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colorado springs help wanted ads

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

Hey Tenzig, I'm Katie, and I work and live here in Colorado Springs. I wanted to create a personalized video analysis of your website. In today's world, every business wants more customers, and they need internet experts they can trust. I'm here to show you a couple of things you can do for free to increase your customer base.


Looking at your home page, I notice that you need more content. Google likes to see between 1,000 and 1,500 words of keyword-rich content to be properly optimized. I did a keyword search for your industry and location in Colorado Springs, and here are some of the results:

- Dent repair Colorado Springs gets searched 90 times a month.

- Other variations total up to 200 times per month.

By not having these exact phrases on your page, you're missing out on a lot of potential customers every month.

Organic Traffic:

The most important place to focus your efforts is in the organic section of Google's search results. According to Search Engine Watch, the first position in organic traffic gets 32.5% of traffic. You're currently in the 10th position, which only gets 2-4% of traffic. To get to the top, you need more links from related sites.

Using a resource called Ahrefs, I can see that you only have two live links and are only getting found for 29 keywords. Because of that, your traffic is super low, and you're only getting 24 people to your site every month. In comparison, the number one position has 82 links and is getting ranked for 1.2k keywords, resulting in 563 visitors per month.

Improving your content and links is crucial for driving more customers to your business. If you implement these strategies, you can be number one on Google for auto body repair. If you need help, give me a call at 719-301-9928. I live and work here locally and would love to help you out.

Zillow alternative Colorado Springs Real Estate Classified Ads

Hi, this is Matt from the Free Ad Forum.com Classifieds. If you're a real estate professional, I'd like to invite you to place your free or upgraded ad on our site. We have a special section just for real estate agents. In this article, I will be discussing the benefits of placing your ad on our site and how to do it.

Benefits of Placing Your Ad on Our Site:

- Free app for 30 days in the real estate section

- Upgrade your ad for five dollars to have it featured on the homepage

- Featured ad stays on our whole site for an entire year

- Opportunity to have your ad featured at the top of the real estate section for an additional five dollars

- Ability to add videos, pictures, and HTML to your ad

- Ability to share your ad on social media

How to Place Your Ad:

- Click on the register button and provide your email address, username, and password

- Login and click on place free ad

- Pick your category and subcategory

- Fill in your information on the listing

- Add images and videos

- Add upgrade options for an additional cost

Placing your ad on the Free Ad Forum.com Classifieds is a great way to promote your real estate business. With the ability to add videos, pictures, and HTML to your ad, your listing will stand out to potential buyers. Upgrading your ad for an additional cost can also increase your visibility on our site. It's easy and inexpensive to place your ad, so why not give it a try? We look forward to doing business with you.

DTD VIDEO 4 of 21 - Measures of Center

Not so long ago, newspaper want ads were segregated by sex - there were male jobs and female jobs, and that was that. Today, that kind of blatant segregation has ended. Women make up about 45% of the workforce and they do just about every kind of job. But a more subtle kind of equality is still an issue: getting comparable pay for comparable work.

In this unit, we'll see how a single statistic - the median - was used in a successful effort to achieve comparable pay. While graphs help us see the big picture, we'll see in this unit that using numbers enables us to describe data in more specific ways. First, we'll use a number to describe the center of a set of data. We'll learn that the median measures the center of a distribution by splitting it into equal parts. And we'll learn about another measure of center - the mean or average.

Histograms like those shown in the article picture the distribution of values of a variable. The top histogram shows the weekly wages for American men. You can see that it's skewed to the right; most men make moderate salaries while a few make much more. The bottom histogram shows the same information for women. This distribution is even more strongly skewed to the right.

These pictures are helpful in comparing the typical wages of men and women in the United States. But pictures are seldom enough; we also need to describe situations like this with numbers. In particular, we need a way to describe numerically the center of distributions like these. A good way to measure the center of skewed distributions is with a statistic called the median. The median splits a distribution in half; half the values lie above it and half lie below.

