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cjd dropshipping

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Earn Passive Income With Cjdropshipping In 2023 | Tiktok Ads Dropshipping ( Sell This Now )

just about to reveal how you guys can start earning some sweet passive income using cg drop shipping and how you can leverage tiktok in order to promote your e-commerce store. so let's get started now. what is this all about and how does this work? well, we're just gonna make use of cg drop shipping as a supplier for our products instead of more popular options such as aliexpress or alibaba. why are we doing that? well, because cg dropshipping actually has some unique items that we cannot find at any other supplier, and, on top of that, it gives us clarity when it comes to the delivery time, which is a very important aspect that most beginners overlook when it comes to drop shipping. people do not like waiting for a long period of time, and so if we are looking to ship items from china street over to the united states, we are looking at a delivery time anywhere between three to seven days, and that is if we use dhl. i'm also fairly confident that you guys do not need me to explain the dropshipping model. most of you should probably be familiar with it by now. it is really, really popular, and for good reason. it is all about price arbitrage: finding an undervalued, cheap item from a supplier in china most of the times, then rebranding it, listing it on your own e-commerce store or on any other platform, and keeping a profit whenever you make a sale. the best part about it is that it basically eliminates the need for an inventory. you do not need to purchase items ahead of time. you will only purchase that item whenever there is a demand for it, whenever a client has already placed the order, and so you will not have to spend a single dollar from your own pocket. you will just grab your customers cash, head over to your supplier, pay them and then have your supplier ship the item to your client. it generally sounds like the ideal business model for somebody who's just starting out, and it really is, but there is a little bit more that goes to it than that. you see, not everybody can be an effective seller. most people will simply never make it. that's for a multitude of different reasons. now, guys, ideally moving forward, what you want to do is find the unique item on cg dropshipping- and there is going to be no shortage of those. we're literally toking about hundreds or thousands of different products that you can start reselling, and once you find the winner, you want to create your own ecommerce store, and that is so that you keep full control of the earnings, because you can set your own price. you can use any footage you want, you can choose your titles, your keywords and all of that stuff, and one of the most popular tools when it comes to building your own online store is shopify. that is because this tool allows anybody to build their e-commerce store in seconds. it is literally just dragging and dropping, and there will be no solid coding skill needed. if you're not a web developer, you have no experience whatsoever when it comes to coding. there's not gonna be an issue. there are hundreds of pre-done templates. you can go for it and you can just customize them by changing the pictures and choosing the titles, basically customizing them to your needs. but now, guys, let's just skip a few steps. let's say we have already found a winner, an undervalued product that we can resell for a higher price. we have taken the time to build our e-commerce store using shopify or any other website, but now we are not getting any sales. so we've just made our website go live, we've done everything correctly, we've chosen the right footage, the right titles, we've improved our search engine optimization, but we are still not generating any revenue. why would that be? well, because we are doing nothing to promote our platform here. marketing is an essential part when it comes to drop shipping, and this is something that most people, most online gurus, leave out on purpose. that's the major bottleneck for beginners marketing their products correctly, and that can cost you a lot of money. in case you don't really know what you're doing and you're just fidgeting around, here's a clear example of that: starting a facebook ads campaign without having a clear course of action. if that is the case, you're gonna waste a lot of money. and here's another one: instagram ads. now, this can be highly effective, but only if done correctly. otherwise, you're just throwing money out of the window, and, generally speaking, facebook and instagram are well established platforms. with thousands of other sellers. they will compete for your market share, and so your chances of standing up from the crowd as a newbie are pretty slim, to say the least. that is, unless you're very effective, and that is the exact reason why we're going to be taking a look at tiktok ads instead. this is a fairly new niche. now, if you wanted to launch a campaign, that's going to be pretty self-explanatory, so i'm not going to bore you with the tiknicalities here. this is just a practikal guide. you would have to enter in your business information, your tax information, and then set up your ad by choosing the right content and all of that stuff. then you can also set your budget, the amount of money that you are willing to spend, and you're all set before you know it. you can target specific demographics, specific