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coinbase ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

The Super Bowl LVI had some great advertisements, but none stood out as much as Coinbase's 60-second spot featuring nothing but a bouncing QR code. While some people loved it, others hated it, making it one of the most polarizing ads of the event. In this article, we will explore why Coinbase's ad was genius and why it will likely go down in Super Bowl history.

Why Coinbase's Ad Was Genius:

- Minimalistic and Ridiculously Simple: Coinbase's ad cost them $14 million, but all they showed was a bouncing QR code for 56 seconds before revealing the company's name at the very end. This minimalist approach was a stroke of genius as it stood out from the crowd of other ads that relied heavily on CGI or celebrity cameos.

- Element of Mystery and Competition: The fact that the QR code didn't reveal the company's name until the end added an element of mystery and competition. Viewers were waiting for the logo to hit the corner, not knowing if it would even happen. This kept them engaged and interested in the ad.

- Nostalgia Factor: There was an element of nostalgia in the ad, with the bouncing QR code reminiscent of the DVD logo bouncing around and hitting the corner. This nostalgia factor made the ad even more appealing to viewers.

- Understanding of the Audience: Coinbase's ad succeeded because they understood their audience and what was expected of them. They knew that viewers were watching the Super Bowl for entertainment, so they kept the ad simple and engaging, with no fancy music or plot.

Comparison with Lifeminders' Ad:

In the past, Lifeminders tried a similar approach to Coinbase's ad by showing a PowerPoint presentation admitting that their ad was the worst Super Bowl ad of all time. However, this approach didn't work because they revealed the punchline too early, leaving nothing else to keep viewers engaged.

Coinbase's Super Bowl ad was a stroke of genius, standing out from the crowd with its minimalist and engaging approach. The element of mystery, competition, and nostalgia, coupled with an understanding of the audience, made it a memorable and successful ad. While not everyone loved it, it will likely go down in Super Bowl history as one of the most iconic ads of all time.

Crypto Super Bowl Commercials In 2022 = Dot Com Crash In 2000?

The upcoming Super Bowl has sparked a lot of buzz in the crypto world, with many companies reportedly spending millions on advertising during the event. This has led some to believe that crypto is becoming more mainstream and legitimate, but is this really the case? Let's take a look back at the dot com bubble of 2000 and see if there are any similarities to today's situation.

Similarities to the dot com bubble of 2000:

- The stock market experienced a significant drop in January, just before the Super Bowl.

- Many companies are spending millions on advertising during the Super Bowl, just like in 2000.

- Crypto is being hailed as the future of the internet, just like the dot coms were in 2000.

Differences between then and now:

- There are over 17,000 cryptocurrencies and 450 exchanges now, compared to the relatively small number of dot com companies in 2000.

- Cryptocurrency is not burdened by the same costs as dot com companies, such as shipping expenses and low profit margins.

- It is unclear whether the crypto market will experience the same crash as the dot com market did.

While there are some similarities between the current situation and the dot com bubble of 2000, there are also some key differences. It remains to be seen whether crypto will continue to grow and become more mainstream or if it will crash like the dot com market did. Only time will tell.

Coinbase Slammed Over Superbowl Ad

- Coinbase's Super Bowl ad promises free cryptocurrency, but website crashes due to excess traffic

- Russia threatens to invade Ukraine, causing global economic concerns and potential upward pressure on crypto prices

- Crypto may provide citizens with access to capital in times of bank closures or currency devaluation

- Mina and Hedera gain ground, while Cryptocom and Ethereum Classic fall


- Coinbase's Super Bowl ad promised free cryptocurrency to viewers who scanned a QR code with their phones

- However, the website was unable to handle the excess traffic, leading to frustrated customers

- Despite the website crash, some praised the ad's minimalist approach and predicted it could benefit Coinbase in the long run

- Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have continued, with potential involvement from the US and its allies

- Analysts predict the conflict could lead to uncertainty in the market and put upward pressure on crypto prices

- Crypto's use case as a transparent peer-to-peer system may be tested if banks close or currencies fall in value due to the conflict

- Mina and Hedera have gained ground in the past 24 hours, while Cryptocom and Ethereum Classic have fallen in value

- Stay tuned to Kalkine TV for the latest market updates, business news, and exclusive interviews

- The crypto market remains volatile and subject to global events, such as political conflicts and economic instability

- Crypto may provide a valuable alternative to traditional banking systems in times of crisis.


Great news, crypto enthusiasts! Today, we'll be breaking down some of the top stories in crypto, including one of the goofiest ads that crashed Coinbase, the ads from the NFL Super Bowl, and the Sunday Swap initial stake pool offering. But before we dive into all that, let's take a quick look at the market.

Market Update:

- The market cap is at 1.9 trillion, with Bitcoin holding steady over 24 hours.

- Ethereum is just below 3,000.

- Dogecoin went down by 6%.

Coinbase Ad:

Coinbase's $14 million Super Bowl ad featuring a floating QR code crashed the platform and app temporarily. Although the ad was genius, the incident raised questions about Coinbase's stability. However, the issue was resolved in a few minutes, and Coinbase's app went up from the 86th ranked app to the second ranked app on all platforms.


