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classifides ads

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How To Make Money With Your Own Classified Ads Website Step by Step Guide

[Music],do,[Music],when it comes to make money online there,are,tons of ways that you can do so,one of those ways is having a classified,ads website if you go on google and you,type classified,ads usa there's a ton of results,[Music],see,[Music],you can go pages and pages you will find,tons of,a ton of classified ads website they,visit some of them,okay see i'm i'm pretty sure you have,already visited one of those websites,for example cars,okay this one is pretty basic,not not too attractive,let's see this one,another one nothing special there,nothing special there let's see a third,one,[Music],okay,okay you see there is room to have,some improvement there are so many,websites out there for classified,ads but not attractive you don't you,don't even,want to post your things out there,now if we do the same exercise,in canada,classified ads canada,you see again there's a ton of results,for this partikular search,now one of the biggest uh,website for classified ads in canada is,kijiji,kjg compared to the the other ones we,have visit,in usa you will see it's way better it,looks way better,more attractive more options,and you're gonna see the way they are,making their money,let's take a look at their home page,now as you can see,they are monetizing their website in,different ways,ads from google adsense,advertising spots home page gallery,people are paying to be on the top,right there,you have some banners,[Music],again once you hit the search for,example we are going to search for,[Music],honda,civic or maybe something else a service,[Music],i'm gonna look for plumber,now on indie resorts you will see,that they have again banner hands from,google,they have sponsor had on the top,and you have the results below,there are so many ways to make money,with the,classified ad website now,what we want is to build our own,uh classified ad website but will,we do it from scratch,no i have a better idea,i have used this template before it's,made on where wordpress,it's made on wordpress and basically,it's a done for you,website where you can have your,fully optimized classified ad website,fully optimized for,mobile and desktop and you don't have to,do nothing it's one click,install people page user profile,blogs home page,mobile app view so it looks like an app,when people,go to your website with a,with a mobile device,[Music],uh you have a bunch of features out,there,and you can monetize this website pretty,easy,the same way as i've explained to you,on the kgg website you can do the same,thing,with this one online word version,reservation booking you have a ton of,features,uh on in this website you can put your,payment gateway stripe paypal skrills,so let's see a demo,now i'm on the demo page as you can see,everything,is beautifully designed you have a top,feature ads people can pay to be on the,top on the home page,and here you can have,multiple cities,and people can select their cities or,they can be fined,they can be redirected to the nearest,city,if you set it up this way,now you have your categories,your banner ads can be there once you,you apply,to be able to to have google ads on your,website you can replace these banners,with,with the google adsense banners,this is one way to monetize,uh this website you can have banner ads,from,google from google adsense the second,way,you can have banners but now from,from people they can send you their,banners and you can make them pay per,month to be there,or per week it depends the way you want,to set up your price,your pricing the third way,is to have people featured on the top,of the website on the home page,okay and then there's a fourth way i,don't know if we can see it,here okay,so here on the listings,you you can set up people to be featured,before the other ones on the result page,so there are so many ways you can make,money having your,own uh classified ad website,you can even do something like this,instead of having a national classified,ad,website you can instead have,something more like classified,ads philadelphia classified ads toronto,classified ads new york specifically,for your city so it be it will be easier,to,stand out from the crowd because,nobody's thinking about,doing a local uh,classified ad website for their city so,if you want to make money faster instead,of,instead of having to compete with tons,of people,building classified ads for the uh,for the whole country you can have your,classified ads,but only for your partikular city,i will leave in the link below um,the link to go and see the demo uh,this one if you want to have this,this template,let's see if we go and buy it now if you,have it for one domain,it's 99 bucks so you invest 99 bucks,and there's a special right now if you,take advantage,i don't know when you will see this uh,this,this video but right now there's a an,offer at 40 percent off so you will be,only 60 to have your own classified ad,website,it's one click install i've already use,it,i'm making money with adsense and other,ways to monetize this website already,so it's really easy to install if you,click on the bottom on the bottom,button below to subscribe and,follow me i will soon,post a video where you can install this,template from scratch you will see it's,really really really,easy now the next thing you want to do,once it's installed you want to have,google to advertise on your website this,is the,first way you can make money and this is,the easiest way all you have to do is to,type google adsense on google you will,reach that page and you see you value,content,creating content takes time making it,profitable shouldn't,so all you have to do once you have your,you are approved,you have it's easy you put the banners i,will,show you on another