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classified ads for houses for rent

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist | Real Estate Housing Ads CL Without Getting Flagged

welcome back with another video. we're gonna do another craiglist posting today. today we're gonna try to post in a different category. today we're gonna do real estate for sale by honor category. so let's post somewhere in california. let's choose los angeles to post. okay, so we are in the los angeles city. on craigslist, i already have created the account, same as always, so i'm gonna directly log into the account and show you there is nothing on the account as well. then we're gonna create the posting. so we're gonna hit my account. okay, so we're in the login page. so, as i mentioned, i already have the login and password. so here is my login and we're gonna use the password. okay, so let me put the password and i'm gonna hit login. okay, so, as you can see, there is no posting in there, nothing whatsoever. okay, so you're gonna post on the same cd, los angeles. okay, i'll hit go. okay, so you can choose any nearby area you feel comfortable with. so you're gonna choose any of them. that should be fine, okay. so? real estate for sale- housing offered. okay, now you're gonna choose real estate for sale by honor. okay. so, posting title: i already have the description, title, everything ready, so just gonna copy and paste it whatever i have, so i don't have to create again and again. so sell your house fast. also, we did not add any phone number for the ads, because this is dummy sample ads, so just gonna. you can choose pretty much any zip code while you are posting, so that should be fine and you can choose anything you want, like as a house or anything you feel comfortable. that should be fine as well. so once you are done so you can hit next or continue. okay. so now it will automatikally find you the map and then you can click continue again. okay. so image: i already have created an image, so i don't have to create now. so i haven't add any phone number or so ever. you can always add a phone number, uh for that. so that should be fine. so once it's uploaded, you can click done with image. okay, so now we are pretty much ready to publish the ads, so we're gonna just hit publish, have a look at the details and everything, so hit publish, okay. so we're gonna wait. as you can see, it's already live, but that means it's not still live on the subspace. so we need to look into our search page and to see if it's live or not, but we're gonna check the dashboard if it's live on there or not. so, as you can see on the dashboard, it's live. okay, so we're gonna come back after maybe a few minutes to check on that- uh, if it is really got live on the search page, because if it's not on the search page, that means it's flagged. okay, welcome back again. so we're gonna go to same city, california, los angeles. okay, so [Music] it's loading. okay, so we're gonna go to housing category and then real estate for sale. okay, now let's filter it and see if our ads went live or not. okay, so we're gonna hit post it today. there you go. the first one on the top that is our ad. we're gonna view it as well, just for you to see. okay, sell your house fast in any condition. you can see. we'll have a look at the id, the posting id and the content. everything is in there. if you need playlist posting service, feel free to contact us. we can definitely help you with the craigslist posting. feel free to call us 310-929-718 or email me. thanks, have a good day. bye.

Apartment For Rent | House For Rent In Jamaica | Cheap Rent Price

today I am featuring this two-bedroom house for rent. mighty sale in the long run. check it out, okay. so I have an apartment here for rent. it's two, very well, through my kitchen in the car porch. this is the kitchen, and then suppose 10 bytes in here. okay, here's the fat one, and the vacuum is approximately swimming by 12. you also see there's one of the entrances, but you can pinch about. this is students are all the way right. here is the bathroom. the bathroom is approximately ten by ten [Music] here. so that's a climate, Miriam. here's the French rule. the front wheel is approximately 1414. [Music] the carport. [Music] six, alexander, pick some up. you swine shown information. you can get me on myself at eight, seven, six, four, four, two, three, nine, three, four, three, one nine.

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How to post in CL | Craigslist থেকে প্রতিদিন Unlimited লিড আনতে পরবেন | craigslist update 2022 |

[Music]. [Music] foreign team. a link to copy. [Music] foreign: yes, i am cathy rs. [Music]: single mom needed, need a partner text. my cell phone text, my cell continue, foreign, foreign.

