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commission influencer shopify

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the best methods to find influencers to promote your commerce and dropshipping stores. We will also provide tips on how to offer incentives to influencers to increase traffic and sales.

1. Offer Commission-Based Affiliate Program:

- Create an affiliate program for your store to offer influencers a commission on every sale made through their unique link.

- Use Up Promote app on Shopify to easily create an affiliate program for your store.

2. Use Up Promote Marketplace:

- List your store on the Up Promote marketplace to get exposure for your affiliate program.

- Upgrade to the growth plan to access a database of influencers and affiliates already promoting Shopify stores on the platform.

3. Look for Instagram Influencers:

- Use a string of characters followed by a word related to your niche to find Instagram accounts with over 1,000 followers.

- Look for micro-influencers with a 10% engagement rate and around 30-40k followers.

- DM influencers to build rapport and offer them a commission-based affiliate program.

4. Utilize TikTok:

- Search for a hashtag related to your niche to find TikTok accounts promoting that niche.

- Offer influencers lifetime commissions on a particular product to incentivize them to promote your products.

5. Reach out to Facebook Group Admins:

- Search for groups related to your niche and reach out to the admins to offer them a commission-based affiliate program.

- Offer influencers a recurring commission on subscription-based products using the Up Promote app.

By using these methods, you can effectively find influencers to promote your dropshipping and e-commerce stores. Offering commission-based affiliate programs, using the Up Promote app, and reaching out to micro-influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook groups can help increase traffic and sales for your store.

How I track influencer sales for my $20k/month shopify store

In this article, we will be discussing a hack that can help you track the sales generated by different influencers in your marketing campaigns. We all know that tracking the influence of an influencer can be tricky, but with this little hack, you can keep track of each influencer's sales and performance.


The method is very simple and easy to follow. All you need to do is create a unique discount code for each influencer and have them promote it to their followers. When a customer uses the code, you can track the sale and determine which influencer generated it.

Steps to create a discount code:

1. Go to Discounts and create a new discount code.

2. Name the code after the influencer or page you are targeting.

3. Choose a fixed percentage or a fixed value discount.

4. Determine the validity period of the code.

5. Leave customer eligibility unchecked.

6. Save the code and provide it to the influencer for promotion.


Using this method, you can run multiple influencer marketing campaigns at the same time and track each one's performance. It allows you to identify which influencers are generating more sales and which ones need improvement.


While this method is effective, it is not perfect. If a customer does not use the code, you won't be able to track the sale. However, providing an incentive to use the code can increase the chances of customers using it.

Overall, this little hack can be very useful in tracking the sales generated by different influencers in your marketing campaigns. By creating unique discount codes for each influencer, you can identify which ones are more effective and improve your overall marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing For Shopify Stores Step By Step Process

Influencer Marketing for Shopify Stores: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey everyone, Justin Cena here. Are you an e-commerce seller looking for a highly effective marketing method? Look no further than influencer marketing for Shopify stores! In this article, I'll guide you through the process step-by-step.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a proven and popular strategy in the e-commerce world. It can give you a heads up on top of your traditional ads and take your conversion rate to a different level. Customers trust recommendations more than traditional ads, making influencer marketing a highly effective method for reaching new customers.

Pain Points:

Implementing influencer marketing can be a time-consuming process, from discovery and research to outreach and negotiations. It can also be challenging to manage campaigns if you find good influencers.


Use Humans. Humans provides a suite of tools for discovering influencers, creating shortened links for tracking, and managing campaigns. The Humans Shopify app is free and provides a dashboard for tracking impressions, likes, and link clicks. Humans.com offers even more features, including Discovery and Campaigns, which allow you to filter influencers by audience demographics, engagement levels, and content type. You can also create lists for different campaigns and products.

Influencer marketing is a highly effective method for reaching new customers. By using Humans, you can save time and effort while discovering the perfect influencers for your e-commerce store. Try it out today and see the big dollars roll in!

How I Find Influencers That Make Us 250k A Week (FULL TUTORIAL) | Shopify Tips with Gretta Van Riel

Last week, the author made 250,000 using influencers, and in this video, they are going to show how to create consistent revenue for a shopify store using influencers.

To start, the author shares their experience with their brand Baby Mat, where they sent out to 50 Instagram influencers, and they will walk through their exact process of finding, reaching out, negotiating, and ultimately sending them products in exchange for a post.

The author suggests finding an Instagram influencer that aligns with your brand and expanding from there. They use the drop-down function on Instagram to find similar influencers and reach out to them.

When reaching out, the author advises keeping it simple and direct, and telling them what's in it for them. They offer a product in exchange for a feed post and a couple of stories on behalf of their brand.

Another critical step is to create a unique discount code for the influencer, which helps track direct sales and ultimately leads to future collaborations.

The author reminds that not every influencer that you send out to will post, and it's crucial to follow up with them positively and remind them that you're still there.

