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clothing showroom dropshipping

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How to Start an Online Boutique (Dropshipping Clothing)

if you want to start an online boutique where you have no upfront costs for inventory, don't have to ship the product yourself and only purchase the inventory that you've actually sold, this video is for you. i'm going to show you, step by step, how to start an online boutique, so that you can stop putting it off and get started today, before we get into the video. if you like videos about winning products, drop shipping, shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. alright, first things first, let me explain how there are no upfront costs for inventory, typical with clothing stores. you would order several different clothing items- pants, shirts, skirts and etc. and order a few different sizes for each product. so, say, you want to stok this t-shirt, you need to order sizes extra small to extra large and you want about five sizes of each. well, if the shirt costs you five dollars from the manufacturer, you've spent 125 dollars and have no guaranteed sales. that price does not include any color variants of the shirts or shipping, which is another thing to consider. if the product doesn't sell, well, you're just out the money. what i'm suggesting you do is something called drop shipping, or you could do print on demand. with either of these, you don't order any inventory and instead you post photos of your products on your website and if you make a sale, then, and only then, do you tell the manufacturer: hey, i made a sale, can you ship this to my customer? so what do you need to start an online boutique? the first thing you need to do is decide what type of clothing you want to sell. do you want to sell clothing for kids? for adults, is there a certain aesthetik? you want to sell cottage core, dark academia, fairy core, or do you want to create your own brand and sell your own designs? deciding this is important for two reasons: one, it's going to determine which supplier you go with, and number two, it's going to help you create a customer avatar. this is information about your target customers, such as their age, where they live, what their interests are and etc. knowing this is super important for your marketing. the next thing you want to choose is a supplier. i have a few different options for you: one's for if you're selling your own designs and ones for if you want to drop ship. you are creating your own brand designs. you will want to go with a print on demand company. the two i'd recommend looking at are printify and printful. when comparing these two, you want to take a few things into account. number one: which one offers the types of products you want to sell. for example, if you sell plus size clothing, you're going to want to make sure that the supplier offers the size range you need if you want embroidery or certain colors. again, those are all things to check for. number two: which one offers the best price? your profit is going to be whatever you sell the product for on your website, minus what you pay the manufacturer for the product, minus shipping. you want to make sure you have enough leftover after all those subtractions to make a profit. number three: which one offers the best shipping time? in the previous step you should have figured out where your target audience lives, so make sure to compare which company is going to offer you the best shipping time to wherever it is you plan to ship. by the way, don't forget to add processing times to your calculations. processing time is the time it takes them to make the clothing item. so processing time plus shipping time is the total time it will take to get to your customer if you are drop shipping. there is cj drop shipping, aliexpress, von mart and more. i'll leave a list of drop shipping suppliers in our description box, but with any of these, just like the print on demand ones, keep price and shipping time in mind. shipping time especially because most drop ship suppliers are notorious for month long waits or more, which is going to make your customers unhappy. all right, you've got your supplier. now it's time to create your website. i recommend signing up with shopify and make sure to get your own custom domain name. shopify will give you a free domain name when you sign up. it will look something like this, but i recommend purchasing a custom domain name to make it look more professional and trustworthy. having a short, easy to remember domain name is going to be very useful for marketing, because with tik tok, for example, you won't be able to add a clickable link until you hit a thousand followers. so having something short and easy to remember in your bio is going to make it much easier for your viewers to visit your store. once you've signed up for shopify, the first thing we're going to do is add our products. you actually don't need to manually add them in yourself. you install your suppliers app, connect it to your shopify store and then it will walk you through how to import your products with a few clicks. all you have to do is click on apps and then type the name of the company you used. so, for example, if you've done print on demand, you would type printify or printful. if you've chosen drop shipping, you would use cj drop shipping or a different drop shipping app. it really just depends on whoever you went with. also, pro tip, if you're doing print on demand, i highly recommend using placeit. with this website, you can place your own designs on any of these photos to show what it would look like. they have a huge library of photos to choose from. you can find photos for hats, leggings, sweatshirts and more. printify and printful do provide you with free photos to use, but if you want to level up, i highly recommend using placeit. all right, now that your products have been added, we are going to work on the design of your store, so you're going to need to select a theme. when making a theme choice, people often go based on looks alone. but put your personal preference aside