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clickbait ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

this video is brought to you by warby,parker,see how easy that is just a logo and a,quick shout out that's it i don't have,to clickbait you all with fake promises,and bosoms and stolen assets i don't,have the sink that low youtube does i'm,sick of it,[Music],mobile game ads are a plague upon the,internet and with every passing day it,gets worse it gets so,much worse,they're everywhere youtube facebook,google twitter in your videos in your,news feed on the sidebars of every,website you visit they're misleading,deceptive pandering you can't trust any,of them what you think might be a cool,game with hot girls and fun gameplay is,oh god no another candy crush clone,where are the hot girls you promised me,hot girls this isn't an fps at all,oh can i solve this puzzle,sure let me try oh um this game is,nothing like the advertisement i've been,bamboozled again,the majority of these mobile game ads,rely on fraudulent claims that depend,more on shocking and slimy promises than,actual quality when it comes to their,product they don't care if most people,turn the game off after trying their,free to play game as long as these,mobile games can get their hooks into a,handful of targeted users and squeeze,them with microtransactions they'll get,their money's worth and then some like,to a mind-blowing degree the mobile game,industry practikally dwarfs every other,facet of the gaming industry when it,comes to revenue consoles,they wish pc gaming oh,not even close allow me to put it into,perspective for you in-game one of the,highest grossing films of all time made,around 2.7 billion dollars worldwide,when it comes to box office revenue,monster strike a mobile game has grossed,nearly 8.7,billion dollars worldwide that is three,times the amount of end game that is,insane so now we're stuck in a very,precarious situation low quality mobile,games that cost virtually nothing to,make that utilize predatory tactiks in,order to track down consumers with,addiction problems and then get them,hooked on microtransactions,by promoting deceptive and manipulative,advertisements with false promises so,that's the situation,awful games that cost a fraction of what,console or pc games require while,instead funneling money towards,marketing in a very misleading manner,the entire system is corrupt and so many,websites are complicit in the process,especially youtube the audacity of,youtube to police the videos of content,creators and fire off punishments,blindly while claiming that actual human,beings have reviewed said content oh,yeah yeah sure they have,look at this one oh this thumbnail of,your samba spock it's too raunchy it,violates our community guidelines shame,on you now you're not gonna get paid now,excuse us while we take money from a,company that is breaking the exact same,rules while also using stolen art of an,underage character while advertising,towards children i'm going crazy i'm,losing my mind how is this so brazenly,allowed i even had my own thumbnail,format stolen by a company and then,promoted all my videos,so yes i have a problem with mobile game,ads mobile games themselves,and the websites that allow these crimes,against humanity to flourish,so why don't you all join me as we take,a deep dive into the corrupt and,disgusting world of mobile game ads oh,don't worry youtube i won't show,anything in my video that you haven't,already promoted on your own website so,we cool and if my video does get age,restricted or possibly unlisted,then i don't know what i'm going to do,the irony might make me explode,[Applause],so what are the origins of mobile game,ads when did they start what were they,first initially like and when did they,descend into the state of madness that,we suffer today for the record a big,part of the story is unsurprisingly,related to the history of mobile games,as an industry and its meteoric rise in,popularity now that is a topic that can,be its own video,which ta-da,there it is i recently launched a new,channel with my friend where we tok,about video game stuff so go check out,what's ruining mobile games right over,there link is in the description saber,spark 64 like like the old mario game,god i'm old,now for this video i'll bring up some of,the main points from that video in order,to better explain the state of mobile,game ads since the two topics are,interconnected and have one without the,other unfortunately,so,long ago like i'm toking,10 years ago there used to be a time,when mobile games required upfront,payments in order to play the game we,saw this in the early 2010s but then,mobile game companies decided to scrap,this model of business and instead go,for in-game microtransactions,the games are free,but you can spend money in the game in,order to buff up your stats and whatnot,whatnots,you don't have to wait five minutes to,play the game you can just spin tokens,with actual money and boom you're back,into the fray thanks bubble witch saga,and candy crush you all ruined,everything,this business model would eventually,become the main form of generating,revenue for the mobile game industry not,only can you sidestep