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How To Promote UNLIMITED Affiliate Products on CLASSIFIED ADS And Make Longterm Passive Income

so in today's video, i want to show you how you can use classified ads to promote affiliate products, and these are one of the best free traffic ads where you can promote affiliate links without any cost at all. there are so many classified ads online there, guys. you just have to look out for them all. you just need to just go to google and just type free classified ads and you're going to find a whole heap of free classified as the hundreds and hundreds of them from all over the world. but you especially want united states classified ads, okay, and most of these classified ads get massive amount of traffic. one of them is this one here that i've just shown you: the classified adscom. so if we go to this website called similar web, similar web allows you to see, you know, stats for different websites. so if you come in and type classified asscom and scroll down here, okay, come over here to engagement and the engagement. you have total visits. you can see they get over 1.6 million visitors every single month and you scroll down here, you can see most of the traffic where it's coming from. so this is what you want: united states traffic and gets 50 percent of the year's traffic. india is 29 percent. uk, four percent, canada, two percent. okay, and you can also see the visual representation of traffic here. another one is this one here. this one is called online marketing things. free classified sites list without registration for 2021.. now, this is a website that allows you to see you know sites: free classified sites for 2021 without registration. if you scroll down here, you can see a list of free classified ads. now we have the first one here for you: free classified ads. we have dell he one, two, three list. we have meetpackcom. all these are free classified ads- awake and post here free or your affiliate links for free. okay. another one is this one here. this one is called affiliateschannelvisioncom. it shows you 10 free online classes sites for your affiliate links. okay, so you can also come over here. so you have all these different sites which will allow you to post your affiliate links for free. so we have ears free ads. we have gumtreecom. some of them are local, like for your country, like sony's for my country, kijijicom, but most of them you'll find they're from the united states. okay. another one is this one here. this one is business ads for free. here you can also come and post your ads and it gives you different categories. you have ads by categories. now, if you come and click over here, you have affiliate marketing. you have, you know, business opportunities. they have drop shipping. they have all sorts of categories that you can use to post your ads for free- okay. another one is this one here. this one is called addclassifiedin. this also allows you to post free ads, but they also have a in a package for premium ads which you'll need to pay. okay, but when you're doing classified ads, you don't really need to pay for anything, because there are tons and tons of these free ads online, free classified ad sites. okay. another one is this one here. this one is called global free classified adscom. okay, so this one also has different categories. they have business opportunities, they have jobs, they have auto vehicles. so whatever, whatever niche or whatever category it is that you are on, you can just come over here and post your ad. usually they're going to be on the business opportunities, okay, so all these are just free classified ads. guys, these are just a few of them. they're like hundreds and hundreds of them. as you can see, these are just some of them in one of their sites, okay, and then you scroll down here you can even see more for different countries. they have top 30 for chennai, for india, germany, south africa, uae, bangalore. so so many of them, and i've actually used one of them, which is this one here. i've actually used classified asscom some time back and it was very, very effective because i made some good money from it. so all you need to do is just come over here. you can even log in if you want, but you just come over here and post an ad for free. then you want to select your category. okay, you can go to jobs. okay, you can select subcategory. you're going to click on this again. so you have business opportunities, you have creative jobs, you have educational jobs, financial. you want to click on business opportunities and then you go to entire city or a ziplock and just enter any city. uh, you really want to enter a city in the united states, so i'm going to enter here, maybe florida, okay, so now you can now select the recommended. okay, so i'm just i'll just go with any over here. um, let me just go with the first one here. so now you have the add title and you want to select a product from any affiliate network which you can use as your as your ad title. so i'm just going to go over to clickbank. okay, i'm going to scroll down here. now i can use any category here, from a business- education, employment- i'm just going to go with a business and the marketing. i'm going to scroll down here and i want to use this one here that says get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube. okay, the conversion is 42, so i'm going to grab this title. i'm going to just copy this. all right, i'm going to come back to classified ads. i'm going to paste the title here. okay, now for the asking price. you just want to place here zero. okay, so let's play zero, zero, because they're not going to be charged anything. this is going to be a free ad, so that it's going to be a free for them to view. all right, now here the description. you want to come over here back to clickbank and you want to open the product itself. all right, so when i open the product, which will now take you to the product page or the sales page, that is okay. so you want to? um, you can use the first heading here as the description. so let me copy. let me just copy all this, okay, because this one says what it is: online social media jobs that pay 25 to 50 dollars per hour and experience required, work at home. okay, so we come back here and then just going to paste. okay, then paste again here, all right, so there we have our description. you can even make this bold. if you want, just to make it stand out, you can increase the font. font size is going to come over here. uh, maybe give it what? uh 22. okay, scroll down here. so now, here, you're just going to place your name. you're going to place your email. you're going to place the email again, your phone number: now you can create a different phone number. you can use your own phone number, but if you're going to use your own phone number, i recommend that you keep your phone private. you don't all sorts of people calling you, so you're going to keep this private. okay, so you have a city there. you have your zip code as report. you can just find, like, for florida zip code. you can just come over here to google, okay, so here you can just search florida zip code. all right, so you can use any of these zip codes here. all right, so i'm going to come back. let me just copy one here, like the first one here. i'll come back to a classified ads and then i just paste the zip code there. all right now. it also depends on how you want to, uh, when you want it to expire. you can have it expire in six months, in one week, nine months, it's all up to you. i recommend just leaving it at six months. just leave it at default if you're really not sure. okay, you're going to type in this captcha and then you're going to place an image. now you can place an image from the sales page. if the sales page has any kind of image, so maybe you can use this logo, even this. so let me see if this is, if this can be used. so save image, because usually you want to use something like a logo or just an image that represents the product. okay, so this is a web page. i can't really use this, but you don't really need to use the image, so you're just going to skip that, okay? so once that's done, you're just going to click on post this ad. okay, so now you're going to have your ad posted on classified ads. now, remember the hundreds of these classified ads. so you ju.

