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Clubhouse Ads: Boost Your Brand!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Clubhouse is a social audio app that has gained popularity among users who are looking for a new way to interact with others. The app allows users to communicate in audio chat rooms that can accommodate groups of thousands of people. It is a social network that invites users to join voice chat rooms where they can meet new people or simply take part in debates.

Pros and Cons:


- Clubhouse offers a new way to interact with audio, making it an exciting platform for experimentation.

- The app is full of opportunities and has

EPIC Results Running FB Ads to Audiences on Clubhouse (New Targeting Hack for 2021)

In this article, we will discuss a targeting hack that can be implemented in just five minutes and can change the direction of your entire Facebook targeting campaign. We will explain how it is possible to target people on Clubhouse and how to monetize your audience on this platform.

How to Target People on Clubhouse:

1. Create a custom audience on Facebook ads manager by selecting the Instagram account option.

2. Label the audience as Instagram sent me a message to target people who have sent you a message on Instagram.

3. Run an ad to this specific audience with a script that introduces yourself, explains Facebook retargeting, and offers a solution to create winning ads profitably.

4. Depending on your business model, you can send the audience to a webinar funnel, a free plus shipping funnel, or an application file.

Benefits of Targeting People on Clubhouse:

- Extremely engaged audience

- Highly profitable with high ROI

- Low hanging fruit audience that is super targeted

Targeting people on Clubhouse is an effective way to monetize your audience and increase the profitability of your Facebook targeting campaign. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can implement this targeting hack in just five minutes and see significant results. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity to reach an engaged and profitable audience.

Mickey's Color Adventure | S1 E22 | Full Episode | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | @disneyjunior ​

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Rainbow Color Adventure

Mickey Mouse invites us to his clubhouse to help save it from losing all its color. With the help of Professor Von Drake, we need to collect six objects, each in a different color of the rainbow, to restore the color to the clubhouse.

Bullet Points:

- All the color is disappearing from the clubhouse

- Professor Von Drake has a rainbow color machine that needs six objects

- We need to find objects in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

- Mickey and his friends use their mouseke tools to find the objects

- We build stairs with blocks to reach the purple plum

- We place all six objects on the rainbow color machine to restore color to the clubhouse

With the help of our super color collecting eyes and mouseke tools, we were able to find all six objects in the colors of the rainbow. By placing the objects on the rainbow color machine, we restored the color to the clubhouse. It was a hot dog day full of fun and adventure with Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Mickey and Donald Have a Farm 🚜 | S4 E1 | Full Episode | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | @disneyjunior

Mickey Mouse and his friends are excited to show us something new at the clubhouse farm. They start by introducing us to the Mouseketools and the magic words that make the clubhouse appear. They then go on a fun adventure to find the missing farm animals, including bunnies, a goat, a pony, and even flying pigs! Along the way, they encounter a windmill that needs to be turned off and a swinging cow that needs to be rescued. Luckily, they have their Mouseketools to help them out, including a blimpy blazer for flying and floating, a soft blanket for catching animals, and a handy fishing pole for grabbing objects. In the end, they all come together to sing a song and find the missing cluck cluck chickens. Mickey and his friends teach us about teamwork, problem-solving, and having fun on the farm.

How to Make Money With The Clubhouse App In 2022 (For Beginners)

In this video, we learn about how to make money on the Clubhouse app, with beginners making between $100 to $700 per day. The first step is to get invited to the app, which is invite-only and grows by word of mouth. The second step is to leverage existing audiences by inviting influencers to the app and tapping into their following. Thirdly, create an event or conversation with multiple experts to attract an audience. Lastly, build an email list off of Clubhouse and sell a product or service to your audience through affiliate marketing or coaching. By following these steps, anyone can make money on Clubhouse.

Facebook Ads - Account Ban - Farming : Clubhouse

In this article, we will discuss the importance of being prepared for Facebook account bans and farming. We will also provide suggestions on how to prevent these issues and how to handle them if they occur.

The Reality of Facebook Bans and Farming:

Facebook bans and farming are common issues that many businesses and marketers face. These issues can cause a significant loss of revenue and can severely impact the growth of a business. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared for such situations and have a plan in place to handle them effectively.

Suggestions to Prevent Facebook Bans and Farming:

1. Focus on White Hat Strategies: Instead of relying on Black Hat strategies to get quick results, it is advisable to focus on White Hat strategies. These strategies may take longer to show results, but they are sustainable and can help build a long-term relationship with Facebook.

2. Have a Backup Plan: It is essential to have a backup plan in case of account bans or farming. This plan may include having multiple accounts, IP addresses, and Business Managers.

3. Invest in a Media Buyer: Hiring a media buyer who understands the dynamics of Facebook can help prevent bans and farming issues. They can also help develop effective strategies that are compliant with Facebook's policies.

Suggestions to Handle Facebook Bans and Farming:

1. Contact Facebook Support: If your account has been banned or farming is suspected, the first step is to contact Facebook Support. They may be able to provide a resolution or further insights into the issue.

2. Appeal the Ban: Facebook allows users to appeal bans. This process can take time, but it is worth the effort to get the account reinstated.

3. Consider Hiring a Professional: In some cases, hiring a professional who specializes in resolving Facebook bans and farming issues may be necessary.

Facebook bans and farming are issues that can significantly impact a business's growth. However, being prepared and having a plan in place can help prevent these issues and handle them effectively if they occur. By following the suggestions provided in this article, businesses can minimize the risk of Facebook bans and farming and continue to thrive on the platform.

Goofy Turns into a Baby 👶🏼| Mickey Mornings | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | Disney Junior

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Well, in this adventure, Mickey and his friends accidentally send Goofy back to when he was a baby. With the help of their Mousekatools, they must babysit and find a way to change Goofy back to his normal self.

Babysitting Goofy Baby:

- Use Mousekatools to babysit Goofy baby

- Change his diaper with tape

- Use a bouncy ball to entertain him

Finding a Solution:

- Ask Professor Von Drake to fix the time machine

- Use Mystery Mousekatool to hold up Goofy baby's diaper

- Wait for the time machine to be fixed

Through teamwork and problem-solving, Mickey and his friends successfully babysit Goofy baby and find a solution to bring Goofy back to his normal self. This adventure teaches us the importance of friendship and never giving up when faced with a challenge.

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