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Collecting $130,000 From 30 Vending Machines

Published on: December 8 2022 by Financial Wolf

Collecting coins from vending machines can be a tedious task, but for one man, it turned out to be quite profitable. In this article, we'll explore how he managed to collect $130,000 from just 30 vending machines.

Sub-Heading 1: The Set-Up

- The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, owned 30 vending machines in various locations around the city.

- Each machine had a coin collector that would need to be emptied regularly.

- The man discovered that some of the machines were collecting more coins than others, despite being in similar locations.

Sub-Heading 2: The Investigation

- The man decided to investigate why some machines were collecting more coins than others.

- He discovered that the machines that were collecting the most coins had faulty coin collectors.

- These faulty collectors were allowing coins to slip through and not register, meaning they weren't being accounted for in the machine's total.

Sub-Heading 3: The Profit

- After discovering the faulty coin collectors, the man began to regularly check and collect coins from the machines.

- Over time, he managed to collect $130,000 in coins that had slipped through the faulty collectors.

- The man used this profit to invest in more vending machines and expand his business.

Collecting coins from vending machines may seem like a mundane task, but for one man, it turned out to be a profitable venture. By investigating and discovering faulty coin collectors, he was able to collect $130,000 in coins and expand his business. Who knows what other profitable ventures may be hiding in plain sight?

Collecting $130,000 From 30 Vending Machines

I ended up in Dallas, Texas in a random apartment with endless candy, soda, and one dollar bills after discovering the vending machine side hustle on YouTube. I reached out to the biggest creator in the niche, Jaime Ibanez, and flew across the state to meet him.

Jaime's Businesses:

- Jaime runs a vending machine empire with 30 locations, which bring in around $120,000-$140,000 a year in sales

- He also sells exotik snacks online, which is double the income of vending

- Jaime has a YouTube channel where he shares his experiences and tips

Shopping for Vending Machines:

- Jaime and I went to Sam's Club to purchase supplies for the vending machines

- We spent $397 on drinks and snacks

- We went to Costco and did a challenge where the loser had to slam a bottle against the floor

Visiting a Vending Machine Location:

- We went to a nursing home where Jaime has one of his best vending machine locations

- Jaime invested $18,000 for three locations and it took 10 months to make the money back in profit

- We filled up the machines and encountered people asking for free items

Counting the Money:

- We counted the cash and credit card sales from the vending machines and made a total of $740

- Jaime's living room is full of snacks for his online store, which is doing well

- Jaime's videos on TikTok and YouTube go viral and bring in a lot of sales

Jaime's vending machine empire and online snack store are successful businesses that require hard work but bring in good income. The vending machine location we visited made $444 for the day, and counting the credit card sales brought it up to $740. Jaime's viral videos on TikTok and YouTube have helped grow his businesses.

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