types of people that might serve as a perfect target audience, and so on and so forth. you can make sure that everything is efficient, but the most important part is that the competition is way lower than on facebook or instagram. again, this is a fairly new niche, but yet again we encounter a new problem: how can we make sure that the ads we are using are actually effective? we've never done this before. we don't have any experience with marketing products online, so how can we make sure that we are not just wasting money on those ads? how can we maximize our profitability here? well, one thing you could do is just take a look at what your competitors are doing, because most of the times, all of the answers you're looking for are already out there, but you just gotta open your eyes and simply model what your competitors are doing, basically. but even then, it is a time consuming process and most people do not even know what to look at. and for that reason, guys, i'm about to help you out. here is what i would do if i was just starting out right now: no previous experience, no money in the bank, basically nothing to help me. i have been dealt the wrong cards, but i still want to make money right. copy what this seller right here has done. they have built an e-commerce store, most likely using shopify. it is a very basic one. if you take a look at it. it's just a bunch of footage, some text, a few call to actions, some testimonials as well, but, most importantly, it serves this purpose because if you want to buy this product, you will be taken to the checkout in just a second and you can submit your order. there you go, you can enter in your credentials and you are good to go again. let's not get lost in the tiknicalities here. setting up an e-commerce store is easier than you might think. the difficult part is marketing your products and generating sales. what i would do up next is consume all of the available content that is on youtube, all of these free resources. take a look at this video right here, top 10 dropshipping winning products to sell right now, and this is from cgdropshippingcom. this website is even going to help us be more efficient with our campaigns. take a look at this item, for instance: shark slippers. now, this is a unique item. this is the exact same kind of product that would sell on tiktok. let's just think about it for a second. you're just surfing through your for your page. you're enjoying your time watching these short clips that are really engaging and are able to hook you, and at some point you see on that, well, you're not going to be interested in most of the times unless it is something that really catches your attention, something that stands out, and then you make an impulsive purchase, you place an impulsive order. that is what tiktok marke.

CJ Dropshipping Full Tutorial (2021/22)

one of the essential elements to running a successful dropshipping store is having a reliable supplier. we all know the problems with using aliexpress: long shipping times, suppliers running out of inventory, no branded packaging, amongst other things. so today i'm going to be giving you a full tutorial of what i believe to be the best drop shipping supplier out there at the moment: cj drop shipping. in today's full length tutorial, i'm going to be showing you how to connect your shopify and woocommerce stores to cj drop shipping. i'm going to be showing you how to import products to your stores from cj drop shipping. i'm going to be showing you how to set up branded packaging so that you can drop ship your products with your logo on without having a massive budget, how to source custom content for the products that you plan on selling using cj's videography and photography services, and how to fulfill orders using cj drop shipping. so if you've been looking for a more reliable drop shipping supplier that's going to allow you to offer faster shipping times- usually around 10 days- international shipping- and allow you to go and drop ship your products with branded packaging to give your customers that branded feel, then this is going to be the tutorial for you. so let's get started. so the first thing you are going to do is head over to cj drop shipping. so i will leave a link in the description and you should come over to the cd drop shipping home page now. from here, all we are going to do is click on register. all you then need to do is enter in your email and pick a password, then just go and agree to the terms and conditions and click on next. once you do this, you are now signed up with cj dropshipping. now, the first thing that we are going to do, we are just going to go over to my cj and we are going to go and connect our store. so firstly, i am going to show you how to connect a shopify store to your cj drop shipping account, and then i'm going to show you how to connect a woocommerce store. so if you are running a woocommerce store, you can just skip to the next part of the tutorial. i will leave the timestamps down in the description below. so once you click on my cj, you will come over to the cj drop shipping dashboard and from here we can go and connect our shopify store. so you will see these tabs down the left-hand side, so just go to the bottom one and then you're going to go and click on shopify now from here, just going to go and click on add stores. now, from here, you're just going to enter in your store name. but if you head over to your store, you're only entering this part of your name in. so just a bit where before it says