apple or google,when it comes to their fees for using,their app stores but these companies now,have access to customers who might spend,hundreds or thousands of dollars on a,free-to-play game instead of paying,three dollars for an entrance fee like,before king the company that owns candy,crush and bubble witch saw their revenue,increase from 62 million dollars in 2011,via facebook to 1.8,billion dollars in 2012 from ads and,in-app purchases on mobile it was,abundantly clear now to mobile game,companies there was some big lucrative,money to be made via microtransactions,said money would be used to unleash a,tidal wave of advertisements now i,remember the first wave of mobile game,ads back in the early 2010s there was,actual effort at first with stuff like,clash of clans nothing mind-blowing but,leagues above the trash we see nowadays,i often wondered when,why things started to change with the,tone of mobile game ads we went from,somewhat decent commercials to the,insanity of mafia city and hyper,sexualized ads for like every other,mobile game advertisement out there why,did this happen well these mobile game,companies are running into the same,issue that traditional television ads,ran into in the mid-2000s where people,started to become numb to regular ads so,they had to start getting increasingly,bizarre,just to get the attention of people,until,oops now all the ads are bizarre which,means people are starting to tune them,out again due to overexposure,now mobile games face far stiffer,competition than traditional tv ad slots,since buying ads on social media is,cheaper more companies can afford to do,it and since mobile games are cheaper to,produce more companies are vying for,attention in these slots mobile game ads,only have a few seconds to make an,impression on viewers so they have to go,super hard unlike a tv ad which has like,30 to 60 seconds of air time mobile game,ads only have like five seconds of,pre-roll on youtube or a fraction of a,second to grab your attention while,you're scrubbing on your twitter,newsfeed so poor animation,outlandish scenarios imitations of,popular properties or blatant sexual,imagery are all powerful tools to stop,you dead in your tracks and force you to,pay attention another common tactik is,to bait the viewers creativity or,intelligence,oh only three percent of people can,solve this or 96 of people will fail,these are common titles to poke at your,ego and make you stop and take a look,and the opposite tactik can also be used,with false gameplay on display making,obvious mistakes well guess what it,causes viewers to stop and gawk at the,stupidity on display your brain is just,trying to figure out what the hell it's,even looking at but that is enough for,the advertiser to make an impression on,you,they got their split second now you're,familiar with their brand some companies,don't even bother to take the

Buying Clickbait Minecraft Ads To See If They Work

today we're gonna be testing random,minecraft fiverr ads to see if they're,really worth your money like this player,right here is telling us he's gonna,teach us how to be a pro minecraft,player,literally 15 bucks to coach me for 60,minutes,all right he just basically wrote i'm,coaching you in all things minecraft i'm,gonna help you with tips and training,and become a professional player you,don't know i could use this so,15 bucks we're gonna go ahead and buy,this right now and see if we can get,this thing scheduled what is your,discord name and id,i wonder if he's gonna know me so i,just said yo i'm excited to learn i'm,pretty newbie at minecraft yes it's,correct,here goes the order it also wouldn't be,complete without like some building,practike so let's also order another,builder and see what they can teach us,for 20 bucks oh wait this guy has a,premium 125 bucks for a custom made,complex design,14 days that's a long wait to be honest,with you well i got to think about what,i want what should i make,i could do anything what if i had this,dude build me like a little village,and this village can be something,players could visit in our server one,day so here's what i'm gonna do i'm,gonna actually buy the mega build,it's insane oh extra fast,five days delivery sure hey guys look,i'm gonna be honest with you this video,is a little bit expensive more than,usual if you like it,become a channel member or patreon today,y'all can support this we can do more,i said i want a lot of sea pickles when,you finish go back and add some more sea,pickles and then i adam asked him to,make a parkour quartz for us too so this,is almost 200,for a five day delivery of a sea pickle,themed city,here we go it wouldn't be a minecraft,video if we didn't test out the modelers,in 3d textures and it actually up hiring,so like maybe someone will get a,full-time job,let's see what we got here you're not,making order without toking to me first,i'll skip it,oh this guy looks talented sheesh y'all,look real good okay i'm gonna go with,this dude so this models actually look,really clean like those look,really good maybe too good for minecraft,but i like it oh i know what i'm gonna,get i have this idea,what if we gave mobs custom drops in,minecraft like i think that'd be cool