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classifieds ads in usa

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Best Top 12 Free Classified Ads Posting Sites US/UK in English

subscribe my youtube channel and click bill icon. like in share video. the most frequently viewed free ad posting sites. posting classified ads may sound old school, but don't underestimate its power if posted at the correct place. not all free ad posting sites weigh the same Authority. you would like to know that the ad will be viewed by prospective buyers, who will be interested in whatever it is that you are advertising. here is a compiled list of the 12 most frequently visited sites where you can submit your ads to. the sites below are listed according to their Alexa ranking on the date of publishing this artikle. they might be different if you check at alexacom today. if you post your ad on one of these sites, there is a good chance that many people will view your ad, which in turn will lead to a positive response for your business. 1- eBay. this American multinational company provides consumer to consumer and business to business sales service via the Internet. eBay operates in over 30 countries, making it recognized as one of the largest tiknology companies around the globe. this site is used for advertising goods and services locally and internationally. eBay's Facebook page in America has nine million two hundred thirty six thousand seven hundred nineteen likes. their Facebook pages in the UK and India have 1 million six hundred seventy eight thousand one hundred twenty six and three million six hundred eighty four thousand eight hundred twenty three likes respectively. on Twitter, their us following is over five hundred ninety one thousand. in the UK, their followers number one hundred twelve thousand and in India their followers amounts 166 thousand. two: Craigslist- currently one of the most popular international free ad sites, Craigslist has sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, services, gigs, events, community resumes and discussion forums. even though its user interface can be considered outdated, it's still one of the leaders in classified ad sites. three: let go. OLX. hosting free, user generated classified ads. OLX, as an international company that provides spaces for ads from various categories, such as cars, jobs, housing, pets, personals and others. on OLX, sellers can personalize ads with pictures and videos, as well as display selling and buying ads on social media platforms, OLX is various Facebook accounts around the world have over 1 million likes and their combined Twitter followers amount to almost 60,000. you might be wondering. its Alexa rank is ten thousand four hundred thirty five, but why does it make to the top number? three? it's an exception that I have to make. OLX has many sub sites that are serving different countries, judging only from its parent, OLX comm s Alexa rank won't produce a valid ranking in the list for back page. back page is found around the globe. from America it has spread to Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. their selection of add posts covers everything imaginable, all subdivided into easily recognisable categories like local places, community, buy, sell, trade, automotive, musician, rentals, real estate, jobs, dating, adult and services. five: Gumtree. this free ad site is available in a multitude of countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland and Singapore. Gumtree is famous for advertising cars, flats and houses, services, pets, furniture, merchandise, job offers and many more. Gumtree has over 1, 5 million likes on their Facebook page in the UK and South Africa and more than 70 thousand followers on their various Twitter accounts. 6: classified ads accessible at classified ads dot-com. it's a free ad listing site. its categories vary from advertising cars, real estate, pets, personals, items for sale, services, etc. as seen in the screenshot above, it covers a huge variety of categories and topics, starting from vehicles, jobs, services, pets, etc. 7: doodle. doodle is currently a large aggregator of listings from sites like eBay, myspace, forint, etc. they also include advertisements from local newspapers and websites. if you don't know what or who they are, actually the one that powers Facebook marketplace. items that can be found on it'll include cars, real estate, renting jobs, personals, merchandise, tikets, pets and a variety of other classifieds. eight: ad post. ad post is another site for free classified ads. it is located in over 1000 cities in over 500 regions across the world, including America, Australia, Malaysia, India, Canada, the United Kingdom and Singapore. nine: hubli. Hubli has a very extensive range of ads displayed on their site, from event announcements, art, books, collectibles, electronics, employment and careers, hobbies and crafts, home and garden, jewelry and gems, musical instruments and pets and animals, to real estate and vehicles- a virtual a-to-z of all you can think of. 10: sale spider. sale spider has combined forces with big names such as Walmart, Macy's, amazoncom, etc. when you open the site, you will find a free classified ads section where you can post your ad. it is one of the largest free social networks where business owners can find free sales leads and prospects, as well as free business directories and free business forums. 11: ads globe found in America, India, South Africa and expanding into the rest of the world. ads globe as another advertising gateway for free classified ads, including jobs, real estate, rentals, vehicles, services, items for sale, travel events, pets, business and community. 12. yeah cos. yeah cos aggregates classified listings from sites including Craigslist and Kijiji, a canadian-based free ad site. the results are presented in an easy to search format, sorting items such as real estate, cars, jobs, etc. using features such as price range, location and date. listed. yeah cos operates in America, but will perform searches in countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Chile. the choice is yours for the making. there you have it, a comprehensive list of the top international ad sites. if you have other free ad posting sites that you feel should make it into the list, feel free to leave a comment below. I'll be glad to check and add them.

