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ColourPop Ads: Bold and Beautiful!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Making the World's Largest Lipstick: A Mad Science Fair Project

In this video, the host announces their plan to make the world's largest lipstick, which is unsanctioned by Guinness. They have done several bad makeup science experiments in the past, but this time, they are going to attempt something impossible. However, with the help of ColourPop, they were able to make their dream a reality.

The Plan:

The host wanted the lipstick to be at least their size when fully erect and to be able to twist up and down in some fashion. They wanted to take the proportions of a normal ColourPop lipstick, specifically their collab shade, Berry me in Lipsticks, and scale it up 20 to 25 times. The casing of the lipstick would be built with 3 giant cardboard cylinders that could stack inside of each other, and a metal core would be inside the crayon to support the weight.

The Process:

A team of seasoned pros, including an engineer and production designers, was assembled to help bring the idea to life. They prepped the mold, cleaned it, and lubed it with food-grade silicone. They heated up the mold using blow torches, poured the molten lipstick, and let it cool. They used a chilling table to help it harden and then lowered it onto its side for more cooling. They also built a stage for the lipstick to stand on, and all of the machinery was hidden underneath.

After a lot of hard work, the world's largest lipstick was successfully made. The lipstick stood at 5 feet tall, with a cap on, and could twist up and down. The final product was a testament to the team's creativity, ingenuity, and passion for makeup science.

Colourful Eyeliner | Summer Brights and Pastels In A Rainbow of Colour | AD

Summer is here and it's time to get creative with color! In this article, we will explore a rainbow of playful eyeliner possibilities. From pretty pastels to super bright neons and deeper shades, there's something for everyone.

Eyeliner Options:

- Eyeshadow sticks or shadows along the lash line

- Pencils

- Twist up sticks

- Liquid


- Chanel Eros Waterproof Eyeliner

- 1999 Beauty Voross Precision Color Pencil

- Fenty Beauty Fly Pencil Longwear Pencil


- ColourPop Scream Gel Liner

- 1999 Beauty Melee Precision Color Pencil

- Deneesa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Colours

Yellow, Green, and Blue:

- ColourPop Cream Gel Liner in Extra Frosting

- ColourPop Cream Gel Liner in Icebreaker

- Raincheck Underlined Karjal Eyeliner

- Denessa Myrick's Waterproof Cushion Colours


- Gucci Beauty Stilo Contour Coal Eyeliner in Amethyst

- Kulfi Beauty Purpley Potaka Shade


- 1999 Beauty Nutra Precision Color Pencil

- 1999 Beauty Rossa Precision Color Pencil

- Denessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Colour in Cotton Candy

Experimenting with colorful eyeliner is a fun and subtle way to wear bold colors. Whether you're a minimal makeup lover or not, there's a color for everyone. So go ahead, try out some playful eyeliner options this summer and don't forget to share your favorite formulas and colors in the comments!

[BT21] TATA ASMR, Skincare Salon (w/ Kiehl's)

In recent years, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has gained popularity among people seeking relaxation and stress relief. One of the most popular ASMR content creators on YouTube is TATA's ASMR. TATA's ASMR videos feature various triggers such as whispering, tapping, and soft spoken roleplay. In this article, we will explore the world of TATA's ASMR and why it has become so popular.

What is TATA's ASMR?

- TATA's ASMR is a YouTube channel that creates ASMR content

- TATA's ASMR features various triggers such as whispering, tapping, and soft spoken roleplay

- TATA's ASMR videos are meant to provide relaxation and stress relief to viewers

Why is TATA's ASMR so popular?

- TATA's ASMR has a loyal fan base that enjoys the content

- TATA's ASMR has a unique personality that shines through in the videos

- TATA's ASMR videos are high quality and visually appealing

What are some popular TATA's ASMR videos?

- TATA TATA TATA ASMR features tapping and whispering triggers

- TATA cut TATA features scissor sounds and roleplay

- CHIMMY CHIMMY TATA features soft spoken roleplay and tapping triggers

TATA's ASMR has become a popular YouTube channel for those seeking relaxation and stress relief through ASMR triggers. The channel's unique personality and high-quality videos have garnered a loyal fan base. Popular videos such as TATA TATA TATA ASMR, TATA cut TATA, and CHIMMY CHIMMY TATA showcase various ASMR triggers and provide a calming experience for viewers.