so,i'm gonna ask him,shoot i don't know the texture,resolution hey jazzy uh oh hi,question what texture resolution do we,make things 16 by 16 or 32 by 32.,16 by 16. thank you,[Music],okay so i told him what i wanted i said,basically look at an rpg game,like skyrim and i want to get custom,drops for these mobs like what if a,blaze dropped like a fire bow is like a,one percent chance,that'd be really cool and then i also,said like yo hey i'm also hiring a,modeler so like if you want a job let me,know,and this one seems to create custom,modeled animations and i don't know this,just seems kind of fire to me so we're,gonna buy premium as well we're gonna,ask him to create us some sort of crazy,mob boss i want a cool dragon but can we,give it like max heads like don't stop,at three,go as many as possible and make it red,and white,see why all right so we're going for,like a multi-headed dragon i would do,like 50 to 100 heads if possible i don't,know if he's gonna do that all right 24,hours into this fiverr challenge we've,got some updates for you folks and they,are wild so here's the order i made for,the pickle spawn,and this guy came back to me and,actually sent me someone else's order,like they actually sent me an entire map,for someone i got a 200,map for free so thumbs up for me but,here's where it gets a little,interesting guys they came back with a,follow-up question and they said,just to be more clear about this when,you say sea pickle do you mean,translucent ones under the water or,pickles that are cucumbers and attached,a picture,they made asking me what type of pickle,build i wanted,i'm telling this person i would like the,underwater sea pickles but the regular,ones on top would also be good,for some good luck now this partikular,order here with the block models this,guy's,giving me some issues he just i don't,know i don't know if there's he doesn't,understand what i'm saying or what but,i've changed my order like 10 times i'm,trying to now change it to make me a,dragon with basically a 50 billion heads,and some sort of a weapon i don't even,know i got two because i didn't read,what i ordered,so i'm telling him to make me a chess,model that's themed like the galaxy i,have no idea what that means but we'll,see what he makes guys so i feel like,we're back with a fiver video i feel,like i got scammed,52 i said make me a galaxy themed chest,i thought that'd be cool this is what he,sent me,[Music],i mean i don't know what what about this,says galaxy and i said yo hey let's make,a revision make it look better,i said add some stars and he added,that so anyway i'm going to improve it,obviously we'll leave him a good rating,even though i think it looks bad thanks,bro let's take a look at it this is the,first time in game maybe it's going to,be surprising here it is in hand so,that's what it looks like in game i just,again this is 55,i think i paid for this so honestly you,could buy a real life crate,bigger than like a massive 155 bucks,made of like premium pieces of wood but,anyway let's get her place and see what,she looks like,what why do i feel like i just ordered,something off of wish why is it so tiny,why is it that small bro what,this is unexpected um it could be a,scaling problem maybe we can make it,bigger,now if we look at it though it does have,some nice detail i won't lie i mean i,think it needs to be bigger i feel like,we didn't,maybe apply it correctly but to be,honest the detailing looks good,it's not bad i'm disappointed it doesn't,open oh okay guys so here's the newest,update if we actually put this into an,item frame it uh you know it places a,little bit better it looks a little bit,better in an item frame and we put this,next to a real chest,it still is extremely tiny really was,hoping for like a full-scale,functional chest type thing it's,honestly kind of cool to think that,yesterday i paid someone a lot of money,and now today here that thing is on the,computer it's cool it's cool it doesn't,look as good as i hoped it did maybe we,can use my team to apply it to a real,chest and give it like an actual skin to,make it functional i'm gonna rate this,like one out of ten but i gave him a,five star review on fiverr because i,felt self-conscious rating them low for,a video,it was an experiment after all 24 hours,after i purchased a minecraft trailer,for 68,it has now arrived and so we're gonna,react to this now blind i've never seen,it see if it was worth 68 bucks,oh that's cool okay,there's our game modes right there this,is our hub this looks kind of sweet mega,survival,okay so that show okay oh we'll keep,hold that's our shop i don't like that,the white text is on white i can't,really read that too well that's really,dark,pvp shots kind of cool sure,more than 50 000 donated to cherry,that's a fact that's cool,wow makes my builders look really good,doesn't it this is epic,now how was it going to explain the,things like you're seeing a lot,but you really don't know what it is,auction house kind of hard to understand,what's going on there,so here's our trail system we have okay,okay i mean it's it's epic it looks cool,definitely like good music good cuts,really showcases our spawns and stuff,i mean it's not bad i just feel like it,doesn't explain things too well and,there's definitely some rip-offs,associated with it it's cool edits but,this is weird,guys and this little thing right here,this little auction house gui this is,like a special thing on our server where,you can like buy items from players if,you watch trade-up you know all about,this but this cost me an extra 10 bucks,to show this in screen and you didn't,even cut it out correctly there's like a,weird black border that's not the shadow,it's just