How to Post Free Classified Ads on Autopilot | FREE Ad Submission Software

hey guys, it's Dan Froelke here, and I'm coming to you from behind the camera today because I've got something really awesome that I want to share with you now. you are looking at right now complete automation. okay, I want to hold my mouse right here. and so what exactly am i doing? well, I'm using brand new classified ad submission software and I am posting my classified ads on autopilot now. originally just wanted to shoot this very quick video- he introduced this classified ad posting software to members of my team- but I thought: no, I'm gonna share this with all of my youtube subscribers as well, because I know a lot of you guys out there are interested in using free classified ads to generate leads for your online business. so this classified ad posting software is a great tool to automate that process- and again, you should see my- my cursor right here- and it is complete autopilot. posting my ads to free classified ad websites in this software will work for everybody. okay, no matter if you're an easy1up, instant cash solution, profit passport, exitus, elite, abundance network, you name it- this classified ad submission software will work for you. and, of course, if you're not an affiliate marketer in the home-based business niche, you can always use this classified ad submission software for any business, any company or any service. so I want to introduce you to the Osclass Submitter. this classified ad posting software will post unlimited campaigns to 500 US cities per day on ten different high traffic free classified ad sites. with just a few clicks and again you'll be able to post to ten different high traffic classified ad sites on complete auto-pilot. so if you want to get your ads out to ten different sites automatikally, this is great software for that, and these websites get a ton of traffic. the Osclass submitter cost one-time payment of just $47.97 and I've been using this software for a few weeks now just to see how you know I worked. I just wanted to try it out to see if it actually work as advertised, and I'm happy to say that it does. and people are looking for free now more than ever, and with this free classified ad poster, you can really ramp up your free classified ad posting. now, at the end of this video, I'll be sharing with you a link where you can get the Osclass submitter plus five hundred and ninety seven dollars worth of free software that will help your online marketing. more on that in just a couple minutes. once you purchase the software. you can upload it to your computer and get started immediately, or you can do what I'm doing. i uploaded this software on a remote VPS server. you're asking me what? what the heck is that? well, it's just a computer. it's just a Windows computer that's hosted somewhere else. that's all of this, and the service that I'm using for this is called IO zoom, and there's lots of advantages of using a windows remote VPS server. okay, so you don't have to use your computer's resources. you can have several different programs running at the same time. you don't have to bog down your computer- and that's what I like about it- and I could have the Osclass submitter post automatikally all day, remotely, while I do my everyday marketing on my own computer. so I highly recommend this. if you are gonna run software like this, you really should be running it on a separate computer. just set your programs and let them run, and it only cost ten dollars per month. now I want to show you the ads that it actually will post. okay, so let's go to those right now. alright, now here's an example of just one of the websites that the Osclass submitter will post your ads to, and these are absolutely free websites to post ads. as you can see, there's all kinds of categories here. right, you've got the opportunities: work from home, business opportunities, start your own business- and it's all over the United States. okay, you can post up to 500 ads per day. all the ads will stay live for 90 days. and again, this is just one of the websites. now let's scroll down and look at mine that I just posted, because it's working in the background right now. May 4th, right here, he just got through submitting this one to Hallandale, Mississippi. ok, and this is my image right here. let's see, we've got the headline. you've never seen anything like this. if we click on it right here, we have the main headline. we've got an image here. you can put up to three images. right here, we've got HTML you can add right here to make it look really nice. one more image right here in inside the HTML. so I create an HTML and then I put this image within it. okay, here's a link to my website. when you click on it here, it's gonna go right to my capture page right here. let's go back there. and if you want to share the Osclass submitter with others, you'll get a little commission. ok, that's at. this link is here your ad posted to thousands. automatikally they can click that link there and if they purchase it you'll get a little commission. and here you can embed your YouTube video and that's what I did right here, so you can include that. this also helps YouTube SEO, if you know anything about that, you know, anytime you embed your video on to a high traffic site like this one, it's gonna help your YouTube SEO. it'll help you rank, ok. so, anyway, that's a good advantage there and you can see some more of my ads right here: Raymond Mississippi, Duckhill, Mississippi. so it goes on and on. it will post over and over again. ok, again, this is just a little example of one of the classified ad sites, one of the free classified ad sites that the Osclass submitter will post to. now I want to take a look real quickly inside the Osclass submitter and I'll show you how to post an ad all right now. here's where you're gonna put all your ad information into: great your ads right, and it's very, very easy to do. there's also step by step training that comes along with the program. so I want to fly over the highlights here really quickly. you're gonna put your project name right here and you can have multiple projects. what I like about it: as soon as you put all this information here and you save a project, you don't have to ever enter this information again. they're all saved multiple projects right here. and let's say, if you had multiple projects, what you can do, you can advertise on each one. you can post 10 ads on one. it'll go down to the other one and post 10, it'll go to the other one, and that's what this is here. you can change site every, let's say, 10, 20 or 30 ads. okay, that's how that works. got to check that button. okay, number of ads you want to submit. maximum is 500 and we choose the category over here and you can see there's lots of categories. it's not just work for home opportunities, it is everything that classified ads have. okay, there's, there's travel, start your own biz- cameras, CDs, jewelry- all kinds of categories right here. now, you know I like to do just to work from home or the business opportunity, so that's what I usually do. and you can put your title in here and it uses spintax. so what that means is you can rotate multiple titles at once, all right, and there's just a little code that you can get. but again, it explains everything in the training, so it uses spintax for titles. you can have all kinds of titles and rotate them per ad, okay, so that's kind of cool. you can include a description here. this also uses spintax, so you can use multiple descriptions if you want to. I don't do that, I just use HTML. you can also use HTML, and if you want to use that, all you have to do is check that. but your website link right here and it'll automatikally hyperlink it, okay, so if you got your offer right here and it'll automatikally create a hyperlink for it, put your keywords up here if you're interested in doing that, and you can also embed YouTube videos, which is really cool. all you have to do is put your YouTube video share link right there and it actually embeds the video, and, of course, this also help rank your videos as well, so it's really good SEO. you could put your Facebook page right there. that's opt.