myshopifycom. so just go and copy that. you don't need the https or anything like that, so we're just going to go and paste that in there and then you just go and click on authorize. once you click on authorize, it will bring you over to your store and from here it's going to ask you to install the cj drop shipping app. so just go and click on install app. it will then say authorization success. so now your shopify store is connected to your cj drop shipping account so you can start importing products from cj drop shipping and any orders that are made through will be connected so that you can go and fulfill them automatikally. so now i'm going to go and show you how you can go and connect your woocommerce store to your cj drop shipping account. for those of you using shopify, you could just skip to the next part of the tutorial, where i show you how to import products. so once again, i'll leave the timestamps in the description below. so, if you want to connect your woocommerce store once again, you're just going to head to my cj and from your cj drop shipping dashboard, you're going to go to the left hand side and you're going to click on woocommerce. now from here, just going to go and click on add stores. now, once you click on this, there are a few things that we need to follow through in order to connect your woocommerce store to your cj drop shipping account. so just head over to your woocommerce website and the first thing is we're just going to copy the url, so just go and copy this, and we're going to go and paste this in here, but get rid of the https, so it's just going to be your store, and get rid of any slashes at the end as well, so it's just going to be like that. next up, we need to find the consumer key and the consumer secret. so head over to your wordpress dashboard and what you're going to do is you're going to click on woocommerce, then you're going to click on settings, then, under settings, you're going to go to advanced. so click on advanced and then just scroll down and you're going to click on rest api. now, from here, we're going to go and click on add key. once you click on add key, just scroll down and you're going to see description, so you can just go and call this cj drop shipping. now, when it comes to permissions, you're going to want to give, read and write permissions and then click on generate. once you generate that key, you will now see the consumer key. so we're going to go and hit copy on this head back to your cj drop shipping dashboard and paste this in here, and then you're going to see the consumer secret. so, once again, copy this head back to cj drop shipping and paste this in here. and now. once you have done that, the last step is to go and install this shipment tracking plugin. so we're going to go back to our wordpress dashboard. then all we're going to do is go to plugins and click on add new and then, where it says search plugins, we're just going to go and type in shipment tracking and then you're just going to install this plugin here- advanced shipment tracking. so just go and click on install now and then you're just going to go and click on activate once the plugin has finished activating, we can just head back to our cj dashboard and click on authorize. it should then say authorization successful. so now your woocommerce store is connected to your cj drop shipping account. so now we can go and start importing some products. so in order to start importing some products, we are just going to go back to the cda dropshipping homepage. so just click on the cj dropshipping logo and we can come to the home page. now, from here you can go and search for thousands of different products, and cj drop shipping have warehouses all over the world. so wherever you want to ship to, it doesn't really matter. you can import a product and you should be able to go and ship to any country in a fairly quick time. so you can go and look through all of the different categories and think about what type of product that you want to sell, depending on what your store is. and if we scroll down over here, they have some other cool things. so you see some trending products. you'll see some new products that they've just got in hot selling categories, and then you can go and look at the different global warehouses. so they've got a us warehouse, germany warehouse, and then, if we scroll down once more, you can see some products that have some cool videos. you can see that they have print-on-demand products and then they have these over here, which is really cool. so you can see these are trending, viral products. so if you click on internet famous, you will see products that are going viral on facebook and on tiktok and on other different social media platforms. so, for example, if we just click on hot products on tiktok, you will see this category here with some products that are doing really well on tiktok. so once you have found a product that you want to import to your store, you just need to click on the product. from here you will see all of the information about the product, including the price and which warehouse it is shipping from. now, don't worry if it is shipping from the chinese warehouse, which a lot of the products on cj drop shipping will be, because the shipping times are still so much faster than if you were using aliexpress. now, from here, you can see the shipping method. so if we go and click on this, you can.

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Dsers Vs CJDropshipping for Dropshipping | Which is Better?