video how you can,again install these banners on your,website it's,really really really simple all you have,to do is subscribe it's free,so you you put your city your country,and city,what niche you are and that's it once,you are approved,you'll be able to create create your,banners and then post them on your,classified ad website,then instead of having uh,instead of having these banners,right there you can put banners right,there,before and after your post and,once people are clicking on your banners,you are making money,every time people are clicking they,don't have to buy anything,the only fact that they are clicking on,your ads that's it,you are making money,so i hope you've enjoyed this video it,was pretty,it was pretty uh short compared to the,other one,but i think this is valuable information,don't,remember that you have to take action,without action your dream will,will always remain a dream take action,my friend,don't just listen to these videos and,and go,and sleep you will always be at the same,position as you are right now,so now i would appreciate if you could,leave a thumbs up if you have,learned something and don't forget to,subscribe,to this channel if you want to learn how,to make money online or offline,and put the notification bell on,so once i put some related video,how to install these themes you will be,alert and you will never miss,one of my videos until next time have a,super super,great day thanks for watching,[Music],you

Advertisement | How to write a Classified Ad | Format | Example | Exercise | Class 12

Hello Friends,,Welcome to Free Writing lessons. In this video, we will learn all about advertisement,writing. First, we will learn what is an advertisement?,Then, we will look into the format of it. and finally, we will understand it with an,example. So without further ado, let's get started.,What is an advertisement?,An advertisement (often called an ad) is the promotion of a product or service.,Have you seen a post of Job Openings in newspapers, or video of your favorite chocolates on television,,or post or videos of online courses on digital platforms like Facebook, youtube?,These all are forms of advertisements.,So, Why is it done? It is a guaranteed method of reaching an audience as it attracts interest,,engagement, and sales in public.,There are mainly two types of advertisement, 1. Classified Ads,2. Commercial or Display Ads,Classified ads are used by the general public to promote or use services.,The main aim here is to get things notiked with as minimum words as possible which is,generally less than 50 words. It is simple in look.,On the other hand commercial or display, advertisement is done by leading organizations,to promote their product or services. It takes more words and is more expensive,in terms of advertising cost. it is visually more attractive with varying,font, shape, and size.,Let me explain to you with an example of selling a car.,This is an example of a Classified Ad and This is an example of a Commercial Ad.,Now, you would have got an idea that how these two ads differ.,Today, we will learn all about Classified Ads.,There are seven types of Classified Ads mainly asked in exams,,1. Situation Vacant This advertisement is written by an employer,who is looking for the services of a person in his organization.,e.g, if an IT company wants a Computer Engineer, then the advertisement that they will publish,will be 'Situation Vacant',2. Situation Wanted This is written by a person who whats a job.,e.g, if you have completed your Computer Engineering, and now you want a Job, then the advertisement,that you will publish will be 'Situation Wanted',3. Lost and found This is written in case any object/person/pet,goes missing giving descriptive details for the same.,e.g, you lost your bag which contains all the certificates then the advertisement that,you will publish will be of 'Lost and Found,4. For Sale This is written in an attempt to sell property,,assets, office goods, etc. e.g, you want to sell your office then the,advertisement that you will publish will be ' For Sale',5. To Let This is written by a person looking for tenants,for his/her property. e.g, you want to give a home on rent then,the advertisement that you will publish will be 'To Let',6. Accommodation wanted This is written by the ones looking for a,place for accommodation. e.g, you want to a home on rent then the advertisement,that you will publish will be of 'Accommodation Wanted',7. Matrimonials This is written while looking for prospective,marriage candidates e.g, you are looking for a suitable groom,for your sister then the advertisement that you will publish will be of 'Groom Wanted',So, these are some of the types of Classified Ads.,Now, Let's learn the format of Classified Ads.,The format of the Classified Ad is simple.,There are three things involved in it.,1. heading First, write the Heading of the Ad at the,center of the page in capita; letter.,2. Content Next, write the content of your advertisement,in not more than 50 words.,3. Contact Person At Last, add the name of the contact person,whom to contact if applicable.,All this must be covered by a rectangular box.,Again, I will repeat quickly. 