The median weekly earnings for men in 1988 was $449. Remember, this means that half of all men earned more than $449 and half earned less. The median weekly wage for women was only $315, about 70% of the figure for men. The disparity in wages between men and women is real, but the situation is complex. Some of the difference is accounted for by differences between men and women in education, age, and years of service. Another major reason for the earnings gap is that women tend to be concentrated in lower-paying jobs. Are the jobs women take on worth less in some sense, or are these jobs lower-paid because they're primarily held by women? This is the central question in the debate over comparable worth, the idea that men and women should be paid equally not only for the same job but for different jobs of equal work.

It's a question that was hotly debated in the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. As part of its normal operation, the city government evaluated all municipal jobs with criteria such as working conditions, skills, and accountability required. The jobs were given numerical ranks. It turned out that many clerical jobs, mostly filled by women, scored the same number of points as operations and maintenance jobs, which were mostly filled by men. But the median wage of the men's jobs was always higher than the corresponding median for the women. This evidence was used by a group of city clerical workers to pressure the city for a more equitable pay structure.

Once we had the statistics, then we could actually prove that the clerical employees were being underpaid. The hardest part was trying to convince the city council and the administration that this was something that was fair that needed to be done. But the numbers were hard to argue with. The clerical workers won; the city agreed to equalize the median salaries for jobs of comparable worth. The plan had an unanticipated benefit: the relatively high turnover rate in jobs held by women was reduced. Because you know that someone appreciates what you do and rewards you accordingly, you do your absolute best for them, and you go the extra mile. You pay fairly, you pay appropriately, no matter what the gender, and you find that you have high productivity, high morale, low turnover, and we have fewer employees per thousand people served in most cities. So I think it was a good business decision, in addition to the fact that it was just basically fair.

The ability to describe the Colorado Springs income data with numbers, specifically medians, was essential in achieving fair wages for men and women workers.

To learn how to find a median, let's create a small business with only 19 employees. Here are their weekly salaries. The whole collection of salaries forms a distribution. It ranges from an entry-level wage of $250 a week to the president's hefty $1500 a week. But as was the case in Colorado Springs, what we'd really like to know is what the typical wage at this company is. In other words, we want to find out the median wage. Recall that the median is the value that splits a distribution in half. Here's how we find that number:

1. The first step is to arrange all the observations in order from the smallest to the largest.

2. Using the formula n+1/2, where n is the total number of observations, count halfway up the ordered list to find the median.

3. Count up the correct number of places from the smallest observation in the series.

Now, what about the other measure of center, the mean? You already know the mean by another name - the average. To average a set of observations, just add them all up and divide by the count of observations. Here is a shorthand way to express that operation:

Suppose that our variable is called x. Then the traditional symbol for the mean is called x bar. To find it, add up all the observations. The sigma x stands for add up all the values of x. Then, we divide that sum by the number of observations we have, which we call n.

The mean and median represent two different ideas, and so they don't need to agree. The median is the midpoint while the mean is the average. The median resists a few extreme observations, while the mean responds to them. There's one common situation in which we don't have to think about the distinction between median and mean. The two measures of center have the same value when a distribution is exactly symmetric.

The mean and median are the two most common ways to numerically describe the center of a distribution. That's a big step from just picturing a distribution with a graph. But the center is just one important aspect of a distribution. The spread is equally important. Do the data cluster tightly around the middle, or do they spread out? While describing the center is important, it isn't the whole story.

Best Places to stay at while visiting Colorado Springs and the Garden of Gods!!!

Garden of Gods is a park located in Colorado, United States, known for its unique rock formations, rich greenery, and hiking trails. It was ranked as the second-best park in the country and designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971. In this article, we will discuss the park's history, attractions, activities, and where to stay.

How did Garden of Gods get its name?