these series of versus CJ Drop Shipping for Drop Shipping. which is better? hi guys, welcome back to the channel. so today we will be comparing these two best platforms when it comes to drop shipping. so for those who are unfamiliar with Drop Shipping, here is the Drop Shipping business model. so here you must have your own online store first. you can make use of Shopify, woocommerce, Wix, Squarespace or GoDaddy or any other website builder where you can build your own online store. so once you have your restore, your Drop Shipping will start here. so here in the Drop Shipping business model, you have your customer, and your customer will visit your online store and, for example, they order a product that costs 200 and then you get that order from your store and you will send the order directly to your supplier. not exactly, you are the one who will be sending it, but you need to set up your online store to send this order directly to your supplier, and your supplier can be deezers or CJ Drop Shipping. it's where you will get all your products and from your supplier, the product only cost you 150 dollars and then your supplier is the one who will ship the product directly to your customers and, of course, they will change the sender information and they add your information as the sender, since your customer bought the product from your online store. so from that you are able to get fifty dollars profit. so that's how the Drop Shipping business works. now let's take a look if which of these two Drop Shipping platforms is the best when it comes to pricing, features, convenience and more. and to let you know both platforms, they partnered with AliExpress, so all the products you can find inside users and also CJ Drop Shipping are from AliExpress, and AliExpress is a China supplier, if you don't know. they have a lot of products to offer, plus, the price is, of course, cheaper than the other supplier. so let's first review these source, so these series, with the proven AliExpress integration, empowers you to place unlimited orders to your suppliers on AliExpress in just a second, and you can pay them in bulk as well. however, a resource has its pricing plan, so let's just click on the pricing. they have a free plan, but it only offers a very limited features, so let's check their pricing here. so with their free plan, you can see that you can get the basic features, such as customer support, book order, as I mentioned earlier, three story limit and 3 000 product limit per account, but no saver shipping. as you can see, you can only change the products price once a month, up to two supplier only and no tracking features included in your free plan, no affiliate and no customization. so that is what you get with the free blind. so if you need those features not included in the free plan, you can upgrade to the advanced plan for 19.90 per month and you can check the features included here. this is good for small Drop Shipping business. of course, as you can see, they have also good features included in this plan and this is perfect for small Drop Shipping business. but if you have a growing Drop Shipping business and you see and you receive a lot of orders, you can upgrade your plan to Pro blind for 49.90 per month. or you can go to Enterprise plan for 499 dollars per month. if you really have a big, big business already and, as you can see here, all the paid plans they have, you can get first priority customer support and, like the free plan, you can only get customer support but you are not the first priority. this can be good platform to use if you have your Shopify stores, since this platform works very well with Shopify, plus the shipping from these source is much better and faster than the others. you may also integrate your Wix online store or woocommerce. these stores only have few options when it comes to integration, so if your store is from different platforms, for example, from eBay, Etsy and others, then this is not one for you. now let's check the CJ Drop Shipping. CJ Drop Shipping is a platform integrated with product sourcing, order processing and shipping fulfillment same with the users. however, CJ Drop Shipping is like a combination of AliExpress and oberlo. drop shipper list or connects product on CJ to their store, then CJ draws orders automatikally from their store and takes care of them. they also have different Services here, like the warehouse service. you can also ask for a photo or video taking of the product. they also have the proof of delivery, plus cash on delivery as well. they also have affiliate and API support for integration and more. it is like a One-Stop service platform covering all the services related to drop shipping business. so everything is inside the CJ Drop Shipping and the most exciting part is that CJ is a free platform and there is no monthly fee or charges, unlike desserts. you can create an account for free and set up your CJ and connect it to your online store for free. you also have more integration option, as you can see here, compared to D series plus. they also have different payment method options as well and an API tool that you can use. you will pay only for additional services, such as custom packaging, if you like it, labels and logos. so Warehouse fees are only added for items sent to CJ drop shippings Warehouse in the US and, as you can see here, they have different Warehouse available in different countries. so from this, you can guarantee that your item will be shipped safe and fast. you may also pay extra charge to requests for more sourcing limits, more videos and images shooting service and for custom packaging. CJ theme also guarantee that they directly connect with different manufacturer to lessen the price of its products, so you can guarantee that most of their products are more cheaper than the other supplier, including AliExpress. so when it comes to user interface, for me, CJ Drop Shipping is also more easier to use than users. you can ease actually find products from CJ and connect it directly to your online store, like, for example, to your Shopify, Etsy, woocommerce or Wix store in just a few clicks. so for me so. so for me overall, CJ Drop Shipping is the best because it's all in one platform for Drop Shipping. plus, they also have other source of their products, not just supplier or manufacturer from AliExpress, like the desserts, and also there is no monthly fee. so I guess that's all for today's video and if you have any question, don't hesitate to comment down below, and thank you so much for watching.