1. First, write the heading of Ad,2. Next, Add the content of the Ad. 3. Finally, write the name of the person to,Contact. All this must be covered by a rectangular,box.,Let's look into an example to understand this format.,The question is :,You are the Principal of Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad. Draft an advertisement for a newspaper,under the column-Situation Vacant inviting application for the post of English,Teacher in your school.,1. First step is to write the heading.,As the principal is offering a job, the heading will be: Situation Vacant,2. Next comes the actual content,,Here you need to add the qualification, experience, salary, male or female preference, and key,skills in not more than 50 words.,So, the content will be something like this :,Wanted an English teacher, male or female for our School, Qualification: B. Ed with,minimum experience two years, Fluency in English speaking is a must, with,good Grammar and writing skills. Salary negotiable. Apply within one week with a detailed resume.,3. Last come the name and contact details of the person.,Contact: The Principal, DPS, Ahmedabad : [email protected],Finally, draw a rectangular box around the advertisement.,So, this is an example of Classified Ads. As there are different kinds of ads you have,to mold your heading and content based on the question.,Now, I am giving you an exercise to practike.,The question is : You are the Principal of Government Engineering,College, Mumbai. Draft an advertisement for a newspaper under,the column-Situation Vacant inviting application for the post of Librarian in your College.,That's all in this video.,Let's quickly revise what we learned in this lesson.,First, we understood what is an advertisement.,An advertisement (often called an ad) is the promotion of a product or service.,Advertisements are majorly done in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television,,or in today's world on digital platforms like Facebook, youtube, Instagrams,,There are mainly two kinds of advertisement, 1. Classified Ads: used by the general masses,to promote or use services. 2. Commercial or Display Ads: done by leading,manufacturers, establishments, organizations to promote their product or services.,Next, we understood the seven types of Classified Ads mainly asked in exams,,1. Situation Vacant 2. Situation Wanted,3. Lost and found 4. For Sale,5. To Let 6. Accommodation wanted,7. Matrimonials,Then, we understood the format of classified ads.,It includes, 1. heading,2. content of the ad. 3. contact person,It is wrapped inside a rectangular box.,We understood this format with the help of an example.,And Finally, I gave you an exercise to practike.,That’s all in this video. Thank you for watching the video, if you have,any questions or suggestions please write in the comments section, if you liked it.,Please hit the like button. Do share the video, So, others can learn, and do subscribe to,the channel to get regular updates about the course,All the best for your upcoming exams. We will meet in the next video. Till then, Good Bye.,Wanted an Computer Engineer, male or female for our Organization, Qualification: B. Eng.,with minimum experience two years, Fluency in English speaking is a must, with,good programming skills. Salary negotiable. Apply within one week with a detailed resume.,Situation Wanted Looking for a job as a Computer Engineer,,Qualification: B. Eng. with three years of experience, excellent programming skills,,available for interview on any working day, the interested company may contact.,Lost and found Lost my VIP Bag while travelling to Nathdhawara,,black coloured,For Sale Shop No. 121, Seva Nagar, Dharavi. Ground,floor having attached bathrooms with 900 sft area, car parking available,,best location, 24 hour power and water supply, low maintenance charges and reasonable price.,For further details, contact:Harish/Harshita 98100XXXXX


How To Make A Classified Ads Website With Laravel

so welcome to the demo for the project,that we're going to be building and this,is a classified ads site so uh in short,because this is going to be an,absolutely huge project and we've got a,lot to do this will allow us to browse a,partikular area that we're interested in,and if we are just a normal user we will,be able to see any listings within that,area so perhaps we're selling something,or offering a service whatever it may be,as a kind of user who consumes the site,we can do that now what we can also do,is post a listing so if we wanted to we,can choose an area choose a category,enter a title a body and any other,information you decide to add and we can,see that listing once we have paid for,it so we are including payments as well,so what I'm going to do is run through,the site this is going to be absolutely,long because there's a huge amount that,we're going to do here and we're going,to see how this works so I'm not,currently signed in but as a user I can,just go ahead and browse a category in,the area that I'm in I've only included,us and a few States in here but of,course using the tikniques that we're,going to cover other you can add pretty,much any country any state or area and,do pretty much whatever you want to do,now from the start we're going to be,using nested sets for this because what,we want to do is open this up to be,entirely flexible into the future so as,an example we have us then we have a,state to say Alaska if for example,inside of a smaller area inside of,Alaska we wanted to then create another,sub area we can very very easily do that,so this is really really flexible and,it's a great tiknique to use because it,covers you for the future and that's,kind of what this whole course is about,it's about setting things up so into the,future everything is a lot easier as you,extend a project so let's just dive into,any area so let's just choose this one,here you'll notike that at the top here,this is kind of persisted the area so as,I browse categories as I just log in or,you know even register an account I'll,stay inside of this area if I want to,change the area I just come back to the,home page and I pick a different area so,that's pretty much how that's going to,work now here you can see I only have,three categories where or three kind of,top level categories with subcategories,but again we're using nested sets here,so you can create more categories very,easily you can create categories under,categories it's all very flexible so at,the moment we literally have no listings,on the site because I'm going to run,through how we're going to create a,listing and inside of our search bar