for a moment. remember your target audience, because ultimately, it is them who's going to be using this website. you want to choose based on what is going to appeal to them. choose something that is easy to navigate, where they can find what they're looking for quickly and what showcases your products the best, especially on mobile. moab is a theme that does all those things, so i highly recommend choosing this theme. there are great free themes out there, but the benefit to going with a paid theme like moab is that it's a turnkey design. it's ready to go and has a lot of amazing features that you don't get with free themes. you don't have to spend hours changing colors, fonts, adding apps. it already comes pre-designed and equipped with all the features you need. it also comes with two different theme presets. moab is the first one, but they also have inner, if you prefer this look instead. typically with free themes, if you want to add something like these color swatches here, you would need to install an app and, depending on what you want to add, some apps you do need to pay for, but with moab it's already built into the theme. it's going to save you a ton of time and this way you know it's done right. as much as we like to think we can design our stores ourselves, the truth is. the end product often doesn't look professional and it can be an extremely long and frustrating process. so save yourself a headache: get molab. all right, i'm going to get everything set up on moab now you can follow along with me. starting from the top, i'm going to select my logo. next we have our hero banner. you can choose a full width banner, a 50: 50 style or a 70: 30 split. moab gives you the choice of adding a photo or a video hero banner. i personally love the look of video banners. i feel it just gives your store a more professional feel, so i'm gonna go with the video option. all i did was upload a video to my shopify files. i copied the link and i pasted it here. i found the video from pexelscom. it's a free stok photo and video website. you're even allowed to use them for commercial purposes, so i high

How to Start a BRANDED Online Boutique Business with Dropshipping & Fashion Go(2022)

hey you guys, and thank you for tuning in to another video. so today we're going to be toking about something that is long overdue, which, honestly, i thought i had already made a video on it, but i went back and checked my videos and clearly, i have not made a video on drop shipping. so we are definitely going to be toking about today, or so, specifically drop shipping with fashion go. as you know, if you haven't watched any of my videos, my videos for the most part tend to be more boutique related, because i do own an online boutique called house of inspo and i'll put the link up here somewhere if you want to go and check it out. yeah, so we're gonna be toking about fashion go, because they have integrated drop shipping within their website. now, about some of the good and some of the bad, and i'm gonna show you guys a small little glimpse of what it looks like if you were to go in and try to start a drop shipping business through fashion go. so hope you guys are ready. i hope you have your pins in your paper, because i am dropping so much information in this video and, uh, yeah, stay tuned and hope you guys enjoy it. so, first thing we're going to tok about is what is drop shipping? and for that we are actually going to look up the definition of drop shipping. so quickly, i'm going to put in the drop shipping definition. okay, i'm going to put on the screen for you guys as well. so, pretty much, it says drop shipping is to the moving of goods from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels. so i wrote it down in my terms as to what that means, because some of you might still be like: manufacturer distribution. what is all of that stuff? right, much what drop shipping is in my terms is running an online store without the inventory. so that's all drop shipping is. if you see a lot of people making videos and tiktoks and things like that, saying getting to drop shipping, they're making all this money and doing all the stuff: no inventory, low startup costs, all that stuff. is true, it's a really simple concept, but there is a lot that it takes to get into drop shipping. so we're going to tok about it. now the answer question if, uh, before we go forward, some of you might be like: have you done drop shipping? and the answer is yes, i have made a drop shipping store before. i kind of did it in the midst of kovit back in 2020. uh, it was just a little small product. it wasn't clothing or anything like that. it was like a little small product that i felt at that time would be a good product due to covid, and i did launch it. i did get sales, but it was not a successful store because i shut it down within a month only because at that time, i was not where i thought i was not where i thought i was. so when it came to me getting sales and orders, um, after that part, i really got nervous and like freaked out. i didn't know what i was doing because i didn't take the time to thoroughly get past at that point. i kind of just read up and understood what to do up until that point, but after the fact, i didn't know what to do with the orders. i didn't know how to get the people their products, and that was my fault. so i felt bad. i was like i don't want people think i'm scamming them or anything like that. so i shut down the store and refunded everybody back their money. um, but two years later, i've done more research and, um, drop shipping is definitely something that i do see in the near future. i'm gonna stop toking, i'm gonna take you guys into fashion girls website and i'll show you what it looks like online and then i'll come back and kind of give you my pros and cons and, should you do it type of spill after that. so yeah, so stay tuned, we're going to jump on the computer so i can show you guys what everything looks like. so this is the home page for fashion go. if you are familiar with it, it is again the wholesale site for buying all of your wholesale clothing for your