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in today's video. what I'm going to be doing is a CJ dropshipping tutorial that's going to be perfect if you're a beginner that's looking to get a better understanding of exactly what CTA dropshipping is, how you can use it to make money online and everything else that you guys need to know when it comes to building your Drop Shipping business using the power of CJ dropshipping. now, if you're new to this Channel and you're thinking who's this guy and why should I listen to him, well, welcome. my name is Sam and so far on this channel, I've made over 500 different videos when it comes to educating people on how they can make money online. but, most importantly, I was able to start an e-commerce business, quit my full-time job, travel the world to various different locations while still being able to make a passive income from my e-commerce business, even on holidays. so I definitely know a thing or two that's going to help you guys out. so, as always, I don't want to waste any more time. I want to get right into it. if you find any value in the video at any point, don't forget to press the like button. I'll really appreciate that. thank you so much. don't forget to subscribe. hit the Bell notification so that YouTube can let you know when a new video has been released. let's not waste any more time, let's get right into it, alright, so first things first. what exactly is CJ Drop Shipping and how does it work? for anyone that doesn't really know what it is or how to can use it? so CJ Drop Shipping is similar to a Drop Shipping agent, and by that what I mean is that they go directly to the manufacturers, they buy the products from them in bulk and hold it in their warehouses all around the world, and their main goal as a company is to help with the Fulfillment side of things for someone like yourself that is looking to start a Drop Shipping business. so if we take a quick look at their home page, I'm just going to point out a couple things that you guys need to be aware of. so one of the first things is that they've got various different warehouses all around the world. they've got a warehouse in the US, Thailand, China, Germany, Britain, et cetera, Etc. now it is important for you guys to be aware that the Chinese Warehouse is the one that has majority of the inventory. all of the other warehouses do have product and it does have inventory, but it's going to be a little bit limited to the amount of products that they have available in the China warehouse. now, when it comes to the actual e-commerce platforms that you can use with CJ Drop Shipping, you can use all of these different platforms here, for example, tiktok, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Walmart and even woocommerce. now, over my years of building various different e-commerce businesses, the main two platforms that I use when it comes to starting a Drop Shipping business is: I have a Shopify, or. I believe that these are the easiest ones to use when it comes to starting a Drop Shipping business, in my own opinion and in my own experience. so now that you're aware of exactly what CJ dropshipping is, what they do, which platforms are compatible and exactly what warehouses they have, the next thing that you need to know is how to find the best product to sell. so what you can do is just go through any one of these categories, select any one of them, go through all of the different products that are available and see if you're going to be able to find a winning product using this Method. All what you can do is head over to Zeke analytiks, which is an eBay product research tool, because they've got this useful feature over here called Ali growth scanner, and what this tool is going to be able to show you is all of the different products that are currently performing well on AliExpress at the moment. so AliExpress and CJ dropshipping are two separate companies, but a lot of people use AliExpress when it comes to starting a Drop Shipping business. so by using the Ali growth scanner on Zeke analytiks, you're going to be able to see which products are commonly performing well according to Zeke analytiks. from there, you can now see if that same product is available on CJ Drop Shipping- available for you to also Dropship. so if I just scroll down over here, there's these winter warm, waterproof gloves. by the looks of it, and because the analytiks is telling me that people are buying this or drop shipping it right now in AliExpress, the first thing that I'm going to do is head over to Google Trends and see if there's a lot of interest for this product right now, and we can see that there's these Peaks that are happening around the same time every single year, which is around October, November, December, and the same thing in 2021, around October, November, December. but of course, we need to see if this product is even available on CTA Drop Shipping for us to even drop ships. so let me just head back over to CJ. so I've just typed in waterproof gloves on CJ and I'm going to scroll down and see if the product is available. yep, so this one looks very similar to the one that was performing well, according to the Ali growth scanner over here. now, one of the first things that you need to do is actually click into the listing, and there's a few things that you need to look out for once you're on this product page, so one of the first things that I always tend to check is which Warehouse I'm going to be able to ship it from. so in this case, the only Warehouse that's available is the China