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EARN $20K Every Month By Being Your Own Boss, Free Classified Ads Posting Sites 2022-2023

مرحبًا, يا رفاق ،. نرحب بالعودة بعلامة تجارية أخرى, إستراتيجية جديدة ومثيرة في يومنا. هذا فيديو سنشاركه معك. مدهش. مصادر Tropic المجانية, في الواقع, التي يجب ألا تكون واحدة أو اثنتين. سأذهب أن أشاطركم ستة مختلفة المصادر المدارية التي يمكنك استخدامها ببساطة لإعلاناتك المجانية, التي يمكنك ببساطة يعلنون بشكل أساسي عن هؤلاء الستة مواقع الويب المختلفة التي سأقوم بزيارتها. إطلاقه في الفيديو. مذهل حقًا, ما أستخدمه. لذا عليك استخدام نفس الحيلة ونفس الإستراتيجية لـ تعظيم النتيجة من ذلك على الفور. هنا, بشكل أساسي, هذا ضخم التي يمكنك الحصول عليها ببساطة من أجل, مجانًا, تمامًا, هنا, على الفور, يمكن استخدامه ببساطة, لذلك فهو مطلقًا إستراتيجية مذهلة. يمكنك ببساطة فقط قم بإنشاء إعلان واحد. سيكون إعلانات مجانية. ويمكنك ببساطة نشرها وتراجعها. ستة منتديات خلل مختلفة أيضًا. في الواقع, كنت حرًا تمامًا وأنت في تحويل. مذهل من الآن. هنا, خطوة بخطوة, سيكون الدليل وهذا البرنامج التعليمي الكامل. هنا ما عليك سوى الاحتفاظ. مشاهدة الفيديوهات بطريقة الإنترنت هي أي جزء منفرد من الإستراتيجية, لأنه إذا فاتتك, فستكون مرتبك, ولن تكون كامل. فهم كيف بالضبط الطريقة و تعمل الإستراتيجية قبل البدء. الطريقة التي سأطلبها منك: فقط اضغط على زر الإعجاب كتقدير لهذا الفيديو. إذا لم تكن قد اشتركت فيه للقناة, الرجاء الضغط على زر الاشتراك, زر وقم بتشغيل إخطار الجرس. في كل مرة نقوم بتحميل فيديو جديد. سيتم إخطارك بذلك وإذا كنت أريد أن أحصل على تدريبي المحدد و CPA للتسويق والتسويق بالعمولة, ثم تحقق من الرابط الأول في وصف هذا الفيديو, وسوف كن متفهمًا تمامًا. وستفهم أكمل الدليل الكامل, من الألف إلى الياء. كن هكذا. يمكنك الترويج لذلك. في الأساس, هذا ليس استثمارًا. الإستراتيجية التي سأشاركها مع أنت واليوم فيديو. وإذا كنت تريد لديك وتريد أن تعرف خاصتي أهداف لكسب المال عبر الإنترنت في عملة معماة بطبيعتي, كما أنا, فعل ذلك ببساطة. يمكنك ببساطة علّقني في قسم التعليقات وأنا سيُظهر لك أيضًا إرشادات كاملة في المستقبل, بعد يومين, كيف أنا أكسب المال باستخدام العملة المشفرة و كيف يمكنك أن تفعل الشيء نفسه بالضبط. يعني أنه يمكنك الجلوس مرة واحدة في السنة- الطريقة تعني في خمس دقائق- ثم بعد سنة واحدة, ستأتي فيها الأموال التلقائية باستمرار. لا حاجة لذلك. حتى أريكم كيف يمكنك فعل ذلك بالضبط. ، فلنبدأ الإستراتيجية التي: كيف يمكننا بالضبط كسب المال عبر الإنترنت مع المحدد الإستراتيجية والفيديو الذي نستطيع اليوم أظهر لك ببساطة ستة مدار مختلف المصادر. أول وأهم شيء هو أنه يتعين عليك القيام بذلك مع كل, وكل أم أه- شبكات CPA مثل هنا, مثل CPA يقدم, موقع grepcom, CPL, leaguecom, مقابل مثال في Work Media, يمكنك استخدامه. يمكنك استخدام applausecom لذلك. فهذه هي جميع الشبكات المختلفة التي تستطيع استخدام مجاني تمامًا للترويج لـ CPA يقدم. لذا, فإن النصيحة الأولى هي أنه, إذا كنت يروجون من موقع CPL, grepcom أو قم بتشغيل أي شبكة على أي شبكة أخرى, أنت فقط بحاجة للتسجيل. مع ذلك. بمجرد قم بالتسجيل, ثم يمكنك ببساطة تسجيل الدخول حسابك. بمجرد