boutique. let's see, right now this is again the wholesale section. we're going to go ahead and go to the top right corner and it does say go to drop shipping. so we're going to click on that and that's going to convert everything over to the drop shipping side. now we can just close out of that for now, but pretty much this is what the home page of the drop shipping site looks like and, as you can see, right now they have 32 243 things that are available currently to dropship through fashion go. so quite a few options and if you look at the first row, we can see that you can drop ship anything from shoes- they have clothing, handbags, shoes, and then we scroll down a little bit more, they also have jewelry on here, so definitely giving you a quite a bit of options to select from when it comes to starting your drop shipping store. so i'm going to show you, guys, just some things that i looked at last night, just to kind of give you again a basic idea of how to get started with doing your drop shipping, if you do it through fashion go. so we're going to click on this dress here because it's the first clothing piece i see. so if we click on it, it's pretty much going to give you all the details you need in regards to this product. so up here you can see that this is done so through, or the manufacturer on here is going to be capella, this is the name of the product, and then i'm assuming this is some sort of a style number, which really doesn't matter at this point. but, as you can see here, it is going to give you the product cost and pretty much this is the amount that you will pay for this item. so this dress is costing you 15.75 at a drop shipping price in order to have this on your website. now the msrp is going to be the suggested retail price, so this is how much they're saying you should upsell that dress for now. as you can see here this little link, it says: buy in bulk as low as 8.50 per item. if you click on that, that is going to actually take us back to the wholesale, because you can see it says: go back to drop shipping. but this is now taking us to wholesale. but this is saying that you have to purchase it. you have to purchase it as a wholesaler. i mean that they're going to ship the product to you, opposed to doing it as a drop shipping. so, yes, the price looks better, but again, that is going to make that product be at your doorstep, opposed to them taking care of the product. we're going to skip past this part right here and i'm going to go down here. we'll come back to it. but if you look down here, the next thing we see is the stok, which i don't know if that's how many they have in stok or the stok number, but i'm not 100 sure what that stok is for. but the next thing we see is the different colors that they have- um, so quite a few colors- the different size they have available, and then it goes on to tell you more about the description. now the thing i like about this is that this all can be copied and pasted onto your website and i think actually once you go to add to import list, if you import this into your store, all this information comes automatikally into your store. at least with other programs that i've used before. once you import this, import it into your shopify store, all the information that they list will come over there as well, will go on to your shopify store as well, which is a great benefit because that saves you so much time of having to go in and put in this information and it also makes you look way more professional because it gives the customer more details about, more details in regards to what they are going to buy. so definitely a great, um great add-on they have here is to give you all this information that will- which i'm pretty sure if you use it will, um, or pretty sure once you import it, it will be imported onto your store as well. again, this has just the fabric on here. it has all kind of details with the model, is wearing pictures. i'm pretty sure will be imported as well because of the programs that i've used. if it's similar to that, then yes, these pictures will be imported into your store. now you can also go in and add your own pictures, which is wh.


Dropshipping UK Clothing + Suppliers | FULL Beginners Guide 👗

the united kingdom e-commerce market is growing exponentially every year, as well as the fashion industry. that is why, in this video, we're gonna combine them both and show you how you can succeed in running a uk drop shipping business- whether you live in the uk or not, it really doesn't matter- and also how to mix that with the fashion industry and sell the best clothing products to the uk market. we're also going to go over the best uk dropshipping suppliers to find these closed products and sell them on your store, as well as other dropshipping tips and strategies. so quick intro and let's go. [Music]. welcome back everybody. i'm lyron from autods and, as you know, in this video you're gonna learn about the best uk drop shipping closed products that you can sell on your stores, as well as some of the best uk suppliers that you can work with to find these products, sell them and make your profit. if you haven't done so yet, do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics, tips and strategies that are coming out in the world of drop shipping, as well as success stories, case studies, podcasts, live q and a's and so much more. we're all about helping you learn how to start an ecommerce business the right way, and this video, of course, is no exception. so if you're wondering about the uk market, it is a very, very profitable one, and there's never a better time to start than now. so let's start off by toking about the profitability now. according to statista, the forecasted fashion e-commerce revenue growth in the united kingdom this year, in 2022, is by almost five percent, so a five percent growth from last year, giving a total number of over 43 million e-commerce users in the uk in the apparel or the close fashion industry. so not only is the fashion industry growing in the uk market, the uk e-commerce market is also growing, and when you put growth and growth together, you