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Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Local pickup is a convenient way for customers to get their online orders at your retail store or any location of your choice. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to set up local pickup in your Shopify admin.

Steps to Set up Local Pickup:

1. Confirm Location Names and Addresses:

- Ensure that your location names are easy to understand and their addresses are correct.

- Customers see these details at checkout, so make it easy for them to understand where they need to go to pick up their order.

2. Enable Fulfillment for Online Orders:

- Open each location and confirm that the box fulfill online orders from this location is checked.

- Otherwise, pickup won't be available.

3. Set Fulfillment Priority:

- Check that your fulfillment priority is up to date.

- Ensure that locations with more stock ship the online orders first, reserving stock for pickup orders.

4. Check Inventory Count:

- Ensure that your products are stocked properly at your locations.

- If a product is out of stock at a pickup location, the pickup option won't be available at checkout.

5. Disable Any Pickup Apps:

- Multiple pickup options will cause a conflict at checkout and during fulfillment.

6. Grant Access to Staff:

- Ensure that any staff who are packaging orders have access to the Shopify admin or POS.

7. Activate Local Pickup:

- Click Settings and then Shipping and Delivery in your Shopify admin.

- Scroll down to the section Local Pickup.

- Set up the local pickup option for each location that you want to have pickup.

- Select a time frame for expected pickup times.

- Enter pickup instructions for your customers.

- Save your settings.

Setting up local pickup is easy and convenient for both you and your customers. By following the above steps, you can make it easy for your customers to get their online orders at a location of their choice. Visit help.shopify.com for more information on local pickup and other Shopify features.

How To Organize Shopify | Setting Up Collections, Tags, and the Navigation Bar (Quick & Easy)

- In this video, I will be showing you how to organize your Shopify store and create drop-down menus in your navigation bar.

Creating Collections:

- Go to Products and then Collections.

- Create collections based on categories, such as watches, shoes, shirts, and hoodies.

- Use automated tagging to make it easier to add products to collections.

Navigation Menus:

- Go to Online Store, then Navigation.

- Create a main menu with links to all collections.

- Use drag-and-drop to create drop-down menus for more specific categories, such as men's and women's shoes.

Checking Tags:

- Go to Products and select the products you want to check.

- Click Edit Products and look at the Tags field to see what tags have been added.

- Retag products if necessary.

- Organizing your Shopify store is crucial for making it easy for customers to navigate and find what they're looking for.

- Creating collections and using automated tagging can save you time and effort.

- Creating a navigation menu with drop-down menus can make it even easier for customers to find specific categories.

- Checking tags is important to ensure products are properly categorized.

Shopify Tutorial: Finalizing the Shopify Store settings to ready the store for launch and sales

Hey there, it's Alistair from Starting a Shopify Store from Scratch. Today, we are going to quickly run through the list of items on your navigation menu.

Navigation Menu:


- Keep track of what's happening in your store with customers.

- Have a plan to manage any orders that come into your store.


- Choose the right package for you.

- Suggest the $29 package to start and upgrade as you make more money.


- Import products into your store using a CSV file.

- Find more items through a blog.

- Create collections to organize your products.


- Track and receive incoming inventory from suppliers.

- Add the transfer into your store and update your inventory.


- Create collections to group your products.

Gift Cards:

- Offer gift cards to customers.

- Upgrade your plan to design them.


- See what your customers do in your site.

- Customize future emails for specific customers.

- Import your customer list to build your database.


- Get an overview of what's happening in your store.

- Look at your sales, sessions, orders, conversion rate, and top products.

- Analyze your traffic and sales by location and device.

- See how your marketing activities are attributed to your sales.

- Create custom reports.


- Set up marketing automation to attract and promote customers.

- Use Facebook and Google to create campaigns.

- Offer discount codes to boost customer conversions.

- Install plugins to extend the functionality of your store.

- Try Saguna for automated emails and segmentation.

Creating a Shopify store may seem daunting, but with these tips and tricks, you can easily set up and manage your own successful business. Remember to learn as much as you can before your trial ends and don't forget to support us by clicking the affiliate link in the description box below. Happy selling!

Setting up LOCAL PICKUP in Shopify!

In this Shopify tutorial, Cheryl Woodhouse discusses a helpful feature that Shopify has implemented for physical stores/retail merchants looking to move to e-commerce due to social distancing and pandemic requirements. This feature is local pickup for online orders, allowing customers to pick up their online orders at your retail store or any other location you choose.

Setting up Local Pickup:

1. Go to your Shopify settings and click on Shipping.

2. Scroll down to Additional delivery methods and select Local pickup.

3. Set the expected pickup time and provide pickup instructions.

4. Click Enable Pickup.

Using Local Pickup:

1. During checkout, customers will be prompted to choose between delivery or pickup.

2. If both options are available, the local pickup delivery method will be shown at the bottom.

3. Provide specific instructions for pickup, such as where to park or what number to call.

4. Encourage customers to bring their confirmation email and any necessary identification.

5. If offering curbside pickup, specify this in the pickup instructions.

By offering local pickup for online orders, physical stores/retail merchants can continue to serve their customers while adhering to social distancing and pandemic requirements. With Shopify's easy-to-use feature, setting up local pickup is quick and simple.