The area now known as the Garden of Gods was once called the Red Rock Corral by Europeans. The park got its name in 1859 when two explorers, M.S. Beach and Rufus Cable, were awestruck by the spectacular rock structures. Beach suggested that it would be a capital position for a beer garden, and Cable exclaimed, Beer Garden! Why, it's a fitting spot for the Gods to congregate. We're going to call it the Garden of the Gods.

Attractions and Activities:

The park covers an area of 1300 acres and comprises various hiking trails and spectacular sandstone formations. The top five hiking trails include:

1. Central Garden Trail

2. Palmer Trail

3. Siamese Twins Trail

4. Ridge Path

5. Rock Climbing

In addition to hiking and rock climbing, visitors can also rent bikes, go horseback riding, and enjoy camping in the park. The park is perfect for photography, especially during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.

Where to Stay:

There are various options for accommodation near the park. Our top three recommendations include:

1. Casa Claudio - a 1450 sq ft home with three bedrooms and two full baths

2. Vacation Style House - a 2800 sq ft home with four bedrooms and five beds

3. Modern House - a 2400 sq ft house with three bedrooms and three full bathrooms

Garden of Gods is much more than just a collection of rock formations. It offers endless outdoor adventures and beautiful landscapes that should be captured by your camera lens. The park is a must-visit for anyone visiting Colorado and is worth your time and effort.

Let's 100% Fallout 4 - Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stream on December 21st, 2022. Today we will continue playing Fallout 4 after a successful live stream last time. We will catch up with the chat and jump straight into the game since it's a big, thick game that requires a lot of time.

Main Points:

- Use exclamation point socials to join the GV stream on Twitter and Discord.

- We are playing Fallout 4 and using energy weapons and explosives for an interesting playthrough.

- We will be doing settlement building.

- We are level 10 and already fighting a legendary enemy.

- We need to clear out a pack of feral ghouls at the National Guard training yard.

- We can crit without VATS.

- We will be careful and play smart, saving only when necessary.

- We will loot all the good stuff we find inside buildings.

- We will switch up our weapons and tactics as needed.

In conclusion, we are having a great time playing Fallout 4 and exploring all the different aspects of the game. We will continue to play smart and challenge ourselves, while also having fun and enjoying the gameplay. Thank you to everyone who joined the stream and supported us along the way.

Audi Colorado Springs Best Dealership To Work For | Brand Message Video

Audi Colorado Springs is a dealership that offers top-quality customer service and premium products. Many customers and employees have shared their positive experiences with the dealership, praising their sense of community, dedication to customer needs, and family-like environment. This article will provide a summary of the testimonials from Audi Colorado Springs customers and employees.


- Vince Camino, Audi Colorado Springs employee, welcomes customers to the dealership, which he considers the best place to work.

- Lou, a customer of Phil Long Audi for over 25 years, praises the dealership and its quality products.

- Hillary Vasquez, a customer for eight years, appreciates the excellent customer service and quality of Audi's products.

- Christopher Holt, an employee of Phil Long Audi for 11 years, values the sense of community at the dealership.

- Scott Fancy, a five-year employee, enjoys working with a variety of customers each day and providing exceptional service.

- Mikael Patterson, an 18-year employee, loves the community and family-like environment at Audi Colorado Springs.

- Fibre, a new brand specialist, has over 20 years of automotive industry experience and admires the dealership's dedication to the community.

- Corey, a satisfied customer, praises Audi Colorado Springs for its quick and efficient service.

- Justin, a six-year employee, finds joy in working with people, both customers and technicians.

- Jay, a 19-year employee, loves the passion and quality parts of Audi Colorado Springs.

- Tony LaPorta, a customer for six years, appreciates the dealership's integrity and dedication to customer care.

- Isis, an employee for two and a half years, loves the smaller team and working environment at Audi Colorado Springs.

- Brandon, an eight-year employee, strives to give customers the best experience possible.

- Scott Dick, a six and a half-year employee, values the people he works with and the customers he serves.

- Ron Maxwell, a 12-year customer, praises Phil Long Audi for their top-notch sales and service.