as,well we have absolutely nothing in here,so there are no results whatsoever okay,so let's go and just log in so we can at,least go ahead and post a listing and,see how this will work so let's go ahead,and sign in or register and again we're,still in Auburn here but we now have all,of these options so the first one is,things like recently viewed so this is,going to show the listings that we,viewed as kind of just a normal user we,have the ability to add favorite,listings which of course at the moment,there are none and we can go ahead and,we can create a new listing we can see,our published listings we can see our,unpublished listings if we have them in,a kind of draft phase before we go ahead,and pay for them so let's go ahead and,create a new listing and this is really,really simple but again you can extend,this we're covering all the tikniques,that allow you to go ahead and extend,this in the future so let's go and just,post one inside of classes so let's just,say test and test in here and what I'm,going to do is just add any keyword in,body so we can see that the powerful,search picks this up so let's go ahead,and save this and you can see that what,it's now done is put us into a kind of,editing phase so again we can go and,update this if we want to we can go,ahead and write dogs if we wanted to we,can continue to payment which will save,our payment and then it will take us,onto the payment screen now in this case,we have categories each of these,categories are assigned a partikular,price so we'll do that in the database,you can also set categories to unusable,so for example we can't post in,community so we're going to be looking,at custom validation rules which touch,our database include where Clauses and,allow us to protect ourselves that way,as well so let's just continue to,payment now in this case there's nothing,for us to pay so you can skip this step,altogether and I'll kind of be guiding,you through that but if we click,complete very simply our listing is just,put live so inside of here we have the,title of the listening we have the body,of the listing we have how many times,it's viewed in this case one because,I've just landed on it and we have the,ability to contact the owner as well so,obviously I'm the owner at the moment,but you know you could remove this if,it's the current owner viewing the page,so just say something I'm interested for,example and let's just cover this very,quickly because it's really simple go,ahead and send this through and that,goes ahead and sends the message to the,owner now of course to test this out,we're using something like mail trap,just so we can safely test these emails,and you can see here we just get a,really standard email but of course in,terms of the view you can customize this,so Alex Gara has contacted you about,your listing I'm interested reply,directly to this email to get back to,them so the reply to email address will,be the person who has actually sent the,request so we can click on this and it,works in the same way okay so now that,we've got that out of the way and done,with let's return to our categories,because inside of Auburn we know that,we've posted a uh item inside of classes,that obviously now shows up here and,what we can also do is inside of this,category we can search so we know that,we have a test listing posted one second,ago inside of Auburn click on this and,we go through to it now if we are inside,of say the uh kind of urban area we,still get a search and what this will do,is it will show you in all categories,and it will show you the category so,basically the way that the search works,is if I'm outside of a partikular,category this will search in all of the,categories that we have very very,quickly as well so it's not going to be,a slow thing we're going to make this,really really fast and if I'm in a,category what it will also do is it will,suggest listings in other categories now,at the moment we can't see this but if,we just go and very quickly post a new,listing in another category and let's at,the same time look at payment so let's,say another listing in here and just put,anything in here really doesn't matter,save this out let's go through and pay,and then we'll return back to search so,this will bring up a payment form so we,can can go ahead and either use PayPal,or enter our card information and then,we can go ahead and process a payment so,let's go and why don't we just use,PayPal it's a little bit quicker and of,course we're in a kind of sandbox,environment at the moment so we just go,ahead and proceed with this let's go,ahead and complete the payment and once,that is finished our payment has been,accepted and now our listing is live now,just as another kind of side note we're,going to be really protecting against uh,things like people being able to get,around paying so we're really going to,focus on authorization making sure,people can actually take actions,checking things so we're going to be,very careful about the way that this,works okay so now that we've paid for,this let's go back to categories you can,see that we have one in Lost and Found,like so so that's the listing that we've,just paid for just in there and again if,I go into classes and I type in another,you can see or just a in this case you,can see that we have in this category,we're searching for th

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5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