How To Make Money Using Classified Ads

hey, guys, what's going on? it's grant nicholl here, and in this video, i'm going to show you how you can make thousands of dollars online by using classified ads websites. i'm going to show you, guys, 11 websites that are completely free for us to go to and post ads, and i'm going to show you how to find a great product that can pay you thousands of dollars, guys, online, and i'm going to place a free app for you on one of the websites and i'm going to give you some text to show you how you can do it. i'm going to literally show you how to do on one website. you can go away, guys, and post multiple times on the 10 other websites to make great money online. so we've got a lot to cover, but before i get to this, what i want to do is just go across to this website right here and you can see straight away. it says online dating statistiks. now what i want to do, guys, is show you a product that we can promote to do with online dating. reason being is because, as some of you will probably know, online dating and dating apps is growing every single year. this is just some statistiks in the united states alone. you can see right here: 26 million people in 2017 and it's projected to go up to 35 million guys in 2024. so what does this mean? it's just basically means more and more people are looking to find romance online and more people are looking to turn to apps to do it or dating coaches to do it. so we can get on top of this as marketers and make some money online. so what i want you to do is come across to digi store and sign up- if you haven't already done so. this is an affiliate marketing website- and come down and select dating lab and relationships and if you just scroll all the way down, check this course out right here. guys, here it is dating course certification. basically, what this is is this is a course that we can advertise to people who are looking to become a dating coach- okay, so they can actually make money online as a dating coach. and we can also make 1 500 every time you make just one sale, with the potential to make three thousand, two hundred and thirty two dollars after upsell. so what happens is, guys, people come across to become a dating coach. it's a twelve week course and there's upsells as well, so we can make a ton of money. now what i would recommend is you going across to the actual sales page. right here you can see how this works. is we advertise a free webinar? excuse me, we advertise a free webinar where people come across and they register to listen to what this guy has to say. if they then go ahead and purchase the coaching course, we then make 1 500, with the option of making even more money. so it is a great product to promote, partikularly because of the fact that online dating is getting so popular. so what you can do is you can come across and you can choose this partikular course to promote, and right here we have our affiliate link. once we've done that, then what we want to do is go across to the free classified ad sites and start posting on them. so i'm going to go across to the first one, which is classifiedadscom, and i'm going to create an ad for you right now, but really quickly. what i also want to do is just show you right here. classifiedadscom, on average, gets 1.3 million people- well, i had 1.3 million people for november, guys. so not only is it free, we can also post our affiliate links in there- and also gets millions of people each month. so massive potential for this website. this is probably one of the best websites on the internet for posting free at. so what you're going to do is you're going to create your free account and then just go to post and add free. so it's really easy to do. and what we're going to be doing for this strategy in this video is we're going to be posting our ads under the jobs category because we're going to be advertising, you know, a dating coaching program, right? so all you need to do is just select jobs and then select people seeking jobs and then go across to business opportunities. now just a word of warning: sometimes you don't have this option on other websites. if you can't find dating or business opportunities, just select other. that's. that's absolutely fine. as long as you get your ads on here, your affiliate links, there's no issues at all. people are still going to find it, guys, and all you need to do is just put your ad title so you can just put dating coach, and then you're asking price. you're going to want to put zero, because this is a free webinar that we're promoting. remember, people can go across and they're going to watch a webinar and if they decide to purchase the accreditation course. we then make our money. so for the actual main description box, you can write something along the lines of kind of advertising the dating coaching program or if i just drag this across, guys, you can use this text that i've left the link for below and i'll just put some text right here. guys, i'm just going to read out you that i'm going to use. i just said: are you good at figuring out what the other sex wants? do your friends always come to you for dating advice or are you often seen as the matchmaker? if so, then you might be missing out on an amazing opportunity. have you ever considered becoming a certified dating coach? seriously, more and more people are turning to online dating in a bit to find love and, as a result, more of these people are also turning to dating coaches to help them with this process. and this is your tiket to a new career, a career where you could earn a substantial amount of income online, changing people's lives. you can learn more and register for your free webinar here and right here. you want to post your affiliate link, so i just go back across the digi store. you will just copy your link and go across to bitly and shorten your link, guys, and then go across and paste your link in. we'll just get this back right here. paste your link and then all you need to do is copy it. so i'm just going to copy this and i'm going to get this shortened and then i'm going to paste it. and then- the great thing about this website- you can actually change the text to bold. you can also increase it. so i'm just going to change that to. let's have a look. this one right here, and i'm going to change this size to make it a bit bigger and you can underline it. so i'm just going to leave that right there. and then what you need to do is you can put your ad name and you need to put your phone number in. that's fine. your city tower neighborhood- i'm just going to leave it. i'm going to put bristol, that's fine. now, this is a great. here you can actually keep your ad for up to nine months. not only is this partikular website getting one million people going across every single month, guys, we can keep our ad on here for completely free for nine months- super powerful. and then all you need to do right here is just put this text in, so and you can add your image in now. what i would suggest is you go back across to the website. if you come down right here, you can just copy the image and upload it to your classified ads website. so i'm just going to go back across to the desktop and do this and here's my image. i'm just going to click it and there we have it. so let's just hit post this ad and it's going to go live. so just wait for this to go through. okay, your ad has been posted. great, here it is and you can see. the great thing is, guys, we have our affiliate links right here. are you good at figuring out what the other sex wants? dating coaching, london, business zero. i put my city right there. that doesn't matter too much. people can come across and they can message you directly. guys, you're gonna need to use your email when you sign up to this website, or they can just click on the affiliate link. if they click on the affiliate link, they're going to go across this website where they can use the option of signing up to the webinar and obviously then, if they purchase the full accreditation course, we make 1 000 and like 500 or so. so really, really powerful. so that was the first website classified ads. let's move on t.