- Many customers feel like they are part of the family when they come to the dealership and appreciate the welcoming and thanked-for-business atmosphere.

Overall, Audi Colorado Springs prides itself on providing excellent customer service and a family-like environment. Customers and employees alike appreciate the dealership's dedication to community, quality products, and exceptional service. If you're in the market for a new or pre-owned Audi, visit Audi Colorado Springs and experience their commitment to customer care for yourself.


Hey everyone, welcome to my channel. I'm Malicia Armendariz with Brookshire Hathaway Home Services, and I'm a realtor here in Colorado Springs. If you haven't already, hit that subscribe button to get weekly updates on the housing market and what's going on in the city. Also, if you like what you hear, click that like button.

Today, we're going to be talking about the six biggest employers for jobs in Colorado Springs.

1. Military Installments:

Colorado Springs is definitely a military town. We have four military installments here, and they make up one-fifth of the workforce. Fort Carson Army Base is definitely the biggest employer here. They have over 15,000 people on their payroll. Between the other bases, I would say each has 7,000 to 8,000 employees.

2. Aerospace Sector:

Number two and number three kind of overlap with our military. They are the aerospace sector and electronics. At number two, I'm going to say is Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin has a couple of facilities here in the Springs, and they do what they do with their cool satellites and laser weapon systems, radio frequency, and definitely cyber security. Actually, during the pandemic in 2020, the Lockheed Martin plant here in the Springs was looking to fill 1,200 positions because they got this $240 million contract to do all their super cool satellite communication stuff.

3. Microchip Technology:

Coming in at number three is Microchip Technology. Microchip Technology is the world's third-largest producer of microconductors. They're that little computer inside chips, and they're actually the last standing microchip producer here in Colorado Springs at the moment. They currently employ between 500-800 people. Recently, they changed their mission here at the Colorado plant, and I believe they're going to be doing manufacturing and supplying military and aerospace equipment. Again, like I said, they overlap with all the military installments that we have here.

4. UC Health Memorial:

Number four is UC Health Memorial. Memorial Hospital here in Colorado Springs has two locations and, on average, employs about 5,000 people. They are best known for their Level One Trauma Center and their Stroke Center. So meaning when time is crucial, they are definitely the hospital with the best practices to attend to your severe injuries and any stroke/brain aneurysms. They also were rated ranked the fourth-best hospital here in Colorado, so they have a great reputation.

5. City of Colorado Springs:

Next up on our list of six biggest employers here in Colorado Springs is the City of Colorado Springs. The City of Colorado Springs employs about 2,500 people and has over 100 different divisions and departments that you could apply for. Everything from public safety like your police and fire department to help with infrastructure and parklands to operations at the Cotton Springs airport. Whether you're looking for your first summer job or you're a seasoned veteran in your profession, I would definitely check out the City of Colorado Springs on their website for any job openings that might fit your liking.

6. Hospitality Sector:

This list couldn't be complete without mentioning Colorado Springs' hospitality sector. Colorado Springs is one of the most beautiful and scenic places you'll ever live or visit, and we have, on average, 23 million tourists come visit the city every year. With that being said, we have the world-renowned Broadmoor Resort. It is a 5-star, 5-diamond everything. The hotel is based at the bottom of the Cheyenne Mountain area and on the southwest side of town. It also has just under 800 rooms, nine restaurants, three championship golf courses, a 5-star spa, tennis courts, and everything else you could ever want. The Broadmoor Resort employs just over 1,500 people and offers everything from training benefits to culinary apprenticeships and international recruitments.

So, those are the top six biggest employers for here in Colorado Springs. If you guys liked this video, hit the like button and subscribe if you haven't already to check out upcoming videos. And if you guys have any questions, feel free to call me, text me, DM me. I'm going to have my information below. I am here to answer your questions on the housing market and everything else that is Colorado Springs. Until next time, I'll talk to you guys later.

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