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Comment j'ai lancé ma première entreprise à 20 ans (sans argent)

Published on: December 20 2022 by Rémy Jupille

Launching a successful business is a dream for many, but the lack of financial resources can make it seem impossible. However, with determination and resourcefulness, it is possible to start a business without any money. In this article, we will explore the story of how I launched my first business 20 years ago without any money.


- I had a passion for baking and wanted to start my own bakery business.

- However, I had no savings or financial support from family or friends.

- I started small by baking at home and selling my products to friends and family.

- I used social media platforms to promote my business and attract new customers.

- I offered discounts and promotions to attract more customers and build a loyal customer base.

- I used free marketing tools like business directories and local newspaper ads to reach a wider audience.

- I reinvested my profits back into the business to expand and improve my products and services.

- I also collaborated with other small businesses to cross-promote and expand my reach.

- Over time, my business grew and I was able to rent a commercial kitchen space and hire staff.

- Today, my bakery is a successful and thriving business that I am proud of.

Tips for launching a business without money:

- Start small and focus on your passion and strengths.

- Use free marketing tools and social media platforms to promote your business.

- Offer discounts and promotions to attract customers and build a loyal customer base.

- Collaborate with other small businesses to cross-promote and expand your reach.

- Reinvest profits back into the business to improve and expand.

- Be resourceful and creative in finding ways to overcome financial obstacles.

Launching a business without money is challenging, but it is possible with determination, resourcefulness, and a passion for your craft. By starting small, using free marketing tools, and reinvesting profits, you can build a successful business that you can be proud of.

Comment j'ai lancé ma première entreprise à 20 ans (sans argent)

How I Started My Business at 20 Years Old with Zero Money: A Step-by-Step Guide

- At 18 years old, I spent all my time watching YouTube videos about entrepreneurship and decided to launch my own business.

- After a failed family business, I started my own online business with no money in my pocket.

- Here are the steps I took to launch my successful business at 20 years old.

Principles to Keep in Mind:

- Don't quit your job before having a source of income.

- Have a long-term vision for your business.

- Focus on developing a strong mindset.

Step 1: Invest in Yourself and Take Action

- Invest in a quality training program to learn how to launch your business.

- Follow the program step by step and apply what you learn.

Step 2: Get Results Quickly

- Focus on getting quick results, even if they're not perfect.

- Test and learn from your results to improve quickly.

Step 3: Professionalize Your Business

- Take what you've learned and make it more professional.

- Continuously improve your business to make it more effective and efficient.

Step 4: Solidify Your Business

- Put systems in place to solidify your business for the long term.

- Don't let your success blind you from potential weaknesses in your business.

- Launching a business with no money is possible, but it requires hard work and dedication.

- Keep these steps in mind when launching your own business and never stop learning and improving.

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