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and now they're click baiting Dennis you,don't click bait Dennis bro yo let me,hold up guys guys for real I think I'm,gonna do this three-two-one presidency,okay we purchased it guys be all to poke,the owner of Norwegian resort is online,right now and he said do you want crowds,and I just sent a message right now guys,I am mad okay kill me okay wait hold on,I'm extra I'm not mad I'm actually I'm,actually sad okay I'm gonna actually put,on the sad face I am sad right now okay,you guys are probably wondering like,Zach you're starting on this video a,little bit differently how are you doing,today I am doing great everybody I hope,you're having a great day guys now,before we do get in this video smash I,like funny make sure you hit the bell,after you subscribe and guys I'm gonna,be giving out a roblox gift code in this,video randomly so if you guys watch the,whole way through you you guys will,watch when I do give out that code now,everybody I am sad okay you're probably,like wondering Zach why you sad bro like,taht guys let me tell you I thought it,was all over I thought everything was,all good everything was all good with,this add stuff you know there were ads,about me you know like there were ads,about me I click on them and they bring,me to a game that I'd literally don't,play so I was like a little confused and,now they're click baiting Dennis you,don't click bait Dennis bro yo let me,hold up guys you do not click bait the,man Dennis so guys I'm gonna click it,and dang it brings me in a Norwegian,resort now guys I feel bad because I was,the target,now it's Dennis like bro Dennis if,you're watching this bro like no I can't,say anything I don't know what to say,bro sorry man like this ads still up so,anyway we were gonna go on Norwegian,resort and we're gonna pay them a little,bit of a visit now guys I'm actually,going to join the Norwegian resort group,because you know I actually do not know,llaman resort guests guys so you know,when I bought that 20,000 it was like a,20,000 roebucks rank yeah I bought that,rank I wasn't in the group so it never,worked out so now that I'm in the group,I could join to spend 20,000 roebucks to,get admin and,I'm gonna show these guys never to,clickbait me again alright everybody now,before I do get into this I want to let,you all know right now that if you are a,fan and you work at the Norwegian resort,you work in any resort and you guys have,like found that there's been clickbait,about me this is not on you 100% not on,you at all guys but if you are putting,the ads up knowing that you're trying to,get clickbait out of me guys I'm sorry,but that's not right bro okay guys,literally I've been getting so many,tweets about these ads of me there's,another one literally where it's like,Joe and Polk and I'm like like you're,not joining me you're joining a,Norwegian resort so anyway guys we're in,the Norwegian resort and oh god the,group managers right here bro so I'm,gonna I'm asking maybe I can ask for,admin bro I'm gonna just say I'm gonna,say hey you know so I'm on here I'm on a,mission guys okay I'm on a mission to,tok to somebody and hopefully we can,get this situation all good I'm looking,I'm sad bro you see I have a sad face on,me but guys shout out to the Pokes one,that works in Norwegian resort this is,not on you at all honestly it's not it's,only on the people that are really doing,the the sad clickbait Pro like there's,some clickbait around me so we look at,this oh my god I'm getting crowded by,three guys okay I'm gonna ask I'm gonna,say I'm gonna ask only once but can I,have super admin I'm just gonna ask once,I'm gonna ask once I think it's like,once I'm gonna just see like I'm gonna,see if I can get it I'm gonna say oh my,god they said add me please god is this,like who's like the last resort where,they said add me for admin I don't know,guys they said sorry we can't I'm gonna,say but you guys clickbait me look,outside I am bro not madam said you guys,clickbait me bro but you guys click make,me I could somebody said me hell cry oh,this is definitely a fan like shout out,to the fan so those are the fans that,are being amazing like these guys,totally are just loving it they probably,never even made the ad so I'm not even,like roasting them or anything but like,bro I just want to know what the heck oh,my goodness I just want to kind of go,around I think I'm going to buy the,president you know it's up there,you can literally buy the president rank,for 20,000 robots now what should I do,here you know should I yeah what should,I look at man should I do it guys I,think I'm gonna buy the president rank,for 20,000 robots and when I buy this,that means that when I