FLIPPING HOUSES - Classified Ads for Finding Motivated Sellers

what's up? what's up everybody. it is Danielle we Fe, the original house-flipping ninja, and I am out here with coach Steve say hey to the people. coach Steve, everybody. so Steve is naturally in the Academy, one of my coaches, and this is actually going to be a video that we're recording for the students, as well as my YouTube people. so, Steve, you were actually telling me something good about using those little free classified newspapers and whatnot. right, right, right. you know, when you're in real estate, you want to make sure that you're not only looking for your people, but that the people are also looking for you, because you can only find so many people in a given day. so if people are looking for you and the, the, the, the remedy that you're able to give them, then it's only going to increase your broader margin at the end of the day. so you know, you want to take a look at all of the major avenues that you can utilize for your marketing, whether it's newspaper ads, the Pennysaver, nifty nickel, some of the more inexpensive marketing strategies that you can employ- but you can run ahead- and a nifty nickel. it may cost you like $20, $30 or maybe even $40 for the month, but that ads gonna be route. they're running for you and people are looking at it. you know, and that's the biggest key- is getting your message out in front of people, because you might be able to go out there, drive for dollars and hit maybe 50 houses in a day. that's a lot of driving for dollars, though, um, but that nifty nickel, it can go out there two to three thousand people. you can't hit that Monday, but you can if you're diversifying your marketing strategy and if you're going out there and, let's say, you run your hand. and this doesn't have to be something really elaborate, you can just say: real estate investor looking to purchase properties. you know, contact me for more information. both just keep it short and sweet. put your note, your phone number in there. people will call. they may not call after the first week, it may not cost. second week become the third week, you may have 3040 phone calls of people wanting to sell their house. that's huge, because these are people that are looking to sell the property. now, whether or not you can help them, that depends on what they're looking to sell their property for. but even if you, even if you yourself can't help them, what's stopping you from? okay, mister real estate agent. I got a person that's looking to sell their property and you know, if you can, we can work out maybe a consultant fee. I can start feeding you leads, then take it all day long because it's free marketing for them and they don't get paid to you until the deal closes. and so once the deal closes, they get paid. you get paid and let's say you got 20 leads out there and you're able to sell, do about two or three whole sales for yourself and then you kick out ten to a real estate agent at five hundred bucks a piece. that's huge. that's an extra five thousand dollars that you wouldn't have made on top of what you're making. so now you might be making it. you might be going from being a $5,000 a month hole seller to being a fifteen to twenty thousand dollar month hole seller doing the same exact thing that you're doing right now. so definitely look at adding that, because I mean 40- 45 bucks is nothing, it's nothing, mm-hmm. we spend thousands of dollars doing direct mail. so 45 bucks is not kill you, and, and and if $45 is gonna kill you, then you have some other issues aside and so that's something you guys that I I've done: penny, penny savers and 30 nickels and nifty niggles, as its called out here in Vegas for different businesses. I've never done it for real sense and it's good to hear of somebody who's actually had good success using the, the free classified papers. I remember back when I did as for other businesses, I would get the the more expensive image ad- it had the banner ad- and place it on the front page like I went all out. you know I got the big, big old, huge image ad, but I like the fact. what Steve is saying