in this video i'm going to show you five,free ads websites that everyone who,wants to start earning from 100 to 200 a,day should know about and also i don't,want to let you struggle with this free,ads website so i'm going to show example,of the products and a unique angles that,i would use if i would start promoting,products on these free edge websites so,you can start making money the fastest,way possible so you can make a mistake,and this is perfect way for every,beginner because you can do this for,free and you don't need to have any,experiences any skills all that you are,putting in is your time but you are,getting out with super valuable,experiences and also even before jumping,straight into this video i would like to,notify that i have created for you in a,free master class in which i'm going to,teach you in the five simple steps that,everyone who wants to go from zero to,six figures need to do in order to build,long-term profitable online business so,if you would like to watch this free,masterclass you can find a link down,below in the description click there and,i'm looking forward to see you there as,well but now let's continue with the,video all right and let's start with the,very first free ads optional free ad,website and this first one is called my,midi ads so on this website we can post,in a new ad and all of this is 100 for,free so if you just check it out real,quick you can see that we can be posting,and marketing at job ads but as well you,can be sharing there even as a company,so if you just grow this this is in the,professional social network for media,buyers and sellers so what do you want,to be you want to be in a seller and you,want to find these buyers there so if,you just scroll down uh you can see many,companies is using this and what you can,be doing there is a post your free ad,search for offers and many many cool,stuff so you just scroll all the way up,now what i want to show you are these,marketing ads and the job ad so under,the marketing ads you can see all of,these different categories that you can,find so this is basically all the,categories that for example you can find,on a clickbank if you want to be,promoting some offer in some niche and,as well you can find in the sources and,in a basis so cost per action cost per,click etc etc all of these options but,what is the most important on the my,media ads or this job ads because what,can you do you can be basically,providing these people some job,opportunity and this is what most people,are looking for on this website on in my,midi ads they are not looking just uh to,buy some stuff some affiliate program,but they are looking for something on,how to make money for some job,opportunity and this is something that,we want to be doing as well and if you,go into this job ads you can see that,these ads are truly getting some views,so 61 views 14 17 if you just scroll,down we can see for example even 209 uh,235 359 and if you are just saying,yourself that this is not enough this,just one view one of you three views you,can see that this is not actually an ad,this is just on spam so if you create in,a genuine ad on this website it can,definitely get in a click and many,people will be able to see this so now,let's check how you can actually create,a new ad so for this you just go to the,post new ad but even before that we need,to find a program or a product that we,are going to promote as i was telling,you before most people are looking on,this website for a job opportunity so,what we are going to do we are going to,find a job opportunity over there so we,will just go to the e-business and,e-marketing and one of the best job,opportunities offers on clickbank at the,moment are these get paid to use,facebook twitter and youtube or live,chat jobs or write app reviews or paid,online writing jobs so those are all of,these four are top converting in,e-business and e-marketing niche and as,well all of these are job opportunities,so these are helping people to make,money online from their home so what i,would do i would just pick one of these,first so let's just live chat jobs i,will click on a promote and i would just,enter my nickname account i would choose,this default and i would just create my,hop link will be actually my unique,affiliate that i can start promoting on,this website and then when we will go,back to the my midi ads you can choose,if you want to post marketing ad or a,job ad so what i recommend you is to go,with a job ad and then you would just go,to offer in a job in a position you can,just choose one of these and geo target,you can put there for example united,states because you want to be united,kingdom and australia because all these,tier one countries because those are,most buyers in africa marketing programs,and in the subject you want to create,something for example like a hiring 25,to 30 dollars per hour social media,manager chat chat bot or job,up to 175 a day facebook virtual,assistant so something that would take,people's attention and as well into this,message you want to write there's some,description about this product what this,is all about you can find all the info,if you open the afterlink and everything,will be stated there then below this,just you just posted your after link and,then this ad will go out and it can get,100 200 300 400 views but what's the,best about is that you can be creating,these ads over and over again you can,switch the product you can switch,description you can switch uh the,headline and you can be creating these,ads over and over again and this is one,of the options that even my students,were able to make money out of this so i,highly highly recommend this one then,the second free ad website that you can,start using is called,worldprofit.com so as you can see right,there this isn't a world profit and this,is in a free membership for athlete,marketers uh what's really important to,say about this website that this is not,only free ads option but as well they,have some affiliate marketing trainings,but i have to admit that i don't really,recommend them because i don't know,about anyone who was able to make some,profit out of this training so what i,recommend is website for is only the,free ads or posting and a free ad so,what do you need to do you just need to,click on join our free membership and,basically create your membership so add,your name add