Warehouse. if there was other options available, for example, the us or the UK Warehouse, Etc. the option would have been here, but since the China One is the only one, this is is the only option that we have. now. the next most important thing that you want to look out for before you start thinking if you should use CJ Drop Shipping to sell a partikular product, is the inventory levels. so, as we can see, they've got a lot of inventory. that's over 100 000 in their warehouse, by the looks of it, if I'm looking at that number correctly, which means that you're not going to have any issues in terms of running out of stok. the next most important thing is you want to check the delivery time. so, if we scroll down over here, what you're going to need to do first is select the location that you're going to be shipping it to. so, for example, if you're going to be shipping it to the United States, what you need to do is take a look at the estimated delivery time, and it's going to take between 7 to 15 days, which isn't necessarily bad. but what I always tend to do is click on the shipping method and see if there's any other options available. and, as you can see, there are some other options available, and what you want to look at is the total shipping cost and the delivery time columns. so I would rather use one that's going to have a quick delivery time and it isn't necessarily going to cost that much. so, when it comes time for you to connect your chosen e-commerce platform, whether email, Shopify, two CJ Drop Shipping, that's a very simple process. what you first need to do is sign up 2cj, and you could do that by clicking the link in my description down below, and once you click that link, this is the page that you're going to see. you just need to enter your email into your password and click on next, and if you do use that link in my description down below, you're going to be eligible for some sort of discount when you now start placing orders through your CJ account. so make sure that you use that link in my description when it comes to signing up for CJ dropshipping, and then, once you've signed up, it's going to take you back to the home page, but when it comes to connecting your eCommerce platform to CJ, all you need to do is click on authorization, click on any one of these different platforms here, whether it's going to be Shopify, eBay or whatever platform that you're thinking about using. you're going to be able to select it here. once you go through that entire process of integrating your eCommerce platform to CJ, the next thing that you obviously need to start doing is lis.

How To Fulfill Orders On CJDropshipping | How to place dropshipping orders on cjdropshipping

Assalamualaikum, how are you all? So today in this video, we will discuss how to fulfill dropshipping orders through CJ dropshipping, Because if we've added products through CJ drop shipping & got an order, then we have to place an order with the supplier through CJ & then they'll deliver the product to our customer. So how this whole process works we will discuss in this video, Because a student has asked me. he has an order on Shopify but doesn't know how to fulfill that order through CJ. So I thought to make a video on this topic so that he & all of you get a clear idea of the process. So here, look, this order is unfulfilled and we're gonna fulfill it & check how the products get delivered to the client. So what do you have to do? First, go to the apps and open your CJ drop shipping account. Click on CJ dropshipping account. It's already open in my tab, but let me open it again. Simply, the CJ dropshipping website is open. Here I'll click on "my CJ". After clicking on that here, your dashboard is opened. First of all, make sure that your products are connected with CJ dropshipping. As you have added products from CJ drop shipping, you must generate its connection with your products & then this system will automatikally work. So here go to the connections. after opening products. Here our products are connected, As you can see, the disconnect option is also available. you can disconnect if you want to. If your product is not connected, then I'll simply explain here how you can connect it. First, copy the name or URL, link/ SKU code of any of these products and simply paste it on CJ. Now search for the product whose name we have copied. So here is the product which we copied. When you place the cursor on this product, 3 options will appear here: List, connect and add to cart. Here you have to click on connect. When you click on connect, it will redirect to our product. Now choose the store whose product you've selected. If you have multiple stores, here you have to sync once the product. This product is not being shown because it's already connected. The products which are not connected have been shown here in the list. Here you can see it's telling that this product is connected already. please check the connection list. So you can check the connection list from here. But my objective was to tell you how you can do this: Simply to connect the product. what you need to do: If a product is on this side, you will find the same product on the other side too. It's a bracelet, and here you have to find the same bracelet, and if you found, now you have to pin it and press the connect button and both products will be connected. In this way, CJ drop shipping and your listed products will be connected And it will be easy for you to fulfill orders After connecting. go to orders and click on imported orders. Now simply sync to store orders and