realize I will,have admin at least I hope I will have,admin now if I spend 20,000 robots to,not get admin right now,I'm gonna be kind of sad bro this person,said I'm sorry poke I'm gonna put a,heart in the chat cuz they're totally,the post one I love them so much guys,for real I think I'm gonna do this,three-two-one presidency okay we,purchased it guys,we just purchased the president rank I'm,gonna say be right back okay I'm gonna,say be right back okay everybody we get,back off and we're gonna relaunch back,into Norwegian Resort and let's see if,I'm gonna have the president rank will I,have the president rank like I let it,just bought it for 20,000 robux me to,tok about that that's a lot of roebucks,and you know what else we with the,resort guests,what Resort gasps wait a minute I,already only I'm in the group this makes,no sense how am i o still a resort guys,I'm gonna give it like a minute or two,all right guys it says I'm actually a,president on the group so wait how high,up over rank do I have what did I just I,just brought up to the third highest,rank there's only 15 presidents and then,you have 12 chairpersons and then we,have the chairman which is one so let's,do this guys we're gonna go back on I am,actually hiding I want to see if I'm,gonna have this rank bro let me get this,rank let me do what I gotta do bro,honestly I'm not gonna try to like grief,the server anything like that would not,be fun ice literally still am a resort,guest are you serious how it literally,said on the group I'm a president and,does not make any sense okay let me just,try like CMT's like well that what would,that do it didn't do anything guys this,is so this is so we I just spent 20,000,roebucks bro I literally do not,understand how this did not work guys,okay I'm no God God dang it the,executive directors like please friend,me I'll say a friend for admin Fred Fred,Fred Fred you wanna you want to give you,some bad you know these guys are kind of,out here put my name everywhere I just,want to just tok to him you know tok,to him with man commands French Fredman,no I feel sigh they said no he can't I,bet they purrs I bet the group owner,literally was like do not get poked,admin do not get poked admin so yeah you,know what I respect it I just you know,wish they would stop using Dennis bro,look it you you see this guys,oh poor Dennis fan just joined live,right here poured on his fan he's like,oh my god this isn't my game I just,clicked his I just clicked on his,profile no no I'm gonna say go home I'm,gonna say go home you clicked a fake and,I'm gonna say go home you click the fake,add yo come here Dennis no Dennis go yo,you're not gonna be Dennis you're not me,you're not meeting Dennis today,I'm sorry go home you clicked a fake ad,is leave just leave just leave guys I,just found this very interesting thing,okay it is literally like the rank,management so I'm gonna click president,confirm and I think it'll work there,okay you were kicked yeah I'm Rank 2,president now oh my goodness and it says,creator admin right there okay guys I,think I'm good now let me go back to the,Norwegian Resort now before I do get,into this guys I want to let you all,know right now that I am in no shape or,form going to like grief this game or,anything I just want to kind of show,them a lesson like please

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playing CLICKBAIT games (highlights)

welcome welcome we're we're going to be,playing some juicy juicy juicy juicy,juicy games,the mic has bad echo shoot,test test test look at all of these,games that y'all suggested from my,twitter,at orange juice if you haven't followed,that make sure to follow that one of the,clickbait games the one that you saw on,the thumbnail that's a real game anyone,ever go on instagram and they're like i,gotta download that you download it and,it's not actually what it is,like oh yeah i could pull the key out of,the lava that's obvious that's common,sense,i would pull the key out of the water,first to extinguish the lava and then,you download it it's not the game but,this one's,actually the game,i did it i'm amazing i did it,oh that's the thing there's,advertisements,i'm smarter than 10 of the users out,there who knew,okay don't pull the lava oj don't pull,the lava,okay looking good,oh the ads this is how they get you,all right i'll tell y'alls what i'll,read chat every time there's,um an advertisement you can turn on,adblock on,android is that a thing you can skip the,ads,okay don't pull the lava oh wait wait,pull the lava onto the fire,get the gold,not bad no see look you can't skip the,edits on the top left,the ads will bring you other dumb games,and it's an endless cycle,should i spend the three dollars for,this oh gosh,okay everyone's saying yes let me bust,out mommy's credit card i'm joking about,that please don't ever take your mom's,card or your dad's card or like anyone,else's purchase successful,no more ads lone waffle play soap,cutting,i've seen that i think i was advertised,this this poor phone's getting infested,with these games,[Applause],i saw this on instagram let me turn up,the volume,oh that's nice swipe it away,it's a bunny,that advertisement is so satisfying,should i download