can also take a nice piece of the cake when it comes to the fashion industry in the united kingdom by simply creating a uk ecommerce store and market your products to the uk audience. and now we're going to also tok about which clothing products you should be selling. so it is a very profitable market and, once again, there is no better time than now to actually start this business, test out the products and see what works for you. we're gonna get to that soon, but first, how do we find the best uk drop shipping clothing suppliers? it's great to find products, it's great to do your product research, but after you do that, you're also going to have to look for the best suppliers that you can work with to grab these closed products and sell them on your selling channel. so, first of all, what makes a good uk drop shipping supplier? first thing you should be looking out for is: is this supplier dropshipping friendly? now you can work with suppliers that do not support the dropshipping business model, and you will have to find ways to work around those issues and of course, it is possible. but you can also find suppliers who are dropshipping friendly, who do allow you to drop ship their products, and it'll be at least much easier to start with when you're a beginner in the dropshipping field. the next thing you want to look out for is suppliers that don't have an moq. moq stands for minimum order quantity, and if we are looking for drop shipping suppliers, the drop shipping business model states that we can sell one product without holding it in our inventory and once we actually make a sale, we go to our supplier's website, we purchase that one product and ship it to the end customer, but if the supplier wants us to order more than one unit, that means that they have a minimum order quantity and that does not complement the dropshipping business model very much. so, of course, we want to look for dropshipping suppliers who don't have a minimum order quantity. next, you want to look for suppliers that offer excellent customer service. so when you're looking out for these uk suppliers, you want to see what types of methods you have to reach out to them, whether by phone, by email, by chat. try to reach out to them, see how long it takes them to get back to you, and that should give you an initial indication if their customer service is good. the next thing you want to look out for- and this one should go without saying- is that these suppliers actually have warehouses in the united kingdom, and the reason for that is because when you ship to the united kingdom, you also want to ship from the united kingdom, therefore, increasing your shipping speeds and delivery times giving you happy customers who will return to purchase from your store again. fast shipping times also reduces the amount of returns that we have or order cancellations from from orders not arriving on time. every buyer wants to receive their package as fast as possible, and domestik shipping is going to help us reach that goal. the last thing you want to look out for when searching for uk dropshipping suppliers is: do they have easy shop policies? this means return policies, shipping policies, refund policies and so forth. so can i open a return after i order a product? how long can i open the return for? can i open the return for any reason? will i get a full refund? do i have to pay for the return shipping? you want to read about all of these policies on the suppliers website and make sure that they offer the best customer service that they can, so that you can offer the same for your buyers. by the way, keep in mind that everything that i'm going over in this video, you can also read about it in the blog artikle, which i'll leave a link to right below this video. so now that we know about what we need to look out for when searching for uk dropshipping suppliers, let me show you some of the best uk drop shipping suppliers that you can start working with today. so, starting with the first one on our list, we've got aliexpress now for many new drop shippers. you probably may have heard about this supplier at one point or another. but you should know that aliexpress also has warehouses in the united kingdom. so it is not just a big chinese marketplace with many warehouses in china, but aliexpress came a long way from just being a marketplace in china with chinese warehouses. so today they have a global reach and they're starting to have warehouses in all kinds of places around the world, and one of those places is none other than the united kingdom. this means that we can search for products that they have stored in uk warehouses and ship them quickly, domestikally, to the uk audience. let's show you how that's done. a really quick example. so, as you see here on the front page, i can see that they already have accessories for tesla, but that's not what we're here for. so what we're gonna do is search for any product, but before that we're going to change our ship to the united kingdom and we'll also want to change our ship from to the united kingdom to keep it domestik, as stated earlier. so here, for example, let's just search for anything like cat ball, and here we can see all of the cat balls that can ship to the united kingdom. but we're also looking for the ship from. so right here, on the ship from. i'm going to click on that and i'll change it to united kingdom. now you can see all of the products that can ship from and to the uk, meaning i can get quick shipping times right here from aliexpress, because these products are not being sourced from china. so check that out. and that is our number one supplier when it comes to looking for products to sell to the uk audience. but of course, it doesn't all start and end with aliexpress. this is one of the first suppliers that you should be testing when starting a new drop shipping business, but of course, there are always more and more suppliers to work with. the second one is amazon uk. now, while aliexpress is what you call a drop shipping for any supplier, amazon may not be so friendly if you start to ship out multiple products every day, fr.