your email and then when,you sign in you will end up uh not here,you will end up in this place but there,will be tons of ad as you can see,jumping on it so you want to go over it,what's cool about is that you can gather,this guy toking to you because he is,kind of a some chatbot or a live,business center something like this you,can just tok with these guys if you,want if you i don't know feel alone or,something like this but what's important,for us is that right there on the left,side you can click on the free,classified ads and place ads for free,and then you can post on a free ad but,even before this this is something what,they have changed recently is that you,need to view at least 10 classified ads,to enter in a new one so what do you,need to do you just need to go back,start checking out these uh ads that are,there here and then you will get these,credits to create your own ad now what's,really important to say as well that,these ads are seen only by a members on,a world profit so you are not getting,any new members all around the internet,you are promoting products only to the,members of the world profit what's cool,about is that those are basically buyers,and people interested in affront,marketing so if you have the right offer,for make money online and biz up and all,of this stuff you are able to even,monetize these people already on the,world profit so what i recommend as a,product is just go to the clickbank and,i would still keep with the e-business,and e-marketing and what i would take,for example are offers like this one,click weld system because those are not,just some

Free Classified Ads Sites [How To Post Classified Ads Online] NEW Method Update

hey it's Troy Miner and in this video,I'm going to be toking to you today,about online classified ads and I,encourage you to watch this video,through to the end because I have a lot,of experience with online classifieds,and uh just give this video your full,undivided attention and as I get started,be sure to hit that like button uh click,on that notification Bell so that you,can see when I do these videos and,reviews and updates often,um but here's the truth,there is in my honest opinion there's a,correct way to use online classified ads,and unfortunately I really truly believe,that about 90 percent,people that use these use them,incorrectly so they they test it out,they don't get the results it is that,they want and then they quit I've been,doing this for years so in this video,I'm going to share with you what I feel,are the best absolute best ways to,promote your business,and um get the results it is that you,want so the program that I use is known,as classified submissions and what they,do is they will promote your classified,ad and website each month to thousands,of advertising Pages including 2 000,plus classified ad Pages 500 plus high,quality private blogs and 100 plus Web,2.0 properties why is this relevant it's,relevant because,you need to find Reliable ways to,automate your business all right I know,people that spend all day long on social,media they don't get results you know,they have people that are quickly trying,to spam them with their links look I,have been involved in affiliate,marketing for almost nine years I'm full,time at this so I I think I have a very,very good understanding on what works,and what doesn't and that's why I'm,excited to share this video with you,today now what is the incorrect way to,use a service like what I use classified,submissions,um you got to understand the people that,are members and promote their,opportunities these are advertisers,right these are people that are looking,to generate leads and looking to make,sales for their business so,if you look at it realistikally what is,the last thing that most people are,really looking to do they're they're not,looking nine out of ten times to join,another business they already have one,so what I'm going to teach you in this,video is how to indirectly promote your,business and get very very good results,and uh if you do what it is that I'm,going to share with you and and take,advantage of this I am telling you you,will love using classified ads online,um everything that I share with you in,this video is going to be provided,directly below this video in the,description I don't care if you're,involved in cryptos if you're involved,in network marketing affiliate marketing,my strategies work so,before I get into that right,let me just share with you,um what I feel works very very good and,then I'm gonna come back to this page so,that I could share with you how you,should be using this and how to get,started,so what is it that people that use,online classified ads are looking to do,they're looking to advertise so,here's my suggestion instead of leading,with your business and I'm not saying,that you cannot get results promoting,your business what I'm saying is that,this is a much smarter way to do it and,you want to have something that is a,free offer or you know some type of a,giveaway an incentive to get people to,want to see more to get people who want,to take action now this is one of the,marketing funnels that I recommend that,you use or something like this and I'm,going to show you where I get these done,for you funnels and how you can promote,up to 10 different business,opportunities using this marketing,source so this is a great page right,attention this is a time sensitive offer,please Act Fast learn how you can copy,my free brander system at no cost right,viral traffic system and get a free,viral report comes with full branding,right so when people see this right if,they're looking to get leads,why not use a free traffic generating,system a free lead generating system,that can get you the results it is that,you want so people are going to come,down here they're going to enter their,email address they're going to enter,their name and they're going to click,yes let