this game,downloading it we are how many games do,i have here i don't know,we just keep downloading these games,that are getting advertised to it's this,vicious cycle like spicy and nick said,this just doesn't stop kinetik sand,oh i'm turning up the volume,for that,[Music],that was good wow heck and heck so many,people,want me to play balloons td we're doing,it today because it's not clickbait i'm,only going to play one game,i'm gonna put the monkey there,i'm just gonna put them everywhere i,don't know how to play but we're gonna,do it,that one monkey is wrecking everything,why did i even need to place down the,other two,balloons td is a good game on its own,but we got to go back for the one,the game that everyone came for heck i,don't know do i put the boulder there,oh nice,these are so easy you guys actually want,me to play it the chat has spoken y'alls,are nuts,what a strange game i don't really know,if i want to take care of a baby right,now,no we're good so happy that this game is,real okay so i think i need to,bring the cart down and then catch the,rock on there and then open that up,and then i can kind of climb across,it's so clickbait that it's not,wait where'd the first boulder go game,has no logic i mean you can lose,but i think it just doesn't get harder,so i need to kill the boar if i do,i'm gonna fail on purpose here it does,some splishy splash,[Music],oh,i'm gonna restart that and i'm gonna try,and kill myself,i did it in the wrong order and i still,won,i'm so disappointed let's try this again,we'll unleash the boar,i can't even,you can't even lose i'm so sad,it touched his tail and he died do you,see that,it touched his tail i did it in the,wrong order and he died,this was clickbait they told me you,could fail what if i do this,you actually can't fail level 24 right,now yeah but if you get the skin then i,have to watch the ad oh great now i have,to download afk arena,[Applause],who made this commercial,it's so bad that it's good okay in,theory i'm a ghost,so you can't kill me we did it,we died we finally failed all right,here's the right way to,take him out take that hammer because,you need that reward and that,is how you win my battery's not dying,you're dying it's a sideways game,all right i have an overlay for this,oh boy tap to throw balls,this is really calming where'd my balls,go i thought i had double balls,oh i only have so many balls balls balls,oh i'm not panicking you're panicking,oh so you only lose 10 balls okay oh the,crystals you get three balls i see,that's that's that's the juicy balls,but i have triple balls now how did i go,back to single balls earlier,infinity balls wait i thought it was,infinity oh,wait oh shoot i didn't activate it my,bad,oh dang it we're really low on balls now,we're gonna die soon,i'm in danger,i like how voodoo doesn't even bother to,add sound effects here,okay i've got two people now is that how,this works,three four five what happens if i,go towards them,i will absorb you,wait what i'm only in fourth place half,time in three,two one wait a minute all of these ads,i love hustle castle and hustle castle,does not have this gameplay in there,oh we're gonna absorb yellow so,hard we just destroyed yellow,it's not lagging you're lagging this is,so satisfying,hello there jackson,last time i let you live this time no,mercy,i'm second place no,it's fine oh voodoo makes the best,clickbait games,we're to devour everything in our path,soon,soon can i devour the car yet yes,yes,wait that one car survived that's,illegal,sized up oh we're in third place we,gotta catch up now,devourer of cars destroyer of worlds,or parking lots there we go,there we go we sized up again who's,bigger,i think he's i don't know,oh boy i can eat these buildings,let it settle in gobble gobble i'm not,able to devour all these buildings just,quite yet all right well,just have to devour them slowly there we,go,now we can really start devouring these,buildings,oh boy here we go,i'm about to devour this skyscraper,gobble gobble,gobble freaking gobble,who's that cat there gobble gobble,gobble gobble,do i need extra time i do not i'm,already in first place,we have to play uh super cats first,super cats broccoli compton that's my,name,wait what names are it auto generated a,name for me that's already taken,excuse me you know what would make this,really legit if this was in portrait,mode,whoa what a coincidence the tutorial is,exactly the same except instead of going,vertikally upwards they're going,horizontal this is great,let me guess you can auto attack now yep,oh i don't like the move speed of this,game,i'm basically like a shelly cat right,now this game,is like beta brawl it does feel like it,the move speed's really slow oh look,it's gem grab is that an el primo,uh jeez yikes all right well my super's,up,soon wait a minute whoa,that was not shelley if that was shelley,super,that el primo would have died,oh my gosh that's anita except the,gorilla that's so funny,holy heck this is great all right i,guess i'm the gem carrier,yeah this is not like shelley or super,the super,isn't as,strong as i would like it to be 18,seconds okay i just need to grab one,more,come on,i bet you they're so bad but they're not,gonna know,yeah