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How To Start A Women's Apparel Dropshipping Business | FULL Guide 👗

the fashion industry, a niche that consists of one of the highest profit margins compared to other niches in the e-commerce field. if you haven't guessed it already, this video is going to be on drop shipping women's clothing. seeing that women make up the largest consumer group in the fashion markets, it can be really overwhelming to know which women's fashion products you should be dropshipping, as well as which drop shipping supplies you should be working with. but not to worry, we've done all the research and this is why this video is here: to help you with exactly that. let's do a quick intro and then dive straight into that list of the most fashionable women's products to dropship and through which suppliers to drop ship through [Music]. so, as we know that the fashion industry holds one of the highest profit margins compared to the other industries in the e-commerce field, right? so what does this essentially mean for us? while profit margins start from 30 and can reach 70 percent or more, this means that we're able to make anywhere between 1 000 to 10 000 us dollars on average when drop shipping women's clothing. always remember that the amount of profit that you make is affected by various factors, and these factors include, the first factor being store size. so, how big is your store? have you just launched your store? are you in the process of growing your store halfway somewhere in the middle, or is your store evolved? do you have a huge customer base? the second factor being product research. have you done research on the fashion products that you'd like to stok? are they doing or selling? well, most importantly, have you read the product reviews? the third factor being marketing your store. the right marketing strategies can help you increase your sales and scale your business. have you tried effective marketing methods, such as facebook ads, influencer marketing, email marketing or even blogs? the fourth factor being: what is your customer base? do you have existing customers or do you still need to build up new customers? and the fifth factor being your customer service, of course. would your customers return again and purchase other products in your store? remember, when a customer is satisfied, or happy with the service that they've received, they are more likely to trust and be loyal to your business. okay, so, kicking things off, we have our first supplier, and that goes to aliexpress. so on the aliexpress platform, we'll definitely be able to find numerous women's clothing sellers, a wide range of products, competitive prices and worldwide shipping. okay, so here is a list of aliexpress's awesome women's clothing product range. their range consists of rompers and bodysuits, and some capris, skirts, dresses, jeans, muslim fashion bottoms, plus size clothing, hoodies, as well as suits and sets- a huge and great product range to choose from. am i right? ladies always look at the return and shipping policies when trying to find a suitable supplier. when it comes to aliexpress's shipping policies, their standard shipping takes between 15 to 45 days, and their premium shipping takes between seven to fifteen days. aliexpress also offers various shipping carriers and, as for their return policies, they offer free returns within 15 days. at number two, we have amazon, an online marketplace where you can find a massive collection of products dedicated to women's fashion. so let's take a look at amazon's awesome product catalog for women's clothing: tops, teas and blouses, body suits, pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, leggings, jeans, activewear, swimsuits and cover-ups, jumpsuits, rompers, sweaters, suits and blazers, jackets and coats, fashion hoodies, lingerie, sleepway and launch away. what an amazing variety of products to choose from. when it comes to amazon shipping policy, their standard shipping takes between two to five days. amazon also has same day delivery, which means that the product gets shipped out on the same day that you've placed the order. amazon is also inclusive of major shipping carriers, and when it comes to amazon's returns policy, most sellers on amazon have flexible policies. they accept returns and offer replacements within 30 days of customers receiving their products. third on our list is banggood. they provide high quality women's clothing products and is known as a dropshipping friendly supplier with warehouses located in china, us and europe. that means that we're not limited to selling only in one market, but we're able to expand our business to millions of customers worldwide. we have dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, two-piece sets, plus-sized clothing, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear and lingerie. banggood also offers speedy shipping times. delivery can take up to one to three days if the parcels are being dispatched from warehouses that are nearby. however, if parcels are arriving from the chinese warehouses, then delivery can take up to five to eight days. vanguard also offers significant shipping carriers and when it comes to their returns policies, banggood provides easy refunds and exchanges for up to seven days. our fourth supplier is cj drop shipping, another dropshipping friendly supplier that not only offers high quality products but also print on demand options. so let's have a look what they have stoked in their product catalog: bumpers, bodysuits, pants, capris, dresses, skirts, jeans, bottoms, tops and tees, plus size clothing, swimwear, jumpsuits, sweaters, suits and sets, and jackets and coats. so, just like banggood's shipping policies, cj dropshipping's shipping policies is very similar: products in nearby warehouses take between one to five days, whereas products from china take between four to eight days. cj drop shipping also makes use of major shipping carriers, and, when it comes to customers wanting to return their purchases, cj dropshipping offers free returns within 15 days. our next supplier is walmart's. aside from providing a massive selection of women's clothing items, they also offer many deals and discounts. so let's have a look at their why? product range for women's fashion: tops and tees, lingerie dresses, jumpsuits, activewear, plus size clothing, pants and leggings, pajamas and loungewear, graphic tees, socks, shorts, coats and jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies, skirts, workwear and thermal underwear. when it comes to walmart shipping policy, they actually offer free shipping that takes anywhere between two to three working days. walmart mainly uses usps and fedex as a shipping carriers. when it comes to walmart's return policy, walmart only accepts clothing items from purchases within the last 90 days. so our sixth supplier is etsy. etsy facilitates the sale of innovative products through its websites, and women's clothing is currently one of the categories that it focuses on. let's have a look at the type of women's clothing that we're able to find on etsy: dresses, tops and tees, skirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts, pants and capris, swimwear, pajamas and robes, loungewear, as well as hoodies and sweatshirts. so etsy's product range is very similar to other suppliers. however, keep in mind that it's these products are custom made and one of a kind. when it comes to itsy's shipping policies, it usually takes between three to seven days for domestik shipping orders, and it usually takes between 10 to 14 days for international shipping orders. its c makes use of usbs, fedex and canada posts as their shipping carriers. when it comes to the returns, exchanges or refunds for the women's clothing, it all goes through the individual seller in which you bought it from, rather than itsy as the platform itself. our next supplier is ebay, and let's have a look at the massive selection of women's clothing to dropship: activewear, coats, jackets, socks, jeans, pajamas, loungewear, jumpsuits and rompers, leggings, outfits and sets, bottoms, suits and swimway. since ebay is a marketplace, the shipping and return policies are saved by the individual sellers on the platform. shipping times are estimated to range between 1 to 30 days. it all depends on the seller and their choice of shipping carriers. w.

How to Start an Online Boutique with Dropshipping 2021

if you've always wanted to start your very own online fashion boutique, you probably think that you need thousands of upfront investment, but today i'm going to be showing you a supplier that will allow you to drop ship amazing fashion items that are completely custom branded to your own brand, and you needed a very small upfront investment, and this is the exact supplier that i've been using for my online bikini store at thewavedonestopcom. so the supplier that we will be looking at today is called fondmartcom, and this is an online supplier for thousands of women's fashion products and, like i said, you can go and drop ship them with your own brand, so you can have custom branded packaging, custom branded tags, custom branded poly mailers- so all of the products will be completely unique to your brand. so you just need to head over to fonmartcom and from here you can go and sign up as a drop shipper. so over here you will see i am a dropshipper, so all you need to do is go and click on this now. of course, you will need a shopify or a woocommerce store to start, so make sure you have signed up for a shopify store or you've created a woocommerce store in order to do this, so all you need to do is go and click on. i am a drop shipper now from here. all you need to do is click on get started. so once you click on this, you will be asked to create a fonmart account. then you will come into your fond mart dashboard. so the first thing you need to do is go and connect your store. so where it says shopify, all you need to do is just click on add store. or you can go to woocommerce and click on add store so you can see over here i've already authorized my store. it only takes a few minutes. once you click on add store, then you just have to go and grant your shopify or woocommerce store the permissions so that it can go and be connected to fond mart. so once you have gone and connected your store, you can go and have a look at the thousands of different products that you can go and add to your store. so if we just go back to fonmar over here, we can go to women over here and you can see that they've got loads of different categories that you can choose from. so they've got dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, jumpsuits, they've got swimwear. they've got all different types of products that you can go and sell with your custom brand. so if we just go to dresses, for example, and then we just go over to a line dress, let's just say, for example, and we can go and find loads of different products over here that you can go and add to your store. so let's just go and choose this product