choose a store. Now choose the time and date. This process will take some time, ie.2,4 seconds. Now you can see. we have one order and our order has appeared here. Initially, you won't be able to see the order. it will appear only after syncing in. Here is the complete detail of order. Like: which product is it From? where it'll be delivered? Which warehouse is it from? of course must be the china warehouse. What Will be the address? Here is the address to which it'll be shipped. After that, you have to select a shipping method. You can select any of the shipping methods which you think are economical. After that, click on add to cart button. go to order fulfillment. Okay, so our product is moved to the cart. Now go to cart and click on dropship orders. The product which we have already selected will appear here Now select it and click on submit. After submitting, it'll show order confirmation. It's saying: please confirm the order, shipping info, shipping method, Shipping cost, etc. You need to check all the details of your customer. Though the shipping address is auto-picked, whatever the customer has given will appear here Here you can check the shipping address. After checking all details, click on submit. It says congratulations, well done. Now next step is payment. So this is the order number and price of the order. There are some payment methods through which you can pay and get the product delivered to your customer: Payoneer, PayPal, pay with card and pay with CJ wallet. options are available here. Select any one of them and link your account detail with that. Press agree and click on the pay button After placing the order. it'll be delivered to your customer within the days mentioned in the shipping method. I hope you have understood the whole process. Besides that, if you don't have your own store and you want to manually deliver a product to the customer Or you sell on Facebook from Pakistan or anywhere else, any other country- You're selling products through Facebook to the United States or the UK or somewhere else- You can place the order manually, through which they'll deliver the product to your customer. You just have to upload pics on Facebook & if you get an order, you can place your order here manually. Here I'll show you how Well you can see it here: Search products and create orders manually, Or import orders via Excel. In Excel you have to give all the details on a sheet, eg SKU number, product name, product code, etc. When you upload excel file, all details will appear here automatikally. Then you can connect with the product and place the order. This method is very easy, but those who have linked through Shopify or eBay can easily place an order with the previous method that I've explained. Almost all the stores work in this way If your CJ is linked with them and You have linked the product with CJ & you get an order. simply, this method is the same for everyone. Go to imported order and syncing. Your orders will appear here. now you can fulfill them easily. I hope you liked this video. I'll see you in the next video. till then, Allah hafiz.

How To Make Money With CJ Dropshipping in 2022 (For Beginners)

in this video revealing how to make money with cj drop shipping and how complete beginners are using this to earn a hundred to seven hundred dollars a day with no experience, more than after the intro. hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online? sign up for it in the link below. we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to a hundred and sixty thousand dollars profit in 90 days. so check it out now. so one of the reasons why i got started in drop shipping was because i wanted to find a way to finally get freedom in my life. you know, growing up i never really had much and it seemed like everything that i tried to do to make money online required a lot of time, required a lot of money and required a lot of experience, which i did not have. you know, i was a broke college student living off of the dollar menu diet and the taco bell diet, right, but i knew if i could just find a way to make money with drop shipping, then i could, you know, like help my mom and dad pay the bills. i could pay off my credit card bills, i could pay for my student loan debt and i did not have to worry about, for example, in fear of never having the money available to go ahead and do the things that i wanted, to live the life that i wanted. so i literally dove deep into drop shipping. i had a lot of successes and failures, but the craziest thing is with my drop shipping story is i literally went from zero to 1.5 million dollars in sales my first 12 months using these methods that i'm going to share with you. but there were also a lot of mistakes that i learned that you know now you know, for example, with cj dropshipping, it actually fixed a lot of those mistakes that you know i had right, because before cj dropshipping- which essentially- if you don't know what cj drop shipping is- it's kind of like aliexpress. the only difference is it's a complete all-in-one done-for-you automation like service where they literally connect to like, for example, a shopify store, and when it connects to your shopify, so it's already literally like all turnkey right. so essentially what it is is it connects to your shopify store. when someone makes a sale on your shopify store, it literally automatikally connects with, you know, cj drop shipping and ships it out directly to your customer. it's more seamless. and the craziest thing is they have, like, all these print-on-demand services. they even