تسجيل الدخول الخاص بك الحساب, ثم عليك الذهاب إلى دورة البلد, يعني والترشيح, أو قم بالتصفية حسب البلد. هنا يمكنك ببساطة اختيار كندا بشكل أساسي, المواقع التي أطلقها اليوم مع منتجك الجديد, المواقع التي لم يمتلكها أحد من قبل. أظهر لك هنا حتى هؤلاء الستة موقع مختلف سيعمل على الأفضل مع حركة المرور الحالية هنا. بمجرد اختيار حركة المرور الكندية, هنا يمكنك ببساطة الحصول على كل هذه مختلفة لتقديمها. مثل إنفاق 750 باتجاه بيتزا هت, هذا الجزء العلوي الذي يدفع دولارين وخمسة سنتا. هذا واحد آخر يدخل مقابل 750 باتجاه بيتزا هت, مرة أخرى مقابل دولارين وخمسة سنتات هنا, لكن هذه هي مختلفة. تقدم: هنا يمكنك ببساطة ترقية وهذه واحدة أخرى للفوز. اربح المزيد من الحسابات هنا. واحد آخر لحساب النافذة, مرة أخرى هنا, ولكن هذا أيضًا يعتمد على تقدم. هذه درجات جميلة. على سبيل المثال, 500 بطاقة هدايا مقابل "Time For Tons" هنا. ما عليك فعله, ما عليك سوى نسخ هذا العنوان واحدًا تلو الآخر, وكذلك الرابط هنا, و ضعه في دفتر ملاحظات هنا من أجل مثال, ولن تدون او شيء من هذا القبيل, يمكنك ببساطة استخدامه. لذلك, بمجرد الاستفادة من كل شيء معًا, هذه الشبكات المختلفة أو كل هذه عروض نهائية هنا, لكندا, هنا يجب أن يكون ذلك جغرافيًا- إتقان من كندا. لذلك لدينا الكثير من أه, ولكن لدينا عرض واحد, وهو في الحقيقة مذهل. تحميل احدث الاشياء. نحن لديك الحق هنا, الذي يدفع 13.69, وهو القليل من المال الجيد. وهذا كتب المال كما تريد. على سبيل المثال, هذا هو واحد آخر. قضى 13- وهذا هي واحدة أخرى. على سبيل المثال, قم بتنزيل أفضل محتوى: يدفع 9.80, أربعة سنتات, وهو مبلغ جيد المال. وهنا واحد آخر يمكنك الوصول إليه إلى محتوى البث المفضل لديك. هو أم. أعطيك 14 للتحويل, بمعنى أنه إذا قام أي شخص بإضافة بريده الإلكتروني أو الرمز البريدي, لذا عليك أن تربح هذا مبلغ مالي. وهنا لدينا آخر واحد مثل هذا: تحميل أفضل بندقية مباريات: تسعة دولارات. وهذا واحد آخر. هذا واحد آخر. لذلك لدينا الكثير من يقدم هنا هذه اللحظة. فقط ضعها معًا. ومرحلة هبوط واحدة. إذا كنت تستخدم التطبيق pluscom, لذا بالطبع يمكنك ببساطة الذهاب إلى قسم الدولة أو قسم الموقع واختر فقط كندا هنا. ثم في هذا الترشيح, هنا يمكنك ببساطة تحديد البريد الإلكتروني أو إرسال الرمز البريدي, على سبيل المثال, وسيكون لديك كل هذه العروض المختلفة هنا. يمكنك استخدامه ببساطة بحيث تكون هذه هي جميع العروض المختلفة, وهي كلها هذه العروض خاصة بكندا هنا يمكنك ببساطة استخدام ذلك. بمجرد اختاروا كل هذه العروض المختلفة هنا, على سبيل المثال من applausecom أو cpripcom, ثم لديك للذهاب إلى صفحة مستقلة, مثل الرابط إلى أو أي شخص آخر. قمت بالتسجيل للحصول عليه حساب مجاني, ثم تسجيل الدخول إلى حسابك. ونجمع كل هذه وصلة واحدة هنا, أعني في صفحة واحدة, مثل هذه أزرار هنا. هذا الوصف و التسجيل مجاني تمامًا. فقط بحاجة إلى افعل ذلك بمجرد تجميعها معًا في هذه الصفحة المقصودة هنا. يمكن أن ترى هنا ببساطة. ثم عليك انسخ رابط الصفحة المقصودة من هنا, لـ مثال, بمجرد التسجيل. نضع الكل هذه الأشياء ثم انسخ هذا الرابط من هنا, ثم وزع في أي مكان حتى أول موقع ويب. سأشاركه معك مع حركة المرور المجانية. حقًا مدهش كل هذه الأشياء مدهشة هنا مجانًا, تمامًا. فقط قم بالتسجيل في