In this video, Sylvia tests out various products that she discovered through Instagram ads. She tries out temporary tattoos from Inkbox, a sleek handheld vacuum for the car, run-resistant tights from Sheertex, a waterproof dog bed from PupProtector, colorful highlight extensions from Insert Name Here, a hair growth serum from Vegamore, and a lash lift kit from Four Chics.

Overall, Sylvia was impressed with most of the products, except for the car vacuum and lash lift kit. She found the temporary tattoos to be a cool idea and realistic-looking, and the Sheertex tights to be incredibly durable and worth the investment. The PupProtector dog bed was machine washable and loved by her dogs. The hair growth serum from Vegamore showed visible results after just a month of use. The highlight extensions from Insert Name Here were cute and easy to use. However, the lash lift kit did not work well for Sylvia, and she did not see a difference in her lashes.

Sylvia encourages her viewers to support her channel by subscribing or interacting with her content.

I Subscribed to EVERY Adult Coloring App to find the Ultimate BEST Digital Coloring App!

I Tried 100 Adult Coloring Apps - Here Are My Top 12

- Sarah tried 100 different adult coloring apps so you don't have to waste time and money

- She reveals which apps are the best and worth downloading

- She focused on finding the best coloring apps for adults

Apps Reviewed:

- Relaxing Adult Coloring Book Age Four Plus

- Happy Color by Numbers

- Colorfy

- Disney Coloring World

- Coloring Book for Me

- In Color

- The Color

- Lake

Criteria for Selection:

- Brush features and blending abilities

- Range of coloring tools

- Ability to turn off line assist

- Mindfulness experience and Journal features

- Sarah spent an hour in each app exploring every feature and coloring a full page

- She narrowed down the top 12 apps worth downloading

- Detailed breakdowns of each app can be found on her blog post in the description

- Sarah hopes this saves others time and money in their search for the best adult coloring app.

ColourPop SOL? Yes, Please!

In this video, Jenny gives her first impressions and a mini-review of the ColourPop Soul palette and also discusses the ColourPop Yes, Please palette. She talks about the similarities and differences between the two palettes and shows the colors of each.

Main Points:

- The Soul palette has a beautiful orange cover and a hard plastic case with a mirror. It has some colors that can stain the eye area, but using a primer can help avoid this issue.

- The Yes, Please palette has a cardboard cover and is the OG palette from ColourPop. It has some similar colors to the Soul palette, but also some differences.

- Jenny decides to use the dark color Floaties from the Soul palette as a base for her eye look, which is something she doesn't usually do.

- She then uses the color Spoiled from the Yes, Please palette to blend out the dark color and create a monotone look.

- Jenny shares some personal anecdotes about her computer issues and her discovery of makeup brands like ColourPop.

Jenny gives her honest opinions about the two ColourPop palettes and shows how they can be used to create different eye looks. She also adds a personal touch to the video by sharing her own experiences.

NEW ColourPop Just A Tint Lip Crayon Collection Lip Swatches!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today, I got a video request from you guys over on Instagram. I got all of the lip tints, let's see...no, I can't, I think I heard that...no, I can't. I'm just gonna pick up three. I have all of the lip tints from ColourPop, all twelve of them. I showed you guys on my Instagram. This is just like a mini backstory on where this video came from. I showed it to you guys on my Instagram story and I got two or three DMs and I got a comment on one of my photos on if I was doing a lip swatch video, and that didn't even cross my mind even though I have every single shade. I don't know why I didn't think of it, but that's why we're doing this today. So, all of them are pretty much like those pinky and new type shades just because they're more of a tint. I did see one that was kind of brownish from the tube, as you can see, like this one seems like it's more brown, but I have no idea. It's a chance it could still be pink, but we're gonna try them all on. Then, I go ahead and take off this lip color that I have on now.

Bullet Points:

- I have all twelve lip tints from ColourPop.

- I got a video request from my Instagram followers to do a lip swatch video.

- All of the shades are pretty much pinky and new.

- There is one shade that seems like it's more brownish.

- I am going to try them all on.


