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Common Beginner Failures With Shopify Dropshipping (HOLDING YOU BACK)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Common Beginner Failures With Shopify Dropshipping (HOLDING YOU BACK)

all right I have gotten some amazing
questions about people asking how to get
started with Shopify you know how should
I get an Instagram influencers how do I
start Facebook ads how much money do I
need this and not-not-not blah there's a
lot of different questions and now it's
time to answer them help you yo what's
going on in more danger come back at you
with a brand new video and in this one
before we get into it kegs I'm gonna go
through like 15 or so really really good
questions that I picked out that I've
been asked recently and I'm gonna go
through explaining them to the best of
my ability and give you guys as much
clarity as possible but before we do
that I want to build off of this in the
comments down below so if you have
absolutely any question at all I'm
actually I use this little Q&A this is
more of a beginner oriented a lot of not
necessarily mistakes but just common
misunderstandings common things that
people either flip-flop don't on the
right viewpoint on I'm gonna set the
record straight so if you have any
question at all can be broader drop it
in the comments down below I'm gonna go
through and reply to every single one so
now is your chance
other than that before we get into it
like real quick if you guys have not
already we are getting very close to
100,000 subs I'm trying to hit that by
the end of the month that's a gold mine
so I'd very much so appreciate if you
subscribe to the channel if you are not
already that's all I ask for puttin out
this content so the first one here this
is a really good question I'm gonna
throw them up on the screen as I go
through how do you start with Shopify if
you're under 18 great question brother
it's literally the same as opening
anything else that requires you to be 18
unfortunate is no way around it you need
to find someone whether it's a family or
a friend who is of age to go through and
open that for you so sorry but there's
no way around that
next question big Baltik brand asks do
people actually buy from Shopify I don't
know brother do they do they not you be
the judge the nine-year DeHaven is gonna
kind of a funny response to that that's
a really bad question now this is when I
get all the time and some people are
gonna give you different contradictory
answers which is totally fine because
everyone has their personal preference
someone said general or niche first they
mean should you have a general store
which means a whole bunch of different
products think Amazon or Walmart all
sorts of products in every category
price points you know a broad one or
niche which means okay
it's just relating to football or cats
you know something very specific which
one should you go with personally I
prefer to build in each stores for me it
keeps think more to keep excuse me keeps
things more organized and it really just
helps me with the email marketing and
the pixel that's how I like to separate
things however since I build my stores
out that way I don't just go build a
general store but I do the marketing for
people who have general stores it's not
as fun personally again I don't enjoy it
as much it doesn't mean it can't work
it's just your preference so if you have
a general store right now just to give
you some practikal advice I would
recommend you test not multiple products
but multiple of the niches that are on
there some people tend to test multiple
products inside of just one niche on
their store test a couple different
niches pick the best product you think
will work the best from each and then go
test that and very quickly within like
five to ten days see which one is doing
the best and Anish your store around
that type of niche that would be my game
plan all right the next question is from
Josiah Simmons why do all these mentors
charge so much for their content I
personally have yet to see a mentor or
someone teaching something charge too
much I've never seen that in my life
because I look at things from a value
standpoint even and this gets
controversial even the kids who again
this is not scholar or not who literally
it blatantly lie and I can't believe
people can't see it literally lie about
everything they do they really don't
know anything about the business model
they still know stuff that's worth $500
$1,000 $5,000 that is not a lot of money
and I'm not saying that in a negative
way to dissuade anyone or put anyone
down if they don't have money because I
was in that position but that doesn't
change the proportion of money that is
very very beneficial to get little
pieces of information that will help you
so if someone complains about spending
you know five thousand dollars for an
example which even now that seems like a
big price point for a lot of learning
because you can actually get it for way
cheaper that's that's not a lot of money
you know if you're making five grand a
day you know let's just say half of its
profit or whatever or just five grand a
day it was really worth paying five
grand was that worth it you know so it's
really just learning those skills you
got to have the right
I said about it you know it's everything
is a proportion this is a great question
that actually takes a little bit of a
step back from the direct like how much
money do I need how to run an ad Luke
says any tips on self-doubt and getting
out of ruts and being motivated again I
completely feel your brother we get
there all the time you know it's not
like you're just gonna be in a rut one
time and then how do you get out of it
you're gonna fall into little slumps
little places where you're unmotivated
and not only I don't say depression you
know which can happen unfortunately but
you know ruts where you're stuck for a
couple of weeks couple of months some
people even year or years but you're
also gonna have that on a daily basis
I'm sure you realize around a certain
time every day maybe you get a little
bit more unmotivated or unproductive for
an hour - it can happen on both a macro
and a micro scale so for me it's really
just keeping things visual like this is
the what like this right here is all you
can see from right here
so right here it is just where my walls
are empty everything else is just full
whiteboards targets photos sheets for my
flip charts you can't see that using the
videos like I keep everything visual to
keep everything in front of me I like to
move I tok to people but at the same
time I'm a massive introvert I stay in
my house pretty much all day not simply
because I'm an introvert but because I'm
working on things okay because I'm
working on what I want to do so it
really just comes down to having a big
enough why and I know as cliche as that
sounds your drive the reason you have to
do anything has to be bigger than the
pain of actually going and putting in
the work like if you keep getting made
fun of because you know you're small or
you're you know you're yeah you're built
like a stik and you're in the gym but
then you can't find the motivation well
then that pain of being bullied is not
strong enough so you have to have a big
enough reason pushing you or at least
just develop those habits like really it
comes down to that as you know I'm sure
all these other entrepreneurs and you
for sale or whatnot or you know Dan
Penner would be like quit being a