10 Best Shopify Themes To Create a Professional online Store

In this video, we will discuss the top 10 Shopify themes for creating an online store. Shopify is a popular subscription-based store building tool, and developers are creating themes to work with the platform. Let's dive into the best themes developed for Shopify.

10. Wookie:

- A premium theme with over 90 pre-built layouts and 99+ blocks.

- Comes with all the tools and modules needed to create a fast, mobile-friendly website.

- Includes a notification bar and sticky header with an excellent mega menu.

- Dynamic filtering options are packed with Wookie.

9. Fabulous:

- A high-quality single product eCommerce Shopify theme with six demos and inner pages.

- Includes Shopify visual builder, sticky header, and mega menu.

- Features a pop-up menu for newsletter subscription and social media links.

8. Minimog:

- A next-generation Shopify theme with various categorized templates for different niches.

- Includes an RTL demo, top bar, and stunning mega menu.

- Multiple layouts and design pages are available for product listings.

7. My Medi:

- A powerful Shopify theme for small businesses, especially medical stores.

- Includes seven pre-designed home pages, several inner pages, and free apps.

- Features a stunning mega menu, off-canvas, and alphabetical filtering system.

6. Ella:

- A multi-purpose Shopify theme with 23 different homepage layouts and 16 child themes.

- Includes an RTL demo, sticky header, and mega menu.

- Traditional and alphabetical filtering options are available.

5. Toronto:

- A modern Shopify theme with powerful features for creating an online supermarket/marketplace.

- Includes five pre-designed home pages, sticky header, and mega menu.

- Off-canvas is added to check relevant search results.

4. Store Go:

- A multipurpose electronic eCommerce Shopify theme with three different layouts.

- User-friendly theme with no coding knowledge required.

- Includes six different theme colors and a stunning mega menu.

3. Baby Planet:

- A kids accessories niche-related eCommerce Shopify theme.

- Includes four beautiful home pages and a newsletter subscription pop-up.

- Features a sticky header, mega menu, and categorized search.

2. Boom:

- A multi-purpose Shopify theme with many beautiful demos.

- Includes a notification bar, sticky header, and mega menu.

- Features a well-made off-canvas, ajax execution, and project filtering wish list.

1. Avon:

- A new generation designed modern and easy-to-use Shopify theme.

- Includes more than 28 pre-designed dummy websites, sticky header, and mega menu.

- Features an off-canvas, newsletter, and text announcement section.

These themes can be very helpful to create an online store in the Shopify platform. Choose the theme that best suits your needs and engages customers with coupons, special offers, and discounts. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for updates.

An Intro to Shopify's Local Delivery app

- Andy, Chief Operating Officer of VentureStream, introducing new feature in Shopify called Local Delivery

Enabling Local Delivery in Shopify:

- Prerequisite: Local Delivery shipping method and collection method enabled

- Go to Shopify store settings, click on Shipping and Delivery

- Enable local delivery for different locations, set delivery radius or use postcodes, set delivery price and minimum order price

- A message can be set to appear in checkout


- Adding a cool iPhone case to the cart

- Local Delivery function appears as an option in checkout

- Tip function can also be enabled at checkout

Preparing Order for Local Delivery:

- Local Delivery app must be installed

- Orders must be prepared for delivery, packaged, and stock must be checked

- Click on Mark as ready for delivery button in Shopify order screen

Using Local Delivery App:

- Delivery lists can be created and assigned to drivers

- Delivery route can be optimized using Google Maps API

- Delivery list can be shared with drivers or accessed through Local Delivery app

- Driver can mark orders as delivered or attempted, message customers, and navigate using preferred map app

- Shopify's Local Delivery feature is free and seamlessly integrates with Shopify store

- Try it out and see how it works for your business.

How To Think About Upsell Funnels with Ezra Firestone

Hey there, it's Ezra and I'm currently in my Shopify analytics section, looking at my year-to-date sales. Specifically, I'm focusing on the top products by units sold to figure out what upsells to set up first. In this video, I'll be discussing my strategy for determining which upsells to offer and how to set them up.

- Looking at top products by units sold in Shopify analytics

- Strategy for determining upsells to set up first

- Discussion on setting up upsells in Shopify


- Start with number one product in top products list

- Use analytics and insights to see which products sold well but didn't get a lot of traffic

- Improve conversion rates for bundles

- Set up funnels for best sellers first

- Use pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells for best results

Setting up Upsells in Shopify:

- Use One Click Upsell app

- Choose trigger product for funnel

- Add pre-purchase upsell to trigger on slider or regular cart

- Offer to add product to cart or upgrade existing item

- Offer relevant post-purchase upsells

- Use thank you page offer for additional sales


- Offer one more of what customer just bought

- Offer most popular or relevant item

- Offer upgrades or bundles

- Split test pricing and offer pages

- Upsells are an effective way to increase revenue

- Use data to determine which upsells to offer

- Use One Click Upsell app to set up and manage funnels

- Offer relevant and compelling upsells to customers for best results

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