you're going to be selling. i'm going to link a video at the end that's going to walk you through, step by step, how to find a winning product. so make sure you stik around for that. but for the purposes of this video, in terms of me showing you how to use cj drop shipping, i just want to show you a very simple method for you to find the product to start drop shipping from cj drop shipping. but if you want to go away and do a little bit more research so that you can find a better wooden product for you to sell, then you can watch that video at the end. but for now, what i'm going to do is type in a specific niche that i want to sell a product in. so i like to use the pet niche. so for now, i'm just going to type in dog and then click on search, all right, so once you've typed in a keyword for whatever product you want to start selling, as you can see, i've tapped in dog, so it's brought up all of these different dog products. because i'm based in the uk and i want to drop ship within the uk because i'm going to be primarily selling on ebay uk. what i'm going to do is come here and then scroll down to the britain warehouse. so these are products that are currently located within the uk, so i'm going to be able to cut down the shipping time rather than me trying to dropship from china. now. obviously, the prices are going to be slightly higher than if he was to drop ship directly from china, but just for the purposes of this video, i want to show you that this is an option that you can drop ship from the uk, and that goes the same with every other country. there's a us warehouse, there's a german warehouse as well, which means that you're going to be able to dropship to various different locations around europe. so there's so many different warehouses that cj has, so have a look and see which one is better for you. but for now, i'm just going to be using the britain warehouse and then i'm going to click on confirm. all right. so, as you guys can see, these are all of the dog products are currently located in the britain warehouse. so for now, i'm going to focus on this product right here, which is a dog coat. now, if i want to quickly double check to see whether or not dog coats are doing. well, what i tend to do is go over to google trends and see the search data and see if there's any trends. all right, so i'm on google trends right now and to find this is very simple: you just go to google and type in google trends and this is the page you're gonna see. so what i'm gonna do is type in dog quote and then what we're gonna do now is change this section here where it says past 12 months and change that to past five years. all right, so, as you guys can see, there's these peaks right here every single year around the same time, where more, more people are searching for dog coats on the internet. so, as we can see, the peaks start around november- again november, every single year- because, obviously, winter time, more more people are going to be searching for dog codes. so you need to make sure that you have a look at google trends and see if people are searching for it. you know you don't necessarily need to do this all the time, but it does help when it comes to deciding when to start selling a product. so dog coats is a perfect product to start selling right now and i'm sure that we're going to be able to get some sales from it. so if you guys also want to sell it, you can do so as well. so now that i know that d