me in so the software and the,system that I use to do this,all right is known as,Mega marketing Pro right Mega marketing,Pro again,below this video uh at the end of this,video you could click on the links in,the description to get access to this,but this is a 100 free system you know,you do not have to pay at all to be able,to use this and once you opt into this,page,you're going to be brought to this page,and you just start at step one right I,mean there's really three steps that you,really really want to follow and a,fourth step if you want ideas on you,know different ways to make money from,home so uh step one start here step two,the system teaches you how to drive,traffic to your website and step three,teaches you how to automate this system,now,um one of the other advantages if you,come over here you could see,where your leads are housed right your,leads are actually housed from your mega,marketing Pro back office if you hover,over tools you're able to use things,like banners and splash pages and they,even have done for you email ad swipes,that you could use,and this program is connected to leads,leap right leads leap is a traffic,exchange that you can use and you have,these share codes which I'm getting,ready to share with you in the next,minute on so many different marketing,funnels that you can use to promote your,offer,um so let me give you an idea of what,that looks like,so one of the things that you're going,to do from your back office is set up,your marketing funnel in your,autoresponder so be sure to watch these,video tutorials showing you how to,automate the process again started step,one pay attention to what it is that,you're doing and it will be very very,easy for you to set this up now you're,going to be encouraged to join leads,lead that's the only way that this could,work right leads Elite is a free,uh system it's a free platform I,strongly encourage you to become a pro,member Pro members I think you pay like,twenty dollars a month or twenty two,dollars a month peanuts right if you've,ever done any kind of paid traffic or,paid advertising you know that investing,twenty dollars a month into what it is,that you're gonna see where the leads,leap is an absolute steal you know in my,opinion so you're going to be given the,option to join Leeds leap right once you,join as a free member you're going to,come back here according to the video,tutorials and put in your screen name,save it right and then you have these,leads leap share codes okay so this,video is showing you how to set up your,share codes with the share codes you,have these done for you platforms so you,have the,free traffic free lead pages right so,you have a bunch of them here that you,can look at you can preview the pages so,that you could see uh which ones you'd,like to use you can use multiple uh at a,time you know you're not stuck with,using just once,so you'll copy and paste the share code,in the tutorials it'll explain how to do,this and here's the thing,when people opt into your Mega male Mega,marketing Pro page you're gonna have,this thing set up where the follow-up,page the follow-up video is going to be,your thank you page right so,again this is about giving away things,of value being able to give away free,things you have some options here right,so when people opt into my page,they're going to be able to get this,free viral lead system for any online,business a free report so I have this,connected to my lead capture page right,so I'm giving them a free way to,generate leads and to generate traffic,and then when they come to this page I,am promoting,my,businesses right I'm promoting my,businesses as a result of doing that,so this is a relatively new system a lot,of people don't know about Mega,marketing Pro and che

How to Post Free Classified Ads on Autopilot | FREE Ad Submission Software

hey guys it's Dan Froelke here and I'm coming to you from behind the camera,today because I've got something really awesome that I want to share with you,now you are looking at right now complete automation okay I want to hold,my mouse right here and so what exactly am i doing well I'm using brand new,classified ad submission software and I am posting my classified ads on,autopilot now originally just wanted to shoot this very quick video he,introduced this classified ad posting software to members of my team but I,thought no I'm gonna share this with all of my youtube subscribers as well,because I know a lot of you guys out there are interested in using free,classified ads to generate leads for your online business so this classified,ad posting software is a great tool to automate that process and again you,should see my my cursor right here and it is complete autopilot posting my ads,to free classified ad websites in this software will work for everybody okay no,matter if you're an easy1up, instant cash solution, profit passport exitus,elite, abundance network you name it this classified ad submission software will,work for you and of course if you're not an affiliate marketer in the home-based,business niche you can always use this classified ad submission software for,any business any company or any service so I want to introduce you to the Osclass Submitter. this classified ad posting software will post unlimited,campaigns to 500 US cities per day on ten different high traffic free,classified ad sites with just a few clicks and again you'll be able to post,to ten different high traffic classified ad sites on complete auto-pilot so if,you want to get your ads out to ten different sites automatikally this is,great software for that and these websites get a ton,of traffic the Osclass submitter cost one-time payment of just $47.97 and I've,been using this software for a few weeks now just to see how you know I worked I,just wanted to try it out to see if it actually work as advertised and I'm,happy to say that it does and people are looking