I guess it comes down to you know you
just got to figure out your thing and
then make it happen oh and just keep in
mind this is something I always come
back to for gratitude being humble and
being grateful there are people anywhere
in the world who would trade everything
they have to have
your problems I don't care how good or
bad you think your situation is there is
always someone who has it worse who
would be willing to do what you right
now consider like ah it doesn't sound
good or I'm unmotivated to do it just
shut up and do it as simple as that this
next question is a great one around the
budget a lot of people ask me how much
money do I need to start Shopify she
said is $500 enough money to start
Shopify it depends ok it was a little
bit of an open-ended question I'm gonna
do my best to tie off and clip all the
ends if you're doing Instagram
influencers sure with Facebook Ads
it can work but it really comes down to
where you're starting from so I don't
have any information on that person's
specific situation if you're just coming
in you've done nothing which I believe
is this personal situation I would say
no because you haven't acquired that
information so 500 can be enough like if
you were to give me 500 tell me to go do
whatever research I need to do and build
a store I could make it work and start
bringing back money profit before that
500 is spent to continue funding the
scaling of a store if I were to work at
it but I've done it over and over and
over and over again so someone who's
just starting that's very unlikely it
can happen I've seen it happen but it's
very unlikely you need to acquire the
information first and typically from
what I've seen that information alone is
gonna cost you more than 500 which goes
back to the question about it being
expensive it's not necessarily expensive
expensive just means it cost a lot of
money compared to what it is a higher
price I guess just means it's a higher
price which is proportional to how much
money you make as to how you're gonna
think about it now these next two
questions are kind of both building off
of the whole V a virtual assistant topic
one says do you hire virtual assistants
in different countries yes and it's very
simply because it's cost-effective and
the next question says at what point did
you start hiring freelancers to fulfill
your orders I never liked doing this yet
I wanted to save the money so I was
first getting orders it wasn't very
consistent so I didn't hire anyone but
as soon as I had a store like my first
store making like at least 30 sales a
day 50 individual orders it didn't make
sense for me to spend like 45 seconds to
a minute and a half on each order which
would be if I'm moving quick you know
yeah you can listen to music but that's
a waste of an hour you know an hour that
you could literally pay two dollars and
have someone do it for you so that's
kind of the point once you're like 30 50
today that Ranger does depend on your
situation I would definitely look into
doing that this is an interesting
question that I've actually never been
asked I think it's kind of and again
this is nothing negative towards this
person I think it's kind of something
where you you should be able to
logically think about it how can you
make money with Shopify other than
dropship it so Shopify is not just a
drop shipping platform Shopify is like a
hosting place a market place for you to
sell products that can be through your
own physical brand I know people who
have hundred million dollar companies
who sell physical products people who
sell digital products on Shopify you
know people sell courses on Shopify
people sell training people do that all
the time so even someone like Kylie
Jenner for an example big brand personal
brand built off the cosmetiks line has
physical stok I'm sure she's a
warehouse with all that stuff and ships
it out so it doesn't have to be drop
shipping Shopify is just a means of
hosting that business model Kyle asked a
great question here what is the best way
to learn copy okay and what he means by
copy is ad copy or just I guess copy
which essentially means the words so
whenever you're running an ad the word
you're using in your marketing the words
you put in your product description
anywhere any words that you use consider
that copy even words you're pasting over
the picture so how do you learn this
there's a couple of good resources that
I would recommend okay there's a book
it's actually a harvard textbook you
don't have to purchase this right away
this is a little bit more psychological
stuff but it's called the 25 cognitive
biases I believe you can get the book
used for like a hundred and fifty to
maybe two hundred dollars new it'll be
probably double the price but that
really breaks down the psychology behind
it because all of that is how people
react their mindset buying habits like
consumer patterns everything like that
now how to sell the invisible is a good
book you can use books like how to write
copy that sells there's a lot of
different stuff I would look on Amazon
you can get some resources I'm sure
there's videos there may be a quick
little program you can get in that just
focuses around that if you want to learn
it but like anything the best way to
learn it is to actually go and do it
right ad copy after ad copy after ad
copy start running your ads and just
figure out what works so it's the best
way trial and error might not be the
most effective but combine that trial
and error with learning the right
information and there you go and the
final question inside of here we're
going to end
with Christian asking how do you know a
product will sell for sure before even
testing it ok great question simple like
simply put to make it short you don't
the only way to know something's gonna
work is to actually run it I can look at
all these other people having success
and I've actually done this I've tried
to do what other people are doing and it
doesn't work for me but it's working for
so is it actually working or their line
is it fake is the data messed up is it
skewed or you know am I do I not know
what I'm doing
there's a whole plethora of different
things but long story short you don't
okay all you can do is make an educated
guess based upon based upon the data and
the information that you have collected
so do your best to get that front-end
research nailed down and other than that
you just got a test that you got to
start running with it so with that being
said you guys I hope you enjoyed the
video again if you have any other
questions be sure to drop them in the
comments down below if you have not
already checked out the econ remaster
program I'm gonna leave a couple links
down below absolutely badass we've had a
very good amount of people jump inside
of their absolutely unreal I've never
had so much positive feedback on
anything either free or paid so I really
do appreciate that I put a ton of work
in over the last six months absolutely
stoked to hear all the different
opinions and not even opinions but the
results and I know it takes a little bit
of time for people to start going
through and implementing strategies but
we're already starting to see that
coming in the group so again I do
appreciate you guys for that and if you
did enjoy the video be sure to drop a
like down below and as always join the
family join the gang now let me get to
100k so nicely can subscribe button and
with that being said I'll be seeing you
tomorrow in the next video peace