i don't think they realize that,they're losing,you know what,you walked past me yvonne walked past me,that was not a bot a bot would not have,walked past me,kick the buddy i thought you guys were,trying to insult someone,that's a game while we wait for that to,download we all,came here for the click bait game or the,game,that was designed based on instagram,clickbait,but it's not clickbait because it's real,i got a little stump there i was like,wait how do i bring the boulder down,but it that that keys the one that you,can just keep playing with,[Music],what a bing bada key huge huge hugely,requested one i don't know what this is,about,i don't know what's going to come of,this but we're going to find out,pull the ribbon okay i don't know if i,want to add blood no,i do not pull his limbs and stretch him,apart,hear me crunching do i look taller now,what is the point of this,is is that it do you just hurt him,don't stretch me well i almost lik

This one weird trick will help you spot clickbait - Jeff Leek & Lucy McGowan

المترجم: Maryem Orabi المدقّق: Fatima Zahra El Hafa,فيتامين واحد بسيط يمكنه أن يقلل خطر إصابتك بمرض القلب.,تناول الشوكولاتة يقلل التوتر لدى الطلاب.,عقار جديد يطيل عمر المرضى بمرضٍ نادر.,تُنشر عناوين صحيّة مثل هذه كل يوم،,مدّعية في بعض الأحيان ادعاءات معاكسة لبعضها.,قد يكون هناك انفصال بين العناوين العريضة,الجاذبة للانتباه وبين النتائج المتدرجة،,والتي كثيرًا ما تكون مُحددة، للبحث الطبي الذي يقدمونه.,كيف تتجنب إذًا أن تُضللك العناوين التي تحاول جذب الانتباه؟,أفضل طريقة لتقييم مصداقية العنوان,هي عبر النظر إلى البحث الأصلي الذي تُقدم تقريرًا عنه.,لقد فكرنا بسيناريو بحثٍ افتراضي,لكل من هذه العناوين الثلاثة.,تابعوا المشاهدة لمعرفة تفسير المثال الأول،,ثم أوقفوا الفيديو عند العنوان لتجيبوا عن السؤال.,هذه سيناريوهات مُبسطة.,الدراسة الحقيقية تعرض بالتفصيل عناصر أكثر بكثير والطريقة التي فسرتهم بها،,ولكن لهدف هذا التمرين،,افترض أن كل المعلومات التي تحتاجها مُدرجة.,لنبدأ بالنظر إلى التأثيرات على القلب والأوعية الدموية,لفيتامين محدد؛ الهيلثيوم.,وجدت الدراسة أن المشاركين الذين يتناولون الهيلثوم,لديهم مستوى من الكوليسترول الصحي أعلى من أولئك الذين يتناولون البلاسيبو.,أصبحت مستوياتهم مماثلة لمستويات الأشخاص ذوي المستويات المرتفعة طبيعيًا,من هذا النوع من الكوليسترول.,وقد أظهر بحثٌ سابق أن الأشخاص ذوي المستويات المرتفعة طبيعيًا,من الكوليسترول الصحي لديهم معدلات أقل من أمراض القلب.,إذًا ما الذي يجعل هذا العنوان مُضللًا:,"يقلل الهيلثيوم خطر الإصابة بأمراض القلب".,مشكلة هذا العنوان هي أن البحث لم يستكشف حقًا,ما إن كان الهيلثيوم يقلل من أمراض القلب.,لقد حسب تأثير الهيلثيوم فقط,على مستوياتٍ ذات نوع معين من الكوليسترول.,حقيقة أن الأشخاص ذوي المستويات المرتفعة طبيعيًا من هذا الكوليسترول,يكون خطر إصابتهم بالأزمات القلبية أقل,لا تعني أن نفس الشيء ينطبق على الأشخاص,الذين يرفعون مستويات الكوليسترول باستخدام الهيلثيوم.,الآن وقد حللت لغز الهيلثيوم،,جرّب حلّ لغز مثير بصفةٍ خاصة:,العلاقة بين أكل الشوكولاتة والتوتر.,تستعين هذه الدراسة الافتراضية بعشرة طلاب.,يبدأ نصفهم في استهلاك جرعة يومية من الشوكولاتة،,في حين يمتنع النصف الآخر عن ذلك.,كزملاء دراسة، يتبعون جميعهم نفس الجدول.,في نهاية الدراسة يصبح آكلو الشوكولاتة أقل توترًا,من نظرائهم الذين لم يتناولوا الشوكولاتة.,ما الخطأ في هذا العنوان:,"تناول الشوكولاتة يقلل التوتر لدى الطلاب",إنه امتداد نصل منه إلى استنتاج يخص الطلاب بصفة عامة عبر عينة من عشرة طلاب.,ذلك لأنه كلما كان عدد المشاركين في العينة العشوائية أقل،,كلما قلّ احتمال أن تُمثل العينة بدقة,كل الفئات المستهدفة.,على سبيل المثال، إن كانت الفئة العريضة من الطلاب نصفها ذكورًا ونصفها إناثًا،,فإن احتمالية رسم عينة من 10 طلاب,70% منها ذكور و30% إناث تُمثل 12%.,في عينة من 100 طالب سيكون هذا أقل من احتمال 0.0025%,وبالنسبة لعينة من 1000،,فالاحتمالات أقل من 6x10^-36.,وبالمثل مع عدد أقل من المشاركين,يكون لنتائج كل فرد تأثير أكبر على النتائج الإجمالية،,ويمكنها بالتالي أن تُحرف الاتجاهات السائدة.,لكن لا يزال هناك العديد من الأسباب الوجيهة ليجري العلماء دراسات صغيرة.,عن طريق البدء بعينة صغيرة،,يمكنهم تقييم ما إن كانت النتائج واعدة بما يكفي,لإجراء دارسة أشمل وأكثر تكلفةً.,وتحتاج بعض الأبحاث إلى مشاركين محددين جدًا,ممن قد لا يمكن الاستعانة بهم بأعداد كبيرة.,الحل في قابيلة إعادة القياس.,إن توصل أحد المقالات إلى استنتاج من دراسة صغيرة واحدة،,قد يكون هذا الاستنتاج موضع شك،,ولكن إن كان يعتمد على العديد من الدراسات التي توصلت إلى نتائج مماثلة،,فهو أكثر مصداقية.,لا تزال لدينا أحجية أخرى.,في هذا السيناريو، تختبر إحدى الدراسات عقارًا جديدًا لمرض نادر وقاتل.,في عينة من 2000 مريض،,أولئك الذين يبدأون في تناول الدواء عند التشخيص,يعيشون أطول من أولئك الذين يتناولون البلاسيبو.,هذه المرة، السؤال مختلفٌ قليلًا.,ما الشيء الآخر الذي تريد معرفته قبل أن تقرر ما إن كان العنوان،,"عقار جديد يطيل أعمار المرضى بمرضٍ نادر"، مُسوغًا؟,قبل أن تقرر هذا،,سترغب بمعرفة كم أطال العقار أعمار المرضى.,في بعض الأحيان قد يكون للدراسة نتائج,ليست ذات صلة بالنتائج العالمية الحقيقية، رغم أنها صحيحة علميًا.,على سبيل المثال، تجربة سريرية حقيقية واحدة على عقارٍ لسرطان البنكرياس,وجدت زيادة في متوسط العمر المتوقع بعشرة أيام.,في المرة القادمة التي ترى فيها عنوانًا طبيًا مفاجئًا،,ألق نظرةً على الدراسة التي يُقدم تقريرًا عنها.,حتى لو لم تكن الأوراق الكاملة متاحةً بالمجان،,يمكنك أن تجد في كثير من الأحيان ملخصات للتصميم والنتائج التجريبية,في الملخصّات المتاحة مجانًا،,أو حتى في نص مقالٍ صحفي.,من المثير رؤية البحوث العلمية تتناولها وسائل الإعلام،,ومن المهم أن نفهم نتائج الدراسات.

Who Makes Fake Mobile Game Ads?