حساب Play ثم انشر بياناتك هنا أو إعلاناتك أو منتجك هنا لـ مجاني, تمامًا. قبل إظهار إعلانات, أطلب منك فقط أن تضرب مثل زر تقديرًا لهذا الفيديو, لأنه سيحتوي على موقع YouTube خوارزمية لدفع هذا الفيديو في أمام المزيد من الأشخاص الذين يمكنهم أيضًا استفد من ذلك, ويكون ذلك أكبر تقديرك هنا. موقع الويب الأول الذي سأقوم بزيارته. شاركنا فيديو اليوم. أعلن عن موقع Agecom بشكل خاص. أعلن إبادةكوم موقع مصنف مسبقًا على أساس كندا هنا, ولكن يمكنك ببساطة قم بالتسجيل للحصول على حساب مجاني هنا, بمجرد التسجيل, للحصول على التسجيل المسبق هنا. ثم أنت يمكن ببساطة اختيار الدولة التي, البلد الذي تريد ترويجه. ثانيًا, لدينا كندا هنا, لذا يمكننا. ما عليك سوى اختيار كندا على. كل هذه العروض ستكون متعلقة بكندا. منبثق هنا وسيظهر ذلك لنا. ويمكننا ببساطة نشر هنا. سيكون لديك هذا الخيار, مثل نشر إعلانك. يمكنك ببساطة نشر الإعلانات بشكل صحيحهنا موسيقيا. فقط اختبر الرابط الخاص بك في هذا العنوان وكذلك في الوصف. ويمكنك أيضًا إضافة ربط ذلك والازدهار حتى نفس البيانات, محتويات الإعلان نفسها, التي يمكنك نسخها ببساطة من هنا. وانتقل إلى الموقع الثاني, وهو findermastercom. finder mastercom هو أيضًا موقع ويب مصنّف مسبقًا ، لذا, بمجرد انتقل إلى pintermastercom, ثم لديك لاختيار موقع كندا هنا, الذي اخترناه بالفعل- كندا- الإعلانات المبوبة- ثم سيكون لديك هذه قسم مختلف هنا. ويمكنك ما عليك سوى نشر إعلاناتك داخل قسم الخدمة هنا. لذا, يوجد الكثير من المحتويات الرئيسية والكثير من يقوم الأشخاص بالترويج لمحتوياتهم من هذا الموقع. ولكن معظم الناس لا تستخدم الصور هنا, لذلك لن تبدو جذابة. لكنك استخدمت صورة, لذلك ستعطي فكرة جيدة لـ هذا على الفور. هنا وسيكون المزيد من العرض والمزيد من التحويل الصحيح هنا. فقط اذهب وانقر على انشر زر الإضافة الخاص بك وأننا على ما يرام وللموقع الإلكتروني. نتحدث عنها في مؤهل مجاني. القسم مصنفة, spectorcom محددة يعد factorcom أيضًا موقعًا مجانيًا مصنفًا موقع الويب في جميع أنحاء العالم. بشكل أساسي, بمجرد تعال إلى هذه الصفحة هنا, يمكنك ما عليك سوى اختيار الكاميرا هنا, لكن انت بالطبع لديك امريكا, مزيج, تأشيرة, أستراليا, الهندية, باكستان, الإمارات العربية المتحدة, الفلبين- بسبب كل البلاد التي يمكنك ببساطة نشر إعلانات, ولكن إعلاناتنا مرتبطة بـ كندا, لذلك قمنا جميعًا بتجميع كل عروض لكندا, ولهذا لدينا كندا هنا. ثم نذهب ببساطة أعلى هنا أو تنزل, إذا كنت تريد. اختر, على سبيل المثال ، عليك ببساطة انشر اعلاناتك مجانا هنا. زر, وانت على ما يرام. و الموقع الرابع الذي نتحدث عنه في التردد, خمسة أقسام هي: مدفع البحر, tiklistcom, آسف- يمكنك أن تأخذ, أو شيء من هذا القبيل يمكنك أن تأخذ. gigantiklistcom هو أيضًا موقع ويب مصنف مسبقًا. كثير من الأشخاص يستخدمون وهم ينشرون المحتويات الموجودة هنا على هذا الموقع لـ مجاني تمامًا. بمجرد مجيئك, لديك خيار نشر إعلاناتك بشكل صحيح هنا في هذا الموقع ، لذا فهو أيضًا موقع الويب المصنف مسبقًا. و PIP, الموقع الذي نتحدث عنه, هو أيضا موقع رائع ومذهل و التصنيف المجاني هنا وهو H1 adscom. H1 adscom هو أيضًا.

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I Posted An Ad On TheFreeAdForum - Copy And Paste Ads EXPOSED!