is that you can actually get the smaller text ad and, like he said, I still get a result. it's so good results. and so the goal is, of course, just like anything you want to build scale in, is finding out what works. so you're gonna- it's good, you know- to run multiple different ads, because if you're doing marketing, you're gonna want to make sure that you're not just running one type of ad. you're gonna run three to four ads to find out which one's going to produce the most money so that you can build some scale into it. you know, because if you're, if this one ad works, if add a works and ad beat doesn't really give much a result, you're not gonna run that B anymore. you know, run a day and now you can run add a on a full page because one is producing profit and two, you know it works and if it's gonna work on a small scale it'll work on a much larger scale. so you know, text your different variables, run more than one hat, but you know 45 bucks, it's not gonna kill you. this is really really not gonna kill you. is there 45 bucks a week or 45 bucks a month for the month? for the month? that's crazy. that that is crazy good. you know that is crazy good because I know, I know, with the, the image ads that I was running, I believe we're doing about maybe 300 bucks or 400 bucks a month, right, and those I mean. of course I went all out and went from page and you know image ads and whatnot, but but, but even at 300 bucks for the month, that's not that bad. yeah, here's the other: amazing, but that's not bad. but you know, let's say forty five dollars and you get one deal and you make five thousand dollars on for that. that is an insane profit margin, insane profit margin. if you're telling me that, if you can't, you know, reinvest another forty five dollars to keep running that. you know you got bigger issues and you might be a little bit greedy, but you know 45 bucks, you know it. it'll definitely help change your business, change your way of doing marketing and change how you're being effective in real estate. because the goal is to not just being real estate but to be effective in real estate. because there's so many people out there saying, oh, I'm a wholesaler and they get crappy deals and you don't want to be known for getting crappy deals. don't do crap. no, crap belongs in the toilet. leave it there. so make sure that you're out there doing deals that you yourself would buy, because one day you will be the one buying them. if you're constantly going over into the hood area and you're finding crappy deals and you can't sell them, you know maybe it's because you won't have the right buyers, or maybe it's just because they're not good deals, because you know people feel like their life's in danger. book, go down there. we're not in this business to be a danger every day. I mean that's why I was in the military. I was military. yeah, let me see, he's a big guy, he's. what are you about? 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 and 200 and 300. all right, see. so, like you know, if you know somebody who's six, four, three hundred pounds are scared to, you know goes to some here in town, then I mean those are some pretty crazy areas exactly, and you know. you think of it like this. you know, when you're looking at these deals and you're like, ha, just got to get a deal, um, would you put your savings in that neighborhood? and if your answer is no, honestly, be honest with yourself. if your answer is no, what makes you think somebody else is gonna put their savings a neighborhood when you're doing a deal? don't be known for being the guy that gives the crap deals, because nine times out of 10, a lot of investors, when they hear your name or something comes from you, they are gonna run. you want to be the guy to where investors are looking for you and beating down your door. I don't hole sell as much as I used to because I'm more on the investor side now and I'm an entrepreneur now on another business. but people are still beating down my door asking me: hey, you got any deals? I got text messages in my phone, you got, I get them every week. there's like I'll wholesale, maybe five.