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Coilovers Dropshipping: Maximize Profits!

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Why Customers Choose Your Business Over Others: Crafting a Better Offer

- Welcome back to EmpireBuilder!

- Common question: why should customers buy from my e-commerce business instead of Amazon, Walmart, or other stores?

- The offer is key: find best-selling products and create a better offer around them, tailored to your market.

- The product must match the market.

- Immersing yourself in your market is important to understand customer problems and needs.

Crafting a Better Offer:

- Give until it hurts: offer more than just the product.

- Create a stack of items that the customer will receive with their purchase.

- Solve problems: identify problems in your market and create solutions for them.

- Offer a checklist or guide for beginners or advanced users.

- Add a community aspect to your business: people want to be around others like them and will pay for it.

- Add up the value of everything the customer is getting and make it clear on your sales page.

- Crafting a better offer is key to winning in the e-commerce business.

- Focus on solving problems and giving until it hurts.

- Immersing yourself in your market will help you understand your customers and their needs.

- Have a fantastic day and remember, your empire starts now!

[DIY Car Mods] "Maxpeedingrods" Coilovers Update - Rebound Test

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. In this article, I will provide an update on the situation with Maxfeeding Rod Coilovers. I will discuss the issues that have arisen, the tests that were done, and the solutions proposed.


- Emails back and forth between the author and the performance shop and Maxfeeding Rods

- Performance shop requested a reload test to see how fast the coilovers spring back

- Inspection of the coilovers revealed that two were already blown

- Three out of the four coilovers were blown and not rebounding


- Reload test to see how fast the coilovers spring back

- Inspection of the coilovers by compressing the piston


- Maxfeeding Rods will replace three of the internal strut pieces at a cost of $10 for shipping

- The performance shop will cover the cost of shipping

Dealing with Maxfeeding Rods has been a difficult experience for the author, as they have poor customer service. However, a solution has been proposed to replace the faulty coilovers. The author advises readers to keep this in mind if they ever decide to purchase from Maxfeeding Rods. Overall, it is important to research and choose a reputable manufacturer to avoid similar issues.

Step By Step Guide How I Make 100K A Month With My Amazon Dropshipping Business

- Music channel introduction

- Seven-figure Amazon seller and Air Force veteran

- Providing answers on how to make money online/offline

Building a $100,000 Amazon Dropshipping Business:

- Started as FBA seller, but found it cost prohibitive

- Dived into dropshipping and started with a geek niche store

- Added more evergreen products and grew store overnight

- Expanded to include other test stores for wholesale FBA and retail arbitrage

- Leveraged wholesale contracts for better pricing and beat competition

- Needed capital to buy large quantities and grow businesses

- Put personal money into businesses, causing financial strain

- Growing an e-commerce business is not profitable at first

- Need capital or someone to bankroll you

- Leverage wholesale contracts for better pricing

- Be prepared to put in personal money to grow the business


In this article, we will be discussing dropshipping and how it can be a viable business model for beginners. We will cover the ups and downs of dropshipping and how it can be used to build a successful business.

Benefits of Dropshipping:

- Cash flow business that requires little capital to start

- Can be used to fund other business ventures

- Allows for testing of products and markets without investing too much money

- Can be done from anywhere with an internet connection

How to Get Started:

- Do product research to find profitable items

- Look for a supplier that can provide the products at a good price

- Build a relationship with the supplier to ensure a steady supply of products

- Start selling on a platform like eBay or Amazon to generate cash flow

- Consider expanding into wholesale to increase profits and build a real brand

Longevity of Dropshipping:

While some may doubt the longevity of dropshipping as a business model, it has been successful for many years and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. It is important to focus on building a real brand and business, rather than relying solely on dropshipping for long-term success.

Dropshipping can be a viable business model for beginners, offering low startup costs and the ability to generate cash flow quickly. By doing product research and building relationships with suppliers, it is possible to build a successful dropshipping business. While some may doubt the longevity of dropshipping, it has been successful for many years and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

The Truth About Chinese Wheel Factories

- Discussion about buying products made in China

- Visit to a Chinese wheel factory

- Importance of understanding the manufacturing process

Observations at the Wheel Factory:

- Surprising cleanliness and organization of the factory

- Communication difficulties due to language barriers

- Explanation of the wheel manufacturing process

- Use of various techniques to make wheels

- Quality control measures in place

- Diversity of brands and designs being made in the factory

- Importance of the quality of metal used in production

Different Approach to Work:

- Seriousness of work environment in China

- Lack of emphasis on fun at work

- Strictness of managers and consequences for mistakes

- Differences in production and styling not as significant as expected

Smog and Food:

- Poor air quality in China

- Unpleasant smell in the air

- Mediocre food

- Chinese wheel factories are not as bad as assumed

- Quality control measures are in place

- Differences in brand and design are not as significant as expected

- Reminder to consider where products are made and the importance of understanding the manufacturing process.

Viking Coilover Install Help for Second Gen 70-81 Firebird/Camao

In this article, we will be discussing Viking coilovers and giving tips on how to install them for a 70 to 81 Camaro and Firebird. We will also provide some helpful insights when purchasing these coilovers.


- Look around before purchasing from a drop shipper

- Email Viking for advice on what to buy

- Use anti-seize on snap rings to avoid voiding warranty

- Use icon snap ring pliers for easier installation

- Remove little tabs on lower control arm before installation

- Use nylon locking nuts for bottom bolts

- Use convex or concave washers for top bolts

- Wear gloves for safety

- Torque down correctly by pancaking rubber grommets

Installing Viking coilovers on a 70 to 81 Camaro and Firebird can be straightforward with the right tools and knowledge. Remember to take precautions when handling the snap rings and use anti-seize to avoid voiding the warranty. By following the tips provided in this article, you can successfully install your coilovers and enjoy a smoother ride.

How To Get Your First Sale | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

In this article, we will be discussing how to get your first sale on Shopify through various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We will address common misconceptions about starting a business online and provide tips on how to navigate the process. The article will be structured as follows:

## Introduction

- Brief overview of the article's purpose and topics covered

## Common Misconceptions

- Discussing eight common misconceptions about starting a business online, including the need for a perfect website, outstanding winner, marketing skills, and spending money to get your first sale.

## Getting Your First Sale on Shopify

- Explaining how to use Instagram pages to advertise your product and find pages with good engagement.

- Setting up a Facebook Ads campaign to test your product and targeting people in a relationship.

- Providing tips on budgeting for your campaign and selecting specific placements for your ads.

## Conclusion

- Recap of the article's main points and encouragement for readers to take action and start their Shopify businesses.

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