over here, for example, and once you go and click on a product, you can go and see the shipping times. so font mark ships completely worldwide and they have super fast shipping times. so if you wanted to start an online boutique, you don't have to go and use crappy products from aliexpress, because you can go and ship items really fast and their items are really high quality. so once you have found a product that you might want to sell on your store, all you need to do is click on add to import list so, as you can see, this product will be delivered within 10 to 16 days to the united states. so that's about two or three weeks quicker than any product that you might want to drop ship from aliexpress and, like i said, you can drop ship them with your own custom brand. once you have added the product to your import list, all you need to do is go to my account and then you go to import list. now, from here you can go and change the title of the product. you can go and add a description, you can go and choose which variants you want to go and add to your store and from here you can go and choose the price that you want to sell it on your store. so you can see, over here i'm going to make seven dollars on this product. but i can come over to price over here and let's just go and say if we was to change this to 26.99 and if we go and hit enter over here and then you can see we're going to make 14 on this product. you can also then go and choose which images you want to be added to your store. so i recommend just to go and add all of the images and then, once you have done that, all you need to do is just click on import to store and then that product will be pushed into your shopify or your woocommerce store and it will be visible on your store. so if we just go over to my store over here, we can see we've got some of these plus size bikini products that i've already started adding to my store and i think they look really great. now, once an order has been made through your shopify or your woocommerce store, you just need to head back to fond mart and then all you need to do is just go to drop shipping orders. so as soon as an order is made on your shopify or woocommerce store, it will come through to this area of your fond mart account and then all you need to do is just go and hit order over here and then you can go and check out with paypal or with credit card, or you can go and add a balance to your fundamart account. so this makes the whole process super automated and easy to manage. now, if you want the products to be drop shipped with custom poly mailers, with custom bags and custom tags, all you need to do is just go over to private label service and from here you can go and purchase those in bulk with a small investment. so you can see i've added hang tags and plastik packaging bags to my account. so if you go to customize my label, you can go and choose what you want. so you can go and choose these hang tags. you can go and choose woven labels which will actually be woven into the products themselves. you can go and choose these plastik bags which the products will be sent in. you can go and choose some shipping bags and you can also go and choose thank you cards. so you can see, i've just chosen these plastik mailer bags like this and they've got my logo on, so if i just bring that a little bit closer, you should be able to see that. so that's completely branded to my store. now, if we have a look at one of the products themselves, you can see i've got these hang tags on once again with my logo. so this is a completely branded experience, even though you are actually drop shipping these products, and the products are super great quality. so i have sent them out to an influencer on youtube and she's done a review on one of them and she actually really loved the quality of these products. and this is a really great way to start marketing your online boutique by just going and sending out some of these products. they're super affordable and you can send them out to loads of different influencers on instagram, on tiktok, on youtube. get them to go and review the products and this is how you can actually build some momentum with your online boutique and because the products ship really fast and because they are completely branded to your store, nobody actually knows that you're even drop shipping. so you will need around 350 of investment to actually go and do this. but you can initially start just by drop shipping the products. so if you drop ship them without the custom packaging, they are just blind drop shipped, which means there'll be no fan mark branding on the products, they'll just be plain. once you actually start making some sales, then you can go and invest that 350 into the custom packaging so that you have your completely custom branded online boutique. now one other thing to mention about fonmart is that you do get your own private service manager, so that's someone that can help you out with all of the orders and the tracking and things like that. so all of the tracking numbers come through and then you can go and send them directly out to your customers. but if there is ever anything wrong with the product or maybe the wrong product got sent out to the customer and they're asking for a refund, then you can go and tok to your private service manager through the fond mart dashboard and they can actually go and help you out with this. so this makes the customer service side of running your.

Dropshipping 2021: How My Dropshipping Clothing Brand Works (Through Shopify!)