In terms of results, the author suggests tracking conversions through discount codes. They share an example where they sent out to 92 influencers and generated over 922 thousand in attributed sales for one of their brands.

The author advises starting with at least 10 send-outs a month and gradually scaling up. They also offer a free training on e-commerce for those interested in learning more.

Overall, the author's process involves finding ideal influencers, reaching out to them, negotiating deliverables, creating a unique discount code, and following up with them positively. Through this process, they were able to generate significant revenue for their brand and suggests others can do the same.

How I Find Influencers That Make Me $2K A Day (REAL EXAMPLES) - Dropshipping Tiktok Influencers

Hertfordshire has a population of 56,000 people with diverse skills and interests. However, people from other regions also contribute to the community. In this article, we will discuss topics ranging from social media trends, Tik Tok dances, advanced internships, to exploring new places and making friends.

Topics Covered:

- Instagram and Tik Tok trends in France

- Vietsub Tik Tok dance for instant noodles

- Advanced internships for fun and skill development

- Taking advantage of all places to make friends

- Tallest rice fields of Swiss post

- Linking words to improve your writing

- Simple steps to work on your finances

- Lost or found money

- Marrying someone strange for friends

- Testing defective correction

- Top 10 authentic haptic kuw

- Lord of War of Far Away weapons

- Amazing food dishes

- Understanding different types of skills

- Fastest way to learn a new skill

- Select living options in France

- Nunc auctor topic insurances em pudge testament data for renting apartments

- Attention-grabbing nature wallpapers

- Voice recording for personal use

- Screening for women

- Nguyễn Xuân Phúc studying English examples

- Worksheet for grade school children

- Forest conservation and appreciation

- Love for father and family

- Using social media for business and personal growth

- The walking dead series

- Herzegovina food and culture

- Contacting people via email or phone

- Choosing the right hairstyle

- The weather's effect on mental health

- Ways to prioritize and organize your life

- How to navigate through the internet

- Music and its influence on our emotions

- Support and resources for people in need

- K-pop music and its impact on society

- Exploring new places and making memories

- Time management and productivity tips

In conclusion, this article covers a wide range of topics related to modern life, including social media trends, personal growth, and exploring new places. It emphasizes the importance of developing skills, making friends, and using available resources to improve one's life. By following these tips and suggestions, readers can lead a fulfilling life with a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Shopify's New Tool to Recruit Brand Ambassadors and Influencers (I'm Impressed)

Shopify has released a new app called Dovetale that allows you to recruit and manage influencers and brand ambassadors for your brand. This app is free and powered by Shopify.

Features of Dovetale:

- Review and accept members into your affiliate program

- Send products and discount codes to your members

- Keep track of all sales attributed to your affiliates

- Pay commissions to members for affiliate sales

- Search for creators who may be a good fit for your affiliate program

Why Affiliate Marketing is Hot Right Now:

Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular because ads are becoming more expensive on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. With affiliate marketing, you only pay per sale, making it a more cost-effective way to reach new customers.

How to Install Dovetale:

To install Dovetale, go to the apps section and click on customize your store. Search for Dovetale creator management and click on install. Once installed, you can create an application page and start recruiting influencers.

Creating an Affiliate Program:

To create an affiliate program, you can post on social media or send an email newsletter to your previous customers. You can also use the discover feature in Dovetale to find influencers. Once you have applicants, you can create affiliate tiers and give them commissions and discounts. You can also add gifts as part of the welcome package.

Dovetale is a powerful and easy-to-use app that allows you to recruit and manage influencers for your brand. Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular because it is cost-effective and allows you to reach new customers. With Dovetale, you can create an affiliate program and start growing your brand today.

$0-$30,000 In 30 Days Using Instagram Influencers | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

In this article, we will explore how Hassan used Instagram promotions to make over $30,000 in total revenue with his Shopify dropshipping stores. We will deep dive into his business and how he did it, and how you can do it for yourself.

Using Instagram Influencers for Shopify Dropshipping:

- People are making thousands of dollars every single day, week, and month with Shopify dropshipping.

- Instagram promotions are the leverage of Instagram influencers that can help you promote your products without spending money on ads.

- Hassan will explain the exact process that he used to blow up his store, and how you can do it for yourself.

How Instagram Promotions Work:

- Look for a theme page in your niche and check if it's getting good views.

- Contact the account and ask for their charges to advertise your product in their bio.

- Pay them and provide them with your product's link for your website.

Hassan's Success Story:

- Hassan tried TikTok and Facebook but did not get the desired result.

- He started using Instagram promotions and made $1,000 in four hours.

- He created a quick video post that was engaging and used a short caption with an emoji.

- He recommends buying followers, having a simple profile picture, and a short bio.

In conclusion, using Instagram promotions can help you promote your Shopify dropshipping products without spending any money on ads. Hassan's story is proof that this strategy works and can help you make a significant amount of money in a short amount of time. Follow Hassan's advice and start making money with Shopify dropshipping using Instagram promotions.

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