The FTX ad featuring Larry David received mixed reviews. Some thought it was great, while others criticized it. But despite the criticism, it still managed to create a buzz and grab attention.

Sunday Swap Initial Stake Pool Offering:

Lastly, the Sunday Swap ISO ends today, and investors can claim their Sunday Swap rewards. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to invest in a promising crypto project.

The Right Way to Use Influencer Marketing:

In conclusion, influencer marketing can be an effective tool for promoting crypto projects, but it needs to be done the right way. It's crucial to work with influencers who have a genuine interest in the project and understand the technology behind it. Additionally, the messaging needs to be clear and straightforward, avoiding any hype or false promises. By doing influencer marketing the right way, it can create a positive impact and help bring in more investors.

Thank you for tuning in, and remember to check out the timestamps below for specific segments. We'll be taking your questions at the end of the segment, so stay tuned.

Super Bowl 2022 | Top Crypto Ads from Coinbase, FTX, and More

Hey guys, today we're discussing crypto marketing in the Super Bowl. This year's Super Bowl was the game of crypto marketing, with a huge amount of crypto-focused ads in the biggest sporting event in the United States. We're going to go through the top commercials and what made them strong, and what this means for crypto advertising.

- The Super Bowl was the Super Bowl of crypto marketing.

- More crypto-related ads than ever before.

- Crypto-related ads in a major sporting event of this size are unprecedented.

- Parties hosted by NFT holders, with performances by Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

- Agency Coinman worked on one of the ads.

Top Commercials:

1. Coinbase's ad:

- Just a QR code that brought you to drops.coinbase.com.

- 20 million hits in the first few seconds, crashed the website.

- Bold marketing move, the boldest thing seen in crypto marketing.

- Simple yet effective.

2. FTX's ad:

- Used Larry David as a naysayer.

- Showed the history of advancements in human civilization, with David being skeptical.

- Showed the divide between those who favor the future and those who say no.

- Depicted a lot of the country's still-conservative attitude towards crypto.

3. Crypto.com's ad:

- Used LeBron James, speaking to his younger self.

- Message: If you want to make history, you gotta call your own shots.

- Aligning the sports market with the crypto market.

What Made Them Strong:

- The Super Bowl is the biggest event of advertising, with millions of dollars spent on producing and airing ads.

- Multiple crypto ads on the biggest advertising platform in the US.

- Crypto is mainstream now.

- All the ads had a message of get on board or you'll miss out.

- The Super Bowl was a game changer for crypto marketing.

- Crypto is mainstream now.

- The messaging of the ads was strong and effective.

- Crypto advertising has come a long way and will only continue to grow.

The Coinbase Super Bowl Ad- How it made MILLIONS! 💰

- Advertisements are everywhere, but only a few capture our attention

- The Super Bowl is an event that appeals to advertisers

- Coinbase's Super Bowl ad featuring a QR code was a huge success

Campaign Overview:

- Coinbase's Super Bowl ad featured a multicolored bouncing QR code

- The QR code led to a sign-up page offering free bitcoin

- The campaign resulted in 20 million scans and 1.5 million new customers

- Estimated revenue was $135 million

QR Codes in Advertising:

- QR codes have become a way to bridge the gap in attribution

- Many brands during the Super Bowl also used QR codes

- Kanye West and Burger King both had successful QR code campaigns for TV

QR Codes in the Pandemic:

- The pandemic brought significant shifts and disruptions in how people consume and use QR codes

- QR codes have become a contactless way of serving menus in restaurants

- QR codes are here to stay and are the new way to run measurable campaigns

- If you want to learn more about QR codes, check out our channel and try out Beaconstac with a 14-day free trial.

Coinbase Begins Instagram/Google Advertising!

Hey there crypto enthusiasts, welcome to Crypto Blessing! Here, we bring you daily content on all the latest cryptocurrency news, market analysis, and more. Today, we'll be recapping what's been happening in the market recently. Let's dive in!

Recent Market Developments:

- Arthur Hays goes on CNBC's Fast Money to discuss Bitcoin not hitting bottom when it touched 5,800 a few weeks ago.

- Institutional investors eagerly await a decision on a Bitcoin ETF, currently in limbo until September.

- Bitcoin is currently holding onto its 7,500 price point, with much discussion on whether or not it will break 8k.

- Coinbase now has access to billions more people, as their ads are back on Google and they've launched their new prime brokerage services.

- Coinbase reportedly scored a multi-billion dollar deal with an unnamed hedge fund, adding more credential to their recent launch of their custody service.

- There is speculation that Coinbase may start offering up Marge financing by the end of this year.

- The market cap for the space is below 300 billion dollars right now, with no real sign of big money coming in yet.

- Google has allowed ads by Coinbase, completely reversing their ban from March, and other companies are following suit.

- The end of this year may be a big one for the market, with a perfect storm of events that could catalyze an insane bull run.

The crypto market continues to be full of surprises, with Bitcoin's price point holding steady and Coinbase making waves with their recent developments. While institutional investors eagerly wait for the SEC's decision on a Bitcoin ETF, the market cap remains below 300 billion dollars. However, with Coinbase now allowed to run crypto ads and other companies following suit, there may be hope for a bull run in the near future. As always, we'll be keeping a close eye on the market and bringing you daily updates. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more content from Crypto Blessing!

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