what's up, but it's rob. this is apparel success, and in this video here, i want to share with you how my drop shipping clothing brand works, all of the little details around, the whole process of how everything is managed through me, and i think this video is really going to show you a lot in case you ever want to run your clothing brand the same way that i am here. it is [Music]. apparel success is sponsored by my buds over at design crowd. if designs are something that you suck at, then i recommend that you give them a shot. these are some of the best selling designs on my website and i got them all made through design crowd. if you're interested, head over to designcrowdcom to learn about the special offer that i have for you, or just use the discount code apparel when you post a project on design crowd. all right, so the way that my clothing brand used to work is: i used to order all of the blank clothing for my clothing brand through suppliers like t-shirtca- which is a great resource, by the way- and hs apparel used to supply me with my hoodies- just different places that i'd ordered the blank clothing from for my clothing brand and then i'd order that clothing to a screen printing facility who would print all of my clothing, and then i'd have that company- the screen printing facility- ship it all to my place where i'd go and pick it up, okay, and then from there i would organize all the inventory that i received. i'd shelve it all, i'd count it all and then, whenever orders would come in, i'd fulfill all the orders and have people come over and help me fulfill all the orders and things like that. completely different nowadays, and i want to walk you through what it looks like nowadays. the way that it works now is i get all of my clothing made through the same place and i get it made through a company in toronto called avid apparel. they're not paying me to promote them, but i'm going to anyways because i think they're an awesome company and basically this company supplies me with all the blank clothing. they print it all, they bag it all, they barcode it all. they basically do everything from start to finish in the whole creation process of each of my products. so this really saves me a lot in shipping costs in time, because i'm not having to order the blanks and get them made from another place. i'm getting it all done through the same place. okay, so this company handles all their production for my clothing brand right now, other than a few hats and a few little promotional items and accessories and things like that that they just don't do, and basically i get them to ship all of the inventory that i have made basically next door to my fulfillment center that i work with that is in toronto, ontario as well. so you know the shipping costs from avid apparel to my fulfillment center, which is called lickety-split- another free promo there for you- um, is really cheap because they they're so close together. so get everything made at avid apparel, get it all shipped to lickety-split and lickety-split, the fulfillment company that i'm using, basically receives it all, organizes it all, shelves it all, and they get it all ready to start fulfilling orders, where they also fulfill all the orders for my clothing brand that i make through my website and all of the inventory is directly recorded through the shopify website and all of the returns, all the exchanges, all of the communication that needs to be done with me in the fulfillment center happens directly on shopify underneath each of the orders that are being made. so, say, if a customer places an order and they put in the wrong address or something like that, and they email me. then i can basically just tag my fulfillment center underneath the order, say: hey, this, this customer just wanted to change their address. boom, i just changed it and we all communicate through this shopify order section- i guess you'd call it that- and this has worked really, really well so far. okay, like unbelievably streamlined. now they charge me right around three dollars to pack every order and to ship every order out, and you might be thinking that that sounds like a lot. but here's how this extra fee that my fulfillment center charges me doesn't really add to any losses at all for my clothing brand. i've basically tied in to all the shipping costs for my clothing brand. so anytime somebody places an order through my website it automatikally goes through the carrier, canada post, to get the price of how much that would cost and then i just add on a handling fee that is tied into the shipping costs to cover all the fulfillment costs. so basically the customer's paying for all the shipping because tiknically, them fulfilling the order and sending it out is also a part of the shipping and there's no loss at the end of the day to be working with a fulfillment center like this. and you know, i wish i could share more with you here in terms of the little details and things that are really specific and complicated, but it's honestly just that simple and it doesn't need to be any more complicated than that. the human mind really tends to want to complicate things more than it needs to be, and it's really been a smooth process for me setting it up this way. so what it used to look like was me handling all the inventory, handling all the orders, having to deal with shipments from one supplier to my, to my screen printer, then going and picking it up or managing when i'm gonna receive it when they ship it to me. dozens of giant boxes of clothing that i had to unpack and sort through all all by myself and have people over, and now all of that is gone. i don't have to do any of that anymore, and what i'm doing is tiknically considered drop shipping for my clothing brand, working through a fulfillment center like the one that i am now. the beauty part here is that i'm really close with the owner of the fulfillment center, and so we have a good relationship and we're really close text call all the time, basically working together like a team, which i'm sure, not a lot of clothing brands who are doing drop shipping have, but you can develop that fairly easily if you really want to and you really want to put in the effort to get your clothing brand to work this way. so i thought i figured i'd share that with you, in case some of you are interested in exactly how it all works in my own clothing brand. i hope that gives you some sort of ideas in terms of how you can run the structure of your own clothing brand moving forward. i didn't want to hire people and have people come over all the time and have to handle the inventory anymore and send out all the orders- thousands of orders i fulfilled with my own hands, you know- and it just gets annoying. i just didn't want to do it anymore and it was also just taking away so much of my time to focus on my brand and do the things that i'm good at. so i'm super happy with that change and i really hope this video was insightful. hey, what's up everybody? my name is ac, i'm the owner of an underwear company called draws branco and you know i just want to send this quick shout out video to rob parsons apparel success. i mean, i started this company back in like 2017, 2016, and when i started building, i came across your videos, man, and came across your course also and, uh, you drop gems every week that you know really doesn't compare to anybody else because you give the real. you know, you really tok about what we're all really going through. it's just been great, man. watching your videos got me through a lot. taking your courses have got me through even more, and i'm proud to say, because of you and- and give me a little pat on the back- my consistency and and really trying to apply some of the things that you teach, i quit my job back in march 2021 and i'm doing this full time man. thank you, rob again. thank you, apparently success, man. without you, this has been a lot harder. thanks.