The first lip crayon bundle I'm gonna be trying on is Draggin' My Heart Around, and it has like the dragon fruit on it, which I've tried dragon fruit recently, and it's actually pretty good. Just two shades in here, a more fuchsia one, and then a light pink. So, I'm gonna try this on. So, I'm gonna try the lighter one on first, and that's in the shade strand. No, the strand just completely didn't say that, look at that. It's like a baby doll pink, and these aren't kind of opaque for a lip tint, which I like it. These actually smell phenomenal, so I already tried this lip bundle yesterday, and they smell so good. It smells like fruits or like a tropical drink or something. This is like the best smelling lip color I've ever smelled, ever. Like, normally they have like a vanilla scent, but this is crazy good. Eye candy to summertime. This smells like summertime. So, this is the strands, I believe. You can purchase them all separately, or you can purchase each individual little bundle. So, I have no idea if these are gonna stain, which I didn't think that one was gonna stain. I'm just thinking this next one is supercharged, so hopefully it doesn't stain my lips, 'cause that'll be the second one, and we still have 10 more to go.

The next one is Treasure Island, the deeper one that I just showed you guys. Super gorgeous. Wow, and that's good. This lip color is beautiful. It's not heavy, it's very lightweight, so the formula is super duper moisturizing. It's not sticky whatsoever, it's like extremely lightweight. I said it twice because it really is, and it packs a whole lot of color in it, and it's something you can just throw in your purse. I mean, this color is super pretty. Companies, buy this, soup. So, they're seven dollars each, which isn't bad. It's like a drugstore price. Oh my God, these are nice. Oh, and just so you guys know, the bundles themselves are 12, so basically you're saving like two dollars.

Okay, so the next one is Your A Peach, and this is the one that has like the brown shade in it, so I'm very curious to see if this is like a nude. So, I'm gonna try on that one first. That's in the shade Z Boys. Oh yeah, it is a nude. It's like maybe a slight peachy nude, but this is so pretty. That's nice, what do you guys think? I really like this one. It's a light color, so it isn't super stark. If this was an intense lip shade, it probably would be a little too light for me, but because it's so light, it just blends in really well. It's like the perfect nude for my skin tone. It is a little bit of shine. I really like this one. I might just wear this tonight. So far, no staining. That last dark one did not stain my lips.

Okay, so this next one in this same peach collection is Rise and Shine. This one might be...oh, wait, it looks like orange. I was thinking it might be a little too light, but I don't think so. Don't have anything bad to say, just pretty. I mean, it just goes with the makeup look.

This next one is Cherry and Bright, and I actually wore City of Stars yesterday, and I really liked it. This isn't like a first impression on the color of it, so I'm gonna try that one on first. You guys saw it in this photo right here. Yeah, I actually paired it with cork lip pencil from MAC in that photo. You really don't even have to have a lip pencil with it. I'm just...I don't know, it's like a little seat belt having a look. Don't slow. This is that color you just throw something on your lips if you're running to the grocery store or gas station or whatever. So, this next one is Cutie Fruity, and I think this one is gonna be like a deeper red, and these do have the feature where you can twist them up from the bottom so you don't have to sharpen them or anything.

Well, I'm getting happy. You guys know a little...I feel like this is one of those lip colors that you don't really even need a mirror. I could just swipe it on and be good. So, this is Cutie Fruity. Love it. It's the perfect strawberry red shade. It's really pretty, it goes with my makeup look really nicely. So, this next one is Give Me a Slice, and there's like this super bright reddish orange looking shape, and then you have like this pinkish shade. So, see what it looks like. Of course, I want to say the one I think I'm the most fillet, so I'm gonna start with a Go Go. They are just super nourishing, guys, like super nourishing. Really pretty, which is what I keep saying, but it truly is. All of them have been pretty. So, this one I would describe as like a raspberry red shade. All of them are in that pink family except a few, but really except one except the nude that I tried on which is typical like for intense because it's almost like a little color. You can't go wrong with any of them so far. I literally took that off in like two swipes.

So, this next one is Chimichanga, which I think I'm liking most out of this batch. So, this one kind of looks like the previous one, almost just a little bit more of the watermelon-ish bridge, which as you see on the box, so both of those are pretty similar as far as the color shade. I'll do a side-by-side of me talking, you can kind of see how it's similar. So, yeah, that is that little bundle. Now, we want to try on Guava Habit, so this has a hot pink as well. It's like a baby pink, and it's fun. I think this is the first baby pink we've had in this entire collection. It really is. So, this

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