have, like us warehouses, which is like a huge, huge, huge thing because, like, for example, when i first started, you know, we were just depending on chinese suppliers, right, and that was like brutal because, like, sometimes the quality would go down, sometimes the quality was inconsistent, sometimes it couldn't just straight up, like understand me, because it was a foreign language. right, there was so many different hardships. but, you know, utilizing both aliexpress and the research for male express, with cj drop shipping, it allows you to make better decisions, right. so this is exactly what i did back in the day. i remember, like one of the biggest things that i did was like, for example, i would sell grow mats, right, um, and i would literally come in here and start selling these like wildfire, right. the only downside with this was, i remember, like this was like 2015, right, so this is when grill mats weren't even that popular. so i literally sold all of the products literally from china. i know it sounds weird, but i scaled that hard and i sold so much where, even though there was no more available on aliexpress, i literally had to go to ebay and buy them a little bit more expensively from the us and actually ship them directly to the customer from ebay, because i sold everything away from aliexpress but little did i know when i, for example, sold some of these, that some of these people were us suppliers. that would actually give me a better deal if i didn't buy them directly through ebay, but i dealt directly with them directly. you actually got on the phone with them and you know they're like: yeah, we'll just plug in, you know our accounts to your shopify store. essentially what it is is you can just run your ads or do the marketing and we'll do all the back-end stuff. so it turned like almost like a quasi affiliate marketing approach where i didn't have to do the shipping or handling. i'd have to do the worry about the returns and all that stuff, and it only happened because i outsold all of like the grill mats from china, and that's essentially what cj drop shipping is. there's all these supplies that are even already in the us and in the uk where you actually don't even have to call them, like what i did back in the day doing the old method of just you know tok, finding them in ebay, literally going to dinner with them and saying, hey, can we do business together? cj drop shipping literally has all these warehouses and you know wholesale prices and they already connect to your shopify store. so maybe you could add in your own special images and pictures and maybe order some samples and take your own pictures so they're unique, right. but at the day when someone buys from your shopify store, it could literally ship directly from cj drop shipping automatikally. same way how these grill mats sold directly from and shipped directly from my us supplier. now the beauty about that is you realize how big that is because you know, when it comes from the us, your shipping rates go down, your uh shipping times go down, your refund rates go down, um, and overall your customer experience goes up, which allows you to scale even faster. the reason why i scaled really fast from 0 to 1.5 million is because we moved over from aliexpress to a us supplier from ebay, but no one really wants to tok to people from ebay. no one wants to deal with like the reach out. so cj drop shipping is really a good automated way to really like circumnavigate that, because they literally have so much supplies for literally anything, right like. i can even, for example, type in grill mat and i can literally come in here and start selling grill mats from cj drop shipping and it automatikally connects to my shopify store. so it literally cuts out all the things that i did in the past and makes it so much more simpler, which like blows my mind. like if this would have existed back when i was getting started, i would have maybe like doubled or tripled my revenue faster, right, um? which leaves me in the next step. okay, now that you understand the opportunity with cj drop shipping. it's basically an easy way. that took me from, uh, from china, to us. it allowed me to scale faster with even cheaper prices. like you would see, some of these are seven dollars, but some of these here, um, are literally from. you could see all warehouses, but you could even see from like the us warehouse and you can see that there's like us warehouses right here, or you can do from like all warehouses, right, so they literally have like us suppliers as well. you know, now all i got to do is focus on: okay, well, what products would do? well, okay, and that's the most important thing when it comes to drop shipping, it's the product research, because, at the day you know, anyone can create the website. anybody can go ahead and, for example, do marketing. right, the product is what will make or break the game and the product is the most important thing. maybe like 80 to 90 percent of your time should be in product research. so, because cj drop shipping has all these warehouses and manufacturers, you just gotta figure out, okay, where can i find winning product ideas? so here are the ways that i did product research. number one: i would literally go on to aliexpress and maybe i would go into any one of these things. right, say i wanted to go ahead and check literally all the categories and do, for example, jewelry. say i wanted to sell like, for example, trendy earrings. right, if i literally click on trendy earrings with aliexpress, i can really sort everyt.