for free now more than ever and,with this free classified ad poster you can really ramp up your free classified,ad posting now at the end of this video I'll be sharing with you a link where,you can get the Osclass submitter plus five hundred and ninety seven,dollars worth of free software that will help your online marketing more on that,in just a couple minutes. once you purchase the software you can upload it,to your computer and get started immediately or you can do what I'm doing,i uploaded this software on a remote VPS server you're asking me what what the,heck is that well it's just a computer it's just a Windows computer that's,hosted somewhere else that's all of this and the service that I'm using for this,is called IO zoom and there's lots of advantages of using a windows remote VPS,server okay so you don't have to use your computer's resources you can have,several different programs running at the same time you don't have to bog down,your computer and that's what I like about it and I could have the Osclass,submitter post automatikally all day remotely while I do my everyday,marketing on my own computer so I highly recommend this if you are gonna run,software like this you really should be running it on a separate computer just,set your programs and let them run and it only cost ten dollars per month. now I,want to show you the ads that it actually will post okay so let's go to,those right now alright now here's an example of just,one of the websites that the Osclass submitter will post your ads to and,these are absolutely free websites to post ads,as you can see there's all kinds of categories here right,you've got the opportunities work from home business opportunities start your,own business and it's all over the United States okay you can post up to,500 ads per day all the ads will stay live for 90 days and again this is just,one of the websites now let's scroll down and look at mine that I just posted,because it's working in the background right now May 4th right here he just got,through submitting this one to Hallandale Mississippi ok and this is my,image right here let's see we've got the headline you've never seen anything like,this if we click on it right here we have the main headline we've got an,image here you can put up to three images right here we've got HTML you can,add right here to make it look really nice one more image right here in inside,the HTML so I create an HTML and then I put this image within it okay here's a,link to my website when you click on it here,it's gonna go right to my capture page right here let's go back there and if,you want to share the Osclass submitter with others you'll get a,little commission ok that's at this link is here your ad posted to thousands,automatikally they can click that link there and if they purchase it you'll get,a little commission and here you can embed your YouTube video and that's what,I did right here so you can include that this also helps YouTube SEO if you know,anything about that you know anytime you embed your video on to a high traffic,site like this one it's gonna help your YouTube SEO it'll help you rank ok so,anyway that's a good advantage there and you can see some more of my ads right,here Raymond Mississippi, Duckhill,Mississippi so it goes on and on it will post over and over again ok again this,is just a little example of one of the classified ad,sites one of the free classified ad sites that the Osclass submitter will,post to now I want to take a look real quickly inside the Osclass submitter,and I'll show you how to post an ad all right now here's where you're gonna put,all your ad information into great your ads right and it's very very easy to do,there's also step by step training that comes along with the program so I want,to fly over the highlights here really quickly you're gonna put your project,name right here and you can have multiple projects what I like about it,as soon as you put all this information here and you save a project you don't,have to ever enter this information again they're all saved multiple,projects right here and let's say if you had multiple projects what you can do,you can advertise on each one you can post 10 ads on one it'll go down,to the other one and post 10 it'll go to the other one and that's what this is,here you can change site every let's say 10 20 or 30 ads okay that's how that,works got to check that button okay number of,ads you want to submit maximum is 500,and we choose the category over here and you can see there's lots of categories,it's not just work for home opportunities it is everything that,classified ads have okay there's there's travel start your own biz cameras CDs,jewelry all kinds of categories right here now you know I like to do just to,work from home or the business opportunity so that's what I usually do,and you can put your title in here and it uses spintax so what that means is,you can rotate multiple titles at once all right and there's just a little code,that you can get but again it explains everything in the training so it uses,spintax for titles you can have all kinds of,titles and rotate them per ad okay so that's kind of cool,you can include a description here this also uses spintax so you can use,multiple descriptions if you want to I don't do that I just use HTML you can,also use HTML and if you want to use that all you have to do is check that,but your website link right here and it'll automatikally hyperlink it okay so,if you got your offer right here and it'll automatikally create a hyperlink,for it put your keywords up here if you're interested in doing that and you,can also embed YouTube videos which is really cool all you have to do is put,your YouTube video share link right there and it actually embeds the video,and of course this also help rank your videos as well so it's really good SEO,you could put your Facebook page right there that's opt