[Music],if you do literally anything online,you've been hit with,targeted ads from barbecue sauce to,kevin hart hawking me shorts your shorts,don't even have pockets,targeted ads are competing against,everything else on the internet for your,attention and if they can get it it can,mean,big money but unlike these ads some,targeted ads are purposefully misleading,i mean look no further than the bizarre,ads trump was running about biden before,the election,here's how you can spot a zombie look,for someone who has a corpse-like,appearance,exhibits aggressive behavior craves,human flesh and utters incoherent moans,and groans,with your help we can prevent the zombie,uprising,i don't know what's worse the fact that,this is a real ad that trump ran,or the fact is just on a 30 minute loop,i hope this wins an emmy for shittiest,way to spend half an hour,but i think the worst offender by far of,this is the misleading ads,used in app games you've probably seen a,game like this pop up in your feed on,facebook or instagram,but this game just doesn't exist if you,actually click on these ads,the game you download looks nothing like,what you saw,this would be like if you saw some,awesome gameplay of doom ran,out and bought it came home put it in,and it was just a pdf of the,bible and it might seem crazy that these,app games are trying to catfish people,but the cringiest part of all is some of,the tactiks that these games use which,at its best,is over the top,[Music],and at its worst is literally a game,about creating your own,harem of wives and the games being,advertised to kids,it's unreal but when these ads aren't,busy showing fake gameplay or,objectifying women,they even get away with stealing from,artists like cyanide and happiness for,example with,zero repercussions,[Music],yo what the [ __ ] but why do they face,zero repercussions,well did i mention these ads make,hundreds of millions of dollars and,that's not just for these companies that,develop the apps but that's also the,kind of money they generate for the,platforms they advertise on,but it's the companies and the people,that create these misleading ads that i,want to tok more about today,figure out why some of these companies,are raking in up to a billion dollars,from ads like this,and more importantly how a fake ad like,this,can make tik giants like google,millions,screw it man i'm not monetized yet so i,could you know,i can make this video so let's dive deep,into the app,games that don't exist,[Music],roll the intro,[Music],[Music],i feel like the most common type of fake,game ad i've run into are these how to,loot style,ads mostly the ones from hero wars the,false ads for the game often star the,main character galahad and,occasionally a princess named aurora a,good number of the adds have aurora,being shackled or tied up to dangerous,traps close by and the on-screen hand,has to rescue her imagine princess peach,getting tortured in a nintendo,commercial,now the real game is an idol rpg and,it's obviously much less entiking to,look at in an,advertisement but because of public,outcry and i think to protect,themselves from future lawsuits they,added a couple bonus levels very similar,to the ads although this,seems to rarely happen however the hero,wars community was actually really,stoked to finally see these puzzles from,the ads,actually injected into the game as most,of them started playing the game because,of these ads,and that totally surprised me that this,game despite lying to get you in the,door,has a legitimate fan base that loves it,that's like if i went to go buy a,mustang,and instead the guy shows up and he's,like well i do have this zune,and instead of being mad you're just,like this little bad boy holds audio,books,and the [ __ ] trying to sell you the,zune are the kings of the style of ad,a company located off the coast of syria,and cyprus known as nexters global,nexters makes millions off running these,misleading fake ads,i mean their ceo andrei fadav was on the,cover of eastern european forbes,which sounds like a punchline but it,isn't and he even hosted a russian ted,tok in a spirit halloween angel costume,like he's [ __ ] sam hyde,and it's weird how much his forbes cover,looks like keith renery the leader of,that nexium colts forbes cover,i don't know what point i'm trying to,make here it's just it's strange to me,how similar they are,i mean he seems to be a pretty serious,guy when he's not you know,dressing up like an angel or making,house music,but companies like nexters global they,know their game just wouldn't get the,same kind of views and downloads if they,didn't fake these ads when they try to,make legit ads it goes,less than well become the lord of the,archipelago,is he trying to say archipelago win the,archipelago tournament,earn skulls i honestly can't get past,earn skulls earn skulls cash in,all your pelvic bones so the obvious,question is why don't these ad platforms,take down these fake ads,well it's simple you follow the money,but you start to follow the money,and you don't know where the [ __ ] is,going to take you all these platforms,make,millions allowing these fake ads to run,and even worse a lot of these ads run,inside of other ads so good luck getting,them to stop,spreading it all to each other like,herpes and a love island hot tub,the ftc actually had to step in in,another case with this company just a,digital,this is just to digital a worldwide,leader in mobile entertainment,and so much more it looks like this,guy's only a worldwide leader and having,dead eyes we design products we develop,them,and we market them we control,every step of the process well then they,really have no excuse,do they so what were they in trouble for,they were running fake antivirus ads and,angry birds,but there was no antivirus app but,rather your 10,app store purchase was for ringtone,credits ah,i mean antivirus and ringtones it feels,like i'm back in the 2000s i'm gonna log,into aim and starve my neopets,by the way i want to do another video,soon about the link between scientology,and neopets because i actually live,right by the scientology headquarters,and we did a podcast episode about it,it's it's crazy they own neopets it's,wild anyway,back on topic but that company just a,digital with the fake antivirus ads,they knew they were running a scam and,even openly toked about it in emails,we provide our employees with the best,working environment,right guys yeah he's right something,about this guy makes me feel like he's,being forced to say this at gunpoint,we've got everything we've got xboxes,soft seats as well,in a very nice office believe it,but you don't have to take their word,for it good i don't,now this company that on the record,defrauded people,decided to include a bunch of the green,screen raw footage from this video in,the end credits,so i'm not telling you to do anything,but anything you do,is your artistik merit,but all these ads so far are nothing,compared to the most memeed hot dumpster,fire of the bunch,mafia city mafia city in addition to,being a clear,misleading rip-off title of both mafia,and,mafia wars somehow which is like you,know kudos to you for getting two for,one,has some of the most egregiously fake,gameplay of,all when in reality its real gameplay,looks more like this,um this seems really stupid,these ads are so over the top they,become memes with the pump it song,and the iconic guy popping up saying,that's how mafia works,sorry kid that's just that's just how,mafia works,wow the shanghai company that makes,mafia city is actually looking for a new,ad team so,if you think you got what it takes to,crank out the hits with the big boys,just don't make anything like this last,ad that recently got them removed from a,ton of sites including pandora his ad,featured a tied up woman,tape covering her mouth and your only,options are to torture her or,kill her maybe a third option would be,nice hey which one do i pick for the,good ending,this sexism runs rampant in these