there are countless videos out there telling you that you can make 100, 500 or even a thousand dollars a day just posting ads on sites like the free ad forum- videos from top guys like john c, kevin d, dan f, jb and more- and these videos total well over 3 million views. and all the videos i watch just told me i can copy and paste ads, slap them up on the free ad forum, sit back and start raking in the cache. so i decided to test these out and see if what the other gurus are teaching actually works. i even went the extra mile and paid 20 bucks for my ad to be boosted. welcome to affiliate marketing. dude investigates glory tests so-called money-making methods every monday. just a little warning: in this video there's going to be some little tips, tidbits and strategies that are going to save you time when looking to post ads on various different websites and classified ad networks. pay close attention to these and take notes. and if you want to learn more about this method, make sure you check out freeaddforumcom, a website i recently acquired where i'm going to post a list of the top sites postings, my test results and more. but first let's investigate the free ad forum. dot com is a very popular website. alexa ranks it at 14 503, which means out of the billions of websites out there online, only fourteen thousand five hundred and two get more traffic than the free ad forum, which is pretty impressive. to put that in perspective, craigslist ranks in at 149 on alexa, warrior forum ranks at 37.25 and my site, affiliatemarketingdudecom, ranks 38 643.. now, if you look at the traffic stats, according to similarwebcom, my site, affiliatemarketingdudecom racks in about 91 000 visitors a month. warrior forum gets about 347 000 visitors a month. craigslist gets a whopping 360 million visitors a month and thefreeadforumcom gets about 110 000 visitors a month. and while that might seem like a lot, let's dig a little bit deeper. today, on november 1st 2020, i notiked about 1200 ads in the business opportunity category alone. these are brand new ads just posted today, and that doesn't even account for the thousands of other categories that you could post ads in on the free ad forum. so if they are getting 10 000 new ads posted each day and they're only getting 110 000 visitors each and every month, the traffic stretched really, really thin. i also notiked that the rankings in google for the freeaddforumcom were pretty non-existent. just take a look at this screenshot from ahrefs, which tells me their top keywords, and you can see that the main keywords they're using are all about, like free classified classified ad sites and the free ad forum. they're not even ranking for most of the ads people put on the site. digging even deeper, i found an ad that was put up for a product called musketron- i think it's for mosquitoes. now this keyword, according to ahrefs, is very non-competitive. so you would think that a big site like the free ad forum would outrank everyone else for this term, but i was actually hard-pressed to find it ranking even in the top 100. and, yes, it is actually indexed. it's actually a rather old ad, so it should be ranking by now. so after looking at all this, i decided: let's go ahead and put the method to the test and, figuring that this site is all about free classifieds and primarily making money online, i took a few minutes and i posted what i thought was a pretty good ad. and i run this ad elsewhere and i get a lot of traffic with it, so i figured, hey, it should do pretty good. here's what the ad looked like that i posted about 12 days ago now. i ran this ad with my own trackers so that i could see exactly how many people click from free ad forum and how many people actually opt in to my mailing list to see if they're actually interested in what i have to offer. and after about 24 hours i notiked this ad got a whopping zero clicks. what? but not to worry, perhaps it's just buried. i thought so i decided to pay the extra twenty dollars to get this thing boosted and see if i could get some good traffic rolling in. these are called the premium listings. and here we are, 11 days after paying for the full premium package, and with this little 20 investment i racked up a whopping zero clicks. what? now, i'm not saying this is a scam or a rip-off or anything like that. perhaps i didn't post the ad right or it was on the wrong day, but i think we could look at the details here and see if your time is actually worthwhile posting ads on sites like the free ad forum or if it's going to be better spent somewhere else. and we could see if it's actually worth even getting a paid ad. and my experience after doing this for over 20 years is that even if i got traffic, it probably wouldn't be the correct traffic that i want to convert these people into leads or buyers and, of course, with zero clicks, i'm pretty much guaranteed zero sales. so this begs the big question: can you actually make money with free classified ads and free website postings? and the answer is yes, you can, but you need to be very strategic and very careful and very deliberate and follow all the rules on the various sites you're using. if you want to learn more about this, check out my copy and paste ads video. i'm going to put the link in the description, or you could go over to freeadforumcom and get that video, along with other notes and cool stuff. so go ahead and watch that video now and if you like this kind of stuff, make sure you subscribe. click the bell and smash that like button.

Best Free Classified Ads Sites to Advertise for Free

[Music]. free classified ad sites allow you to list your stuff for sale, respond to job ads, post personal classified ads and much more, without having to pay a fee to do so. this is ideal because when you're selling stuff, you want to make money, not have to part with it. right, and when it comes to local classified sites, craigslist has been and continues to be the most popular one. and while there are many sites like craigslist out there, many require you to pay to post ads. that's why the sites listed are so awesome. you don't have to pay to sign up or post ads. so whether you're looking to sell stuff locally, buy used stuff, advertise your services as a freelancer, promote your small business or post personal ads, you should definitely give these sites a try. please don't forget to hit the subscribe button and hit the notification button to get notification on my latest videos. best free classified ad sites to advertise for free. first on the list: craigslist. why it's great? you can find ads for pretty much everything on there and post ads in lots of categories too, without having to log in. craigslist is one of the most, if not the most, popular website for posting free classifieds ads online. if you're looking for free ad posting sites without registration, then craigslist is definitely the website for you. you can post ads without having to register. you'll just need to follow the instructions to post your listing. next on the list we have buddle. it's a website where you can post free classified ads. you can use the site to find used stuff, view job listings, check out apartments to rent and much more. like craigslist, goodl provides a whole host of categories that you can browse and also list in. here are some examples: all vehicles, all rentals, real estate, jobs, pets, tikets, services, personals, community. many of those also have subcategories where you can find what you're looking for. for example, under all rentals, you have apartment rentals, office space, vacation rentals. to put a new post on oodle, you will need to have an active facebook account. next on the list we have classified adscom. why it's great? you don't have to register to post on there and there's a huge selection of categories to choose from. another great free ad posting site without registration. you should definitely visit classifiedadscom. you'll find lots of different sections there. whether you're looking for real estate listings near you, personal ads or to sell your stuff online, you can easily find the category you're looking for on the website, in fact, along with craigslist, i'd say that classified ad c om has one of the widest ranges of categories of all the sites on the list. the main sections are vehicles, services for rent, real estate, community pets, jobs, personals, items for sale. within those, there are tons of subcategories. you don't have to register with the website to post an ad on there. however, you may need to provide your name, email address and phone number when you create your listing. your email address is kept private so it won't be published on the listing, and you can choose to keep your phone number private too, if you want to. next on the list, we have offer up. offer up. lots of us are searching for free online advertising sites because we want to sell stuff from books to games to furniture. lots of us have items we'd love to sell for some quick cash. if you want to list your stuff for sale online for free, then i'd recommend offer up. you can advertise your stuff for sale on there without having to pay for it. awesome, right, it's so easy to use as well. also, a quick note: let go was another website for selling stuff locally, but in the united states, let go is now part of offer up, so if you're wondering what happened to let go. it's just become part of offer up. there are lots of categories on the site, such as antiques, appliances, arts and crafts, audio equipment, auto parts, baby and kids, beauty and health, bicycles, boats and marine, books and magazines, business equipment, campers and rvs, cars and trucks, cds and dvds, cell phones, clothing and sh? oes collectibles, computer equipment, electronics, exercise, farming, free furniture, games and toys, general home and garden, household, jewelry and accessories, motorcycles, musical instruments, pet supplies, photography, software, sports and outdoors, tikets, tools and machinery. t versus video equipment, video games. for a more detailed version of how offer up works, check out our lengthy offer up review. next on the list we have gumtree. gumtree is a super popular classified ads website in the uk. the website is like craigslist in that it offers ads in lots of categories. visit the site and you will see a variety of sections, including cars and vehicles for sale, property, jobs, services, community pets. within those sections there are lots of categories. in the jobs section, for example, there are so many different fields like hr, legal, admin, secretarial and pot, media, digital and creative, leisure and tourism, healthcare and medical, housekeeping and cleaning. you do need to login to post on gumtree. you can sign up with your email address or with your google or facebook account. on the list, we have five miles. it's an awesome, free local classified ads website. if you're looking to list your stuff for sale locally, then it's definitely a website to consider. you can post stuff for sale on there for free. that's not all, though. five miles also allows you to advertise your services on there, so if you're looking for work nearby, then the site could be a great option for you. there are even sections for housing and jobs. basically, it's like craigslist. examples of categories include automotive, art and collectibles, electronics, fashion and accessories, home and garden, sports and leisure, free and donation, community services, housing, jobs. unlike with craigslist, though, you do have to sign in to post an ad on five miles next on the list, we have look into why it's great. you can post an ad on the site without registering. if you're looking for a website where you can post free classified ads in the usa, then try locan 2. it's a free classified ad site where you can find everything from job postings to personals to stuff for sale. there are so many categories available on the site, such as classes, community events for sale, jobs, personals, dating, real estate services, vehicles. you don't have to log into the site to post an ad either. next on the list we have ad post. ad post is a free classifieds ads website for more than 1 000 cities and 500 regions worldwide. there's a dedicated section for many countries, including the us and canada. on the us side, there are lots of categories available, like musical instruments, furniture, appliances, clothing and accessories, health and beauty, personals, tikets, travel, business opportunities, business products and services. you'll need to register to post an ad on the site. next on the list we have penny saver. penny saver, since it's been around for 50 years, penny saver is a super well established classified ads website. not only can you post free classified ads on there, but you can get also get access to some pretty sweet coupons on there too. there are lots of sections available on the site, such as real estate, pets, cars and vehicles, merchandise, jobs, garage sales services, food and dining and, of course, like with most of these free ad sites, there are lots of categories within those sections. next on the list we have buku. buku is a website where you can buy and sell with your neighbors. with this online classifieds platform, you can view and post ads in a variety of different countries, including the usa, the united kingdom, germany, japan, spain, korea, so it's an awesome site for both usa-based and international users. it's focused on buying and selling stuff and claims to have more than 2.6 million neighbors who've used the site to sell and save money. you'll find all of the typical categories you usually see on ad sites, like furniture, electronics, appliances, clothing and accessories. that's not all, though. there are also sections for jobs, housing.

5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

in this video, i'm going to show you five free ads websites that everyone who wants to start earning from 100 to 200 a day should know about. and also, i don't want to let you struggle with this free ads website, so i'm going to show example of the products and a unique angles that i would use if i would start promoting products on these free edge websites so you can start making money the fastest way possible. so you can make a mistake. and this is perfect way for every beginner, because you can do this for free and you don't need to have any experiences, any skills. all that you are putting in is your time, but you are getting out with super valuable experiences. and also, even before jumping straight into this video, i would like to notify that i have created for you in a free master class in which i'm going to teach you in the five simple steps that everyone who wants to go from zero to six figures need to do in order to build long-term, profitable online business. so if you would like to watch this free masterclass, you can find a link down below in the description. click there, and i'm looking forward to see you there as well. but now let's continue with the video. all right, and let's start with the very first free ads, optional free ad website, and this first one is called my midi ads. so on this website we can post in a new ad and all of this is 100 for free. so if you just check it out real quick, you can see that we can be posting and marketing at job ads, but as well, you can be sharing there, even as a company. so if you just grow this, this is in the professional social network for media, buyers and sellers. so what do you want to be? you want to be in a seller and you want to find these buyers there. so if you just scroll down, uh, you can see many companies is using this and what you can be doing. there is a post, your free ad, search for offers and many, many cool stuff. so you just scroll all the way up. now what i want to show you are these marketing ads and the job ad. so under the marketing ads you can see all of these different categories that you can find. so this is basically all the categories that, for example, you can find on a clickbank if you want to be promoting some offer in some niche, and as well, you can find in the sources and in a basis. so, cost per action, cost per click, etc. etc. all of these options. but what is the most important on the my media ads, or this job ads, because what can you do? you can be basically providing these people some job opportunity, and this is what most people are looking for on this website, on in my midi ads. they are not looking just, uh, to buy some stuff, some affiliate program, but they are looking for something on how to make money for some job opportunity, and this is something that we want to be doing as well. and if you go into this job ads, you can see that these ads are truly getting some views. so, 61 views, 14, 17. if you just scroll down, we can see, for example, even 209, uh, 235, 359. and if you are just saying yourself that this is not enough, this just one view, one of you three views- you can see that this is not actually an ad. this is just on spam. so if you create in a genuine ad on this website, it can definitely get in a click and many people will be able to see this. so now let's check how you can actually create a new ad. so for this. you just go to the post new ad. but even before that, we need to find a program or a product that we are going to promote. as i was telling you before, most people are looking on this website for a job opportunity. so what we are going to do, we are going to find a job opportunity over there. so we will just go to the e-business and e-marketing and one of the best job opportunities offers on clickbank at the moment are these: get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube or live chat jobs or write app reviews or paid online writing jobs. so those are all of these. four are top converting in e-business and e-marketing niche and as well all of these are job opportunities. so these are helping people to make money online from their home. so what i would do, i would just pick one of these first. so let's just live chat jobs. i will click on a promote and i would just enter my nickname account. i would choose this default and i would just create my hop link will be actually my unique affiliate that i can start promoting on this website and then, when we will go back to the my midi ads, you can choose if you want to post marketing ad or a job ad. so what i recommend you is to go with a job ad and then you would just go to offer in a job, in a position you can just choose one of these and geo target. you can put there, for example, united states because you want to be united kingdom, and australia, because all these tier one countries, because those are most buyers in africa- marketing programs and in the subject you want to create something, for example, like a hiring- 25 to 30 dollars per hour, social media manager, chat chat bot or job up to 175 a day, facebook virtual assistant. so something that would take people's attention and as well into this message you want to write: there's some description about this product, what this is all about. you can find all the info if you open the afterlink and everything will be stated there. then, below this, just you just posted your after link and then this ad will go out and it can get 100, 200, 300, 400 views. but what's the best about is that you can be creating these ads over and over again. you can switch the product, you can switch description, you can switch, uh, the headline and you can be creating these ads over and over again, and this is one of the options that even my students were able to make money out of this, so i highly highly recommend this one. then the second free ad website that you can start using is called worldprofitcom. so, as you can see right there, this isn't a world profit and this is in a free membership for athlete marketers. uh, what's really important to say about this website? that this is not only free ads option, but as well they have some affiliate marketing trainings, but i have to admit that i don't really recommend them because i don't know about anyone who was able to make some profit out of this training. so what i recommend is website for is only the free ads or posting and a free ad. so what do you need to do? you just need to click on join our free membership and basically create your membership. so add your name, add your email and then when you sign in, you will end up- uh, not here, you will end up in this place, but there will be tons of ad, as you can see, jumping on it, so you want to go over it. what's cool about is that you can gather this guy toking to you, because he is kind of a some chatbot or a live business center, something like this. you can just tok with these guys if you want. if you- i don't know- feel alone or something like this. but what's important for us is that right there on the left side, you can click on the free classified ads and place ads for free and then you can post on a free ad. but even before this- this is something what they have changed recently- is that you need to view at least 10 classified ads to enter in a new one. so what do you need to do? you just need to go back, start checking out these uh ads that are there here and then you will get these credits to create your own ad. now what's really important? to say as well that these ads are seen only by a members on a world profit, so you are not getting any new members all around the internet. you are promoting products only to the members of the world profit. what's cool about is that those are basically buyers and people interested in affront marketing. so if you have the right offer for make money online and biz up and all of this stuff, you are able to even monetize these people already on the world profit. so what i recommend as a product is just go to the clickbank, and i would still keep with the e-business and e-marketing, and what i would take, for example, are offers like this: one click weld system, because those are not just some.